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  1. Sorun was trying so hard to keep himself from getting red in the face when Kylissia winked at him. They only just met, this is clearly a bit too soon, why was she doing this? Sorun hadn't encountered many people like Kylissia, from what he knew, so honestly, who knows if she was flirting or teasing? Either way, it was probably too early for that, but Sorun couldn't stop himself from blushing at least a little bit while his eyes widened. Yona would send party invites to Sorun and Kylissia, and after they accepted, what timing... Boars emerged, and glared at the players. Yona would rus
  2. After making a remark, the brunette girl would offer three items to Sorun. After looking over all three, he gave his response. "I'll take them all." Indeed, he took them all, even though he wasn't able to equip one of them just yet. The brunette girl sighed for some reason before taking off all of a sudden. Sorun would equip his new weapon and armor, and now he was truly ready to get out there...oh, wait, he's already out. Sorun then noticed that the blonde woman appeared to be sizing him up. "In what manner is she doing this, and why?" Sorun thought, wondering why she would want to
  3. The brunette girl seemed to think it was ridiculous, that there was no way Sorun could have been asleep for a year without being attacked. Sorun had no clue how he lasted, but hey, he was here now, alive and well, so he knew he'd better make the most of it. The blonde woman offered an amber for him to equip, saying it would fit in his third slot. Since he had nothing in his third slot, it would definitely work...well, if the amber had enhancements, it would fit in his third slot, which, based on what the Blonde was saying, it probably was. "Sure, I've got the room for it." He answered, before
  4. The Brunette girl seemed to dislike that what felt like a dream was all he'd remembered from his Aincrad experience. The Blonde woman, however, pointed out that she also recalled a storm. When the brunette girl suggested it had to have been an odd dream, the blonde woman brought up the word of both Player and NPC alike, suggesting that this storm was not a dream; that it actually was something that happened. But if he perished during the storm, how in the world was he still in Aincrad now? Despite his memory failing him to the point that this felt like a fresh new experience, he still def
  5. Sorun's FC: Uta no Prince Sama-Otoya Ittoki(Edited) [Note, Idk the technical name of the source, I'm just using what little I know so I could be wrong]
  6. One of the things that Sorun noticed is that both girls were taller than he was. Sure, they may have appeared taller when he was on the ground, but no, they were actually taller. He'd only just met them, and apparently it's been forty two minutes that they've been here while he was out. ...How odd, and potentially suspicious. Just anyone else would have just walked away, poked Sorun awake, or maybe even dragged him back to a settlement by now, yet these two just decided to just stick around an unconscious Sorun for forty two minutes? The two didn't seem to have a clue as to how long exact
  7. Chaos. That was the last thing he'd remembered. A storm of black, it both was and wasn't a dark, inky substance...like some kind of horrific nightmare. When all had sunk into the dark, one would assume the nightmare had ended...this one, however, didn't. He found himself barely moving, constantly struggling to move forward in some violet abyss, despite the complete lack of pain. Then there were the voices. "Woe to the one who seeks solace, woe to the one who wanders alone. Woe to the one who rises when one should sink; a dawn among dusks. Dark of the night be upon he who brings
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  11. Sorun Profile: Username: Sorun Real name: Aidan Axton Age: 20-22 Gender: Male Height: 5’6” Birthday: August 23 Background: Personality: Virtues: Flaws:
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