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  1. As the players followed Akiko to reach the Alchemist's shop, some thoughts began to run within her mind. With a game like this...who knows what she'd be up against. She'd heard of the first few types of monsters and how it was unwise to underestimate them, but if the lowest level creatures could be a problem, how much worse would the real threats be? Almina saw herself clutching a weapon, as a big brute of a beast lunged at her. The scene slowed as Almina saw herself swinging her blade towards the monster... Snap back to reality, oop, there goes gravity- Flump. Almina came to he
  2. Almina's FC: Rising of the Shield Hero - Seatto Eclair
  3. At first, both players were taken aback by Almina's sudden arrival, having literally jumped down from a tree. Guess jumping from places one climbed up to wasn't normal either...even if they were of sensible enough heights to survive, or in a safe zone like this. The girl seemed baffled as she introduced herself as Akiko, before noting that the sudden arrival startled her. "Ah, sorry, I didn't mean to literally jump into the conversation...and here I am..." Almina responded, her hands behind her back as she slowly tilted to the side. Akiko didn't seem to mind Almina tagging along if i
  4. A tree was always different from a roof, but it was a neat spot nevertheless. It had been a bit of a morning. First, Almina woke up only to fail at getting back to sleep, resulting in her simply getting herself ready for the day. She didn't know if she could properly defend herself without a piece of defensive equipment, aside from just trying to dodge, but better safe than sorry, right? She would change from her sleepwear into her everyday safe zone outfit, a simple white shirt paired with a knife pleat skirt and hoodie jacket, both a rose pink in color, along with a pair of white ankle
  5. The city of Taft sure was a bustling one. Although it wasn't as crowded as the Town of Beginnings is, it had enough activity to suggest that it was a fairly nice place to hang around. There weren't many places Almina was willing to go just yet, but for now she would take a look around and browse a few shops...like the apparent tailor shop located near the market itself, a place called "Luminous Linens". Sounds like a tailor shop, maybe there was something nice inside. Almina entered the shop curiously, taking a look around the well-kept interior. There were a few things in stock, and
  6. Almina really wanted to get started, but she needed equipment first. She'd heard about a Blacksmith on the seventh floor who had recently proven themselves reliable with orders of various kinds. Upon reaching the beginning of the path to the shop, it would seem that someone had been clearing the path, as the journey there was surprisingly safe. Of course, since it was a half-hour walk to the apparently isolated locale, Almina would need to watch her footing. Reaching the shop was one thing, then she noticed that it was a fair height, nice place to get a mild view of the surrounding a
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    <<Almina>> Profile: Username: Almina Real Name: Hana Camilla Albania Age: 19-21 Gender: Female Height: 5’5”(165cm) Birthday: September 29 Background: Personality: Virtues: Vices:
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