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[Merchant / Unknown] The Travelling Flame <<PK A>> {Open}

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The Traveling Flame

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It must have been during your last venture, but you feel tired.  The stresses of your latest quest make you weary.

It must be for that reason that you see something flickering in the distance, something that shouldn't be there.  At least, you don't think it was there before.

A low flickering flame that seemed odd, as it's flame was as green as emeralds.

For some reason, you feel like you are being drawn towards the green light, beckoning you forward with it's gentle flicks and waves.  Before you know it, you're in front of a large wagon.

Several shelves and such protrude from the inner workings.  Each seems to be well stocked in provisions, potions, and other necessities.

It would be then, that you notice the robed figure standing under a torch, with the very green flame that brought you here.

"Welcome, strangeh!"

He gestures to the wagon before a menu appear in front of you.

"Got some good things on sale, strangeh."

Buy / Sell / Modify




"What are ye buyin?"

General Store
(Due to 3.0, click the link for common merchant items)

Custom Store
(No EXP gained from purchases)




Profession: Merchant

Name: Warrior's Perseverance

ID: 90475] [LD: 1] = Regen
ID: 90476] [LD: 4] = Regen

Link: The Traveling Flame - Day 2

Item Type: Armor (Heavy)

Quality: T2 Rare

Enhancements:  Regen +20 p 3 turns

Description:  A pair of pauldrons that seem to give of a soothing numbness towards damage that its owner is inflicted with.

Cost: 1000 Col


Profession: Merchant

Name: Greedy Chicken

ID: 90477] [LD: 3] = Prosperity (Food)

Link: The Traveling Flame - Day 2

Item Type:  Food (Sandwich-Potion)

Quality: T2 Uncommon

Enhancements:  Properity +1 Col Multiplier

Description:  A normal chicken leg that may taste rancid, but not as rancid as the Potion of Minor Immunity

Cost: 600 Col


Profession: Merchant

Name: Potion of Minor Immunity

ID: 90478] [LD: 1] = Antidote (Potion)

Link: The Traveling Flame - Day 2

Item Type:  Potion (Potion-Sandwich)

Quality:  T2 Uncommon

Enhancements:  Antidote +1 turn immune

Description:  A normal bottle of herbal antidote that may taste raw, but not as raw as the Greedy Chicken.

Cost: 600 Col






  • Item Name: Lion's Gaze [ID 191089]
  • Item Tier: T3
  • Item Type: Trinket
  • Item Rarity:  Rare
  • Item Enhancements: Luck Die (2 Slots)
  • Craft/Appraisal/Obtainment IDs & Rolls: 
    • Obtained: [ID 191089]
    • Slot 1:  ID 191454 | LD 4 | Luck Die +1
    • Slot 2:  ID 191455 | LD 4 | Luck Die +1
  • Item Description: A small ring that carries a likeness to a lion with flower petals for a mane.  It is said to bring good fortune to those that wear it.
  • Cost: 1200 Col


  • Item Name: Potion of Adequate Healing [ID 191092]
  • Item Tier: T3
  • Item Type: Consumable (Potion)
  • Item Rarity:  Rare
  • Item Enhancements: HP Recovery (2 slots)
  • Craft/Appraisal/Obtainment IDs & Rolls: 
    • Obtained: [ID 191092]
    • Slot 1 & 2: ID 191452 | LD 15 | HP Recovery (+10% Hp)
  • Item Description: A red liquid fills this small bottle.  It will heal a fair chunk of ones life force, if drunk.  Dietary warning!  Do not apply to wounds as a salve or congeal into a goop.  Keep out of contact from skin and eyes.  If contact is made, scream like little girl for five (5) whole minutes before seeking professional help.  If stuck in a game world where you don't need to worry about blindness by chemical acids, disregard this warning and splash away.  Side effects include: nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, and the insatiable urge to dance the Pepto dance.
  • Cost: 700 Col


  • Item Name: Rush Bar
  • Item Tier: T3
  • Item Type: Consumable (Snack)
  • Item Rarity:  Rare
  • Item Enhancements: Vitality (2 slots)
  • Craft/Appraisal/Obtainment IDs & Rolls: 
    • Obtained: 191092
    • Slot 1 & 2: ID 191453 | LD 15 | Vitality (+12 EN)
  • Item Description: A small bar chock full of essential vitamins and nutrients that keep the consumer in the action.  Dietary Warning!  Do not drink alcohol or caffeine with the Rush Bar.  Subjects that experience blurred vision need to stop feeding the bar to their eyeballs, as they are seeing everything to Mach 2 speeds, and require medical assistance immediately.
  • Cost: 700 Col







"What are ye sellin'?"
[Square brackets "[ ]"show amount customer takes home]


  • [T1] Uncommon (100 col)
  • [T1] Rare (200 col) 
  • [T1] Perfect (400 col)
  • [T2] Uncommon (300 col)
  • [T2] Rare (500 col)
  • [T2] Perfect (750 col)
  • [T3] Uncommon (600 col)
  • [T3] Rare (900 col)
  • [T3] Perfect (1,250 col)


  • [T1] Uncommon (50 col)
  • [T1] Rare (100 col)
  • [T1] Perfect (200 col)
  • [T2] Uncommon (150 col)
  • [T2] Rare (250 col)
  • [T2] Perfect (375 col)
  • [T3] Uncommon (300 col)
  • [T3] Rare (450 col)
  • [T3] Perfect (625 col)



"Strangeh!  Strangeh!  You'll wanna talk to the Rune Scribe around back."

With that in mind, the robed one points towards the back of the wagon.  Approaching this end, you see a jade haired individual sleeping on the edge of the wagon.  You promptly wake him from his slumber, to which he sees that the caravan had stopped, and that you are a customer.

"Howdy... what can I do.. *yawn* for you."

Customer Cost: Varies*
8 Appraisals per day

*Prices and Enhancements below*




  • [T1] Rare (320 Col)
  • [T1] Perfect (640 Col)
  • [T1] Demonic (960 Col)
  • [T2] Rare (800 Col)
  • [T2] Perfect (1,200 Col)
  • [T2] Demonic (2,000 Col)
  • [T3] Rare (1,440 Col)
  • [T3] Perfect (2,000 Col)
  • [T3] Demonic (3,120 Col)
  • [T4] Rare (2,080 Col)
  • [T4] Perfect (3,040 Col)
  • [T4] Demonic (4,320 Col)


  • [T1] Uncommon (80 Col)
  • [T1] Rare (160 Col)
  • [T1] Perfect (320 Col)
  • [T2] Uncommon (240 Col)
  • [T2] Rare (400 Col)
  • [T2] Perfect (600 Col)
  • [T3] Uncommon (480 Col)
  • [T3] Rare (720 Col)
  • [T3] Perfect (800 Col)
  • [T4] Uncommon (800 Col)
  • [T4] Rare (1,120 Col)
  • [T4] Perfect (1,440 Col)


  • 1st Reroll - 1,000 Col
  • 2nd Reroll - 2,000 Col
  • 3rd Reroll - 4,000 Col
  • 4th Reroll - 8,000 Col
  • 5th Reroll - 16,000 Col

* An item can be rolled a maximum times of (Item Tier + 1). (e.g. a Tier 3 item can be rolled max 4 times, and a Tier 4 item can be rolled up to 5 times)

Normal Enhancements



  • Weapons
    • [1-6] = Taunt or Keen
    • [7-13] = Bleed or Paralyze
    • [14-20] = Damage or Accuracy
  • Cloth Armor
    • [1-5] = Evasion or Mitigation
    • [6-10] = Risky or Light Momentum
    • [11-15] = Regen or Recovery
    • [16-20] = Loot Die
  • Light Armor
    • [1-6] = Regen or Recovery
    • [7-13] = Mitigation or Evasion
    • [14-20] = Light Momentum
  • Heavy Armor
    • [1-6] = Regen or Recovery
    • [7-13] = Thorns or Heavy Momentum
    • [14-20] = Mitigation or Taunt
  • Shields
    • [1-6] = Regen or Recovery
    • [7-13] = Taunt or Paralyze
    • [14-20] = Mitigation or Thorns
  • Trinkets
    • [1-5] = Loot Die or Quality
    • [6-10] = Taunt or Recovery
    • [11-14] = Keen or Prosperity
    • [15-20] = Accuracy or Evasion
  • Consumables*
    • [1-3] = Antidote or Probiotics
    • [4-6] = Loot Die or Prosperity
    • [7-10] = Damage or Accuracy
    • [11-14] = Mitigation or Evasion
    • [15-17] = HP Recovery or Vitality
    • [18-20] = Over-Health or Protein

*When identifying consumables, apply the enhancement from the first roll up to the cap or the item's enhancement limit (whichever comes first). If any slots are left over, roll a second time. (Ex. When identifying a Perfect Potion, roll a 19 LD and apply +3 Damage. When identifying a Perfect Food, roll a 15 LD and apply +1 ACC (2 slots). Then roll again for a 4 LD and apply +1 Prosperity.)





Unique Enhancements


(All require a Rank 4 - BD: 10 | CD: 9+ in same roll)

  • Weapons
    • [1-3] = Paralytic Venom (Offensive) or Blight
    • [4-6] = Fallen Damage or Holy Damage
    • [7-10] = Freeze or Burn
    • [11-14] = Vampiric (Offensive) or Envenom (Offensive)
    • [15-17] = Absolute Accuracy or Phase
    • [18-20] = Frostbite or Static
  • Cloth Armor 
    • [1-5] = Antifreeze or Fireproof
    • [6-10] = Bloodclot or Paralytic Immunity
    • [11-15] = Vampiric (Defensive) or Envenom (Defensive)
    • [16-20] = Holy Blessing or Life Mending
  • Light Armor
    • [1-5] = Antifreeze or Fireproof
    • [6-10] = Bloodclot or Paralytic Immunity
    • [11-15] = Vampiric (Defensive) or Envenom (Defensive)
    • [16-20] = Holy Blessing or Life Mending
  • Heavy Armor
    • [1-3] = Antifreeze or Fireproof
    • [4-6] = Bloodclot or Paralytic Immunity
    • [7-10] = Vampiric (Defensive) or Envenom (Defensive)
    • [11-14] = Holy Blessing or Life Mending
    • [15-17] = Flame Thorns or Frost Thorns
    • [18-20] = Flame Aura or Frost Aura
  • Shields
    • [1-4] = Antifreeze or Fireproof
    • [5-8] = Bloodclot or Paralytic Immunity
    • [9-12] = Flame Thorns or Frost Thorns
    • [13-16] = Flame Aura or Frost Aura
    • [17-20] = Holy Blessing or Paralytic Venom (Defensive)
  • Trinkets
    • [1-6] = Antifreeze or Fireproof
    • [7-13] = Bloodclot or Paralytic Immunity
    • [14-20] = Holy Blessing or Life Mending
  • Consumables*

When identifying a consumable and a Unique Identification combination is rolled, still refer to the Regular Enhancement LD Result Chart. In addition, the Appraiser may declare the item as a Crystal, or Feast:

  • Crystal: Does not take a post action to use. Follows normal Crystal-use rules.
  • Feast: Can be used to feed a party of up to 6 players. Follows normal Feast-use rules.



Basic Info

  • [0-100 EXP] Rank 1 - Beginner Appraiser: Total 5 identifications/rerolls per day. Enhancements can be rerolled on the same item up to 2 times.
  • [101-250 EXP] Rank 2 - Experienced Appraiser: Total 6 identifications/rerolls per day. Enhancements can be rerolled on the same item up to 3 times.
  • [251-500 EXP] Rank 3 - Professional Appraiser: Total 7 identifications/rerolls per day. Enhancements can be rerolled on the same item up to 4 times.
  • [501-1000 EXP] Rank 4 - Master Appraiser: Total 8 identifications/rerolls per day. Enhancements can be rerolled on the same item up to 5 times.
  • [1001-1500 EXP] Rank 5 - Grand Master Appraiser: Total 10 identifications/rerolls per day. Enhancements can be rerolled on the same item up to 6 or more times.


If you roll a CD of 9+ and a BD of 10, the LD will be for a unique enhancement instead of a normal one.


Don't Forget the Basics (Special Professions) [Ambition Tool = +1 EXP to all crafts]

  • Identifications: +4 EXP per slot
  • Rerolls: +5 EXP
  • Unique Enhancement Identification: +5 EXP (on top of base EXP gains)


R4: Master Rune Scribe
8 Appraisals per 24 h
723 / 1000 EXP

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With his new shop under way, the hunter seemed glad to be helping out this NPC.  Also, he seemed to gain the col that was used for any of the more common items too.  He would need to name the NPC too, but he couldn't figure out anything to call him.  The Mysterious Merchant was the best that he could come up with, so it would have to stick with that for now.  Looking into his inventory, he pulled out some armor that he had not used in a long time.  Pressing the fourth button that appeared for him, he wished to appraise the item.  With the first slot already taken by an Eva +1 enhancement, he wondered what else there could be.

[ID: 52210] [CD: 5] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 52211] [CD: 7] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 52212] [CD: 6] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 52213] [CD: 6] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 52214] [CD: 6] -1 Mat / Retry

+ 20 EXP

After five tries, he stopped before he was drained of resources.  There seemed to be a high chance that the cautionary yellow that allowed one to try again would occur.  Hopefully, there wouldn't be any <Lock> red signals.

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Time for another throw down of appraisals!

Object - Wolf Fur Vest / T1 Uncommon / EVA 1

[ID: 52259]
[CD: 11] -1 Mat / <<Success>>
[LD: 20] Mitigation +9

[ID: 52260]
[CD: 4] -1 Mat / <<Lock>>

It didn't take long, but the Wolf Pelt Vest gained a new enhancement.  Unfortunately, the hunter got greedy and pressed the last slot.  The entire weapon flashed red before a red X filled the last slot.  The armor was now locked, and nothing could be done about it.  That was fine though.  He would give it to someone that needed it.

-100 Col
+1 Good Quality weapon

Let's see what I can make with this.

Object - Good Quality Weapon

[ID: 52269]
[CD: 4] -1 Mat / <<Lock>>

Well, that's not right.  A good quality got locked.  Giving it to the Merchant, he hide it in his robes.  Dunno where they go after that.

-100 Col
+1 Good Quality Weapon

Object - Good Quality Weapon

[ID: 52270]
[CD: 9] -1 Mat / <<Retry>>

[ID: 52271]
[CD: 2] -1 Mat / <<Lock>>

Another locked good quality.  The Mysterious Merchant took that one too, and I started to realize that I may need have some tools crafted.  There was no need to continue wasting my energy and materials.

+15 EXP


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Seul had heard Hirru actually did decided to go through with the becoming a merchant, which happened to be great news as the young knight would now be able to waste his money on gambling for a unique enhancement. Half the battle was actually finding the place the man called his shop, but once he did he stopped at the wagon while looking over his shoulder to make sure no one else was around. "I come bearing offerings of Col and mats so that I may receive help from the almighty green one-"

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The robed individual that was the Merchant laughed when the shield / dagger user appeared before them.  This was their first customer, but the Merchant with the yellow crystal over their head seemed to know what to do.

"Not only will you need cash, but you'll need guts to talk to the Rune Scribe."

"Please stop calling me, Rune Scribe..."

That voice came from the back where a head of jade hair would pop out to see who had arrived.  When he saw that it was one of his brothers-in-arms, he waved them over.  When Seul finally reached the back of the wagon, he would find the Rune Scribe sitting on the end of the wagon.  He would yawn once before taking a few mats from within the depths of the cart.

"Hey.. Seul..  Come for the free trial?  Five appraisals off the bat!"

He would say as he took some of the good weapons from the back.

-500 Col

+2 Good Quality Armor
+3 Good Quality Weapons

"I only do one appraisal per item, so stick with me on this."

With that, he took the first weapon in hand, and pressed the fourth button that came up.  Three slots appeared from within, and he touched the first of them.

[ID: 53719] [CD: 2] -1 Mat / Lock


He threw the weapon in the back and tried a second one.

[ID: 53720] [CD: 4] -1 Mat / Lock


This time, he tried a piece of armor.

[ID: 53721] [CD: 12] [BD: 10] [LD: 13] -1 Mat / Unique Success // Unique Enhancement: Holy Blessing +18


Name: Regret

ID:  53721 (CD 12 / BD 10 / LD 13)

Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/11476-merchant-unknown-the-travelling-flame/?do=findComment&comment=461458

Item Type: Leather Armor

Quality: T2 Uncommon

Enhancements: Holy Blessing +18

Description:  A snow-white colored, long coat with matching white fur around the collar. It is designed in a special way to appear as if there are constant splatters of blood covering various points on the body. Regardless of how hard one might try to reclaim its once pure state, the stains never wash away and serve as a haunting reminder of those who have fallen at the hands of the coat’s wearer.

"Well, I'll be..  Got some luck in ya."

With that, he placed that armor piece aside and took another weapon out.

[ID: 53722] [CD: 3] -1 Mat / Lock


This time, he would try the last of the armor pieces.

[ID: 53723] [CD: 11] [LD: 12] -1 Mat / Success // Enhancement: Evasion (Light Armor)


Name: Kun Fur Hat

ID: 52723 (CD 11 / LD 12)

Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/11476-merchant-unknown-the-travelling-flame/?do=findComment&comment=461458

Item Type: Leather Armor

Quality: T2 Uncommon

Enhancements: Evasion +1


A hat made out of the hide, fur, and tail of a Rakkun.  An uncanny instinct to scurry away from danger can be felt from the fold of its fur.

~ "You would think that a Rakkun would be smarter than to just run straight into a blade?  Oh well, I got a new hat!" ~

"Another good session, if I do say so myself."

He would say as he pointed out the two pieces of armor before him.

"These are yours to have, from our free trial.  The reason I don't do anything over Uncommon is because of the probability of locking the item.  Especially when the item has a unique, like this cloak."

+19 EXP

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He was in shock. Seul always did seem to have the Devil's own luck and there was no doubt that it saved him many times in the past already, but even this was almost too lucky. It would be his first time having unique enhanced gear and he was happy to accept the armor. "Whoa... Now I feel kinda bad about not paying for this. You can keep the other one, but let me at least give you Col for going through the trouble of making it." He opened his trade window and placed 100 col for the second armor in the HUD, sending it to Hirru as he took his new coat in return.

[ +1 Regret ]

[ -100 Col ]

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The crimson haired woman  walked towards the card and regarded it carefully. The sudden sound of the greeting offered by the one who attended it caused her to sidestep but when he gestured towards the wagon she relaxed enough to look at the menu that popped up. "Well hello," she said to return his greeting. She cycled through it and the more options she saw the more her brow furrowed. "You wouldn't by chance sell a custom fishing rod would you?" She turned her dark eyes to focus upon the one that had greeted her. She'd had some success at fishing but she hadn't managed to catch that one only spoken of in legends. When she thought a new fishing rod may help she immediately set off to find a merchant.

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Opal had been following the Crimson haired woman, Magda as they reached a rather odd and strange looking wagon or cart it seemed. But now that it became visible in sight, the woman had seen this before when Hirru came for the dungeon dive. In order to not sneak up behind Magda, the Vice Commander gave some time for her to make dialogue with the Merchant, Hirru. 

She then turned and looked at the familiar that was escorting the cart, giving a slight rub on the head. Opal smiled and found Hirru nearby, and gave a small wave of her hand to the Jade Hunter. 

"Afternoon!" She said, bringing up her trade window for the merchant and depositing 3k Col and 10 mats, "I know its wild luck, but anything with damage over time, or phase would be greatly appreciated. If not, I shall come back soon with more materials." 

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The robed one that called out to the red headed warrior laughed when she asked for a custom fishing pole.  Soon afterwards, the menu would glitch for a second before a new selection would come up.  

"Got some new things on sale, strangeh."

The robed Merchant would walk over to the wagon and take something from one of the shelves.  It looked to be a fine fishing rod for the up and coming fisher-man/fisher-woman.  A new prompt would appear in front of Magda with the Custom Fishing Rod +1 CD.  Underneath was the cost of: 2500 Col.  This cost too seemed to glitch out until a new price was shown: 0 Col.

-2000 Col (Hirru)
+1 Exp (Hirru)
+1 Custom Rod (Magda)


Around the corner, where the large lizard slept, the hunter sat with it.  Seeing the Vice Commander come towards him, he immediately jumped to his feet.  She was offering materials and Col for his services.  

"Alright, Vice Commander!  I'll see what I can make."

Afterwards, the Rune Scribe walked over to the wagon to take out ten good quality weapons, and started the appraisals.

+3000 Col
+10 Mats

[ID: 54265] [CD: 10] [LD: 6] -1 Mat / Success // Enhancement: +1 ACC


Name: Bokken

ID: 54265

Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/11476-merchant-unknown-the-travelling-flame/?do=findComment&comment=462418

Item Type: Katana

Quality: T1 Uncommon

Enhancements: Accuracy +1

Description: A simple sword made from hard wood.  Used more for practicing form and strikes than real power.

One successful appraisal for the session.  The rune scribe placed the large curved blade into the ground, before moving to the next.

[ID: 54266] [CD: 6] -1 Mat / Retry 
[ID: 54267] [CD: 1] -1 Mat / Lock

The second one didn't fair as well.  This one flashed yellow for a warning, but he felt that it could go farther.  Unfortunately, the next check would lock the weapon.  This weapon was a dud, and was thrown into the wagon for decomposition.

[ID: 54268] [CD: 12] [LD: 19] -1 Mat / Success // Enhancement: +1 DMG


Name: Samurai Edge

ID: 54268

Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/11476-merchant-unknown-the-travelling-flame/?do=findComment&comment=462418

Item Type: Katana

Quality: T1 Uncommon

Enhancements: Damage +1

Description: A simple katana used by samurai for is trusted cutting edge.

The third weapon gained a new damage multiplier to it.  Smiling, he placed this one into the ground next to the second one.

[ID: 54269] [CD: 5] -1 Mat / Retry 
[ID: 54270] [CD: 2] -1 Mat / Lock

The fourth weapon flashed yellow, but was ignored and was locked afterwards.  The rune scribe hoped that the next one was much better, as these were going into the 5 appraisals that the Vice commander payed for.  He threw it in the back and pulled out the next weapon.

[ID: 54271] [CD: 8] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 54272] [CD: 1] -1 Mat / Lock

The fifth weapon followed the same fate as the previous one.  With two more appraisals to go, the rune scribe decided to do something that he had never done before.  Gamble two slots.

[ID: 54273] [CD: 10] [BD: 10] [LD: 12] -1 Mat / Unique Success // T2 Holy Damage
[ID: 54274] [CD: 11] [BD: 10] [LD: 11] -1 Mat / Unique Success // T2 Holy Damage

Releasing his fingers from the two slots, they both shined with a bright golden light before two identical icons filled their place.  It looked like a holy symbol of sorts, but the scribe didn't have any memory of such things, so he wasn't sure.  Pushing that away, he opened the status of the weapon.


Name: Maiden's Kiss

ID: 54273 (CD 10 / BD 10 / LD 12)
ID: 54274 (CD 11 / BD 10 / LD 11)

Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/11476-merchant-unknown-the-travelling-flame/?do=findComment&comment=462418

Item Type: Katana

Quality: T2 Rare

Enhancements: Holy Damage +8 (Two slots)

Description:  A pure white hilted katana with a silvery blade. There seems to be a constant golden aura surrounding it, giving off a celestial light with each swing of the blade. 

~A holy maiden of light once gave the swords of her guard the power to smite the evil that came before her, with a simple kiss.  The guards used them well, but with each kill, the light would fade.  Questioning her powers, the guards would turn to her for answers, but would only come to silence.  Soon, they turned on her.  With a simple kiss to a random blade, she gained the power to quell their thoughts, and shatter their blades.  "Thou strength does not come from me, but from your own faith."  She answered.  "Facing the evil before you, thou start questioning yourselves and your faith dwindles; so too does your light."  The maiden then left the sword back where she found it, as it was not hers to take.~

"Quite the weapon, if I do say so myself."

-600 Col
+47 EXP

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What the... I grunted inside, puffing and holding my hip from my latest 'adventure'. What is that? I asked, silver eyes locked onto the green flame in the distance like a pair of heat seeking missiles. I stumbled forwards, limping on my right leg like some lame creature towards the flame. A silhouette slowly came into sight, and I began remembering where I had seen it; the green torch and caravan belonged only to one person.

Hirru, the Jade Hunter.

Panting, I peered in, facing a robed being. "Who are-" I began to ask, before the man cut me off. "Welcome, strangeh!" He welcomed me, and a menu popped up. So Hirru had become a Merchant, as told by the Buy/Sell/Modify on the UI. I tapped the Modify button, and the robed figure gestured to the back of the caravan, where I found the sleeping Hunter. "Wakey wakey, sunshine!" I woke the green haired boy, before flirting through my inventory and pulling out a pair of gauntlets that seemed to hum with electricity. "Since I stumbled upon you, may as well put your services to use. Think you could work your Merchant Magic on these two boys?"

-1 Warvan's Sons

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Waking up to find a certain platinum haired pugilist, the hunter yawned out loud before looking upon the item that Grave gave to him.  Looking them over, they just appeared to be something that a fist fighter would use.  With a slight shrug, he touched them once with his figure to get the four buttons to appear, then he pressed the fourth to make three slots appear.  Two of the slots were already filled.  Looking back at the pugilist, the hunter gave a concerned look.

"Are you sure about this?  If it's <<Locked>> I can't do anything else with it.  It can't be converted either."

It didn't really matter what Grave's answer was, as the hunter was going to give him a free session anyway.  Taking an assortment of other gauntlets and such from the wagon, the hunter turned Rune Scribe.

[ID: 55971] [CD: 8] -1 Mat / Retry 

The first try would flash a warning color of yellow.  This would be the only time that the rune scribe would try it with this item.  He gave it back to Grave before going to the next one.

[ID: 55972] [CD: 1] -1 Mat / Lock 

The next one flashed red, and was locked on the spot.  It was sad to see a good quality item be forever lost.

[ID: 55973] [CD: 9] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 55974] [CD: 5] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 55975] [CD: 4] -1 Mat / Lock

Another good quality item locked to an eternity of ill usage.  It was a troubling session, but nothing that the rune scribe / hunter had not seen before.  Looking to Grave, he shrugged.

"Looks like the rumors of me being quite good aren't all that they're cracked up to be.

-200 Col
+14 EXP

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I sat in cruel anxiety as I waited for the result on my gauntlets. The Hunter passed them back to me, and by the morbid look on his face as he continued on other works, he had cut real close to <<Locking>> them. "Please try again, Hirru. I will pay you all the Col I have for you to appraise it as many times as I can get you to with what I have." I said, materialising my 1289 Col in a bag in my hand.

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"Alright, I'll do it just once more time."

Taking the item back into his hands, the rune scribe tried to focus on getting something that would be helpful to the pugilist.

[ID: 55976] [CD: 2] -1 Mat / Lock

Greed was said to be a deadly sin, and it has brought its punishment on this day.  The rare item that Grave gave to him flashed red to reflect that there was always something to stop the greedy, and foolish.  The Rare <<Locked>> Warven Sons were given back to the pugilist with a sadness in his face.

"I'm sorry.  They've served you well, and hope that they will continue to do so."

+500 Col (Services rendered)
+1 EXP

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Having become more powerful, the hunter started to realize that his current gear was nothing compared to his compatriots.  Deciding that it was about time to make more powerful gear, he turned rune scribe for a few moments to prepare some equipment.

[ID: 56098] [CD: 2] -1 Mat / Lock
[ID: 56099] [CD: 2] -1 Mat / Lock

Without missing a beat, the first two items were lost forever.  The rune scribe scratched his head in annoyance.  This was happening way to frequently to ignore.  He needed to look into booster items for his crafts.

[ID: 56100] [CD: 12] [LD: 6] -1 Mat / Success // Enhancement: Regen 
[ID: 56101] [CD: 12] [LD: 14] -1 Mat / Success // Enhancement: Thorns
[ID: 56102] [CD: 7] -1 Mat / Retry

Looking at the piece of armor that he had just appraised, it didn't seem that intimidating.  Just a half-plate that didn't have any recognizable difference to his own armor, but a slight scrape of his hand would show the difference.  His health would slightly decrease from simply grazing the armor.  Opening its status menu, the scribe could see the armor piece.


Name: Fury of the Alpha Wolf

ID: 56100 (CD 12 / LD 6)
ID: 56101 (CD 12 / LD 14)

Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/11476-merchant-unknown-the-travelling-flame/?do=findComment&comment=465740

Item Type: Heavy Armor

Quality: T2 Rare

Enhancements: Regen +18 / Thorns +14

Description:  A crimson half plate armor that covers the chest and left arm of the user.  

~Wary of the world of the apes no longer, the Alpha growled angrily as he set his sights on village of man.  Those were the ones that nearly took his pack from him, and they would soon know his pain too.  The Alpha howled to the moon with all of his strength.  The moon, which had once saved his pack with its brilliance, now shone a blood red.  The Alpha was done when a new pack of blood wolves came to his aid.  The world of man will know his fury!~

+22 EXP
-300 Col

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Having heard of the man's profession, the golden haired dragoon just had to see if there was more to his new equipment than meets the eye. There were plenty of other things that would help the man in his growing pursuit to get stronger. But if there was a possabillity that he was sitting on something better, he knew he had to take it. Meeting up at the designated spot, Lawfer pulled up his map to make sure the meeting place remained the same. "Looks about rig..." He stopped mid sentence as he noticed a faint jade flame approaching. He knew that wagon from questing with the man before. "Hey Hirru! Mind appraising my equipment for me?" The spearman asked, as he raised his hand and transferred 6 Mats and 3k worth of col.

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The hunter was surprised to find that the dragoon would find his shop soon.  Even though they had only just saw each other.  The exhaustion from that trip would make him set up shop here.  Lawfer seemed to be here on business though, as he traded several mats and plenty of Col.

+6 Mats
+3000 Col

[ID: 56228] [CD: 4] -1 Mat / Lock

Good Two Handed Spear<<Locked>>

The first spear would become a dud.  Saddening to be sure, but there were more things to take note of.

[ID: 56229] [CD: 7] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 56230] [CD: 12] [LD: 17] -1 Mat / Success // Enhancement: Damage
[ID: 56231] [CD: 11] [LD: 6] -1 Mat / Success // Enhancement: Accuracy
[ID: 56232] [CD: 12] [LD: 13] -1 Mat / Success // Enhancement: Bleed

Good Two Handed Spear-> Perfect Tier 2 Two Handed Spear

The next spear was something unexpected.  At first, it would come out as a simple warning, but the dragoon came for a weapon.  The next try would give fruit to another, and another, and another.  Three different enhancements filled the slots of the spear.  Looking into its stats, the rune scribe would smirk.

"First time appraising a perfect."


Name: Rhongomiant

ID: 56230 (CD 12 / LD 17)
ID: 56231 (CD 11 / LD 6)
ID: 56232 (CD 12 / LD 13)

Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/11476-merchant-unknown-the-travelling-flame/?do=findComment&comment=466040

Item Type: Two Handed Assault Spear

Quality: Good -> T2 Rare (Appraisal)

Enhancements: Damage +2 / Bleed +16 / Accuracy +1

Description:  A two handed spear cast in silver and steel.  Was once held by a significant king to slay a mad general.

~The light seemed to focus on the two combatants, as the storm raged on throughout the battlefield.  The Righteous King stood with his trusted spear within the bowels of the other, a general whom had crossed the line into madness.  Blood seemed to flow for eternity, as the mad man seemed intent on continuing the battle.  The King could only look to him with pity before removing the spear, and ending the mans final days.~

[ID: 56233] [CD: 6] -1 Mat / Retry

Good Two Handed Spear -> Good

There was one more material that he had sent the rune scribe, but the yellow flash would show that it was not meant to be.  He would take the one two handed assault spear that he had made, and handed it to Lawfer.

"It's a fine spear, but if you don't want it, I can buy it back from you."

+33 EXP
-300 Col


After the events with Lawfer, the hunter thought about the armor that he created.  It wasn't complete and would need a suitable enhancement, but nothing to be risked by the appraisal system.  He used the item <<Essence of Steel>> to upgrade it one slot further.

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Taking a seat in the back of the wagon, the rune scribe was taking stock in the back when he noticed a surplus of weaponry, namely one handed straight swords.  Some seemed lacking in most things, but that didn't mean that they were useless.  Bringing out their full potential was his greatest reason for being in the caravan.  Taking a few of the swords, the rune scribe would start the process of unlocking their potential.

[ID: 56915] [CD: 2] -1 Mat / Locked
Good Weapon -100 Col --> Locked

Unfortunate fate for such a blade, but the gamble is always in the way of a good blade.

[ID: 56916] [CD: 8] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 56917] [CD: 12] [LD: 11] -1 Mat / Success // Enhancement: Paralysis
Good Weapon -100 Col --> Uncommon OHSS --> Sold +1 EXP / +100 Col

The next few tries on the next sword would come up with a fruitful find.  A paralysis sword was good for some people, but not many people wanted one.  The rune scribe would set that aside for the Merchant to give back to his people.

[ID: 56918] [CD: 9] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 56919] [CD: 9] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 56920] [CD: 7] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 56921] [CD: 5] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 56922] [CD: 11] -1 Mat / Successf // Enhancement: Damage
Good Weapon -100 Col --> Uncommon OHSS --> Sold +1 EXP / +100 Col

Another fruitful one would come out after some hair raising yellow flags were being thrown up.  This one was a damage enhanced sword, which was actually a really good thing.  Everyone wanted a stronger sword, but some didn't want to farm the necessary parts to make it stronger.  The rune scribe set the sword aside to be sold to the right people.

[ID: 56923] [CD: 3] -1 Mat / Locked
Good Weapon -100 Col --> Locked

A sad business to be sure, but that was the gamble.  The sword would fade with the earth.

[ID: 56924] [CD: 2] -1 Mat / Locked
Good Weapon -100 Col --> Locked

With the third failure of the night, the rune scribe decided that it wasn't necessary to continue.  He was wasting his materials on the small things, and should be consolidating what he has to gain a better place on the market.

+41 EXP

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Taking a breather from the mass of hunts was something that he needed.  While sitting in the back of the caravan, the rune scribe looked into his arsenal thinking about the coming storm.  He would soon be needed on the front lines, but his current equipment was not up to par.  For the most part, he wanted to hunt down his own equipment or appraise new ones at the shop.  This would be his attempt at just that.

[ID: 57727] [CD: 10] [LD: 14] -1 Mat / Success // Enhancement: Bleed
Good Weapon -100 Col --> Uncommon Weapon --> Sold +1 EXP / +100 Col

[ID: 57728] [CD: 11] [LD: 10] -1 Mat / Success // Enhancement: Paralysis
Good Weapon -100 Col --> Uncommon Weapon --> Sold +1 EXP / +100 Col

[ID: 57729] [CD: 4] -1 Mat / Lock
Good Weapon -100 Col --> Locked

[ID: 57730] [CD: 8] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 57731] [CD: 6] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 57732] [CD: 11] [LD: 19] -1 Mat / Success // Enhanement: Damage

Good Weapon -100 Col --> Uncommon Weapon --> Sold +1 EXP / +100 Col

[ID: 57733] [CD: 9] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 57734] [CD: 4] -1 Mat / Lock

Good Weapon -100 Col --> Locked

[ID: 57735] [CD: 1] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 57736] [CD: 7] -1 Mat / Retry

Good Weapon -100 Col --> Good Weapon (Held until next appraisal)

Only a handful of good ones, but still nothing to be comparative of.  Though, there were many to choose from, but they did not seem to carry the same weight as those that he had now.  Ones that were created by his friends.

-300 Col
-10 Mats
+50 EXP

Edited by Hirru
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The most guidebooks that were available to players had mentioned that there was a merchant with a traveling shop built right onto a wagon. He was easy to find, or at least to identify, based on the green flame that marked his shop. The wagon itself was full to bursting with various items, but Yamato had not tracked down the merchant for the purpose of purchasing an item from him. Instead, the Irishman was after a different skill that the merchants had. The appraisal skill. The shield that the axe man had picked up for free from the mystery box was only rare quality, that meant there was a possibility that it might have some other traits and that was what Yamato was here to discover. "Can you appraise my shield," the warrior asked, holding out the shield for Hirru to inspect.

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The rune scribe was actually surprised to find that someone that he never knew had found his shop.  Though, it didn't help that he was visiting Iggy on the first floor, so anyone could have found the wagon then.  It wasn't too hard as anyone that even glimpsed the Emerald Flame would be drawn towards it, which reminded the rune scribe to put the torch away when visiting lower floors.  The man that came to him today seemed around his age, maybe older, though it was hard to tell.  He had asked for an appraisal for his shield, which he held out for the rune scribe.  Taking it in hand, the initial step was to look into the stats of the shield, to make sure that it wasn't something already useful.  Of course, he would notice the branding sigil of Mack's smithy, first.  It was hard not to find one without it these days.

"Hmm.. Bramble Patch, huh.  Mack sure has a selection these days.  Ha ha!"

The rune scribe would look to the man before starting.

"I'm not sure if you know, but appraisal is a tricky business.  I could easily lock this shield into a rare state forever, and I have no control over that.  It's fairly random.  Let me show you."

Taking a random weapon from the racks, which was shortly replaced soon after by the NPC Merchant that always tagged along, the rune scribe prepared the appraisal.

[ID: 58380] [CD: 6] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 58381] [CD: 2] -1 Mat / Lock

Good Weapon (Held from previous session --> Lock

"See this is what happens.  This weapon is stuck in this state forever.  Now, that you have the warning, I'll continue with the shield."

[ID: 58382] [CD: 5] -1 Mat / Retry
[ID: 58383] [CD: 12] [LD: 2] -1 Mat / Success // Enhancement: Recovery

Rare Shield (Bramble Patch +14 Thorns) --> Perfect Shield (Bramble Patch +14 Thorns / +1 Recovery)


Awaiting approval

"Hmm.. quite interesting.  A fairly nice shield, if I do say.  Not only will it hurt the enemy, but it will give you more energy as you go."

He would say before giving it back to the warrior.  It was a shield that would lead this one to victory.  He just knew that it would.

"I don't require any recompense for this one, but I'm happy to come help with anything that you need."

"Come back any time!"

-4 Mats
+17 EXP

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