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<<General Merchant>>

All Merchant NPCs will carry a base selection of goods. Players are allowed to purchase from them at any time. Make a post here to buy items from these NPCs.

Purchasing Guide

  • Players should post their shopping list and price breakdowns in this thread.
  • Once a post has been made, send the appropriate col value to the @Banker.
  • All purchases are automatic. Players do not need to wait for an approval to receive the items purchased.
    • This exception is made for materials, with which needs to be delivered to the player from the Banker.
  • For accidental purchases and refunds, please contact a member of staff through site messages or on Discord.
  • Please ensure that your receipts are kept tidy.

Example Purchase


Buying the following items:

  • Teleport Crystals x5
  • Glow Stone x1
  • Dimensional Backpack x1

Total: (800 * 5) + (200 * 1) + (5000 * 1) = 9,200col

Should players be in need of further assistance, please do not hesitate to look for staff members via private messages on the site or through #ask-a-staff on Discord.

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  • Teleport Crystal | [800col]
    Use a post action to activate a teleport crystal. Teleports the player to the town or designated teleportation area they specify.
  • Glow Stone | [200col]
    While holding a Glow Stone, the area around you is illuminated. You and players near you do not suffer any penalties for darkness or low-light conditions. Cannot wield a weapon while holding a Glow Stone, but it can be swapped out and and back in to continue its effect. Effect lasts for one thread.
  • Dimensional Backpack | [5,000col]
    Adds +1 to Battle Ready inventory. This item does not take up a Battle Ready inventory slot. A player may only have one Dimensional Backpack at any time.


  • Blank Dungeon Map
    Assign a successful sub-dungeon search roll to a blank map in order to explore the dungeon in another thread. When used, apply the dungeon difficulty and roll ID (Ex. Intermediate Dungeon Map #12345). Can only hold the location of one sub-dungeon that matches the Tier of the map.
    • Tier 1 | [100col]
    • Tier 2 | [200col]
    • Tier 3 | [300col]
    • Tier 4 | [400col]
  • Field Rations | [1,000col]
    Grants +12% to max HP. Cannot be used in combat. Effect lasts for one thread. A player cannot benefit from more than one Field Rations at a time. This effect cannot stack with Over-Health consumables. Filling may be used on this item, increasing its buff from 12% to 16% max HP.
  • Immolation Potion
    When used, successful non-critical attacks against you deal (10 * Tier) unmitigated damage to the attacking enemy. Must be of the appropriate tier to use. Effect lasts for one thread.
    • Tier 1 | [300col]
    • Tier 2 | [600col]
    • Tier 3 | [900col]
    • Tier 4 | [1200col]
  • Keys
    A single-use item that grants an LD bonus when opening a Treasure Chest.
    • LD Bonus: +1 | Silver Key | [500col]
    • LD Bonus: +2 | Golden Key | [1,000col]
  • Tents
    Use a post action to activate this item's effects. Grants -1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat. Effect lasts for one thread.
    • Single | [400col]
    • Double | [600col]
      Up to two players may take advantage of this tent in a thread.
  • Spyglass (x3) | [800col]
    • Use to reduce the number of posts required to search for a dungeon, familiar or field bosses by 5 posts. Effect lasts for one thread.
  • Water Canister (x3) | [400col]
    Grants +(5 *Tier) health regeneration while out of combat. Effect lasts for one thread.


  • Custom Ambition Tool | [800col]
    Gain +1 bonus crafting EXP for each crafting attempt.
  • Crafting Material | [700col]
    Basic materials used across all crafting professions.


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A new system meant that there were new opportunities. One such market to be capitalized on was the addition of a General Merchant, meaning that if he wanted to go into town to purchase something, he wouldn't have to bear with the awkward formalities and reassurances a meeting with a Player would typically imply. He was both grateful for it as he was dreading getting a hold of the new systems his life would from now on abide by. The first thing he would do would be to test such things in a dungeon ranked one below his tier, but first he would need some supplies. 

Buying the following items: 

  • Dimensional Backpack
  • T3 Field Rations x1
  • T3 Immolation Potion x1
  • Water Canister x5 
  • Spyglass x3 
  • T3 Blank Dungeon Map x1 

Total: 5,000 + 900 + 900 + (400*5) + (800*3) + 300 = 11,200 Col 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Buying the following items:

  • Teleport Crystals x3
  • Field Rations T3
  • Dimensional Backpack x1
  • Immolation Potion T3
  • Single Tent
  • Spyglass
  • Water Canister
  • Materials (50)

Total: (800 * 3) + (900 * 1) + (5000 * 1) + (900 * 1) + (400 * 1) + (800 * 1) + (400 * 1) + (300 * 50) = 25,800 Col

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Buying the following items:

  • Teleport Crystals x15 (@800 col) = 12,000 col
  • Glow Stone x15 (@200 col) = 3,000 col
  • Field Rations x15 (@1,000 col) = 15,000 col
  • T3 Immolation Potion x15 (@900 col) = 13,500 col
  • Golden Keys x15 (@1,000) = 15,000 col
  • Spyglass x 15 (@800 col) = 12,000 col

Total Cost: 70,500 col

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  • 4 weeks later...

Purchasing the following items:

  • 4 Teleportation Crystals [3200 Col]
  • 4 Field Rations          [4000 Col]
  • 3 Immolation Potions T3  [2700 Col]
  • 5 Golden Keys            [5000 Col]
  • 2 Spyglass (x6)          [1600 Col]

Total Expenditures:          [16500 Col]

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