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The Wandering Soul [Master Alchemist] [Currently on F4]


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Hikoru walked into the shop quietly. It had been some time since he had been in here, and he knew that he needed these items for an upcoming quest. He went over to a nearby shelf and grabbed a few healing crystals and did the math as to how much they would cost. They would cost him a pretty penny, but he knew that for his quest, he would need it. He set them on the counter along with the col that it would require to but them. He gave a nod and adjusted his glasses back to the top of his nose

"Here we go. Buying these, and this should cover the cost." He said simply, sending a trade and pressing accept quickly, pocketing the potions and leaving the shop quietly. He was glad that someone had health potions in the game, as he didn't see them around a lot, and with new patches with stronger and stronger bosses to fight, he knew that they would need them a lot more.

+5 Greater Life Crystal II


Item: Greater Life Crystal II
Item Type:
Tier: 2
Quality: Rare
Enhancement: +160 HP
Description: A red crystal that instantly heals you for 160 HP.
Quantity: 10

-3,000 Col

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Beat walked into the Shop quickly. He wasn't in a rush of any kind, it was just the way he tended to move about. His pace slowed as he took a look around the shop, interested in all of the various sundries that an alchemist could offer. He had heard that the shop belonged to Rain, a high level player that had done them a big favor on floor two a week ago. He hoped to see him so they could catch up, though he doubted the exploits of a low-level player like himself could interest the likes of Rain. His eyes quickly settled on a shelf of bottles labeled 'Crafter's respite'. He read the description and quickly picked up four bottles and brought them to the counter. They would serve him well once he had gotten his cooking business under its feet. He smiled once he saw Rain, setting the bottles on the counter and pulling out eighteen-hundred col. 

"Hey there! Good to see you again, I hope all is well."

He handed the payment to Rain and added the four bottles to his inventory, looking forward to unlocking his profession and putting them to good use. 


Paying 1800 col for 4 of the folllowing:

Item: Crafter's Tonic
Item Type:
 Status Potion
Tier:  1
Quality: Perfect
Enhancement: Crafter's Respite
Description: A vial of golden yellow liquid with a fragrant scent. Instantly resets all crafting attempts, so you can craft again during the same crafting day.
Quantity: 6
Reserves: -
Evaluations: 0

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Takeshi enters the store with a lit cigarette between his lips, grunting a little as he set his eyes towards 'The Wandering Soul'. It looks more like a wagon than a real building, but he is quite satisfied that there are dozens of potions stocked in there. 

He looks around the interior as he blows out a smoke, looking for a potion that is cheap and reliable, maybe having the ability to increase a decent amount of health. He sighs in regret as he wishes that he came here before wandering around the third floor, that way he won't have to use his own potion that can just be sold.

After some surveying among the bottles, he finally found what he wants: a Minor Health Potion I, tagged for the price of 150 COL each. He takes two vials and pays up 300 COL to the owner, muttering a 'Thank You' before walking out of the shop while exhaling another white smoke.

< Paid 300 COL for two Minor Health Potion I >

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I 'wandered' into The Wandering Soul, shivering as the last of the cold was swept from my body and back out into the wilderness. I was due to tackle a couple quests with the Knights within a few days, and I would REALLY need some potions for once. I noticed a familiar head of white hair, one I had not seen in a long time, and approached him. "Well well, long time no see, my friend." I greeted Rain with a wide smile. "Sorry to bother you but... I have a bit of a big order to place. I would like three or four Mass Health potions and a Safeguard or two. Think you could whip those up for me?" I asked the alabaster haired samurai. "I have over ten thousand col, I should be able to pay a hefty amount for the goods."

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The Wandering Soul is Takeshi's favorite alchemist shop since, to his convenience, it has cheaper prices than other shops that he entered before. He steps inside and takes two Minor Healing Potions, all belonging to Tier 1. He plans to have a maximum of three, and to only buy if any of them are used. He pays up 300 COL and walks out of the store, staring at the potions.

Indeed, they tasted like F&N strawberries, and he wonders if the alchemic mixtures are fused with those F&N drinks. It sounds like an unlikely theory, but Takeshi thinks that it may be plausible. He lights up his cigarette and blows out a smoke as he walks to an inn for dinner.


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Baldur pushes open the door to his old friend's shop.

"Ohayo, my friend. I was wondering if I could pick up the rest of my super order I never got around to picking up."

Baldur smiled and gave his drug dealer a respectful bow and pointed to his friend's old ledger.

"Seems like I only picked up about half"


@Baldur (Ready to be picked up) - Guardian's Tonic (5/5), Major Life Crystal II (5/5), Mass Life Crystal II (5/5), Major Damage Potion II (5/5), Major Mitigation Potion II (5/5), Over Life II (5/5), Viper's Kiss II (1/5) [Guardian's Tonic (3/3), Major Damage Potion II (4/4), Major Mitigation Potion II (4/4), Over Life II (4/4), Viper's Kiss II (0/4)](Has payed and picked up part of the order)

"Thank you, my friend."

+3 Guardian's Tonics (Safeguard)
+4 Major Damage Potion II (+6 DMG)
+4 Major Mitigation Potion II (+54 MIT)
+4 Over Life II Potions (+100 HP)

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