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[F17] Into the Fray [Floor Boss Raid]


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Everything was getting quieter and quieter. The massive battlefield of the players against the 300 Spartans with Leonidas was now withered down to just the one side of the combatants. Macradon sighed as the 3rd Phalanx was slain, everyone else would then begin to target the 4th Phalanx, which was logically the right choise, even though Teayre yelled something earlier. Macradon wasn’t in the right mood to get close to someone as unstable as Teayre was, but it was him to finish the battle, it was him to take out the last few soldiers, clearing the whole battlefield, giving everyone the opportunity to get to the next floor, capable of looking for any other boss room. Macradon had to do it, and by that thought he sighed quietly before beginning a sprint towards the last Phalanx. The <Charge> skill activated as he targeted a whole new group of enemies, and as he got close enough, his sword would slash through all of the 6 final soldiers, cleaving through their armor like nothing. His sickle sword destroying whatever that would be in his way, and he made sure that it was only mobs rather than players, which triggered a short burst of bad memories of what Teayre did once.

Macradon’s sword finished its glow as Macradon had slain the last 6 soldiers in the final Phalanx. He sighed deeply as the fight was over. Finally, 300 spartans slain. Macradon’s amulet triggered the special effect it had as thunder and lightning cracked over the skies caused by Macradon slaying the last spartans. Looking over at everyone, it seemed like everyone was safe from harm, at least for now. Macradon would get away from where he stood now, getting back to safety away from one of the deadly PK’ers present, but he was assured that anyone with the orange curser would be able to attack him, which he wasn’t qutie fond of at all. Either way, he would get back to the support line with the others, making sure he was at least far away enough from Teayre at least.


ID: 66350
BD: 6-2+4=8, hit.
CD: 9, Recovery proc.
Sword art used: Calamity Disaster 6x2x34-70=338 AOE DMG.

-38/1500 HP
100 Mitigation
-1 Evasion
+1 Accuracy

60 Monsters per Phalanx Group
300 HP
70 Mitigation
-2 Evasion
+2 Accuracy

(Edit in your own stats as your turn passes, and tag the next person in line with the "@" symbol.)

[H: P4: 1] Calrex: 348/353- (35/67 EN)
[H: 0] Takao: 460/463 - (102/201 EN)
[H: 3] Teayre: 319/339 - (94/138 EN)
[H: 0] Macradon 306/323 - (65/129 EN) (-24 Energy, +3 Energy)

@Leonidas (So he can bring out the dank loot yo)
(Phalanx 1: 0 Remaining)
(Phalanx 2: 0 Remaining)
(Phalanx 3: 0 Remaining)

(Phalanx 4: 0 Remaining) 6 rekt
(Phalanx 5: 0 Remaining)

[H: 0] Mack 419/420 - (111/144 EN) 
[H: 0] Lawfer 290/292 - (43/129 EN) 
[H: 1] Baldur 156/156 - (11/29 EN)
[H: 1] Opal: 204/204 - (22/51 EN) <<Safeguard>>
[H: 1] Zandra: 241/241 (43/49 EN)


[H: 1] Oikawa: 210/213 - (17/53 EN)
[H: 1] Ariel: 243/245 - (26/50 EN)
[H: 0] Xion: 129/153 - (23/27 EN)  
[H: 0] Lowenthal: 127/156 - (27/39 EN)
[H: 0] Seul: 143/153 (-10 HP) - (26/32 EN) 



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One by one the assault force went and attacked the Spartans, thinning their numbers every time. Some with a larger value than the others but there was no doubt that they were mercilessly being slaughtered like pigs as they stood and defended that valley. 

As the last men stand in the middle of the mountain pass, their shields, helmets, and capes littering the ground around them as some of them jab their spears into the ground and leans upon them for support after Macradom's attack. "You have bested us and our king, but you shall never reach the walls of Sparta," growls in a low tone one of the remaining Spartans, spitting towards the feet of the player who delivered the final strike. "You may take our land and our treasure, but you shall never rule us." With that, the remaining soldiers dissolve slowly into pixels beginning from the top of their heads until, at last... even their feet have disappeared. A red system window appears in front of all boss raid participants, showing them their hard earned rewards.

The amulets that once inbound the chosen players with powers similar to demi-gods, now have lost all their attributes. They retain the same appearance but are nothing more than vanity items, a memento of the fight and hopefully... a token of the Spartan's bravery.


Boss fight completed! Floor 18 Unlocked!

All Players earn 3000 Col for participating in the boss fight;

+142 Col (each) for 5 complete pages.

All Players earned 8 SP for participating in this thread; 5 for thread length (5+ pages) + 3 for boss raid completion.

Lowenthal receives the Last Attack bonus:
«Leonidas' Strength»: (Tier 2, Demonic Light Armor): +1 Life Mending, +1 Holy Blessing, +2 Damage Mitigation+)
A blood red cape with a black inverted V design in the middle of the back, if worn as light armor; one of the trademark items worn by the Spartans that fought until the last man.

Note: The "Damage Mitigation+" enhancement works similar to normal Damage Mitigation but when multiplied by tier it gets a +0.5 bonus to the tier value. The final value gets rounded down in the event of a fraction. (Example: This Item has 2 Slots of Damage Mitigation+; so at T2 it multiplies by 2+0.5, the math would be [ 9(base value per slot) 2.5(tier value)] x 2(slots)=45 Damage Mitigation ; at T3 it multiplies by 3+0.5; math being (9x3.5) x 2 = 63 Damage Mitigation])

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