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Easter Event!

Easter Trio Bosses 
This Event is from April 21st to May 21st.
As the time for Easter arrives, so do three bosses that are prepared to fight players.  Note: Players may only engage any boss once, and may only engage in the boss that is dedicated to their Tier.  Furry, Fluffy Avenger
A small and fluffy boss that has been spotted in the field of the First Floor. After playing her game of Hide and Seek, low leveled players may fight her for the rewards that lay in wait.  Curry, Stuffed Revenger
A goofy looking boss wielding a carrot that appears to be... a drill? Providing a challenge for the second tier of players, a challenge and rare rewards await.  Burry, Easter Mayhem
A large dark black rabbit boss that no longer appears to be playing around. Despite its carrot shaped weapon, Burry is more than a challenge to even the best of players. 




Wedding Update

Special Wedding Quest Update   In preparation for February's holiday, Valentine’s Day, we know that every Aincradian has that special someone and wants to spend every moment with that person. But the marriage steps and the associated quest was lacking in what was needed. So today, we bring you not just a revamped version of Saying Vows, but two more quests associated with it. Making Vows and Broken Vows.   Making Vows lets two players speak to a representative and plan their wedding. Special bonuses can be bought by the players such as rings, food, and the size of the venue.   Saying Vows has remained unchanged for the most part, with the exception of players needing to plan the wedding in the previous quest <Making Vows>. Players will have a chance to mingle, and role-play out their dream wedding with those they care about around them   But alas, not all love is forever and ever. And murder is just a bit too much. So something drastic is needed. <Broken Vows>  is for those who no longer wish to be tied down by the bonds of marriage. Players will sit down, and discuss who gets what items from their shared inventory space.   Overall the new quests are here to make Aincrad feel more loved and add much-needed role play to the world, and its characters.   ~Love, the Devs




SAO Holiday Raffle!

Well fellow players of Aincrad, you did it. You survived till the end of the year, and this year it has been certainly bumpy down the road. However, to celebrate the holiday season and to celebrate the end of the year:  We bring to you a huge raffle! However you will see that the Tournament Prizes are present in the Raffle, and that's simply because we have to cancel the PvP tournament because of a lack of players in each tier.  However more things to win, and thank you all for playing! Enter and Info Here: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15730-sao-2017-holiday-raffle/