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  1. Shark

    They call me a -Sim-ple man

    Welcome to SAO-RPG! We are glad to have you!. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Player Support team or any member of the site. There are plenty of people who would love to help get you started!
  2. It doesn't have to be too detailed but you need to show you have a strong understanding of our system and how we make quests/floors/bosses. The plot team task is as it says. A "good" story is about the same as what a "Plot story arc" would be... or something along those lines. The link is supposed to be for a rp thread adventure you have previously done that you believe made for a good story for an adventure. I have contacted the Leads for those teams and they may respond here or contact you with more information.
  3. Well it's been some time since Shark had vanished and went into hiding. A certain group has begun the adventure to find him. They are starting to get close which means Shark will be making his return sometime soon!

    AKA. It's been a while but I'm finally returning to RP. Gonna be a bit as I get back into the swing of things. :|

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    2. Baldur


      Uh oh. I think this is the first sign of the apocalypse

    3. Hirru


      Let us welcome our brother with much fodder and destruction.

    4. Morgenstern


      This is the beginning of the end....

  4. Shark

    Site Announcements

    You can go to any of the Blog sections and click the "follow" button .Each team is responsible for posting/updating their announcements/events/etc... By doing that, you will be notified anytime a new blog entry or post is made in the sections that you have followed. Because Blogs are in our license and haven't really been being used, the Administration team wanted to try and get more use out of them so we aren't wasting money. This way announcements and updates can become a lot more organized and easier to find. Posts in threads tend to become lost fairly easy when there are a lot of posts being made. It will just take some time to get used to the change but it will be a lot easier to get updates and announcements made to the public.
  5. Shark

    Site Announcements

    We have shifted to the Blogs section for announcements and updates from our various teams. Please look there for all site related updates and announcements.
  6. Possible community gaming stream tonight. Anyone interested? Might start with fortnite and see where we go after that. I am open to game rec's. PC and/or Xbox

    1. Macradon


      I really want to, but at this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely in my bedroom, it's just too late and I'm too tired :P

  7. Shark

    [UPDATED] Face-Claim Thread

    Only 1 FC per character. You cannot use the same FC for multiple characters
  8. Shark

    Woe Isn't Me

    Welcome to SAO-RPG! If you need help, we have a wonderful support staff. Just reach out! Hope to see you around
  9. Shark

    The Name Is Life

    Welcome back bud! Glad to see you return!
  10. Shark

    Hello there.

    Welcome to SAO-RPG! We have a wonderful support staff so if you need help, don't be afraid to reach out! Hope to see you around!
  11. Welcome to SAO-RPG. We have a wonderful support staff so if you need help, contact a member of our Player Support Team and they can help you out with whatever you may need.
  12. Site Staff Minecraft Staff
  13. Shark

    Hello Fellow Humans...

    Nah, It means 78% unpredictable. haha *Raises banhammer and runs*
  14. Shark

    Hello Fellow Humans...

    Hello Aspect. Welcome to SAO-RPG! I'm Shark (22 / 100% Male) Pleasure to meet you! If you need any help, we have a wonderful community and staff team. Join us in our discord server for quicker response from staff or any member of the community! ^_^
  15. Have you ever wanted to help develop or moderate a Role-Play site based on your favorite anime? Maye favorite isn't the right word for most people because let's be real, the best version of this anime is easily the Abridged series by Something Witty Entertainment. Anyways, back to the topic at hand, the SAO-RPG Staff team is always looking for more staff. We have a variety of staff teams that you can apply for (Player Support Team, Floor Development Team, Systems Development Team). We also have a Minecraft Server in development that will be based on the content found on our site. If you are interested in that sort of thing then we have a position for you (Minecraft Game Master, Minecraft Moderator). There are some requirements that should be met but upholding those requirements are at staff discretion SAO-RPG Site Staff Minecraft Server Staff If you wish to apply for staff, please read this thread to find out how to apply! If you are still interested in joining staff but want to know more information, please read the above linked thread or message me and I will try to answer your questions. Hope to see you all around! - Shark