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    Sword Art Online Podcast Season 6

    The Sword Art Podcast returns with its 6th Season! Join us as we discuss up and coming news as well as recap everything that happened since the last episode. Ft. Special guest: TBA Make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn on alerts so you know when we are going live! We are also streaming to our Twitch Channel! (This will be a simultaneous stream) Hosted by: @Shark Co-Hosted by: TBD Special Guest: TBA
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    Sword Art Podcast Season 6!

    Hello my fellow Aincradians! It's that time of the year for the Podcast Series. The return of the podcast for the 6th season has been set! We have some new graphics as well as a new and improved signup method! The Co-Host has not yet been set in stone but will be soon enough. This season, we are trying something new. The Special Guest spots will be officially open to the public! If you are interested in being a special guest, please fill out the form below. The sign-ups are open for the ENTIRE community (Staff and general public alike). Season 6 of the Sword Art Podcast returns on Sept. 7th @ 10 AM CST! If you any questions, please contact me and I can get you the answers you seek. See you guys on the 7th over on our Twitch channel!
  3. After the conclusion of the first match, Shark walked out to the center of the group. The blue-haired man looked at Mina, “Congrats Mina on being accepted to the guild!” Shark said with a smile on his face while clapping to applaud the well fought battle. Shark looked around for his buddy but could not find him moments after the fight. “Well, because Grand Commander Ryu is no where to be found, @Hikoru will take over the trials.” The blue-haired man said to the group while motioning for Hikoru to take center stage. Shark walked over to Hik, “Have fun with this.” He said while walking back to his place on the side. Before walking too far, Shark turned around and looked back at the man, “Oh, try to give them a fighting chance.” He said while walking away and chuckling. “Alright, who’s next?” He said as he motioned for the next combatant to step forward.
  4. Shark

    [F11] Natures Treasure Quest [PP]

    Amidst the battle with the kobolds, Ryu made a joke at how Shark is the one being encouraging despite the floor 11 fiasco that cause him to go into hiding for 2 years. The blue-haired man couldn’t help but laugh at what his buddy said about that raid. “Yea, yea, yeah.” He said, followed by a soft chuckle while a smile came across his face. His friend was right. Shark began to think about the alternative to the raid had he not vanished to hiding right after the raid. At that moment, Shark realized that the current threat was the monsters in front of him. Ryu edged Shark on a bit with telling him they would split the reward if Shark tries out some higher-level sword skills. “As you wish!” Shark said as his blade turned a dark red. ID# 114387 BD: 4 + 2 (ACC) = 6 HIT 7 DMG Base (x9) = 63 DMG Dealt | MD: 8 – 1 EVA = 7 (Hit) = 104 – 18 (Mit) – 18 (Mit) – 12 (Mit HA) – 8 Mit (Block) = 48 DMG Taken (+9 Thorn DMG to Kobold 1) ID# 114388 BD 8 HIT (x9) = 63 DMG Dealt (+1 Bleed) MD = 6 -1 (EVA) = MISS Shark’s sword began to activate the AoE attack Shadow Explosion as the swordsman swung his blade around his body, making a ring of energy. “You’re mine!” Shark yelled as he finished up preparing the attack. The energy built up and exploded away from shark and towards the Kobolds. The attack struck each monster and forced the first Kobold off its feet but the second one remained standing. Moments after the first kobold returned to its feet, it launched an attack at the blue-haired swordsman. Shark moved his shield to block the attack and was able to remain standing but found himself next to Ryu. Shark turned and looked to his friend, “Hey bud. Come here often?” He said with a chuckle as the second kobold moved to attack but tripped over its own feet. “Haha! Looks like that one had too much to drink… an Energy drink that is.” Shark said to his best friend while pointing at his sword. “Get it?” He laughed as he prepared for the next attack. “You can finish the first one off with the next attack!” Shark encouraged his buddy. @RyujinSeaLord Ryu HP: 680/680 EP: 52/68 (2 hate) Shark HP: 438/580 EP: 42/58 (2/1 hate) _____________VS____________________ Kobold 1 HP 78/340 Kobold 2 HP 164/340 (Bleed – Did not yet add)
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    The Sword Art Podcast is starting in about 30 mins!


  6. Shark

    [F05] Butcher of the Sands

    While wondering around the 3rd floor, Shark received a notification pop up on his screen. Only one person has been sending him messages, so he knew exactly who it was. “Man, what does this kid want now?” He said to himself while touching the messages icon. The message was saying to come to the 5th floor just at the edge of town. Shark pulled up his friends list to see where Ryu was on the map. Shark made his way to the teleport gate and activated it to go to the 5th floor. Upon arriving to the floor, he began heading to the spot of Ryu’s last location. Shark began to think, I wonder what kind of adventure we are going on. Are any possible guild members going to be there? The blue-haired man finally made it to the location and saw his best friend waiting for him. “Hey bud. I Have arrived.” He said, right before noticing 2 other players that he had not met before. “Hello there friends.” He said with a friendly smile on his face. “The name is Shark and it’s a pleasure to meet you both” The man said as he moved closer to his buddy. @RyujinSeaLord @Dustin @Sey
  7. Shark

    [F11] Natures Treasure Quest [PP]

    The Kobolds were starting to lose the power they started with. With Shark landing his last, and first, attack, it left him feeling really good getting back into the swing of things. He noticed that Ryu had missed both attacks he tried to make, “Don’t worry bud. I’ve been there. You’ll be alright.” The blue-haired man said as he readied his sword and shield for the next attack. A serious look came across Shark’s face, “Now… Let’s kick some Kobold a$$!” Shark said while he charged his sword a deep red color. ID# 114075 BD = 2 [+2 for Gauntlets] BD = 4 (MISS) MD 6 = 104 – 56 (Mit) = 48 DMG taken ID# 114076 MD = 4 (MISS) Shark felt more comfortable for this attack and moved to start the motion. Shark launched towards the Kobold, but the monster managed to dodge the attack. Right after the Kobold evaded the attack, it took a swing at the swordsman and launched him back to where he started. Shark managed to land on his feet this time around but could still feel the counter attack by the Kobold. The other Kobold moved to attack but stepped on its own foot and fell flat on its face. “Heh, see buddy, even they can fail at this. Relax and bounce back! Let’s get ‘em!” Shark said as he moved up next to his friend and prepared for what was to come. @RyujinSeaLord Ryu HP: 680/680 EP: 64/68 Shark HP: 438/580 EP: 52/58 _____________VS____________________ Kobold 1 HP 250/340 (1 Turns Bleed) Kobold 2 HP 331/340
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  9. Before leaving the tavern, Shark looked at Mina, "We are excited to have you. You will fit right in!" He said as he looked back at Ryu and motioned to continue. Moments later, Ryu lead the group to the center of the town and prepared for the recruit trials. By the time the group reached the center, Shark noticed that they were down a recruit. Shark looked at Ryu motioned that one had left and just shrugged. “Let the trials commence!” Shark stated as he signaled for the first combatant to come forward for the start of the trial. The blue-haired man made his way next to @Hikoru and slid him a note. This note was a mission for the future of the guild. The leader nodded at Ryu and gave Hikoru a pat on the shoulder and said, “Good luck. I know you can do this”.
  10. Shark

    [F11] Natures Treasure Quest [PP]

    Moments after Shark said he would watch their backs, the torch that Ryu had went out as Shark heard the sound of a sword being taken out of its sheath. He turned around to see 2 kobolds appeared in front of them. Ryu said some words to Shark about the sword, just before launching his attack. “Indeed we will! Let’s wipe these Kobolds and keep moving.” Shark said as he took out the «Sword of the Dragon Emperor» and the «Galactic Defender» that he borrowed from Ryu when they left the Shark’s former 2-year home. Shark readied his Sword and moved to activate Star Quint Prominence. His sword turned a bright blue as he began to start his attack on the mob. ID# 114015 BD – 8 = Hit (x5) for 54 DMG +12 DMG for bleed (2 Turns) (-6 EP) MD – 10 = 104 - 56 (mit) DMG Taken 48 ID# 114016 MD – 8 = 46 | Total DMG Taken = 94 Shark took aim at the 1st Kobold and launched his attack. Shark made contact with the Kobold’s chest. He continued the sword art with a second strike, then followed by 3 more quick strikes. There was a blue glowing star in the middle of the Kobold. Shark readjusted and moved in to make the final strike. The strong upwards motion felt a bit heavier as he struck straight up the chest of the Kobold and knocked it back a few feet. The kobold got back on its feet and launched a counter attack. The kobold stuck Shark’s shield and knocked him back a couple feet, about a couple feet before Ryu. The 2nd Kobold moved swiftly right after the 1st Kobold’s attack. This one struck Shark’s shield hard and knocked him to the ground, right next to Ryu. Shark let out a sigh of pain, more because of the reaction of being hit. Shark got back on his feet and prepared for the next round, “Alright buddy, let’s give them hell!” The blue-haired man said as he stared down the Kobolds. @RyujinSeaLord Kobold 1 (-9 DMG from Thorns) | Kobold 2 (-9 DMG from Thorns) Ryu HP: 680/680 EP: 66/68 Shark HP: 486/580 EP: 52/58 _____________VS____________________ Kobold 1 HP 265/340 (2 Turns Bleed) Kobold 2 HP 331/340
  11. Shark

    [F11] Natures Treasure Quest [PP]

    Ryu mentioned to Shark that they should just move deeper into the mine as the current area looked to be picked clean. The only chance we had on finding more mats was to venture deeper into the mine. Ryu lit a torch as the light started to fade away. Shark grabbed a torch and lit it so he could continue to search for ores while they moved deeper and deeper into the mine. Shark let Ryu get a step ahead as he watched behind them in case mobs spawned or they missed ores on the initial look. ID# 113974 LD = 9 (+0 Materials 3T2 Mats fond total) Shark moved back up next to Ryu and kept searching up the area as they continued to walk through the cave. “It’s still looking empty so far. We need to keep looking.” Shark said as he checked their backs to be safe. “I’ll watch our backs if you watch the front. If you see a mob, call it and we can take them out in no time.” The blue-haired man said to his buddy. @RyujinSeaLord
  12. Shark

    [F11] Natures Treasure Quest [PP]

    Shark kept looking for the needed materials but didn’t see much. He looked to his buddy who mentioned that Shark may be right in the sense that someone may have just beat them to the mine. At that moment something caught the attention of Shark’s eye. “Oh hey, I think I found one.” He said as he moved to get a closer look at the item. ID# 113866 LD = 4 (+0 Materials) (3 T2 materials found so far by Shark) “Nope, never mind. It was just a rock.” Shark said as he became more disappointed in their luck of fining materials for the shop. “Let’s not give up just yet. I have a good feeling about going deeper into the mine.” He said with hope in the event that whoever was ahead of them missed a big chunk of ores. “What’s the first thing you want to try and make when we get enough materials?” Shark asked Ryu as they began to think about what they could do to revamp the old forge. @RyujinSeaLord
  13. Shark

    [F11] Natures Treasure Quest [PP]

    Ryu didn’t seem to have much luck as the 2 moved deeper into the cave. Shark continued to search the area for anything they may have missed. He looked around the current area in hopes of finding more ores for the shop. ID# 113863 LD = 5 Nothing could be found in their current area. “Man, I know what you mean. Seems like someone may have been here just before us. I can’t seem to find any ores right now.” He said as they made their way deeper inside the mine. Shark was disappointed that he hasn’t been much help in collecting the needed materials thus far. “Once we get the shop back up and running, we can start to get some income for the guild. That way we can get the guild hall faster and have a place for all of us to gather instead of the pub. That’s starting to get expensive.” Shark said while a little chuckle came out. “Our possibilities are endless! Let’s keep searching.” @RyujinSeaLord
  14. Just as the meeting had started, another female player approached the table. The blue-haired man looked up at the player, “Hello there, are you interested in joining the guild as well? We are the Knights of Christ and I am the guild leader, Shark.” He said with a smile on his face as he motioned for the player to pull up a seat and join them. “And who are you? Introduce yourself” Shark said as he kept up his friendly persona. The number of players that showed interest in the guild made Shark happy as there were more players than he originally thought. “Wow, there are more people here than I thought there would be.” He said to himself as he looked back at Ryu and signaled for him to continue the recruiting speech. Shark took another sip of his drink and sat back to see how Ryu would take this now that another player has shown up and seemed interested. @RyujinSeaLord @tricolor_mina
  15. Shark just got to a table when a female player approached them. She seemed to know Ryu based off hearing her say his name as she approached the 2 of them. The player introduced herself to Shark. “Hello Symphony, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Shark, the Leader of the newly formed Knights of Christ.” Shark said as he motioned for her to join them. “We are still waiting for 1 or 2 more to arrive before we get started.” The blue-haired man said as he took a sip of his drink. A few moments later, another female player showed interest in the guild and introduced herself. The player introduced herself as Kairi. “Hello Kairi, I’m Shark, the leader of the Knights of Christ. I love your enthusiasm in joining the guild! Please join us. We are waiting to see if one more person shows and then we can get started.” Shark said as he motioned for her to join the 3 of them. Not too much longer after the 4 of them were settled down, the final person had arrived. The atmosphere took on a slightly different vibe as the blue cloaked player had entered the bar. Shark recognized the feeling and knew exactly who it was. The man came over to the table, pulled up a chair, and pulled down his cloak. Shark hadn’t seen the man in quite a long time. “Hik, it’s great to see you too man! It has been a while since we last spoke. Looks like you became quite a force out there.” The blue-haired man said as a smile came across his face. “I’m glad you could join us”. Shark said as he noticed that Hikoru had mentioned that the bill was on him. Ryu began to get everyone acquainted and the meeting appeared to be ready to start. Shark moved to a position where he was facing the group. “Alright everyone, first, welcome to the first guild meeting. We are happy you all could show. The guild ranks are in the form of the Knights Templar. The top dog is the Grand Master, which is me. The Grand Commander is second in command, and that is Ryu. From there we have Field Commanders and they are the ones who have the lead in the field. There will be other positions in the guild as we gain members into our ranks. Any questions so far?” Shark said as he looked around to see if everyone was still following along. Shark then took another sip of his drink and motioned for his Grand Commander to say a few words for the joiners process.