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3.0 and all its information!



Check out the latest information for 3.0!!! Give us your feedback!

Note from the team:



The info-dump includes pretty much all the information of 3.0 but there are a few things that were accidentally left out, a few things that were left in, etc. These were addressed in the in-Dev patching notes, mainly because we don't have access to the info-dump Google Docs as Bahr has decided to take a break until the weekend. In particular, these in-Dev patching notes tries to address these issues, condenses the skills and enhancement section of the info-dump by highlighting the changes, and also providing some commentary on some of these changes. However, we **strongly** urge you to at least read pages 75 onwards of the info-dump because those are in particular are the two most impactful changes about 3.0 and because the patching notes do not provide commentary about those changes.

Thank you guys for being so patient. While we can provide a full-depth explanation about why 3.0 has been in development for so long (though you've probably heard it countless times), we can only really thank you guys for holding on with us up until this point. Once again, we'll accept and consider any feedback you guys provide us.




Recommended Comments

Some things to Point out and my opinions:

Utility/Combat skills/mods

  • Extended mod limit
    • Info dump still says it is 3 ranks
    • Should reduce the SP cost since it goes from 3 to 2 extra mods and we will have access to less SP compared to how we are now.
  • Extended weight limit
    • Should reduce SP cost, mbe to 8 since it is reduced numbers of slots(the cost from 15 to 10 covers that up) and we will have less SP compared to how we are now.
  • Large pockets
    • Info dump still says it is 3 ranks
  • Battle healing
    • Suggesting to heal players level(not counting paragons) divided by 5 per rank instead. This is same amount like 1% per rank, at rank 5 BH will be same amount like the players level, very easy to Count. This will also make it easier for staff when balancing since you know what the players will have in BH.
  • Charge
    • A suggestion that if used when normally would get an auto hit( like stealth/tracking) instead make it remove the acc debuff.
    • When seeing what other effects cost, 9 energy feels like quite alot for a one time +5dmg that also gives -1 acc.
  • First aid
    • Suggesting to lower energy cost to 1*rank or 2*rank. If it is 3*rank, a lvl 30 player can only do frist aid four times before out of energy
  • Barrier
    • with field medic costing 6 SP, I Think barrier that is a lower ranked mod would cost the same. Like with first aid, might be a bit to high energy cost
    • Info dump says it is still a 3 rank mod. There is no 'SP' at the 'Cost: 10'
  • Field medic
    • Energy cost should be lower, as mentioned in First aid and barrier.
  • Steadfast/Purify
    • These do kinda the same thing but steadfast effect whole party for 2 turns (CD 5) and purify one person for one turn (CD 1). They cost the same but I Think Steadfast would be a bit more expensive, like mbe 5 or 6 SP. Or make Purify make the target immune to status conditions for one turn (two turn total if coutning removing all status effects) and incresing the CD.
  • Howl/Focused Howl
    • To low energy cost. 

The skills I havent commented I dont see myself having enough experience in to give a correct opinion about. 

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issue with SP 'Job' classes EXAMPLE Blacksmith

What I like
-Ability to use other job classes for more roleplay options <3
-In a way it's easier to level up

What I don't like
Wasting SP without exp - so I like the system of getting better at a craft via DOING it. 
Losing levels in something I have already.

The first job you take does NOT cost you SP it's free like it is now for you to choose based on the quest you take. Which keeps the quests relevant teaching new players how to play.
The next job you take however will require you to have the SP dump to unlock PLUS an additional quest to do it. HOWEVER. Once you start mastering the craft you get a return on your SP. Using the SP just opens up a locked wall to go into another job like class but you get the some return on it via 3,6,9 levels of the job quest and a full return on the sp at master rank.
It's still behind an SP wall but you get a full return once you master it.

This is just an IDEA that's not fleshed out too well. I'm just thinking of an alternative.

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