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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    1. Kalesh


      One of my people!!

      Happy Thanksgiving :D

  2. So I just finished SAO Progressive vol. 2. I was in Asia this summer, and didn't get my hands on the english version until just now... Why can't vol. 3 be released now... :(

  3. Need some time to take in this update, so should I become a tank now, or stick to dps.

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    2. Tristan Delaney

      Tristan Delaney

      It will certainly be a shock for some lol. It also means I need to rewrite my memory on many things XD

    3. Mack


      Yes, I need to do that too. :)

      I do like the boost to my HP :)

    4. Hirru


      Get ready for the boost in the enemies HP and DMG output..

  4. Time to fix my journal, and all those broken links on my Roleplay list. I miss the old "content" tab, time to use google...

    1. Zelrius


      Kek, Good luck. I am personally not fixing mine. Too much work for little to nothing. No one is going to click those links, I know that for a fact.

  5. Lessa is back :)

    1. Calrex


      WHAAAT?! O_o

    2. Lessa


      In some capacity, yes. It's wonderful to see you again. :)

    3. Yami


      Welcome back!

  6. Does anyone think there will be a single upset this week?

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    2. Calrex


      *runs and hides*

    3. Zelrius


      Teayre, You disclaimed all Saltiness when you signed up

    4. Kiru


      Do you mean single as in love interest?

  7. After catching the cold 11 days ago, I finally went to the doctor.

    1. Lowenthal


      Everything Okay?

    2. Calrex


      Hope you feel better Rebekah

  8. Who should Rebekah meet next?

    1. Takneil


      OOH!, OOH!, PICK ME!. *Jumps around frantically* (I have a bit on my plate right now though so...raincheck once I finish my meal?)

    2. Shuyin


      Only have 1 topic going now, so I'm down to RP if you want.

    3. Kiru


      Kiru, without everyone else haha

  9. Are the only active guilds at this moment, Mari or Ariel?

    1. Calrex


      Looks like most of them are due to inactive members. Hopefully that gets resolved at the end of May (with graduations and everything)

    2. Kiru


      Well, Knights of Abyss could be if it really wanted to...ya know?

  10. Back to being a solo player again

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    2. Mari


      a few guilds are recruiting right now it seems :)

      And no more Square one? aww

    3. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      ^says the one that made they disbanding official.

    4. Rebekah


      :p, Rebekah prefers being a solo player.

  11. Rebekah

    [F09] «The Iron Guardian»

    I will also attempt to solo this.
  12. If I were to run a mini-boss for players (lvl 10 and below), would anyone be interested in joining?

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    2. Azide


      *Drinks molotov cocktail* What kind of cocktail did you say this was again?

    3. Ethereal


      I'd love to come as an overseer if that's alright?

    4. Vashtor


      Not in a position to say so, seeing how I technically don't exist yet, let alone reach the required power to survive, but I'd be soooo down to take down a mini-boss.

  13. Is it me or does this website considerably lag a lot more at say 11 PM PST with less than 10 users than the day with 20+ users?

    1. Baldur


      I've been asking this before too :)

  14. After taking over half a year to find a new avatar, this is what I find.

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    2. Rolland
    3. Azide


      You know, I'd been wondering if you'd intended for your character to look exactly like Asuna, haha.

    4. Rebekah


      No... That wasn't the intent. It was back in the good old days where everyone had an SAO pic as their avatar until level 7 or 8 when they could customize.