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  1. [SP-F9] Guardian of Fire

    Now that the girl was finally out of the cave, and back in the wild, she knew that she needed to be careful as her energy was still recovering, but in the meantime there was nothing else to do, other than searching for stuff. It has been a long time since she searched, and she hoped that she will be lucky today. She was looking to gather a few things that might be useful for next batch of food, and knew that now was the time, since she was still out of ideas. Luckily for her, the girl spotted something up ahead and picked it up before anyone could notice, but she knew that she needed to head back before anyone thought she was missing all by herself again. ID: 53113 LD: 17 + 1 mat (out of combat 1) Rebekah 97/129, E: 11/31
  2. [PP-F1] Looking for Directions (Sierra)

    It was at that moment that Rebekah had saw something in her that she has not seen in herself for a very long time. It was determination, something that she had been searching for since she felt she had already did what she needed to do. Rebekah was a bit concerned the girl might take her help the wrong way, but decided not to react if she were to reject it. The girl knew well enough that there were a lot of strong personality females in this game, and which ones to avoid on a bad day. Luckily her reply was what she was expecting, as she realized it was time to help her get back on her feet.
  3. [SP-F9] Guardian of Fire

    Rebekah realized that she was almost done, and knew not to waste another moment. Without thinking, she jumped up and launched a rank 5 attack, delta attack to finish off the last head. It was the type of thing that she wanted it to be over since this fight was way too easy for her liking. It did not even challenge her a tiny bit and she knew she was going to have to find something harder next time because there was no fun in beating everything in her path without any trouble. She was hoping that maybe next time things would change, but she was not going to bet on it. Now that she was done with killing the boss, it was time for her to leave and get out of here, and maybe she could do a quick round of material collection before she would return to the town. ID: 51587 BD: 6 Damage: 9x10=90 Rebekah 97/129, E: 10/31 Head 3: -15/75
  4. [PP-F1] Looking for Directions (Sierra)

    Rebekah was a bit surprised to hear what she had just said, as it was her which was the one who was not paying any attention at her surroundings at all. But she was not in the mood to correct her, as her head searched for an appropriate response to her statement. "I am fine," Rebekah replied, "Thanks for asking." However, it took her a few seconds to realize that she was struggling because she was only using one hand to get back to her feet. When she realized that, she reached out her hand and asked, "Want some help?"
  5. [SP-F9] Guardian of Fire

    Cerebus This girl was far too strong for it and she had already taken out two of its heads with two simple yet efficient strikes. It could no longer rely on trying to bite her because she had shown that she could dodge those. The only move left was to burn her again with fire, and hope that will do enough damage. The head looked up, and knew that it had one chance, because she was not going to miss anytime soon. The hound stood there, and took a deep breath before attempting to burn everything in front of it, that way she was not going to be able to dodge anything. The girl jumped up into the air as it happened and landed behind the dog, thus nullifying the entire attack. ID: 50577 Mob: 5 Damage Rebekah 97/129, E: 18/31 Head 3: 75/75
  6. [SP-F9] Guardian of Fire

    Rebekah had limited experience fighting multiple opponents at once, and it had shown here. While she had easily dodged one of the head's attack, the other one was able to launch a fireball in her direction without her noticing before it was too late. The girl had fallen for the trap, and it was now up to her to figure out a solution to this. The easiest thing for her would be to kill yet another head, and leave her with one to deal with, but she did not know how much longer it would take. She took a deep breath before continuing and tried to make another shooting star, which had worked once already. That had easily taken down the second of the three heads, leaving her with one remaining. ID: 50318 BD: 10 CD: 6 Shooting Star: 7x[10+2]=84 Damage Rebekah 103/129, E: 18/31 (6 Burn damage next turn) Head 2: -9/75 Head 3: 75/75
  7. [PP-F1] Looking for Directions (Sierra)

    The girl had been walking for what it had felt like lasted for over an hour, and she was slowly but surely starting to feel frustrated. Rebekah had felt like a lot has changed since her break as her weapons, she had a few one handed rapier that she no longer needed. There was a growing demand for better weapons, ones that do more damage, and she can see as she walked through the market, that there were a bunch of tier 1 perfect weapons on sale. However, the girl was one that would not sell her items, she had grew attached to them, and had kept all of her weapons and armour since the beginning. As she kept walking, her focus shifted away from where she was walking in front of her, to thinking about how to catch up the time that she had missed while being away. Unknowingly to Rebekah, she did not know she had collided with another girl, until they were both on the ground.
  8. OOC: Thanks for adding a picture. The girl returned to the first floor to pick up the item that she had been waiting to receive. It had felt a lot stronger than the one that she had previous used, and she knew that she could not wait to get started practicing with this brand new sword before it was too late. Rebekah walked to the counter and told the shopkeeper thanks, and dropped of 1600 col for her weapon. It was well worth the prize, and now she needed to find something to attack, maybe on floor one, or somewhere else.
  9. It had taken her a while to find it, but she had finally arrived at a blacksmith's store. The girl knew that it was going to take her before she was going to get a new sword, but she knew her original one needed to be replaced. It was going to take sometime but hopefully it was not going to take too long. It was one of those things she had been meaning to do, but had put off for a very long time. She waited for the blacksmith to return to ask for an approximate time, before moving on. Name: Laevateinn IIYour Profession: BlacksmithYour Rank: 6ID: [Leave blank]Roll: [Leave blank]Item Type: 1H RapierTier: 2Quality: PerfectEnhancements: 3 Damage (6 Total)Description: A golden coloured rapier that has red markings on the handles.
  10. It had been weeks, at least months since the last time Rebekah had been in public. The girl needed a break from the game, and needed to find an escape from the daily grind to improve in this game. Because of that, she disappeared and was trying to find her motivation to help the front line clear the game. She still did not have any motivation, but she thought about if she could return to the central plaza where they were told that they could not log out. But it had been months since she had stepped inside a town, and on her way to the central plaza, she had gotten lost. The girl did not know which way it was, and it had felt like that she had been walking around in circles the entire time. She kept seeing the same faces, the same shops, but she was not getting any closer to her destination.
  11. As she looked onwards, everyone was resting, while she had felt that all of them were sitting down resting while Daeron was still there tanking the 5 undead darkened souls, she knew that they needed to hurry up, but they could not speed this process up any faster. The last thing she wanted was to be given an earful by the tank after the battle about how everyone had ditched him, but she was sure that Daeron did not mind. Besides, Opal was the first one to start resting, so she would be back up shortly, while the rest of them, especially her was waiting until later to do it. ID: 45524, 45525, 45526, 45527, 45528 Mob: 5, 7, 6, 1, 6 (hits 3 times) [1 turn out of combat] Rebekah 133/133, E: 2/32, H: 3 Daeron 169/176, E:27/29, H: 7 (-3 mit, 1/3 turns) Zero 108/108, E: 6/27, H: 1 Emerath 64/64, E: 9/15, H:1 Opal 124/124, E: 1/31, H:3 Jomei 133/133, E: 4/30, H:3 Macradon 82/82, E: 2/18, H:2 Ebony 96/96, E: 21/24, H:1 Darkened Soul 3: 30/260 (Cannot be Stunned for 1 turns) Darkened Soul 4 30/260 (Cannot be Stunned for 1 turns) Darkened Soul 5: 43/260(Cannot be Stunned for 1 turns) Darkened Soul 7: 260/260 Darkened Soul 8: 260/260
  12. The team had easily taken another one of the darkened souls, and they have easily avoided taking much damage. The girl knew that four of the six that was still alive could be easily killed without much effort, and that was what she is going to do. Rebekah was hoping that they could finish them off before they needed to rest, but since she a few players did not show up, well, they were forced to take a break, and she made sure for everyone else to take a break. A few of the players had stopped attacking, but that was fine, since as long as they had the five of them, they were not in any danger for the foreseeable future. The six souls attacked Daeron, but he was relatively unharmed when only two of them had struck him. Now, Rebekah made sure to kill one more of them before she was going to take a break, but wondered why was she the only person cleaning up kills as she had attacked three times and landed three killing blows. Mob ID: 45027, 45028, 45029, 45030, 45031, 45032 Mob: 5,4,8,3,2,6 Rebekah's Roll: ID: 45033 BD: 6 Penetrate: [3x2x[10]]=60-30=30 Damage Rebekah 133/133, E: 1/32, H: 3 Daeron 172/176, E:27/29, H: 7 (-3 mit, 2/3 turns) Zero 108/108, E: 6/27, H: 1 Emerath 64/64, E: 9/15, H:1 Opal 124/124, E: 1/31, H:3 Jomei 133/133, E: 4/30, H:3 Macradon 82/82, E: 1/18, H:2 Ebony 96/96, E: 21/24, H:1 Darkened Soul 1: 0/260 Darkened Soul 3: 30/260 (Cannot be Stunned for 2 turns) Darkened Soul 4 30/260 (Cannot be Stunned for 2 turns) Darkened Soul 5: 43/260(Cannot be Stunned for 2 turns) Darkened Soul 7: 260/260 Darkened Soul 8: 260/260
  13. The battle was beginning to drag on forever, as she noticed that a few members of his team had started already losing most of their energy. This was the biggest problem that the group was going to encounter. However, since they managed to kill one of them, she knew that their confidence must have risen up, after all this task was no longer impossible, but extremely tedious. The girl remembered that it was her who dragged them into this, and she was determined not to fail them not only as a leader, but also as one of the veterans who have been here for a very long time. Since she knew that she had failed an attempted charge on the first one, she could not charge at that one, so she picked out the second one, and with over-radiation, she killed it, and there were now only six left. ID: 44748 BD: 4+3=7 Damage=[13x1x[10+1*]]-30=113 Rebekah 133/133, E: 6/32, H: 2 Daeron 174/176, E:27/29, H: 7 (-3 mit, 3/3 turns) Zero 108/108, E: 25/27, H: 0 Emerath 64/64, E: 9/15, H:1 Opal 124/124, E: 1/31, H:3 Jomei 133/133, E: 16/30, H:2 Macradon 82/82, E: 5/18, H:1 Ebony 96/96, E: 21/24, H:1 Darkened Soul 1: 95/260 (Cannot be Stunned for 2 turns) (-1) Darkened Soul 2: -18/260 Darkened Soul 3: 95/260 (Cannot be Stunned for 2 turns) (-1) Darkened Soul 4: 95/260 (Cannot be Stunned for 2 turns) (-1) Darkened Soul 5: 259/260 (Cannot be Stunned for 2 turns) Darkened Soul 7: 260/260 Darkened Soul 8: 260/260
  14. [Event] Holiday Clash

    Rebekah had been away for the last bit but she had heard about this snow event. The girl loved the snow and was not going to miss out, and so she approached the sign up sheet. She did not want to miss many events, and this was one that she would have not been happy with herself if she did not show up. After all, it was fun to do something else other than fight, kill bosses all the time, and it was the holidays, time for them to have a break from the front lines. That said, she took a deep breath and signed her name onto the sign up sheet before she forgot.