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  1. Also, I want to confess that I spammed the board under all those accounts. Whether or not that was already known, I just wanted to confess. I feel I am ready to accept the repercussions of those actions, no matter what they be.

  2. Zeke

    Hey there!

    I neglected to mention the Discord channel for the site. It is at the top of the page under the Social tab. It is the easiest and quickest way to receive the most help.
  3. Zeke

    Hey there!

    I'm not very useful for the reason you need, so I just wanted to say welcome.
  4. Zeke

    I'm Alive!

    I remember your username because I like the word Steel, and because I've known you've existed here after passing you on the way to my journal a few times in that specific section. Welcome back, by the way.
  5. Zeke

    Mild Intro

    Same here, buddy. Hope you enjoy yourself here. ^^
  6. Zeke

    I'm back

    I hope you're enjoying it here.
  7. Whoa! Congratulations! ^^

    1. Paglikha
    2. Zeke


      May you perform your duties splendidly! : )

  8. Zeke

    Hallo everyone.

    Always a possibility.
  9. Would this work like last time? I'm guessing your email notifies you of this. I'm back now, so I could do minimal things to help you, if you'd like. 

  10. Zeke

    Hallo everyone.

    It's nice to meet you in return. Welcome to the site, and don't be afraid to ask for any help; It helps a lot to ask when first starting out within role-playing. I hope you enjoy your time here, Jacob. It will be nice to see you grow in all fields should you choose to stick around long enough.
  11. Zeke

    I should probably do one of these...

    You are particularly interesting to me. Welcome to this role-play site, David.
  12. Zeke

    Spending Account

    Col log - 400 Only ever completed one decent thread. lol
  13. Zeke

    Real Life Picture Thread

    Give me your facial hair. Mine won't grow as long as yours.