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    x Used x1 SPIDER CIDER (+60 HP)
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    [EVENT-F1] No Games, No Carnival

    When he let his first «SWORD ART» loose, the group of undead with their rotting backs turned to him were none the wiser, until they felt the digital pain of his blade cleaving their shambling bodies into ribbons. Necrotic limbs flew with each slice, practiced and graceful, as the mute-toned blade of «RAGNAROK» tore through them, one after the other. When he'd ended his ruthless onslaught of their fictional beings, they shambled, they stumbled, and they failed despite their best efforts to lay a rotten hand on him. He hardly needed to move, let them fumble over themselves rather than exerting more effort than necessary. There was more to this than simply killing the dead, he knew that much, or perhaps he merely expected there to be more. For all the complexity that Aincrad's intricacies boasted, this seemed far too simple on the surface. Perhaps yet, the simplicity of the event might surprise him. COMBAT RESULTS
  10. While it wasn't the outcome he was expecting, or not exactly, it was close enough that the grand reveal of the event's twist was not much of a surprise. He didn't sit up at first when the undead began to flood the tent, merely opting to observe for a moment longer. The NPCs ran, some of the weaker players fled as well, and the cream of the crop all leapt into action, as they were expected to do. Takao didn't feel that same need, he had all night to get his fill, exhausting himself before the first turn would be far more detrimental than beneficial. Eventually, once the crowds of competition had thinned, he lifted himself from his reclined position and he swiped into his menu. From there, his two-handed sword «RAGNAROK» found its way into his hand, appearing from amidst a plume of technicolour particles, and he rose to stand. With a slow, dragging inhale, he set pools of bright emerald upon his quarries, and teased a smrik. "Showtime." ITEMS PURCHASED STAT BLOCKS
  11. Pools of emerald green had set their glowering gaze upon the technicolour tent and theatrics that surrounded it. It was that time again, in the never-ending nightmare of Aincrad, for another on-the-nose festivity to celebrate another holiday. He didn't dally for long before a small sliver of his wallet found its way into a box amidst others of its kind, and he stepped into the tent with a small wingless dragon trotting in behind him on all fours. As players began to gather, he had no doubts that many were like-minded, knowing fully well what these events had in store for them, or at least enough of an idea that some would come clutching their teleport crystals. Takao moved up the stands, making sure there were other players between him and where he assumed the real show would start, and leaned back. He kicked one foot up onto the seats ahead of him, occupied most of the space in his proximity, and kept his gaze between furrowed brows centered on the focal piece at the center of the tent. Watching and waiting.
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    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Skill(s) Being Dropped: Rank 5 - One Handed Straight Sword Mod(s) Being Dropped: - SP Refunded: 50sp Cost: 50,000
  13. "I'm alright bud," Takao said, absentmindedly scratching the top of his familiar's head. "Let's finish this up, we've got a long day ahead of us. I don't wanna stop after just doing this quest." It was then that, from behind, he heard a loud howl. He didn't immediately think much of it but he did rise to a stand, turning to face the source. He was met with the sight of three wolves, not unlike the ones that he had just dispatched, all sprinting toward him and much closer than the original howl indicated. Takao took a heavy step forward between himself and Otoko, who scurried off someplace safe to the side whilst Takao's sword was raised. The three wolves were evaded without particular issue though he found no opening to attack, each one surrounding him in such a way that evasion of one lead into the evasion of another. Then, another howl sounded from behind, and before he could turn, a massive set of jaws slammed down on his right shoulder. He grunted, squeezed the handle of his sword, and glanced sidelong at the culprit. «BLOOD BANE», the target of the quest, clamped down harder on him and growled beneath its grit teeth. Takao's eyes lazed toward his own health bar and he huffed. "Here I was getting worried." - COMBAT RESULTS
  14. Just as Takao recovered from his tumble, one of the pair of wolves was upon him yet again, launched in the air and coming down toward him. But, by the time he'd taken to get his footing back, «Ragnarok» was poised and ready to use a Sword Art. It was hardly anything special but with the modicum of health that remained within their bars, it was vastly sufficient. With the wolf mid-air, jumping toward Takao, he released the Sword Art and the first swing hit as the wolf was coming down, reducing it to crystalline confetti before it hit the ground, and then the second strike was turned and landed true on the remaining wolf. Both were torn asunder and rent into nothing more than fluttering ones and zeroes when his Sword Art had finished. When the battle was through, he inhaled sharply and slowly rose to his feet. His familiar scuttled out from its hiding place, knowing better than to interfere with the battles that he was largely unfit to join. - COMBAT RESULTS