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  1. Takao

    Let's Talk About Death_Adder

    I never wanted this fate for you, Death Adder. You were a good boy, but now you need to be put down. (also, death adder's purpose wasn't to stall. it was for storytelling, which i know is a foreign concept around here)
  2. Thanks everybody! ❤ and you would've gotten a mention if you managed to change the rp-tavern channel's name shark sorry shark ❤❤❤ you're the best kid of them all
  3. So my activity on SAO-RPG has pretty much dwindled down to nothing in the past few months. This is partially due to taking on more responsibility than I thought I could originally handle on in my personal life top of GM work, and also because time has deteriorated my interest in the site-- not to the fault of the site, mind you! The site has been a large part of my life for the past few years and I'd like to thank everybody, even those I might not have seen eye to eye with, for the opportunity to meet and have fun with you all. Anyway, I figured I'd write up a quick little resignation to let the good people of SAO-RPG know that I'm officially and indefinitely stepping down from my role as a GM. There's nobody I trust more than the current staff team to keep the site as great as it's always been. Teion, Ruby, Ariel, Baldur, Aereth, (not) Calrex, Nocturn, Jomei, Sey, Morg, Zandra, and Stryder are all fantastic folks and members of the staff, and it's been awesome plotting the downfall of the site with you guys! I don't really wanna ramble on too much here, so thanks once more for all the good times you guys! I'll stick around on the Discord for those spicy SAO-RPG memes! If I ever dip, you can always add me: Kris#0191 See ya!
  4. This is the taco's birthmas? Happy birthmas!

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      thanks bb ❤❤

  5. Asterios event thread has been closed.

    If you participated, check the thread linked below for your rewards!


  6. Thread is closed due to inactivity. (For future reference, the Asterios boss will not be making another reappearance. He has been retired.) Participants Receive 10 SP (8 SP from Posts, 2 SP from Event) @Beatbox Receives: @Hidden (screw you too broken @ thing) Receives:
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    We did it Reddit!

    i don't mean to brag, but i joined on july 4, 2015
  8. rip takao

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      If he's gone show us proof!!! Wheres the death!

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      It'll be okay @Stryder, Takao is in a better place.

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      just let him rest, kids

  9. A dry, amused chuckle rumbled in Takao's chest as he watched the scene unfold. He thought that the curve of difficulty for Sword Art Online was more like a rollercoaster than a scale, and it showed with these event battles that popped up on floors at random intervals. It was almost as if the game was challenging their feelings of safety, and perhaps rightfully so. It was a dead game after all, he mused. Without the proper buffing instruments normally afforded to a player prior to a floor boss raid, he found himself hindered greatly. The mitigation of the monster was stalling damage and its own output was impressive, even terrifying to a degree. What better way was there to deal with it than drink? Drink he did, via a flask spawned from his inventory, which invigorated his damage and stunted his unsystematic evasiveness. A poor choice perhaps, but more damage output would help bring the ridiculous thing down quicker. Using Vodka. +6 Damage/-3 EVA Using T2 HP Crystal. +240 HP
  10. Takao

    Sorry i need help

    Welcome to SAO-RPG! I noticed a few others had tried to help you, so I figured I'd throw in my own advice and let you know what you need to do to get approved. Firstly, I noticed you added that your character was part of the first floor boss raid. Unfortunately, this was done on-site and has a thread that can be read and referenced. Because this isn't solely a story point, we can't allow you to have a character that wasn't part of it. He could claim he was, surely, but he cannot have historically been there, as he wasn't in the thread. Secondly, your flaws and virtues need to have 3 traits each, and be a minimum of three developed sentences each. A developed sentence is admittedly a little vague, but I would recommend trying to write anywhere from 15-20 words per sentence, if we're quantifying it in a literal sense. Here's an exceptional example of what we might look for in a flaws(or virtues) field of the journal: Also, as a side note, you're missing the skills portion of the journal. You're given 5 SP to start with as a Level 1 character, which is enough to achieve Rank 1 in a single skill. Most people choose a weapon skill, but you're free to put those 5 points wherever you like! If you're confused or need some other examples, I'd recommend taking a look at some other journals that have been approved. It's a good way to get an idea of what we look for before granting approval.
  11. Takao's hands rose to cover his ears as the screech deafened the area, whilst simultaneously nearly being knocked off balance by the sudden torrent of wind that pushed against him. His habitual reaction to any kind of stimuli against him resulted in green eyes raising and taking note of where his health stood. It had moved, albeit barely, and still left him with a comfortable safety net of lifeforce. He had been given momentary pause by the screech, which had worked to stall his motions in favour of making an attempt to prevent the potential rupturing of his digital eardrums. Takao briefly considered if such a thing was even possible, yet he'd long since learned better than to doubt the level of detail within Kayaba's world. When the screeching finally let up and the damage had been done, his hands dropped from his ears and flexed within the leather-wrapped Caestus. He took another mental note of where the monster's health had landed, yet abstained from attacking. His inaction had lead to missing his opportunity to strike, and he hadn't the mind to needlessly throw himself against the boss. ID: 84447 BD: 1 Sword Art: All Might Damage: n/a (-2 Energy)
  12. Blank, almost dazed eyes watched the scene unfold before him. His eyebrows slowly pulled downward and green eyes narrowed; it was an honest attempt at focusing on something that he'd felt begin to slip from his attention. Either hand lowered to his side and slipped into the twin Caestus that rested on his belt. He gave his knuckles a habitual crack before assuming an arbitrary stance to activate the unseen charge skill. In doing so, he enabled himself to close the gap between his starting point and Asterios in a conveniently short amount of time, and slam a straight into the monster's jaw. The pointed studs of the Caestus dug into its digital flesh, and endowed its health gauge with the envenom property bestowed to his weapon. The soles of his boots hit the ground and he backed off, if only slightly, while still remaining within the beast's range for attack. It was a bit foolish to attack before the closest damage sponge had attracted the monster's aggression, which was a fault of Takao's lack of attention, yet worry hadn't plagued his mind. He could take a hit or two. ID: 84305 BD: 9 (9(base) + 3(ACC)) Sword Art: All Might Damage: 3(base) + 5(weapon skill) + 6(familiar damage) + 6(damage potion) + 1(athletics) + 1(ferocity) + 5(charge) + 1(BD9 critical) = 28 * 15 = 420 - 150(mit) = -270HP (Additional -24HP per turn for 4 turns from Envenom.)
  13. The hollow drones of combat that Takao had become all too familiar erupted mere moments after the doors creaked open. Green eyes rested upon the form of a large moth, named after what seemed to be another one of a hundred outdated pop-culture references. He swallowed the urge to roll his eyes and focused on the task at hand; they had a boss to kill. He watched and bode his time as Calrex, Baldur, Ariel, and finally Zandra struck first. Attacks missed and landed here and there, but upon Zandra's axe connecting, he had noted an opening. He gave either shoulder a good pop as he brought his fists together, the metal studs on the Caestus covering his fists emitting a faint spark. All Might was activated and, in collaboration with his charge skill, allowed for Takao to quickly close the gap between his starting point and the boss's freshly immobilized figure. He pulled his arm back far, much farther than would be necessary for a normal punch, and slammed the full force of his weapon into Mothra. After the fury of his strike had taken effect, he launched from the monster and out of its reach. ID: 84087 BD: 3 + 5(ACC) = 8 Sword Art: All Might Damage: 3(base) + 1(ferocity) + 1(athletics) + 2(banner) + 5(weapon skill) + 6(familiar) + 6(alcoholic) + 6(damage potion) + 5(charge) + 8(holy) = 42 * 15 = 645 - 100(mit) = -545HP
  14. Takao

    [3rd Floor] Red Dragon Café

    otoko throw booze at baldur head. hurr hurr many funny Trading x1 Rum to @Baldur (Rum - 3 Alcoholic)