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  1. It pains me to say this but... I think I may finally declare permanent (at least for the foreseeable future)  from the site. I haven't been around for the past few months, and this isn't the first time either. I feel I lose my mojo far too quick and burn out too fast here, and until I can get my crap together and find some inspiration to continue Grave's chronicle or even begin anew, I believe I must, for the time being, bid the site adieu. I've made lots of memories and friends here, and I've enjoyed my time.

    However, I am not permanently leaving the World Seed as a whole. I am trying to work on ALO, and am part of the GGO dev team. If anyone would like to chat, or even add me on Discord or something along those lines, shoot me a message on my dev account, Kirae. Thanks for the memories, SAORP, and I hope some day I may return to make plenty more.

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    2. Jomei


      Thanks for everything Grave. Going to miss having you around! Hope to see you pop in every once in awhile, maybe even enough to start here again!

    3. Macradon


      It will be nice not having you around anymore :^)



      Bro I'll miss yah.

      I hope I'm gonna see you here again, and don't worry, we won't have cleared the floors whenever you rejoin :^)))))))

      But you know, it was nice having you around, I really enjoyed your company, in guild or not, it was funzies :3


    4. Hirru


      It has been some time, huh.

      I remember the first thread that we did together.  Fighting off the Boulder in the old Breaking the Unbreakable quest, back when you didn't need to whittle down an HP bar.  No, you, Golden, and myself had to go through it in a much easier, but more creative fashion.  We started throwing things at it: trees, bears, and finally a bear cub, which did the trick.  Somehow.

      How our characters would have interacted changed from there.  That single thread led up to the starting of the Crimson Blades, by Mack.  You were one of the original members, if I remember right.  Mack, Beoreson, Xion, Abalaster, Lindow, and you, Grave.  Hirru was part of the guild, but unofficial to stay off of the radar.  The guild slowly gained a couple members, Teion and Lawfer, but only until...

      Lindow died, and we gained Opal in his place.  Oh, what chaos was to be set upon these adventurers now.  Still, the Crimson Blades moved on, even after we started to fall apart.  Mostly due to Mack's inactivity, as he was the leader and party planner.  I don't think I had many chances to post with you around this time, as everyone was losing their muse.

      However, there was a ray of hope for us, the departed Opal came back to ask the Crimson Blades to merge with the Knights of the Blood Oath.  Of course, Mack would sign the papers to do so, and I would have Hirru finally become an official member.  We got a redux of our first thread together to make you one of, if not the FIRST to Grandmaster Martial Arts.  Finally, we were a fully functioning guild....

      ...We all know what happened afterwards.  Betrayal.  Death.  Quite a story, to be sure.

      After some time, we're back to where we were the last time.  Everyone slowly losing their muse, or other.  It's only Mac and I now.

      So many people left.  Many had their characters die.  Others just lost the will to continue.  Some just couldn't continue due to their own life.

      I'm gonna miss ya.

  2. Oright... let's try this again. I really need to stop doing this.

    1. Hirru


      Welcome back to the fold!

  3. Kinda wanna do Return of the Queen if anyone's up for it. 

  4. Grave

    [F03]«Search for the Hoya»

    Taking this with @Anemone
  5. Who wants to search for a Hoya with me?

    1. Lee


      I wouldn't mind if the spot is still open

    2. Grave


      Sorry mate, already taking it with Anemone :P

  6. Grave

    SAO Podcast

    Alright XD Will need to give me a while, won't have computer access again until Sunday arvo
  7. Grave

    SAO Podcast

    So just cutting and slamming together a couple clips from the anime with some transitions, fancy effects, text and music would be fine? :D
  8. Grave

    SAO Podcast

    *raises hand* I might be able to help out the intro, depending on what exactly you need done with it
  9. I should totally go all Toriko with Grave and have him hunt down legendary creatures just to make meals out of them...

  10. Grave

    Real Life Picture Thread

    @Beatbox Is right :O Well, when I played Ash he was a physical carbon copy of myself XD
  11. God, I have so many threads that haven't been replied to in absolutely forever that I should probably just get closed down so I can be certain they're incomplete :/

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    2. Baldur


      Just don't loot us after, because then you'd be a grave robber.

    3. Grave


      You make me want to go on hiatus a week after I came off it T.T

    4. Baldur


      Not at all! This is just your PUNishment for abandoning us :P

  12. I is wanting to reply to some threads, but the ones I'm currently in combat with have to wait until after school... damn education department blocked the dice roller T~T

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    2. Grave


      Yup, cuz it's listed as 'Games'. For some reason this site isn't listed as Games or Social Networking like some other roleplay sites XD

    3. Baldur


      @Erroneous is this something in the meta tag?

    4. Erroneous


      Cindel owns and manages the dice roller, not I.

  13. Grave

    Real Life Picture Thread

    Wow, been a while since I've seen some of the faces around here. An adorable Flints, two handsome men who may or may not need a shave and a dabbing Ma-kuza XD
  14. 'Kay. *cracks knuckles, neck, spine and whatever else is potentially crackable* Maybe I should stop being lazy

    1. Piera


      *nods* We all should!
      ....(says the hypocrite) xD

  15. Will be trying to get replies out this week fellas :D