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  1. Just dropped by to say happy b day I think yup

  2. Hrm...You little Crimson Blades will not stop me from my Domination. >.<

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    2. Xion


      We came together, as a guild. to protect, not to kill. 

    3. Beoreson


      *grumbling* fine.

    4. Mack


      We will PK, but only if absolutely necessary. Otherwise, we just let Xion paralyze them and then giggle as we cuff them and send them to player prison. Then we go collect our bounty from our employers.

      We're like a Guild of Dog the Bounty Hunters... but with less Hawaii and fewer uses of the word "Brother" in everyday language. Right, brothers?

  3. Just took a shower! I remembered to bring my umbrella this time! :D

  4. The need for Recording Crystals. How does one obtain these? Anyone selling?

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    2. Astraeus


      Thank you once again, Takao!

    3. Takao
    4. Astraeus


      So I got ahold of Mari and she told me that the Performer's Mats were recording crystals. But when she is about she was going to double check that for me. Smithies get Ore, Tailors get Thread...stuff, Fisherman get fish, so Performers would have to get something in mat form? @_@

  5. Huzzah! First completed thread! -Accomplished-

    1. Mack


      Good feeling, isn't it?

    2. Hirru


      Congrats!  Keep up the good work!

    3. Astraeus


      It makes my insides feel all squishy. Thank you Hirru. :D

  6. Time for work!! In the mean time, I need an age for my Alt: http://prntscr.com/82pjyf Suggestions? I was thinking 38-45? Possibly 50ish?

  7. To alt, or not to alt. That is the question. =/

    1. Zeke


      Give a bit of time to think about it, that may help you decide wisely.

    2. Astraeus
  8. Huh, I never realized you were the original Virgil Rega, Astraeus Pendulum, Forty-Six & 2, SunShine and Lolipops, Pendulum; till just now.

    1. Astraeus


      The man with the many names and the many faces. Im glad you remember me, Mr. Edan.

    2. Erroneous


      I didn't. It wasn't until you posted in the real life pic thread and was like.... wait a minute...this seems familiar.

  9. Astraeus

    Real Life Picture Thread

    "So...Is he a man? or A WOMAN!???" Is what your probably thinking right now. Hopefully these pics will tell you who and what I am. Numero 1: This pic was taken back when I was about 19-20 years old. So, its roughly about a decade old picture, and I have no idea why I still have it. Numero 2: This pic was taken in my mid 20s...so about 5 years ago, roughly. Give or take... And for as any current pictures, I dont have. Well, I do...but they are me of me showing...<.< some skin. WHICH is not seen for your eyes. -ahem- Just take the above picture and add about 4-6 inches of hair more. Thats my 30s. @_@
  10. Is everyone enjoying Astraeus as much as I am? :D

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    2. Glory


      Astra is one of my favorites honestly. Glory is under his spell xD and i actually think it's fun to RP with him.

    3. Astraeus


      Woo! Awesomely lovely comments. <3 Thank you. My inspiration comes from everyone here.

    4. Mack


      I'm always down for a thread Astraeus. :)

  11. Astraeus

    [F02] «Breaking the Unbreakable»

    Confirming to assist Aramail with her Quest.
  12. Home from work. Working on those replies. ;)

  13. APPROVED!!! Time to get DANGEROUS!!!

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    2. Lessa


      Darkwing Duck?

    3. Astraeus


      Finally! Someone gets it! Thank you!

    4. Lessa


      I am the terror that flaps in the night.

  14. Astraeus

    Astraeus's Journal

    Profile » Username: Astraeus » Real name: Kordello » Age: 30 » Gender: Male » Height: 5 feet, 9 inches About: History/personality Let’s go back to ten years… Kordello was a rich, narcissist lawyer. A good one and won all his cases, all of them. He was a shady lawyer though; he worked in the prevention of putting murderers and the like in jail. He was paid to do a good job, even if it meant lying through his teeth. And that is something else he can do very well. He has the boyish good looks that some girls go for and he uses that to get what he wants. Equipped with a silver tongue, the good looks, the ability to lie about anything and everything to the point of reality spelled trouble for him and sooner or later Karma was coming back to catch him. In his mid-twenties, life for Kordello took a nose dive. After losing the love of his life, won by his unconscious use of lies and falsehood, he was left with nothing but immoral ground to stand on. Case after case he was exposed to, there seemed to be a heavy weight on his shoulders and it was harder and harder for him to keep his ways intact. By this time he was emotionally distraught and had to leave the business. He had a nice lump sum of money he kept in order to provide himself with a more than comfortable life style, but he was empty and distant. He turned to drinking as a form of release for those lonely nights, often waking up in some cheap motel next to a woman he met the evening before. How long had this gone on? A year? Maybe two? It was enough to mark him as an alcoholic and an indecent human to society. There seemed to be no end to the grave he was digging himself into. By the time he turned twenty-nine, Kordello was sober and getting his life back together. The money he had kept in savings was used to get himself clean up and turned his life around. Now living a more simplistic life, Kordello finds his days at peace with his inner self. But…mostly bored of the hum-drum lifestyle. With so much time on his hands but with little to do, he has picked up a hobby of online gaming. With the recent purchase of some named technology, Kordello has found an outlet for his inner demons to dwell. With excitement and adventure, Kordello Links into the game known as SAO; and becomes Astraeus; the name meaning God of Dusk in mythology. And much referenced to keeper of Winds. With this new outlet to let his conscious mind wander into a new virtual world, Kordello finds himself slowly regressing into his old former self of his early twenties, sometimes causing panic and fear within himself and causing instability issues of laughing and clapping out loud. Virtues: Quick Thinker: Astra has a unique trait where he can think quickly on his feet in times of high anxiety. When partied, he is the first with an idea and escape route to lead to safety. Charisma: He is told he is a wonderful speaker and people are generally drawn to him because how well he can hold himself to others whether in terms of leadership roles or roles needing diplomacy. Normally cold and distant; Astra still seems to be a “warm” person people can look up to and respect. Forgiving: Despite what some may think, Astra always gives a 2nd or even a 3rd chance for people. He understands that life can have its pitfalls and people will have bad days. These chances he gives to others are a way to atone for the mistakes he has made himself, almost giving fatherly advice to others to help them back on their feet. Flaws: Liar: Due to the game not letting you log out; Astra uses an old Silver Tongue to get himself out of trouble. Because of his charismatic ‘aura’ that people can feel about him, he can get away with a petty lie or two with the use of the right words. This can sometimes lead to a mistake as it does not always work. Obnoxious: Astra has his moments of ‘breaking points.’ He’ll laugh and clap madly at random times, often making this a trademark gesture of his being. He can be over the top in his drama which may shun some people away from him, others are attracted by his weird quirk and smile along with him. Laughing and Clapping out loud can be a sign of stress, or pressed to the edge. He’ll become erratic with his behavior; unstable and unable to be read. Some people have found themselves at the edge of his sword in one moment, or being hugged and glomped the next moment. Dramatic: As mentioned, Astra can be overly dramatic. The laughing and clapping is a double edged sword for him as it’s also a means of self-expression. He also ties in old romance opera scripts with his dialogue at times, performs weird hand movements and is very much feel like ‘the golden star on the stage.’ Profession: Performer [Rank 1: Musico Primo] Skills SP: 1 Non-combat: » Passive: » Sneak & Hide: [1/5] [2 SP Used] +2 Stealth » Search & Detect: [1/5] [2 SP Used] +1 LD Combat: » Weapon skills: » Dagger Proficiency: [1/5] [2 SP Used] +1 Dmg Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Col: 1200 » Basic Dagger » Blood Drinker [+2 Bleed] Roleplays » [solo] Act 1: Scene 1 [Completed], +400 Col, +1 SP » [solo/Quest] Earning a Living: The Traveling Performer [Completed], +400 Col, +2 SP » [PP/Quest:Aramail] First step of Many [Completed] +200 Col, +1 SP » [PP/Quest:Aramail] Earning a Living w/Aramail [Completed] +200 Col, +1 SP Relationships (optional) Story Thus Far (optional)
  15. Has finally decided on a face claim. /finally/

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    2. Vasth


      I want someone to do a kefka character :D

    3. Astraeus


      Kefka will be unneeded. I shall be enough to handle for most people once my character is fleshed out.

    4. Vasth


      hmm but kefka is like the only ff villain that succeeded his plan to become the god of magic and his crazy for the board as well,so it would be interesting to see him in SAO ya know?