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  1. Just dropped by to say happy b day I think yup

  2. Hrm...You little Crimson Blades will not stop me from my Domination. >.<

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    2. Xion


      We came together, as a guild. to protect, not to kill. 

    3. Beoreson


      *grumbling* fine.

    4. Mack


      We will PK, but only if absolutely necessary. Otherwise, we just let Xion paralyze them and then giggle as we cuff them and send them to player prison. Then we go collect our bounty from our employers.

      We're like a Guild of Dog the Bounty Hunters... but with less Hawaii and fewer uses of the word "Brother" in everyday language. Right, brothers?

  3. Just took a shower! I remembered to bring my umbrella this time! :D

  4. The need for Recording Crystals. How does one obtain these? Anyone selling?

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    2. Astraeus


      Thank you once again, Takao!

    3. Takao
    4. Astraeus


      So I got ahold of Mari and she told me that the Performer's Mats were recording crystals. But when she is about she was going to double check that for me. Smithies get Ore, Tailors get Thread...stuff, Fisherman get fish, so Performers would have to get something in mat form? @_@

  5. Huzzah! First completed thread! -Accomplished-

    1. Mack


      Good feeling, isn't it?

    2. Hirru


      Congrats!  Keep up the good work!

    3. Astraeus


      It makes my insides feel all squishy. Thank you Hirru. :D

  6. Time for work!! In the mean time, I need an age for my Alt: http://prntscr.com/82pjyf Suggestions? I was thinking 38-45? Possibly 50ish?

  7. To alt, or not to alt. That is the question. =/

    1. Zeke


      Give a bit of time to think about it, that may help you decide wisely.

    2. Astraeus
  8. Huh, I never realized you were the original Virgil Rega, Astraeus Pendulum, Forty-Six & 2, SunShine and Lolipops, Pendulum; till just now.

    1. Astraeus


      The man with the many names and the many faces. Im glad you remember me, Mr. Edan.

    2. Erroneous


      I didn't. It wasn't until you posted in the real life pic thread and was like.... wait a minute...this seems familiar.

  9. Is everyone enjoying Astraeus as much as I am? :D

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    2. Glory


      Astra is one of my favorites honestly. Glory is under his spell xD and i actually think it's fun to RP with him.

    3. Astraeus


      Woo! Awesomely lovely comments. <3 Thank you. My inspiration comes from everyone here.

    4. Mack


      I'm always down for a thread Astraeus. :)

  10. Home from work. Working on those replies. ;)

  11. APPROVED!!! Time to get DANGEROUS!!!

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    2. Lessa


      Darkwing Duck?

    3. Astraeus


      Finally! Someone gets it! Thank you!

    4. Lessa


      I am the terror that flaps in the night.

  12. Has finally decided on a face claim. /finally/

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    2. Vasth


      I want someone to do a kefka character :D

    3. Astraeus


      Kefka will be unneeded. I shall be enough to handle for most people once my character is fleshed out.

    4. Vasth


      hmm but kefka is like the only ff villain that succeeded his plan to become the god of magic and his crazy for the board as well,so it would be interesting to see him in SAO ya know? 

  13. Newbie RPer coming to a Thread Near You!

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    2. Lessa


      Woo! Welcome!

    3. Xion


      Welcome to this rather dysfunctional family

    4. Xion


      Welcome to this rather dysfunctional family