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  1. To character or not to character. 

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    2. Opal


      Trying to steal my man, Hirru! Fighting words! Put up your dukes! 

    3. Lindow


      I can swing both ways. 

    4. Xion


      character please...I miss ya ._.

  2. 0391V9n.jpg

    Starter Gear for GGO. Still undecided on weapons until I see what will be released.

    1. Calrex


      The return of Lindow is nigh! XD 

    2. Beoreson


      *The day GGO is released Beoreson disappears from Aincrad* JK.

  3. Since GGO is kinda on standby...Was thinking about moving Lindow to ALO. -Strokes chin- I dont wanna waste a perfectly awesome character.

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    2. Lindow


      I am sure someone might pick it up someday. :) Salamander Lindow anyone?


    3. Calrex


      Lindow's coming back?! Yay! XD

    4. Lindow


      Mhm, possibly to ALO if the GGO doesnt pan out. Still deciding on race. Pictures always come first. xp

  4. -Haunts the forums- OoooOooooOooooo~~~

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    2. Lindow


      =O Not my shop!!!

    3. Hirru


      You don't need to worry.  The fish need a new home, anyway!

    4. Abalasster


      Back from  the dead we see? Well, at least in spirit, that is

  5. Rest in Peace Lindow. [Killed by Spiders, but we'll say he fought to protect the people of SnowFrost] -sniff sniff-

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    2. Calrex


      Dangit after the training I gave you? XD also darn I can't believe the one day I'm on I miss this XP.

      RIP man, you can be sure you're death won't be in vain. 

    3. Mack


      We are having a funeral for him, you're welcome to join Calrex.

    4. Calrex


      Lol sure thing XD

  6. Lindow was about fifteen feet away from the tent when he received a message from Mack to swing back and pick up his gear. The Guild Leader offered a guild discount for his suit of armor and Lindow was eternally grateful for that. The Two Handed Swordsman wandered back to the forger's tent and found Mack need the counter with the glistening set of armor on the display table... "I take it this...is mine?" Lindow examined the armor piece by piece and found it to be the exceptional piece of work that he had thought it to be, "I'll still pay you back for this Mack. Discount or not. I owe you, this armor will save my butt out there." Lindow quickly swiped over his menu, the buttons popping up and the inventory exposed the new item he just accepted and equipped it on in a heart beat. Moments later his avatar flashed and he was dawned in Valhalla's Armor. There was no doubt, it fit him well and was beyond comfortable to move in. As he moved the metal plates moved with him, a slight noise of metal on metal but nothing disturbingly loud. He could not thank Mack enough for this piece of equipment, someday he would repay the man; his Guild Leader. "Thank you."
  7. Lindow was rounding the corner when he heard some noise coming from within the forger's tent. Mack was well known for his weapons, a lot of player's have been coming to him lately and thanks to Beor showing him the superb craftsmanship of his blades Lindow figured it was time to get some armor that would be better than what he had in place. Poking his head inside, there was already a lively bunch of players inside. It was a massive tent with display cases left and right showing off all the smith had made in his time here. Lindow walked quickly into the forger's tent, the round mass of what appeared to be his familiar was bouncing left and right excited by all the players coming in and out. He was like a rabunctious puppy, do doubt the smell of fish was all over the Two Handed Swordsman as he walked in, that meant food...fish was food right? Of course it was. The large bear of a familiar came towards him, "Wooa...steady...boy? Hey..! Back!...Back! Sit!" it finally sat but had hungry eyes...was it going to eat him...He slowly moved towards the main counter, Mack was helping the others and Lindow didn't wanna disturb him much. He was just passing by to give him the mats for the deal they had struck prior. On the counter, Lindow dropped down Six Mats. He didn't say any other words and just nodded to his Guild Leader and resumed on his way...forking over a fish he had in his inventory for the mass of fur and muscle. -- -6 Mats
  8. Lindow

    [F05] «The Traveler»

    Taking this on with my Crimson Brother, Beor.
  9. So I figured out how to convert .mesh files into .obj for Daz...Now, the question is...What swords do I want for my character. @_@ 

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    2. Carambit


      Well, I use an autodesk product called Maya to create 3d models for games. Then I sell those assets to companies etc. Currently making about 500 bucks a fortnight off of just that. But Autodesk do make other programs such as revit, CAD, etc.

    3. Daeimos


      Yeah I remember a few programs in the Autodesk files, I took Cad, Revit and another class when I went to ITT.

    4. Tristan Delaney

      Tristan Delaney

      I dabbled in 3D but mostly from a design and technology perspective such as making a squat rack with autodesk inventor so I knew how to make it and what materials.

      I very often lose staff members when I talk math for the system...

  10. A Fisherman is born! 

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    2. Zeke


      I just don't see a way out of recovering from one bad catch, so, who knows? ^^

    3. Lindow


      @Zeke: Patience is a necessity when catching fish IRL. Once you get a whopper of a fish though, you'll be amazed at the rewarding experience and the delicious meal later. 

      @Xion: Thank you, but I got dis. ;)

    4. Calrex


      Congrats! Yay a fisherman within SAO once again!

  11. Notice: Non Lecherous older male seeking company of players for adventure. Requirements: Fun.

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    2. Lindow


      That would be great. Any ideas for a starter or I can think of something. 

    3. Calrex


      I've got a couple of other threads going, plus my brain's kinda burnt out at the moment, so I shall leave it to you XD. ust PM me the link once it's up and we can get it going!

    4. Lindow


      Sounds like a good idea. I shall have something soonish. 

  12. Profile Username: Lindow Real name: Gordon Shaw Age: 48 Gender: Male Height: 6’6’’ About: History/personality Deputy Chief Gordon Shaw is a police officer for the San Francisco Police Department; he is Deputy Chief of Special Operations, mainly SWAT. Serving fifteen years on the force has become a rewarding experience and has given him a wonderful family. A loving wife, Crystal, and a sixteen year old rebellious daughter named Jasmine. While the experience of saving lives has been rewarding, there have been many close calls in the past few years especially after the recent terrorist strikes in the country. His wife has pleaded with Gordon to retire early, or find a safer job. However, Gordon refuses as he believed his time has yet to come for that. Gordon enjoys spending time with his family when he has the days off to do so, relaxing and surfing the web. He enjoys a rich, robust flavored coffee with two creams and four sugar cubes. He enjoys swimming and loves playing and watching Baseball. He has a healthy body shape, better than average build and a solid figure. He exercises five times a week with MMA and focuses on quick take downs. He is an incredible shot, being Deputy Chief of the SWAT, he has a wide expertise of various assault rifles and guns in general. His most recent purchase was a full dive unit for the game of SAO, originally bought for this daughter’s seventeenth birthday since she has wanted the unit for a long time. However, before he was to give it to her, the day before he used it on himself to make sure it was safe, despite the nice reviews he has read about it. Now stuck in the game…he is determined to get back to his family. But he must survive to do so. Virtues: Tactical: While serving as DC, he has learned many tactical advantages in both unit based groups and solo. Taking these past experiences to heart, he can become a valuable asset to a team or party quickly discerning a tactical approach while minimizing casualties or injury. Team Player: Lindow seeks out those who need a strong arm in the front lines of combat. While he may have experience in the real world, he understands the value of the young mind and their ability to raid monsters. Taking a back seat, he often hears the opinions of others and helps achieve the goal at hand. Brave: As a Police Officer, Lindow has a steel will and will go to the front lines when called for often taking on the heat in battle. Although he is brave and will venture to a boss floor, he will make sure there is a safe route or escape as well. Brave, but not stupid. Flaws: Indifferent: Being stuck in game has questioned many of his morals. He wishes nothing more than to finish and beat all 100 floors as quickly as possible, at the same time he can become Bi Polar and not have a care for the wellbeing of other people’s safety should they get in his way. Separation/Distrusting: While Lindow is a warm person at heart, he puts on a cold exterior. There is a fine line in the game of SAO especially when it comes to the players he is unsure of. Rogues or the like seem to be the Thief like population in SAO and he refers them as street urchins and unworthy allies due to their secretive motives. Family First: Despite being involved with other players in the game and creating bonds, his family comes first as well as his safety. This mind set places him in a sort of bubble and will not risk his life for a fellow player should the scenario happen to fall out of favor. He will take the title of coward if it means of seeing his family once more in the real world. Profession: Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Two Handed Straight Sword Rank 1: [2/30] Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Basic Greatsword » Basic Armor » Valhalla's Herald [+1 Thorns, +2 Heavy Momentum] [Equipped] » Hard Edge [+1 Dmg] Two Handed Sword [Equipped] » 15 Bread/Water » SP: 4 Roleplays »[SP-F1]] Earning a Living Quest +1 SP, +400 Col [Completed] »[SP/Quest] Blade of Dreams Quest +2 Sp, +800 Col [Completed] »[SP-F4] Lindow's Destructive Force +1 Sp, +400 Col [Completed] Relationships Story Thus Far