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  1. "Hmm? Where's yours then?" The sound of an unfamiliar voice just over her shoulder caused Teion to jump nearly out of her skin. Spinning around, the amethyst-themed girl was met with quite a peculiar figure. Clad in a bright yellow tunic that stood out against the dark trees, his clothing was almost luminous in the dim natural lighting that carried across the thin fog in the air. "Good lord, could you not?" She pressed a hand against her chest in an attempt to steady her frantic heartbeat inside while she scowled at the NPC. A yellow cursor spun lazily over the brighter yellow hat that stood tall on his head. Unkempt locks of pale green hair poked out under its brim, and the strange man pinched a short section between a finger and a thumb as he shifted his weight and surveyed Teion quizzically. "C'mon, c'mon, it has to be around here somewhere..." Her eyebrows only narrowed at his roundabout nature. She was only hesitant to ignore the man and continue on her way because the thought of turning her back on someone like him in a place like this felt even more unsettling than trying to figure out what he possibly wanted. "This place is creepy enough..." She mumbled under her breath before speaking up to address him properly. "Alright, so...wha'd'you want? You have a quest or something?" She was rather blunt. The strange man simply shook his head and gave her a tut-tut, but he seemed to perk up a second later. "Ouhh, there you are little cutie!" He clapped his hands together and grinned far too widely. Teion raised a brow, taking a hesitant step back. He was looking her way, but he was no longer looking at her. Her eyes were wary to tear away from him, but the temptation was too strong. She glanced to the side, only having to look a few inches aside before she spotted something on her shoulder that wasn't there before. "Jinx, what're you--" She had almost smiled, about to jokingly scold the shadowy familiar. Before she had the chance, she reflexively jumped again when the red-eyed cat became nothing more than a dark wisp, plucked away by the NPC's quick and terribly pale fingers. "Yes! Wonderful!" He was jumping for joy in front of her. Despite Teion's confused and outraged expression, the man stuck out his heel and tipped his hat to her. "Thank you kindly, Miss, that was quite a find!" @Pinball
  2. A quick look over her shoulder, and Baldur seemed confused by her. She frowned, looking back to the mirror where she again saw a nostalgic-looking image of herself staring back at her. She glanced back to Baldur, realizing he was too far to the side to see either of their reflections, and so she stepped aside and gave a wave of her hand. "'Magic mirror'. See for yourself." She was a bit more dismissive than she had meant to come off, maybe in part to hoping that she wasn't crazy, or whatever strange effect the game had wasn't limited to her alone and just made her seem crazy. She turned and wandered off, just a few slow steps forward while she left Baldur to inspect the mirror himself while she thought back on a not-so-distant memory. She had spent plenty of time here and there before leaving an inn room, at a friend's place were they wealthy enough to own a player house, or even in the still reflections of lakes on different floors to check her appearance. Each time she was met with the same purple locks and familiar blue eyes. What that mirror held, however, she had seen once before since logging into Aincrad. She thought back to The Announcement. When every player was summoned to the main plaza of the Town of Beginnings and informed of their new fate. She had pulled out the Hand Mirror upon Kayaba's instruction, just like everyone else around her. That was one of the last, but certainly the most memorable, times she had seen her natural brunette hair, and the light spattering of freckles over her cheeks and nose. For a second, she thought her avatar's appearance had been reverted again. Why else would it show a reflection of her unaltered, real-world visage? But she was still Teion.
  3. Teion

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    Teion instinctively threw a hand up in front of her face to shield herself from the winds that whipped up around her. She winced at the sound of the piercing screech, and quickly ran her eyes over what she could see of the landscape below her once the air settled. Immediately, she was confused. Squinting, she could make out two sets of figures. Farther off, she thought she recognized Jevi. She was fighting with something--someone she couldn't place at all, and someone else was laying motionless beside them. Closer, she saw almost the same person, this time making them out as Spencer. That alone nearly had her head spinning, until she remembered the vision of Ryo she saw through the attic floorboards. Her eyes widened a bit as she spotted yet another image of Ryo, cornering Spencer below. 'What's taking him so long?' She positioned herself to peek back through the shattered window, quickly spotting Ryo still barring the door that shuddered behind him. She opened her mouth, about to urge him to follow her outside, but something stopped her. Instead, she called through in a more casual manner. "Hey hunny, that's still you in there, right?" She paused, whether his response would be quizzical or humorous. A smirk would play on her lips regardless, "Your doppelganger's out here bullying Spencer, I'm gonna go beat him up." Before she pulled back and repositioned herself on the rooftop, she called back and added on, "You can see the hedge maze from out here. Meet me there, okay?!" She disappeared from the window again, pressing her palms against the roof to steady herself. Turning her chin to one shoulder, she spoke softly to reassure the little penguin that was tucked into her hood. "We're gonna go rescue your dad now, okay? Just hang on tight!" Reaching behind her to retrieve her battleaxe, Teion stood herself up carefully and felt her stomach turn. "Fall damage isn't a thing, right?" She asked herself in a nervous mutter. Taking a deep breath, the violette kept her eyes on her target--the man with his hand at Spencer's neck. She pushed off, dropping down towards the pair while her axe came down from over her shoulder. She let out a small yell and a grunt at the impact when she landed, her steel cleaving into the fake Ryo's torso and driving deep. "How many copies are you gonna make, huh?! It's getting obnoxious!" She shouted into the air as she rose to her feet.
  4. Teion's lips were tightly pursed, holding her breath in for several seconds after she had pushed herself up to her knees. 'Ihatethis.' The words ran through her mind so quickly they practically melded into one. She stayed, frozen in place in the stuffy underground chamber until the roar of torches coming to life sounded around them. She felt like she could finally breath again with the dim light they provided, though she felt silly and hurried to pick herself the rest of the way up once their vision was restored. Doing her best to shake off the nerves, she reached behind her to pull her weapon to the front: the large charcoal-black battleaxe that once belonged to the girl named Zandra. The orange tendrils that dug through the surface pulsed with the faintest glow while her fingers tightened over the long handle. "An underground dungeon, I guess?" That's what she had chalked the place up to the whole time. What else would it be? She started to branch off, exploring one side of the room while Baldur surely inspected the other. Taking a hand away from her weapon, she ran the tips of her fingers over the stone, making a face and rubbing them together as dust and erosion dragged along off the sides of the carved surface. She searched, cautiously poking and prodding at things she might have guessed would be a lever or switch, to no avail. "Ugh, nothing over here." Finally returning to the center of the chamber, Teion sighed and leaned up against one of the heavy stone columns. The sound of a small 'click' followed by the sudden depression of rock caused her to jump, spinning around in alarm. Barely able to catch the actual mechanism in motion, it looked like a clean, rectangular slab of stone had slid down within the column. Left behind it, resting beneath a torch, stood a mirror. "Hey, uhh. Baldur," She called to her acquaintance over her shoulder while her eyes locked on the odd sheet of glass. She took a step closer, bringing herself forward until she could properly see her reflection under the flickering light of the torch. At first, nothing was out of the ordinary. It just took her a moment. She suddenly realized the hair on her head was brown, rather than the unordinary purple she had maintained throughout her time in Aincrad. A nostalgic clip featuring a sparkling, light-blue butterfly was pinned near her temple, and what she could see of her shoulders and her upper torso sported a blouse and cardigan she didn't remember choosing to equip instead of her typical combat attire that day. She took a quick step back, tearing her eyes away from the reflection and down to her clothing, running her fingers through a section of long hair to pull it forward and inspect. A few seconds later, as it sunk in, she didn't know if it brought more relief or disappointment to realize that it was the figure in the mirror that was false. That her avatar still wore her violet hair, her gold-and-amethyst battle attire, and held onto the heavy battleaxe.
  5. Teion

    [PP-F6] Coming to Terms (Teion)

    She took a moment while he considered the name for his new pet again, having wandered aside to explore and poke around at what used to be Glinda's belongings. Spoken as a name, she was still able to recognize the word, and his explanation still made sense despite their partially-bridged language barrier. She nodded, retrieving a small handful of coins from the ground and frowning at the empty vials that she was able to find besides. "Mmkay." She agreed with the thought of heading back to the city. She assumed 'home' meant his home, at least. She would've chosen his mansion over her dusty smithy anyway. "She'll have plenty of room to explore." She noted, once again smiling at the thought of Pennyworth adapting to a new, eight-legged resident. Her eyes trailed back up to spot Yuki scurrying away into Ryo's jacket, and her smile went crooked before she picked herself back up to her feet. "Well, I don't think that witch is coming back. Shall we?" The new couple gradually made their way back to the main settlement of the sixth floor and up another five through the teleport gate to land them in the Europe-themed Taft. With one hand intertwined with Ryo's, the other lightly grasped and occasionally fidgeted with the long cuff of her knit beige sleeve. Before they'd reached the top of the hill on which Ryo's mansion awaited, she presented a hesitant offer. "Hey, uhh. If Yuki's like, a combat familiar or something, and you're looking to train with her... Well, there's a quest chain I stumbled on ages ago. It sounds pretty extensive, so if you want to actually like, do some fighting together or something," She let the sentence hang now that her point was obvious enough.
  6. slides on in @Ryo C'mon hunny, we'll show them what's up. We've invested in residual cringe damage.
  7. Teion

    [PP-F6] Coming to Terms (Teion)

    Watching the small exchange, Teion was just as tense as when the spider had latched itself to his face. She never let go of the stick, practically brandishing it as a makeshift weapon in lieu of retrieving her axe from her inventory. She made a face when the reality of the large spider itself becoming Ryo's familiar became more and more apparent, but she held her tongue before the most unenthused of responses slipped out. Instead, with brows tilted upward in an expression of mixed uncertainty and defeat, she finally lowered the bit of branch to her side. She kept a generous distance, continuing to watch the chittering Yuki perched on his shoulder all the while. "I take it you like spiders." She said obviously, grasping at responses. "Well, it's no winged lion, or baby penguin." The corner of her mouth finally picked up into half a smile, thinking of the alternatives that she'd seen of their friends and his guildmates. Still, she shook her head and shrugged. "I dunno, I guess I'm just not into the whole 'monster pet' thing." After a short while to realize that the oversized snowy spider was there to stay, she tossed the twig aside. It landed back to the ground of the clearing, and she shifted her weight. "Well that was, something." She scanned over what little the witch Glinda had left behind, wondering if there might be anything worth their while. "But, now what?"
  8. Teion

    [PP-F6] Coming to Terms (Teion)

    She was back and forth between laughing at the whole thing, casually going along with the eccentric NPC and the quest she would likely provide for them, and standing her ground against the unknown. She cocked an eyebrow more than once, exchanging a look with Ryo, and wincing just slightly at the loud cackle that escaped Glinda before she offered a cryptic answer. When the cauldron flashed and toppled over, Teion brought up an arm to shield her face while she squeezed her eyes shut. A couple of quick steps backwards, and she blinked them back. "Wait, what--" She started when Ryo hurried towards the grass beside them. She froze up, eyes wide as she spotted the creature that skittered behind him. "R-Ryo," She urgently whispered, but before she could force out any kind of warning, the man turned only to topple backwards where the creature leapt at him. Teion let out a small scream at the sight until her instincts kicked in and she hurriedly looked for anything within arm's reach. Without her battleaxe equipped behind her, her hand shot out and retrieved a slim section of fallen tree branch. She stepped forward and swung, effectively swatting the icy-white spider off of him. "God--augh, are you alright?" She asked, unable to keep her eyes off of the creature as it recovered to stand on all eight of its legs in the grass beside them.
  9. Teion

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    A tiny scream of surprise escaped her as the two were ripped from their moment of reprieve. Teion's head whipped around, taking in the broken window, the restless entity that rattled the door Ryo moved quickly to block, and the sound of the smallest penguin cries coming from a corner of the room. She had frozen up until her partner motioned to his side, pointing out the helpless familiar and calling her to action. She regained herself, took in a deep breath of air through her nostrils, and nodded. She gave a passing glance over her shoulder at the window on the other side of the large, dimly-lit attic. A pair of musty, fraying curtains billowed with the slight breeze that carried in from the exterior of the mansion, and at this distance should could make out little more than the blue sky and the greenery of poorly-maintained landscaping. Hopefully Ryo's plan could go as smoothly as he made it sound. She took hurried steps forward until she could see the area Ryo was pointing out. Cobalt eyes widened slightly, and the urgency in his voice suddenly made sense. Noot was cowering, trying to hide his feathered face from the monsters that were drawing closer to him. Humanoid, bandaged, with small glints of steel or other metals jutting out all other their bodies. A couple of them dragged a leg or two as they inched forward, the sound of a blade tearing across the wooden floor matching the sounds of the others' disfigured hands scraping against the walls. They lurched and groaned like the floorboards underneath them, and Teion's stomach turned at the sight of them. But the sight of poor Noot had her legs pushing her towards them. She dashed forward, almost freezing when she caught the creatures' attention. Pivoting on one side, her right leg spun around and the front of her boot crashed into one of the monster's spines with a both satisfying and disturbing crack, knocking it to the ground. Over its prone body, Jinx made a reappearance, hopping onto the creature's back and lunging at another while his fangs bared in a hiss. Teion shot forward, ignoring the rest of them to crouch to the ground and scoop the panicked penguin up in her arms. She turned, opting for a quick retreat while the monsters took clawed swipes at her. "Alright, time to go!" She called as she passed Ryo to head for the shattered window. She hurriedly tucked Noot into the hood of her cloak, urging the little guy to hold on. Getting a running start, she was able to get a solid grip on the windowsill and pull herself up, wincing whenever her limbs dragged over any remaining glass that shot pinpricks and tingles of discomfort through her system. "Okay, cool," She would mumble tiny words to herself to stay centered and keep her focus from straying as she pulled herself to the outside of the mansion. From the attic, she was able to get a grasp on the edge of the roof as Ryo instructed, using all of the strength in her virtual body to maneuver and climb and pull herself up. Her breathing was heavy, but before long she was crouched on the edge with one hand pressed firmly to the slanted surface below her and the other extended to help pull Ryo up to the same level. She was allowed another second here to catch her breath and come up with a plan. Finally able to take in the area around them, Teion squinted down at what looked like part of a greenhouse, a small garden, and a hedge maze on their side of the massive building. Her eyes danced over the scenery and she could hear a familiar name in a not-so-familiar voice. "Was that... Is that Jevi?" She thought aloud, working to scan the space below them for any sign of their friends.
  10. Teion blended in. She didn't have anything to say to anyone, and nothing to do besides hit the last remaining monster until the fight was over. The only thing in her head was likely the same as most everyone else still wading around in the boss arena: 'I just want to finish this and leave.' Tensions were settling, and everything was becoming routine. The Elf Paladin hadn't done anything out of the ordinary, at least not yet, and so there were fewer and fewer orders going out. Nothing new to direct, just the damage dealers getting their hits in until she died or something came to throw them off their guard again. 'God, I sure hope not.' She grit her teeth as she pulled her axe over her shoulder. Teion ran forward, expending another sizable portion of her energy while the blade behind her began to glow. She swung down, rolling her shoulder and pulling down on the handle to draw the darkened axe across Evahira's shield. It dug in deep, and the orange tendrils that ran along the cracked surface of her weapon flared with a dark energy that made the markings look almost molten across the blade. She huffed as she dashed back to a healthy distance. "Almost there." She muttered. Teion's Action Player Stats
  11. Teion felt a lump in her throat when she tried to swallow past it. She didn't want to see the cold stare Aereth was offering her. The words that he spared for her left her angry, but more than that she was frustrated. She didn't want to admit that he had a point--that this was a conversation better saved for a different time and place. But regardless of whether or not he was right to remind her of that, just the way that he addressed her made her chest hurt. "Fine. I won't bother you anymore." Right when she felt the hot sting of tears at the corners of her eyes and her teeth began to dig into the skin of her bottom lip, she forced her legs to move. Aereth and Teion parted ways, the brunette hurrying to defend his orange-marked comrade and the violette clutching the handle of her axe so tightly she thought the skin of her knuckles might split with a bright red gash. She held back the tears. Was it worth it? Risking her life to push the game forward, throwing herself into the fire with not only the bosses both humanoid and monstrous, but also the frontliners whose blood was quick to boil. She thought for a moment how much happier she might be spending her days elsewhere. If she forfeit control over her own fate--if she resigned herself to a limited life in Aincrad with the people she'd come to know and love, would she be happy? Happier than struggling for however many more months, years, that it would take to get her real body back? She brought the blade of her obsidian axe down into Isaxi's shoulder without thinking about it. She was practically on autopilot for the duration of her empowered attack, and for several seconds later. She backed away, taking the weight of her massive weapon in one hand while her other curled and lifted to hide her mouth behind it while she choked back the emotion. This fight couldn't be over soon enough. Teion's Action Player Stats
  12. Teion

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    Ryo's words of encouragement prompted a smile to appear on her face, and she let out a small chuckle as she recovered from the emotional release. She gave his hand a squeeze, and nodded. "Right, let's." Before Teion had the chance to wipe her cheek with her free hand and banish the last of the stains that the tears had left on them, she felt a sensation much like a scrap of fine sandpaper drawing up along the skin on her face. She didn't know what was more unsettling--the feeling itself, or the odd familiarity of it. A chill ran up her spine. Teion's eyes widened and a tiny, instinctual squeal sounded from her throat as she jumped. She moved even closer to Ryo, pressing herself against his frame and wrapping her arms behind his neck. As she turned to look over her shoulder to find what had so abruptly invaded her personal space, the only thing missing from the reaction was Teion's legs in his arms for him to be holding her bridal-style. Having hopped from his perch, a set of five ruby-red eyes blinked back up at her, the same shadowy cat that had snuck up on her in the same manner back on the fourteenth floor. "Nngah! Wait, you--What the hell are you doing here?" She demanded of the familiar, her shoulders relaxing slightly as she recognized the creature. Jinx's ears turned back, his mouth stretching into a wide yawn. Teion bent down, her fingers passing harmlessly through the thin, bright red runic symbols that hovered around his solid black fur to grab the scruff of his neck. She cast a glance back to Ryo and quickly took note of his expression, her lips pressing together as she realized an explanation was in order. "Oh, uhm. It followed me and Hestia like...what, a month ago?" The realization of her own words caused her to turn her head back to the demonic cat still in her grasp. "Have you been here the whole time?!" With a shake of her head, Teion released the cat and slid her hand down Ryo's arm to find his hand again. Her fingers shifted to slide them past the space between his. Left at her feet, the cat gave a quick shake of his head and rubbed up against her leg, flicking his tail through the air and walking over to the man beside her and doing the same. Teion's eyes had just settled on the air vent where Ryo had entered the attic from, thinking that to be their best means of getting out and finding their friends. But before they'd left to search, Teion's eyes widened in sudden remembrance. "Wait, oh my God, Noot. Noot was here with me!" Her head turned to the rest of the largely-empty attic, scanning and straining against the darkness for the little penguin. "One of the shadows took him from me... Oh, no." She tensed up. In losing the makeshift lifeline to her friend, she'd lost what was essentially his child. Unlike the indifferent cat at her feet, all she could imagine was the helpless baby Noot, alone and terrified.
  13. "And maybe you should stop addressing everyone else like they're beneath you!" The words that slipped out matched Aereth's volume and temper, and for the moment after they left her, Teion felt a chill of regret. The feeling when you said something that you know you shouldn't have. But it was far too late to take it back, and the look of disgust cemented in Aereth's expression was too challenging to ignore. The grip on the handle of the axe that she held on an angle in front of her tightened, and she welled every ounce of courage she could find. She took a few steps forward. A handful of strides was all it took to bring herself close enough to him and make herself heard without projecting to the room as a whole. "Look, I don't know where we stand anymore, and I for one would love to find out." Though her choice of words might imply it, there was no sarcasm to be found in her tone. "But I'd appreciate if you didn't insult me or my friends for showing some basic decency." Teion released the grip of her right hand, letting the weight of her axe's head swing down in front of her. In one smooth motion, she drove the top of her weapon into the ground, cracking the smooth tiles beside her feet with the weight and force behind it. "Empathy and compassion are not stupidity." She stated firmly. "If anyone here was set on letting their emotions get them killed, I don't think they'd have made it this far. I know you think it's you against the world, but have a little faith in the rest of us, won't you?" With that, she felt the fingers of her free hand, hanging at her side, trembling softly. She reversed her hold on the polearm standing beside her with the other, hefting the large axe back up as she pivoted to face the rest of the Council. Just that short confrontation had drained her, but she paused before passing Aereth by completely. Lowering her voice, she kept her eyes straight ahead. "There's a lot to talk about, and I'm ready for it now. But if you'd rather I f*ck off, I get it. Just, let me know, so I stop trying. Please." Teion's Action Players' Stats
  14. Teion

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    The attic grew quiet within seconds. The light that seeped through from the opened air vent was dim in the large space, but it was enough to quell Teion's fear. Her heavy breathing, paired with Ryo's, was all that was left to fill the silence, and the sense that they were finally left alone washed over her. Teion's eyes found him, and her chest tightened as if she could feel her heart squeezing and squirming inside of it. She stopped for a moment, expression mixed and fresh tears threatening the corners of her eyes while the stains on her cheeks hadn't yet fully dried. It was over, but it wasn't. An overwhelming anxiety gripped at her, and she could practically feel her stomach turn as her mind played back what the shadows had shown her. Was any of it real? The creature that followed Ryo here to the attic, what was left of its human face--it was that woman. In seconds, she realized how little she knew about the man standing across from her. The pieces of themselves that they didn't want to share. The worst sides of themselves that, in one way or another, still threatened to torment them. Then she recalled the dagger as it ran him through. The haunting cries of pain as blood soaked into the carpet below. And her legs moved on their own, carrying her to him. Teion threw her arms around Ryo's shoulders, holding him tightly as if to assure herself that he wouldn't disappear into the shadows as well. Her frame shuddered slightly as she cried, burying her face against Ryo's neck. "God, are--are you okay?" She pulled away after a short while, just enough for her hands to pull forward and palms to rest on either side of his face. Her blue eyes locked with his gold, and she left just enough time for him to give her an answer before pulling his face closer. She locked her lips with his for several long seconds before allowing herself to pull away, her movements slower and less desperate once she'd found the solace of his presence.