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  1. A deep breath in, and a steady breath out. Things were going just fine, Teion told herself. Besides the ocassional clash between other DPS-roles and one member of the Elven party, there wasn't much damage going out. And it certainly didn't seem to be anything the healers of the raid couldn't handle. Macradon shot out more orders--now they were to focus on the cutlass user who dashed through the battlefield, picking on whoever he saw fit. 'But why?' She couldn't help but internally groan. Some other players had tried going for the little robed one--the healer. But hardly anyone else had followed suit to focus him, and the child was back up to full just as quickly. Teion's brows narrowed. She didn't like the discord, but she could hardly argue. Things were going just fine, after all. Gripping the handle of her axe in front of her, her shoulders dropped, and she overheard Domarus' reply to their red-and-white party leader. "Yeah, same." She said in a small voice, hardly audible over the clashes of battle. She assumed Aereth's katana exceled in single-target damage, but the brunette seemed to be struggling to land a solid blow. If they were on better terms, Teion might have laughed. Nudged his arm, and teased him. But the thought alone sent a pang of anxiety shooting through her, and her chest tightened. She shook her head. The time for desperate attempts at repairing relationships and rebuilding burnt bridges was any but now. She readied herself, dragging the sole of her boot a few inches across the stone beneath her before rushing forward for another set of wide, sweeping attacks. Teion's Actions Player Stats
  2. Teion

    [PP-F6] Coming to Terms (Teion)

    Ryo's startled reaction chained to Teion, and she tensed up while her eyes fell on the cackling old woman. "Glinda?" Teion repeated, a brow cocking while she wore a half-amused smirk. "Well, good call on the Witch Hut." She gave Ryo's hand a tiny squeeze and looked everything over again. She watched as the NPC emptied an unmarked vial into a bubbling cauldron, making a face a moment later when she had leaned in just close enough to glimpse at the questionable concoction she stirred. "Familiars?" Once again, she echoed, frowning with curiosity. She'd seen more than a handful of the creatures--tamed beasts following players around. Most of them seemed to give some sort of edge in combat, and a lot of people seemed to be keen on having some sort of companion besides. Teion's head tilted a couple of inches to one side. "Ah, yeah, you can get one of them just about anywhere, right?" The question was rhetorical, but then she turned her attention back to Ryo with one that would have expected an answer. "I dunno about the whole famous witch thing, but," She shrugged, "You want one?" A thought was quick to enter Teion's mind, and she fought off a laugh a second later. Just imagining some kind of house-pet bothering Pennyworth was terribly amusing.
  3. Teion

    [F7/F5] Blacksmithing Nightmare

    With the soft notes of Hestia's guitar serving as background music to the clangs of Teion's hammer striking hot metal, the smith had forgotten how much she missed the tune of an instrument. Back home she almost always had a pair of earbuds on whenever she left her apartment, and her playlists were often what got her through the workday. In Aincrad, that was just one of many ways daily life changed, and she suddenly felt a touch of envy at those who had chosen the Performer profession. Try as she might, she never kept up with the few instruments she learned how to play, and so the thought hadn't struck her any further in the virtual world. But now, listening to Hestia's strumming as she worked, she felt the desire to stop at a Performer's shop--maybe even inquire with the plate-wearer herself--for a few crystals she might be able to use to fill the silence. Though, knowing her, she'd probably make an unhealthy habit of collecting them once she'd started. The day continued to pass, and eventually with the help of a couple more trinkets from Hestia's own inventory, the items she had requested were complete and up to par. After setting down her tools and handing over the last piece of equipment, Teion brought up a hand to wipe across her brow. She had been less than satisfied with a lot of her attempts, and she'd likely be leaving her forge alone for the next couple of days if for no other reason than the lingering frustration of sub-optimal work. Well, there we go. Hope you get some good use out of it before you get another idea to change your whole build around." Teion teased with a light smirk. Thread Complete! Teion: +1 SP, +200 col Hestia: +1 SP, +200 col
  4. Teion

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    Teion's boots scraped against the floor. She writhed and wriggled, trying desperately to free herself. Grunts of effort mixed with cries and screams as she begged for it all to stop. She was trembling, her body shuddering as she fought against not only the force that held her to the floor, but also the crushing weight that suffocated her heart and mind, telling her to give up. "After all, do you really think you could keep going if you lost another one?" The whisper was back, tickling at her ear. If she stopped fighting, it might hurt less. If she just submitted, maybe it would get bored. Maybe it would finally just kill her. A loud bang cut through the stale attic air, and a familiar voice called out after the sounds of another scuffle with the crash of furniture slamming into the ground and breaking. Dim light spilled in front the vent that Ryo had burst through, illuminating just enough of the attic for Teion to see the two forms that had joined her. "R-Ryo...?" Her voice was rough and weak, and full of disbelief besides. The woman's head turned, her cheek pressing against the dusty floorboards as she blinked through the tears to see what looked like Ryo standing across from...something. Was it a person, or a monster? She couldn't make sense of anything anymore. But its words reached her ears, followed by Ryo's shaky denials against it. Her eyes went wide again, forced again to listen as her precious person was tormented in front of her. A spark ignited inside of her. Teion grit her teeth hard, leaning her right shoulder forward to drive it against the attic floor. It didn't matter what was real or fake anymore. Anyone--anything--that dared to hurt him could rot in the deepest level of hell. She slid her knees against the ground, bringing them closer to her. The hand that had been pinned under her slipped away, finding the back of her head and grasping at the shadowy hand that gripped her hair, digging her nails into the half-solid substance. She jerked her body suddenly, twisting to try and turn herself over, but the hold on her other wrist yanked upwards to twist her arm and she was slammed back into the attic floor. A tiny cry escaped her, but the sound was quickly followed by a different screech from immediately behind her. The hold on her vanished, the creature receding in a hurry, and Teion's eyes blinked open to meet a set of five bright red eyes, staring at something over her. "What is that!? That--demon is not ours! You--" The shadowy monster was appalled by the familiar sitting beside Teion, but she had been given the window of opportunity that she had been fighting for. She pushed to her feet, breaking out into a run. She shot for the half-woman that laughed, sneered, and taunted Ryo, turning her torso to slam her shoulder into the figure. She shoved her aside as hard as she could manage, taking the few steps until her back crashed into the attic wall. Teion shifted, her hand finding the woman's throat as she was driven well past her breaking point. She stared daggers into its monstrous face, hot tears still streaming down her cheeks. "Stay away from him." She growled, filled with rage, hurt, and a fierce sense of protection. Her grip tightened, and she pulled the monster forward just to shove her back against the wall with another thud. "Just leave him alone! F*ck your games, f*ck your mansion, f*ck your stupid kid!" She shouted. "I'm not letting you, or anyone else f*ck this up!" Her body shuddered as the adrenaline that had shot through her had run its course. Her anger was giving way to fear. Her heart pounded and her breathing was short.
  5. Teion

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    Teion made another face as the child's demeanor turned from calm and innocent to unwieldy and violent. She exchanged another quick glance with Jevi as she hurriedly scooped Noot up in her arms once the little penguin had escaped the boy's clutches. "Yeah, I'm cool with that." She said, the higher pitch of her voice indicating that she was about as done with this place as the brunette. She flinched as the screeching of shadows filled the room and pierced their ears, threatening them for even associating with the child. Glad to oblige the demon's request, Teion's eyes widened as the many dolls fell to the floor, their bodies beginning to twitch and contract as new life filled them. "Okay yeah, no, run." She took more urgency in Jevi's suggestion, turning and bolting for the door. The dolls were alarmingly fast once they found their way to their feet, chasing the women out of the room. Darting down the hall, Teion's heart pounded inside of her chest as she worked to find an escape. Her efforts were too quickly and too conveniently rewarded as she spotted a narrow staircase lowered from the ceiling, but with a small army of murder toys scrambling across the floor behind her, she had little choice. Hurrying up the stairs, a wave of regret was quick to wash over her as the stairway to the attic folded back up and snapped shut behind her. "Wait--Sh*t!" She cursed after turning to kneel back down to the locked entrance. With one arm holding Noot close, her hand shot out to blindly press against the dirty floorboards. Everything went quiet, and Noot's small cries were the only thing to mix with Teion's heavy breathing. Anxiety filled her frozen frame, wide eyes darting as they desperately tried to make something out in the darkness. "No, God no, why do I have to get stuck here of all places..." She whispered. "My, oh my, this sweet little girl is filled to the brim with so many delicious fears." Another voice cut through the silence to shoot a fresh wave of fear through Teion. She turned, unable to get herself to move any further. "What is it about the dark that you hate so much, hmm? I quite like it, you know. Plenty of places to hide..." It was as if the voice was moving throughout the room, but it carried neither footsteps nor wind as it circled around her. Teion felt something brush against the bare skin of her shoulder, and she let out a short scream as she pushed away, crashing into the floor with the sudden movement. Had she imagined it? She wasn't sure. Her breath grew shaky as the disembodied voice continued to taunt her. "Oh, but there's so much more that your afraid of. This is just...child's play." It sneered, a sadistic chuckle filling the air. She pushed herself back up to her knees with one trembling hand. But no sooner had she shifted her body than a tight grip took hold of her left wrist, causing Teion to wince in discomfort. Her arm was lifted, and she was yanked first to her feet, then forward. Though she couldn't see, she felt a presence looming over her, and the smell of stale alcohol burned her nostrils. A chill ran up her spine as a terrifying memory was recreated. Teion pulled against the figure's hold, but it held a vice grip on her to keep her in place. "No--f*ck, let--let go of me!" Her broken shouts were scared and desperate. Rather than accomodate her plea, the hold on her wrist turned to wrench her arm. She winced, her body easily giving way as the figure turned her around and bent her elbow to hold her wrist against her back. The feeling of fingers wrapping around her opposite arm caused Teion to jerk again, to no avail. Suddenly, the form of the small penguin in her hold vanished, as if Noot had been plucked away from her grasp. Her eyes widened again, and a new ripple of panic filled her. "Noot? Noot, give him back!" She reached out to grope at the darkness as she pulled forward, but she was quickly punished for the outburst as what felt like a hand took hold of the back of her head. Between the force pushing down on her and another wrench on her arm, Teion was forced to her knees, her forehead hitting the floor. Grimacing, her eyes opened. She had expected to see nothing, but instead her vision was greeted by a snippet of what she could only assume was the lower floor. She barely recognized the mansion's elaborate hall, but what held her attention was the two figures standing before her. Ryo stood, with his back against the wall, facing a woman with pale maroon hair spilling over her shoulders. Her hands ran over him, fingers tracing over his chest, past his shoulders as she drew herself closer to him until their bodies were practically pressing against one another. Teion's brows narrowed, turned, and her eyes searched the scene she was shown. What was going on? Who was that woman, and what was she doing? What was Ryo doing? She watched as the stranger leaned in further, bringing her lips to his ear. She whispered something, and a second later her lips pressed against his. Teion felt her stomach turn. Tears began to well at the corners of her eyes, and a heavy lump formed in her throat that prevented any sound from escaping her. She bit down on her lip. Would Ryo push her away? Would he be angry? She felt her chest tightening, her heart contorting inside of it as she watched his hands slide around her waist. Teion choked, the first droplets falling as she weakly struggled against the grips that held her down. "Aww, what's the matter, sweetie?" The voice was back to taunt her. "You thought it was that simple? Did you think you'd really found 'the one'?" Sarcasm dripped from its words. "You forgot how damaged you are. There isn't enough patience in this world to deal with all of your...issues." The voice suddenly pulled itself closer, until it was whispering beside her ear. "Your jealousy. Your insecurity. Your insufferable need for validation." Teion wrenched her eyes shut. She couldn't take it anymore, she couldn't watch this, she couldn't listen to this. But the sound of something else below her sent another chill down her spine, and her eyes flew open once more. Ryo grunted in pain before coughing, droplets of blood dotting the hall carpet. At his side, the woman clutched the hilt of a dagger she had driven into him, holding it steady for a long moment before she would tear it away. Another scream of pain as the wound opened, and Ryo fell to his knees. Teion's blood ran cold, and she began to struggle again. "Ryo... No!" She grit her teeth. The woman knelt over him, stopping a moment. Was she taunting him? She twirled the dagger in her hand before bringing its sharpened tip to the back of his far shoulder. She pressed it against him, burying the edge into his skin and dragging, slowly, across the width of his back. Tortured screams reached her ears again, and the tears flowed freely. "Ryo! Leave him alone! You b*tch!" She yelled, writhing and fighting against the forces that held her down. Her sobs mixed with grunts of effort and frustration, turning to cries and screams as she was held, made to watch her love's torture while the life slowly drained from him.
  6. Teion

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    Jevi's light-hearted approach to the situation did well to keep Teion at ease. Or at least, kept her from being any more jumpy after she had entered the room. She brought up a hand to the back of her neck while her head tilted to one side, feeling a bit flustered now. Alone, in a creepy children's room with a near-stranger nestled cozily in the corner of a massive mansion that was positively out to kill them and all of their friends. She frowned when Jevi confirmed that Ryo was gone, but at least she confirmed his safety after the two had been dragged away by the possessed plantlife. She sighed lightly, dropping her hand back to her side when Jevi's demeanor changed, offering her an apology for the rough treatment she had used to get her away from the demented vines earlier. Now it was Teion's turn to chuckle. "Hey, you did what you had to do." Her way of telling the other blacksmith not to worry about the exchange. "Oh, uhm," Teion was about to explain what she meant by her odd question, but a tiny voice interrupted her thoughts. She blinked, caught completely off-guard by the small frame of a child that now stood before them. She made a face, stealing a concerned glance towards Jevi when all attention was drawn toward the penguin familiar. Teion tensed up, wanting to stop Noot from getting close to the strange child, but her hands stopped after they had picked up in front of her when the little Noot took the initiative to show the boy affection. Her lips pursed, uncertainty filling her as she was suddenly at a loss. The boy's whole story was unnerving, but he himself didn't seem to be a threat. "Uhm, uhh. About that..." She took slow, hesitant steps forward, kneeling down and holding her hands out to invite Noot back to her. "We're trying to find his dad right now, so I can't leave him here, sorry." She feared that the boy might fuss, or start crying at the thought of having a potential 'toy' taken away from him.
  7. Teion

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    The tiny, wooden creaking noises fell into a pattern once Noot got the hang of swaying his little body back and forth to move the toy, and as a result Teion naturally blocked the sound out. She was too fixated on other things in the room: the trinkets and decor that laid about, and most notable the intricately-crafted dolls that sat upon their bookcase. Her fingers reached out, moving to take the edge of a tiny dress between them to stroke the fabric, when the sound of a sigh spilling into the air behind her caused the woman to jump with a start. Teion spun around, shoulders pressing up against the shelves and eyes wide as she didn't know what to expect. What had snuck up behind her? Another shadowy creature, or some other monster? What malicious thing stood in the doorway to block her escape? But rather than some evil fiend out to bring her harm, Teion met eyes with the taller, tanned woman on the other side of the room. She took a second for the panic to fade, and she let out a sigh of her own. "Good lord, you scared me..." She mumbled as the tension drained. Suddenly memory and realization replaced it, and her eyes darted to Jevi's sides, and over her shoulder. The brunette looked unharmed. Maybe shaken up a bit, just like the rest of them surely were at this point, but she wasn't hurt. "Where's Ryo? Is he with you?" She questioned. Then another memory kicked in. She saw others on this floor, split between this room and another, but they managed to vanish into thin air. Teion's brows narrowed, suddenly filled with suspicion at the woman's legitimacy. "And...dumb question, but are you real?"
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    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    Teion climbed the rest of the tall staircase slowly, with a new sense of caution. The impact of the statue slamming into her back had knocked more than a few health points off of her, and so the threat of danger felt all the more real. Noot's distressed cries and whimpers had her petting the penguin's feathered head as she held him close to her chest, trying to soothe the small animal as she kept her eyes open and alert. "Shhh, it's okay Little Noot. We'll find your dad and get out of here." She said in a soft voice as she reached the top of the wide staircase. "As long as you're still here..." She muttered. Noot's existence in her arms was enough to convince Teion that Spencer was still alive. As much as she hated to think of the little penguin as a lifeline to her friend, she continued to hold him tightly as such. Her head turned to the right. Immediately, she spotted a group of players at the far end of the hall. Breaking off from the group, the ends of the sister's blonde hair disappeared through an open door, with the familiar frame of Hestia following after. "Ah, hey!" She called out too late, with only the sound of the bedroom door swinging shut to answer her. Teion frowned in dissatisfaction, but carried herself down the hall to reach the rest of the players. She felt a chill running down her spine when a figure passed by her left at that same moment, and the woman froze in place. A shadowy body, wearing an eerie golden grin with the shape of upturned eyes that seemed to sparkle with menacing delight. It turned as it walked past her, giving Teion a wave and bringing a finger in front of its mouth, motioning for her to keep quiet while it walked towards her friends. The group had just pushed open another door sitting at the end of the hall, and the shadowy monster rapidly picked up its pace as they filed in. "W-wait!" She found her voice, breaking out into a run after the shadow began to charge for the door as it swung shut. Before the latch had sounded its click, the shadow's form distorted, turning into a dark mass that threw itself against the wood and crawled inside, slinking past the barrier before slamming the door shut. Teion reached it seconds later, clutching Noot in her left arm and reaching out to throw the door back open with her right. Panicked, the woman barged into the room, only to find... Nobody. The large bedroom she had entered was silent, devoid of any life she could see and absent of both the players and shadowy monster she had seen enter. Teion blinked in disbelief, her brows narrowed in confusion as she caught her breath from her sudden sprint. Her free hand moved slowly back to the penguin in her arms, cradling him again while she took slow, cautious steps forward. Bright pastels colored the walls, with paper cut-outs of flowers and charming insects hanging by thin wires from the ceiling on the other end of the room. Every piece of decor that her eyes ran over, from an over-sized chest full of toys to the massive bookcase housing an impressive number of hand-painted porcelain dolls, screamed that the room was designed for a child. If her adrenaline hadn't still been running high, she might have been more impressed. She took slow steps across the carpeted floor, her attention only caught when the little familiar in her grasp between to wiggle and squirm. "Hm?" She looked down to see Noot fixated on something in the corner of the room, his little wings flapping as he waved towards it. She cocked a brow, spotting the lacquered wooden horse. The corner of her mouth turned up slightly, and she walked over to set Noot on its painted saddle. The baby penguin chirped excitedly, using all of his little body's weight to push the rocking horse into motion. Teion chuckled, leaving him be for a moment and turning her attention to the side, focusing back on the wide bookcase that reached to the tall ceiling. She stared, eyes running across each of the intricate dolls. They were beautiful, she thought. Obviously cared for by hand rather than manufactured en masse, she began to wonder if their clothes were so thoughtfully stitched as well. She reached out a hand, hesitantly moving to try and feel the fabric of one doll's sky-blue dress.
  9. Teion took a moment to process, rubbing at her temple with her free hand. So, everyone else was gone. Attacked, or splitting off to find their way out of this madhouse. Feeling and registering the unfamiliar weight of the katana her right hand still clutched, she frowned and opened her menus. The weapon's sheathe was surely still sitting on Ryo's belt, and she preferred not to occupy a hand while she searched for its owner. With the katana safely stored away, Teion begrudgingly nodded, going over Kairi's suggestion once more in her head. "Yeah, not bad. Not like we have much of a choice, and I'm sure as hell not standing around down here." She sighed in residual frustration at the mess they had all found themselves in. "What was your name? Sorry, I'm Teion." She sloppily introduced herself, bringing a hand up to the back of her neck as she tilted her head to one side. "I'm not actually in your guild, but I'm, uhh. Friendly with a few of them." With the situation pressing, she kept things short and sweet. Her head moved to motion Kairi up the stairs, where she understood some of the others had willingly gone. "Anyway yeah, go ahead. If they stayed as a group those four should be easier to find." She waited until Kairi had disappeared up the main staircase. Painfully long seconds, while she wanted to march up the stairs past her to find Ryo. But first, she wanted to be alone. Just for a moment. When Kairi's footsteps disappeared and a silence settled over the foyer, Teion too two long strides to her right and brought her left knee up. In a fit of anger, the woman delivered a heavy roundhouse kick to the side of a bookcase, the front of her boot slamming into the dark oak surface with a loud thud. As expected, her outburst was rewarded only with the purple dialogue window to inform her that the object was Immortal, but there was another sound that reached her ears. A small "Noot!" that sounded positively frightened. Teion's eyes widened, her temper immediately draining when they landed on the trembling baby penguin, cowering in the corner beside the bookcase. "Oh my God, Little Noot," She knelt down and carefully reached out to the scared familiar, scooping him up in her arms and holding him close to her chest. "Ahh, did you get separated from Spencer?" Her brows knit with concern, and she frowned, looking back to the staircase over her shoulder. "Right, well. We'll find your dad soon, don't worry." She ran her fingers over the feathers atop his head to try and soothe him. With a baby familiar in tow, Teion made for the stairs. She hadn't made it more than two, however, when a clicking sound caught her attention. Teion turned, glancing over her shoulder to catch sight of a marbled bust swinging towards her. Teion tensed up, and she felt herself freeze up for far too long. She didn't have the agility to sidestep its path. Tightening her hold on Noot, she turned her back and the force of the trap collided with her avatar, easily knocking the woman over into the stairs. She twisted her torso, letting her shoulder slam into the staggered wood as she let out a short, involuntary cry at the chained impacts. With her body half-curled against the stairs as the statue slowly moved back into place in the center of the foyer, Teion panted lightly. She picked herself up slowly, thankful for the lack of pain receptors her body possessed. "You okay, buddy?" She made sure the penguin that clung to her was unharmed before she would push forward.
  10. "Hm?" Teion had just turned her eyes towards the distressed sound of Ryo's voice when the vine that the thorn she had been prodding belonged to flicked outwards, snapping around her wrist. She instinctively pulled back, and Ryo's katana was quick to slice through the outstretched appendage, freeing her as the severed vine writhed and dropped to the ground where it promptly shriveled into a lifeless mass. She took steps back as Ryo commanded them to flee to the mansion, as if it were any safer inside its walls than out. Then again, with more and more of the plants springing to life around them, it certainly didn't sound like a bad idea. Teion's right arm reached behind her, but where she intended to grab at the handled of her obsidian-toned battleaxe, her fingers groped at empty air. A moment of realization, and she cursed under her breath. As bulky as her weapon of choice was, she had banished her equipment to her inventory in favor of more comfortable clothing. Save for the silver, crescent-shaped hairpin sitting above her right temple, everything she had on her was basic and void of combat statistics. Then, without warning, a force slammed into her shoulder that threw her to the side. She hadn't even seen the set of vines that were shooting for her, now wrapping around Ryo in her place. But as she pushed herself up on her side to see the man entangled, Teion's eyes widened and a ripple of panic shot through her. "Ryo!" She called out his name. Just as she picked herself up to rush forward, he was dragged away from her. And then another figure yanked at her, one she had hardly registered until now. Without time to question Jevi's presence or identity, the strength of the woman's grip didn't allow for Teion's protests despite how strongly her instincts told her to try to pry herself away. Along the way, the glint of Gin Kin's steel caught her eye. Before they had abandoned the curved blade, Teion grabbed onto the wrapped hilt to pull it free from the earth. She finally got a moment to breathe, but no more than that, when the pair paused at the steps leading up to the mansion's entryway. Jevi offered her reassurance, or at least tried to, when she was silenced by their attackers. Teion bristled with a mixture of aggression and renewed panic, but before she could take any action to free the other blacksmith, the flat of Jevi's foot drove square into her torso. Knocked completely off balance, Teion fell backwards onto the wooden planks of the foyer. The woman tumbled, the momentum carrying her legs over her head until she had completed a very uncomfortable reverse-somersault, her knees crashing into the floor with a thud right before she let out a low groan. Her shoulder hugged the floor until she pushed herself up, taking a moment to regain her bearings and rid her head of the sudden dizziness. "Ryo... Ryo!" She mumbled, then called out his name again as she darted back to the doorway. The right side of her body pressed up against the doorframe as she leaned against it, her opposite hand curled into a fist that gave a frustrated strike against the wood as she scowled. The vines still lurked among the front of the house, as if daring her to step outside. Cobalt eyes followed several of its tendrils retreating upwards, past the banisters that stood in front of the door. She growled. "Like hell I'm letting some sh*tty haunted house take him away from me." The words were hissed under her breath. Turning back to the foyer, she finally stopped to take everything in. But, where was everyone? The girl with brown pigtails was the only player in sight, defensively wielding the large blade of a broadsword in both hands. Another person she didn't know, to be expected of an outing for a guild she was not a part of. "Err... What happened?" She asked hesitantly.
  11. A moment of tension was interrupted when Spencer's arms wrapped around the two players, bringing them all together in a tight hug. Teion chuckled, surprised but relieved at his unenthusiastic response, only hoping that the man wasn't forcing his happiness, using it as a mask to hide any sense of disappointment or heartbreak from them. Or at least, not too much. "Heh, thanks Spencer." She smiled before he had released them, bringing her free hand up to quickly return the impromptu embrace before he pulled away and back to the task at hand: trying to warn Hestia of the potential dangers the mansion before them surely held. Teion cocked a brow when the mood shifted. Everything from the glimpse of the mansion's interior to the foliage surrounding it grew sinister, and she tilted herself to the side just slightly with the sound of some commotion coming from inside. "Mmm, is it even worth it though?" She mumbled to herself with a frown, oblivious to the disappearance of her friend past the doorway in the distance. She turned her head from side to side, choosing to give the surrounding area her attention instead. The brush was thorny and overgrown to serve as a blockade around the perimeter, and Teion wondered if they might be able to just cut through it and leave. She gave Ryo's hand a quick squeeze before loosening her grip and pulling away to investigate. Teion walked back the way they'd came, only taking a few paces before coming up on a thick patch of thorned vines and cracked branches. She reached out, lightly pressing her fingertip against the point of one of the massive barbs until Cardinal shot a tingling sensation up the nerves of her hand to register a hint of damage. She pulled away, giving her hand a shake. "Alright, not just for show then.
  12. "So, you said Spencer invited you to this meetup thing? And, you're sure it's cool if I just show up?" Teion walked hand-in-hand with Ryo until they had made their way to Urbus. It had been a month since Teion's confession, and only a couple of weeks since she could finally start calling herself a frontliner. The last time she had seen most, if not all of the member of the Holy Dragon Alliance that she was acquainted with had been at Ryo's mansion on Valentine's Day, and she had been scarce to all but a couple of the players there that night. When the couple met up with the others, it finally dawned on her. She hadn't spoken a word to any of them about their new relationship. Her lips pursed, and she met eyes with the person whom the news mattered to the most, at least by her complex friendship with him. She looked to Spencer, picking up bother hers and Ryo's hand in between them to flash the sandy blonde their interlocked fingers. "Hey, uhm. So I did the thing." She stated flatly with a crooked smile, hoping if nothing else that Spencer might be pleased that she took his encouragement to heart. During their little reunion, Teion gave most of her attention to the tiny penguin that had run up to her feet. "Hey there, Little Noot." She greeted the familiar, letting her hand slip away from Ryo's in order to scoop Noot up into her arms. She cradled him in her left while she quickly moved to her menus with the other, retrieving something from her inventory. The bright-green slice of what must have been a very large kiwi appeared between her fingers, and she offered it to the penguin, immediately babying and spoiling him like the extended 'family' that she had accepted to be. Following Spencer and the rest, Teion kept to herself as she listened to the stories of the guild's founding. She was the outsider here, but her bonds were strong enough with many of the Alliance that she felt comfortable enough in their company. Her eyes would land on the positively massive structure of the renewed mansion once they'd reached a break in the woods, and she stood frowning at it. Spotting Hestia welcoming the lure of adventure, her head tilted to one side. "Uhh. So did you at least find anything good in it last time?" She asked, as if weighing the potential worth of investigating what Spencer had mainly described as a giant death trap.
  13. Teion's hands gripped at the handle of her charcoal-colored battle axe until her knuckles had begun to turn white in contrast. This wasn't her first time in a boss room, but her nerves were running wild as they threatened to tear the woman apart. She swallowed as the battle broke out. 'I have a teleport crystal, just in case.' She reminded herself, trying to talk herself down before she would be expected to join the fray. 'It'll be just like the last time, just hit them hard, and you can go home. You have someone to come back to now.' She drew in a deep breath, letting the air out through past her lips as her eyes then darted to the players on either side of her. Two groups had already sprung into action. The third were moving in, trying to adapt while they fought to whittle down one of the Council member's health. As the last party, they had the most time to observe, to plan. The fight that unfolded before her, the movements and abilities of each of the Dark Elves that comprised the floor boss--they fascinated her. She was immediately reminded of a more complex raid boss in one of the games she used to play back home. A 'council' of three targets rather than five, but each with their own moves, health, and so on. She spent so much of the little time she had admiring the detail and trying to pick apart which few mechanics she caught sight of thus far, that her turn to act was rapidly approaching. Teion chewed on the inside of her cheek. What should she do? Clearly the little one in the back was serving as some kind of supporter, but the one with the dagger had already sustained so much damage. Should they keep trying to burst that one down? Her area attacks were stronger than her single-target moves, but would it be a waste? Zandra's attack seemed to be shrugged off in a matter of seconds. Thankfully, before Teion's wild, anxious mind had spiraled completely out of control, a voice spoke up beside her. She was receiving instructions, and although it wasn't from the person who was designated her team's leader, she was glad for them. She nodded to the red-headed stranger, dismissing the shakiness from her voice before responding. "Right, yeah." Moments later, the man clad in red and white armor addressed not just them, but the entirety of the raid. Just before she would dart forward, she blinked and a look of mild confusion crossed over her expression. "Rori? Does that mean we drop progress on Ratar, and still ignore the support?" She was mumbling to herself, words too soft to be heard over the clash of battle, and not looking for an answer besides. Macradon's plan wasn't inherently bad, and she couldn't say any that she would concoct would be any better. Her eyes ran back over the targets available to her. With another deep breath, Teion renewed the vice grip on her axe, and charged forward. Teion's Action Players' Stats
  14. Teion

    [PP-F6] Coming to Terms (Teion)

    Teion felt a ripple of relief run through her with their heartfelt exchange. She felt more relaxed after speaking honestly with him, and she was thankful that he felt comfortable telling her something in the same vein. A small smile grew on her lips, and his last statement resonated with her, resulting in a nod. "Mm, yeah. That's not such a bad thing." Her eyes flickered up, away from the dirt and roots below and to the scenery that lay ahead. For a moment, she was surprised they had arrived anywhere--the fact that Ryo had kept them on whatever course he originally set off on was almost unexpected with how distracted and frazzled her mind had been since they set off. She stopped a moment, taking in the sight with a small tilt of her head. Blue eyes ran over the quiet hut nestled in the jungle, the fire that crackled with life, and settled on the mysterious cauldron that seemed to float above it, as if she wasn't sure if they were playing tricks on her. "Huh. Looks...spooky enough." She remarked, still thinking it wasn't the best choice of words. Her fingertips pressed into the hem of her long sleeves. A thought crossed her mind--an action the two weren't strangers to, but one that held a slightly different meaning now. Welling up a bit more courage, she reached out while keeping her sights set forward and her right hand found Ryo's left. Despite the man's caution towards their surroundings, she curled her fingers around the side of his palm and moved forward, gently pulling him along. "Yeah, let's take a look. A little adventure sounds fun right about now." She commented with another small smile.
  15. Teion

    [PP-F6] Coming to Terms (Teion)

    She still couldn't remove the smile from her face, and so with her eyes back to the ground in front of her feet she took a mental step back to enjoy the overwhelming giddiness that continued to fill her. She stole glances to her side again when Ryo caught up to her, but the sound of her name spoken in his voice had them snap back down as her face flushed again. 'God, we must look so dumb.' She thought, holding in a chuckle. Two flustered young people with feelings for each other that they didn't know what to do with. When he shared his name with her in return, Teion finally let out the small laugh. She was a little surprised to know that his username was so close to the one he had in the real world, but then again, that eased her mind. It made calling him Ryo feel a bit more natural, like it wasn't actually just some alias in reference to the person he originally wanted to be when he first made his avatar. "Ryoji, huh?" Even so, she forced out the second syllable with a small smile, as if giving the full name a try before she would shyly retreat back to her old ways. She nodded once as she continued walking. "Mm, me too." She agreed with his sentiment. It wouldn't be for several minutes longer that the elated energy would finally start draining from her, but she gradually slipped back to a calmer demeanor the longer they kept moving. Teion cleared her throat. She didn't like the silence, not with him. "Actually... If you don't mind, I would like to talk about it." She admitted in a small voice, a knot of anxiety squirming around in her chest. It was hard for her to pin where her nerves stemmed from--the subject matter itself, or his reaction to it? Was she seriously already worrying herself about messing this up? She took in a breath, and continued. "It was that quest that finally got me to do it." She started vaguely, referring to her asking him out. "It was...a lot of looking back, and trying to let stuff go. I feel like I've messed up a lot, and I've gotten myself and a lot of people hurt. So, I'm always scared of...well, heartbreak." She hesitated a moment to pick out the right word. Her words resonated the heartfelt exchanged she had offered him at the end of their Valentine's dance. Her left hand drifted to the back of her neck, where she rubbed at the skin before trailing her fingers through strands of hair over her shoulder, repeating the latter motion several times out of habit. "I usually keep to myself, I'm way too insecure, and I have a bad temper..." She listed off her flaws while her eyes stayed away from the man beside her. "And it's usually because I'm an anxious mess, and I'm scared of losing more people." For a second, she thought about the ties she had been building as of late, wondering if that might actually be changing. With Spencer, Hestia, and now finally finding the courage to open up to Ryo.