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      Donations and Recognition!   12/22/2016

      Hello everyone! We are becoming a huge community and that doesn't come cheap. All staff here are volunteers and do this because they love the site. Right now, everything is paid out of pocket, by Erroneous. We would love for you to donate in order to help out with the site costs (i.e. Forum License, Domain Name, Hosting) so that we can keep Security and Forum Software up to date and possibly add some new features. If you do decide to donate, we have some fun, snazzy gifts of appreciation for you ;) Please message me (Shark) so we can get you the gifts of appreciation! We thank you for your support! Please use this link for more info   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How To Donate Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the donate button.

      NOTABLE DONORS LIST Here is where we honor the donors who go above and beyond the call of Aincrad! Top Tier Donors! Percival Row  Teayre Nezumi Zandra Alice Arc Atzo Baldur Claim Corvo Dominion Genji Ignavus_veneficus Jomei Kaya Lee Lessa Mack Macradon Nocturn Persephone Piera Ruus Sarial Hawke Shi Unyeilding Vale To express our gratitude, here is a picture of the iconic duo for all you wonderful supporters!
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      The SAO Staff Team!   02/21/2017

      Hello members of SAO-RPG!

      I'm sure most of you (if not some) have noticed or heard changes were made to the staff team. If you are applying to staff, you may have noticed that the application process has recently changed. This has all happened because of a reformation of the staff team and the way it operates. The staff now has separate teams for development. These teams are: Floor Creation Team [Floors, Quests/Events, Bosses], Systems & Clarifications Team, and Player Support Team.

      "Who is on these teams?" Well the answer to that lies below! Floor Team Systems & Clarifications Team Player Support Team * - Denotes Team Lead

      We also have a team to work on and develop the current systems but that team will search for its members and is not allowed to be applied to.

      Now you may be asking, "Shark, how does one apply to the Staff Team?" And I have but 1 simple answer!
      Go read this thread and it may answer all your questions!

      If you have any more questions, send me a PM and I will answer your questions about staff. (Only the format of teams and/or the application process)
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      [Live] 2.5.0 Patch Notes   10/02/2017

      <<2.5.0 Patch Notes>> Main Guide: The main rules/tutorial section has been rewritten. Resources: A Resources section has been added. This contains reference material such as the SP/Level chart, Skills list, Enhancement list, individual profession stats, and a new FAQ. General Rule Changes: Word count requirement in Merchants & Shops section has been reduced to 100 from 150. Col logs are no longer required to include in journals. The Banker system will be used to track currency/materials going forward. New characters and Rebirth characters may choose a Starter Package containing a variety of basic equipment, col, materials, and/or potions. NK/KE tags have been removed. The table for SP gain based on the number of players in a thread has been removed. SP gain is now issued at 1 SP per 3 posts, up to the number of completed pages. (e.g. 3 SP for three pages, requires at least 9 posts) A Skill Refunding System has been added. Players may now pay a col cost to remove known skills and receive a refund of the invested SP. Rules on vanity items have been clarified. Health regeneration outside of combat has been adjusted to (10 * Tier) per post. Stealth and Stealth Detection no longer have a base rating for players. Both now use a LD roll plus a Stealth Rating/Stealth Detection modifier. NPCs and monsters still utilize a base rating (10 as a baseline for player-created mobs). 'Using cover' no longer adds to Stealth Rating. Low light or darkness conditions grant a +1 to Stealth Rating, down from +2. Switch has been added as a game mechanic (no longer a skill). Players may call for a Switch when landing a successful attack. If the Switching player also lands an attack, a Switch is performed and the two players may immediately swap hate values. Players are required to post their level, stats, equipment, skills, etc., in their first post in a thread. This should be a snapshot of your character and should not be changed after the initial post. Players are still allowed to declare their characters at a lower level or with fewer items than what they currently have, but may not claim items that have not been approved or were obtained in an unlocked thread. Turn order rules have been modified slightly to reflect the leniency of Boss Raid combat. Players may post in any order so long as each player and the enemy has gotten one action in a single round. Outside of Boss Raids, parties may have a maximum of 4 players. Combat with more than 4 players should follow a Group order similar to boss raids. When fighting multiple enemies, players must now make individual rolls for each mob. This applies to both making attacks against multiple enemies and multiple enemies making attacks. One roll no longer applies to/for all targets. The Running Away mechanic has been updated. Running away from combat now uses a LD roll with a set of situational modifiers. The col/material values and frequency in the loot table have been adjusted. Labyrinth searching rules have been adjusted. The map fragment system has been removed. Bonus rewards for scouting and defeating the field boss have been adjusted. Housing and Guild Halls have been completely revamped. PvP rules have been adjusted. Players must make an initiative roll when engaging in combat with other players. The extended Player Killing rules/restrictions have been removed. Rules on player cursor colors have been expanded. There is now a strike system for criminal infractions that would cause a player's cursor to turn orange. Killing a green player outside of a duel now results in a permanent orange cursor. An NPC Guard mechanic has been added. Orange players may now enter safe zones, but must stealth/run from guards in certain safe zones. NPC guards have a Stealth Detection rating equal to (Floor / 3), rounded down. Added more detail to character death rules. The RGQ system has been removed. Crafting Changes: Fishing as a profession has been removed. It is now a skill. The CD result chart has been adjusted across all professions (except Merchant). Good and Bad quality items have been removed from the CD result chart. Salvage chances have been adjusted. Alchemists now have a chance to salvage one or both materials when attempting to craft crystals. Crafting Die tools no longer have an effect. Consumables, familiars, housing, and some items still provide EXP and Crafting Attempt bonuses. The process of crafting Feasts has changed slightly. Cooks may now take 3 identical food items and spend two materials to combine them into a Feast. A Feast can be used in a thread to provide that enhancement to up to six players. Artisan craftable item types have been modified (Trinkets, Jewelry, Sculptures). The buffs they can provide are largely unchanged. Alchemist craftable item types have been modified (Salves, Potions, Crystals). The buffs they can provide are largely unchanged. Skill Changes: Extended Weight Limit Removed Ranks - 15 SP cost Now adds +3 Battle Ready Inventory slots Adjusted Mod: Large Pockets Now has 3 Ranks Cost set to 5/3/2 SP (10 total for Rank 3) Now increases single Battle Ready Inventory slots to 7/10/15 Removed 'Larger Pockets' and 'Largest Pockets' mods New Skill: Fishing Cost: 10 SP Effect: Use a dice roll to fish something up based on a natural CD result: Gatherer Now has a chance to yield 1-3 bonus materials based on a natural CD result Sneak & Hide Renamed to 'Hiding' Now grants +1 Stealth Rating per rank New Rank 3 Mod: Untraceable Cost: 9 SP Effect: Negates the effect of the Tracking skill against the user. New Rank 3 Mod: Blindside Cost: 9 SP Effect: Gain +2 Stealth Rating. Natural BD rolls of 9-10 reduce the target's accuracy by 1 for one turn when attacking from stealth. New Rank 5 Mod: Vanish Cost: 12 SP Cooldown: 5 Turns Effect: Allows the use of a post action to re-enter stealth while in combat. Getting a killing blow on an enemy allows Vanish to activate without using a post action. Search & Detect Renamed to 'Searching' Now also grants +1 Stealth Detection per rank Mod: Night Vision Now requires Rank 1, down from Rank 3 Cost reduced to 5 SP, from 9 Mod: Reveal Now also grants +2 LD when searching for Labyrinths and allows Labyrinth searches at 15 posts. Mod: Tracking Now requires Rank 3, down from Rank 5 Cost reduced to 12 SP, from 15 Tracking requirements for monsters, players, and NPCs have been clarified. Mod: Detect Cost reduced to 9 SP, from 15 No longer uses or affects Tracking. Now Grants +2 Stealth Detection. Grants +1 LD when searching for sub-dungeons and labyrinths Battle Healing Now recovers 1% of max HP per rank, instead of (Rank * 5 * Tier) Mod: Emergency Recovery Cost reduced to 10 SP, from 15 Now recovers 10% of max HP, down from 25% Block MIT gained is now set per rank: 5/8/12/18/25, down from 1 MIT per SP invested. New Rank 3 Mod: Shield Bash Cost: 10 SP Cooldown: 2 Turns Energy Cost: 10 Energy Effect: Make an attack with an equipped shield. On a hit, deals (Base * 10) damage, stuns the enemy for one turn, and applies paralyze/thorns/flame thorns enhancements present on the shield. Note: When calculating Base Damage for Shield Bash, Weapon Skills do not apply. Mod: Safe Guard Reworked into 'Rampart' Added a 5 turn cooldown Added energy cost of 8 Now uses a post action to reduce final damage that would be dealt to you by 25% (rounded down). Effect lasts until the beginning of your next turn. Energist Removed Ranks - 12 SP cost Now adds (5 * Tier) to total energy, instead of (Rank * 2) Howl Added energy cost of 10 Mod: Focused Howl Added energy cost of 8 Parry Increased SP cost to 12, up from 10 Added a 1 turn cooldown Energy cost has been fixed at 5, instead of (2 * enemies parried) 50% damage reduction has been specified to apply to the final damage (after mitigation). Effect applies to the next attack against the user, and cannot reduce damage from multiple enemies at once. Mod: Vengeful Riposte Increased SP cost to 12, up from 10 Added a 3 turn cooldown Damage reflected is now 50% of raw damage, up from 25% of damage taken. This damage can still be mitigated. Switch Skill has been removed. Two-Handed Weapons The +2 DMG bonus for 2H weapons has been clarified in the first rank of 2H weapon skills. All Weapons The Ferocity and Finesse mods have been condensed into a single description. You must still specify the weapon type when acquiring the mod(s). Mod: Ferocity Rank requirement set to 3, instead of ranging from 1-5 Now increases base damage of all sword arts for the chosen weapon by 1. Mod: Finesse Rank requirement set to 3, instead of ranging from 1-5 Now has 3 Ranks Cost adjusted to 5/3/2 SP (10 total for Rank 3), down from 15 at Rank 5 Now reduces energy cost of all sword arts for the chosen weapon by an amount equal to its rank. Mod: Quick Change Cooldown reduced to 3 turns, down from 5 Now allows the user to swap, equip, or unequip a weapon in their Battle Ready Inventory. Mod: Stamina Now reduces the energy cost of all attacks by 1. Heavy Armor Increased the amount of MIT gained to 8>12>18>25>35, up from 3>7>12>20>30 Mod: Athletics Bonus health increased to (15 * Tier), up from 15 Mod: Stonewall Bonus health has been adjusted to (15 * Tier), instead of equal to mitigation from other skills. Now also grants 10 MIT when wearing heavy armor Now also reduces damage taken from damage over time effects by 25% (rounded down) when wearing heavy armor. Light Armor Adjusted the amount of MIT gained to 5>8>12>18>25, down from 3>7>12>20>30 Mod: Athletics Bonus health adjusted to (10 * Tier), from 15 Familiar Mastery 'Accurate' now has 3 ranks. 'Assistant' now provides bonus EXP (crafting attempts at max profession rank) instead of CD. Meditation Removed Ranks - 8 SP cost Added a 5 turn cooldown Now recovers (3 * Tier) energy. Getting hit by an attack before the beginning of your next turn reduces the energy recovered to (2 * Tier). Survival Added 3 SP cost Increases out of combat health regeneration to (15 * Tier), instead of 20. Enhancement Changes: Life Steal has been renamed to Vampiric. The Crafting Die enhancement has been removed. Alchemist and Artisan item types for enhancements have been modified. Sword Art Changes: Multipliers have been simplified to a single number (x6) from the two-part formula (2x3). Several descriptions have been updated. Quest Changes: The 'Redemption' quest has been revamped. The level and repeatable restrictions have been adjusted to affect only the bonus SP rewards: The First Few Lessons Are Free The Second Lesson is Also Free The Third Lesson is Just As Free The Fourth Lesson is Actually Free The Venemous Warg Repeating the 'Earning a Living' quest now allows a player to change their profession. Changing professions will reset experience to 0. Repeat completions of the Earning a Living quest will only award bonus materials if the quest-taker is changing their profession. The following quests have been removed: «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures: T.M.H & S.B.» «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures: T.L.C.» «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures «The Falling of Tagas» Housing Changes: The cost and size of Player Housing is now determined by a 'plot size'. The plot size dictates how many room slots, yard slots, and stories a house can have as well as the initial cost when purchasing. Purchasing a PK-accessible home (outside of a safe zone) has an additional cost. Buffs from Guild Halls/Player Housing now comes from the type of room, rather than furniture. Certain rooms for Player Housing have upgrades. Player Housing buffs must be assigned to a player. Home owners may use the Housing Evaluation topic to re-assign a room's player(s) once every 30 days. New/Rebirth Character Changes: Players who have submitted a new or rebirth character journal for approval in the past 30 days are eligible to add one of the starting bundles. <<2.5 Update Survival Guide>> Skills: If you spent more than 15 SP on the Extended Weight Limit skill, refund any SP over 15. If you have spent less than 15 SP, the skill is inactive until a total of 15 is invested. If you spent more than 12 SP on the Energist skill, refund any SP over 12. If you have spent less than 12 SP, the skill is inactive until a total of 12 is invested. If you spent more than 8 SP on the Meditation skill, refund any SP over 8. If you have spent less than 8 SP, the skill is inactive until a total of 8 is invested. If you have the Parry skill, you must spend 2 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 15 is invested. If you have the Survival skill, you must spend 3 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 3 is invested. If you had the Switch skill, remove it and refund 10 SP. Mods: If you have the Detect mod, keep it and refund 6 SP. If you have the Tracking mod, keep it and refund 3 SP. If you have the Emergency Recovery mod, keep it and refund 5 SP. If you had Rank 1 or 2 of the Ferocity mod, lose it and receive a refund of the SP spent. If you had Rank 3 or 4 of the Ferocity mod, you must spend 6 or 3 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 15 is invested. If you spent more than 10 SP on the Finesse mod, refund any SP over 10. If you have the Large Pockets mod, you must spend 1 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 10 is invested. If you had the Larger Pockets mod, it becomes the new Large Pockets mod and you receive a refund of 2 SP. If you had the Largest Pockets mod, it becomes the new Large Pockets mod and you receive a refund of 5 SP. If you have the Night Vision mod, keep it and refund 4 SP. If you have the Vengeful Riposte mod, you must spend 2 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 12 is invested. Professions: If you had the Fishing profession, all EXP may be transferred to any other profession. If you had a Tool with the 'Crafting Die' enhancement, you may post it for re-evaluation with the Ambition or Crafting Attempt enhancement (item name/description may not change). If you retake the Earning a Living quest in order to change professions, your EXP resets to 0 for the new profession. Edit your existing shop thread with your new profession information. Housing: Existing Guild Halls and Player Housing have been removed. They may be repurchased through the Housing Evaluation template. Players who previously bought a home or hall have been reimbursed for the total col cost in their original housing application. If a guild had shared col lost due to the removal of a guild hall, PM the details to @Teion for review/reimbursement.
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      2.5.2 New Mechanic: Thread Invasion/Protected Threads   11/08/2017

      Hello Players,
      Once again your feedback is needed, so head over to the thread and tell us what you think. LINK  


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  1. [PP-F5] Moonlit Confessions

    "Hey, it's important." The sound of Max's laugh caused her heart to flutter lightly in her chest, but she forced the corners of her mouth down into a small, feigned pout to pair with her words. He continued after his answer, the deep pools of brown that stared up at her taking her full attention while his question cause a faint tinge of pink to dust her cheeks. She had to tear her eyes away from his, her gaze shifting off to the side while she replied, "Yeah... That's obvious." Though they would spend the rest of the day together simply enjoying each other's company in the quiet smithy, time would continue to pass in Aincrad. As much as Thea would have liked to simply ignore the rest of the virtual world and continue her days like that with Max, that was an impossibility for them both. A few days had passed since the first night they spent together, and while Teion still spent the majority of time in or around her shop, it was not longer filled with idle, listless daydreaming or desperate distractions. The violette had just wrapped her fingers around the ebony handle of the scythe the lay propped up beside the doorframe when she received the alert of a new message. Max's written words caused a light smile to appear on her face. The memory of his impressive cooking skill elicited a soft chuckle, and after a moment of thought she began to type out a reply. She hesitated after signing her name, a bit embarrassed by the bluntness of her message when scrolling back up to Max's. She was never good at cutesy things, and she could only hope that her now-boyfriend wouldn't misinterpret her straight-forwardness. In the span of a few of hours, Teion had gotten a bit of material farming done with the low-level monsters in the surrounding desert and returned to her shop to switch out her gear. She sat down on the closed lid of a wooden chest while she scrolled to her equipment and dismissed the tight-fitting leggings and leather bodice from her avatar. Left in a simple set of white underwear with violet hair cascading over her bare shoulders, the woman crossed her legs while she scrolled to her inventory, frowning at the lack of 'normal' clothing she possessed. She looked over her options with a growing discomfort--both outfits she would consider appropriate for a 'date' had distinct memories that clung to them, and she hadn't the heart to delete them or re-use them. Finally reaching some kind of compromise, she tapped on a few items. A pair of dark brown boots appeared over black leggings, with a pleated cobalt skirt resting over her thighs. The wide black strap of a black halter top looped around the back of her neck, and a loose-fitting white shirt sat off her shoulders, with thin sleeves that reached to her elbows. She pulled a ribbon that matched the color of her skirt and eyes from her inventory before dismissing the menus, pulling her long hair over one shoulder to leave the other exposed. Her fingers twisted through the locks to form a loose braid, fastening the ribbon at its end and letting it stay draped over her chest while she picked herself up. The distance between her shop and the cafe that she had designated as their meeting place was not long, and it only took a few minutes for her to reach the restaurant's exterior. Pressing her shoulders up against the warm oak beside at the building's front, her eyes began to wander while she waited for Aereth's arrival.
  2. [PP-NK-F11] Lost in the Labyrinth

    She had seen plenty of Beat's high-damage attacks up to this point, the majority of them outdoing her own. But as their target was launched across the room with his explosive attack, Teion stared at the impression the queen's body had made against the wall in disbelief. The other party members reacted accordingly, and the dungeon's boss was quick to regain her composure as she charged towards the tank. "Tch, what level did you say you were again?" She asked, a hint of jealousy in a voice that was just loud enough to be heard by the noirette beside her. Shield's call reached her ears, and without waiting for an answer from the martial artist, she gave the ivory handle of her axe a quick twirl and turned her attention back to the queen. With an approach not unlike the first, Teion dashed towards the creatures flank, this time hoisting the heavy weapon over her shoulder before it came down with the same glowing steel. The empowered attack sliced through the carapace with ease, dropping her health bar dangerously low. Teion's jaw only clenched, and she let out a muffled scowl as she was unable to finish the creature off. ID#: 92115 | BD: 5 (+2 ACC) = 7 - Hit! Crescent Avalanche (x7) Active (10 Base) x (7 Sword Art) = 70 DMG [H:6] Shield - HP: 790/800 | EN: 79/80 | DMG: 3 | BLD: 24 (8+) | MIT: 111 | RGN: 30+54 when hit | THN: 28[H:2] Teion - HP: 460/460 EN: 14/46 | 10 DMG | 2 ACC | 1 REC | 4 LD[H:2] Beat - HP 640/640 EN: 25/64 | DMG: 26[H:0] Soredell - HP: 260/260 EN: 19/26 | 6 DMG | 9 MIT | 2 EVA | 3 LD Red Queen - HP: 43/770 | DMG: 121
  3. [PP-F5] Moonlit Confessions

    Thea breathed out a half-chuckle, her lips curled into a smile at his reaction. He spoke so matter-of-factly, like there was no doubt in his mind that the two players would find each other again and be able to bring these feelings that they shared into the real world. "Hmm?" She hummed back as she felt the faint heat when his lips pressed against the top of her head. He was right, at least--she really wouldn't have correctly guessed where the brunette was from. She had always assumed that the majority of players were from Japan, though with cases like hers and the people she knew from the real world that had ended up here, there really was no telling what the demographics were for people in other countries. The sound of the untamed desert winds whipping around the shop's exterior permeated the walls of the smithy. From her unusual amount of time on the barren floor, Teion could tell from the sound alone that Cardinal likely wouldn't be producing any sandstorms too close to the city walls, at least not while the sun was still hanging in the sky. Max's next words filled the air, overpowering the light rustling and whistling of the winds outside. He made a promise that practically caused her heart to skip a beat, and luckily her face was not in clear view as a light blush tinted her cheeks. She stared over the man's chest, her eyes resting on the light wooden doorframe while she felt his fingers continue to glide over her shoulderblades and along her spine. It would have been a lie if she said she wasn't nervous from the thought of meeting Max in the real world, where she couldn't hide behind her purple-haired avatar. 'Teion' was supposed to be someone else, at first. Someone who was stronger and more confident than Thea. Somewhere along the way, that line had blurred, and she couldn't help but wonder exactly how much these experiences in Aincrad had molded her. She shifted, propping herself up on her left elbow while her long hair formed a thin veil that fell over her shoulder. Her back arched slightly as her shoulders lifted and she met his gaze with a soft smile. "You're really stubborn, huh?" Without expecting or leaving much time for an answer, Thea found herself drawn to the brunette and leaned forward to gently meet his lips with hers once more. She lingered much longer than she had originally intended, her right hand practically moving on its own as it traveled up, sliding across the side of his bare neck as her fingers curled and the heel of her palm met the corner of his jaw. When she finally parted from their kiss, her eyes opened to lock with his once again. "One more question." Thea prompted, wearing a serious expression to stress the importance of her words before she would cease her interrogation. She waited a moment, to be sure she had Max's attention. "Do you like cats?"
  4. [PP-F5] Moonlit Confessions

    "You got me." She joked as he somehow managed to name her favorite color. Listening with interest as he continued, Teion gave a small shake of her head at his question. With her temple still resting against his chest, the motion inadvertently resulted in something akin to an affectionate nuzzle, though Thea simply took on a small smile as she assumed that Max wouldn't mind the feeling. "No, can't say I've been to Europe before. I'd like to, though. There are so many places that seem nice to visit." She added on, recalling for a moment the various points of interest she had always kept logged away in the back of her mind for that far-off time when travelling was a viable activity for her. She blinked in surprise as she turned the conversation back to her--or rather, her surprise might have come from the way he chose to word the sentiment. She chuckled lightly after a short second before providing the man beneath her with an answer. "Southwestern United States. Vegas, if you want to get specific." She added on, closing her eyes and taking on a dismissive tone. "I don't recommend it, though. Italy sounds ten times nicer."
  5. ID#: 91499 | LD: 6 (150 col) ID#: 91500 | LD: 8 (200 col)
  6. [PP-NK-F11] Lost in the Labyrinth

    With Shield offering words of reassurance for Soredell's self-deprecation, and Teion lacking the empathetic capacity for any such comfort herself, she stayed as quiet as always, lifting the head of her ivory axe to rest over her shoulder. She crossed her wrists over the long handle, balancing the weight of the large weapon as the group pressed forward. She followed after Shield and alongside her other two party members in roughly the same fashion they had traveled through the entirety of the dungeon up to this point. Her eyes traveled lazily over the tunnel walls, having lost interest in the visuals of the dungeon design. As much as she needed to leave the interior of the smithy that she wasted so much time in, she was starting to grow tired of the ant-infested area. Before they had traveled far, the party came upon a proper set of doors, and Shield spoke aloud what she assumed they were all thinking. Taking a proper grip on the handle of her battle axe, Teion gave the blade a quick twist in her hands as the entrance was pushed open to reveal their final objective. She didn't have to wait long for Shield to draw the monster's attention. Eagerly taking her cue, Teion leaned her shoulders forward and broke out into a run. She held her axe's handle across her body, extending her right arm out to the side to brandish the blade beside her. When she had closed the gap she tore the curved blade across to the other side, sinking the metal into the queen's abdomen and dragging to cut a large glowing gash as she landed the first blow. ID#: 91437 | BD: 8 (+2 ACC) = 10 - Hit! Crescent Avalanche (x7) Active (10 Base) x (7 Sword Art) = 70 DMG [H:6] Shield - HP: 800/800 | EN: 80/80 | DMG: 3 | BLD: 24 (8+) | MIT: 111 | RGN: 30+54 when hit | THN: 28[H:0] Teion - HP: 460/460 EN: 20/46 10 DMG | 2 ACC | 1 REC | 4 LD[H:0] Beat - HP 640/640 EN: 41/64 | DMG: 26[H:0] Soredell - HP: 260/260 EN: 20/26 | 6 DMG | 9 MIT | 2 EVA | 3 LD Red Queen - HP: 700/770 | DMG: 121
  7. [PP-F5] In the Wake of An Apocalypse

    A small, reminiscent smile appeared across her lips as she listened to Shield describe his friendly rivalry with the martial artist. She could vaguely recall the other player's image from her few encounters with him before her thoughts shifted to those in the game that she knew before all of this madness. Dael, Eru, and Sophie... All three of the faces that came to mind seemed to have disappeared over time, and she wondered if she could find the guts to someday contact them again. See if they were okay, and try to mend the bonds that had whittled and worn away. He shifted the topic from the past on to the future, offering her even more kindness in the form of someone she could call upon should she need something. Her smile hooked into a tiny smirk, and she was just about to give another grateful nod in understanding when his sudden embrace caught her off-guard. She froze for a second at the unexpected contact, but the rigidity in her shoulders loosened on its own well before he pulled away again. Her chin tilted slightly upwards, the corners of her mouth stretching a bit wider. The softness of her appreciative gaze was one she hadn't offered for the longest time, and for a moment she wondered if it would really hurt her to smile just a bit more often. "Same to you." She replied simply, managing that small nod before Shield turned to be on his way. Before she would take her own leave, Teion's head turned back towards the monument and the bouquet that rested at its base. She let out a breath she hadn't realized she had been holding in a sigh. "I'll figure out how to keep fighting. Don't you worry." Thread Complete Teion: +3 SP, +600 col Shield: +3 SP, +600 col
  8. [PP-F5] In the Wake of An Apocalypse

    The words contained in Beatbox's farewell message rang out in her head, as if the crystal was really floating in front of them and playing back to fill the somber air. And once again, resentment began to permeate her heart. Whether she was mistaken or not, it was no longer possible for her to believe that his death wasn't self-orchestrated--it was simply the lengths he had gone to prior to confronting his murderer that she wasn't sure of. Her lungs filled with a new breath of air. It did her no good to hang on to the bitter feelings, despite how persistently they nagged at her. This was her time to let go. Move on. Convince herself that she had to keep fighting in order to one day wake up from this very, very bad dream. If only it was so easy to follow through with the advice from those more positive voices in her head. A few more minutes passed, and the moisture no longer flowed from her cobalt eyes. There was a lingering tightness in her chest, but she did her best to ignore the discomfort and brought the back of her hand up to wipe her cheeks dry. Once her fit of emotion had subsided, her eyes began to wander. They caught on another that she recognized, one that Shield had also been focused on. "This is your friend, right?" Her fingers reached out to the name 'Beat', the etching untouched by the single strikethrough that marked the death of so many others on the stone monument. Her tips hovered over the surface beside the text for a few moments before retracting, and Teion urged her knees to straighten as she raised to stand back up. She found herself gazing over the massive list of names, nearly all of which were foreign to her.
  9. While the two players reached a break in the forested area and emerged into a clearing populated with tall grass, Teion suspected that the fields they were looking for weren't much farther off. Ryo spoke about hope as they continued to walk, something Teion hadn't dwelled much on in some time now. It seemed that with every passing month the things that had once brought her hope drifted farther away, or were torn away completely. Ryo's body turned, drawing Teion's attention as he faced her with a smile decorating his features. Her own expression didn't hide the surprise she felt when his words reached her. Is that what they were? Friends? When was the last time she had thought of someone she had met in this game as a friend? Considering her strange relationship with Beatbox as an anomaly, the only souls in Aincrad she had acknowledged as friends were those she had already known from the real world. A small smile of her own pulled up at the corners of her mouth. She soon dropped her chin, focusing on the placement of her next steps for a second as she continued forward. "Yeah, same here." She said in a soft voice while her smile lingered.
  10. [PP-F5] In the Wake of An Apocalypse

    As if listening to the faint whispers in her heart, the tone in Shield's voice pulled her away from the named engraved in the dark stone. She turned her attention to him, or rather the item that he held out to her. She blinked in surprise at the arrangement of flowers hovering in the air in front of her, and her hands raised almost subconsciously to try to wipe away the blurriness of her vision. Her shoulders had turned, and as she reached out to take the bouquet she carefully listened to all of Shield's explanations. Her eyes followed along as he pointed out each type of plant and what it represented. Even before smithing had become a heavy focus in her digital life, Teion didn't know the first thing about the language of flowers, and it came as a slight surprise how knowledgeable Shield was throughout his clarification. The edges of her mouth pulled up into a weak smile and her gaze lifted to the man's face as if to offer him a silent thanks before she turned her attention back to the monument standing in front of them. She held the arrangement between both hands over her knees for a few moments as her eyes shifted back to the name with a neat line pulled through it. Carefully, as if she was handling some small creature she was afraid her hold might damage, her arms straightened and she placed the bouquet at the base of the monument beneath the column that contained Beatbox's name. She felt the weight of Shield's gloved palm resting on her shoulder while the two players silently grieved. Fresh tears had already spilled to reform the lines along her cheeks and her mind grew distracted among its own thoughts. She thought about the few pieces of Beatbox's life that she had caught a glimpse of during their time together, and even more about the blank spaces in between. She thought about the message he had left her. She wondered if there was anything that she--or anyone else--could have done to stop him from walking down the path of retribution that he had chosen.
  11. [PP-F5] Moonlit Confessions

    A short chuckle escaped her with his playful comment, and for a moment after she had presented him with the rather out-of-place question, she wondered if maybe she shouldn't have. Of course it threw the man off, but the smile that appeared on his face soon after was contagious. Teion rested against him as he gently guided her, and her eyes closed while she took in the warm comfort of his hold. She felt his hand trail along her back, his fingers lazily twist and comb through a lock of her hair, the soft vibration from his chest as he gave a thoughtful hum before answering her. For the briefest of moments, Aincrad disappeared. She was Thea again, enjoying Max's close company. The corners of her mouth stretched into a smile again at his response, and then she gave half a chuckle when he turned the question back to her. "Take a wild guess." She teased, keeping her eyes closed as she continued. "Hopefully it's not a deal breaker if this isn't my natural hair color." She joked, soon adding on, "And sorry, it isn't red either." She held her playful smile for a few seconds longer before she decided to continue with her game of questions. Teion brought her arm beside her, letting her hand rest lazily against Aereth's chest as she thought of something new to ask him. She tried to steer away from the most basic personal details, instead going for the next topic that came to mind. "Favorite place to go for a vacation?"
  12. Mimi's Diary

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  13. [PP-F4] The Sadness Behind Those Eyes

    Teion's eyes were glazed over as she stared blankly at the wall on the other side of the counter. She was so tired. Tired of the grieving, the fear, the anger--so many distasteful and draining emotions crammed into the small spaces of their hearts. It felt like everything else was being pushed out, as if there wasn't enough room for the despair and so the other, brighter emotions must serve as a sacrifice. Endilix began to speak again, in a more even tone as he recounted a tale his own brush with death. Her eyes lifted back up to meet his face with a dull expression while the gears in her mind slowly turned. The story he told held a strange familiarity, as if she recalled hearing of a similar story some time ago. It seemed as though Aincrad would never be a stranger to the dark and twisted side of humanity. When he told the woman the username of the person that he had saved and she felt no sense of recognition, Teion quickly dismissed the lingering suspicion that she made have known who this person was. Endilix's gaze fell away from hers, but the blacksmith continued to watch him when another name left him. One that was familiar, even if only slightly. Flints. The name of the woman whom Teion had never met, but at one point resented so strongly. That was the name of the person that took Endilix away. But Teion couldn't feel the lingering throb of bitterness, not now. Her eyes focused back on Endilix's as he leaned over the bar to face her again. She felt the corner of her mouth pull up into a weak half-smile as his story reached its conclusion. Teion's body moved halfway on its own as she lifted herself out of the barstool. The violet-haired woman leaned across the counter to meet the twin's frame, and her arms slid past his shoulders as she pulled Endilix closer to her. Her forehead pressed into the space between his neck and his shoulder, and she simply held their position until she broke the silence a few seconds later. "Like hell I'm letting any of you die on me." She said in as lighthearted a tone as she could manage before she tried to swallow down the feelings of regret that threatened to resurface. "I'm sorry I ran away. I hid from you guys because it was the easy way out. I wanted to try to deal with everything on my own again." She carefully lifted her head a couple of inches, lowering her eyes as she continued. "I'm still not good at relying on people. But I miss you guys. And I don't want more tragedies and another however-many months to pass before we finally talk again." She pulled away a bit more, still resting her palms on Endilix's shoulders as she faced him with a weak smile. "Is that cool with you?"
  14. [PP-F5] Moonlit Confessions

    Her smirk had grown wider at the playful comments he shot back, and the quick kiss that followed. When her gaze had fallen back on him, Teion blinked in slight surprise at his answer. The combination of his disappointed expression and sullen tone caused her heart to drop. After a short pause he continued to speak and the familiar smirk resurfaced on his features. THe gears in her mind began to click into place and his meaning became clear just before she felt Aereth pull her in close. Teion's own expression quickly shifted, narrowed eyes pairing with a half-smile as she stared accusingly at the man that now lay beneath her. She thought about stopping herself from rolling her eyes, but let the motion continue as she shot back another line of her own banter. "Are you always this cheeky, or do I just get some kind of special treatment?" Her forearms pressed into the sheets on either side of his head while she held her shoulders up over him. Her head tilted just a bit to one side as he asked her what it was she wanted to do, and as she gazed down at the man while she felt their bodies pressed together, she couldn't stop herself from lowering her face towards his. Her eyes closed and her parted lips crashed into Aereth's with an immediate intensity as she gave into the greed that had filled her. The electricity that surged through her was no longer paired with the lingering, nagging anxieties that had nested inside of her the night before. She simply wanted to enjoy every sweet, passionate kiss that they would exchange in its entirety. She had lingered a long while, bringing their lips back together more than once after they had briefly separated. Eventually, the woman pulled back properly, opening her eyes to meet Aereth's gaze with cheeks lightly flushed. Teion let out a small chuckle, "If I don't stop myself, I would probably keep doing that all day." The blacksmith thought over the next few moments. As tempting as it was to simply spend all of her time lost in loving exchanges with the brunette mercenary, there was a curiosity that touched at the back of her mind. Was it strange that they were so drawn together, while knowing so little about the other? Her cobalt eyes looked at him carefully, as if studying the man so that she might find the answers to her questions written out on his face. She was suddenly filled with a burning desire, very different from the kind that always seemed to cause their bodies to gravitate towards one another. Teion's eyes were filled with a newfound interest. The woman took on a soft, amused smile as she filled the silence that had began to hang over them. "What's your favorite color?"
  15. [PP-F5] In the Wake of An Apocalypse

    The harsh temperatures of the desert were replaced with the calm weather of the first floor in an instant. Teion's brows were narrowed as she blinked away the haze before the world came back into focus in front of her. Shield's voice made its way to her again and she turned her chin to meet his gaze. She considered his question a moment, her expression softening once she had taken a few seconds to adapt to the new environment. Her chin dipped forward in a nod and her eyes shifted back to the city before them. It wasn't the first time she had visited the Black Iron Palace, but today the Town of Beginnings felt foreign to her. She used to spend so much time on the first floor, but ever since she had set up shop in Fortaleza so long ago, those days quickly came to an end. Their footsteps echoed down the long hallway that led to the dimly-lit room, the hustle and bustle of the city gradually fading behind them. Soon the layered conversations that carried through the nearby plaza disappeared, and the two players were let out into what would have been called the Room of Resurrection. Illuminated only by the sunlight that poured in through the lined windows along the walls and curved ceiling, Teion stared at the massive stone slab that stood in the center of the room. As could be expected, they were not alone. But the few players that occupied the area paid them no mind, quite obviously concerned with their own solemn exchanges. The mixed sounds of soft sobs, hushed condolences, and quiet conversation were all that filled the otherwise still air. Teion drew in a steady breath to steel herself as she approached the tall obsidian structure. Coming to a stop at the base of the stairs before it, her cobalt eyes drifted across its surface until she found the general area of player names she was looking for. She took careful steps until she stood directly in front of the monument, and her eyes trailed down the list of names. Her body lowered and her hands rested on her knees. Once her gaze fell on the letters she had been searching for, she froze. Beatbox She thought her tears had dried up days ago. She didn't think she would have had any left after the storm that raged in her heart seven nights ago. But before she had realized it, her vision blurred at the sight of his name and the moisture silently rolled down her cheeks. Her eyes just barely shifted to the text etched into the stone beside it, and she blinked past the tears to read what Cardinal had registered as his cause of death. Player Killed by Death_Adder "Death Adder..." She echoed the name in a whisper.