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  1. She looked around what felt like a catacomb, with cobwebs dripping down every abandoned corner, and dust kicking up with every step she took over the cracked stone floor. "Uh..." She hesitated, still a bit confused and disoriented. And also a little too reserved given their predicament. She drew in a sharp breath through her nose, and let it out in a sigh. If they wanted to get out of here, she needed to be a goddamn team player, she told herself. "I saw...myself? Like, when we first got kicked out of our avatars." She tried to explain, turning back and blinking in surprise when she saw Baldur had pulled the mirror free of the pillar it stood on. She looked over his shoulder, into the mirror as he angled it to include both of them in its frame. She made a face, her mouth twisting into a confused frown that her reflection shot back at her, and they both looked down at herself. Her old self wore casual clothing: a dark green knit sweater and a pair of jeans. Black socks on her feet, and brunette hair swept over her shoulder. Teion looked back up, her hand reaching for her collarbone. But instead of locks of hair and soft yarn meeting her touch, she felt the hard leather of her chestpiece under her fingers. She looked up, then turned to look over her shoulder. In the mirror, she stood in a warm glow of flickering torchlight, sconces visible on the wall behind her. She spotted what little remained of a fading, mildewed banner hanging on the wall, then looked back to see it proudly showing its bright colors in the mirror. Finally, a larger figure caught her eye at the edge of the glass. Baldur--or who she assumed to be Baldur--looked back at her. His features looked different, but the man matched up to the one holding the mirror. Stranger still, he looked almost ghostly. Everything about his reflection seemed paler, like a spirit was looking in on the scene. "That's... This thing is creepy." She mumbled, further unsettled. She looked away briefly, as if looking over more of the room. Her eyes flickered back, meeting Baldur's expectant gaze, and she shifted uncomfortably. "You look like a ghost or something." She said bluntly, tacking on, "But you look kinda different, too. I assume the same thing as me? I'm not sure what it means. Maybe this place is like a puzzle or something." ID#: 135946 | LD: 4
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    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    With the four of them finally united, Spencer, Teion, Ryo, and Jevi hurriedly made their way out of the hedge maze and back towards the looming mansion ahead of them. Bursting into the foyer, they found Hestia resting with a vigilant Kuro that nearly mistook them for another enemy. Half of their team had been reunited, but the monster of this mansion still lived, and their way out remained blocked at every point. The group made their way back upstairs in search of the rest of their friends. Sticking closely together now, it was only a matter of time before they found Telrenya and Jomei in the 'unfinished' wing of the massive building. The couple were shaky, and spent the remainder of the time with hands clasped tightly. The group swung around through rooms and corridors, evading or defeating what desperate obstacles the shadowy demon threw at them. Stumbling across Ruby and finding Kairi safely out of its clutches, the Holy Dragon Alliance was finally back together alongside their friends. It was finally time to take down this haunted house once and for all. Thread Summary @Spencer: 2 SP (8 posts), 160 col @Jevi: 2 SP (10 posts, 2 pages), 160 col @Hestia: 2 SP (8 posts), 160 col Teion: 2 SP (11 posts, 2 pages), 160 col @Ryo: 2 SP (7 posts), 160 col
  3. A cool puff of air would brush past Ryo's ear, the culprit immediately stifling a laugh at his reaction as she straightened up behind him. Teion stood at the row of seats directly behind him, covering her mouth as she grinned. "Gotcha." Her long purple hair was tied up in a simple ponytail with a silver spider accessory clipped into place, its long silver legs stretching out over the edge of her bangs and the locks covering her temple. She was dressed casually, the hints of orange in her attire contrasting with the deep violet shade of her hair and lending nicely to the spirit of the season. Climbing over the row of seats that stood between them, she took a seat beside Ryo and leaned back, crossing her legs and pulling up her menus. "Did Pennyworth show you that flyer?" She assumed, making a selection and waiting for a bag of mixed snacks to materialize in her free hand. She pulled the package open and popped a tiny pretzel into her mouth and then tilted it towards Ryo as a peace offering.
  4. Teion

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    Teion looked around. The hedge maze surrounding them looked just as unforgiving as every other twist and turn the mansion had hit them with thus far. And though she couldn't see it from the garden behind the house, she assumed that the thick, thorny vines were still encircling the entire area. While she took a spin around to survey the area, she also glanced around the players' feet. Where was Yuki? She's scurried off a long time ago, right? And that cat with all those red eyes... She'd have to check her character page later, she thought. "Yeah, they probably all got split up, too." She commented, but her tone was quick to change when she spotted a figure standing down one of the paths flanked by tall shrubbery. "Hey, hold up." She called over her shoulder when Spencer started walking in the opposite direction. She waved an arm over her head, flagging Jevi as if she hadn't already seen them all. "Quick headcount, how many of the shadow doubles have we seen, and how many have we trashed?" She asked Spencer and Ryo.
  5. "Oh yeah, after you're done weighing the votes." Teion held her hand in front of her full mouth as she quipped back, chuckling as she finished off the last of a lime tart. She swallowed. "A swimsuit contest?" Her brows furrowed with distaste. "I mean, I'm not exactly wearing anything...impressive." She fiddled with the sleeve of her cropped jacket with her fingers. Before she'd given an official answer to his proposal, another pair of players approached them. Teion raised a brow at the blonde and brunette walking at each other's sides. "Oh. Uhh, no, not really." She shrugged at his careful intrusion and looked back to Ryo, her eyes asking him whether or not he knew these players. Figuring a conversation would shortly ensue, Teion eyed another tart--chocolate this time--and plucked the small treat from its place among the table. Taking a bite, she leaned a hair closer to Ryo and and directed an answer to him. "Ehh, sure. You think we need to sign up somewhere?" Entering the contest with Ryo @Ryo @Vigilon @Krysta
  6. ((will post stats laterrr)) "Mmmnn...." Teion rolled over at the sound of a notification ringing in her ears, followed by the sound of a ginger knock at the door. "Madam Teion...?" Pennyworth called out from the hallway, a gloved hand still hovering over the dark oak. He frowned, more with judgemental annoyance than with worry. "The young Master departed some time ago. Will you be joining him today?" He asked expectantly. Teion was inhibiting his duties the longer she occupied the master bedroom and sleeping the day away, and the butler was less than enthused by her lazy, lingering presence. She rolled over again when the sound of his voice reached her ears. Teion squinted against the sunlight that peeked through the curtains, and blinking awake she frowned at the empty white sheets beside her. Vaguely recalling a few hours prior when Ryo had gently told her of his leave, she pushed herself up and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. ""I'm up, I'm up..." She groaned. Axe at her back and clad in a set of amethyst cloth and brown leather adventuring gear, Teion didn't have to walk far through the Town of Beginnings before she found Ryo. Her hair, pulled up into a high ponytail, brushed against the back of her neck as she walked. She gave a little wave and wiggled the fingers of a gloved hand, noticing the blonde woman as they were engaged in conversation. "Yo." She greeted the both of them. "Did you wanna get going right away?" She stopped at Ryo's side.
  7. "Pfft!" Teion stifled a laugh when Ryo practically latched himself around Joemi's waist in greeting, immediately teasing the man about the blonde-haired host who had been standing across from him. She relaxed a bit, in the presence of at least two familiar faces now among the other strangers. She just barely caught wind of Kityuisa's introduction and gave a small wave. Nobody was waiting on her name, and it seemed others were showing up to expand their small half-circle of players. Teion looked around, wondering if there was anyone else they might recognize attending, but her gaze fell short. Instead, she gave a small tug at Ryo's short sleeve and pointed a finger just a few steps away to a long table that was still decorated with all manner of snacks, treats, and drinks. "Free food?" She asked in a low voice with a smile. She wandered over herself, eyeing the spread before picking up a small tart with a lime green surface. She took a bite, and her eyes shifted towards the sea in the distance. "It's nice out here." She commented. "I wonder if these areas ever get bad weather or something." @Ryo
  8. Teion was truly walking in on some kind of scene from a day-time sitcom. She stared for a moment, the door between the entryway and the kitchen swinging back and forth behind her as it closed to a close, and didn't know whether she should laugh or shake her head in sympathy. She did both, but her chuckles subsided as she nervously watched Yuki crawling across Ryo's and Pennyworth's bodies, stopping once or twice to flex her legs and spin some more webbing around some kitchen tool or another and affix it to the trapped pair. She'd never seen a spider with 'personality' before. Yuki was rebellious, almost sassy as she settled herself on top of a large island counter to observe her work. Teion hesitated. "I dont, uhh... I dunno about housebreaking a spider." Yuki chirped and her beady eyes moved between the three, causing Teion to tense up as if she might become the familiar's next victim. She cleared her throat. "Right, uhm," She turned to Yuki, "is it okay if I get them off the fridge?" She asked, pausing for her to chirp again, a hint of annoyance detectable in the sounds. Yuki skittered off, retreating through the swinging door past Teion and likely wandering off to a different part of the house entirely. She sighed with relief when the massive spider was gone. She was about to reach for a large kitchen knife when she caught a disapproving scowl from Pennyworth as she would dare misuse such a vital tool to cut them free like some sort of barbarian. Teion rolled her eyes, instead opening her inventory to pick out some cheap dagger she hadn't gotten around to selling off, and began to work on slicing through the webbing surrounding Ryo first. It came off in large chunks, eventually falling to the ground and bursting into tiny pixels when its durability had dropped to zero.
  9. "You ready to go?" Teion called past the cracked bathroom door. She was almost finished affixing a sparkling silver hair clip beside the bundle of violet hair that had been pulled up so as not to fall past her shoulders. A simple black bow was tied up against the back of her neck, the straps of her swimsuit looping around to one thick band across the middle of her back. Some white, ruffled trim around around the edges, with her bottom half sporting a matching piece. At least half of it was covered up, however, by the wrap she wore tied around her wait, the draped cloth a mixture of reds, oranges, and whites that reminded her of a gorgeous sunset. As Teion stepped out into the large master bedroom of Ryo's estate she also grabbed a deep red half-length jacket and pulled the piece on to cover her shoulders. She couldn't help but frown. The beach was great, but a party was less so. Still, it had been too long since she and Ryo had been out to enjoy themselves with actual company. In fact, she could hardly recall any such events outside of hanging out with his guildmates every so often. It had been months now since they started going steady, and once she spotted him in the room she made her way over and planted a quick kiss on his cheek. "I haven't asked if anyone we know is going." She shrugged. "We might have to actually go out and socialize." Her expression twisted into a playful grimace. She'd finally agreed to start spending her nights at the mansion with him rather than holed away in her blacksmith shop, but she was just starting to feel cooped up. As luxurious as a mansion was, it started to get a bit lonely when only she, Ryo, and Pennyworth were around to fill the space. @Ryo
  10. Teion smiled at his agreement, nodding and leaving it at that. When they entered his mansion and they were greeted by the same doting butler as always, Teion gave another tiny, awkward smile as though she was presenting herself to her new boyfriend's family. In a sense, she was. Pennyworth excused himself to prepare them a meal, and it wasn't long until Ryo followed after with concern that his new pet was terrorizing the poor man. Meanwhile, Teion found herself a seat in the den and, left alone to her thoughts, she let out a huge sigh and sank into a plush loveseat. For a minute, everything felt surreal. She was wearing a small smile, almost reminiscing on the events of a few hours prior. She pulled her feet up and wrapped her arms around her legs, losing herself in thought for several long minutes. There was so much she still wanted to say. About herself, about her insecurities, about each other and their dreams and goals. God, that was the most overbearing thing she could think of. 'It's not like we haven't known each other for a while anyway... Ugh, nonono, that's still the worst. Why can't I just be normal?' She rammed her forehead against her arm, briefly curling herself into a ball. She started over, reciting a few lines in her head. 'Hey, I just want you to know that I'm pretty bad at talking about stuff... Hey Ryo, let me know if I'm acting weird... Look, I overthink things all the time...' "Unnnnnggghhhh." The groan she let out was audible but muffled, and she picked her head up once it was over. "Maybe... Just enjoy it." She mumbled under her breath, the corner of her lips curling slightly at the thought. How simple that sounded. The sound of a distant clatter brought her back to her feet before she'd even thought about it. "Ryo?" She called, crossing the foyer to the side of the house where the men had retreated to the large kitchen. Teion pushed the door open, peeking inside.
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    Bahrbaric Evaluations

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    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    Teion smirked as Ryo appeared on the scene after her, and failed to hold in a chuckle when Spencer tapped him on the head with his warhammer for good measure. She had most of her weight leaning onto the staff of her battleaxe, the sharpened edge driven into the dirt to pin the monstrous Ryo in place. As it flickered and faltered, Teion wrenched her weapon only after its form melted away and slipped past her heavy blade. "Dammit." She scoffed as their quarry got away from them. The sound of soft cries behind her ear caught her attention, and Teion hurriedly remembered her tiny passenger. "Oh, Spencer, I brought you a present." Her smile turned crooked as she reached back towards her hood. She scooped Noot up in one hand and then presented the baby familiar who was wriggling in anticipation after seeing his father's face again. Noot was practically scrambling out of Teion's hand, ready to jump the distance between them. After the trio had a moment's rest, she let out a sigh and leaned back onto the pole of her axe. "So, do we have any idea where our big bad is?" She asked, raising an eyebrow between Ryo and Spencer. Teion was far from okay after the torture she'd endured in the attic, but both of her closest friends being nearby kept the band-aids on for just a while longer. Her stomach turned as the thought of everything surfaced for a moment, and she stole a worried glance towards Ryo before shaking it off again. Her fears were going to eat her up inside until she found the courage to talk about them, but that was just going to have to wait. "Uhh... We should probably find the others, too." She forced herself to keep speaking. "I saw Jevi for a minute after everyone split up, but lost her on the second floor."
  13. Tier: 2 Build: DPS (Standard/AoE) Discord: Teiter Tots#6138 @Ryo should come, too! :D
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    SAO or Anime Style Profile Picture Request

    If you have access to Photoshop or GIMP (I believe the latter is free) you can make your own! You can find the download links you would need for the templates and such here. If you're not so artistically inclined, you can ask around to have someone help you make one for your character. I would recommend posting a status update (if you need help learning about those, just let me know) and seeing if anyone would be so kind. If you can provide your own character/background images and stats, it's not so hard to make. I'm going to be out of town for a few days, but if you still need help making one after that, I could certainly help you!
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    SAO or Anime Style Profile Picture Request

    From my experience, a lot of people will look around for something that fits what they're looking for on something like Google images, pinterest, etc. Many times a person will pick a single 'faceclaim', using one character from something so they have access to multiple pictures, fanart, and so on to use for their SAO-RPG character. Personally, I have access to an image editing software, so I do a couple of things when picking out pictures for my characters. For Teion, I really just look for an anime picture that fits the basic features I want. Hair length, expression, and such. Then I tweak the colors how I want them (purple hair and blue eyes), so I don't have to be picky about those things when image searching. For a different character I use, Telrenya, I picked Celica from Fire Emblem as her faceclaim, but I also go in and change her hair color from red to blonde in any pictures I use for her on site. In general, grabbing faceclaims from the actual SAO series is frowned upon (and disallowed for the major canon characters), but if you're looking for something that really fits the genre, maybe try adding 'adventurer', 'warrior', or similar keywords to your searches to get the right clothing, or characters holding weapons. Hope that helps!