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    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    Teion smirked as Ryo appeared on the scene after her, and failed to hold in a chuckle when Spencer tapped him on the head with his warhammer for good measure. She had most of her weight leaning onto the staff of her battleaxe, the sharpened edge driven into the dirt to pin the monstrous Ryo in place. As it flickered and faltered, Teion wrenched her weapon only after its form melted away and slipped past her heavy blade. "Dammit." She scoffed as their quarry got away from them. The sound of soft cries behind her ear caught her attention, and Teion hurriedly remembered her tiny passenger. "Oh, Spencer, I brought you a present." Her smile turned crooked as she reached back towards her hood. She scooped Noot up in one hand and then presented the baby familiar who was wriggling in anticipation after seeing his father's face again. Noot was practically scrambling out of Teion's hand, ready to jump the distance between them. After the trio had a moment's rest, she let out a sigh and leaned back onto the pole of her axe. "So, do we have any idea where our big bad is?" She asked, raising an eyebrow between Ryo and Spencer. Teion was far from okay after the torture she'd endured in the attic, but both of her closest friends being nearby kept the band-aids on for just a while longer. Her stomach turned as the thought of everything surfaced for a moment, and she stole a worried glance towards Ryo before shaking it off again. Her fears were going to eat her up inside until she found the courage to talk about them, but that was just going to have to wait. "Uhh... We should probably find the others, too." She forced herself to keep speaking. "I saw Jevi for a minute after everyone split up, but lost her on the second floor."
  3. Tier: 2 Build: DPS (Standard/AoE) Discord: Teiter Tots#6138 @Ryo should come, too! :D
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    SAO or Anime Style Profile Picture Request

    If you have access to Photoshop or GIMP (I believe the latter is free) you can make your own! You can find the download links you would need for the templates and such here. If you're not so artistically inclined, you can ask around to have someone help you make one for your character. I would recommend posting a status update (if you need help learning about those, just let me know) and seeing if anyone would be so kind. If you can provide your own character/background images and stats, it's not so hard to make. I'm going to be out of town for a few days, but if you still need help making one after that, I could certainly help you!
  5. Teion

    SAO or Anime Style Profile Picture Request

    From my experience, a lot of people will look around for something that fits what they're looking for on something like Google images, pinterest, etc. Many times a person will pick a single 'faceclaim', using one character from something so they have access to multiple pictures, fanart, and so on to use for their SAO-RPG character. Personally, I have access to an image editing software, so I do a couple of things when picking out pictures for my characters. For Teion, I really just look for an anime picture that fits the basic features I want. Hair length, expression, and such. Then I tweak the colors how I want them (purple hair and blue eyes), so I don't have to be picky about those things when image searching. For a different character I use, Telrenya, I picked Celica from Fire Emblem as her faceclaim, but I also go in and change her hair color from red to blonde in any pictures I use for her on site. In general, grabbing faceclaims from the actual SAO series is frowned upon (and disallowed for the major canon characters), but if you're looking for something that really fits the genre, maybe try adding 'adventurer', 'warrior', or similar keywords to your searches to get the right clothing, or characters holding weapons. Hope that helps!
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    Hi guys!

    Welcome, welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here, just let us know if you have any questions. There are plenty of helpful people in staff and community that'll help you get started.
  7. Teion

    [PP-F15] Cat Burglar

    She shouldn't have smiled, but she did. It was small and a little crooked, but their exchange had her feeling some sort of sense of accomplishment. A flicker of warmth in her chest distracted her mind from the predicament at hand for just a moment, and her fingers curled where she had been holding her palms out in front of her chest in some kind of display of peace. "Okay, so..." Recent events were still sinking in. There was a pang of sadness at the realization that her cat--as weird and stupid and insufferable as the creature could be--had been stolen away. She drew in her lips and pressed them into each other hard for just a moment, breathing in sharply through her nose and letting her hands fall back to her sides. "Right, uhh. Best thing I can think to do is ask around. If anyone's seen that guy before they might tell us where he is, or what his game is." She reiterated her impromptu plan, more thinking aloud for her own reassurance than ensuring her and Pinball were on the same page. She willed her feet to start moving, and soon they were carrying her back in the direction of Kachirho. Or at least, she thought that was the direction she was moving. Teion only made it a few paces before the uncertainty got her to stop, impatiently scroll through her menus to summon the incomplete map data that she had of the floor, and start over again once she'd picked out the way that she'd came from earlier in the day. "If you don't wanna go inside, I can meet you somewhere." Once one of the rope-bound elevators that led to the settlement were in view, Teion made the suggestion in a small voice.
  8. Teion felt her muscles seize up and she froze in place seconds after their foe had made their presence known. The crimson eyes that stared back at them further down the tunnel were imposing and hateful, the vague bits of the creature's expression that they could make out still making it very clear that they were not welcome here. Teion squinted against the dark, and her upper lip curled into a grimace. "We're on the first floor, yeah?" She muttered through her scowl, reaching a hand behind her back to retrieve her darkened battleaxe. Hey eyes danced for a moment between Sey, Beatrice, and the creature that crept so quickly towards them. It's glowering eyes tilted and curved around the edges of the tunnel as it seemed to make use of the walls and ceiling to pull itself closer to them. The fresh wave of adrenaline had Teion's heart pumping, and her fingers tightened around the long handle of her weapon with nervous energy, but even so she pushed the soles of her boots against the dirt floor to urge herself forward. "Just don't let our precious cargo get hit, I guess." She thought aloud their objective for now, lightly shouldering her way past Sey with the curved head of her axe resting over her shoulder. The low light strained her eyes, but Teion picked up her pace to meet the advancing creature head-on. With a large wind-up, the violette swung her axe across in an attempt to drive the blade between its glowing eyes, but it pushed off of the tunnel wall to evade her attack. Crouching at the opposite corner, a shrill sound reached their ears, and the beast's mouth opened to reveal a light of several warm hues. After a short wind-up of the creature's breath weapon, a white-hot chunk of earth shot forward at a blinding speed, crashing loudly into the wall across from it where Teion had stood. Instinctively, the woman let out a short scream. She had just yanked her weapon free of the rough stone, and the momentum had her stumbling to the side and catching herself just past the monster's flank. Technically speaking, they had it surrounded now, but without a real gauge on how tough or powerful it was, Teion grit her teeth and gripped her axe handle a bit harder.
  9. With a shrug, the violet-haired blacksmith followed after them, stepping up to the platform and calling out the name of the same settlement before her avatar was whisked away to its destination. She shook off the feeling of dropping eleven floors rather quickly, gaining her bearings just in time to see the young blonde child practically crash into Sey's arm a few paces ahead. She clung to his sleeve and started pulling him ahead, having already given them apparently all the information she intended to. The trio traveled for a short time, making their way to the eastern gate of the massive, sprawling city. With the wilderness laid out before them, the girl seemed to hesitate a moment, her brow wrinkling with nervousness until she quite literally swallowed the feeling down and made it a point to march courageously outside of the safe zone--with Sey in tow, of course. "What's your name, anyway?" Teion, who had been following along largely in silence, finally tried to get some more details out of the girl. "Beatrice." She answered simply while still looking straight ahead. "Where do you live?" "Next to the blue river." Teion's eyes rolled in her head. Obviously such simple conversation wasn't enough to take the girl's attention away from the dangers that she expected to lie outside of the city gates. Or maybe Beatrice just didn't like her. They walked and walked, the neutral mobs that roamed around the grasslands paying them no mind and the more aggressive monsters barely any more interested in the high-leveled players that escorted the girl. Just when the Town of Beginnings had become a far-off shape in the distance behind them, the trio finally reached what they could only assume might have been their destination. Before them stood a tall archway colored pale ivory that was well overgrown with reaching vines and spots of moss clinging to the surface. Almost embedded into the mountainside, the arch itself was rather intricately carved, but sported no identifying details. No banners, no insignias, and no clear indication of what lay on the other side. The tunnel was dark, but Teion could feel the cool breeze that brushed against her cheeks and tousled her long hair.
  10. Teion straightened her spine, standing back to her full height and placing her hands on her hips while she cocked a brow. She listened to the young girl's very vague description of where she wanted them to escort her. If it wasn't for Sey's insight, she wouldn't have had any clue where the blonde was talking about. "NPCs can move across floors?" She thought aloud, echoing Sey's skepticism. Almost immediately after she aired the question, she was reminded of one she'd much rather forget, nearly feeling her skin crawl as she realized just how creepy it was that a certain French-accented waiter would so quickly appear in so many different locations. But he was an exception, right? She pushed the unsettling thought as far out of her mind as she could manage. "Oh, it's fine." Teion responded automatically to Sey's apology. Offering a shrug and dropping her hands back to her sides, she conceded to the spontaneity. "If she can make it through the gates, I'll come see what it's all about." She said, referring to the platform that served as their fast-travel between the levels of Aincrad.
  11. [Assisting: Diplomacy] ID#: 114133 | LD: 15 Just moments after their greetings were exchanged, a small unusual figure had interrupted them. This little girl with short blonde pigtails falling over her shoulders was now clinging onto Sey with a pout forming on her lips. Teion raised a brow, her curiosity giving way to amusement for a moment while she held in a chuckle. Glancing up at the taller player, it was easy to see the conflict in his expression, and Teion was hard-pressed to let the man stand in awkward suffering for too long. She frowned, realizing that their surroundings were a bit too crowded. The girl was probably an NPC, but without the yellow cursor floating over her head to confirm it, Teion was left to guess how best to deal with her. Her mouth twisted to one side in thought, and then she took half a step forward amid Kyu's curious sniffing and nosing. She placed her hands onto her knees and leaned forward a bit to better address the young girl. "Big brother and I are really busy adventurers." She started, hoping to dissuade a request that wouldn't be worth their time. "If it's really important, we can try to help you...but no tricks, okay?" She lifted a hand and held up one index finger.
  12. Teion chuckled and stood up from the spacious couch she had been lounging on. Her arms lifted up into the air, and she raised onto the tips of her toes while she took a long, satisfying stretch. "Well, guess I'll see you soon." She exchanged a short goodbye with her love before getting what few things she might need together and heading out. The trek from Ryo's mansion well past the outskirts of Taft into the city itself was a fair one, but the walk was always rather nice. The sky was overcast, but it wasn't yet raining, and the well-worn trails were free of monsters and other such nuisances that a player might encounter outside of the safety of the city walls. Arriving in the European-styled settlement, Teion's brows narrowed into a squint, and she glanced over the smatterings of people that stood between her and her destination. Her searching gaze continued while she walked, until she was close enough to the teleport gate to spot a familiar head of snowy-white hair. The tiny wolf familiar perched on Sey's shoulder caught her off guard, but she was quick to suppose everyone had some sort of pet in this game by now. "Hey," She announced herself as she closed the remaining gap between them.
  13. "Hm?" There wasn't many people Teion received messages from these days. Her withdrawal from the participation in boss raids was a selfish and cowardly choice, but she had never been so much of a foreground player that her absences would have drawn much attention at all. To the curious hum that sounded over her shoulder, Teion smirked. "No idea." She replied while her finger scrolled through her menus. Opening up Sey's simple message, Teion's brows raised. "Huh. Sey wants to meet up. Maybe he needs some new gear?" She thought aloud. Despite the friendly innocence of the words he had typed to her, she couldn't help but dig deeper as she wondered what might have prompted his contact. Ryo would smile, hardly recognizing the name, but happy that it was one she knew. He'd give a nod of his head and encourage her to go, saying it would give him plenty of time to work on the surprise he had in store for her. After a bit of back-and-forth, playful squabbling between the two, Teion had sent off a simple reply:
  14. Teion

    [PP-F15] Cat Burglar

    Of course he questioned her, as if the things she was suggesting meant she was out of her mind. Teion reactively made a face, her lips pursing to signal the loss she was at. Finally, with this stranger calling her rationale into question, she got a chance to begin to take in the person that stood a few paces across from her. He looked younger than her, and at the same time more tired than her. He was cautious, but clearly concerned about his missing companion, both of which she could relate to. Then there was the one glaring thing that set their avatars apart. She noticed the orange color of his cursor as it spun over his head. She suddenly felt even sillier for implying that they work together to track down their stolen familiars, but another second later she felt conflicted again. A brand without context. It was even harder to discern what was the 'right' or 'wrong' choice in this situation. "Uhm... If you want to." She confirmed flatly, feeling the tension in the air. She watched him for a second, though she was always terrible at maintaining eye contact, and then shifted her weight with how awkward she felt. "I mean, I'm not gonna bug you to help me." She tried to explain herself a bit further. Just, like... I'm not gonna pick a fight, I dunno if we're better off trying to track this guy down together." She held her hands up in front of her a moment for added measure. Another pause, and she still felt just as awkward. "I'm Teion, by the way."
  15. Teion

    [PP-F15] Cat Burglar

    She suddenly felt put on the spot. She internally tensed with eyes on her that she had very clearly asked for, and his question was a valid one that she was now obligated to answer. The problem was that she didn't like the only answer she had to give him. She made a face, for only a second, that said she knew she was going to sound stupid. Teion waved her hand through the air in front of her, shooing her menus away. "Uhh. Okay, I know just how dumb it sounds, but, he really did just vanish." She wished she had thought of any other way to say that. Or that she just had a truthful, more believable response. She was wasting more time than she was helping. "He just like, sank into the ground. I don't know if it was a secret path, or he's just, coded that way." She was defeated halfway into the expanded explanation she tried to provide. She felt small and she didn't know why, and she didn't know which part of that frustrated her more. She had been wandering with unease nested in the pit of her stomach for the better part of an hour already as she tried to explore this foreboding forest. The realization that Jinx was gone now--taken from her--was sinking in and had her feeling worse. She could always message someone, asking for help. Burn a teleport crystal to get back to safety faster. She may have had the thin common ground with the stranger across from her, in that they'd both been robbed, but what was the point of continuing to hold up a stranger? Having a common goal, a common enemy, didn't always warrant an alliance. So what was it she wanted out of this exchange? "He took mine, too. We...could head towards the nearest town. Ask around. We can't be the only people in the world to have a guy like that mess with us."