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    SAO. I mean... Why else would I be here? Y'know?

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  1. That moment you find out you have 20 unused skill points O-O

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    2. Hikoru


      Nah, I ain't the one that found the sub-dungeon. Look at Oikawa or Takao, someone that has a lot in Search and Detect so they can find it really, really easy

    3. Vayrin


      I found one with Jomei! :D


      Is he still on? I gotta finish that thread...

    4. Hikoru


      Yeah same, we're supposed to be finishing up BtU, he kinda dissapeared randomly yesterday, but i'm sure he's just busy ^-^

  2. BOO! Alright, so again I said I was back and then went silent. My finals came up so I was inactive for a few weeks. However! They're over now so I hope to do some serious grinding!

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    2. XWuZHeAR


      Is this the meeting place for people who recently came back to the site?

    3. Crimsa


      not anymore

    4. Avilon


      Nope I must abduct vayrin for thread

  3. Initiate operation: Catch Up

    Power Ranking Go!

    1. Vectis



      Invite me along too!

  4. Huehuehue.... This lvl 14 iz back...  :3

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    2. Vayrin


      I'm fine with whatever. I've done most of the low level quests so I can help ya.

    3. Avilon


      Yay! I just need to figure out what that I'm not doing with other people first. XD I am in like 7 threads right now which I'm waiting for posts.

    4. Grave


      I don't think we're at 20 posts yet, so I don't think we can close it yet XD

  5. Spoiler


    I may be making my return soon! Standby...

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    2. Shizuka


      *Looks down at flat chest* Aww..... ;-;

    3. Takneil


      *pats Shiz* It's okay, I have a flat chest too...

      but seriously let me know when you return :D 

    4. Ratatosk


      *Looks down at flat chest* Damnit! I thought they liked lolis, must've been wrong.

  6. Ugh, I hate to be one of those guys... I'm so sorry for all those who are waiting for me on replies. I know I said I'd get them done almost a week ago, but as you can see that hasn't happened yet. My life's been extremely busy as of late so I promise I'll get them in soon!

    1. Macradon


      IRL > SAO > School > Social Life

    2. Grave


      *pushes Mac back in his hole*

      Don't worry, Vay, I know how you feel. Up until about a week ago I couldn't find the time to post, and even now I have a small amount of trouble.

  7. (Seems like a lot of people are busy recently) Which I'm no exception to. Apologies for those waiting on me for replies. I've been busy but I will get to you all tomorrow.

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    2. Nixon


      *jumps for joy* 

    3. Zelrius


      See you say that, Yet the site is more active than it has been since last Summer

    4. Vayrin


      Lol. I was referring to all the other status updates before this one explaining how their users were going to be inactive. Again terribly sorry for the wait. Unexpected stuff came up again.

  8. @Shizuka@ShizukaShinimi21

    I'm just gonna let you two work that out... XD

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    2. Vayrin


      Well, it was only a matter of time. I was just speeding things up a bit.

    3. Husky


      Vayrin, I should give you the title: "The Catalyst of Arguments"

    4. Sinful


      The real question should be, which is the better Zero?

      So far, Zero is a dirty dan.

      And 0 is a number.

      Which one is better?

  9. Running low on threads now that I've completed some. Anyone up for one?

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    2. Vayrin
    3. Vayrin


      I'll be logging off for the night, but don't worry. I'll reply in the morning.

    4. Calrex


      Yay! XD also have a gnight

  10. When the crafting die hates you...

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    2. Lycan


      I experienced this feel today...

    3. Vayrin


      Pretty much.

    4. Macradon


      Just ... don't tell the Ghosts <,<

  11. Vayrin

    [F02] «Let There Be Light»

    I'll be taking this with Macradon.
  12. Anyone want company in a quest they've been planning on doing? I'm pretty bored at the moment, so hit me up if you want some assistance/company ^-^

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    2. Macradon


      I don't think you should join ... but I'm planning on doing Lord of the Sass(seas) but it might be too difficult for you and probably also too dangerous ... It might OHKO you.

    3. Vayrin


      We still gotta do that quest Mac :P Y'know, <<Let There Be Light>>

    4. Macradon
  13. Must make it to level 20 before Spring Break is over. Time to tackle some quests.

  14. Aight then! I'll be much faster with replies now, and I think it's time I make an effort to level up a bit. Who's with me!

    1. Takao
    2. Icarus


      Leveling up?  That sounds like my kind of party.

    3. Macradon