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  1. Antofer

    [F02] «Long Live the Queen»

    I hate wasps I'm taking this.
  2. Want some romance?


  3. Could I find a sub-dungeon and finish a thread and then come back to it in my next thread? 

    1. Seul


      No, they're kinda like one time deal-

      You'd have to search for another one in your next thread.

    2. Antofer
  4. Are you still stealthed after this or no?

    GrandMaster Sneak and Hide Mod
    Surprise attack: After having been in stealth for at least one post action you may then strike your opponent from the shadows. This attack grants you +1 damage and cannot miss but can still crit. Note: Monsters have a base search rating of 10. (15 SP)

    1. Opal


      I would assume no since you are attacking the player, they'll be able to see you after you struck them. Would be OP if you remained stealthed. 

    2. Antofer


      Yeah that's what I guessed but I just wanted to make sure XD

  5. *Thinks about making a Captain Falcon Character*  

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    2. Antofer


      No no I never meant taking everything, i mean his look and voice thats what i wanted 


    3. CaptainUndead


      allowed me to remind of of Madara.... please don't repeat it. You make your character whatever you wish to, but just remember to at least be rational, practical and have a sense of mind in what you're making

    4. Antofer


      Eh I was mostly joking anyways, I think I'm happy with this guy

  6. I want to challenge you to a drinking contest and see whose character would last longer

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    2. Antofer


      oooooh good idea Macradon

    3. Macradon


      And if one gets all 10 above the other, guess who gets knocked out xD

    4. Erm
  7. Antofer

    Aincrad's Spring Festival

    Can't wait for the start of the festival! :D Also the Kitsune mask looks pretty rad
  8. Antofer walked into his favorite store the black market, stopping for a moment to look around and view the stop." Hey Anise long time no see!" Hows the shop going?" "Hows was your day? Antofer smiles "Well big surprise I know but no appraises for me today I need a Basic Teleport Crystal and Field Rations" Antofer slides the Col he needed aross the counter to Anise. 2,000 col is almost all my money but i'm sure this could save my life on day especially if i do that sub-dungeon. "Thanks Anise I'll put this stuff to good use for sure! Antofer put the items into his inventory and left the shop. "Well have a good one Anise!" +Field Rations +Basic Teleport Crystal -2240 Col
  9. Looking for someone to do >>Earning A Living<< With me

  10. "Bosses drop loot regardless of having Mitigation" do does that mean sub-dungeon bosses don't have mitigation?   ( HP = floor * 60 | Damage = floor * 7 example of sub-dungeon from tutorial) 

    1. Jomei


      You can add mitigation if you'd like. But nope. They don't have to. 

    2. Antofer


      Oh thanks so much i have been wondering about that for a few days


  11. my new theme music for Antofer


  12. He deleted our other chat :0

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    2. Antofer


      :P yay we are special, would you like to run a RP thread with us sometime btw?


    3. Yuji


      Just invite me anytime, although I'll be unavailable next week (CNY~)

      After I return we could do some quest.

    4. KazuAnaka
  13. After seeing a different customer leaving the shop with a large new shield Antofer got excited thinking maybe his Tools where done. "Antofer walked over to the shop thinking his would be as big as this one is someday. Antofer walked in the shop and set hello to Macrado and picked up his gear. Sweet! Thanks so much Antofer made sure to pay the rest of his debt to Macradon +needle and threads
  14. Someone bake me a philosopher's scone! its like the philosopher's stone but.....no? I let my self out.

    1. Nixon


      I got you once i complete earning a living 

    2. Antofer


      :3 yay thanks bud!

  15. Antofer Walks in to macradon shop and looked around "whoa man i hope my shop get this big" Antofer walks up the desk to place an order. right before he could finish and put the note in a collection box Macadon showed up. "Hey man I would like to order a perfect Item. Hahah i guess who doesn't It should be 1,000 col right? Antofer pulls out a bag of col and slides its across the counter. "That should cover that." Well today Im looking for a crafting kit!" Thanks Antofer sits down in a near by stool and waiting for its competition. Name: Needles and thread (or some craft name XD )Your Profession: BlacksmithYour Rank: 5ID: [Leave blank]Roll: [Leave blank]Item Type: ToolTier: 1Quality: PerfectEnhancements: Crafting die x1Description: