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  1. Snow

    [F24 - PP/JL] Unexpected Visitor

    "S-shading effects. S-sure! That must be it!" Just give up on living Alyssa. It's over. The blonde nervously laughed because she didn't know what else to do. The aura of embarrassment still hung above her while Calrex grabbed his plate of food and sat. Yet almost as if predestined to exacerbate her failure at social interactions, Kimba's owner entered the room and covered Assassin's eyes. Snow both opened her mouth to greet Ariel and raised a brow until her words shot through the air and pierced Snow's skull. I-Interrupting?! As though the joints of her eyes were rusted, they creaked over to Calrex and the color of her fair skin flushed ruby red. Heat and pressure built up in her head. She shot her attention back to Ariel and Assassin. "N-no! I mean, he's just!" Snow stammered. Her hands gestured to the spread of food and, consequently, Calrex at the other end of the table. "Food! Have some food?" Kill me. Just... Just end it all. Snow sighed as if a kettle letting off steam. Her red cheeks buried into the nest of her arms atop the table's edge. Assassin's cheerful voice reached her in the darkness of her self hatred and Snow learned she knew Ariel. Thankfully, Assassin's more carefree personality didn't further insinuate Snow and Calrex had been "up to something". Baldur, owner of the island and guild respected guild member, spoke next as Snow hid from the world. Her head popped up, still reddish from her compounded embarassment. "Tea, yes. Right away." she quipped. As though given an excuse to disappear, Snow nearly bolted for kitchen. Out of sight, she nearly collapsed. Her hands braced on the sink and she took a few breaths to calm herself. It was just a joke. Just a joke. Just a joke... WHY IS HE TOPLESS?! "Tea," she muttered back in reality. Snow sifted through Baldur's pantry and found a rather used ceramic container full of loose leaf green tea. She remembered seeing a nice set of china and kettle and after navigating a few menus, tea was prepared. She emerged from the kitchen somewhat a renewed woman. Ariel called her "Tank-Lady" which Snow didn't mind, but it sounded odd coming from someone other than Assassin. She poured Baldur a cup of tea as delicately as she could and set the cup in front of him. She took extra precautions to keep her kimono's sleeve from taking an accidental dip. Ariel's request did not fall on deaf ears and likewise, Snow poured a second little ceramic cup and gently brought it in front of Ariel. Snow half-bowed, still feeling sheepish and out of place, then took her seat back at the end of the table. Gah... I am just making a fool of myself today. I hope they at least enjoy the food and forget about me. Snow's head hung. She heard Assassin pipe up about their first encounter in the conversation. She looked up and offered a defeated smile but a genuine one. "Absolutely, Assassin. I was glad to help." @Assassin, @Baldur, @Ariel - The Crowned Lion, @Calrex
  2. Snow


    Snow’s arm released from its coiled tension. Her idea of a final blow, completely stripped of all her gear, swung for Rain Minion’s maw. It’s hand pointed raised. The barrel leveled with her face, and she stared down the black abyss of perpetual night and slumber. But it didn’t stop. The gun peaked toward the heavens and the roar gunfire cracked across the battlefield like boisterous thunder. The Snow’s fist halted nearly a hair’s breadth from Rain Minion’s avatar by the concussive force of the first round. The second pull of the trigger slapped her tiny frame to the ground. Each following shot sent her head over heel through the field until the acoustic barrage ceased and the sky clouds bled streams of light. ”Wack.” One twisted word from twisted lips sealed the final notes of the battle and all three gods of chaos lifted into the sky. Hair disheveled, numbness racking every inch of her body, Snow flopped to her back. The sight of the three departing should have been relieving. Instead, she felt sick, defeated, and overwhelmed. Smears of dirt tarnished her clothes and grass sloppily wove throughout her locks of blonde. ”At least...” She paused under the weight of her chest. Surely something broke. “At least it’s over.” How will I ever explain this to Yggdra and the others...?
  3. Snow


    Eyes closed, ears plugged, time passed in muffled silence. For a moment, the flood of screams and panic rose beyond what her fingers could stifle. She winced with her eyes still closed in empathy for what she could only assume was pain and suffering. Her heart beat faster. Time passed, but nothing happened. Snow unplugged her ears and the sounds of chaos rushed back. She heard music, singing, screaming, and just complete and utter madness. Her eyes opened. Rain Minion 12 quite frankly did not give a -uwu-. Between her and the throne, @Mari stood in yet another pose. She glistened with sweat but held steady with maximum '_-FLEX-_'. Beside her, @Macradon, whom Snow assumed died or secluded himself after the dissipation of The Knights of Blood Oath, also flexed in a complementary pose. "M-Mac?" His name stuttered from her lips. "M-Mari?" It didn't make any sense. Her attempt to break the mechanics of the fight failed. And where were the weirdly chanting cultists?! Did she miss something?! Like some kind of inter-dimensional aberrations? Heart beating, nausea setting in, anxiety over her dwindling health bar, Snow started to fall apart. What now? What else can we possibly do?! Why is there singing? Why are they dancing? WHY IS MARI FLEXING?!?! MAC?! I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD! Her thoughts spun wildly and a heat rushed into the fair skin of her cheeks. Something. She had to try something else. @Assassinrode around on a pig, laughing like it was now just a game. May as well could be-- All of these players dying for sick amusement. @Ariel - The Crowned Lion seemed content trying to unleash death upon the small pig. Maybe that was it? Some connection to a less assuming monster? But didn't that other player say it was his pig? How could this be tied to someone's familiar? Snow gripped the sides of her head with clawed hands. "What do we do? What do we do?! Something?! What else? What else works?!" The words came out to match the hysterical madness around her. Another idea. Her eyes opened. Things stilled. "One health..." she muttered. What if this was like one of those games like darts? If the score wasn't exact, the game would never end? Just a constant repeat over and over until the exact number was hit? "Yeah, that might work..." Snow looked past the dynamic duo of Mari and Macradon to the ultimately disinterested expression of Rain Minion 12. Her eyes narrowed. The girl rarely felt genuine hate, but this pile of zero's and one's began to push the line. It was the key. If they could figure out what the trick was to removing Rain Minion 12 from play, the other two would fall, and this hellish landscape of chaos could finally come to rest. So, in the midst of a disorganized battlefield, Snow summoned her equipment menu while still seated at the base of Rain Minion's Throne. The spear beside her shattered into pixels and returned to her inventory. The winged helmet dashed to the wind and sent her locks of blond down her back in a waterfall. Her thick plated armor vanished in a shower of pixels, immediately replaced by a simple black hoodie and jean shorts laced up the sides. On her right hand, two rings appeared, one as a memory of Baldur, another of Sif's final farewell. The unprotected blonde now rose to her feet and dismissed the semi transparent menus. She stood defiant, brows scrunched together. The display of anger from such a small, weak, and insignificant player lacked any musings of a true threat. "One HP," she repeated. The blonde balled her fist and readied what she hoped would be a final blow. If it landed, and the single tick of damage was the final key to deleting that sliver of red under Rain Minion 12's name, the fight would be over. No flexing, no screaming, no dancing, singing, spit-roasting familiars, posing, or complete chaos. Resolution. Peace. Freedom. Snow held firm, oddly thematic with the other two players which posed majestically in front of her. Oblivious to the deep, threatening glare from @Dazia. I've got nothing after this... Truly, this was it. [[Snow changes gear down to casual attire and readies an unarmed blow to hopefully deal 1 DMG for a decisive "exact" blow.]]
  4. It's been a long journey, but I finally acquired my mimic familiar. I am much excite.

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      Have I ever trusted chairs.

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  5. Conclusion: Snow Earns: 1 Thread SP 1 Quarantine SP 1 Quest SP Familiar 200 Col Galilea Earns: 1 Thread SP 1 Quarantine SP 200 Col
  6. Snow

    Snow's Evals (Shop & Loot)

    Familiar Name: Locke Description: Originally a rare <<Alabaster Mimic>> Locke is small enough to stand atop both of Snow's open palms. She is made of white marbled stone with golden rivets and a sliver latch. The lock for the latch is missing, and it freely swings. Two large green eyes sit atop like emeralds and four blue sapphire eyes sit further to the edge for a total of six. When resting or avoiding detection, the eyes close and go flush with its body. At this point, it looks like a fancy lock box one might keep jewelry inside. When on the move, the slats that make up the box's side break free and form four makeshift legs. The blue sinews of its body can be seen operating the slats and connecting them to the main body. When the lid is open, one can see several rows of opalescent teeth and a surging mass of muscle and sinew. At its core, Locke can extend a singe appendage that reaches up to three feet from its body. At the tip of the appendage is a small, claw-like mouth with four smaller appendages tipped in diamond. This is what it uses to eat. The appendage also aids in traversing unusual terrain. Locke does not speak, but attempts to communicate with rattles of its latch, jumping, stomping, opening and closing its lid, rolling, and when truly upset or needing attention, screeching akin to a wounded rabbit. Familiar Mastery Skill: [N/A] Thread Link: [Attained] Refund Link: [N/A]
  7. A small window appeared with a congratulations. The <<Alabaster Mimic>> name above its head changed simply to <<Locke>>. The little thing's eyes shot up to Snow and its body twisted as if curious. It opened its mouth and shut it before hopping in place. The little latch on the front rattled like a soft purr. Galilea smiled. "I think its happy with that." Snow nodded and shifted around to get her feet under her. Hands still cupped with Locke upon them, she tried to stand slowly. The mimic looked uncomfortable like a dog unsure how to stand in a moving car, but it didn't flee. Finally back on her feet, Locke found its footing and titled to Snow. Then, it returned to munching on berries. "Now what?" Snow asked. "Should we keep looking around?" "How about we come back later. This stuff isn't going anywhere. And its cold down here. Let's get back in the sun." Galilea took lead for the last time. The two left the church and exchanged a few more words before parting. Snow returned back to Flora to find the lady and return the berries. The old gypsy shared a few stories about mimics and told Snow what to do to properly take care of one. She also learned that Locke was a female mimic, not that it mattered much. Supposedly, they ate anything that looked interesting to them. They could also store things inside them and grew attachments to some objects over time. Their favorite foods varied, but the gypsy advised Snow to try and get it used to something aesthetically pleasing but inexpensive. Like Gogi Berries. After finishing with the Gypsy, Snow made her way back home to introduce Locke to her new shared living space with Snow.
  8. While Snow's hand sat at the brink of the shadows, the little marker turned green. Six little eyes appeared again from the darkness and again, the blue appendage leapt out for another couple berries. This time, the chest scampered closer. "I think it likes you," remarked Galilea. Snow smiled and laid both hands against the cold ground. Hopefully that made it easier for the little thing. With less hesitation, it put a few of its little stone feet on Snow's hand and began rhythmically plucking berries. "Hey look! It's maker is green!" Snow just now noticed the change. In doing so, a small window appeared just stating "Name: _______". "Nice job. What are you going to name it?" That was a good question. Snow took a few moments to ponder. What would be fitting? It wasn't mean looking. Maybe a little creepy, but kinda cute. Something that would fit a weird spider, blob, chest... thing. "Hmm... what about....?" Snow typed in a few letters. "Locke?" She hit accept.
  9. "See? Looks like it likes you enough." Snow kept her hand out and tried to move it closer to the monster. It quickly scampered back into its hide out. Snow sighed. "It's not what I really thought of when I came to the church really," the blonde admitted. "But in a way, I kind of think its cute. It's so small." "It is smaller than the one's I've seen before. Interesting color too. Maybe that's what they were hiding down here?" Galilea looked around then shook her head. "Doubt it though." Snow doubted that as well. The poor thing likely moved in because it was safe. How long had it been down here? What did it eat? Berries? What else? Where did it come from? Snow had many questions, but all in all, she hoped it would come back for more. She held her hand out in wait. Even it it wasn't what she imagined, the idea of having a little partner was exciting. She couldn't wait to show the other guild mates. Snow softly chuckled to herself. "If I do tame it, Shield is going to have a fit." Galilea joined Snow in a chuckle.
  10. "You okay?" Galilea cried out. Snow scuttled backward to get away. It scuttled closer. All six little eyes fixed on Snow. Its white body resembled a small lock box. The stone slats that made up its sides extended and clattered against the hard floor like little legs. A blue fibrous sinew could be seen attached to the slats as though the creature adopted the container as a vessel and operated it from within, like a hermit crab. Compared to the darkness, muck, and grime of its surroundings, it seemed sorely out of place. "Oh. A mimic. They're nothing to be worried about." Hearing those words took the edge of Snow's fear but did little to calm her. "Hey, don't you have that food? Why don't you try feeding it? It would make for an interesting pet." A pet? THAT?! Snow looked at it in disgust. It looked back and scuttled deeper into the recesses of the shadows. Wait... is it... afraid? It was small enough that she could hold in both her hands. The glossy white marble looked unique and almost like a jewelry box if she looked past the eyes. Then again, the bright blue and green eyes looked a bit like jewels themselves. It certainly wasn't a cute bird or a dragon... "Yeah..." Snow pulled up her quick menu and produced some of the <<Gogi Berries>> the gypsy woman gave her. The blonde held out her hand to the darkness where a small red icon bobbed up and down. Six little eyes emerged again. The little lockbox's latch clicked and rattled like a growl or purr. Snow's hand stayed out. "Come on," she coaxed. Please don't bit me. Or... whatever it is you do. It's little improvised legs moved it closer. Then, from its lid shot a blue... tentacle... claw... thing. It snatched up a couple berries which quickly disappeared inside the white chest.
  11. As per usual, Galilea took to the search first. She broke off to the right and began to sift through some crates in the corner. Snow looked to the left. A large object draped in white loomed above several barrels and stacks of furniture. Snow could not help but imagine that, at any moment, the sheet would move and something deadly would emerge from underneath. Or maybe the moment she touched something, poisoned needles would shoot from the floor and seal her fate. It's a church. It's a church. It's a church. Her internal mantra repeated despite knowing very well how little the location being a church would help. Especially an abandoned one. "Find anything?" Galilea's voice made Snow jump. She hadn't even started to search. "Not yet," came the reply. Snow took a deep breath an committed herself. She placed her hand on one of the stacked pieces of furniture and heard a scuttle at her feet. The chill of horror ran up and down her spine. Don't look. Don't look. Don't look. She looked, and six eyes looked back. "OH MY GOD!!!" Snow screamed. Her sense of balance all but abandoned her and she fell to her rear. From beneath the shadows and through thick cobwebs, a red floating icon appeared. Beneath it, the name <<Alabaster Mimic>>.
  12. Galilea lead the way with Snow nearly breathing on her neck. The cool air form below wafted up as though somewhere at the end of this journey was an exit. The light from above dwindled and surrendered to the faint glow of the crystal sconces. The grandiose facade of a holy church twisted to darkness like the backside of a coin. "Woah." Galilea stopped. Between the limited vision and how closely she followed, Snow bumped her nose into Galilea's back. She rubbed at it as though it hurt, but only the subtle numbness of the pain inhibitors tickled. "Check it out." Before them another room opened up larger than the office. It spanned easily twenty feet by twenty feet. Barrels, boxes, and objects draped in cloth littered the opening. Archways with grates marked two of the adjacent walls and a blackened archway opposite of them lead deeper still. The cool breeze wafted and whistled from its depths. "Looks like a storeroom?" Snow guessed. "Looks like treasure," Galilea corrected. "Let's look around. There has to be something good here." Or a trap... Snow swallowed another lump in her throat.
  13. "Only one way to find out." Snow was afraid of that reply, but equally anticipated it. The key slid in with no resistance and after a quarter turn a loud thud shook dust from the ceiling above. "Oh god. This is it. This is when the walls close in." Snow began to panic. The wall rumbled and a seam between the stones formed beside the book case. Like some mystery movie, the entire bookcase began to swing inward like a door. The musty air from below rushed up and hit the two girls in the face before escaping through the leaves in the open window. Stone against stone finally silenced its grating groan. Silence returned. "Well... Don't give up yet. We can keep going." Snow looked to the opening. Dim lights from glowing stones marked a stairway down below. She shifted her concerned look between the stairway and her companion. "Well? Do you want to turn back?" Snow shook her head while she bit her lip. Galilea cracked a wry smile. "We don't have to you know..." "Let's keep going." Deep under the uneasiness she wore on her sleeve, curiosity still called out for her.
  14. As she looked upon her company and questioning whether or not she was thankful for meeting her here, Snow noticed something catch light near one of the book shelves. Her puzzled look grabbed the attention of Galilea who traced her gaze to a glint of metal between two worn stones of the stone and mortar walls. Galilea worked around the desk to the side of the book case to get a better look. "Something's here," she commented. Her fingers worked around the stone until it came loose. Behind it, a metal plate with a keyhole at its heart. Unlike the walls and everything around them, it seemed... newer? Scratches around the keyhole exposed raw metal and what caught the little light in the room. "Now this is getting interesting," Galilea stated as she lined the key up with the hole. Snow could hear the excitement in her voice. She could tell Galilea was loving this right now. "What do you think it does?" Snow asked nervously. Unlike her partner, the fear of overpowering monsters loomed very strongly over her head. The further down the rabbit hole they went, the more she wondered if they'd be able to get out if they needed to flee.
  15. Galilea stood and turned to Snow. Her hips cocked and the hand holding the key planted firmly on her hips. "You've never heard of an escape room?" Snow shook her head. She felt as though it was something she should know but genuinely had no clue. Galilea hung and shook her head in disbelief. "Wow. Yeah, its kind like this." She held up the key and gestured to the room. "You get locked in a room and have to find clues to get out or solve a mystery. Problem is, I don't know what mystery we're solving." "Maybe it's the mystery of why this place was locked up and forgotten? Maybe there was a reason for it?" Snow guessed. Galilea milled it over and nodded her head. "Actually, that's not a bad thought. Hopefully its not because of some floor 50 boss in the basement." Snow's expression fell flat. "That's not funny." Galilea thought otherwise.