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  1. Ever make a character who you really like, but for various reasons you stop playing them for a long time, but then you come back to the game later and realize you want to play that alt again but the people who remember them probably think he and by extension you are a a d-bag for suddenly disappearing without warning and so you feel bad but enough time has passed that other people's storylines have long moved on and yours hasn't budged only making the rift bigger since you need an IC reason to not be a corpse from starvation? Then the OOC reasons naturally.

    I have :D Fills me with conflicting emotions :3

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    2. Seul



      I only have one alt.

    3. Shirien


      Well, not that EXACT scenario, just generally having an alt that you're not sure how their return would be taken, positive or negative, and so you kinda hold off on it or don't know what to do :P

      Half curiosity and half saying stuff for the sake of saying stuff and not just thinking it~

    4. Takao


      I dunno, the type of person that would think I was a douchebag for disappearing without saying anything aren't typically the people I'd want to go back to anyway. 

  2. Shirien

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

    Shirien entered the shop with a slight sense of urgency about him, like he was worried he was about to miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime event. He walked right up to the counter and plopped 700 Col's worth of coins atop her surface and said "Hiii! Could I get some swimwear?" He asks the blonde player. "I'd like for them to be dark purple swimshorts preferably." He figured it was a relatively simple order seeing how it didn't need any enhancements or the like. -700 Col
  3. Too fancy to drink water? Have an insane amount of wealth just waiting for be thrown away? Then visit your local alchemist today!

    Order a rare quality potion with 1 slot in Antidote... and 1 slot in  Paralyses Water! Finally, you can enjoy your water with the knowledge you wasted a bunch of money for no reason because you can afford it!

    Warning: Shirien and associated shops are not held responsible if you accidentally cause a glitch in the game and your character becomes permanently corrupt.

    1. Hakai


      Oooohh..... If only I had tons of money....

  4. Shirien

    [Shop-Floor 13] Amethyst Boutique

    Shirien blinked and froze slightly when she jumped up but calmed quickly from the discount. A smile crossed his lips as he took the item from the crimson haired lady in front of him and equipped it. He wore the pendent with pride as he said "Thank you very much, I won't say no to a discount!" The hooded player returns the coins in his hand to his inventory and gives his head a slight bow at her generosity. She could have taken the col and he'd have been none the wiser "Uhm... sorry about the nervousness earlier. This is my first time seeing someone with orange." He smiles a little, hoping there were no hard feelings. He had to admit he felt a slight bit impressed from seeing her flip through her menus with such practiced ease. "I'm Shirien by the way, thanks again, this'll really help me out" Or at least he assumed so. Being able to hit things with a better chance of success seemed like an amazing boon.
  5. Shirien

    [F02] «Long Live The Queen»

    I'll be taking this alone as I have no reason to think this wasp has any chance of being able to kill me!
  6. Shirien

    [Shop-Floor 13] Amethyst Boutique

    He had been feeling an emptiness in his third equipment slot for quite a while. He always had a weapon and some armor, but today he thought it was finally time he got himself an accessory when he happened across a shop while exploring the higher floors for something to do. His first thought was why there would be a shop outside of the actual town, his second thought was 'Oh ****, an orange player.' followed by him doing his absolute best not to turn on his heel like an idiot after having entered the shop or the stupidest thing in the world he could and reach for his dagger. He kept his arms to the side and kept his breath calm, sure that any number of things could have happened, Enough thievery or assaults could make a person orange if he remembered the rules, this person was probably just making a living as best they could. That is what he reasoned to himself as he gave a nervous wave and started to browse the shop while keeping his attention to his peripherals. While searching through the shop he noted a particular pendant which grabbed his attention. It was the highest quality item in the shop after all. While pointing to the Azure's Pendant he asked "Hello, I'm interested in this pendant!" He was careful to be polite, smiling a bit while he waited for his curiosity to be answered. With his eyes making a glance to the shop's prices he started going through menus until a handful of col coins was held tight in his fist. He had no idea what the design represented or anything like that. He was just seeing it as a nice looking pendant that would make it easier for him to hit things, and branch out his skills later on if he wanted. "This is enough col, right?" He holds out the coins in the hopes the hand holding them stayed where it was instead of ending up on the floor. -800 Col for Azure's Pendant
  7. Quick energy question!

    When I regenerate energy, is it at the start or end of a turn? Example if I use a 3 energy sword art: 3/5 [-3 +1] OR 2/5 [+1(wasted) -3]

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    2. Shirien


      Gotcha, thank you very much! Just wasn't sure about the 'when' for the regeneration, I got it now!

    3. Rain


      Huh... does that work with boss fights too? O.o I didn't add recovery yet cause I thought twas different.

    4. Takao


      Energy is recovered at the start of your post in all situations. If it was recovered at the end, you would essentially get a free -1 energy off your first sword art, which would be kinda weird.

  8. Shirien

    [F06] <<Calming the Soul>>

    I'll take this, why not? Heheh...
  9. Shirien

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

    Shirien entered the shop only days after he had ordered two items from the clothing shop. He smiled and gave a wave to Ariel and Kimba. "Hello again!" He says happily while looking through her shop's inventory. He was in need of something to help him through the grind to tier 2, and didn't have much by way of money or materials. Still, her prices were fairly reasonable to him. "Hm... " He eyes one particular set of armor with mitigation before shaking his head and saying "I think I'd like a custom order again if that's alright!" He takes an order form and begins to fill it out. "Until my armor skill gets way higher, I think I'll wear tough armor instead of being all 'jump n dodge'. That should keep me alive until tier two I think!" He says with a positive outlook. "If possible I'd like it done in the next couple days, but if that's not possible I could give you some col to loan one of your armors until its finished? I plan to take part in that werewolf event." Placing his order on the counter he smiles with curiosity to the blonde owner of the shop before realizing something. "Oh. Are you still having the sale?" He starts going through menus as if to prepare some col to even the price if he could. -3 Materials
  10. Shirien smiled to the smith with a nod, removing his old dagger with the plans to destroy it later, it being not only basic quality but locked from appraisals atop that. With his new dagger equipped he drew it and gave it a toss up to properly test the weight before catching and re-sheathing it. "Thank you, I will! I look forward to testing it out. Have a good day!" He said happily before waving and heading back out of the shop to see how much easier it would be to cut things with several times more strength! It would certainly last him the next twenty-some levels he figured for starters!
  11. Shirien walked into the shop with his black clothing and hood hiding his eyes. His rusted knife wasn't going to keep him safe forever, and early on he figured his stats wouldn't carry him, he needed to rely on equipment for a little while. "Hey there, I'm here looking for a weapon, let me just browse for a bit!" He said aloud while looking through the items already in stock. He didn't feel like waiting for an order and thankfully for him there was even a dagger perfect for what he had planned! With a grin on his lips he gestured to the weapon named Carnwennan and said "Ooh, perfect. This will carry me for a while!" He says happily and checks the pricing on it. It felt a bit steep to him since he was new, but he figured it wasn't so bad since he could afford it. "Six materials... Alright." He says while taking six from his inventory and setting them down to be taken. -6 Materials for Carnwennan
  12. Shirien

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

    Shirien listened to Ariel's guess and nodded "Yup, struck the nail on the head. Only recently became one, actually. Still figuring it all out, no luck on appraisals... yet." He says with a shrug of his shoulders while letting her work despite the idle conversation. When she completed both items so quickly he smiled and happily stood himself up, taking them and examining the work. After placing them both into his inventory he equipped the clothing immediately and looked himself over, moving about to make sure it all fit right and with a grin he nodded and with the hood down said "It's great, thanks a lot! All the stats are here and the clothes feel pretty comfy!" He was certainly pleased with the work, chuckling happily as he said "Well, I'll try to level up fast for you. Then I can buy tier two armors from you." He said to try and give her the impression she had earned herself a repeat customer for the future. "Thanks again, I guess I should head off and try this out once I get some more materials. I'll see you around, feel free to message me anytime." He offers while pulling the hood up over his head and tucking his hands into the pockets. "I'd offer you a discount at my shop or some free appraisals but I think your fiance has you covered." He says with a wink before heading to the door, ready to leave any time. +Polishing Rag of Legends & Black Marketeer
  13. Shirien

    [F03] «Worn out Welcome»

    I will be taking this quest alongside Mayuri!
  14. Shirien

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

    Shirien smiled happily at the exclamation that she was happy he came by and noted his bravery, a chuckle passing his lips as he was struck with a happy face while letting the lion cub sniff his hands. "Yeah~ I am so brave." He said with a slight snicker, having hidden in the safezones like a proper coward even if he did go high. If he stepped outside he would probably just explode on contact with a thorn he wagered. He certainly wasn't going this high for some time to come for combat reasons. Remembering his manners he says "Nice to meet you as well, I don't have any titles but I think you can guess at my profession from the items." He says while giving her a wave as she went to the station to start crafting "Best of luck, thank you!" He moved to find somewhere to sit and wait, willing to see if her word was as good as her skill~!
  15. Shirien

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

    Shirien stepped into the shop with a jingle while wearing his usual maroon shirt with the hood up. His armor and equipment was either very basic or designed to appear so. In either scenario he didn't look very much like a threat as he moved up to the counter with a smile on his face. He pulled his hood back enough his face wasn't much being hidden. "Hello, I have some custom orders I'd like to get out of the way early." He had only just become a merchant and was willing to get some early-game boosts so to speak. After writing out his requests he set them on the counter along with the payment of 8 materials. "I heard you were having a sale, so I thought I'd take advantage. Hope you don't mind~" He says with a wink, noticing the small lion he stares curiously before kneeling down and holding his hand out for it to sniff. His experience with cats lead him to believe trying to touch a feline without its permission was a bad move. "Oh, uh, my name is Shirien by the way!" -8 Materials to Ariel