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  1. Ever make a character who you really like, but for various reasons you stop playing them for a long time, but then you come back to the game later and realize you want to play that alt again but the people who remember them probably think he and by extension you are a a d-bag for suddenly disappearing without warning and so you feel bad but enough time has passed that other people's storylines have long moved on and yours hasn't budged only making the rift bigger since you need an IC reason to not be a corpse from starvation? Then the OOC reasons naturally.

    I have :D Fills me with conflicting emotions :3

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    2. Seul



      I only have one alt.

    3. Shirien


      Well, not that EXACT scenario, just generally having an alt that you're not sure how their return would be taken, positive or negative, and so you kinda hold off on it or don't know what to do :P

      Half curiosity and half saying stuff for the sake of saying stuff and not just thinking it~

    4. Takao


      I dunno, the type of person that would think I was a douchebag for disappearing without saying anything aren't typically the people I'd want to go back to anyway. 

  2. Too fancy to drink water? Have an insane amount of wealth just waiting for be thrown away? Then visit your local alchemist today!

    Order a rare quality potion with 1 slot in Antidote... and 1 slot in  Paralyses Water! Finally, you can enjoy your water with the knowledge you wasted a bunch of money for no reason because you can afford it!

    Warning: Shirien and associated shops are not held responsible if you accidentally cause a glitch in the game and your character becomes permanently corrupt.

    1. Hakai


      Oooohh..... If only I had tons of money....

  3. Quick energy question!

    When I regenerate energy, is it at the start or end of a turn? Example if I use a 3 energy sword art: 3/5 [-3 +1] OR 2/5 [+1(wasted) -3]

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    2. Shirien


      Gotcha, thank you very much! Just wasn't sure about the 'when' for the regeneration, I got it now!

    3. Rain


      Huh... does that work with boss fights too? O.o I didn't add recovery yet cause I thought twas different.

    4. Takao


      Energy is recovered at the start of your post in all situations. If it was recovered at the end, you would essentially get a free -1 energy off your first sword art, which would be kinda weird.