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  1. Vigilon

    [PP-Fx] Rescue Mission, or Wild Goose Chase?

    In reply to his words, Krysta stopped to think, and walked over to Ryu to ask him about the tunnel complex. As the players walked, Vigilon kept an eye out for anything useful to a blacksmith as he listened to Ryu's delayed response. Of course, there was not much in terms of ore around this snow. Maybe the snow was covering all traces of ore? It would make more sense than the fact that ore could be found anywhere outside the safe zone, usually sticking out of the ground like it had been part of some sort of meteor shower from a single year ago. Once Ryu finished his explanation, Vigilon would look at the time. "9:57... That's about...twelve hours before we have no choice but to go back...I think." He thought. "Well, we've got about twelve hours before we have no choice but to return to town or camp out, but, other than that, I'd say we've got some time." Taika looked over to Vigilon, a slightly confused expression on her face. "Hold up, are you used to staying up during those nightly hours or something?" Granted, Vigilon had been used to going back to town at dusk, but that was primarily 'cause he believed that most of the PKers showed up specifically at night, not to mention it was harder to see things during the night. "True, I usually stay up for longer since I can't exactly sleep like I used to, that habit of bench-crashing really did a number on me being able to sleep, but I used to almost always return to town, or my shop, at dusk... Although nowadays, my nighttime routine usually ends up as keeping the shop in order, not to mention making plans for certain days, and, of course, feeding Veriost again, sometimes more than once....now that I mention it..." He placed his hand on his left shoulder, and noticed the lump that was probably Veriost, sleeping between his garments. He patted the area until the small white frost dragon crawled out. The familiar's expression changed from tired and/or bored to nostalgic and perky when she noticed the floor she was in. "Nice to be back here every once in a while, eh, Veriost? You little sleepyhead, you didn't even notice where you were until I woke you up!" He called out to her as she flew about around the players. @Krysta ID# 114029 LD: 8+1=9(failed)
  2. Vigilon

    [PP-Fx] Rescue Mission, or Wild Goose Chase?

    The player said he wouldn't need to join a party, and he also said that he could only give the name Ryu. He apologized to Vigilon, saying that he wasn't in the best mindset, thought-wise. He also said he never intended to be rude when he ignored the introduction, that he was used to speaking with NPCs while he was...hiding? Hiding from what? Vigilon shook off the thought, now was not the time to worry about such things, there were about two lives possibly at risk. Ryu asked if they could get going, and Krysta started off toward one of the possible locations where one of the leads would be. Vigilon guessed that she must be very worried about her friend to an extreme degree if she was to drop everything and forge ahead. "...Yeah, we really should get going..." He began to run up ahead to try and catch up with Krysta. "Hey, Jewel, wait for us! Besides, any of those mountains could have the tunnel network we're looking for!" Taika shrugged as she walked towards the two players who ran off. "They could have easily just asked for directions to the mountains that are connected to that tunnel system before running off..." @RyujinSeaLord
  3. Vigilon

    [PP-Fx] Rescue Mission, or Wild Goose Chase?

    Vigilon's introduction got no reply. That was new. Of course, if he was to start a party, he would probably need to know the username in order to send him a party invite. He spoke of the fact that he had a home on this floor, due to the weather and something known as star steel. "Star steel, eh? I wonder what I could make with that... Then again, it would simply remain a tier one material if this is the only floor it can be found on." This player seemed to have been practically all over this floor, or so he claimed. "Well, in that case, it would be much easier if we knew where we were going, so, what the heck, why not?" Then he remembered, he didn't know this guy's username. "Um...I'm going to need a username if I'm going to send you a party invite...that is, unless you'd rather not." He still sent a party invite to Krysta, though, since he already knew she'd join it. "So, I believe we were intending to head for either the rumored twisting tunnels within one of the mountains, or the Glacial Cove. If we have enough time in one day, we can try to cover both of this floor's leads." @RyujinSeaLord
  4. Vigilon

    [PP-Fx] Rescue Mission, or Wild Goose Chase?

    Krysta asked Akudo if he had any leads in regards to the two players' whereabouts. "Well...Since we're here, we might as well start with this floor. I've ruled out all but two possibilities for this floor. One spot is somewhere within the mountains of this floor, for there are a few caves with various twisting paths that could lead anywhere in the tunnels, I've heard a few players had once gotten lost in there, so it could easily happen again. The other possibility is...The Glacial Cove. I heard that most of the monsters in that area are pretty strong. Taking on a few would be simple, but since I've heard there are large amounts of those things in there, it would definitely be a problem if you were to get swarmed. I can't go with you at the moment, 'Cause if you come up empty, I gotta make sure I have some reliable leads for the other floors. I don't think you should hesitate to help out any other missing players you come across either, since I'm trying to follow the missing player rumors here. An empty lead might still lead to someone in need of help!" Another player approached the conversation. He believed that they were a little lost, and he claimed that he's been through all these floors before, since he'd helped to clear them, so he could help if they need it. "Well that's a pretty bold claim." Was Vigilon's first response. "If there's one thing I've learned, no matter how many times you've been around one of Aincrad's floors, there always seems to be something you didn't know before." Vigilon noticed that the player's cursor was green. That was one less thing for him to worry about. Then again, they were currently still in the safe zone. "...I guess you could help." If anything went wrong, he had a few teleport crystals that he could even share with his two friends if this guy turned out to be bad news. "We're about to search the first ten floors for two players; people we knew back in the real world who got into this game as well. Turns out, these particular two are missing in action. My new friend and informant, Akudo, just gave us two possible leads for this floor that we could start with. Twisting tunnels within the mountains, and The Glacial cove. If we've got enough time, we might be able to try both." Vigilon extended his hand in greeting. "I'm Vigilon." Of course, Taika was already thinking of her position in all of this. "I don't consider myself to be totally involved, since I was invited to this without, so I guess I'll sit out of joining a party. I'll still tag along, and if I need to, I can pick off any stragglers when it comes to combat. I'm currently level 26 with Rank 5 in the Two handed spear, so I should be good in terms of being able to hold my own." @RyujinSeaLord
  5. Vigilon

    [PP-Fx] Rescue Mission, or Wild Goose Chase?

    Vigilon saw Krysta approaching. "Hey, Jewel! Glad you could make it!" Krysta apologized for possibly being late, explaining that she needed to get some warmer clothes on. "I understand. Besides, it looks great on you. Also, if anyone's late, it's Akudo. He said for us to meet him here, but he still hasn't shown up yet!" Krysta introduced herself to Thalia, also mentioning herself as Vigilon's girlfriend. Thalia would smirk and reply with, "Nice to meet you Krysta, call me Taika. I've got the feeling you're suspicious by what you said, though. Don't worry, there's nothing between us, we're just friends from high school, nothing serious." After the introduction, Akudo came over from inside the tavern. "Oh shoot, I totally forgot that I mentioned to meet up at the entrance to Hearth and Harrow, agh, jeez! ...Hey, who's this cutie?" Vigilon facepalmed. "Not again..." Taika couldn't help smiling even though she was currently rolling her eyes. "Um, thanks for the compliment I guess, but don't press your luck. Besides, if you think I'm cute, you should meet Katrina." Akudo shrugged. "Welp, it was worth a shot. Maybe I actually will meet this Katrina you speak of...but enough daydreaming, we've got an important matter to discuss. Come on!" Akudo gestured for the three to come in. Once the players found a table to sit down at, Akudo would get down to business. "Alright, so I've been able to confirm some rumors, but the whereabouts are still ridiculously all over the place. Currently, there are confirmed reports of a girl matching the description Krysta gave, adorable as described. She's apparently joined forces with another player going by the name 'Telgis', who's a blond guy with glasses that apparently is looking for his friends. The two ended up missing in action about a month ago, somewhere on one of the first ten floors. They are still missing in action, for their usernames still have yet to be crossed off the monument...but since they've been missing for about a month, there's gotta be a reason they haven't tried returning to town or anything. I've also heard a bunch of other rumors about missing players, or some other players at large, but most of it's noise." Vigilon recognized the username, for it was used back in High School, when the guy was the DM for the Dungeons & Dragons group he was in. "That's Dennis, all right. I'd recognize that DM alias anywhere." The conversation was loud enough for one to hear, and yet Vigilon, Taika and Akudo were too focused on the discussion to realize there may be anyone listening... @Krysta @RyujinSeaLord
  6. Day One- Floor 4 Vigilon had been waiting at the meeting place that he was told to wait at. In the chilling town of Snowfrost, in the fourth floor. He looked back at his message to make sure he didn't get anything wrong about where he was supposed to be. Vigilon closed his messenger, and looked behind him. Sure enough, the Hearth and Harrow was right behind him. He had sent a message asking one of the friends he'd found earlier to join the three players in the matter at hand. Vigilon heard footsteps approaching, and when he turned to the direction of the sound, he saw her. "Hey, Thalia! Glad you could make it! The others haven't arrived yet, but I guess that means we're early!" Thalia smiled and said, "Good to know. I'm actually quite eager to meet these new friends you've made." Thalia(Her Username is Taika): Stats and Equipment:
  7. Akudo sent Vigilon a message, one that confirmed the possibility of several rumors of various missing players, one of them spurring Vigilon into an "I've gotta search everywhere!" mood. Maybe he and Krysta could search for missing players together...since Krysta was also hearing rumors of a missing player who could be a friend of hers. There was likely to be a long journey, and maybe what looked like a wild goose chase. "I'm gonna need some supplies if I'm going to follow through with this..." He then remembered Shield's shop. "Of course! there's more that I can get there besides identifications!" Once he arrived, he looked around for things he might need. Upon finding the items he decided he could use for the trip, he brought them up to the counter to purchase them. "Hey, I'm about to go on what some players might call a wild goose chase, so I'm gonna need these supplies here." Purchases:
  8. (OOC: By the way the boulder has a -2 to it's EVA[which makes sense, 'cause it's a stationary object]) "Oh, so you meant the stat based limits, not the physics based limits. Ok... Well, in that case, I doubt that a unique skill would shatter the limit. The undeniable truth is that there will always be someone better than you. It's impossible to have more than one unique skill, for one. This game threw in unique skills and the exclusive abilities they offer, but the game's system won't allow for one player to...basically become God. Whether good intentions or not, an OP player in terms of maximized stats or skills would be bad for multiple reasons. Sure, this is a death game that has already killed so many, but that doesn't change the fact that a fair balance would be better than turning a select few players into immortals. However, from what I've seen and heard, the major boss fights aren't messing around anymore..." Vigilon explained as he watched Zuekin strike the boulder and fail to damage it. "I understand that you want to become powerful so that others don't have to live in fear, but since one can't become OP, we as players have to unite and work together. Ever wondered why this game has Guilds?" He walked over to where Zuekin struck the boulder. "I'll go and try weakening it for you." He slammed his fist onto the boulder, but to no avail. That one spot remained intact. "Huh, I wasn't expecting that...maybe we should try a different spot." @Zuekin ID# 113573 BD: 2+3(Accuracy enhancement[1]/boulder's evasion debuff[2])=5(Still miss) Target Status: Boulder: 18/50
  9. Vigilon

    [PP-F8] Shadowed Pasts and Unspoken Truths

    The first mysterious player's smile didn't fade. "Sorry, but our liege, The Cursed One, has requested that you do not follow..." Vigilon's fists tightened. "Fine then, we'll beat you down and be on our way. I don't have anything to worry about, this is a safe zone!" The spear-wielding player added, "You do have a point... Stats don't matter here, this will be a fight of will, strength and endurance." Akudo drew his dagger. "Alright, how about this, let us be on our way, nothing will go wrong. If we fight you and win, you tell us what you know. The whole 'liege' and 'Cursed One' thing really has me curious..." The big guy stared at Akudo. "And if we win?" Akudo knew what his answer would be. "I'd let her pick." He said as he pointed to the player who appeared to be a dancer. Vigilon sighed and slapped his face. "Get your head in the game, man! This is a fight, not a bet!" The player who appeared to be a dancer giggled at Akudo's words. "Oh, now that's very sweet of you... I currently don't see anything for us to gain yet, but I'll see if I can find something to gain from this..." Vigilon saw that she was looking at Akudo, and he figured it out pretty quickly. "Great, the guy shows his one weakness, and she's ready to exploit it... She's probably planning to lower his guard by charming him... I'd better try and defeat her before she gets a chance..." Vigilon knew his target. Akudo seemed to be targeting the the one with the eerie smile, as he rushed over and attempted to thrust his dagger into him, but the attack was quickly avoided, and the big one swatted him aside with the flat of his axe. Vigilon turned to face the one who appeared to be a Dancer, who was already approaching him quickly with a low posture. Vigilon rushed in to strike, but she grabbed both his hands and began swinging him around, as if she was toying with him, and a few seconds later, she flung him over to the wall. "How in all of heck...?" He thought out loud as he slid down to the floor. @Dazia
  10. Vigilon

    [PP-F8] Shadowed Pasts and Unspoken Truths

    "Wha- HEY!" Akudo found himself struggling against the cloaked player, only to fail and witness his escape. Yinangi was revealed to the other players, distracting Dazia from trying to stop the female cloaked player. "Easy, easy! Let's not get too hasty here!" The female cloaked player had seen the other cloaked player escape, and so she stopped to say, "You can return to your business, I'll track that one down." Vigilon rushed up to her. "Wait, hey! Can't I at least get your name before you run off??" The female cloaked player stopped reluctantly. "...Curfaella." She then ran out of the tavern. Vigilon was going to run out the door as well about a minute of thinking later, but when he reached the door, four strange players were blocking the way. "I'm sorry, did you think you were going to chase someone down?" The strange player in the front asked, an eerie smile on his face. Vigilon backed up as the four entered the tavern. The first one seemed to be in some kind of white getup that looked like it was meant for movement, and the upper face was obscured by the headgear. He held a one handed curved sword in his hand. The one to the left wore something similar, but it was grey, and cooler-looking, too, thanks to the draconic design on it. He was also carrying a two-handed assault spear. The one to the right appeared to have a flexible build capable of swift, graceful movement, and seemed to be in a modest dancer's getup, white and rose in color. Vigilon could tell that her preferred weapon was Martial Arts, judging by the tasteful rose colored handwraps she wore. The one in the back was a hulking bulk of a man, clad in a full suit of white metal armor, carrying a very heavy looking two handed battle axe. Akudo looked to the four, and rushed over to Vigilon. "You look like you could use some help getting past them. I'll help you out. ...But You'll have to deal with that cutie over there on your own, though..." The player who appeared to be a dancer giggled. "Flattery will get you nowhere. Sorry." Vigilon facepalmed. He then looked over to Dazia and Yinangi. "If you could help too, that would be nice..." Requested music for RP combat in spoiler below: @Dazia
  11. "You want to break the limit?" Vigilon asked with a smirk. "I've seen a few examples of the limit being broken, in terms of real life standards. To be honest, there was this one guy who mistook me for an enemy(I was disguised at the time, 'cause I was trying to infiltrate a recruitment for a malevolent Guild in order to gather information), and he completely bashed me into the wall, and it even disrupted the whole 'immortal object' thing, damaging the wall, and leaving a body-shaped dent in said wall...cause I was in it. ...So, yeah, those who practice their physical strength just enough can pull off some real crazy stuff." When it was Vigilon's turn to strike, he looked at the boulder's condition. He found a good spot to strike, right above the spot between the two sets of cracks. He struck the boulder hard, and the crack that appeared barely touched the other sets of cracks, and now the three sets of cracks were starting to look like a web of cracks. "I think we're getting close." @Zuekin ID# 113562 BD: 10(Critical, +2 Base DMG) Target Status: Boulder: 18/50
  12. Vigilon

    [PP-F8] Shadowed Pasts and Unspoken Truths

    Akudo was told that it didn't concern him at all. The girl chose to try more intimidation to motivate the shady guy. "Will you talk now?" The female cloaked player's conversation with the barkeep ended, and she turned her attention back to the players around her. She watched the rest of the conversation unfold. The two completely refused the idea of them being cousins. Vigilon encountered a new situation, for this was the first time he'd see Dazia lose her cool out of shock or surprise. The female cloaked player spoke her thoughts aloud. "As impossible as it sounds, it's true." She assumed that her voice was inaudible to the other players, but she was about to learn the hard way that it wasn't the case... "Eh? Who said that?" He turned his head and he spotted her, eavesdropping on the conversation. "Hang on...is it..you? That cloaked player I ran into the other day....If only I got your name..." The female cloaked player became flustered, and she quickly pulled up her messenger, sending a short message to someone. She then turned to flee, the unusual emblem on the back of her cloak visible to all who saw her. Emblem: @Dazia
  13. Vigilon

    [PP-F8] Shadowed Pasts and Unspoken Truths

    Akudo got the answers he was looking for...but now he had just one more. "Tell me more about this Wardege person. Then I'll leave you alone." The barkeep agreed to keep silent, then told her to speak now, while everyone else was distracted. "I'm from a Guild that's been keeping to the shadows, but I'm considering leaving them. I'm trying to consider the potential consequences, however, for I don't want myself, or those I care about, to come to harm. You might not realize this, and it seems that those two over there haven't figured it out just yet...but they're related. I've met them both. I know one of them personally, though that was quite some time ago, and the other is more of an acquaintance that I'm related to, and may have forgotten me." Vigilon heard a very familiar name... Xavier Grace. His father wanted pretty much nothing to do with his family, from what he told Vigilon, and had even chose for the mother's last name to be the family's last name...Grace was his father's original last name. "...Whoa whoa whoa whoa, Xavier...Grace? I think I misheard you, did you say his last name was Grace? That was once my father's last name! What I heard you say would suggest that we might be...cousins..." If there was anything that had almost impossible odds, it was this. (OOC: Ah, so you did have that discussion with Krysta... welp, things are about to get interesting now...) @Dazia
  14. Vigilon

    [PP-F8] Shadowed Pasts and Unspoken Truths

    The newly began conversation quickly became some back and forth intimidations between a shady guy and a little girl, both in cloaks. This was something that was fairly new for Akudo. However, he managed to figure out what he needed to say. "Hmm...judging by your words and responses, I'd now have to say that on a scale of what I guessed you were, I'd now have to say 'all of the above'. So how about this: You tell us what you know, and why you were listening to their conversation, which is none of your business, and we'll let you be on your way. otherwise, this little intimidation thing is probably gonna keep going, or at least until a fight breaks out. Now, you don't want that, do you?" The female cloaked player was spoken to by the barkeep. "I'll only speak of what's on my mind if what I say never leaves this conversation, which, should we do, you shall never speak of it." She opened up her menu, and a pouch of Col appeared on the counter. "How does 1000 sound, in terms of making sure nothing is spoken of what I'll tell you, even if you are bribed to speak of it?" Dazia laughed for some reason, then she spoke again, mentioning someone she probably never met, apparently her uncle, too. A man named Xavier. "Huh...my dad's name was Xavier...what a coincidence." She then mentioned how, unlike Vigilon, the Xavier she'd heard of was a coward, and that her father claimed it was his softness and cowardice that got him killed, six years before this game began. "Hm, tough luck for him, then...My dad's name was also Xavier, and he was a good man. Six years before this game, he was murdered in cold blood...man, this coincidence is starting to freak me out a bit... I was hoping I'd get to know his side of the family one day, but he always preferred that I'd not get to know them...in fact, I can't say I recall anyone with solid proof of being from my dad's side of the family..." @Dazia
  15. Vigilon

    [PP-F8] Shadowed Pasts and Unspoken Truths

    Akudo saw the girl head over to the male cloaked player to speak with him. ...It didn't seem to go as well as it could have... "Oh, that's low, threatening a girl who only wanted to talk...you aren't scared, are you? I'd say you'd be pretty nervous to be willing to threaten someone who only wants to talk...so tell me, why do you see a problem with talking to a girl that is extreme enough for you to threaten her? Are you running from someone, are you afraid of getting caught about something, or are you just an edgy jerk?" He hoped that him joining into this particular conversation would help keep the girl safe. Sure, this was a safe zone, but there were other problems that could happen that didn't involve stats or damage. The female cloaked player turned her attention to the newer conversation that had started, hoping that the three would stay within it, so that she wouldn't have to worry about them. Vigilon was surprised to hear what Dazia had to say. "...Your father told you that? I mean, sure, survival is a crucial thing, but...man, those are quite the...high extremes. I'm not sure everything was all right with..." @Dazia