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  1. Vigilon

    [PP-F8] Shadowed Pasts and Unspoken Truths

    Akudo was surprised to hear that the first question had to do with someone's death. Of course, what caught his attention more, was the fact that there were three other eavesdropping cloaked players. He knew none of them, so he had a right to be suspicious...but who to approach first? The female cloaked player noticed that she wasn't the only one listening in to the conversation. Whatever did these players want? Vigilon listened to Dazia's response. "Alright, alright, I get it! It wasn't your fault. ...But that still leaves the reason why he did it in the first place... Oh well, I guess that'll be a mystery for another time. So...You have a question? I think we should ask each other questions until we get to a topic that will last for some time." Vigilon hoped that she would agree, for he had nothing else to ask at the moment. He had something in mind, but he totally forgot it. @Dazia
  2. Vigilon

    [PP-F8] Shadowed Pasts and Unspoken Truths

    Akudo took a look around, noticing three other players...who were all cloaked. "I can't tell who's with who here...three cloaked players, excluding myself...wonder why they're here..." One of the cloaked players kept her eyes over on Vigilon. "Why is he talking to her, and what is this about? I'm a bit curious..." She muttered inaudibly. Dazia asked Vigilon to get straight to the point. "Well all right then. First off, I want to ask a second time, this time, less emotional and reactive, and, let's be honest in this conversation, if you will, but...are you sure it was Wardege's fault that he died at the edge of your blade? I know that there was a hint that he hadn't been himself late in his life, judging by his actions and expressions, but I honestly doubt that he'd go that far." Vigilon hoped that she would answer the question honestly, and that this matter, as well as a few others, could be settled at last. @Dazia
  3. @Pinball Changing from True Neutral to Chaotic Good? Now that's interesting... Then again, every test is different, so I guess you never know!
  4. Vigilon

    [PP-F8] Shadowed Pasts and Unspoken Truths

    Dazia came up to Vigilon, calling him an idiot and saying they were going to talk in the tavern. She also mentioned something about few players being there at the most. "Honestly, I kind of expected such a response. However...what about NPC's? They do as they please. If this is supposes to be a 'secret' conversation, a tavern would be one of the worst options to begin with, so look who's talking!" He didn't know how much he could trust her words, so he had earlier asked a minor friend(and informant) of his to let him know if there's anything suspicious. "Don't slip up, Akudo... I paid you the col in advance, so don't let me down..." Once the two players had entered the building, he looked around, then looked to Dazia, who probably would rather be the one to choose where they sat for this conversation. "Well then, where to?" Vigilon then realized he'd forgotten to name the location when he was speaking with Akudo earlier, but he was relieved to hear a familiar voice saying, "Excuse me," right before a player in a cloak walked by. Vigilon did what he could to not pay attention, as to not give the slightest clue that the he and that cloaked player were in cahoots with each other. @Dazia
  5. Vigilon walked through the settlement of Florenthia, and he noticed that dusk was fast approaching. He had been needing to have a serious conversation with Dazia, for certain particular reasons. He may have acted less than rationally back in that emotional moment having to do with the first time when he saw her after learning that she was the cause of Wardege's demise. He also needed to see if the ceasefire between Krysta and Dazia was going to hold, for he would be worried if something happened to Krysta because the enmity sparked up again. He pulled up his messenger, and he knew exactly what to send. Once the message was sent, he would head over to the meeting place he had mentioned. It had to be time soon. There was no escaping this conversation. Not for Vigilon, not for Dazia.
  6. Bumping this thread in case anyone's still interested in taking the test.
  7. *Looks at one particular thread I'd started, and where it is now*

    ...Anyone ever experienced that feeling when you decide to throw in a total loss duel with an NPC(but you add in the RP that either player may choose to concede instead of dying if their HP gets too low), and you come back to it later after some time, and remember that one wrong move, or a roll of the dice, could still potentially kill your character, which you have grown attached to, leaving you hesitant to post because you're completely uncertain about the outcome of the situation, and so on the outside, you don't say a thing, and look like nothing's wrong, but on the inside, you're like, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"?

    ...'Cause I'm totally feeling that way right now.

    1. Hestia


      I had that feeling doing the Gemini quest when i did the maths wrong and almost did get Hestia killed really early on if it wasn't for the fact that the gemini always spares the players from death.

    2. Vigilon


      Meanwhile, I can try and have Vigilon concede in his fight if his HP gets too low, but that doesn't seem to stop the feeling...

  8. Holy crap, I feel like I've been gone longer than I should have... Of course, there was a point where time, life, and writer's block kept slapping me senseless... Anyway, did I miss anything big or important?

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    2. Pinball


      pizza paasta pepreoony itme


    3. Vigilon


      @Hestia @Neopolitan So, nothing that I don't already know? That's ok.

      @Pinball Now you've got me wondering if there are any player-ran shops that sell pizza... Honestly, it would be awesome if such a place existed in Aincrad...

    4. Neopolitan


      I mean, if you want a pizza, you can custom order stuff from a cook shop. And if you want an active cook, well there's not many options besides me at the moment (unless Pin wants to try to take back his title of raid cook)

  9. "I occasionally visit the lower floors for multiple reasons. besides, it doesn't matter how many times one goes around a single floor, there always seems to be something one has yet to discover. Sometimes, there are players in need who can use some help." Zuekin had a serious expression on his face as he asked Vigilon why he was helping and what his angle was. "As a matter of fact, I would have better things to do, that is, if the acronym YOLO didn't exist in this game, and connect to our actual lives. As a result, keeping other players alive, especially lower-level ones, is of a higher priority to me, rather than typical training, which can sometimes get long and tedious. I think it would be best for as many of us to get out alive as possible." Vigilon explained. "Besides," He added, "Every once in a while, someone tries to kill off weaker players who are out on their own. There will always be both strength and safety in numbers." @Zuekin
  10. Vigilon

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Vigilon was a bit surprised when Krysta went in and kissed him. Of course, when his surprised expression was seen, Krysta pointed to the mistletoe that hung above the two players' heads. "Oh..." Now, that was clever. Kanari put two and two together, and realized what this was. "Wait, so you two are...? Oh...I...I see." Vigilon looked over to her, and saw her expression. That expression she had was not good news for Vigilon. Throughout the years that he'd known her, he'd been able to figure out what some of her expressions meant. "She's feeling crushed...judging by what she said earlier, I'm guessing that...oh dear..." Now Vigilon was a bit nervous. Of course, some words from a familiar face snapped him out of his thoughts. Yinangi was calling out to Vigilon for him to kiss Krysta back. He decided to do so. Afterwards, he would wave hello to the white haired player. In the distance, he noticed a merchant shop that was set up. "Hey, Jewel, do you think we should take a look at what that merchant over there has in stock?" @Krysta @Dazia @Stryder @Fae Regardless of the answer, he would walk over, and take a look. "Man, this stuff is so expensive..." He would notice something having to do with a raffle, and he decided to sign up for it. "So, could you put me down for the raffle?" @Benny -Vigilon signs up for the raffle
  11. Vigilon

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Vigilon sighed. Of course Stryder had to call him Boar Bait again. He was starting to get used to the nickname, but his problem was probably going to be Kanari's response. "Pffft...Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Boar Bait?? Ahh ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Alex, what, what did you do to get that nickname? Ha, ha ha!" Vigilon scratched the back of his neck as he groaned in anticipation. "This is gonna be my life now..." He muttered under his breath. "Well Amelia, I got that nickname during my early days. Most of the time whenever I left the safe zone, Boars. Boars everywhere seemed to come after me aggressively. I had to fight past every one I encountered. Well, almost every one." He turned back to Stryder. "I've been well. I'm up in the second tier now, still working my way up. I'm level 28 right now, but my progress is sure rising up a bit...I think." One player in particular was on Stryder's shoulders, and it was... "Fae?? Wait, does Stryder know what I saw? Did he hear about her...?" The fact that Stryder seemed perfectly fine right now, could be one of multiple reasons...so Vigilon hoped it was that the snapping point had been repaired. "Good to see you too, Fae." He smiled nervously, hoping the smile could hide that he was uncertain of the exact situation regarding Fae. He heard some rushed footsteps, but when he looked over in the direction of the sound, there wasn't anyone in sight. "Huh...I hope that was just me." Krysta called out for him, asking if he could come over to her for a quick second. "Hey, could you excuse me for a second? I'll be right back." Vigilon headed over to her. "Hey Jewel! Might I say you look great? Anyways, is there something you need me for?" @Stryder @Fae @Krysta
  12. (OOC: Yeah, Kanari was there to help just about the whole time. Shuliik would help as soon as he finished heating up the honey to make sure it flowed more like liquid...of course, that would cause it to be fairly hot unless it had a little time to cool to warm.) The events were over. Well, at least, the ones that he'd be taking part in. He would then walk over back to the refreshments, because he was still kind of hungry. He saw a familiar face walk past him, something in her hand. "Oh no you don't, not this time." Kanari would stop dead in her tracks. "Aw, come on! Can't I have a little fun with the fluid refreshments?" "You're not spiking the lemonade!" Disappointed, Kanari would stash her flask back into her inventory, and head back over to the pitfall trap she and Yinangi were digging. Vigilon sighed, and he would return to having some ice cold refreshments, and Veriost would, too. All that fighting had made her hungry for more than usual, and after a bunch of cookies, she began to devour a few ice cream cones. Vigilon chuckled over Veriost's sweet tooth acting up again, and when he turned around to where he saw Kanari walk away, he noticed someone. "No way." He believed his eyes were tricking him. "It can't be. Now I'm sure that I'm DEFINITELY hallucinating! Aw, man... Allen too? What, is everyone who I know to a certain level in this darn game? That can't be possible. Period." The hostess called out the end of the competitions, and it was time for him to claim the rewards he'd worked hard for. Kanari managed to speed up the work with her shovel, which had also been in her inventory, for she liked to prepare for all sorts of possibilities and such. She even had a spare for Shuliik whenever he was ready to help! Yinangi asked if the trap had been dug deep enough. "About 5'10" in depth. Yeah, this is good enough. Here, I'll help you up!" Once they'd gotten Yinangi out of the pitfall, Shuliik laid the sheet over the pitfall, while Kanari managed to camouflage it with some sand. Thankfully, she didn't need to put too much on the center area, thanks to the sheet's color. She would place the chest behind the pitfall trap that had now been set. "Right, now to spring the trap...but I need help from someone who isn't any of us three. Why? We'd all been seen. If any of us were to drag him over here, he'd know it was a trap." Thus, there was the final problem: Luring the victim in. If the chest wouldn't lure him, nothing will. @Dazia
  13. Vigilon

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    If there was one thing Vigilon didn't realize until a bit later, it was that there was something going on in the fourth floor. Veriost was asleep on Vigilon's shoulder as usual, not noticing what Vigilon had realized the moment he had stepped into the settlement of Snowfrost. The holidays were in town. "Why did I not see this coming? I should have seen this coming!" Well, at least he had a hat to make him appear festive enough...hopefully. He saw a few familiar faces up ahead, so he quickened his pace. Of course, he had no idea what he would be getting himself into... Simple sightseeing and strolling was definitely not enough for Kanari_Kakaze. She managed to get herself a dress-styled coat, with colors and design that would have it appear to be holiday apparel, like some sort of elf costume. She even got herself tights and gloves that worked with it, too...but no way was she gonna wear that silly hat with a bell attached to it. She saw everyone in their normal social interactions, and of course, she wanted to disrupt it in a fun way. She was going to start up her usual mischief. She smiled as she looked to one group of players in particular, and she started on a snowball. It was about five inches in radius, not a typical size for a snowball, but...if she could swing a two-handed scythe, she could throw a snowball this big. She aimed for one of the players( @Stryder), but when she threw it, a player who was heading over ended up getting caught in the crossfire and getting hit by the big snowball instead. "Wait, what the- Alex! Can't you watch where you're walking so I could get the jump on unsuspecting players with a five-inch snowball?" Vigilon was suddenly struck by a large snowball nailing him on the head from the side. "GAUGH!!!" He fell headfirst into the snow from the side, this being caused by the sudden impact. When he got up halfway, and looked over to the voice who called out to him over him walking right into the crossfire. "Urgh...Amelia, I'm just going to say that I'm not surprised that you threw a five inch snowball. Of course you'd try that." He picked up his hat and put it back on his head, then he stopped Veriost from blasting Kanari with her frost breath by grabbing her in midair, and using the other hand to keep her maw closed. Kanari came closer, a smile on her face, as Veriost growled...apparently in anticipation. Vigilon removed his hand from the small white frost dragon's maw, and she tried to back her head away from Kanari's hand, which was getting much closer to her maw. Kanari tapped the snout area of the maw with one finger. "Boop." Veriost glared at Vigilon as if to say, "You let her do this to me. You know I hate it when she does that." Vigilon looked back to the players that Kanari was previously trying to get the jump on with a surprise snowball fight. "Heh...sorry about my uh...mischievous friend...anyway, how are you guys doing?" He had yet to notice who one of the players was, of course. @Arabelle @Mishiro @Jinx @Ruby @Fae Kanari_Kakaze: Vigilon's attire for the event:
  14. Vigilon

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Vigilon watched as the area began to change. Light broke through the clouds and darkness, and the grass became green, the living grass now spreading throughout the floor, slowly but surely. "So the battles' outcome seemed to affect the floor...? Interesting..." He looked around, eventually seeing that Miraak was alive! He saw conversations occur, and as he came closer, he realized that Miraak regretted the things he had done, and intended to atone for his misdeeds. He walked up to the NPC. "Hey, glad to know that you too, are back in one piece with a second chance. I forgive you. We all make mistakes, no matter how big or small. After all, we can't change what we are...we are human." After saying this, he would wave goodbye to the NPC, and say to Krysta before leaving, "I'll be there if you need me. You can count on it." He would then start walking towards the teleport gate, ready to leave the floor. -Vigilon has left the thread
  15. Any T2 players willing to help Vig fight a phoenix? I'm looking to get my hands on a name tag.

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    2. Neopolitan


      I'll solo it or find another partner if I ever do need it in the future. I don't need the item right now, but I'll take the SP (which I will get if I come along).

    3. Vigilon


      Right then, I'll see if I can start the thread tomorrow.

    4. Neopolitan


      K, just mention me when you do.