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  1. After a few seconds of silence, Azrea suddenly exclaimed, "Hey! That mystery figure stole my kill! That was my target!" Venorim walked over to her, clearly not in a good mood, and grabbed her hand. "I've had enough of your antics for one day, maybe Several days. Azrea, we're returning. NOW." Azrea squabbled and struggled against her "supervisor", trying to loosen his grip, but in terms of physical strength, the two players were evenly matched, so it was to no avail. Kanari had a blank stare for a few seconds, and muttered "I thought that was gonna be extra firepower, not a total Deus ex machina..." under her breath, then she looked up to the sky, and for some reason shouted, "You've gotta be joking! Come on! you can do better than that! What is this, lazy writing?" (OOC: Wait, is she talking to me???) After those...confusing words were spoken, Stryker pulled some rope out of her inventory, and she quickly bound Leyran before he had a chance to pull out a teleport crystal. "I'm pretty sure Auranika and I can find a suitable prison of sorts to hold you..." Vigilon looked around. things were pretty much done here. "...I guess this is it. Hey, Akudo, Amelia, Jewel, you guys don't mind heading back to town with me, do you? I mean, since we're still in the same party...I think." @Krysta
  2. While all this was going on, someone else was nearby, searching. "Where are they?" A cloaked figure asked herself. She pulled out the sheet that contained her mission's requirements. "Two members of the Griffin Legion, Leyran and V0rX, have been more active than the others. Find them and eliminate them at once." She knew that certain things can happen, so it helps to look at it when no one else is around. Yes, she read it correctly. She didn't want to damage her cursor in the process, so she hoped that either both players were orange, or dumb enough to accept total loss duels. She eventually heard the sounds of fighting, and she came near to investigate the matter. She saw many faces, one of them she knew very well, from real life. "No...this can't be happening!" She wanted to intervene, but she would need a valid reason to do so, since she often had to explain every detail whenever she returned to her Guild Hall. Vigilon wasn't too happy about his position, nor was he about the issue with V0rX, either. "Already, I am sick of this. What do you really want? Tell me! They wouldn't have started fighting if they didn't have any reason to, so tell me!" He had a pretty good guess as to what it was, and Leyran looked frustrated, as if something hidden was revealed. "...Because no one gets away with killing a member of our legion. Yes, I wanted you dead, I admit it! However! Look and see that your friends are failing, and the monsters keep the others at bay! You have no hope! You are finished!" The cloaked player heard this, and she now had a reason that her guildmates could accept. She would begin to make her way around, in order to disrupt the "Winning" side from behind. Stryker couldn't just wait to take action. Rather than waiting to heal, she decided to switch tactics, and begin on the offensive. She attacked V0rX from the side, dealing more damage to him, and while he was realizing he now had five players attacking him, Kanari and Azrea took this opportunity to strike. Once that was done, V0rX would growl as he prepared his next Sword Art. "Rrrrrrgh, you just don't let players like me off easy, do you? Rather than four at a time, you all try to gang up on me! I like a challenge, yes...when I can crush them all with one Sword Art, that is! I'll still take on the five of you nevertheless!" Kanari saw the cloaked player behind V0rX, who was unsheathing her two-handed sword. "Five? Hahaha, I think you miscounted, there." V0rX looked confused, until he was suddenly struck by the Sword Art known as Galaxy Destroyer. V0rX turned around to spot his assailant. "T-that cloak, I know of those who wear cloaks like that...Grrrrrrr, Why'd you have to get In my way, Order Filth? You're not involved in this!" The rest of V0rX's HP was depleting faster, and if one could see the status ailments above his HP meter, they would see that he currently had been afflicted by tier two bleed from Laida, and tier two burn from the new combatant. His HP was in the red and still dropping. Leyran's smile faded as he looked to see what happened to his ally. "W-what the-? No! No no no no!!! How?? Why???" The cloaked player heard Leyran, but she would answer V0rX's question instead. "I am involved. I came for you two, Griffin Scum." After she said this, she would finish V0rX off with the Sword Art known as Straight, and his avatar would shatter. She then pointed her dark, pulsating blade towards Leyran. Those who were close by might see, or maybe possibly feel, the presence of the fallen energy within the weapon. "They found you first, so I'll let you choose your fate. You can either surrender and let them imprison you, or I can kill you myself. Don't think for a second that me sparing you can still spare you from death. If you were to strike someone who put themselves in the way of your target, that would change your cursor...and we all know how that would end... So, who do you serve? Maliox...or yourself?" Leyran looked around, seeing that all the other players had finished with their battles. He was surrounded, and without his ally. He dropped his weapon. "What else can I do? Because of you they have me." He looked to Vigilon, and pulled up his menu. "I surrender...but don't get cocky about it, you just got lucky! Besides...if you knew what the Order was, and what they have done...you'll think differently of all of us, even them!" Leyran ended the duel. "Well, my work here is finished." The cloaked player stated. She pulled out a teleport crystal, so that no one will follow her. "Teleport: Angel's Point!" And she would disappear. (OOC: I changed one NPC Player's name to Stryker 'cause I no longer liked the name, it didn't fit, either. I'll just go and edit the previous posts to solidify that.) @Krysta -Leyran has surrendered!
  3. Vigilon and Veriost had a mild staring contest for a few minutes, then there was a familiar voice, a familiar, beautiful voice. Vigilon turned to see his girlfriend, Krysta. "Hey Jewel, glad you could make it! From what I've heard, the boss is another hatchling...sorry. There's gotta be a reason why, though...hopefully, at the end of this questline, we'll figure it out. Most likely, we may end up with another one of these." He opened his inventory, and Rheagal's Emerald appeared in his hand. "The info brokers say that these crystals are in different shapes, and are the 'keys' to this place in floor ten. There are nine in all, so there could be one for each floor. I don't know whats at the end of this, but there's only one way to find out." He placed the emerald back into his inventory, then with a smile, he asked, "Is it alright if we talked about which days both of us are available for a night while we head over to the coordinates of the boss's location?" @Krysta -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Auranika was soon greeted by Petastora, one of the players she had encountered some time ago, that...unwanted moment involving a group of unusual ne'er-do-wells, the Griffin Legion. "Yes, I am Auranika... I do apologize for my reluctance to take action earlier, I was trying to wrap my head around it all. Petastora, was it? I hear that you lead a guild yourself. Care to tell me what that's like for you?" Auranika had heard many good things about her, so she wanted to see what they saw in her, and figure out whether or not there was something she had that Auranika didn't. Meanwhile, someone wearing a black cloak came near Curfaella and Kyoji. "Heh...well, Kyoji, I didn't know you'd be joining us for this mission." Curfaella turned to see the player. Judging by the voice, she asked, "Kusera, I presume?" Kusera chuckled. "Yeah, that's me. I know that no one else is around at the moment, but you know we don't normally go out with our cowls off, save for those like Kyoji over there." He explained. "Fallen One, I hear you've asked to be positioned elsewhere, is that true?" Kyoji asked. "Eh? so you've heard? Yeah, that's true. I found this place I know to be the Ivory Citadel. I've managed to convince the big guy to let me set up a...secondary base of operations there. I'll be taking a few with me there. I'll pick two, and the big guy himself picks the other two, that was the rest of the agreement." Kusera answered and explained. Curfaella was confused. "A secondary base of operations? A citadel? Um, aren't we supposed to be, oh, I don't know, discreet? I'm sure a brightly colored large structure will only draw attention, unless it is hidden well by nature."
  4. Vigilon had a good feeling about this. He was ready to take on the next dragon hatchling, and he would surely be ready to take it down. Of course, he wouldn't do it without his Girlfriend/healer, Krysta. "I'm really feeling hopeful today, Veriost, whaddya say we take down a dragon that was hatched evil?" Veriost looked to Vigilon with a sleepy expression that also seemed unimpressed. She gave off a "Hff, Grrm..." and was back to trying to sleep. "Come on, Veriost, all you do is eat and sleep whenever we aren't fighting anything, or when someone you know isn't around. Can't you be, I dunno, a bit more active?" Veriost glared at Vigilon. He knew what this meant. He held Veriost's maw closed, preventing her from using her frost breath. "Don't give me that sass! We teamed up for a reason! Are we actually friends or something of the like, or is this just business to you?" @Krysta Stats and Equipment: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the Tenth floor, Auranika had heard of some monsters that could drop plenty of col when killed. A profitable training trip was just what she needed. Also time, she needed that too....a lot of time. "Please, just give me another chance, April!" Renixx pleaded. Auranika looked over to him. "You may get another chance once I've thought this through, James. I just need some time." She had recently broke up with Renixx because he seemed to have moved too fast in terms of the relationship, so she needed time to figure out whether or not she truly loved him back. "I've assigned you to the party that is teaming up against a powerful monster. Do your duty as a High Guardian, and make sure none of them are killed in the battle. Dismissed." Meanwhile, a short distance away from the settlement Auranika was about to leave, Curfaella waited for her ally to arrive. "I need to leave, I need to leave. I can't work with them like this for much longer, not while they're under him. ...No, it's just as Valevax told me, the time isn't right. ...I'll just have to hold it in for a bit longer..." "Hold what in, my liege?" Curfaella turned around to see a familiar face. "Gah!! Kyoji, you startled me! I-.... I've been considering leaving. I know it will only bring pain for you and the others, but I can't take it much longer." Kyoji's expression didn't change. "Curfaella, I am pleased to hear that you trust me enough to hear and keep this dangerous secret...but you need not worry about letting us down. I became the captain of the Samurais division in our Guild because of my loyalty. If I cannot follow you, I shall turn full renegade, and keep all of the guild's secrets in the shadows, so they have no need to chase after me. The others, however, are likely to falter in their loyalty, and turn their duties towards others of the thirteen." "Thank you...but let's end the conversation here, Kusera could be here at any moment." For those wanting to know of the NPC Players' descriptions(In terms of faceclaims)...:
  5. When Mars said that he didn't know why the other players were hesitant on attacking the boss immediately, the only thought he had, which he said aloud, was, "You...don't play many RPGs, do you?" There was often plenty of dialogue, sometimes decision-making, during confrontations like that. When a notification for a party invite showed up in front of him, that's when he realized that he'd forgotten to actually form a party. "Whoops, I forgot to send party invites! Well, I guess we'll stick with this, as we'll still form a party this way." About a little over half an hour later, Vigilon stopped. "Welp, looks like this is the place." He looked in front of him, and walking into his vision was some sort of bunny-like thing carrying a carrot and a basket of eggs. It spotted Vigilon, and came closer. Now that it was fully in view, it seemed to be a googly-eyed giant plush with a drill styled like a carrot, and the basket of eggs was indeed a basket of eggs. Was that thing wearing a diaper?? Vigilon had one of the most confused looks he'd ever had in this game during this moment. "What kind of derpy plush is that?" The name <<Curry, Stuffed Revenger>> appeared over its head, as well as the HP meter. Vigilon saw the red cursor that had a yellow border. "So this is what we're after?" He shrugged, then called out to Veriost, "Power Strike!" The small white frost dragon used her frost breath to form ice spikes on Vigilon's handwraps, then flew over to the boss to then send her chilling breath towards the creature. "Fo...Krah Diin!!!" Curry dropped the basket of eggs and used his now free hand to try and shoo Veriost away. Vigilon then rushed in to strike the boss with a single, full-power punch. The boss staggered back, then activated his drill, thrusting it into Vigilon. "What the hey-!" The attack knocked him back a little. "A Drill?? That doesn't make sense for this fantasy setting!" ID# 117026 BD: 9(Critical, +1 Base DMG, afflicted Bleed) ID# 117027 MD 6+2-1=7(Hit) {Curry is immune to paralysis!} Bleed damage: Curry, Stuffed Revenger takes 12 damage (OOC: Sorry I took so long, life caught up to me again...also, I just realized that I rushed into combat without asking about consumables...oops.) All Might- 15x15-50=175 DMG [3]Vigilon: HP 443/600, EN 53/70, 14 DMG | 18 MIT | 1 Taunt | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 3 REC | 1 PAR | 1 Bleed [0]@Neopolitan: 880/880 HP | 88/88 EN | 18 DMG | 59 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 2 REC | 8-10 PLZ | 4 FLN [0]@Hazado: HP: 780/780 | EN: 78/78 | MIT: 107 | DMG: 10 | Thorn 36 | Para 9-10 [0]@Mars: HP: 930/930 EN: 90/90 DMG: 16 MIT:43 ACC: 4 EVA: 3 Savvy: 1(ACC when dodge) Regen: 10 HP 3 rounds Enemies: Curry, Stuffed Revenger:
  6. So I'll just get this off my chest real quick... If any of you play the game No Man's Sky, here's a word of advice... If you see an object labeled "Whispering Egg", DON'T BREAK IT!!!!

  7. Akudo had a hopeful expression on his face. "Maybe...that's way better than no! I think I might have a shot!" Vigilon deadpanned as he looked to Akudo. "Just because you've got a better chance doesn't necessarily mean you have a shot. You've been both rejected and dumped by girls and female NPCs. You sure this one's gonna work out? ...On the other hand, at least you always pull off a better love story than Twilight every time, no matter what happens..." Akudo's expression didn't falter. "Let's just look at the positives! Heck, I doubt my life could get much worse than it is, so I've got that to keep me hopeful!" Vigilon's deadpan faded. "Well, you do have a point. Of course, I do advise that you don't jinx it for yourself. So...good luck with Scarlet, and I'll be off to retrieve the item!" Vigilon left the tavern, then checked his map again. "Right...so it's...this way!"
  8. "Sorry, didn't mean to bump into you like that." The young woman stopped for a second. "Oh, you don't look like one of those dumb*** NPCs who play the blame game when bumping into someone. Who are you supposed to be?" ...This was a new question. "Uhhhh....Vigilon. My name is Vigilon." The redhead was wearing what seemed to be a red leather vest over an adventurer's dress, also red in color. She also wore white leggings paired with black leather boots, and a ruby-colored cloak and hood. The hood was currently off, so Vigilon could see her face. "Vigilon? Hmm... I kinda feel like I heard it from someone else before...you don't look like very much to me, though..." Akudo walked up and stopped beside Vigilon, and he noticed the girl. "Well now," He said as he smiled while trying to look like someone intriguing. "You seem to be an attractive one." The girl did not look amused, intrigued or interested. "Please don't mind him," Vigilon explained. "Out of all my male friends, Akudo here is the most prone to being attracted to girls." The girl placed her left hand on her hip. "He's not the only one who was attracted to me." She would smirk as she then looked to Akudo to explain, "Now then, I'll tell you right now, if you're trying to look charming, you're currently failing at it. If you wanna be able to attract girls you like, you gotta know how it's done. I'm not exactly in the mood to teach you that little trick right now, but if you're still hopeful, just don't look absolutely pathetic and maybe we'll talk." She looked to the two male players. "By the way, the name's Scarlet. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some important things to do, so I'll see you boys later." With that, she would continue on towards the other side of the tavern, where another player, probably an informant, was waiting for her.
  9. It was going to be a simple day starting in Florenthia, then to the wilds of the eighth floor for some training. Surely there would be some strongish monsters he could fight, maybe loot. He was getting a bit tired of the repetitiveness of his usual constant training. He slunk down slightly in his chair within one of Florenthia's taverns, he yawned, feeling bored. Little did he know that by coming to this tavern, he'd be getting more than he bargained for. This would begin with a familiar face walking up to him. " 'Sup, Vig? You're lookin' a bit down. Something the matter?" Vigilon made eye contact with his friend/informant, Akudo. "The only thing wrong at the moment is that I'm feeling reeeeeally bored..." Veriost was sleeping on Vigilon's shoulder as usual, but he was too bored to bother waking her. "Well, in that case, have I got something for you. There's something that a player I know is after, and it's being kept in a kobold encampment somewhere on this floor. I don't recall the item's name, but as for what it looks like, it is a vibrantly colored, jagged gemstone that seems to be in various fiery colors. You know, mostly red and orange, tinged with yellow, that kind of thing." Akudo explained. Vigilon sat up straight, then responded with, "I am almost interested. This must be something important if it ain't some common material. However, do you know where it is?" Akudo was about to speak, but it seemed that something wasn't right. He spoke, but it wasn't what Vigilon hoped... "Weeelll, yes and no. I don't know the exact location of the encampment, but I have the general area where it might be. Allow me to mark it on your map, if possible." Upon doing so, Vigilon would begin to make his way out, but he stopped to avoid bumping into someone...which he kinda failed at doing, because someone pushed past him, moving him forward when he didn't want to. "Oof!" The player would move back a few steps, then call out, "Hey! watch where you're going!" Scarlet(The NPC Player Vigilon accidentally bumped into): Stats and Equipment:
  10. After some time waiting, he looked to the side and saw all three players that he'd asked for help from. He nudged his familiar, Veriost, who was sleeping on his shoulder as usual. The small white frost dragon woke up, looked around to see they were still in town, then she tried to go back to sleep until Vigilon nudged her a second time. "Now's not the time to nap, sleepyhead." Veriost would give Vigilon a look, a look he knew all too well by now. "Hey now, no need to-" "Fo...Krah Diin!!!" Vigilon hardly had enough time to brace himself for his familiar's chilling frost breath. "AAAAAAAGGGHHH, Cold, cold, cold!!!" Sure, you couldn't feel pain, but the temperatures could still be felt. He looked to the three players. "Eheheh, sorry you saw a bit of proof that my bond with Veriost here isn't exactly the tightest...anyway, I'm glad you're all here, and ready, too. Like I said before, I doubt this thing will be around for long." Mars didn't seem to fully recognize Vigilon. Either it had been a bit of a while, or Mars just never saw him in the raid against Miraak. "I doubt we'll need to worry about...the consequences of certain choices this time around...that's right, Mars...I was there, in the raid, against that demon-thing. ...Awkwardness aside, I've managed to get a clue as to where it is, an informant of mine told me where the thing was last seen. ...So what if I paid 100 col for the intel? I can easily get more, now that my damage is actually decent for once! ...Well, better not waste any more time chatting, we gotta get a move on if we're gonna get this thing before it's gone!" With that, he would exit the safe zone, heading towards the area where the boss had last been seen, which Vigilon had marked on his map. @Neopolitan @Mars @Hazado
  11. Vigilon had been hearing about some strange bosses lately...and they were tier separated, too. "Hmm....I'm going to need some help on this one. Maybe some tier two players I know could help!" From what he heard, this fight may be tougher than it seems, and thus he felt inclined to need a party in order to win. He pulled up his messenger, and thought of who to possibly invite. He hesitated on the last choice, but he eventually put in the username Mars as the third player to ask. Once he sent the message, he would head over to the area where he and the players would meet up. Hopefully, this intended encounter wouldn't wind up being more trouble than worth. Stats and Equipment:
  12. Vigilon had been needing to get some consumables identified, and it was apparent that the usual place to have things identified wasn't open, meaning he needed to find a new spot. After some time, he ended up in floor 21. "Welcome back to the lands of death by high-level mobs, Vigilon..." He told himself. Of course, it wasn't long before he found a merchant shop. On the outside, it was a neat building with Japanese style and architecture. Once he entered, though...a completely different feeling came from the interior's atmosphere. Nonetheless, he walked up to the shopkeeper, and he placed four items down on the counter as he explained, "I've got four rare consumables of two different tiers that I'd like to have identified." He also placed the amount of col he would need to pay. Paid 1330 col to @Dagger Identifications:
  13. ...I've got 19 days to form a T2 party against Curry and kill him. Seeing that the player Request board hasn't worked...

    Any active T2 Players up for killing a T2 Boss?

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      In that case...I'll just use the yet-to-be-evaluated consumables another time. I'll start the thread...let's make this quick, cause we're on a timer of 17 days.

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      my thoughts precisely. start up the thread and mention peeps, I should be able to get a response fairly soon.

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  14. Bumping the thread in case anyone's still interested in taking the test. I also noticed that The leading most common alignment is Neutral Good. Cool. Also, Remember that if you dislike/disagree with the result you get, feel free to select the option "I Disagree with the result I ended up with", just so you know.
  15. Vigilon walked over to the bulletin board of Taft, the eleventh floor's primary settlement. "If what I was told is true, there's no way I can take this thing on alone... I need some allies that can fight this thing." He thought. He thought of how he could do it, and once he had something in mind, he grabbed a sheet of paper and started on something to place on the bulletin board. Satisfied with what he wrote, he pinned it up on the bulletin board. Surely someone would be willing to fight this thing not on their lonesome.