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  1. Before he knew it, all kinds of stuff was happening around Vigilon. Krysta agreed with him, and equipped her circlet....which really looked good on her, Vigilon had to admit. {Scarlet}, however, scoffed at the sight. "Yeah, that's not helping your case there, 'your highness'." She remarked, speaking in a mocking tone at the end. Vigilon's fists clenched when {Scarlet} said this to Krysta. "We'll show you..." He muttered. The other players would announce their team names, and the players were ready to begin...almost. Mitria, an ally of Krysta's, would arrive at the scene, calling for the players to wait. "Ugh, what now?" {Scarlet} said in aggravation. Keita would speak with Mitria, eventually talking her into paying the players(which was the primary reason why {Scarlet} decided not to tell Mitria no)...and did so quite easily? {Scarlet} snickered for a few seconds. "Seriously?" She muttered with a smile. Kanari suppressed a smirk. "Wow there, Mitria, you fail a wisdom save or something?" She muttered, her voice barely audible to those around, aside from those nearest to her, Vigilon and Shuliik, who did not understand what she meant. Life situations like these couldn't be linked and/or referenced to this kind of D&D stuff...could they? (OOC: *shrug*) Mitria would announce that the players should reveal their current resources, as to make sure the scores(which were apparently being implemented) could be tracked properly. {Scarlet would see that Shadowynd would take some col out of his inventory...perfect, they could still scam the players, using this method. "Here's a little lesson in trickery..." She muttered inaudibly as she followed suit. A nice sum of 40000 col lay on the ground, waiting to be retrieved by those who had placed them down for deception...and it worked. nobody noticed, allowing Team Rogue to have an illegal 40000 point lead. Mitria would announce the point system she had devised, and eventually follow with starting the grinding session. {Scarlet} would appear to be getting on her mark as if preparing to race on foot, while she was really doing so to discreetly collect her col sack. Then the words were spoken. "Ready...set..." "Go!!!!!" With that, everyone drew out their weapons, and cut all the plants obscuring the cavern entrance from view, before charging in to face the goblins that dwelt within...which had clearly heard all the chatter and conversation, as they were already gathered and in formation to fight the players that rushed in, snarling out their battle cry as they too, advanced. Let's roll, shall we!? ID# 157020 BD: 1(Crit. Miss!!), MD: 9(Critical! +1 DMG) ID# 157021 BD: 7+3=10(hit), MD: 6-2=4(miss) ID# 157022 BD: 4+3=7(hit), CD: 8(recovered 3 EN), MD: 7-2=5(miss) ID# 157025 BD: 1(Crit. Miss!!), MD: 9(Critical! +1 DMG) Tornado Kick: 20x6=120 Damage to Goblin Soldiers 2 and 3 [editing stat blox]
  2. Kanari smiled, knowing that several players agreed with her. Shuliik placed his hand on her shoulder, nodding with a smile. There was her teammate. A purple haired player would speak to {Scarlet} in regards to caution and reputation. "Yeah well I don't care. I do as I please. Those who are so focused on reputation should really just shut their mouths and sit their a**es down." She remarked. Akudo didn't think that one of the girls would end up coming to him as to team up with him. In fact, he thought he was gonna have to try approaching them...but hey, a pretty girl just asked to team up with him. It wasn't his first pitch, but hey, he wasn't gonna waste this opportunity. "And why wouldn't I want to team up with a fellow informant? Sure, I'll tag along. I gotta admit, You're prettier than I've heard..." He answered. Dazlea understood the silent cues of the player known as Morgan♥, and sent her a party invite. Vixie was happy to have a teammate in this. "I don't mind, Let's do this thing!" Krysta came over to Vigilon, saying it was possible for them to win, and teach {Scarlet} a lesson. "Hmm....yeah... Yeah, let's teach her not to mess with us!" Vigilon declared as he sent a party invite to Krysta. {Scarlet} had a smirk on her face. "So the plot thickens, then... Well, on that note...let the games begin." She stated. The time was now. With all the parties having been formed, the party leaders who had not already decided a name would make their choice. "Team Typhoon!" Kanari declared as she pulled out her scythe. "We'll fight so well, we'll blow you all away!" Dazlea would pull out her own weapon as well. "We have grace and might, we may be flowers on the battlefield, but we are not without our thorns...therefore, Morgan and I shall be team Rose." {Scarlet} looked over to Krysta. "Hold on a second... Ok, what is a Princess doing here?" She asked. Vigilon stepped forward. "She's more than a princess...she's my princess. I will guard her and help her out with all I've got! I'll go out of my way for her! I will fight those who threaten her with the wrath of a dragon!!" With that, he got an idea. "Hey, Jewel," He began, in a softer voice. "How does Team Castle sound?" He asked, hoping for a symbolic name involving the theme...all so he could shove it in {Scarlet}'s face upon victory, as punishment for the insulting intention she made towards Krysta.
  3. Vigilon moved on to speaking with the other players, like the girl with the fox ears, and- wait, was that a tail? "Don't think I've seen you around. My name's Vigilon, nice to meet you." There was only one guess as to why this player had the ears and tail of a fox...vanity effects, there couldn't have been any other method. The fox player smiled. "I'm Vixie, nice to meet you too." She would offer to shake his hand, and he would oblige. Vigilon was going to speak with the other players after a bit of idle chatter, but then something went wrong. He heard a familiar, not-so-friendly voice. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" It was {Scarlet}... Vigilon looked over and indeed, it was her. "Oh, come on..." {Scarlet} looked somewhat amused. "Not too happy to see me, are you, Vigi-boy? Well, at any rate, I guess things got more interesting...after all, You got the jewel, but I won the duel; we still have a score to settle." She remarked. "I'm pretty sure that the plot demands that it be settled...and I'm gonna win this one!" She stated rather confidently. Vigilon had an unamused expression on his face. "I don't care about what your little plans demand. I never asked for a competition." He retorted. {Scarlet} chuckled as she rolled her eyes, seeing how Vigilon missed the point of her words. "Well anyway, don't think I'm all alone this time...I've got a friend to help me." She noted with a smirk. "You can come out, now." She said, essentially asking for her ally to stand by her side. "I'll admit, I don't just feel like beating one guy alone like this...you all came to grind, right? Well then, let's all split into teams and compete for the best results! There'll even be team names. By the way, Team Rogue is already taken." She explained. Vigilon didn't know how well this would go if it was handled that way. "Why would we ever-" "Challenge accepted!" Kanari interrupted. "I don't care if you're an enemy or a rival, but some competition ought to really stir things up, even motivate us to keep going! Come on, who else agrees?" She explained, proceeding to ask if the majority of the players present were cool with this.
  4. Krysta thanked Vigilon for what he'd offered, and when she was done, she remarked how it was more filling than expected. "I totally understand. I actually thought I wasn't gonna be able to stuff these down myself!" That was actually saying a lot, as he once ate a whole large pizza and somehow still had room for dessert...but this was a bunch of filling meals, so this would definitely be harder to bring down. Krysta would offer Vigilon an immolation potion, which he would kind of need. "Dang, why didn't I think of that? Thanks, Jewel!" He realized. He would take the potion and consume it, giving him the immolation buff...and ooooooooof there was no way he could take any more, it would be a bad idea to consume anything for at least a few hours, oh gosh... No wonder Krysta made that remark, this put the icing on the cake of...well, eating limits, or was that simply simulated by Vigilon's imagination? Whatever the case, it was time to leave. It would be a single hour exactly for the two to reach their destination. The rest of the morning still lay ahead, and it would seem that some other players were around as well. The entrance to the goblin-infested cavern was right there, and yet the players in sight were not going in at this moment, only talking. When Vigilon got closer, he realized that he knew them, or, at least, most of them. "Allen? Amelia? You guys are here too?" He asked. Of course, Shuliik and Kanari weren't the only ones present. Akudo, Vixie, Dazlea, and a few others were present as well! "Man, we've got like, at least two and a half parties worth over here! ...So wait, are you all gonna grind in that cavern, too?" He asked. Kanari would shrug. "Well, Allen, Akudo and I weren't gonna let you go alone, as I've heard these guys love to swarm around intruders. When we got here, these other players had arrived, too! ...So, yeah, we're all going in there, it seems." She answered. Of course, it wouldn't be long before others came around, and it would make things interesting... -Consumed Immolation Potion +1 -Vigilon has 20 immolation for the remainder of the thread
  5. Vigilon had heard of various spots in the twenty-first floor, thanks to some informants, that were known for the monsters the dwelt within, robust enemies with lucrative rewards. This would not be an easy breeze, this would be a rough road, packed with intense combat and dangerous enemies. He knew he would need to make sure he and his girlfriend, Krysta, were buffed to the extremes before taking this place on. He checked his map, and saw the mark on it, where he and Krysta were supposed to go. He also had a different mark on the map, marking a spot to avoid. While the spot to avoid had just as good loot as the other, the one to avoid was filled to the brim with spiders, and there was no way he was gonna let his girlfriend go through that. He noticed there was a flat stone surface where he was, so he sat down, ate some of his consumables, and placed some of them for Krysta, just in case she did not bring very much for herself. When she would arrive, he would gesture to what he had laid out for her and say, "For you, just in case." Stats and Equipment: Consumed: Placed for @Krysta:
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    [R8]Yuki Izakaya - PK Accessible

    Not long after he'd placed the order, Vigilon would see the shopkeeper return with what he'd ordered. It had literally taken a handful of minutes, and already boom, done. No complications. There was even an extra one, vanity quality, probably for enjoyment purposes. The shopkeeper would note that the first perfect quality item was free, meaning he only had to pay for the rares. "Thanks a bunch, I really needed these." He said to the shopkeeper as he gathered the food. With that, he would wave farewell as he turned to leave. Shouldn't be long now, he only needed to message Krysta about where they would meet for the trip. Received Hanami Dango(3 Prosperity) from Zajcica
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    Given to @Mishiro: Pleasure doing business with you!
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    Vigilon's Armor and Weapons

    Name: Iron Battleaxe Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 156175 Roll Result: 6+1=7 Item Type: Two-handed Battle Axe Tier: 1 Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: Damage Description: A standard, everyday iron battleaxe, but slightly sharper than usual. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15721-f7r5-blacksmith/?do=findComment&comment=614355 Name: Tempest Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 156177 Roll Result: 11+1=12 Item Type: Two-handed Battle Axe Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Damage(3) Description: "Close your eyes. Let me be the violence in the pouring rain. I'll leave only the cursed lands in ruins, annihilate this final sin... all to reach for your hand once again." Post Link:http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15721-f7r5-blacksmith/?do=findComment&comment=614355 Name: Ebonguard Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 156178 Roll Result: 12 Item Type: Heavy Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Heavy Momentum(2), Recovery(1) Description: [reference] Black thigh-high boots. Steel covers its exterior and its knee plates bear the twin facades of a dragon. Always polished to perfection; always a little cold to the touch. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15721-f7r5-blacksmith/?do=findComment&comment=614355
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    [R8]Yuki Izakaya - PK Accessible

    Vigilon was almost done making preparations for a large scale grinding trip. All he needed to do now was find a place that had some accuracy consumables. Even from what was already in the inventory, there would definitely be a major feast in the morning... Either way, he would glance from left to right, keeping an eye out for whatever could be a shop. He almost overlooked his destination, as it looked like no more than a mansion at first. He stopped, he looked back he saw a Kanji that the game translated, and of course, he saw that the doors were open. "Might as well investigate..." He thought. When he got close enough, he realized that it was a shop connected to the mansion? Well, live and learn, he'd never guessed that was possible! He would enter and browse what was available, and behold, there were two Udon Bowls that had the enhancement he was looking for. He walked right up to the counter and placed a sack of col on it. "I'll go with the Udon Bowls." He said, somewhat recklessly, for he was kind of rushing. "And uhhh, could I place an order for some Hanami Dagno?" Purchased x2 Udon Bowl(+2 ACC) -Ordered Hanami Dagno(3 Prosperity) Payment of 1000 col sent to @Zajcica
  11. Vigilon was in need of supplies for a grinding trip he intended on going for...but since it was on high level lands, he would need to make sure that he and any who came with him were ready for the rough times ahead. He wandered throughout the fourth floor, looking around for a shop that might have what he needs, while Veriost looked around her old homeland, her tail moving back and forth. Vigilon smiled at his small white frost dragon. At least someone was happy with this preparations trip. After some time, Vigilon would come across a player-ran shop, and he would enter it. He looked around, then browsed what was available. He spotted something that would definitely come in handy, towards making his future efforts worthwhile. "I''d like two of the Mochi, please." He said as he placed the payment on the counter. Purchased 2 T2 | Super Lucky Matcha Mochi(+3 LD) Paid 1400 col to @Cordelia
  12. Vigilon had hardly anything left to work with, but hey, it was better than nothing at all. He'd be able to get himself into material gathering shape one day. At least he was better than he used to be on the matter. He started up the forge and took some of his materials. He made an axe, he accidentally blew up an axe(into shards, obviously, and he took some time to fix the forge after it's flaming burst blew up the axe), he made an epic axe, and it even came with an inscription on it! He then made a neat pair of boots, and they were cold to the touch, despite being fresh from the forge. Must have been a material he used. The success would end there, as he would simply have some issues with the last two sets of armor he tried to make. Crafting Results:
  13. Vigilon and Everus winced when Krysta kicked the cloaked player in the nuts. The cloaked player, indeed was struck with imagined pain, probably from the contact, as well as the mind anticipating pain. He shouldn't have felt pain, but he was clearly dumb enough to do so, as he crumpled to the ground, holding his hands over the spot Krysta had kicked. Vigilon decided to pull off the capture now before the realization kicked in. "Fortaleza." He spoke into the Corridor crystal. When the portal opened, He picked the player up, and tossed him in it, and it would close after a few seconds. Everus nodded his head. "...I know, I know...I've got some apologizing to do...but first..." He pulled out a corridor crystal, and tossed it over to Krysta. There would be a slip of paper wrapped around it, the name of a location on it. "If you ever want to take the fight to them, assuming you're strong enough, even if you have to bring a few allies along with you...know that you have the means to reach your new enemy...I, on the other hand, will be finding different jobs to do in order to save someone..." He explained. "You there..." He said as he looked to Vigilon. "I know I've made some mistakes in the past...and you're probably still ticked off, which I wouldn't judge you for...but would you be willing to forgive a forsaken? If not now, I don't mind." Vigilon blinked a few times in confusion. "Is this some kind of peace offering? You literally kidnapped eight women." He pointed out. Everus shrugged. "When someone you care about is in danger, you're willing to do anything for them, even if it means doing the ugly things no one else will do...right? Well, that's what was going on here. I just didn't see many available options to go with, so I chose the most lucrative one...speaking of which, the payment is still all over the floor...and it's just what I need to pay off my new enemy...I've learned the hard way that I'm not nearly powerful enough to take him down, so I'm doing what I can." He explained. Vigilon took a deep breath. "Alright...I understand...just...don't do anything like this again. I hope you don't mind me keeping an eye on you for at least a bit...now let's try cleaning up this mess, and getting everyone back to the safe zones..." Summary: Vigilon Receives: 5 SP, 200 Col(1 page completed, 1 Quarantine SP Bonus, Quest completed), and <<Sand Armor Potion>> Krysta Receives: 2 SP, 200 Col(1 page completed, 1 Quarantine SP Bonus), and <<Sand Armor Potion>>
  14. If there was one thing that the cloaked player never expected, it was for everyone, including a new arrival, to suddenly become his enemy...or maybe they all saw him as an enemy and acted as such. Either way, he was not having a good day. "Alright, when did this turn into some kind of- Aggh! Get- get off me, boy! AAAAGGHH!! Le- leggo ov mah throat!" After a series of attacks had hit him, Vigilon picked him up, just in time for Krysta to add a few attacks of her own, if she was interested. He held the player in place. "You want to add anything before I send him off?" He asked, holding the player with his right hand, and holding the corridor crystal the player had dropped in his left hand. Should Krysta attack, he would jump back as to not get caught in the crossfire. It was Krysta's turn now... He glanced over to the original kidnapper, who was...opening the doors of the other cells? Vigilon would notice that all of the kidnapped players were female...and now he was really pissed off.
  15. The cloaked player was about to speak to Everus again, when the sound of a sack ripping could be heard. He looked to see that Krysta had sliced the sack open, causing the sack to shatter, and the col to simply fall as if it were about 18,000 small metal items falling onto the floor. The cloaked player laughed. "Ah, how adorable...I know that you don't trust me, you probably think I'm going to take you all someplace that you'll hate...but it's actually a very nice place to stay. Some of the people we've found have become our allies, and not simply because of charisma or anything... Well, point is, I'm here to make sure you ladies get to your destination safely, all with a small handful of corridor crystals. Now then, there's no need to be worried, though I won't judge if you still are...despite that you'll be going, whether you like it or not. Sorry about that, by the way..." He explained. Dazlea pulled out her weapon. "And what makes you think we'll go willingly?" She questioned, as to threaten him. There would be sounds of crashing nearby, followed by one voice roaring out as it drew closer. Vigilon appeared at the scene, and went straight to tackling the nearest orange player...the cloaked one who had yet to give his name. He would punch him in the face repeatedly. "I'll teach you to mess with my girlfriend!!!" He called out as he did so. Everus would quickly unlock Krysta's cell, freeing Krysta and Dazlea. He would then take position to guard the other cells...for he figured that if Krysta's angry boyfriend could get here on his own like this, that he could handle himself and even protect those who Everus had just freed.