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  1. Vigilon took a good look at the weapon he'd crafted, the one he had made with the help of a material given to him by Krysta. Since it was originally her curiosity, he might as well give the weapon to her. He had heard that she was looking to get her hands on a darker set of gear in preparation for the season of Halloween, so it made enough sense. This weapon...it was dark, but it might be able to fit Krysta's style...but what would she go as if this weapon was to be in her set of gear? He decided to meet up with her personally, and offer the weapon to her. "Well, here's the product of that material, as well as another tier two material...anyway, congratulations on reaching the next tier, I'm so happy for you!" Offering to give <<Nightshade>> to @Krysta Details on Nightshade:
  2. Vigilon

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    Vigilon would head over to where the first party was, and he would join into the party, the other member of said party added automatically. Maybe it was because there was enough room for both parties to simply just merge instead of transfer. Whatever the case, Vigilon took a few deep breaths. His energy was now replenished enough to use his most powerful Area of Effect Sword Art. Problem was, that Sword art kind of sucked with these guys, their defenses were too high for any real damage to dent them. Maybe he should wait for the right timing. If he could get the timing right, he could manage to inflict a status ailment upon them. The Rain Commanders with their HP still currently in the yellow would be his targets, for they were the most likely to remain standing by the time Vigilon was ready. "Just gotta wait for that opening...I'll strike 'em all, even if it hardly does anything..." He would complete his part in this fight, in time. ID# 124356 CD: 6(recovered an additional 3 energy) [Vigilon takes no action] Party 1:
  3. Another day came, and that meant another day of crafting. While Vigilon didn't have much to work with, it was better than having nothing at all. He would start up his forge, and get to work. He would end up creating one shield, and wasting his last two tier two materials on some failures. He'd failed to salvage one, and his second attempt would be another trip and lose to the flames. After that, he would focus on making tier one items again. he made three, and he wondered if they were really going to sell. Chances were, he might have to place all of the uncommon items he'd made for junk sale at the local merchant, for almost no one ever bought those... Crafting Results: Items up in Evaluations: 4
  4. Vigilon

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    The commanders were getting sliced up by the frontliners' fury, and the battle was soon to end. The Rain Commanders attacking what was left of Vigilon's party were all but destroyed, so there was nothing else to do...unless he could join the other party in fighting these creatures... Their Rain commanders might be pretty much almost dead, but, well, if Vigilon could still help with what little he could do... "Hey!" He called out to the party of three. "You guys need help over there? I might not have much left in me, but I've at least got a little something!" Hopefully, they would accept his help. He didn't want to be useless...he wanted to be helpful. Maybe one day, he would be that person...but for now, he would need to be content with just fighting on the sidelines, hardly doing enough to be considered a useful ally. Heck, who knows? His attacks might mean the difference between victory and defeat(although victory was obviously gonna happen), with what little he could accomplish! There was always that little hope! ID# 123749 CD: 8(Recovered an additional 3 energy) Party 2:
  5. The player would reveal his username to Vigilon. Something seemed strange about how he was currently speaking. What's with all the pauses? Vigilon would push aside the troubling questions about Alanin aside, and get back to the conversation. Krysta asked him about if he would be willing to speak to anyone new. "I'm in the mood for social interaction...I think. I mean, if I didn't, why would I be here, aside from potentially watching a sunset with you?" He would look around as Krysta also realized something was wrong with Alanin. Vigilon spotted two people, seemingly a couple, over where the refreshments were. hopefully Veriost hadn't eaten everything... "Why don't we go talk to the violet-haired couple over there?" He suggested. Krysta wanted to see if he could figure out who to talk to, so he did. The two players would approach the violet-haired couple. "Hey, are we interrupting something important?" @Krysta @Teion @Ryo Veriost would have the apparently given challenge accepted by the girl. Veriost wasn't in the mood to lose at one of her best skills. As the white haired girl scarfed down cookies, the small white frost dragon would start wolfing down sweets left and right. Veriost had no clue, but she was bound to lose...however, how far would she get before having to admit defeat? @Dazia Shuliik, after the time spent with Valna, would return to the beach. It's about time he would go over to the water. He would walk up to the waves, and when he'd gotten deep enough...he completely face planted himself into the waves. On purpose. Kanari would notice this, and say to the girl joining in the soon-to-be planned prank on Hazado, "Could you just give me a moment? I'll be back." She would pull out one of her water buckets as she walked over towards Shuliik, who was getting up from the waves. Kanari would come up from behind and dump the artic-cold ice water on him. His reaction was just as planned. "GYYYAAAAAGGHHH!!!!!!!! OOOHHHHHH THAT'S COLD!!!" He would turn around to see Kanari there. "H-hey Freewind...man, I should've know I'd be a target at some point..." Kanari smirked. "You were actually an impromptu target, pal. I saw you face-plant into the water. That doesn't just happen. Anyway, you're welcome for me cooling you off, now I gotta go back to planning more pranks. Bye!" She would then return to the girl. "Alright, I'm back. Now, we just gotta wait for Su, and the plotting can begin..."
  6. Vigilon

    Vigilon's Armor and Weapons

    Name: Iron Pierce Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 123678 Roll Result: 6+1=7 Item Type: Rapier Tier: 2 Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: Damage Description: A sharpened iron rapier that strikes true. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15721-f7r5-blacksmith/?do=findComment&amp;comment=581756 Name: Nervebane Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 123679 Roll Result: 10+1=11 Item Type: Rapier Tier: 2 Quality: Rare Enhancements: Accuracy, Paralysis Description: An efficient rapier capable of thrusting joints and cutting nerves, making it difficult for opponents to move. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15721-f7r5-blacksmith/?do=findComment&amp;comment=581756 Name: Nightshade Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 123680 Roll Result: 11+1=12 Item Type: Rapier Tier: 2 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Accuracy, Paralysis, Bleed Description: A saber(rapier) with a blade made from a dark metal. The hilt is made from silver, and decorated with a copper nightshade that has a ruby in the middle. The blade seems to radiate a dark force of sorts. (Credit for illustrations goes to Takao) Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15721-f7r5-blacksmith/?do=findComment&amp;comment=581756 Name: Tempered Iron Shield Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 123681 Roll Result: 8+1=9 Item Type: Shield Tier: 2 Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: Mitigation Description: A tempered iron shield that offers decent mitigation Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15721-f7r5-blacksmith/?do=findComment&amp;comment=581756
  7. Some of his items were being bought, that was a good thing...but now, he needed to get back to crafting. He started up his forge, and pulled out his materials. "It's been some time...well, time to get back to work." He pulled out one ore, and the result was one of the worst messes yet. He'd grown rusty in terms of how to watch himself around the forge, and he'd gotten himself a bit burned, and from this, his reaction caused him to accidentally destroy the item he was making. "Crap..." To make matters worse, he screwed up badly with another weapon-to-be, too. He tripped over some ore as he was moving a piece of white-hot metal, and wound up losing the material to the forge's flames. "How??" Then...things would get better. He managed to make a simple rapier of uncommon quality, then he made a rare one. The third success... He looked over to a material Krysta had given him earlier(OOC note, a RP material), and took it along with one of the other ores, and he got to work. Using both materials, he made a very cool-looking weapon, with an elegant decoration on the hilt, a bronze nightshade with a ruby in the center. "Now this is a weapon!" Needless to say, he was proud of his work. Finally, to top things off, he made an uncommon shield. Crafting Results:
  8. Vigilon was tired of what just went down, so he decided to look for anything else one more time, and call it a day. He looked around, but there was nothing in sight. He sighed, and bid farewell to Curfaella. "Well, I guess that'll be all for today... Bye, Tara, I hope I'll see you again later on..." He would leave the garden, and begin making his way back to the safe zone. What a day this had been so far... Curfaella waved bye to Vigilon. "Bye, Alex, I hope to see you again soon as well!" She called out. Once Vigilon was gone, the cloaked player would come out of hiding. "Well now, Curfaella, this is quite an interesting way for you to spend your vacation..." She commented. Curfaella would turn around, startled. "Wah! G-Gildera?? How long were you here??" She asked. Gildera would smirk. "Long enough to hear the whole conversation. Worry not about secrecy, I already know he can keep secrets... The barmaid in the tavern, back in Florenthia? That was me, cleverly disguised, I might add." She admitted. Things were likely to get out of hand from here... ID# 123672 LD: 5+1=6(no chest T_T) Summary: Vigilon receives 1 SP, 400 col and 9 T2 Mats
  9. Curfaella was suppressing a smile over Vigilon's latest blunder. "Are, are you ok?" She asked. Vigilon's unimpressed expression remained unchanged. "Yeah, just wonderful." He answered, in a sarcastic tone, of course. Instead of continuing his search, he pulled a rag out of his inventory and cleaned up his face...then he pulled out another rag to clean up the rest of his head. With plenty of melon guts and juice to clean off, he needed a total of three rags. When that was done, he looked over to Curfaella. "Well, glad you found that amusing, I hope I won't be doing that again." The cloaked player did all she could to not laugh at Vigilon's latest accident. She managed to keep it down to a snicker, and would continue to watch the players closely. "He is...actually a bit amusing to watch...hehehe... I never knew he was prone to accidents like this..." ID# 123671 LD: 7+1=8(failed) mats found: 9/18
  10. Curfaella's eyes widened. "Wait, she had something to do with the reservoir incident??" She exclaimed. Vigilon nodded his head. "Yep, she sure did. I saw Amelia and Thalia plotting, and I knew exactly what to do. I managed to convince mom to take a week off of work, and we went on vacation, one of my smartest moves ever. When we came back, the reservoir incident had passed, and the two came up to me, saying I totally missed it. I simply replied to them that I was too smart to just ignore the fact that they were plotting this at all. They laughed and decided that that would be a fair response to their city-wide prank, too." Vigilon saw something practically buried in the ground. He began trying to pull it up, but when he finally did, a watermelon rocketed out of the ground, soaring about eleven feet, and landed on his head, a collision that was rough enough to deal a few points of damage. Vigilon pulled the melon off his head with an unimpressed look on his face. ID# 123663 LD: 1 REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  11. Curfaella decided that Vigilon sharing this would be a fair and positive exchange for all that she'd told him. "Go on..." Vigilon picked up another ore and stashed it into his inventory as he thought of what to say. He stood up and made eye contact with Curfaella, ready to explain more. "Katrina has a few minor quirks, such as preferring a mage when playing RPGs, trying to figure out who likes her, and maybe one more... Dennis is a surprisingly intimidating DM, but that's probably because his decisions can make the difference between a character's life or death... Thalia is serious when she wants to be, but otherwise she's a bit wild, and a slight prankster...but a large-scale, major prankster when plotting with Amelia, who happens to be her best friend...have you heard of the reservoir incident?" The cloaked player continued to watch and listen. If Vigilon's friends were in this game, she could potentially use this information to her advantage... ID# 123661 LD: 12+1=13(found 1 T2 Mat) Mats found: 9/18. 50% of minimum mats found
  12. Curfaella was in the thinking position. "Well, I guess... Why don't you go first? I honestly don't have very many good times that I can share..." She suggested. Vigilon returned to searching as he thought about what he could speak of. He found nothing, but he had plenty of info to go off of in terms of the conversation. "Good times, crazy times, I got a couple, no, several of those, my life wasn't all whack since dad died...anyway, a ton of things had happened since middle school, so that leaves quite a few years." He stated. "I met some new people. Amelia Belle, Katrina Lily, Dennis McRoy, and Thalia Fields. They all have their good times and bad times, virtues and flaws, not to mention crazy quirks." He explained. "As you already know, Allen's got his nickname habits. Amelia cares nothing about rule of law...well, almost nothing. She's got a moral compass, but that won't get her very far without a sense of caution..." ID# 123660 LD: 3+1=4(Failed) Reeeeeee Mats gathered: 8/18
  13. Curfaella seemed to ponder for a short moment. "I guess we could stop here. You did say that your head was about to explode from the earlier information that I revealed to you, so maybe this should be enough for a while..." She suggested. Vigilon would think about how he should answer Curfaella as he moved on to the next spot. He would find two ores sticking out of the ground. As he pulled them out, he would respond with, "Yeah, I think that's enough for me... Any good times we can talk about instead?" To end or continue the conversation on some happy notes would be great. If there was one thing he wouldn't need in this game, it was angst. The cloaked player smirked as she continued to watch the two players' actions. So they would end the topic of secrets there... It was...surprisingly disappointing. She actually wanted to hear more of what might be said. Then again, she wasn't on any mission, so she could do as she pleased. ID# 123658 LD: 16+1=17(found 2 T2 Mats) Mats gathered: 8/18
  14. Curfaella appeared to be thinking about it. "Well, it made sense back then, when we were almost without hope. This game has changed us all, some of us for the worse..." She noted. "I don't like it anymore, but I brought it upon myself." Vigilon rummaged through the flora again, and again, nothing was found. He stood up, and scratched his head. "Alright, so it looks like I'm gonna have to move a bit again...Anything else you want to confide, or is that topic done here?" He asked. As the two were talking and searching, another player was in the area. "Hehehe...so she is willing to confide a few things with him... It is currently fine, we were intrigued by the boy's progress, anyway..." The cloaked player would continue to watch, wondering what would happen next. Would Curfaella continue to confide, or would the secrets stop being revealed? She would wait and listen... ID# 123657 LD: 3+1=4(failed) mats gathered: 6/18
  15. Vigilon rummaged through some flora, but there were no ores to be found. It seemed that Curfaella was hesitant to answer. "You all right, Tara?" Curfaella nodded. "Yes, I'm fine...That is my title in the guild. I am among the guild's best. There are twelve of us, and we all are at a rank that is directly under our leader. These cloaks, our leader wears such a cloak. He's...not in the best mind, but he seems to have some kind of hope deep within...but for what, I'm really not sure. I'm not as connected with the others in my division as I could be..." She explained. Although what she said was true, there was a sliver of a lie in there, for there was one who she could actually connect with... Vigilon tilted his head to the side. "That's your...guild title? That...sounds kind of dark, don't you think?" He asked. ID# 123655 LD: 5+1=6(failed) mats gathered: 6/18