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  1. This trip would be Vigilon's first time in a tier three floor. Honestly, he was a bit nervous. As he walked in the cavernous floor, he looked to his left and two his right, always watching his back, for there may be a monster in any corner. Until one was encountered, he would focus on gathering some materials for his shop. Black explained that he intended to fight mobs here, to see how well they work together, and to get some loot. "Sure, I'll keep an eye out for anything. For now, until I find something to fight, I can gather materials as I go. We are in a place said to be full of them, from what I heard." Sure enough, he spotted two chunks of ore sticking out of the ground. Since the ground was mostly stone, he would need more than his hands to pull it free, without any risk of breaking the materials in the process. "I didn't have this in my inventory for nothing." He muttered as he took out a pickax to mine the ore. Once he had the ores, he placed the materials in his inventory, and picked up his walking pace to catch up with the others. He thought he heard something, but he dismissed it as his imagination when he looked around and saw nothing. ID# 107880 LD: 19+1=20(Success, +2 T3 Mats) Vigilon: HP 540/540, EN 64/64, | 12 DMG | 18 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 3 Recovery | 1 Taunt | 1 Bleed | 1 Paralyze
  2. Vigilon

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    Things went to crap as soon as Mars rushed to attack too early. This resulted in several players bickering amongst themselves, and it wasn't doing any good for anyone here. To make matters worse, there was a lot of talk that was against something Vigilon believed. He wasn't going to just remain silent and stand to the side...but first, he had to finish the conversation Krysta had started with him. "Thanks for letting me know, Jewel. I'll keep that in mind when we're about to start. I, uh...yeah. If all members of all the parties are prepared, this should be over quicker, with fewer casualties...yeah...ha... Hey, don't sweat it, Jewel, this is my first boss fight too. I might be nervous myself, but I'm trying to not let that get to me." He moved his hand to the cross necklace he was given, and he held out his hand a few inches from the item's original position, the cross of nails in the palm of his hand. "And should The Lord be with us in this battle, we will emerge victorious." That last part he had said in a softer tone. He continued to speak to Krysta. "You have no reason to worry. Just know that, since this is our first boss fight, we can give it our all, and show others what we can do, even if what we've got doesn't seem to be much here at the moment. We may not be an official Guild yet, but we are both Rising Dragons. Let's give it our best shot." @Krysta When he was finished speaking with(and encouraging) Krysta, he was ready to speak his mind, or heart, or both. He reacted loud and clear, and may have been in a rush to get his words out. "I get that everyone has their own opinions, but I can't just stand the truth being twisted. All kinds of people have twisted what it means to believe in and follow God, and it tears me up inside to know that many false testimonies have turned people away from him." He then looked at the boss, and pointed a finger towards him. "You, Miraak, you claim to follow God, but it's clear to me, as well as several others, including the other priests who brought us here, that you are working with demons! If there's one thing I've learned in life, human actions speak far louder than words! I look around me, and I see that you've got something sinister set up, something that clearly has to do with the Devil and his servants!" He had heard one's opinion on this matter, but he decided to stop for now, and not respond to the words that player spoke. "That's enough philosophy from me for the time being." He finished, glaring at Miraak with his intense red eyes. @Miraak the Accursed When the choice was brought up, Vigilon had to agree with Black that this may be a scheme of Divide and conquer. "I agree, we should remain united. As much as I'd like to say the answer is Forgivable, The choice has already been made for me If I'm to stand with the Party Leader." He pressed the word "Unforgivable", and under his breath he muttered, "Lord, forgive me for the choice I have made." He had chosen unity over belief, which brought him to mutter those words. @Black Stats:
  3. Vigilon

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    (OOC: Do the consumable buffs I applied in the previous thread apply to this one? I originally thought the fight would occur in that one, so I hope I'm not back where I started stat-wise...) So much began to happen before he knew it. And also before he could say something like, "Hey, wait!", "I need to make sure my friends are ready!", or, "Could you please not push?", he found himself moving in to the building's interior. No good could come from this. He was worried that he and his friends were underprepared, and that would be an extremely problematic issue, especially for what he now guessed was some kind of boss to deal with. "Aw, man, I should have known....this is a boss fight, isn't it..." He said softly, audible only to the players near him. What kind of boss was this? Could he be able to survive? Could Krysta be able to survive? Sure, he had a teleport crystal in his inventory, as well as one for Krysta in case she didn't have one on her. Why didn't he think about all this before? The "Priest" began to speak. When he was finished, Vigilon rolled his eyes. "Like I would listen without any caution, ever." He looked around, and spotted Krysta nearby. "There you are, I was looking for you. You uh, didn't miss anything from my supplies, did you?" He said, holding open a bag with his extra consumables inside. Afterward, he would look to see the players in the vicinity, and eventually spot Dazia. "Sorry I wasn't able to let you pick out items before we headed inside...here, catch!" He tossed the bag to her, any remaining items inside, should there be any. (OOC: The items in the bag[listed in spoiler below]are for Krysta to pick, the rest automatically goes to Dazia, since Vigilon tossed the bag to her.) @Krysta @Dazia
  4. Vigilon

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Vigilon saw Hestia join in the conversation. "It really has been a while, Hestia. I'm finally tier two, all that rigorous training paid off at last." He then spoke to Mina. "Throughout the time I was out, I've met a lot of players, some of them I knew personally. I also met someone who, I admit, I ended up getting a crush on, and well, it was eventually revealed that she had a crush on me, too. Now we're currently in relationship, but other than what I've said already, there was nothing else besides training, training, and more training. It kind of feels like it's been several months and a year since I started, but that's just me guessing, I haven't seen a year-showing calendar for a long time, and all these events seem to pass by so quickly..." Someone came over to talk with Hestia, and Mina waved goodbye and went to speak with someone else. Once again, everyone was back to their usual business, speaking with other players, probably about the coming conflict. @Hestia @tricolor_mina Not too long after, Krysta came over to him, greeting him and asking about the situation. "First, you just missed it, I was talking to someone I had met before I first left the safe zone! I could have introduced you to her! Second, I really don't know the situation just yet, but I'm sure we'll know eventually." He looked around, and saw something set up beside the Priest that was selling items. "Hold on a sec, I'm gonna take a look here." When he realized what it was, he returned to Krysta to say, "I don't think you'd wanna miss this Jewel, let's get some of these before they're gone!" When he reached what was set up, he took only what he needed, and hoped there would be enough for Krysta whenever she got there. He sat down and started on the consumables that he would need. It took him a bit, but when he was finally done, he let out a long exhale. "If the major fights like these always have this many potions and foods just to get ready for the fight, I might need larger size clothes!" Veriost stared at Vigilon intensely, hoping for handouts. "Oh, I see, asleep for the conversations, awake for the food, is that it?" In response, the small white frost dragon simply let out a low growl, which, in this particular situation, meant "Feed me." Vigilon chuckled as he took out two vanity food items, a simple vanilla cupcake, and a piece of boar jerky. "I expected as much. You'll never change, will you?" Veriost dug in almost immediately after Vigilon had taken out the items. He then came over to Krysta, and pulled out some items from his inventory. "I got a little carried away in certain preparations, so if there's anything you need from these, go ahead and take them." @Krysta @Neopolitan Vigilon then heard one of the priests make an announcement regarding the situation. "Well, that's not good." He guessed that he might need something to protect him if demonic influence was actually literal. Thankfully, the priests had necklaces to hand out, which Vigilon would come and accept without hesitation. If there was one thing for sure, he was actually hoping he could keep this item after the fight. Hestia came up to make an announcement regarding the coming battle, and then Domarus asked for each tier one and tier two player come to him and tell him their build, so that he can set up the best possible formation. "In that case, I hope that he puts Jewel and I in the same party." He thought. He came up to Domarus. "I'm right here, tier two, DPS." He guessed that Domarus would have the parties set up later, and so he walked off originally to return to Krysta, but then he saw Dazia, and walked up to her. "Hey. It's been some time. I might have something extra that I don't need. Feel free to take it if you need it yourself." @Domarus @Dazia Vigilon offers the following items to Krysta and/or Dazia: (OOC: Sorry, Dazia, due to the order in which Vigilon offered his excess consumables, Krysta gets first pick) <<The Matriarch's Stinger>>(+1 damage for one battle) Greater Nature's Vitality(+15 MIT) T1 Immolation potion Teleportation Crystal Consumables used:
  5. Vigilon

    [OP-F10] Let's go Col Grinding!

    (OOC: Ending thread due to inactivity) Surely at this point, the group should be ready for more falmer. He was actually wondering why the one they defeated lived on the outskirts of the falmer camp... He looked towards the falmer camp itself. Quite a few huts there...wait, was something coming this way? He backed up, and soon he was seeing a falmer walk into the hut. it seemed to be seeking something out. The back of Vigilon's foot hit what might have been a pebble, and the sound it hitting the cavern floor alerted the creature to his presence. It let out a loud growl, and in the distance, where the rest of the falmer camp was, monsters were gathering in numbers, and headed in the party's direction! "It was a sentry!" He realized, and said aloud. There was no way a party of four could withstand the might of the approaching horde of monsters, even if it was a tiny one, about a dozen falmer. "We have to get out of here!" He gestured for the others to follow as he ran. With a head start, they would surely be able to get away unscathed. "Maybe next time, we should come with more players, or even try sneaking past the sentry..." He thought, as he made his way back to town, along with anyone who followed him to the safe zone. Summary: Vigilon receives: 1 SP, 2 T1 Mats, 725 Col, and 1<<Unidentified T1 Rare Consumable>> @Mars receives: 1 SP and 725 Col @Benjamin Bookworm receives: 1 SP and 725 Col @Krysta receives: 1 SP, 725 Col, 1<<Unidentified T1 Rare Consumable>>, and <<Unidentified T1 Rare Rapier>>
  6. Vigilon

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Vigilon had heard about something happening on the thirteenth floor from someone he'd encountered earlier in an event, although that moment wasn't when he heard about the problem. He wished he had time to get his hands on some tier two items, such as a pair of handwraps made by a tailor, or some enhanced neckwear from an artisan. However, time seemed to be of the essence, so he made sure he had what he could bring in case something went wrong and he had to fight. Just as he was about to leave to investigate the issue, he received a message from Zack and Uri Ophir, alerting him that the hour was drawing near. "There's gonna be a fight involved at some point, I just know it." This assumption was based on the fact that most problems in SAO contained combat within the solution, for, even a minor fetch quest could have a moment of combat should an aggressive mob jump at you along the way. Whether he was ready or not, he was off to the thirteenth floor. Seeing that he only had a mitigation potion and the Matriarch's Stinger, he felt underprepared. When he finally arrived at the location, he looked around, seeing three players that he recognized, and one that he did not. He recognized Aereth from that meeting in the first floor that had to do with Wyson, he recognized Hestia from an encounter or two, and he recognized Mina from the night he decided he wasn't going to be holed up in the Town of Beginnings anymore, the inciting moment of his adventures in SAO. When he saw the player he didn't recognize make a purchase from an NPC, he believed that this NPC might be able to help with his being underprepared. He thought about what he might need, but he also got carried away, getting some extra items that might only help anyone without items, nor enough col to purchase them. A total loss of 9650 col from his pockets was almost devastating. "Sheesh," He thought. "Who'd have known that preparations would be so dang expensive? I'm definitely going Col grinding when this is over..." He then decided to chat as everyone else arrives, waiting for whatever this was going to be would start. He walked over to Mina, who he had not seen in a long time since he first set out. "Hey. It's been a long while since I saw you." @tricolor_mina Items brought: <<The Matriarch's Stinger>>(+1 damage for one battle), Greater Nature's Vitality(+15 MIT) Purchases: Stats:
  7. (OOC: I had to speak with Krysta for Vigilon's noticing of the issue, and resolving it with an explanation. Krysta can vouch for me.) When the combat started, three of the combatants, including Dazia, being recognizable in her usual light armor once more for some reason, attempted to strike the crabs that appeared. Vigilon tried to see how the crabs fought, but he noticed that Krysta hadn't tried to deal any blows to the enemy yet. He looked over and saw her looking at the staff she was holding with confusion. Vigilon looked at the staff Krysta was holding. "Interesting design..." He thought. He came over to her, hoping to help. "Hey, Jewel, are you wondering how you're supposed to use that? I know of the two generic methods to make use of that, one of which can't work, but what might help would be to think about stick fighting, a battle style involving sticks, staves, and the like, in combination with various martial arts." He stuck his blade in the ground for a quick moment. "Seeing that Dazia was able to to try using a curved sword there, when she doesn't even have the skill, should suggest that the Martial Arts skill isn't necessary to use that thing. Here, I'll show you." He took the staff for a second(with Krysta's consent, of course), and made a few moves toward the empty air around him. "With precise strikes, which I believe the art of using a thrusting weapon might help you there, side you've used one before, you can strike the nerves of the target, stunning, or even paralyzing the target." He explained before returning the weapon to Krysta. He pulled his sword back out from the ground. "Go ahead and get a feel for the weapon if you need to. You're probably going to need to show your fierce side to those crabs if we're ever going to win this." With that, he began to advance towards the crabs, thinking he was ready to strike with little to worry about. He attempted to strike both crabs with a spin strike, Legend of Zelda style....but unfortunately that didn't seem to work. "It's been a while since I could fight freely with my own hand holding a sword...this is going to be tougher than I originally thought..." @Krysta @Dazia @Hazado @Neopolitan ID# 106775 BD: 4(Miss) ID# 106776 BD: 2(Miss)
  8. As soon as the players in the combat competition had armed themselves, the scavenger hunt's speed went from zero to pure insanity in 0.3 seconds, giving Vigilon no chance to keep up. "Huh??? Hey, wai- wait for me!!" He found himself darting to the left and to the right, running around like crazy while the other players were nabbing all of the remaining crystals. Vigilon eventually tripped and fell face first into the sand. "Mmgff, Mmfggffff Mmmmmmffffff??....."(Rough Translation: "Again, why is it always meeeeeee?") When he got up, he saw Veriost pulling her head out of the sand. She shook herself off, and glared at Vigilon. From her expression, Vigilon managed to get "I'll...make you...pay for...that..." from the small white frost dragon. "Uh oh." "Fo...Krah Diin!!" "AAAAGGGHH Cold, cold, cold!!!!!" As Vigilon dealt with the freezing cold frost breath, which was more intense, due to the area around being extremely warm, he wondered if Krysta had been able to manage the insanity of a heated competition. Once the familiar quarrel was over, he walked over to where an announcement was coming from. When the Hostess pulled out the last white crystal from her pocket, Vigilon felt that the whole thing was ridiculous. He spoke his first thought aloud, and he felt that it was the voice of reason. Then again, it went from quiet to insanity, so how could this make things any worse? "Who in the right mind would search your pockets?!?!?" After the announcement ended, as well as feeling a bit embarrassed for making a complete fool out of himself during the last portion of the scavenger hunt, he sent over the crystals he had. Six blue, one green. He pulled out the sword he had chosen for the combat competition, and walked over to Krysta. "You ready to do this?" @Krysta Meanwhile, Kanari had to agree with Yinangi on that one. "I agree. We should see what we're working with, so that we know how to set up the trap, as well as how we're going to pull it off. maybe we can see what we can find around the picnic tables, then possibly the forest area." @Dazia
  9. Vigilon looked to his right, and saw something sparkle by the leg of a chair. When he walked over, there was a blue crystal right there. "Let's see... Six blue crystals, and one green crystal...that's about...nine points. Not the best, but I can keep going until time runs out, I guess." As if on cue, he heard the Hostess making an announcement regarding the next competition. He walks over, listening to what she had to say. When the announcement was over, he walked over to the weapons, selecting a silver blade and an epic looking staff with dragon designs. He received a message from Krysta, asking to team up. He would send a simple reply, "How could I say no?" When he was done sending the message, he noticed something was going on... Kanari had gotten the perfect idea that was just waiting for her to notice, thanks to this child who was definitely a potential friend, maybe even "partners in crime" or so the saying might suggest. "That's...perfect...Oh, he's gonna get it now... I've got the honey covered. This Akudo dude gave me some, saying it was for someone he'd heard of that...I apparently know? He forgot to give a description, but he did say 'nickname'. Anyway, just a little of this stuff ought to do the trick. Now, how are we going to pull it off and set the trap...?" Vigilon watched this unfold. "Oh, no....they're plotting something..." @Krysta @Dazia -Vigilon selects Silver Sword(Sword) and Dragon Staff(Staff) ID# 105919: BD: 6, CD: 4, LD: 8(Success, found one Blue Crystal) Score:
  10. Vigilon

    [F01-PP] A Casual day

    The player shook his head, and claimed that he was enjoying the peace and quiet. He sheathed his weapon. Vigilon noticed that his equipment was that of a starter. Oh man, starter equipment...which reminded him of his own starter equipment. Vigilon had quite a few memories regarding that crappy junk, and, honestly, he could do without them. The player introduced himself as Kimihito, and extended his hand. Vigilon shook the hand, saying, "Nice to meet you, Kimihito, I'm Vigilon." When Kimihito offered a seat on the bench, Vigilon sat down beside him. Veriost awoke and yawned. The small white frost dragon then noticed the player beside Vigilon, and tilted her head to the side as she looked at him curiously. Kimihito was silent, staring at the ground. Vigilon thought that he either did have something on his mind, didn't talk much, or, well, maybe something else. He could only guess those two possibilities at the current moment, but you never know. @Kimihito
  11. Eh? What's that? I might have missed some threads I need to reply to? ...Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if I did. With unpredictable availability for use of a computer, as well as trying to put together a story or more, I might end up posting less than the rate I want to... I just hope I don't forget any threads...

  12. (OOC: Um, @Neopolitan, I hate to be a downer, but last I checked, a BD roll of 3 doesn't give you any crystals...) Vigilon passed by the field as he continued his search. He saw that Krysta had found a green crystal. He smiled. "Good for her." He thought. It didn't matter that he wasn't working with her on this, but he was happy to know she was doing well. He was ready to take a look at the other side the party, hoping to cover ground there. He noticed two blue crystals under the last picnic table he was passing, and decided to not pass up the opportunity, and pick them up. "Let's see, I now have five blue crystals, and one green crystal. That comes to about...eight points. Not exactly the best, but I'd say it's pretty decent. Heck, I have no clue what the others have scored, so I might even be last without knowing! Then again, it's not like I know everyone's inventories, so I'll just cross the bridge of total score when I come to it." Meanwhile, Yinangi had asked Kanari about why she felt the need to introduce herself with both her username and her real name. "Well, they're both just names to me, so I like to give people the freedom to choose whichever they prefer. And a game like this? It's kind of like living within both real life and a game at the same time!" Yinangi admitted that she knew just as much as Kanari did in regards to what kind of food was around. "Hey, it's alright! No worries! Hmm... Say, is there anything you might know as to what might be a good comeback for someone hurling you off a cliff to the water?" Now knowing that a conversation just might give her the answer she needed, she was hoping she could get some help, even if it was a small tip from a child. @Dazia ID# 105668 BD: 4, CD: 7, LD: 16(Success, found two Blue Crystals) Score:
  13. Vigilon heard a scream in the distance towards the cave's dark interior. "Are you all right?" The echo of the words, "I'm Okay No worries" was the response. One angry roar later, He then heard Sunova say that the Cave Guardian was dead. "Huh. That was quick." were his honest thoughts said aloud. He needed to get back to his own fight, though, if he was win it quickly. His next attempt to strike all of the Rabid Cave Bats did not go as intended. Once again, he only managed to hit one of them, and then he found himself attacked on front and both of his sides. His HP didn't drop very much, but he saw a status ailment appear by his HP meter, the one for poisoned. "Makes enough sense, I guess..." He was starting to realize, maybe he hadn't practiced enough combat in dark places to take out his foes easily. @Sunova ID# 105557 BD: 1(Crit. Miss!!), MD: 2-1=1(Miss) ID# 105558 BD: 1(Crit. Miss!!), MD: 10(Critical!! +2 DMG) ID# 105559 BD: 6+1-1=6(Hit), CD: 6(Recovered an additional 3 energy), MD: 9(Critical! +1 DMG) ID# 105560 BD: 4+1-1=4(Miss), MD: 8-1=7(hit) Tornado Kick- 9x6-35=19 Bleed damage: Rabid Cave Bat 1 takes 12 DMG [0-2-0]Vigilon: HP 537/540, EN 52/64 | 9 DMG | 18 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 2 Recovery | 1 Paralyze | 1 Bleed | 1 Taunt | Poisoned: 4 turns, 6 DMG Enemies: Rabid Cave Bat 1: HP 0/50, 15 DMG, 35 MIT, Inflicts poison on MD rolls of 9-10 Rabid Cave Bat 2: HP 50/50, 15 DMG, 35 MIT, Inflicts poison on MD rolls of 9-10 Rabid Cave Bat 3: HP 31/50, 15 DMG, 35 MIT, Inflicts poison on MD rolls of 9-10 Rabid Cave Bat 4: HP 50/50, 15 DMG, 35 MIT, Inflicts poison on MD rolls of 9-10
  14. Vigilon

    [F01-PP] A Casual day

    Vigilon was walking in the Town of Beginnings, making his, what, weekly visit? He had been going back to the first floor often, and it was a good place to go to find people looking for friends and allies, even if a little help is all they need. It may have been weekly after all... He looked to his shoulder to see Veriost, his familiar, asleep as usual, and then he walked towards a place where he had spent, well, pretty much most of his nights before he had a shop...the benches. Oh, the benches, where he had slept for the sake of saving col for other things to help him survive...those were the worst nights in the game, and there were so many of them...like, maybe a year and a half's worth of nights...or so he could guess. He also recalled the moment when he sat down on the bench to clear his head. Once he got himself out of his memories, he noticed someone looking at his reflection in a rapier. He walked over to the player, asking, "Something on your mind?" @Kimihito
  15. The woman took a defensive stance, ready to strike back if the pink haired player came close. Speed would be the key to striking her without immediate retaliation. Krysta saw that Azrea was pulling out her scythe, and told her not to jump in unless it was to try and stop the fight. Azrea smirked and responded with, "I'll do as I please, little princess." The pink haired player rushed forward, threw the dagger at the woman, then striking multiple joints immediately after any blocking or deflecting. Azrea jumped in during that moment, swinging her scythe in two alternating directions and slamming the blunt end onto the ground between the two. The pink haired player then retaliated with an uppercut and a kick that knocked her to the wall. "Keep out of this, it is not your fight, nor is it your concern." Azrea got back up, and said, "Just what makes you think I'm going to miss this? I love a good fight!" Venorim then came near Azrea saying, "Azrea, stand down. NOW." Vigilon backed up and decided to wait for now. He had no Idea what to do here. Jumping in might only cause a bigger brawl.