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  1. I've noticed that I've been getting less and less active lately... My writer's block issue may be diminishing, but due to another problem that is strengthening it little by little, my muse is still far from where it needs to be. I still have a lot of threads to reply to, and the problem that's bothering me the most....well, I'd say it would take me a lot of courage to admit that I believe I might have an anxiety problem... I worry if my posts are well-written, rather than poorly written, I fear negative responses that are definitely possible, and sometimes when I go to bed after making a post, I find it hard to sleep because I'm already regretting the post, calling myself an idiot in my head. I'm doing what I can to resolve this problem of mine, and get back to posting at the rate I once did, but I don't know how long that is going to take me...

    So, in short, I apologize to all I have threads with, and I hope to be able to get back to posting a my usual rate soon.

    1. Paglikha


      Although I'm not in a thread with you, I'd say take as much time as you need. I know how it feels to have an issue with anxiety (especially depending on the severity) so I understand if it takes a while for you to sort some things out. I understand this doesn't mean much for someone in your position, but what you should care about is if you think the quality of your work is good rather than the responses of people. After that, everything else follows. If you seek to improve that quality, do it because you want to improve your writing rather than you want people to enjoy it more.

      But once again, I'd just like to say if you need time to figure some things out, it's completely fine.

  2. Vigilon

    Anyone need sig?

    Did someone say something about making signatures? I don't know what skills are required, or if this can be done with a mac. Does it require any space? 'Cause I'm trying to preserve space on the one I'm using. I've been hoping I was capable of making signatures, since it would mean I could make sure mine is up to date. If all of this is actually possible...
  3. Arabelle introduced herself to Kanari, and also introduced Grimm, right before Hazado introduced himself, as well as proclaiming some payback. "Nice to meet you two!" As expected, she got pulled under. When she resurfaced, she just laughed and remarked, "Wow, you weren't kidding about being a perfect swimmer, that was flawless!" He said that he was going to be doomed...oh, he WOULD be...Kanari was already plotting some ways to get back at him for this payback. Hazado also mentioned that maybe he could get someone named Sunova after this, since she was still dry. "Not if I get her first." Grimm and Hazado began to speak of getting some barbeque. Kanari wasn't exactly starving for food, but she could eat. However, she was fairly hungry for some payback. She checked her inventory as she walked out of the water and onto the shore. Guess that bucket was going to come in handy after all. She'd used it to help someone with getting their water(for a little col, of course), but now she was going to use it for vengeance. She spotted a cooler with some ice, and she scooped some ice into the bucket, as a mischievous smirk was on her face. She then noticed Hazado was speaking with some players. A distraction. Perfect! She went straight towards the water, and filled the bucket the rest of the way. Now all she had to do was sneak up on Hazado when he wasn't looking. Hazado looked around him, trying to spot something, and Kanari froze in place for about a second or two. When he returned to his conversation, this was her chance. She came up to Hazado from behind and poured the ice water on him. No doubt, that was probably cold. She laughed and said, "How's that for payback, Hazado?" @Hazado Vigilon turned to watch the shenanigans in the water end. He returned to the conversation, hearing Sunova's compliment on Krysta's real name. "Yeah, it really is a beautiful name. I can't imagine any other name to be fitting enough for her. Sumi does sound like a nice nickname. Last time I checked, the name Alex apparently means 'Defender of The People'. Some people seem to give names they like the sound of, but to me, it's very interesting to uncover the meaning behind some names." Sunova then mentioned a friend of hers, and even pointed him out. Pretty soon, he noticed Kanari was walking up to him, a bucket of ice water in hand. "Oh boy, she's at it again...no doubt this could lead to more..." He had to at least say something. "Hey, Sunova, my mischievous friend is about to dump ice water on Hazado..." Oh boy, this probably wasn't going to end well... @Krysta @Sunova
  4. Sunova ran down after saying what she would do, followed by the fact that she hated bats. Vigilon turned back to the Rabid Cave Bats. "Come at me, chumps!" The Rabid Cave Bats did nothing. Despite their crazy, feral action-causing disease, it seemed they were waiting for Vigilon to strike first. "Well then, suit yourselves." He attacked using the Sword Art known as Tornado Kick, striking one of them hard enough to prevent it's attack via paralysis, and inflict bleed as well, bringing it's HP to red. He missed another bat by an inch, and as for the other two, not only did he miss, but he ended up slipping on some of the foam from the Rabid Cave Bats that had dropped to the ground, thus he ended up with his back on the cold cavern floor. The three Rabid Cave Bats Vigilon had missed all attempted to swoop down and strike, but while two missed, one crashed into the cave's wall. "Dang, this is embarrassing..." @Sunova ID# 103578 BD: 10(Critical, +2 Base DMG, inflicted paralysis and bleed), MD: 8-1=7(Hit) [Paralysis refrains Rabid Cave Bat 1 from taking action] ID# 103579 BD: 4+1-1=4(Miss), MD: 2-1=1(Miss) ID# 103580 BD: 1(Crit. Miss!!), MD: 1(Crit. Miss) ID# 103581 BD: 1(Crit. Miss!!, MD: 6-1=5(Miss) Tornado Kick(Critical)- 11x6-35=31 Bleed damage: Rabid Cave Bat 1 takes 12 DMG [3-0-0-0]Vigilon: HP 540/540, EN 56/64 | 9 DMG | 18 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 2 Recovery | 1 Paralyze | 1 Bleed | 1 Taunt Enemies: Rabid Cave Bat 1: HP 7/50, 15 DMG, 35 MIT, Inflicts poison on MD rolls of 9-10, Bleed: 1 turn, 12 DMG Rabid Cave Bat 2: HP 50/50, 15 DMG, 35 MIT, Inflicts poison on MD rolls of 9-10 Rabid Cave Bat 3: HP 50/50, 15 DMG, 35 MIT, Inflicts poison on MD rolls of 9-10 Rabid Cave Bat 4: HP 50/50, 15 DMG, 35 MIT, Inflicts poison on MD rolls of 9-10
  5. Vigilon

    The time has come

    I NEED TO STEP UP MY GAME Sorry for the all caps there, but, yeah. I'm currently level 27, and although I don't deal the most damage, I can at least do something. My maximum damage(without counting crits) is about 54 so far, but just a little SP can change that, of course. Anyway, sign me up!
  6. The cave was eerily quiet...too quiet. "I don't like the looks of this..." A cave bat suddenly flew past, jumping the two players. "Whoa!" Sunova apologized for getting jumped like that. "Oh don't worry, you're fine. It surprised me too." The quest item was faintly in sight, and Sunova said just what Vigilon was thinking. Vigilon looked behind him and saw four pairs of eyes sizing the players up. The eyes seemed to be glowing reddish. Not a good sign. He was about to let Sunova know about whatever was behind them when they suddenly took flight, and their cursors turned from yellow to red. "Sunova, look out!" He made sure that he was between the monsters and Sunova, so that if they tried to attack her, they would fail. They remained in flight, but stopped in front of Vigilon. They were fairly large cave bats, but something wasn't right. Their mouths were foaming. "Ugh, great, now we have rabid monsters..." He looked at Sunova. "Go, retrieve the item, I'll hold off these freaks!" @Sunova (OOC: Spawned mobs to keep Vigilon busy. As a result, it will be a fight separate from yours.) Stats and Equipment: Vigilon: HP 540/540, EN 64/64 | 9 DMG | 18 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 2 Recovery | 1 Paralyze | 1 Bleed | 1 Taunt Enemies: Rabid Cave Bat 1: HP 50/50, 15 DMG, 35 MIT, Inflicts poison on MD rolls of 9-10 Rabid Cave Bat 2: HP 50/50, 15 DMG, 35 MIT, Inflicts poison on MD rolls of 9-10 Rabid Cave Bat 3: HP 50/50, 15 DMG, 35 MIT, Inflicts poison on MD rolls of 9-10 Rabid Cave Bat 4: HP 50/50, 15 DMG, 35 MIT, Inflicts poison on MD rolls of 9-10
  7. Vigilon noticed a player and a sickly NPC speaking with one another, and the player pointed to Vigilon as he was coming. He walked over to the NPC, assuming he needed some help that might lead to the quest. "Something the matter?" The NPC would tell him about the state of the village, which was nothing pleasant. A disease that was crushing all hope but one solution, which came from a specific monster. This was a quest, all right. "I'd be glad to hunt down the nepents and retrieve the medicine you need." The NPC thanked Vigilon and returned to where he was before. He turned to the player. "So, seeing that I came to help someone with a quest, and you were here talking to the NPC who gave the quest, I'm guessing you're the one who is in need of assistance?" Veriost looked at the player curiously, tilting her head to the side. @Pick
  8. It was clear to Vigilon that Sunova loved the tale he had told her, due to her response. "Nice to know that you enjoyed listening to it." He said as a smile appeared on his face. He felt better about it, and he felt more confident in the relationship he had with Krysta. If others could see it happening, he had more reason to try and become closer to Krysta. Sunova began to look through her menu, and it wasn't long before the players reached the cave. He believed they had some time, so he would think about checking the area first, before entering the cave... "Could you give me a sec? I think I see something over there..." He walked over to the side, and lifted a stone at the wall of the cave that was in a shape that made Vigilon believe something may have been hidden under it. There was nothing there. "Figures." He walked back over to Sunova. "Okay then, since it's your quest, after you." He said as he gestured to the cave. ID# 103494 LD: 11+1=12(Failed to find a chest) @Sunova
  9. It had been some time since Vigilon had been to the first floor. He used to often come to the first floor to help out players just starting off. He walked towards the settlement, wondering if anyone needed help there. Veriost, his familiar, had been promised a sweet treat at the end of the day's shenanigans, so the fact that Vigilon was headed over to a settlement had the small white frost dragon anticipating a nice hot fudge sundae(She liked sweets, especially if they were cold ones). However, once Vigilon stopped to look at the bulletin board, Veriost glared at him as if to say, "You had me anticipating. I hate you." And in response to her expression, Vigilon would chuckle and say, "Patience, Veriost, you'll get that hot fudge sundae soon enough." He noticed that someone needed help for a quest, and he made his way to the area in the settlement that he would meet the player who needed assistance for the quest. @Pick
  10. The two players that got splashed had their separate reactions, which actually got Kanari to start laughing for a few seconds. One of them splashed water back at her, but it was no big deal. He had also splashed water at the other male when he resurfaced. Arabelle came over to the players, and she called the two guys weak for getting bullied by a girl. "Well, it was actually an accident..." Noticing that the two guys had been talking, and one of them might have temporarily impaired vision, she then whispered to Arabelle, "But maybe we could drag them both under when they least expect it." With that, and a smile on her face, she went under slowly, to make little noise. All she needed was the element of surprise... She slowly reached for one of the guys' legs, and when the timing was right, she would suddenly grab and yank one of them ( @Hazado ) under. When she would resurface, she couldn't help but crack up. "Hahahaha, ah, sorry, I couldn't resist. You did mention something about yanking someone under, right? Anyways, My username is Kanari_Kakaze, Kanari for short. If you want, you could even just call me by my real name, Amelia!" @Grimm @Arabelle "Well, I've been in a game of Volleyball myself once or twice, but it's been so long, I'm worried that I've forgotten some of the rules..." Vigilon and Krysta were approached by Sunova, who asked how Vigilon had been. "I've been doing well. How about you?" Sunova asked Krysta if she was Krysta. Due to the expected correct answer, there was a pretty good chance that Sunova would say something regarding how cute the two looked together, from what Vigilon could guess. He then looked to the water, and saw Kanari disappear under the water for a bit. "Oh boy, she's going to do it again... ...Aaaaaaaaand called it." He said as one of the male players was yanked into the water. "I remember when she did that to me. It's like a jumpscare, really. You know it's coming, you just don't know when." Having been one of the people Kanari had yanked underwater while at the beach one time, back in the real world, as well as his experience with Five Nights at Freddy's, he knew what it felt like. Of course, there was no telling how Kanari's newest victim would react. Krysta asked him what they should do now that they were here. "Well Jewel, we could continue our conversation with Sunova. I mean, I don't feel like going into the water just to get pulled under..." @Krysta @Sunova
  11. While the two he was trying to initiate conversation with were busy with their own chats, Vigilon received Krysta's reply. Nice to know she would be coming. He also received a message from Kanari_Kakaze, one of his friends from the real world. He would then reply with, Pretty soon, he'd receive this response, Vigilon then quickly sent one more message to make sure one thing was clear... Krysta then showed up, and asked Vigilon if there were any competitions he knew about that were in the event. "I'm not sure, but I think the volleyball net over there is somewhat of a hint to at least one of them." Shortly after he had said that, He noticed that Kanari_Kakaze had come sooner than Vigilon thought she would. She must have been close enough to town, and been prepared, to be here already. She was wearing a one piece swimsuit, lime green in color. She practically charged straight towards the ocean waves, yelling out, "Yeah!!! Beach Party!!!!" and followed by a forward dive into the waves, the impact causing water to splash on two guys' faces( @Hazado, @Grimm) in the process. When she surfaced, she then spotted the two. "Oh! Heh, sorry, I didn't see you two there!" @Krysta Kanari_Kakaze(Note, she is currently wearing a one piece swimsuit that is lime green in color):
  12. Checking one of the sixteenth floor's beaches to see if it was a good spot to spend time with Krysta, and probably watch the sunset was Vigilon's original intention for going to the floor in the first place. However, he had made the trip about a day ago, and he had one of the strangest dreams. He was stuck in a wall of sinking sand, while watching several swordfights happen one after the other. First, it was a metallic swordsman clad in silver apparel, facing another metallic figure, with a cloak the color of platinum, then the silver swordsman then faced another metallic figure with golden armor, a two handed spear, and metal wings. The scene shifted, and the silver swordsman then had the appearance of a dragon for some reason, and it took to the skies to intercept an unusually large griffin. Vigilon opened his eyes. He still felt the sand...wait, other than his eyes, was he completely covered in sand? He sat up suddenly, and shook himself off, realizing he'd fallen asleep in the sand. He looked in front of him, there were the waves. He looked to his left, then to his right. To his right, there was what seemed to be some sort of gathering in the making. He still had his beach apparel in his inventory, so what the heck, he was going to make the most of this...if he could. He pulled up his messenger, so he could send a message to someone who might be interested. After sending the message, he headed over to the settlement so he could find a place to change into his beach apparel real quick, and then he headed back over to the beach, and found two familiar faces( @Sunova @Froppy ). "Hey, nice to see you two again! This, uh, isn't a private gathering, is it? I kind of fell asleep in the sand and woke up to this..." Appearance:
  13. Vigilon continued his story. "When I arrived, I found the girl who had left the note sooner than I thought. It was a masquerade ball, so she had a mask on. I will admit, I was impressed with her courage to remove the mask for a few seconds, revealing to me who she was. We danced, we enjoyed ourselves, and right now, we're trying to find a good time to schedule a date. We've been quite busy with several things, but we're always trying to make time for each other. We're currently looking at scheduling it about...three days from now?" The cave was now in sight, but Vigilon had enough time to speak a little more about Krysta. "Her username is Krysta, she has blonde hair and blue eyes, and she is 5'4". She is an amazing singer with a beautiful voice, and she is a sweet, kindhearted soul who is determined, and very justified, too." He hoped he wasn't going overboard with the description. He did love Krysta, after all. @Sunova
  14. Hey, I'm sorry to all I owe posts to, as I'm currently trying to get over Writer's Block... I'll try to post like crazy once I get it off my back, and I hope to keep RPing with you all without this issue in the future!

  15. The pink haired player began to hear the other players speak. She first spoke to Kanari. "Technically, I am a hunter of sorts. In my Guild, I am a High Guardian. I not only protect and train all members, including the other Guardians, but my position has me work directly for my Leader, The Golden Dragon; Lady Auranika. I care nothing about your threat. Fighting me would only be more trouble than worth." She looked over to Krysta, who questioned her trustworthiness, and insisted on going. "I swear my loyalty to family. Always. The Angelic Brigade, being a makeshift family, as a result, has my word. I won't allow you to get involved in conflicts that don't concern you." Akudo decided to speak up. "Hey now, there's no need to be like that, miss. Vig and I don't have to be your only companions on this!" A woman came up to the pink haired player, inquiring as to why she wouldn't let the others come. "This conflict is not their concern. This is Auranika's peril; this is my mission." She held up a dagger to the woman's neck, a false threat, hoping to be intimidating enough to get the woman to stop. "So don't interfere with me." Vigilon tried to come between the two. "Whoa whoa whoa WHOOOOAAAAAA!!!! This isn't the time to start a fight, this isn't the time for false threats, this-" The pink haired player shoved him aside, walked back over to the door, and gestured for Vigilon and Akudo to come. "Both of you, with me. Now. I don't want to waste anymore time with fools." @Krysta