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  1. Benjamin reassured Dazia that everything was going to be fine. Vigilon was going to ask once again if he should go out there and make sure Yinangi was okay, but then the bushes started rustling. Yinangi came out, speaking of a shortcut. Vigilon let out a sigh of relief. It was good to know that she was fine, and that she was able to get back safely. Dazia mildly chided Yinangi, saying that she shouldn't scare the players like that again. Turns out, yinangi had merely forgotten her amulet back at the inn. What exactly were they doing while it was daytime? Vigilon could easily guess they were taking a break and resting, otherwise Yinangi would have realized she left her item earlier...right? "Whew, well, glad to know everyone's OK." Dazia decided that the party would carry on, meaning the break in this search was clearly over. "Well then, lead the way." @Benjamin Bookworm @Dazia
  2. "Well, outside of duels, it's impossible to take damage in a safe zone, so I'm fine." The girl said she was alright, and thanked Vigilon for getting her out of that situation. "You're welcome." The girl then...bowed? He had been thanked by players and NPCs here and there, but something like this had never happened before. Thus he stood there completely confused. The girl introduced herself as Sunova. "Nice to meet you, Sunova. I'm Vigilon." Sunova apologized for being in this situation, saying this was the second time the male players had tried this. "A persistent bunch of nutheads, eh? Sheesh, even in games of all kinds, some people still can't learn to take a hint these days." Sunova explained that she was heading off to do a quest before the male players showed up, and she asked if he could help. "I'd be glad to help. I don't mind playing bodyguard to keep players like them from innocent people." He looked to his left, seeing that one of the players he'd knocked down was poking his head out from behind the wall of a building, watching to see if Vigilon would leave. "I see you there." The player hid behind the wall once he noticed he got caught watching. @Sunova
  3. Vigilon's reason for coming here had not been what most would think. To him, this was a ridiculous reason to be at a sweet shop, and thus he had gotten something for himself so that the trip would appear to make sense. In truth, his familiar, Veriost, had dragged him over, obviously wanted some sweets, as per usual. Why? Well, the frost dragon had a thing for sweets, and it was agreed during the previous shenanigan that Vigilon would get something for her. The small white frost dragon was done with the banana split in no time flat. "Yeesh, slow down, would you, Veriost? You'll get a brain freeze if you eat it that fast!" Veriost stared at him. "Right, frost dragon. Seemingly immune to brain freezes..." "Like that would even be possible..." He thought to himself. When he finally upped and left, Veriost landed on his shoulder, and promptly fell asleep...as usual. Would she never change? Vigilon heard a commotion as he was walking through the town. "Now, what could this be?" He drew near towards the scene, trying to maneuver through the crowds of people/NPCs, but things got serious when he heard a girl cry out for help. He then pushed through to see a girl with white hair surrounded by five male players. "Great. One of these situations." He sighed, and came closer to the scene, calling out, "Hey! Why don't you leave the girl alone and let her have her personal space?" Then he crackled his knuckles, and glared at the male players with his intense red eyes as he said, "If you don't, I'll make you." When they were unwilling to listen, it was time for Vigilon to take action. The girl didn't deserve this, to be surrounded by people like them. He nudged Veriost awake, and she realized the situation. "Alright then, so be it." Veriost took flight, and Vigilon rushed for the first boy, grabbing his arm and pulling him away forcefully enough for the boy to fall on the ground. He knocked the second boy down with a sweeping kick at his legs, and he grabbed the third boy and slammed him into the fourth boy, knocking them both down. He grabbed the fifth boy by the shirt and lifted him an inch off the ground. He glared at the boy fiercely. "Unless you want worse, I'd run if I were you." Vigilon then dropped the boy, letting him fall to the ground before he fled with his friends. Vigilon sighed as they ran off. Veriost landed back on his shoulder, giving him a look. "What? You could have done something at any time." Veriost made an expression that he could roughly get "You didn't give me a chance." from. He turned to the girl. "Are you all right?" @Sunova
  4. "A small cavern, you say? Hmm..." He checked his inventory. "If it's a cave, there's gotta be ores, I somehow remember getting a pickaxe earlier...huh. well no wonder I ended up paying extra. I've got two! ...Maybe I could lend you my extra? See if you could free some gems from the cavern's walls?" Hey, if it could be done, it could be done. The best part? Crystalline skylights that kept the cavern lit during the day. That would be really useful for being able to find things in there. Stryder came and asked what was with the grouping. "Oh. Hey Stryder. It's been a while since I last saw you." Veriost, as usual, was asleep on Vigilon's shoulder. Vigilon nudged the small white frost dragon awake. She yawned, the blasted Vigilon with her frost breath. "Agh!! Cold, cold, cold!!! ...Really, Veriost? Really? Wha- Don't you go trying to fall back asleep! A- Are you smirking??" The better question was, could frost dragons smirk? @Stryder
  5. Krysta asked Kanari what her username was. "I guess I'll just introduce myself with my username, along with a little extra! I am Kanari Kakaze, Freedom Typhoon!" Vigilon looked over to her. "Did you make that up, or is that an actual title?" "It was merely me being myself that got me that title. You know, following my moral compass, being exempt not by others, but by my own choice, whether they like it or not... I'm more of an exempt person, but 'Freedom' had a better ring to it, so..." "Huh...well all right, then." Krysta then asked Vigilon about what was going on. "Well, I guess it's high time I told you both. I'm...finding myself. The question is what are all the exact details of what I'm going to do in this game, what I am exactly, and a riddle given to me by...myself...the only way it could remotely make sense is if those hearing have been to the Waterfall of the Sage, and completed the quest that may occur. that riddle was, 'Go find the Dragon'." @Krysta
  6. Vigilon

    what anime did your charecter come from

    Well, @silver crow, I can make an educated guess that you're going to see a LOT of players that are original characters, but with faceclaims that came from a show/game/etc. For example, I designed the character Vigilon from scratch, but his faceclaim is Shu Ouma from Guilty Crown(Although I had never heard of that until I asked about my faceclaim's identity). If faceclaims would count in terms of your question, you might want to check out the faceclaim thread in this subforum.
  7. After the unfinished business in the sixth floor was taken care of, Vigilon, Krysta, and Vigilon's real world friend, Amelia(known in the game as Kanari_Kakaze) headed over to the eleventh floor, and entered one of the floor's restaurants to discuss what they were going to do next. The day was still young, after all. There was still time to do something else. "Who knew that Wyvern Fangs could pass for Dragon Fangs? Well, in some cases, that is, from what Scilla told me." The potion had finally been made, and he was told that it could cause certain things to be clearer, depending on the situation. Vigilon guessed that it would apply to things like being in his mind while resting at the Waterfall of the sage, or even make it possible for these weird dreams he's had to make sense. Either way, he wouldn't be drinking the potion until later. Much later. "Maybe, these weird dreams I've been having could finally make sense...then again, when have my dreams ever made sense?" Kanari_Kakaze shrugged. "Beats me." @Krysta
  8. It took some time to return to Nimbus, but they eventually reached the safe zone. Krysta managed to find the lute's owner, who told her the story of his own experience with the Wyvern. It had the same beginning. Music. "So, it tried to kidnap you? But that would mean... If I wasn't there, it would have kidnapped Jewel..." And what a ridiculous reason for it, too. What was also ridiculous was the toxic temper tantrums it had whenever music was out of it's reach. Man, Wyverns really were idiots. He looked at Veriost, and the small white frost dragon's expression could be read as, "What did I tell you? They're numbskulls." Krysta asked Vigilon where they would be going next. "Well, I have two things to deliver, but we can see if anything else is around once that's taken care of." Vigilon began to walk towards the teleport gate, and then he heard a familiar voice. "Alex!? Is that you??" Vigilon turned to see someone he'd never believe he'd find in this game, someone he knew from the real world. "...Amelia?" Amelia(Also known by the username Kanari_Kakaze): Summary: Vigilon receives 1 SP, 1075 Col, 2 T1 Mats, and 1 <<Unidentified Uncommon Consumable>> @Krysta receives 1 SP, 1075 Col, 2 T1 Mats, and <<Unidentified Uncommon Consumable>>
  9. Krysta accepted the col, and the two players would continue heading up the mountain. Krysta found a cave that must have been where the Wyvern lived. Inside, she had found a Bard's instrument, and a chest. The Lute probably had some answers, but the chest would either have loot, or be another troublesome pest. When Vigilon reached the chest, it turned out to be smaller than he thought it was. He opened it, and although the loot was minor, he was glad it wasn't a mimic. There were two materials and two Uncommon consumables. "Maybe we could split it all? That would mean...175 col for each of us, and then one material and consumable for each of us as well." Once the loot was split, Vigilon said, "Maybe we should head back to Nimbus now. We should take the Lute with us, too. 'Cause someone could be looking for that." ID# 101691 LD: 7(350 Col, 2 T1 Mats, and 2 <<Unidentified Uncommon Consumables>>) -Given 175 col, 1 T1 Mat, and 1 <<Unidentified Uncommon Consumable>> to @Krysta
  10. The Wyvern snapped it's maw on Vigilon's arm, dealing a bit of damage. "Eh, I should have seen that coming." Krysta decided to go with the "One way to find out" tactic of trying to understand the Wyvern's gesture. So it actually was asking her to sing? Completely unbelievable, and yet, here he was. "Whaaaaat?" Krysta asked aloud about why it only wanted her to sing, and why was it rampaging before. "Well, it looks like it came from the mountain we were hiking to the top of, so maybe we might find some answers up there near or at the summit." Vigilon looked straight ahead, and saw the loot menu. Aside from one other material and a fair sum of col, there was an item that Vigilon hoped could pass for what he needed. A Wyvern Fang. No, scratch that, there were two. One for the potion, one for that favor for having fallen asleep on that NPC's rock again. Vigilon took 700 col out, holding a pouch containing that sum in his hand. "Want half of the col?" @Krysta ID# 101668 CD: 9, LD: 6+1=7(Looted 1400 Col and 1 T1 Mat) -Offered to give 700 col to Krysta
  11. The status ailment would finish it off. It was only a matter of time now. "I guess we can just wait it out." Even if the Wyvern attacked, it wouldn't deal enough damage to be a real problem. The Wyvern, as soon as the paralysis wore off, gestured something towards Krysta. So they could gesture things. Go figure. However, the reason it gestured was unknown, and, frankly, this confused him. "...Veriost? What can you make of this?" The small white frost dragon simply looked at Vigilon as if to say, "Why don't you figure it out?" Vigilon sighed. He saw that the wyvern had brought one of it's wings to it's maw, folded, and it unfolded that wing as it moved it towards the air as it's maw opened. What gestures were close to that? He looked through his memories, searching for a gesture close to that, while moving slowly towards the helpless foe. He had actually watched a movie once, where someone had brought his hand to his mouth, and opened it up as he moved it away. This gesture had meant... Sure, it appeared once Krysta had...but it couldn't possibly be... "No way, that can't be right...It's probably upset that it can't use a breath attack or something. There is no way that it's asking you to sing." @Krysta [Vigilon takes no action] [8] Vigilon: HP 520/520, EN 46/62 | 9 Base DMG | 28 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 2 Recovery | 1 Taunt | 1 Paralyze | 1 Bleed [5] Krysta: HP 360/360, EN 19/36 | 7 Base DMG | 18 MIT Enemies: Wyvern: HP 11/350, 78 DMG, Poisons target on MD rolls of 9-10 Bleed: 1 turn, 12 DMG
  12. All three players were headed back to the safe zone now. "I doubt I'll be able to keep my composure if this continues. May I suggest that we change the subject?" "Well, sure. You keep asking me to join you, I keep telling you no. you say that you're better than me, but I'm already growing stronger and stronger...so, how about we see who can be stronger and more valued?" Auranika seemed to take mild interest. "Hm, I can see where that's going. So you would like us to be rivals in terms of how strong we are, as well as our general progress towards our goals?" "...Well, actually, yes." Renixx scoffed like this would be child's play. "We already know who will prevail." "I couldn't agree more. This will be all too easy." Vigilon kept his eye out for anything else as they walked back to the safe zone. Absolutely nothing. "We'll see about that soon enough. Silver or Gold... We'll see the answer eventually..." ID# 101607 LD: 8+1=9(Failed to find a chest) Summary: Vigilon receives 1 SP, 400 Col, and 1 T2 Mat
  13. "Amelia claims that you made the system into something like this: 'those who are popular are given power, but this power is not used to bully others. Instead, it is used to grant yourself benefits, and the attention and adoration of all around you.' She also claimed that 'the top three most popular have power over the others that are popular, but not over each other, for they are considered equals, despite that the one on the very top is assured to stay there, no matter what happens, and is the head of the system.' And who was at the top of that system again? You. This is only what she told me. I half agree with it." Auranika seemed really upset over this. "She made an assumption, and she even had the audacity to call me corrupt!" "She merely thinks that you're selfish, even though time and time again, all that you wanted was to be known of, cared about, and respected by as many as possible. Everyone has that moment of exaggeration, April. There's no need to react like that, you know."
  14. "From what I'm hearing, you believe she is merely a free spirit, and Lady April says that she is an unruly scourge. She sounds like quite the troublemaker to me." Vigilon looked at Renixx. "Well, there's a major difference in our points of view, seeing that Amelia is a friend of mine, and to April, she is an enemy. To be honest, I'm not surprised that your opinion sides with April's. You have chosen to be in a Guild lead by her, so it would make sense that you would trust her judgement." Auranika responded with, "She is a scourge. She is disruptive, to both order and society." Vigilon sighed. At this rate there would be no end to the conflict these two happen to have. Vigilon looked around to see if there was anything around, simply because he had the chance to look for materials since he was still outside the safe zone. It seemed that this general area seemed to be empty. ID# 101605 LD: 9+1=10(Failed)
  15. "Do remember that time, when she smuggled water balloons into the school, just so she could throw them at my face?" Vigilon remembered that surprise attack Amelia had pulled. Heck, he'd witnessed it. She was hiding around the corner, with a container holding freshly filled water balloons at her feet. She poked her head out looking for Auranika, and once she was spotted, she grabbed two of the water balloons, and Vigilon decided to stay and see what happens. Amelia's surprise attack had worked, and my, was there a chaotic mess, with Auranika shouting at Amelia while she laughed, the innocents having the occasional slip from the water that came from the balloons that had missed, as well as the incident's closing where all the students fled once the school staff showed up. "Yeah. You could have seen it coming, but you didn't." "It had to be on picture day, too."