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  1. Vigilon continued his pace as he ran, hoping to be "out of range" in terms of being found by Venorim. When he had to slow down and take a breather, he decided to take a look around. Just his luck. Nothing. Just an empty corridor of the maze. Vigilon sighed, and continued along the maze, hoping to come across the pendant soon. Meanwhile, XOXXie's explanation was broken down into the details, and it happened to, intentionally or not, come close to a Star Wars quote. "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering". It caught XOXXie off guard. She never expected Krysta to somehow dig into her past like that, but it was actually quite accurate. XOXXie did struggle with loneliness, and it did worsen to where it was now. "Y-you know nothing about me! It was sheer luck and coincidence that you were able to figure out that horrible shard of my past! Now fall in battle!" She attacked using the Sword Art known as Gen Getsu, and would put herself back in the lead as a result. @Krysta ID# 100201 LD: 5+1=6(Failed) Krysta's Fight:
  2. [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Vigilon chuckled when Krysta suspected that some of Veriost's behavior was similar to a cat's. It made sense, though. Veriost liked having attention, sleeping, getting foods she liked or loved, and more sleeping. Plus, this moment of bell shenanigans really put the icing on the cake for that hypothesis. "I can see that being true, after all, I'm the one who's been taking care of her and putting up with her shenanigans. Obviously there's some dragon in her behavior pattern, since that's what she is." Vigilon looked around. It seemed that Arabelle, Krysta, and even Yinangi were awestruck by Auranika's entrance. Arabelle had left to talk to someone else, but there were still several players he was speaking to earlier. Krysta asked Vigilon if he was alright, which must have been over the sudden subject change. "Well, no, it's nothing wrong, I mean, this is a party! What could happen?" Auranika saw a girl who was probably no older than twelve in appearance run up to her, commenting on her display and appearance, as well as making sure she'd gotten the name right. "Thank you for those lovely compliments, Yinangi. Yes, I am Auranika. I also am known by other names. The Golden Dragon, The Angelic Warrior, Lady April. Feel free to take your pick from all the given names to know me by." She had been hoping to socialize, and so far she was talking to one person. That was fine, but she would have to leave the conversation at some point, but not without talking for a bit and finishing the conversation. Auranika looked over to Renixx, who was still near her. She hoped he would socialize as well, but... "It's all right, Renixx, you know you don't have to escort me everywhere in Aincrad. Enjoy the party, socialize." "I-...I swore on my own accord to follow you and your leadership, Lady April." Auranika sighed. Renixx didn't seem to focus on much other than trying to remain as the best in his position, one of the Guardians of her Guild, and of course, speak with her often. Sometimes she felt like he was idolizing her. "Renixx, you know you'll need to make more friends an allies, other than myself. Dismissed. Enjoy the party. We'll meet back up when we leave." "I-...As you wish, Lady April..." Auranika turned back to Yinangi. "Please excuse my ally, he tends to...try staying by my side as much as possible. Is there anything you'd like to speak about?" @Dazia @Krysta
  3. "This...you won't be so lucky next time we duel...and I WILL find that pendant!" Vigilon smirked. "Earlier, I was about to raise the stakes a bit, but I forgot to ask you about it 'cause of the duel." "And your conditions were?" "Winner gets a head start! Bye!" And Vigilon sped off, leaving his defeated opponent in the dust. "Wha- HEY! COME BACK HERE!!!" Vigilon chuckled as he was back on track to seek out the pendant. Meanwhile, XOXXie's attack was met with a retaliation. Krysta had now basically demanded that XOXXie answer her. "You want to know so badly? The pendant is a real treasure indeed, from what I've heard... Getting my hands on this treasure just might make things far better for me, as well as please my Guild leader with my success! Ah, I can almost imagine it! Wearing that mystical pendant, such a beautiful treasure, the men will take notice of me, and I'll never be alone again! Ah, but to accomplish that, I must deal with you first!" She attempted to attack after that, but she missed by an inch. (OOC: I've decided to use a different roll sentence if Vigilon isn't involved in any of the rolls, so instead of "Let's roll, shall we!?" it'll be "The Enemy is on a roll!". But only if Vigilon isn't involved in the roll.) @Krysta Krysta's Fight:
  4. [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Arabelle said that she was never bringing her familiar to an event again. "Hey, it's not your fault. It's mine since I didn't do anything about Veriost flying upward other than tell her not to. Maybe I should just lightly grab her next time..." Arabelle asked him how he was doing, and supposing he had a lot of action going on lately. "Well, the most recent shenanigans I remember are...I helped Krysta get through a maze within the Forest of Wavering Mists to find a Pendant. During that trip, we had a run-in with some players after the same thing. There was a duel or two, but we eventually managed to get out with the pendant. I had an encounter with someone I knew from the real world. My frenemy, April Darren. I can't believe she's already at tier two...we...kind of started a rivalry. Other than that, I haven't been in many shenanigans other than the typical training, and helping players." He noticed that Krysta had tied a bell to Veriost's tail, and smirked. Veriost heard a ringing sound, and her eyes widened. She turned her head to the right, as her tail moved to the left, causing another ring, and then vice versa. She suddenly took flight and flew all over the place, moving her tail constantly in hopes that it would help to get the bell off, but all it did was draw attention. Veroist struggled in the air for a bit, then she landed on the floor, rolled over so her back and wings were against the floor, and she moved her tail up in the air and towards her maw as she tried using her arms and maw to try and get the bell off. "Grarrnnnnrrnnrnrrnn!!!!" Vigilon was trying so hard not to laugh right now, but failing at it. Veriost managed to pull the bell of her tail using her maw, and then she threw it to the floor and let out a blast of frost breath at it. Then she flew over to Vigilon and dove under Vigilon's cape on his shoulder, poking her head out, looking embarrassed over the scene she'd caused trying to get the bell off. When Tsu waved at him and Krysta, he waved back with a smile. While Vigilon was still speaking with Arabelle something was going on outside. Back at the bulletin board, a player had noticed the invite. "A party, hm? All this training is starting to take it's toll, so a chance to relax would be best... Renixx, are you with me on this?" "Absolutely." "Then we should head over to the local tailor shop and head over with all due haste. Come, Arulux." Shortly after that, they would seek out and find the manor where the event was taking place. The player was dressed in an exquisite golden dress, and her ally Renixx was wearing an azure blue suit. "You do want them to take notice of you, correct?" "Well...I guess it wouldn't hurt. Arulux, Grand Entrance." The familiar nodded his head. When the doors to the ballroom opened, the golden dragon that was the size of a large dog took flight, cloaked himself in his golden yellow flames, and let out a majestic roar. Renixx would then announce his ally's arrival as she walked in. "May I present to you, Lady Auranika, Leader of the Angelic Brigade!" Arulux's flames diminished, he landed by Auranika's side, and remained near her. Vigilon noticed Arulux's display. "That's Arulux, April's familiar...but that would mean..." Vigilon looked to Arabelle and Krysta, then he pointed to the girl wearing the gold dress who had just walked in as he said, "See her? That's April. Auranika is just her username." He turned to Nova, and said, "So...yeah...you said something about a tour of the manor, right? I'm interested." Vigilon wasn't necessarily concerned at the least about Auranika, but that didn't change the fact that he was trying to move on and change the subject. @Krysta @Arabelle @Novafire
  5. (OOC: Freaking....please tell me that the duel between Krysta and XOXXie isn't going to actually take 30 posts to do...) It wouldn't be long before this darn duel would be over. Just one good hit should do it. Vigilon rushed for his opponent with all due haste. He called out to Veriost, "Ice Blade!" and the small white frost dragon would coat the sword in a sharp layer of ice. He attacked Venorim using the Sword Art known as Vertical Arc. The fight was almost over. Venorim then retaliated using the Sword Art Gen Getsu. However, after his attack, the bleed status ailment that Vigilon had previously afflicted on him dropped his HP to the yellow. A notification appeared between the two players, declaring Vigilon's victory. "...What? No, i-impossible! Just...just what level are you?" "Twenty one." Meanwhile, XOXXie's words were taken with hostility. "Oh will you now? Time will tell, eventually. It's time we kick things up a notch if that's the case." When Krysta broke the lock, XOXXie managed to jump out of the way, and attack using the Sword Art known as Gen Getsu. XOXXie had managed to deal the first blow in the duel, and so the actual fight had begun... (OOC: Don't miss, @Krysta, don't miss!!) Vigilon's Fight: Krysta's Fight:
  6. [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Krysta thanked Vigilon for the compliment, and made her comment on Vigilon's attire. "Thanks, Jewel. Heh, lordly, eh? Hmm... "Lord Silver"... Ha, it has a nice ring to it, since it fits with the apparel at the moment, in my opinion. If this ends up sticking for any further formal events, would you be alright if I called you "Lady Verity"? ha ha..." Nova came up to the two players, greeted them, and asked if it was true that they were now a couple. Krysta said it was true, and wrapped her arms around Vigilon as she kissed him on the cheek, causing his cheeks to redden slightly. "Yeah, we're together." He then noticed another familiar face. As Veriost would crawl out from under the shoulder of his attire's cape and climb up to Vigilon's head to look at her friend Yolviinsil, Vigilon remembered that the small white frost dragon was asleep earlier. "Ah, there you are, ya little stinker. Come on, you, we've got a lot of players to talk to...I think." When he was going to speak to the familiar face he'd noticed, the purple haired player Arabelle, he suddenly heard an abrupt, loud squawk, and a crow that was on her shoulder, probably a familiar, had taken flight and landed on the chandelier. Veriost spread her wings. "Hey now, don't you think about-" And the small white frost dragon would fly up to the chandelier in hopes of trying to see what the heck was going on with the bird. When Veriost reached the chandelier, she would softly growl as she stared at the crow. "Hey! Veriost! Get back down here! ....Veriost... Umm... Ah, that's right, it was that! Veriost! Warm up!" Usually, to calm something down, one would say something like "Calm down!", "Cool off!", or "Chill out!". Due to the fact that Veriost was a frost dragon, Vigilon decided to use a different term for her, simply because he could. Veriost looked down towards Vigilon, she looked towards the crow. Her expression could be interpreted as, "We'll settle this dispute later.". She flew down and landed on Vigilon's shoulder. "Grrrrrrmmmmmrrm...." "Easy now, Veriost, I'm not interested in getting my face blasted with winter air." Vigilon said as he held her maw closed with his hand. After half a minute, he looked back to Arabelle. "So, Arabelle, how have you been lately? I haven't seen you in a bit, and-" "Fo...Krah Diin!!!" "AGH!!! Cold, cold, cold!!!! Ohhh that's cold...right on the face, too..." Just one of those times where his familiar's shenanigans couldn't be stopped... @Novafire @Krysta @Arabelle
  7. [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Vigilon was sitting on a bench, bored and still very much awake. He couldn't exactly say the same for his familiar, Veriost, who was sound asleep on his shoulder. He soon heard a familiar, enchanting voice pass by him. "'Promise me, when you see, a white rose you'll think of me. I love you so, never let go, I will be your ghost of a rose...'" Only one voice he knew could sing like that. "...Jewel?" He got up, and headed towards the voice. However, he lost hearing of that beautiful voice. Krysta either was now too far away to be heard, or had stopped singing. Either way, he was then unable to find her. He walked over to the bulletin board. "*sigh*, Well, let's see what players are up to tonight." He then saw an invitation that read thus: "Huh. So Nova's planning a party? Sounds good, it would be nice to have another chance to relax from all the stress from training. Heh, it's a good thing I picked up some regal-ish, cool apparel from Taft." He found a place where he could change into the apparel, and unequip his battle gear. Once he arrived, he was a little shocked. "Whoa...a place so regal, here in the Town of Beginnings...If I didn't know any better, I'd swear I was in Taft or something..." He began looking for the hostess, Nova, when he managed to spot Krysta among the guests. He walked over to her. "Jewel...you look beautiful, amazing, really..." @Krysta @Novafire Vigilon's apparel:
  8. Vigilon knew he would lose, but if he was going to lose, he'd do it while having done some damage. He managed to get himself out of the Vigilon-shaped hole and attack Auranika with the Sword Art known as Delayed Sword. Auranika did nothing but sigh at his attempt. Sure, he'd managed to hit her, but...did her HP even change?? He also felt a tingle in his hands. When he looked at his HP and saw that it had dropped to yellow he realized what happened. "Thorns." "...Crap..." The duel result appeared between the two players, declaring Auranika's victory. "You...are completely hopeless. That is, if you keep going at this current rate. Do you really want a Guild? Then maybe you should learn from your betters first." Vigilon shook his head. "My answer is still no. Heh, my betters, you say? Ha! Maybe we'll see about that one day, when I grow in level and drop this skill." (Vigilon)ID# 99763 BD: 7+1-2=6(Hit) Delayed Sword- 8x4-48=1 Thorns damage: Vigilon takes 18 DMG [Duel Ended!] Vigilon: HP: 206/440, EP 45/49 (234/220 HP Depleted) DEFEAT Opponent: Auranika: HP 540/540, EP 37/54 (0/270 HP Depleted) VICTORY
  9. Well, looks like Vigilon would just have to keep going. Either way, he was currently winning. He would ready his sword to attack again. He really wanted to get this over with now, since the longer they fought, he believed that the other player would be closer to closing in on the pendant. He struck Venorim with the Sword Art known as Vertical Arc, dealing a good amount of damage, and refreshing bleed. He was almost down now. Venorim managed to retaliate with the Gen Getsu Sword Art, but if things continued going in this direction, it wouldn't matter... "Heh, just one or two more well placed attacks should have you done in!" "Nrrgh...We'll see about that..." Meanwhile, XOXXie and Krysta were now in a really heated fight. Krysta's response was reactive and strong, full of emotion. When XOXXie was able to see the fires begin to burn within Krysta's eyes, she chuckled. "Well now, seems like you've got a fire burning! Why don't I just do you a favor...AND SNUFF IT OUT!!" She attempted to attack as well, but it only returned to yet another lock. @Krysta Vigilon's Fight: Krysta's Fight:
  10. "Heh, when it comes to things like this, we're just left to guess. Then again, since pain would be troublesome in this game, we shouldn't be worrying about it for now." Vigilon didn't know what else to say. He was also still worried about Yinangi. "Do you think I should try going back to town in hopes of finding Yinangi? I just want to make sure she's safe..." He couldn't stand the thought of another innocent child being murdered, by monster or player. He wondered, what was it that Yinangi forgot? Was it a lucky charm, an item, a consumable, or a piece of equipment? Whatever it was, he hoped that it would be retrieved quickly, an that Yinangi would return safely. Ultimately, it would be Dazia's decision, from what he guessed. Veriost hadn't heard the minor commotion, and was still asleep, that is, until the next interesting thing would happen. @Benjamin Bookworm @Lee @Dazia
  11. [OP-F1] Illegal Guild Recruiting

    One of the players removed her disguise, revealing herself to be Hestia. "I'm fine...I've gotten more than I bargained for, I'll tell you that..." He said as the illusion wore off, revealing his original appearance in front of everyone. "Yeah, it's me...surprise..." Sharr was surprised that Vigilon was here. "I came for intel on rumors of a suspicious Guild. Yes I'm a hero type, so then in that case, you must know why I wanted information in the first place. Under these circumstances, I'd possibly ask you why you'd ever think about joining these guys, but I guess that'll be for another day." Outlander got on top of a table, and made a miserable excuse. "Nice try, pal, but that's no excuse. What do you think I am? Stupid?" The next few moments were a blur, and it wasn't long before several players either left or fled. There were things he'd need to accomplish, but he couldn't stay here! "Before I leave, I'll give you a bit of a warning. I'll be checking the monument more often, and if I see that you've killed someone illegally...well, I'm sure you could guess the rest." He then bolted for the door, managing to get out of a tavern he'd never return to for ages at least. He ran over to the teleport gate. "Teleport: Nimbus!" The illusion has worn off! [Vigilon gets the heck out]
  12. [OP-F1] Illegal Guild Recruiting

    Oh, his plan worked...for about five seconds. Someone came by, and as he spoke some words that definitely proved some good points, Vigilon was trying to think of what he would say in this situation. When a man in silver armor barged in, Vigilon turned slowly, and he knew that if the man had came for what Vigilon thought he was, he'd be in for it. "Crap..." Running would do hm no good, defending himself would do no good, heck, attacking certainly would do him no good. He was helpless. "Well, whoever you were, you could say THAT again. My chance of intel is now gone as well." He kept all his thoughts within his mind, not speaking a single word aloud. Clearly, he wouldn't be using all his illusion potions, and would have more to act as "Dranin" for an entirely different situation involving shadowing and disguise. The armor clad man grabbed Vigilon and Outlander, and threw them into the wall. There wouldn't be any chance to get out of his situation now. He felt the tingle in a very strong way. Vigilon guessed that if there was no pain dampener, he wouldn't be able to feel anything for three days, and then he'd be aching for about a week. Guess that's where the phrase "Knocked into next week" came from. "Agggggggaaaahhhhhhhh......" The armor clad man then said that it was time to surrender. Under his breath, Vigilon muttered, in his normal voice, "Guess I picked the wrong day to shadow and gather intel..." There just had to be a moment for him to find a way out of this mess, but this clearly wasn't the time for disguising his voice anymore, as it would do him no good. "...At least I can be content with some confirmed identities..." He continued to mutter under his breath. He continued to look around, and see if he could see anything else to know before he had an opportunity to flee, which, regarding his current situation, would probably take a while at the very least. He could only hope this would end well for him, with little "Injury", and a good enough amount of intel he might need in the future.
  13. Vigilon was making sure the forge was still in working order. Even though he had too few materials, it wouldn't hurt to have some maintenance. Someone entered through the door, and he saw someone looking at two of the items he'd crafted. Bruniikahrel's Resilience, and Darukai. Both pretty good choices. He came up to the counter and asked for the items as he motioned to them. "Yup, that's only 1400 col. It's nice to know that some of my best work can be put to good use." Veriost woke up, yawned, and then she noticed the player. She jumped onto Vigilon's arm, and climbed up to his shoulder. Vigilon chuckled and petted the small white frost dragon. @Reinholt
  14. [OP-F1] Illegal Guild Recruiting

    Information. That was his task for the night. After hearing rumors, he stopped by the local alchemist so that he'd have something to keep his identity hidden for this secret mission he'd set himself to do. He'd also asked that the potion bottles be flasks, to keep the knowledge of them being potions hidden as well. "Thanks. This should keep me from trouble, at least for a while. Such a shame these can't last for very long, though..." At least he had plenty of them. He managed to find and get his hands on a black cloak, a black scarf, and some vanity gear to serve as his apparel during the task. Black handwraps, black iron pauldrons, dark-looking, black apparel, now all he needed was to reach his destination, and enter the building disguised. He found a place where he could equip his "Shady" apparel in place of everything else. Once he'd done that, he took out the first flask of potion, and drained it down, altering his appearance. He covered his mouth with the scarf, put on the black cloak, and was off to the tavern. Once he got there, he found the bartender, and spoke in a deep tone that actually sounded authentic, "Have you heard of the Night Raven?" Upon the Bartender giving him the directions to his goal's destination, he smiled under his scarf. "Heh heh heh, I'm so clever..." He found a group mostly consisting of shady looking players. He recognized one of them, and there also seemed to be a child there, too. Of course, what got him the most, though he was able to keep his thoughts deep within him, was the other player he'd recognized. Outlander. "I better not screw this up... So this is Outlander's new group. I'll 'see what they have to offer', then take my leave to 'consider'....They'll never know what hit them." He looked at each one of them, his face and expression "in the act", meaning it looked cold and cruel. "So I take it that this is what the rumor is about? Consider me mildly interested. What is it that you all have to offer?" And his plan was in action. - Illusion potion Vigilon's appearance is altered. Vigilon's disguise: Gear list:
  15. "You know what's wrong with Aincrad these days? Everyone is obsessed with death!"

    I know that was a hyperbole just now, but who else feels this way?

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