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  1. Vigilon

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Oh boy, The one thing Vigilon was not ready for at all... He would find himself getting plenty of angry shouting, as well as some potentially problematic reactions from the players in the vicinity. They happened so fast that he didn't know how to respond, other than keep Veriost's maw shut tight with his hand, of course. The small white frost dragon growled at Vigilon as he held it closed, and Krysta came over to talk to him. "Thanks, Jewel...given her track record, it should have been safe to let her loose, but something just had to go wrong involving player interactions...I wonder what she did. ...Maybe I'll figure it out someday. For now, she's gonna have to stay near me at all times so she doesn't do anything stupid while I'm not looking." He decided. Meanwhile, XOXXie was having a hard time finding anyone in this crowd... so maybe she could just speak to someone at random, like the black haired, red eyed woman over there looking upset over something, staring at another woman who'd recently arrived. "You look like you're having a rough time. So many other women around in this event...where are all the men? Hiding? Uninterested? Ugh, almost every man seems to be taken these days...it's just not fair, is it?" A reckless guess it was, but it was a guess nevertheless. The white haired, red eyed player, who was going by Kihone, watched the chaos unfold... She facepalmed as she muttered, "Oh, wonderful...as for most of them, they're all idiots...I always thought most of them were fools, but I never thought they would all be this stupid..." She would wander around the area, hoping to come across something worth hearing, or maybe even getting involved in. There would be some drama, involving two girls and a tall young man, as well as an incident involving the fool Vigilon and his familiar. She watched each one unfold to the best of her ability, and then walk closer to the black haired girl as she unwittingly became engaged in what should have been a private conversation... "Kihone" would eavesdrop on the black haired girl's conversation, her back turned to them as she stood at a far enough distance, as to prevent it from being obvious. Should the smaller white haired girl chose to leave, "Kihone" would walk over to the black haired girl. "Well now, this could go a number of ways, couldn't it? Oh, how it must torment your heart so... Opportunity tends to be but a small window, so grasp for it, holding it open until you've passed through, before it's too late...ah, but there are often many windows, aren't there? Choose wisely, or you may find yourself living to regret it, as I once did... go on and make your choice quickly and carefully. Choose a direction in which you'll most likely set your heart free..." After her mildly cryptic words, she would begin to walk away. Of course, she would stop to turn her head back to the girl, with a smirk on her face. "Oh, and don't worry...though I heard it, like I'm sure someone else might have, your precious little secret is safe with me..." She reassured before slipping away, blending in with the crowd of many players. @Dazia
  2. Vigilon

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Before Vigilon could do much else, chaos ensued. Timing was a jerk. Vigilon would hear some noise, and he turned around to see that Veriost had gotten herself into some trouble with another player. "I uh, I'm gonna have to get back to you in a moment, Jewel, Veriost's about to do something stupid." He would quickly head over to where the issue was unfolding. Veriost was laid down onto the ground, and she would take an offensively defensive position over her hoard of strawberries that was laid down shortly after. Vigilon would pick her up again, and of course, what else was to be expected of picking up the small white frost dragon at the wrong time? "Fo...Krah Diin!!!" Yes, indeed, Vigilon found himself getting blasted by Veriost's frost breath once again. "Aaaagh, cold, cold, cold!!!!" Sure, pain couldn't be felt in this game, but the difference in temperature could still be felt. Sub-Zero icy breath was hard to get used to... "That wasn't necessary." He stated to the small white frost dragon, which was glaring at him at the moment. He would hear something thump, and he would turn around to witness some drama. It seemed that Dazia had shoved someone off of Benjamin, or something else of the like. What else could he guess? When he had turned around, the redheaded woman was already on the ground, looking over at Dazia... As a harsh exchange of words ensued, Dazia got flustered with some of the words spoken to her, and she claimed that she and Benjamin were just friends. Vigilon would call out to her, "That's close to what I said when you claimed I had a crush on Krysta! My, how the tables have turned!" Most likely, those who were still involved might have heard him also. @Dazia @NIGHT @Benjamin Bookworm It was then that Vigilon realized he'd let go of Veriost. He looked to the strawberry platter on the ground, but she wasn't there. "Aw, Crap..." He would look over, and see something that couldn't be avoided in time... "Veriost, no!" "Fo...Krah Diin!!!" The woman who picked Veriost up earlier would be blasted by Veriost's frost breath, and Vigilon would grab the small white frost dragon out of the air. "I'm so sorry, she uh, tends to use her frost breath on those who'd annoyed her as well as enemies...I know, 'cause I've been blasted with it many times..." There seemed to be some other players in the vicinity, too. @Mari @Macradon @Minako
  3. Vigilon

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Vigilon caught his breath in his throat as Krysta approached him. He knew she always looked beautiful in a dress, and yet every time she appeared in a new dress, she was looking even lovelier than before...was it just him, or was Krysta managing to make/get better dresses that compliment her appearance every time? He couldn't tell at this point. "Whoa...Jewel, you look beautiful...amazing, really! I...you just keep looking more and more beautiful each time I see you appear in a dress, and I...I can't exactly comprehend what's going on in my head, to be honest..." About half a minute after he said that, two instances of chaos occurred. First was the sound of a chair being dragged across the floor, to which he would notice an orange player pushing a chair with a young female green player on it...away from a large male player. This was an odd scene, but it was enough for Vigilon to make a guess...that he would choose not to say. Not only that, someone went and made a really stupid entrance. It was so purposefully stupid, that Vigilon himself wouldn't have even dared to try. He didn't know whether or not he should consider chatting with "The Dinkster", that's for sure. Veriost was making all kinds of noise to those who were grabbing all the strawberries, as she wanted as much of the white chocolate as was possible for her to consume, and she couldn't do it without the strawberries, as Vigilon's training refrained her from just straight up eating the chocolate from the fountain. She would grab an empty platter, move it from one position to another, and use the empty platter to make herself a "hoard" of strawberries that she'd use to dip in the white chocolate. She would growl at anyone who dared to bring a hand close to her strawberry hoard. @Mari Five minutes after the "Dinkster" incident, another player would arrive at the event. "There have to be some single men here....there just have to be!" She told herself. She had tried time and time again, but it seemed that she couldn't get herself a man, for all it was worth, someway, somehow. She had asked her guild's leader for some time off so that she could enter the event, and she to her surprise she was able to, on the condition that she didn't unintentionally make a bad name for the guild...thus she wouldn't mention it for the duration of this party. At first glance, everyone seemed busy. "You can do it this time, Suzanne," She muttered to herself. "You can find a young man who will be with you..." Boy, was this a crash course for craziness waiting to happen... Ten minutes after the "Dinkster" incident, yet another player would arrive. "I do wonder what it is that they do in events like this...I wonder what I could learn from it..." She thought aloud. She was always the one who planned, thought, strategized, and more, while her allies were out there fighting like brutes and doing who knows what. "Would I see fools, or great ones with minds to almost rival my own?" She had to admit, she truly was curious as to what sorts of players awaited in this event. It had been far too long since she'd been in a social event outside of her guild... NPC Player appearances:
  4. Vigilon

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    It was that time of year again...which meant that a date was mandatory. When he heard about an event, he decided to let Krysta know about it. Perhaps their date could be rescheduled to this event...or maybe it could just be a mild extra date within a social event, who knows? As long as he was spending time with her, he'd be happy. He'd get a suit on, travel to the event on the 22nd floor, and he would then get a feel for the scenery before anything else. "Well now, this is kind of impressive..." His familiar, Veriost, would awaken through a pleasant smell...the small white frost dragon awakened, smelling what was among her favorite sweets...sweets involving white chocolate. She would turn her head over to the white chocolate fountain, and her jaw would drop. Vigilon noticed this almost immediately. ".....Sure, just...don't go overboard." He decided. "And no double dipping!" He called out to her as she took flight, zooming off towards the white chocolate fountain at top speed, to which he sighed. "Crazy girl..." He noted. He would wait by the event's entrance, for he believed Krysta would show up pretty soon. Vigilon's Suit:
  5. Vigilon listened carefully to what Krysta had to say. An envious creature, a self-tormented being, an arachnid horror, and a what? An inner darkness? "Don't think of Kingdom Hearts, don't think of Kingdom Hearts, don't think of Kingdom Hearts, don't think of Kingdom Hearts, don't think of Kingdom Hearts....." Was his thought process when The whole thing about this "Kytras" being Krysta's "Inner Darkness" was being explained. When Krysta claimed that Kytras "returned to her", Vigilon completely blew it. "Sounds like you've been recompleted....n-never mind, ignore that..." He said. Smooth, Vigilon, real smooth... "So... shall we continue walking to the High fields of crossing?" He asked Krysta. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unfortunately, Kusera's words got to Auranika. "How dare you claim that this is a facade? I've always earned my reputation in honorable ways!" She would then mercilessly attack Kusera with Dimension Stampede. Kusera started laughing. "Ahahaha, you just proved my point with your actions! After all, they speak far louder than words. You want to be at the top, in the most positive way there is. You're a total diva, from what I know! You're that kind of person! You want flowers, you want parades, you want a skyscraper with your name plastered on it-" He wouldn't be able to finish speaking his point, for his words had angered Auranika even further. His words would be interrupted by another Dimension Stampede attack, pushing his HP very close to halfway. Kyoji was distracted in his attacks against Laida, but Curfaella realized what was unfolding. "Kusera, stop! You shouldn't be trying to get under her skin! This isn't what we normally do!"
  6. Sees that the thread/poll has been dead for about a few months If anyone still wants to take the test and/or answer the poll, they're free to do so!
  7. Vigilon was in dire need of col, materials, and experience. "There's gotta be something...but what? What quest would there be that can offer all of that?" He thought out loud. His friend, Shuliik, placed another glass of root beer in front of Vigilon. "Come on, Red Eye, what isn't around that offers all of that?" He asked him. Vigilon lifted his head to make eye contact with Shuliik. "Allen...what offers all that within my level of expertise? It's either too high or too low. I could punch a bat into next week, but I wouldn't get much from it. I'm not ready to take on creatures like The Phoenix, The Lord of the Seas, or some snake out of water...yet...at least, not alone, that is..." Kanari, another friend of Vigilon, finished up her tankard of what was clearly an alcoholic drink. "Alex, you gotta stop feeling all down in the dumps like this. There's supposed to be something for every level, you know! Come on, surely there's a way to start you up, to send you out with confidence...if not, you're always free to share a drink with me if you'd like." She noted. Vigilon looked over to her with a blank expression on his face. "We both know I prefer not to drink. I may be what might be old enough, but that doesn't mean I will." Was his response. He believed that about four years had passed, even though that totally wasn't the case. "But you are right about one thing...there is something out there, but I don't know what it is yet." Stats and Equipment:
  8. Vigilon

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    Honestly, Vigilon was surprised to see that there was one commander still standing once he got up. The other players began attacking, so there was only one last thing to do...jump in. "If that thing's still alive, no need to leave me out of it! We made it this far together, so we might as well finish it together, too!" He called out as he wiped a bit of mud off of himself. He then charged his sword art, Delayed Sword, and moved to strike the commander. At this rate, he was so tired, he couldn't tell if he actually hit it, or if he simply attacked the air. Whatever the case, he definitely knew it was over now...it was done, the battle was over...well, at least, he believed it was over. He was just figuring out that he wasn't just physically exhausted, he was mentally exhausted, too...and he had no clue as to why. Maybe it was how stressful this battle had been, maybe it was because he was so worried about Jewel(oh wait, that wouldn't do it), maybe...maybe it was something else. It hadn't even been very long, yet he'd felt that this was taking hours, days, weeks, had months gone by? NONSENSE, that was the stress talking... ...uhhh maybe forget that last part there, point was, he was tired, he was done...at least, he believed he was done... (And frankly, so am I.) ID# 129535 BD: 5+3-2=6(Hit) Delayed Sword: 14x4-75=1 damage to Commander 2
  9. Vigilon

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    To think that one attack would be the end of Vigilon's rage would be incorrect. Sure, Vigilon landed a powerful strike against one foe, but he wasn't done yet, not by a long shot...that is, he wouldn't have been done had the RNG spared him...since that was clearly not the case... After Vigilon attacked the first target, he looked around him as the battle continued. Once he saw an opening, he intended to take it. He sprinted over towards one of the commanders, fury in his eyes, but then something stopped him so abruptly...he slipped on the mud caused by the rain, and that lead to a chain reaction of slipping on one mud patch, then being flipped over by it just to slip on another mud patch...this continued until a smaller wave that might have been caused by momentum from the larger one crashed down on him, dragging him under for a few seconds...exactly once he had unintentionally slipped a few yards away from the fight. He quickly got himself out of the mess he'd slipped into, then he rejoined the others...only to fall face-first onto the ground from exhaustion. The frontliner Rapier user spoke to the tier two party, stating they had all done a great job, and that he was glad that he and the other frontliners were around to make sure they saw to the end of this particular struggle. To that, Vigilon would reply by raising up his right arm, with his right hand in the thumbs-up position. The arm would simply flop back onto the ground about three seconds later. What a day this had been so far...it better be worth all that he went through. ID# 129296 BD: 1(Crit. Miss!!), CD: 8(recovered an additional 3 Energy) Party 1:
  10. Vigilon

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    Vigilon wouldn't get the chance to attack all of them, which was actually a good thing in terms of energy conservation. Vigilon would hear a faint rumble from the distance, and would turn around to see a tidal wave crash down on the tier one players. "Jewel!!!" He would watch and see her emerge alive and well, but since he believed this was no natural cause, and probably dealt damage(even though it totally didn't), he had one to blame...He didn't know if the Rain Commanders had some hidden ability, or if this was the big boss's last attempt to harm the players. Whatever the case, he was pissed off. He glared at the fourth commander, which had just suffered an attack from a rapier user. "You..." He charged his sword art, his eyes full of a burning rage, justified by what he believed has just happened to his girlfriend. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!!" He rushed towards the Rain Commander, and attacked with Falcon Jab, striking with all his might. It would be unlikely for the Rain Commander to survive this... ID# 128301 BD: 10(Critical, +2 Base DMG, Inflicted Bleed[Commander 4 is immune to paralysis]), CD: 6(Recovered 3 Energy) Falcon Jab- 16x10-75=85 Damage to Commander 4 Party 1:
  11. Vigilon took a good look at the weapon he'd crafted, the one he had made with the help of a material given to him by Krysta. Since it was originally her curiosity, he might as well give the weapon to her. He had heard that she was looking to get her hands on a darker set of gear in preparation for the season of Halloween, so it made enough sense. This weapon...it was dark, but it might be able to fit Krysta's style...but what would she go as if this weapon was to be in her set of gear? He decided to meet up with her personally, and offer the weapon to her. "Well, here's the product of that material, as well as another tier two material...anyway, congratulations on reaching the next tier, I'm so happy for you!" Offering to give <<Nightshade>> to @Krysta Details on Nightshade:
  12. Vigilon

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    Vigilon would head over to where the first party was, and he would join into the party, the other member of said party added automatically. Maybe it was because there was enough room for both parties to simply just merge instead of transfer. Whatever the case, Vigilon took a few deep breaths. His energy was now replenished enough to use his most powerful Area of Effect Sword Art. Problem was, that Sword art kind of sucked with these guys, their defenses were too high for any real damage to dent them. Maybe he should wait for the right timing. If he could get the timing right, he could manage to inflict a status ailment upon them. The Rain Commanders with their HP still currently in the yellow would be his targets, for they were the most likely to remain standing by the time Vigilon was ready. "Just gotta wait for that opening...I'll strike 'em all, even if it hardly does anything..." He would complete his part in this fight, in time. ID# 124356 CD: 6(recovered an additional 3 energy) [Vigilon takes no action] Party 1:
  13. Another day came, and that meant another day of crafting. While Vigilon didn't have much to work with, it was better than having nothing at all. He would start up his forge, and get to work. He would end up creating one shield, and wasting his last two tier two materials on some failures. He'd failed to salvage one, and his second attempt would be another trip and lose to the flames. After that, he would focus on making tier one items again. he made three, and he wondered if they were really going to sell. Chances were, he might have to place all of the uncommon items he'd made for junk sale at the local merchant, for almost no one ever bought those... Crafting Results: Items up in Evaluations: 4
  14. Vigilon

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    The commanders were getting sliced up by the frontliners' fury, and the battle was soon to end. The Rain Commanders attacking what was left of Vigilon's party were all but destroyed, so there was nothing else to do...unless he could join the other party in fighting these creatures... Their Rain commanders might be pretty much almost dead, but, well, if Vigilon could still help with what little he could do... "Hey!" He called out to the party of three. "You guys need help over there? I might not have much left in me, but I've at least got a little something!" Hopefully, they would accept his help. He didn't want to be useless...he wanted to be helpful. Maybe one day, he would be that person...but for now, he would need to be content with just fighting on the sidelines, hardly doing enough to be considered a useful ally. Heck, who knows? His attacks might mean the difference between victory and defeat(although victory was obviously gonna happen), with what little he could accomplish! There was always that little hope! ID# 123749 CD: 8(Recovered an additional 3 energy) Party 2:
  15. The player would reveal his username to Vigilon. Something seemed strange about how he was currently speaking. What's with all the pauses? Vigilon would push aside the troubling questions about Alanin aside, and get back to the conversation. Krysta asked him about if he would be willing to speak to anyone new. "I'm in the mood for social interaction...I think. I mean, if I didn't, why would I be here, aside from potentially watching a sunset with you?" He would look around as Krysta also realized something was wrong with Alanin. Vigilon spotted two people, seemingly a couple, over where the refreshments were. hopefully Veriost hadn't eaten everything... "Why don't we go talk to the violet-haired couple over there?" He suggested. Krysta wanted to see if he could figure out who to talk to, so he did. The two players would approach the violet-haired couple. "Hey, are we interrupting something important?" @Krysta @Teion @Ryo Veriost would have the apparently given challenge accepted by the girl. Veriost wasn't in the mood to lose at one of her best skills. As the white haired girl scarfed down cookies, the small white frost dragon would start wolfing down sweets left and right. Veriost had no clue, but she was bound to lose...however, how far would she get before having to admit defeat? @Dazia Shuliik, after the time spent with Valna, would return to the beach. It's about time he would go over to the water. He would walk up to the waves, and when he'd gotten deep enough...he completely face planted himself into the waves. On purpose. Kanari would notice this, and say to the girl joining in the soon-to-be planned prank on Hazado, "Could you just give me a moment? I'll be back." She would pull out one of her water buckets as she walked over towards Shuliik, who was getting up from the waves. Kanari would come up from behind and dump the artic-cold ice water on him. His reaction was just as planned. "GYYYAAAAAGGHHH!!!!!!!! OOOHHHHHH THAT'S COLD!!!" He would turn around to see Kanari there. "H-hey Freewind...man, I should've know I'd be a target at some point..." Kanari smirked. "You were actually an impromptu target, pal. I saw you face-plant into the water. That doesn't just happen. Anyway, you're welcome for me cooling you off, now I gotta go back to planning more pranks. Bye!" She would then return to the girl. "Alright, I'm back. Now, we just gotta wait for Su, and the plotting can begin..."