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        <<Summer Beach Party>>
          Location: Floor 16 - West of Oceanus
      Event Begins: July 1 | Event Ends: August 31
      Setting: Daytime (July 1 - July 31) | Sunset (August 1 - August 31)   A small guild calling themselves the Gladiolus Alliance have suddenly started putting up posters and making announcements about a beach party they are hosting on the sixteenth floor. Players may wear any equipment they like, but casual clothing and swimwear are highly encouraged. Weapons are prohibited from being equipped while in the vicinity. Food, drink, beach towels/umbrellas, and a volleyball court have all been provided and set-up by the guild for everyone's enjoyment.   Event Thread Rewards: Finished thread awards 1 SP per completed page. Participants receive 1 SP per (3) posts, up to the number of completed pages. Posts must meet the 150 minimum word count to be counted towards SP rewards.
          <<Mid-Summer Fireworks Festival>>
      Location: Floor 1 - Town of Beginnings
      Event Begins: July 12 | Event Ends: August 31
      Fireworks display begins August 12
      Orange players may safely enter the Town of Beginnings to participate in the event. A fireworks festival has appeared in the main plaza of the Town of Beginnings. The festivities run all night long with a variety of games, prizes, and food for players to enjoy. Halfway through the festival, when darkness has fallen over the city, a fireworks show will begin to light up the night sky. General Rules: Orange players are permitted to attend, and will not be attacked by guards if they enter the city for the event. Normal safe zone rules still apply. When spending col to participate in games, buy items, or enter the lottery, be sure to keep track of the col you have available. Final spending/winning totals will be posted by a staff member in the closing post of the event, which can be used to link to your Col logs. If a player had spent more col than they had available, prizes won as a result may be voided. Traditional festival attire (yukata) or casual clothing is encouraged, but not required. Event Thread Rewards: Finished thread awards 1 SP per completed page. Participants receive 1 SP per (3) posts, up to the number of completed pages. Posts must meet the 150 minimum word count to be counted towards SP rewards.
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      <<July 2017 Patch Notes>>
      Profession Guide Updates: Blacksmith and Tailor guides have been rewritten. Blacksmiths and Tailors can no longer craft tools. The Merchant guide has been rewritten: Identifying now costs col, not materials. Shields can now be identified. Junk sale prices have been adjusted. Experience gain and number of identifications per day has been adjusted
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  1. Vigilon noticed that the other player managed to scoop up some nectar from the stump and put it in a jar. "Nice to know that's where I should have looked. Now why didn't I see if I could open that other stump...?" That last thing he said, he'd mumbled. "So, is there anything else in particular you were looking for?" While he waited for an answer, he decided to check another stump, hoping it hadn't run dry or anything. He opened up the stump to find a good amount of nectar. He didn't have a jar, but he did have that empty bottle, from that time he had a potion in his inventory. He filled up the empty bottle with the nectar and took it to the other player. "Just in case." Vigilon realized something. He'd forgotten to introduce himself! "Agh, where are my manners? I'd darn forgotten to introduce myself! I'm Vigilon." ID# 88029 LD: 16+1=17(+1 T1 Mat) 1 T1 Mat given to @Ichi
  2. Vigilon saw the player make a move to attack the large caterpillar, but of course there was retaliation. "Bad idea..." Normally, rushing a mob at low level can be dangerous. Vigilon had to help out this player so that he wouldn't get himself killed. Vigilon rushed over. Just one successful use of Snake Bite should do the trick. He struck the oversized larvae three times, utterly destroying the monster. He sheathed his weapon as it shattered. "Now that...was apparently too easy. I remember mobs on floor one being a little more dangerous at the very least. Oh well, at least this player won't die at the...hands? Whatever, of an oversized caterpillar..." He turned to the player. "You all right?" Now with that big bug out of the way, the two players could return to searching and gathering. "So, I hope you don't mind me asking again, but, do you know which of these things might hold the nectar? 'Cause I don't." @Ichi ID# 88016 BD: 10(Critical, +2 Base Damage) Snake Bite-7*3x1=21 Vigilon: HP 180/180, EP 17/20 Ichi: HP 16/20, EP 1/2 Enemies: Caterpillar: HP 0/15
  3. (OOC: So, do you mean to spawn a mob that has Paralyze? Or something else?) Vigilon listened to what the player had to say about what he needed to find next. "Nectar, eh? As for being careful, I'm actually level nine, so I don't think you have to worry about that, as long as I take the hate, that is..." His voice changed to a mutter at that last part. He walked over to begin the next part of the search. He examined one spot with a stump, but there was no nectar to be found. "Say, where exactly among these things do you know the nectar is? 'Cause I sure as heck don't." Veriost was looking at something else. She started tugging on Vigilon's light armor coat. "If there's one thing I've recently learned about Veriost, it's that she only tugs at my light armor when there's something I should at least notice." He looked over to where she was pointing, and there just happened to be something there. "Um, whats that large caterpillar thing?" ID# 88014 LD: 5+1=6(Failed) @Ichi
  4. Vigilon was happy to know that he'd helped this player at least a little, so why not continue on? "If you still need another mushroom, I'll see if I can't find another one." The other side of the tree he'd found it in was just where he needed to search. There was another one of those mushrooms right there. He plucked it from the ground(With some difficulty), and took it over to the other player. "Here's another one. Anything else you think you'll need?" Veriost slowly drew near to the mushroom Vigilon was handing over in order to examine it. She made a wry expression, shook her head in a split-second, sort of like the way chickens do, then she turned around and sneezed. "What? are you allergic to it something? I actually don't think so." Veriost landed on Vigilon's shoulder, and looked at him as if to say, "Yuck, that thing smells terrible..." "...I don't smell anything. Besides, not all mushrooms have a stench. Some actually smell pretty good, in fact." "Hfff." ID# 88013 LD: 15+1=16(+1 T1 Mat) 1 T1 Mat given to @Ichi
  5. Vigilon decided to keep moving, instead of staying still until the last minute, since that obviously didn't work. Maybe he could move a little fast, then sprint out of the way when they got too close. That worked for the first one, but with the other... He didn't see an attack from behind coming. Talk about getting stung in the back! Vigilon then noticed the status ailment icon appear beside his HP meter. "What? Poisoned!? Man, why didn't I see this one coming? Then again, some mobs in Diablo III have enhancements as well...and there are other games with mobs that can inflict status ailments..." He turned around and retaliated with Snake Bite, striking the oversized insect three times. "So you can poison me then. In that case, you'll die first!" Veriost was eager to help, blasting the giant wasp with frost breath. Vigilon may be poisoned, but he could still handle this fight. ID# 88009 Mob: 6-1=5(Miss) ID# 88010 Mob: 9(Critical! +1 DMG) ID# 88011 BD: 6+1=7(Hit) Snake Bite-5*3x1=15 Vigilon: HP 171/180, EP 16/20, [Poisoned]: 4 Turns, 6 DMG Enemies: Wasp 1: HP 30/30 Insek The Toxic(Wasp 2): HP 25/40
  6. Vigilon continued walking until he found two mobs that were heading towards him. "Just what's with all these aggressive mobs?" He decided to wait for them to attack first. Despite his efforts to avoid those wasps' stingers, he got hit by both of them, one of them got him pretty hard. He then tried to take one of them down with Snake Bite, but he missed yet again. He was going to need a little more concentration in this fight. "Hmph, I'll get you for that one." He wasn't ready to give up just yet. Heck, the fight's just getting started, and Vigilon wasn't going to lose easily. Veriost saw Vigilon miss, and then dashed into his pocket, snagging the rest of the sugar cookies. "Why the heck is she thinking about food now? We have a fight to win!" Veriost finished the last of the cookies, then actually paid attention to the situation. ID# 88006 Mob: 10(Critical!! +2 DMG) ID# 88007 Mob: 7-1=6(Hit) ID# 88008 BD: 2+1=3(Miss) Snake Bite-Failed! Vigilon: HP 175/180, EP 18/20 Enemies: Wasp 1: HP 30/30, 18 DMG Insek The Toxic(Wasp 2): HP 40/40, 21 DMG, <Envenom>, Poisons target on MD rolls of 9-10
  7. Vigilon listened to what the cursed NPC had to say. Whatever this curse was, this NPC shouldn't be suffering from it. The accept quest notification popped up on his menu. "Well, I guess it's now or never." He accepted the quest, and the NPC continued his explanation. "There is an old, crumbling cathedral that used to be bustling with healers of various sorts to the east of Marome. There is definitely at least one of the cures in there. This cure is rare, and it takes a long time to grow them, thus, it wasn't long before the cure became scarce." "I can take care of that. Thanks. I'll be on my way, and I'll be back with the cure as soon as possible." Vigilon set off, and once he'd passed the gates, he took out one of the cookies and gave it to Veriost, who hastily scarfed it down. As he continued on, he pulled out the brownies he'd purchased the other day. - Simple Sugar Cookies - Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownies Vigilon's Total Mitigation has increased to 18 for the thread.
  8. Floor: 2 Difficulty: easy Vigilon: level 9 Quest Type: Retrieve item Situation: An NPC in Urbus is in need of a player's help. He is suffering from a curse, and it's cure is seldom found. He knows of a place where one is, but he is too weak to get it himself. Objective: Find and enter the "Cure's Cathedral", a crumbling building that houses one of the few cures that still exist. Defeat the <<Gargoyle Gatekeeper>>, then search for three key shards in order to reach the "Cure's Crypt". Finally, defeat <<Shadow Mirage>>, a mysterious shadowy figure, and then grab the cure, returning to the NPC afterwards. While Quest is active: When successfully finding a Key shard via LD, and the Mob Die rolls 8-10, a mob will spawn. Also, <<Shadow Mirage>>’s minimum stats are loot requirement. Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15178-sp-f2-curing-a-curse/
  9. Vigilon was walking in the town of Urbus. He'd been needing to do a little more lately, so he decided to look through the first three floors for anything. Little did he know something would be coming to him. Veriost was about to fall asleep over not getting what she currently wanted: The sugar cookies in Vigilon's inventory. "Grrrrrrrrrmm..." "Not much longer Veriost, just a bit longer." Veriost looked at vigilon as if to say, "You said that five hours ago, and five before then, and five before then..." Vigilon continued walking, and Veriost continued making soft growls that were probably groans, and then an NPC in ragged cloths came up to Vigilon. "Please, young swordsman, you have to help me! I've had to bear this painful curse for about three weeks now, and I need to get the cure! I know of a place where there is a cure, but I'm far too weak to fetch it myself!"
  10. Vigilon began looking around for any other trees that could have the mushrooms the player spoke of. There was a tree near the tree he was just looking at, and there were the mushrooms. "There they are! I must have been looking at the wrong tree the other time." He had a bit of a hard time trying to pull it out, and when he did, it flew out of his hands and fell towards the player. Well, he was going to give the mushroom to the player anyway, so at least the player would still get it. Veriost got a little startled when the mushroom rocketed out of the ground and into the air. "Graaa!" Veriost attempted to blast the mushroom that was still in the air with her frost breath, but it was easy for her to do that as it was for a chicken to swim. In other words, she didn't manage to. "Calm down, Veriost! That just happens sometimes...I think." ID# 88004 LD: 19+1=20(+1 T1 Mat) 1 T1 Mat given to @Ichi
  11. Vigilon noticed how this player seemed timid and nervous by the way he spoke. "So, you want to be an alchemist? or are you here to gather and practice before returning to a shop? Either way, I'd be happy to help. Once we have those mushrooms, I know of a place in this floor where there aren't many mobs, and plenty of materials to find, if you don't mind going there afterward." He walked out of the safe zone to begin his part in the search. However, he didn't exactly find any materials, other than getting another glimpse of that tree with the mushrooms. "Well, it's still much easier said than done..." He muttered. Materials weren't always easy to find, in fact, it was very hit or miss. Veriost took to the air for a minute or two, then landed back on Vigilon's shoulder. Right now, he needed to focus on the current situation. The player he was helping, and the mushrooms that needed to be picked up from over at that tree. ID# 87997 LD: 2+1=3(Failed) @Ichi
  12. Vigilon was walking in the Town Of Beginnings as usual, since he would be doing that for a bit longer before actually starting his own shop. He'd put it off for so long, but at least he'd found a good place to start it in. For now, he was looking around town for something he could do. Soon, he reached the gate, and noticed a player standing there. "Well, I guess this player will do. Some players that stand near the gates usually need some help every now and then..." He nudged his familiar, Veriost, awake, and the small white frost dragon yawned and stretched. By now, Vigilon was used to Veriost sleeping on his shoulder. Veriost looked down toward Vigilon's pocket, where he normally placed items and materials to stash them in his inventory. "Grrrmm..." Vigilon noticed she was looking down there. He smirked and said, "Practice patience, Veriost, I'll give you the cookies then." Veriost rolled her eyes in aggravation. This could take a while... He walked over to the player he saw. "So, you up to something?" @Ichi
  13. Well, everyone had a hard time sometimes he guessed. Vigilon heard the amount. In Col, this was a bit cheaper than a perfect item in some places. Maybe. He hadn't exactly paid attention to that. Veriost licked her maw when Wardege was pulling out the desserts. Once the sugar cookies were on the counter, he had to restrain the excited small white frost dragon before she could reach the cookies. He placed the Col on the counter, then took the items he had just purchased. "Thanks, I'll be sure to remember this place later on!" Veriost may have been laid back, but she tended to be impatient over sweets from time to time. Patience. The one thing Vigilon felt that he needed to help his familiar master. Either way, perhaps he could take a quest, but for now he would explore the towns of floors 1-3 until he found one. @Wardege -540 Col +Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownies + Boar Bacon + Simple Sugar Cookies
  14. Vigilon began walking around floor 3 again, and he was considering on taking a quest or something. He noticed a building by a gentle stream, and considered taking a look inside. The building was nice, but...quiet... He noticed a familiar face at the counter. "Wardege! How have you been?" He walked over, and noticed the items on display. He could use some for what he was considering. "Hmm... I'd like the Triple chocolate chunk brownies," He looked over to the side and, with wide eyes, knew exactly what he was going to add to his order. "And I would also like that bacon." Vigilon was happy to know that bacon could actually exist in this game. Veriost woke up from her usual nap to see a display with plenty of desserts. Her eyes widened, she began to stare at Vigilon. "Grrrrrrrrrrmm...." "Veriost, I know that you want them but-" "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmm........" "...Oh, fine. I'll also take some of those sugar cookies." Ordered Items: Triple chocolate chunk brownies(Mitigation) [T1 Dessert] Boar Bacon(Prosperity, Vitality)[T1 Snack] Simple Sugar Cookies @Wardege
  15. Anyone up to RP with me?