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  1. Turns out, Alec hadn't been in a game before, based on the words he'd said. "This...this is your first game? Well...that ought to...be quite the experience..." Vigilon had a feeling that it might hinder the tank from doing any further games, due to the nature of this first one he's going through to have malevolent secrets, such as being a game that traps its players, killing them off if their HP levels ever drop to zero. "Somehow, one thing I've noticed, is that this game seems to be trying to imitate life, in a way. Sure, Kayaba tried to play god and all, but in the end, his design..is starting to make sense. He wants this game to combine the worlds and realms of fantasy RPGs with the harshness and mortality of reality...man, it's kind of strange, yet it fits together. Through the NerveGear, we were literally thrown into a new world, and we still have the risk of death, despite being more empowered than we would be in real life..." Kirbs brushed off Vigilon's question with an "I'm fine, don't worry"...but her current demeanor wasn't doing her any favors. He would refrain from asking about her condition any longer, but he knew that something was up, he couldn't tell exactly, so he may have to keep his guard up. Kirbs answered the question that Alec had been unable to, and quite the response it was. "Do you mean killers, who have lost their sanity, that now take pleasure in reducing our chances of escaping this game by killing innocent people?" @Alec @Kirbs
  2. Astralin thanked Vigilon for being willing to help her out in this tight spot. She also seemed to be surprised when Vigilon told her that indeed, his eyes were naturally red. "Right, so, if you don't mind me asking, what's your reason for getting the skill? To be the strongest, to deal the most damage? Something of the like?" Before the blonde could answer, she caught sight of Veriost and started...um, well, the word being sought out kind of escaped, but...basically the girl stifled a gasp and a squeal, proceeding to recognize Veriost as a small dragon, and note that she was cute...a bit loudly, one might add. Veriost had NEVER seen a reaction like this, so the tone and volume of Astralin's reaction jolted the small white frost dragon to a stand. Veriost looked to Vigilon, who simply smiled. "Yup, she's a small frost dragon. Would you like to pet her? She usually doesn't mind attention from other people."
  3. The tank sighed when he heard that the boss indeed had a Paralysis ability. He noted that he really hated Paralysis. "Yeah, I don't like it either...when it happens to us. I mean, I do like that as a result, we can still inflict status ailments on most of the monsters we encounter, though some have a freaking resistance to it. Why is it that there are plenty of monsters and bosses that have all these unique abilities, while there are almost none of those in our equipment? It really bothers me these days..." The tank would apologize, stating that he was used to soloing monsters, rather than working alongside a team. "It's alright, I guess we've all had our share of those moments. I messed up by thinking my Area of Effect attack was going to do any good, and with a weapon that brings out taunt, that's where I really messed up there, gaining nothing but hate from that mistake. I remember when Krysta was with me during a different event, and she was in the healer position. She was so used to attacking monsters that didn't do enough damage to push her into healing..." Kirbs seemed to be uncomfortable. "Hey, Kirbs, are you alright?" @Alec @Kirbs
  4. Vigilon accepted the handshake with Alec, but he began to sweat a little when he realized he was going to have to break it to the big guy. "Uhhhhh about that...before Akudo told me that it was The Wasp Queen that the boss was, he told me that...the boss has a paralysis venom within a sharp stinger. That's what begged the question, and then he revealed to me what the boss was. So...at least it's not a whole bunch of baddies that can all paralyze!" He told the truth, but the risk was potentially losing the tank. the two players were spoken to by a player who introduced herself as Kirbs. Vigilon shook her hand as he said, "Yup, that's me, I'm Krysta's boyfriend. My name's Vigilon, nice to meet you, Kirbs. Sure, I've got room for another party member, we can take on this big bug as a team!" @Alec @Kirbs
  5. The girl said there was no need to apologize, and that, indeed, she was low-level. She explained that she couldn't help but notice the handwraps Vigilon wore, and that she wondered if he knew anything about the Martial Arts skill, as well as the quest associated with it."The Martial Arts Skill? Oh, I know all about that one, I maxed out the skill! ...well, I don't have all the mods for it, but, hey, I maxed out my potential damage with it. I know aaalllll about the quest, too. Breaking the Unbreakable, it was called. In case you're wondering, this quest doesn't pose any real danger, aside from simply being outside the safe zone...wait, are you asking me because you want the skill? If that's the case, I can definitely escort you to the quest, and make the quest easier for you, too." The girl asked Vigilon about the color of his eyes, wondering if they were naturally that color. "Ahaha, as a matter of fact...they are. I was born with red eyes. Apparently it's kind of rare in certain areas, 'cause one of my friends nicknamed me over it, since I was the only one he knew who had red eyes." The girl would introduce herself, almost by her real name. While Vigilon was now curious as to what kind of name started with "Li", he was able to accept the username introduction. "Nice to meet you, Astralin, I'm Vigilon." Veriost would awaken, and notice Astralin, looking at her curiously.
  6. Vigilon had been really tired due to his recent exploits, but now that he'd gotten a nap in him, he was sure to be fine. Vigilon would open his eyes as he heard a voice, as well as felt something nudging him awake. "Hrrnnn...wha...." When he got up, he looked to see a girl had woken him. She seemed to be wearing basic apparel...that looked way to basic to be enhanced. "I'm sorry, but are you kind of...um... Sorry, what I mean to ask is, are you low-level? That gear of yours looks too simple to be enhanced, but, well, I've been wrong before. Sorry if that's not the answer you're looking for, I just woke up...were, were you saying something? Sorry, again, just woke up." He wondered what it was this girl wanted by waking him. After all, it's not every day a girl wakes up a guy who's napping on a bench... @Astralin Stats and Equipment:
  7. It wasn't long before Vigilon would be approached by a familiar tank. It was Alec, the man who had struggled alongside him during the Event battle back on floor 22. Such memories...that would surely be triggered by the mention of fish people, or something like that. Alec would ask what he was doing on the second floor. "I sometimes go to the lower floors to help out newer players, but in this case, my informant had something to tell me..." Another player would be near when Vigilon would begin his explanation. "So, according to Akudo, my informant, the field boss known as the Wasp Queen, after a certain period of time, will respawn, much more powerful than the last time. He said that it was powerful enough to be a tough opponent to tier two players, so I had just left in search of allies. I doubt there will be more than one status-ailment inducing creature on the battlefield this time, if you're interested in helping me take this oversized bug down...a second time, that is." @Alec @Kirbs
  8. "WHADDYA MEAN, 'SHE'S BACK'!?!?" Reacted a surprised Vigilon to his informant, Akudo. The cloaked green player held up his hands, signaling for Vigilon to calm down. "E-easy now, bud... It's just...after a certain time, whenever a Wasp Queen is killed, a far stronger form of her will spawn. The only reason why that would be a higher priority boss would be that newer players may mistake it for the original, weaker Wasp Queen. That's why I said it was kind of urgent." The informant got up, ready to head over to his next destination. "I'll cut the cost of this intel down to 50 col 'cause you're my friend. You...may want to find a suitable ally or two if you're that worried about it." Vigilon handed over the col to Akudo. "Thanks for telling me this, bud." Akudo nodded, and he would leave. Vigilon also left the tavern, there had to be someone at or near his level, willing to take on a Wasp Queen on steroids... @Kirbs @Alec Stats and Equipment:
  9. Vigilon found no humor in Kityuisa's comment, but Veriost looked a bit intrigued over what the two players were talking about. Kityuisa picked up her familiar, who immediately clung to her and burrowed her face into her. She couldn't seem to see exactly what was wrong. Nevertheless, the two players were ready to set out and search for the boss. Kityuisa asked Vigilon if he wanted to take the lead. "Sure, why not?" As the trip began, Vigilon explained what he knew. "My informant, Akudo, told me that the field boss said to appear near the town is a two-headed snake with wings known as Amphis Serpens. At first, I asked him if it was just an amphithere with two heads, but then Akudo told me that it literally has two snake heads, with snake fangs and venom, complete with four horns on each head for intimidation." Kityuisa asked Vigilon if he could tell the story of how he met Veriost. Oh, the memories. "I was at, like, level two or three, and I was still wearing that starter crap that was essentially a bunch of pathetic excuses for gear. This guy heard I intended to find a familiar, so he dared me to search on floor 4. Someone with a wolf familiar tagged along with me as I searched for a familiar. After a bit, I came across Veriost. Like many other monsters in the wild that aren't automatically aggressive, she was wary, and ready to fight at the first sign of aggression. I placed something down for her to eat, and she slowly came up to what I placed down for her. After she ate it, she flew onto me, and a little after that, I came up with something to call her, and before long, we had become allies. I will admit, I thought she was a male of her kind at first, since I didn't know the differences between male and female dragons at the time..." @Kityuisa
  10. Vigilon

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    Vigilon's call for help was answered by the arrival of the tier three players. Vigilon couldn't do very much, but at least the monsters' eyes were no longer on him...for now. Vigilon looked at the players who arrived...and just his luck, they all looked like tanks and damage dealers, at first glance. Then again, anyone could have the healing skill, so who was he to guess and judge? His HP was almost halfway down, and he needed much more energy before he could get back into the fight himself. Vigilon would have to signal to his allies that he needed more energy, so he would say it in a fairly ridiculous way. "Cover me, my energy's reloading!" Sure, that wasn't the most expected way to say it, but if it gets the point across, it gets the point across. Vigilon would hear Mars' words, and boy, was his blood starting to boil. As much as Vigilon wanted to kill monsters, and, possibly, bash a jerk's face in, he needed to rest and regain energy, not to mention that he preferred to not dirty up his cursor. Maybe he would need to train up the meditation skill, after all. ID# 122073 CD: 6(recovered an additional 3 energy) Party 2:
  11. The girl would agree to tag along with Vigilon in the quest to fight a field boss, then she would send him a friend request and introduce herself. Vigilon didn't exactly understand why some players prefer to send friend requests upon first meeting each other, but he admired the optimism within, so he accepted the friend request. "Nice to meet you, Kityuisa, I'm Vigilon." Kityuisa let out a light laugh when Veriost blasted Vigilon with her frost breath. "Oh, sure, go ahead, laugh...you definitely wouldn't want to be on my end of this." Vigilon would give Veriost a pained expression, and the small white frost dragon would...smirk? Could dragons smirk? Whatever the case, that's what it seemed like to Vigilon. "What, so you think it's funny, too, don't you?" Vigilon would set this thought aside for the time being, he shouldn't dwell on it for too long. He looked back to Kityuisa. "Anyway, this is Veriost, she's usually a bit of a sleepyhead whenever she's not fighting, eating, or interacting with other players or familiars. Sure, we have our little share of squabbles and disagreements, but we still get along pretty well...usually." Kityuisa introduced her familiar, Tanine Willowflame, Willow for short, who was apparently hiding behind her leg. Kityuisa seemed to notice the feline familiar's current behavior to be unusual, which didn't sound good. "Something wrong? Is there something around? Does she notice anything?" Vigilon looked to his left and right, nothing in sight. @Kityuisa
  12. Vigilon

    [Party Sign Up] Kityuisa's Beach Party

    Tier: 2 Build: DPS Discord (Must have ID #): Ezeram the Stormdragon#0146
  13. The girl Vigilon had bumped into said she was ok, then asked if he was alright. "Yup, just...well, bumped back into reality. I gotta stop getting too deep into thought when walking..." He thought for a second or two. Why should he simply face this field boss alone? Surely, if this girl hadn't done it yet, she might be willing to get some rewards from the boss, too. "So, I'm currently in search of a field boss found near this settlement. Are you available to take it on? We could both get the rewards from that thing, and, well, there's strength in numbers." Now that Vigilon was in the settlement of Rig, he figured that he'd wake up his familiar, Veriost, who was sleeping on his shoulder as usual. Vigilon pulled out one of her favorite sweets, a snowberry cupcake from floor 4, and waved it in front of her. The small white frost dragon would open her eyes wide as she caught the scent of the cupcake. Once awake, she would snag the cupcake, pulling it out of Vigilon's hand, and dig right in. "Heh heh, morning, sleepyhead." Veriost would finish the cupcake, and give Vigilon a look over what he'd said to her. "What?" Vigilon asked her. Veriost clearly didn't take it very nicely, for she opened her maw and let out her frost breath. "Fo...Krah Diin!!!" Sure, pain wasn't a thing, but temperature differences could still be felt...and the cold hit him right in the face. "AAAAAAAAGH! Cold, cold, cold!!!!!" @Kityuisa Stats and Equipment:
  14. Vigilon was looking for the settlement of Rig, for he'd heard of a field boss that spawns near it, which could make for some useful training. He would walk along the path that led from Nimbus to Rig, ready for a field boss fight. Being a tier two player, it would be a simple task, really. He would be in his thoughts, for he had recently heard from Akudo, his informant, that someone was trying to gain intel about him, with potentially hostile intent. "Just who would try to learn about me for hostile purposes? Someone from the Griffin Legion again? That {Scarlet} woman? Just...who?" He knew that Akudo had told him to avoid floor 10 for at least a week, claiming that the one trying to learn about him was last sighted there...but it wasn't like Vigilon currently had any business with that floor at the moment. For now, he was focused on finding the field boss. Once he reached the Settlement of Rig, he would still be within his thoughts, and as a result, accidentally bump into someone. "Oof! Agh, I'm so sorry, are you alright?" @Kityuisa
  15. Is anyone willing to update my Signature? I need to get an updated form of it. The info for the signature is in the spoiler below.



    Stats and skills:

    Level: 31

    HP: 620

    Energy: 72

    DMG: 14

    Mitigation: 18

    EVA: 1

    ACC: 1

    Bleed: 1

    Paralyze: 1





    Extra skills:

    Familiar Mastery: Fighter rank 3

    Martial Arts Rank 5

    Meditation rank 0(Unlocked, yet unskilled)



    Berserker Gloves(1 Taunt, 1 Bleed, 1 Paralyze)

    Swift Endurance(1 Mitigation, 1 Evasion, 1 Recovery)

    Karri's Fang(1 Recovery, 1 Accuracy, +1 LD)

    Active Mods: Ferocity


    Familiar: Veriost the white dragon


    Faceclaim: Shu Ouma from Guilty Crown(use whichever pic you like from below. If neither of them work, just look up the faceclaim in an image search)






    Background Preference:






    1. Vigilon


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