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  1. Vigilon began to hear the sound of footsteps. Krysta stepped up, agreeing with Auranika in the sense that the cloaked player should reveal himself and his intentions. The sound of footsteps came closer, and the cloaked player was surprised to find that more players were arriving. The other parties had come. Auranika seemed confused as to why six players had arrived at this moment, to this place, and clearly, not spontaneously. "Just...what is going on here?" Zerii would step up and say, "Vigilon noticed the issue first, but we both came up with the same course of action, Lady Auranika." The cloaked player took off his hood, and looked to Auranika, and then the gathered players. "If that is what you wish, fine then! I will tell you! I am Leyran, a member of the Griffin Legion, the soon to be strongest Guild in all of Aincrad. I am but a part of the Griffin's Cry, I am a part of the Guild's public voice, a messenger, so to speak." After revealing his identity, he would then reveal his intentions for coming to speak with Auranika. "This player here," He started, gesturing to Auranika. "Has piqued the interest of some of our members. I thought that maybe I could try and recruit her through persuasion and reason." Auranika crossed her arms. "Then you must not have heard that I run a Guild, and I intend to keep leading a Guild." Leyran sighed. "I don't mind that you refuse; It is your choice. However, I do mind this gathering that seems quite threatening to me... V0rX, come forth, and aid me!" Another cloaked figure would emerge from the trees, and take off the cloak. The player had an orange cursor, and, physically, had a muscular build. He wore Light armor, and one could see the pommel of a sheathed greatsword poking out above the shoulder. "About time." He would say as he cracked his knuckles. "Just let me know who needs a good thrashing at the least, and I'll get the job done."
  2. Vigilon heard Krysta give her own two cents on the subject. She then received a message that she would later reveal to be from Laida. "Nice to know." Vigilon remembered something that he wouldn't be needing, and wondered if Krysta might be needing it anytime soon. "Hey, Jewel, do you think you could have use of this? 'Cause I sure don't need it." Soon Vigilon heard something, a conversation. He'd head towards the sound, and he soon saw two players in the distance, one of them being Auranika, the other being a cloaked player. "Akudo," He said softly, but loud enough for the party members to hear. "Message the other parties, we've found her." He would approach the conversation slowly, hoping to not just butt into a situation without caution...until a stick snapped under his foot. Both players would turn to look in his direction. "...Hey..." Akudo would then step right into the area where the conversation was. "Alright, let's make one thing clear... I'm Akudo, so I'd suggest you don't believe a word that guy is saying if he has ever claimed to bear my username!" The cloaked player would then speak. "Hmph...well, it seems that both of us were in the wrong here... First, how very rude of you to intrude on this important conversation. Second," He would look back to Auranika. "I admit, I haven't been entirely honest with you. I am not Akudo. I only let myself be known to you that way to...make things easier for the start. Now, where were we? Ah, yes... I came to you again because I know many who are like you. Strong, powerful, and unstoppable... Why not rise even further above in the ranks of Aincrad's players? You could truly be strong." Auranika had a wary expression on her face. "If I could trust you now, you wouldn't have lied to me. Tell me who you are, and why you're here. Maybe then we could discuss our previous conversation." -Offered to give <<Unidentified T1 Perfect Light Armor>> to Krysta(note: the item's ID is 100578a)
  3. Krysta asked a question that would have been useful since before the split-up. At least each party had one member who had seen Auranika before, so that was a repairable mistake. "Yeah, Alex," Kanari added. "What does she have equipped while out in the field?" Vigilon would give his answer based on the last time he had seen her. "Well, last time I saw her, she was wearing a set of gold armor. Yes, it is literally made of gold. The set of armor also has...believe it or not, a metal set of wings. Sure, they move, but they cannot make the wearer fly; they are simply for show. She also uses a two-handed spear, one that is probably cleaned and polished daily, 'cause it's always seems to shine. Then again, I've only seen that weapon during the daytime, so..." Kanari already had some thoughts on what Vigilon recalled of Auranika's appearance. "Ugh, she's still as vain as ever. Golden armor? Really?" Well, if there was one thing that was agreed upon, it was that the primary material of Auranika's armor didn't really make any sense.
  4. Vigilon

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    It was over, it was finally over...and yet something wasn't right. "How could so powerful a monster drop so little? It doesn't make any sense!" Sure, there was experience and col, but little else, aside from the strange stone he got. The only way it could possibly come in handy would be if he found a weapon he couldn't use, one with enhancements far better than whatever his current weapon had. "It's okay, everyone, we're alive!" He called out to the players gathered. However, something just didn't seem right....two of the players there were, wait, but Miraak killed Mina and Sunova! "Hold on, I'm not seeing ghosts, am I?" He said as he stood there, confused. "I mean, this, how did...? Other players have died for real before, so why...? This day was just getting stranger and stranger... When was all of this madness going to end? Would Vigilon ever be able to grasp the many unusual situations he went through? @tricolor_mina @Sunova
  5. Vigilon

    Boss Drop Chance Discussion Topic

    Here are my thoughts: While I'm fine with the last hit drop being the only 4-slot item dropped, I agree that there should be some perfect quality items with unique enhancements as well. I agree with the loot table idea, there's something for all the players that way. I disagree with the vote idea. Because of the possibility of metagaming, nepotism, and other things similar to that will just cause more strife for everyone, and we'll be back to square one, with everyone practically racing for the last hit drop, consumed by greed. Being a DPS in training(since I had clearly failed my potential damage self-evaluation in the battle against Miraak), I have had some experience being the underdog who never gets an actual chance at something. In short, I agree with most of the ideas being proposed here, as they make it easier and fairer for everyone, not just the strongest ones around, and we all get to have a shot at scoring something epic.
  6. Well, it looks like the stats and dice have spoken. No last hit drop for the underdogs....and thus, my cycle of failure continues...

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    2. Vigilon


      *looks at the last boss post*

      ...Huh. I kind of thought there would be more unique enhancements on your prize... Anyway, I'd say you're right, assuming there will be more event bosses that I can actually take on. Besides, I do have this....item type changing thing...plus, I've got an unidentified perfect weapon, too. Who knows, I might end up with something unique, assuming the RNG is with me and the merchant!

    3. Morgenstern


      I'm hoping to bring monthly bosses back eventually, but they would have to happen bi-monthly due to how long it takes.

    4. Neopolitan


      If we implement the new rotation system into the monthly bosses, the fights themselves shouldn't take a whole month. Developing them (unless some sort of general template was created) may become your bottleneck though.

  7. Vigilon had received an invitation to a wedding earlier, and he knew that if he was going to be there on time, he'd have to drop what he was doing and go. Thankfully, he already had a suit in his inventory, due to his little trip going around various stores. He didn't manage to find a gift in time, but he hoped that others might have found something. He made sure to message Krysta, for a few reasons. When he was happy with the message he'd sent, he equipped his suit, and made his way to the sixteenth floor. "Glad that it's almost winter," He thought, "or I'd be sweating like crazy in this thing." When he arrived, he was glad that he wasn't late...or, at least, that's what he believed. He couldn't be sure from the first glance. So he walked up to the Groom to greet him. " 'Sup, Hazado? I honestly didn't see that invitation coming, but hey, I'm still glad to be here to support you! Besides...I don't think you'll be having any trouble with my uh, mischievous friend today. If she tries to come here, I'll try and misdirect her." He currently had no proof that Kanari was coming, so...so far, so good for Hazado's special day. He wondered if Krysta was coming at all. He hoped that she would (OOC: Don't worry, Haz, Kanari's not coming in the thread.) @Hazado Vigilon's suit(please note that this is just an image of the suit he's wearing):
  8. Vigilon continued searching for something to buy, for various reasons. He came across the fourth floor again, looking around the various shops there were. Eventually, he found a shop where he would enter in hopes of finding something useful. He soon found something that looked like a dragon. He looked at the item carefully. He liked its appearance, and he believed its enhancements would prove to be useful in long col grinds. He thought carefully about what he could do with this, then he decided to buy it. He came up to the counter with the item so that he could purchase it. "Hello, I'd like to- Oh, hey, Ennakai, I didn't expect to see you here! Then again, you did say you were an artisan... Anyway, I'd like to purchase this silver dragon here, Dragon's Treasure." After he said that, he would pay Ennakai the col, and leave with the item. -Paid 1000 Col to @Ennakai -Purchased Dragon's Treasure(3 Prosperity)
  9. Vigilon ended up finding out that he was invited to...a wedding. He didn't expect that, but, well, why not? Maybe, just maybe, he might be able to make use of his last tier two material. "Alright...maybe I can craft this into a potential gift." He picked up the hammer, grabbed the material, and went to work at the forge. Unfortunately, the item didn't turn out to be what it needed to be. Vigilon placed his forehead on the anvil, and slammed his fist down on it. "Dang it! This isn't what I needed to make!" ...So what if he couldn't make something of perfect quality out of a tier two material? He still had three tier one materials left, and he had been able to make several perfect quality items with those so far... Unfortunately, he didn't have much luck with those, either. Two rares, and one....catastrophe. "...Must this kind of crap keep happening to me?" He asked aloud, despite that his small white frost dragon couldn't find any method of comforting him just yet. Crafting Results: The three crafted items will be up in Evaluations soon.
  10. (OOC: I hope this attack works!) Vigilon watched as all the players from every party attacked, and how they reacted and/or responded. Vigilon ended up watching the demise of one of the first players he'd met...this time, the freak would pay. He remembered all who he has seen die, or learned the death of... His father...Wardege...Sunova...another player from party 1...and now Mina. There were also others who came to mind, not to mention the potential deaths that could happen if he didn't end this now. It caused him great emotional pain to imagine the demon killing Krysta, which clearly hadn't happened...but could, if he didn't end this now. With all the hurt, the pain, the loss.....a great and terrible rage would spark within him. "You say we will burn in hell... Well you can shut up! Some of us have already been through hell!" His red eyes were intense, with a blazing, raging fire burning within, as they glared at the demon. "Besides, what do you know of what hell feels like? For all I know, any memories you had of it, or of going through it, were fabricated and false! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT TRULY MEANS TO GO THROUGH HELL!!!!" He would rush for the boss, screaming out, "SO ALLOW ME TO ACQUAINT YOU WITH IT!!" One could hear from his voice, and see in his eyes, the kind of pain, or the kind of wrath, that Vigilon was going through, and most likely, become concerned over it. ID# 110331 BD: 4+3=7(Hit) Tornado Kick- 18x6-75=33 DMG to Miraak Player Stats:
  11. I have no clue what to get as a wedding gift to give to the couple(Neo and Haz) what do I do?

    1. Sunova


      I Don't Have One xD wait I AM THE GIFT

    2. Vigilon


      I actually thought that a T2 Two handed spear might actually be a potential gift, but of course the CD had to put on the trollface and screw up my rolls....and now I'm out of mats...

  12. Ha ha, I'm not scared, I....wait, what? *Looks at Teion's Journal* *Notices that she has been in one of the frontlines' battles* Oh...Oh dear... If there is confirmation that Teion will be in the tag team, we're screwed.
  13. "Yeah, sorry, there are no materials that came from this one." Krysta would say that she didn't mind taking all the col if that was what Vigilon wanted. She also gave her opinion towards what was going on with Akudo and Kanari's conversation. Once Krysta finished making her choice on the matter of loot, Vigilon would place the col in her hand. "Then by all means, take it all." He said as he smiled. He then turned back to the conversation between Akudo and Kanari. "Ok, instead of whatever it is you're about to do, I'd recommend you try this instead...why don't you two just settle this like adults? I mean, with all the time that we've been in this game, we pretty much are....I think." Kanari and Akudo looked at Vigilon, then back to each other...just to try rock paper scissors as the method of settling the dispute, which brought Vigilon to facepalm. Why couldn't they do this like most normal and fair people, trying to divide it 50-50 as much as possible? "Man oh man, it's like we've all grown into adults...but some of us don't seem to behave like most do..." Then he'd smile during his facepalm, and take his hand of his face as he shook his head. "But then again, not all of us are like most people, so I guess I can just get used to it." It was time to get back to the task at hand. "Well, back to the search, I guess!" -Gave the 810 col looted from the Mimic to Krysta
  14. @Ryo Right back at ya! We'll show you how it's done!
  15. (OOC: We'll let @Zandra let us know who dealt the final blow.) After his latest attack, Vigilon heard Dustin say some things that Vigilon believed to be kind of strange. Apologize? Sure, the players may have dealt the first attacks, but what would have happened if they just stood around after the miniboss rose up? Vigilon noticed something that sparked some anger within him. He didn't see why, but he did notice that Krysta had shed a single tear... "No...How dare......" He backed up, and with a running start, he rushed for the miniboss, leaping up for an overhead slash. "How DARE you make her cry?" He struck the head of the creature about a split-second after another player had struck the miniboss in another vital spot. With the head and vitals heavily damaged, this would make for a fitting killing blow by either player. Vigilon breathed out a sight of relief. "Phew...I think it's over." Only time will tell on this one, for Vigilon's head was looking down to the sand, and he was too tired to pay direct attention to the miniboss. ID# 109875 BD: 9+1=10(Minor Critical, +1 DMG) Slashing Strike(Sword Attack 1): 10+1+1x1.5=18 Damage dealt to Karka Queen