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  1. Winik

    [PP-F1] Long Live the Queen

    Winik yawned widely, smacking his lips as he leaned against his spear. He rubbed his eyes with the back of his left hand, looking out over the group gathered in the plaza. Blinking dazedly, he couldn't help but notice the figure calling out into the crowd. "You looking for a spot of help, are you?," he called out, standing and stretching out his back. He strode forward, swinging his spear up and across his back. "I'm always more than willing to help out a friendly face." He swiped his hand through the air, pulling up the menu that every player was now stuck with. His finger struck air, interfacing with the opaque white menu. Scrolling through his inventory, he equipped his heavy armor and let it materialize in blue pixels around him. The steel armour caught the light, the white speckles inside shimmering light starlight. "Is it just you? Or are you looking for more than just myself to join with you?," he questioned genially. "I do hope I can be of some assistance. The <<Long Live the Queen>> quest, yeah?" He looked at her over his menu, still manipulating the items in his inventory. The mats and drops that he had managed to gather glared at him with how few there were, blaming him for their lack of company. Sighing to himself, he swiped his hand upward and dismissed the menu to bring his full attention to the figure now in front of him. @Mutsu
  2. Winik

    Skill Refund Evaluation

    kill(s) Being Dropped: 1H Straight Sword (Rank 1) Mod(s) Being Dropped: n/a SP Refunded: 5 Cost: 5000 col
  3. Winik

    Coming Back

    Then that's just perfect. What should I do about my loose threads? I kind of dropped off the face of the earth on everybody..... >////>
  4. Winik

    Coming Back

    I'm perfectly happy with some of my skills I do have. I just wish to change 2 handed assault spear back to shield as it was previously as well as changing my face claim if that isn't an issue. @Neopolitan
  5. Winik

    Coming Back

    I'd love any and all help converting things over to the new systems. My intentions are to get some help with respeccing Winik without losing his backstory. My wife and I wrote the backstory together, creating the character on here as a reflection of the one in her fanfiction. I'm just looking to change his stats without making things overcomplicated.
  6. Winik

    Coming Back

    Hey all, I've been thinking of coming back but because of my schedule I'm only ever on super late in the evening. The issue is, I want to start over from the beginning but I don't want to lose all the work I put into Winik's backstory. Advice?
  7. Winik came into the shop, slightly leery of what he might find. He had heard good things about the artist, but many also held comments about his mannerisms when out in the fields. His head turned from side to side, taking in the shop. He noticed the couches and order forms, making a beeline for them as he saw no one. He had just settled himself into a chair and began filling out the order forms when a feminine voice broke through his thoughts. He jumped in his seat, toppling the chair and himself backwards. It took him a moment to extricate himself and straighten everything back up before he answered. "Just looking for custom work, I heard the artist here knows his stuff. I won't be long, I promise." Settling himself back into the chair, he filled out the rest of the forms and held them out to the lady. He hoped she didn't notice his slight shaking, but if she did she didn't say anything.
  8. To all bored roleplayers out there, I'm available for any and all threads you can think of. Comment, shoot me a message, or tag me and I'll be there.

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      Sounds cool to me, I'm happy to help

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      Me as well if you do not mind helping an old lady with earning a living

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      Just tag me in it when it's ready :)

  9. Winik picked up the chestpiece, running his hand down the smooth curvature of it. The light in the shop picked up the highlights, the speckles shining like stars. As the light played across Winik's face, he couldn't help but grin. 'I'm one step closer to being at the frontlines,' he thought giddily. He quickly swiped his hand through the air, pulling his menu up. He opened up a trade window, sliding 10 T1 mats into it and sending it to Teion. Once the trade was complete, he opened his menu once again. He tabbed through the different menus, bringing to avatar menu into view. He unequipped his Starter Iron Breastplate, the pixels of which flew into the air around him. A wide grin split his face as he tapped the new armor. A flash later, and he stood there donning his new armor. The chestpiece, pauldrons, legplates, and arm guards hugged his figure accenting his build. The pieces flowed smoothly together, the light playing off the gold trim and the star-like speckles. On his left arm, the new shield rested comfortably. He smoothly slid the shield onto his back, waving goodbye to the blacksmith as he turned and left the shop. "I think I found myself a blacksmith to keep tabs on!," he called over his shoulder. (-10 Tier 1 Mats) (+ Starlight Guard and Lunar Protection)
  10. Winik came into the shop, looking around. He didn't really know what he was doing, a player had pointed him in the direction he needed to go but no one gave him any specifics. He walked further in, cupping a hand around his mouth and calling out, "Hello? Is anyone here? I need some new gear and I was told you could possibly help me?" Further and further he progressed in. He went from display to display, taking in all the different arms and armor offered. "I need a shield and some heavy armor next, Hirru gave me a sword. I really want to prove my worth," he muttered to himself, becoming completely unaware to his surroundings. His words brought an idea to his mind. 'Do you think she does custom orders? Maybe I could get an armor set unlike anything else anyone else has! What better way to stand out as the King of Knights?!'
  11. Winik

    Face-Claim Thread

    I would like to make a face-claim of «Saber» (Arthur Pendragon) from «Fate/Prototype» for «Winik»
  12. Winik

    Winik's Journal

    Profile Username: Winik Real name: Tamaki Oikawa Age: 19 Gender: Male Height: 6' 0" Current Stats About: History/personality Virtues: Flaws: Profession Skills Non-combat: Passive: Combat: Weapon skills: Sword Arts Inventory Equipped Roleplays