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  1. I still need to complete the following quests:

    Earning a Living(Artisan)

    Let there be Light

    Long Live the Queen

    Secret Medicine of the Forest


    Kinda need to step up my game and catch up, so...anyone interested in tagging along on these quests?

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    2. Dazia


      Well, @Stryder, idk which quest you'd want to be in, but, sure!

    3. Stryder


      Iv got no preferences, whichever one you feel like ya want to do. Iv done all those before, but i'm okay doing them again.

    4. Dazia


      Alright, I'll see what I can do to start the threads soon.

      All parties mentioned include the quest taker, Dazia.

      Earning a Living(Artisan): Vigilon, Reinka, Stryder

      Let there be light: Vigilon, Steel, Reinka

      Long Live the Queen: Vigilon, Steel/Shin(Party limit is 3, so I can't take both Steel and shin with me on the quest)

      Secret Medicine of the forest: Vigilon, Steel and/or Shin, Reinka

      Sorry that I could only find one quest for you to tag along in, Stryder...