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  1. Fae was in a more lighthearted mood today. She had woken up and done her usual morning routine at her little hideout like normal and all, but today she wanted to spend some time with one of her favorite people. Opening her menu, Fae quickly found the red head who had once been an ally to her Fae sent the message to Embers and got dressed by putting on her cloak. Walking out of her tent and over to the snowman she had kept in tact for over a year now, Fae looked over it and patted it on the head. Tapping the sword beside it to ensure it wouldn't despawn, Fae started building up a snow fort. Nibbling on the cookie Pin had made for her before eating it all and gaining the stat boost, Fae patiently waited for Embers. It was a little more chilly than usual, so Fae curled up as she waited, pulling her hood over her head. @Embers Fae's Stats: Lvl: 10 | HP: 200 | DMG: 3 | MIT: 4 (1+3 from Double Fudge Cookie) Skills: Rank 2 1H Daggers
  2. Fae

    [F04|PP] Things are getting iffy (Fae)

    Fae nodded her head in agreement with Prometheus that a mask would to be too scary. "Yeah, that's why Fae doesn't want a mask. Fae doesn't like scary stuff." Fae said, giggling a little bit. Prometheus then said that there was a place he knew that sold candy every day, offering to pay. Free candy? How could Fae pass that up? "Candy!? Yeah! Fae wants some candy!" Fae responded excitedly as she rocked back and forth on his shoulders, very much excited to get some candy. She loved Prometheus so much already. First he got her a sundae, now he was getting her candy! Fae could not ask for a better friend in this game. Prometheus asked what kind of candy Fae wanted, and she answered quickly. "Fae wants some chocolate! Fae loves chocolate!" Fae answered, ruffling Prometheus's hair a little bit as she thought about candy and all the kinds of chocolate she could get. @Prometheus
  3. Fae

    [F04|PP] Things are getting iffy (Fae)

    Fae sat by herself as Prometheus went off to go get his mask, completely thrilled when the sundaes arrived, digging into hers immediately. When Prometheus returned with a mask, Fae gave him a thumbs up, unable to say anything with the ice cream in her mouth. She swallowed and shook her head when Prometheus said that she should get a mask as well to hide. "No thanks mister! Fae doesn't like masks, so Fae will pass on that. Fae likes just being herself." Fae answered, before eating another scoop of her sundae. A ping went off in her menu, and Fae checked to see what it was, accepting the friend request from Prometheus as soon as she saw it. "Thanks mister Prometheus! Fae loves more friends to play with! You've already been so nice to Fae, so Fae likes you a lot!" Fae said, finishing her sundae before hugging Prometheus excitedly. @Prometheus
  4. Fae

    [F04|PP] Things are getting iffy (Fae)

    Fae giggled when Prometheus said that she was a lot like him when he was her age. "Ha, so you were a girl when you were 9? Fae doesn't believe that mister Prometheus. Just kidding! Fae knows you mean that you were all sweet and stuff when you were 9." Fae said, laughing at her own joke. Once they were in town, Fae pulled the hood on her cloak to hide her face at least a little bit. She took it right back off once in the cafe and Fae was hopping up and down in the cafe when Prometheus ordered the two chocolate sundaes. "Yay! Sundaes! Fae loves those!" Fae cheered, now sitting down with him to try and calm down. He asked how she had gotten so awesome, and Fae shrugged her shoulders. "Fae doesn't know. Just Fae likes to be nice and do what's right! Being a good person is kinda awesome Fae guesses." Fae answered, leaning back in her seat and sitting on her knees to reach the table. @Prometheus
  5. Fae

    [F04|PP] Things are getting iffy (Fae)

    Fae pulled out a couple of posters when Prometheus said that he was looking for her for the reward, really just wanting a friend. "So you're after the reward too huh? A lot of people came after Fae, but no one really seemed to recognize me. So Fae is happy that you wanna be my friend!" Fae said, tossing the posters onto the logs for fire later on. As soon as Prometheus offered to give her a piggyback ride, Fae climbed onto his back and sat down on his shoulders. She loved piggyback rides, having done them with a lot of players in this game. "Thanks mister Prometheus! Now let us go and get our chocolate! Fae can't wait to have some sweets!" Fae thanked, raising one fist into the air with a big smile. "So mister Prometheus, if you have nowhere else to go, wanna stay at Fae's camp? Fae could use some company while hidng from the meanies with the posters." Fae offered, already imagining spending more time with Prometheus. @Prometheus
  6. Fae

    [F04|PP] Things are getting iffy (Fae)

    Fae goes to sleep rather quickly once they get back at the campsite, Fae liking the name Prometheus. It sounded like some kind of person who just wanted to do the right thing. Then again, a lot of names sounded like that to Fae. The next morning when Fae woke up, she rubbed her eyes and giggled when Prometheus booped her nose. He mentioned the chocolate and Fae hopped up with excitement. "Yay! Chocolate! But, how are we gonna get in the town? Fae heard that they don't let people with these orange cursors in there." Fae asked, wondering what they would do about the situation. Making sure her cloak was on and then putting out the campfire, Fae gave Prometheus a thumbs up. "So mister Prometheus, what are you doing out here in the woods? Just going for a fun little camp out like Fae? It's nice and quiet, although it does get a little chilly some nights. Fae likes it out here." Fae said, putting on her shoes and fixing up her hair. @Prometheus
  7. Fae

    [F04|PP] Things are getting iffy (Fae)

    Fae laughed a little bit more when the player who had insulted her said nothing and only let out cries as she stabbed him. "Aww, nothing left to say mister? Okay! Say bye bye to Fae!" Fae said, lifting up her dagger and putting it through the player's head before he shattered into blue crystals. Standing up, Fae hugged Prometheus, before taking a few steps back. He told her to put on some clothes so people don't think they're weird, and Fae nodded her head in response. She opened her inventory and got out her cloak, wrapping it around herself. "There you go! Fae can't wait for chocolate! You need a place to sleep? Come with Fae!" Fae said, turning around and skipping back to her campsite, which took a very short amount of time. "By the way, what's your name mister? Fae thinks you're kinda cool." Fae asked, looking up at Prometheus and tilting her head. @Prometheus
  8. Fae

    [F04|PP] Things are getting iffy (Fae)

    Instead of just taking back what he had said, the player instead insulted Fae further by calling her a b*tch. "Ooh! You said a bad word! Fae doesn't like that!" Fae said, swiping her dagger at his legs and knocking him over. When Prometheus told Fae she had a pretty dagger and suggested using it, her eyes lit up. So these were the bad guys that were teasing her then. "Okay mister!" Fae responded, taking her dagger and plunging it into the player's chest, giggling while doing so. "Fae doesn't like when people use bad words! So Fae has to give out punishments! Fae doesn't have a bar of soap, but would you like a dagger in your head?" Fae asked, her big smile back on her face. Looking over at Prometheus, Fae gave him a thumbs up. "So is it fine to take these meanies out mister?" Fae asked, basically asking for confirmation to kill the player she was sitting on top of. She didn't really realize that it was completely wrong what she was doing, but she trusted Prometheus that they were the good guys here. @Prometheus
  9. Fae

    [F04|PP] Things are getting iffy (Fae)

    Fae raised an eyebrow when Prometheus asked why she wasn't wearing any clothes. Fae looked down at herself just to be sure then looked back at him. "Fae isn't nakey, it's not that cold sir!" Fae said, completely used to the cold temperature of this floor. Then Prometheus told her that the player next to her called her a doodie head. "A doodie head!? You meanie! Fae gonna hurt you if you don't take that back!" Fae shouted, pulling her dagger out of her panties and pointing it at the player's neck. She didn't know any of these people, but Prometheus had already talked to her nice, so she trusted him more than the other two. And if this one called her a doodie head, with his starter gear, he might as well have committed suicide. "Fae doesn't like being called names, so you better take what you said back! Or else you'll face the wrath of Fae! The mighty dragon! Rawr!" Fae shouted, trying to let out a mighty roar that sounded more cute than menacing. @Prometheus
  10. Fae

    [F04|PP] Things are getting iffy (Fae)

    Fae was just about to set up camp for the night and go to bed, with her campfire already started. On her rare runs for errands, she saw the posters and it bothered her just a little bit that people still wanted to get her for siding with Outlander. It had been over with, but Fae still didn't quite the scale of what she did. So now Fae was sitting in her tent in her underwear, ready to go to sleep when she heard a few voices not too far off. "People are here? Ooh! Fae gotta say hi!" Fae said to herself as she walked out of her tent and skipped towards the voices. She had one hand on her dagger in case it was another person trying to get her, but was surprised to see 3 players having their own little feud. They were all about triple Fae's height, so Fae tugged on Prometheus's leg to get his attention, before tugging at the other two legs as well. "Hi! Fae is Fae, are you guys lost? Fae lives around here, so Fae can help you out if you want!" Fae greeted, introducing herself with a smile as she looked up at the three players. They seemed like nice people, then again, everyone seemed nice to Fae. @Prometheus
  11. Fae

    (PP-F1) Slice of Life

    Fae put her cloak back on after Hei told her how much he liked things at the moment. Fae's eyes lit up at the word breakfast and she bounded over to the Hanger's entrance immediately, opening the door and holding it for Hei. "Yay! Breakfast! C'mon mister Hei!" Fae said, climbing up Hei's back once she left the door open and sat down on his shoulders. She had been doing that a lot with him, getting on his shoulders whenever she was excited. If she actually tried to control herself, it didn't really work out too well. So just sitting on Hei's shoulders kept her in one place, something she realized quickly. So it became a habit for her over the years. Ruffling his hair a little, Fae looked down at Hei with a smile. "Where are we gonna go for breakfast mister Hei? Any place is great! Fae wants to have what you normally have!" Fae asked, picturing food in her head. She had breakfast with Hei about half of the mornings, so she always looked forward to what they would eat. @Hei
  12. Fae

    [OP - F2][MM] Bloodhounds

    As Fae skipped along, a dark haired player came up and said that it sounded like they would arrest Wyson on sight without even listening to him. "Far from it! Fae wants to get to know Wyson once we find him! We can't judge him so fast. A good amount of killers are nice people! So Fae wants to give him a chance!" Fae responded, looking back up at @Seul with a smile. Fae believed that everyone had at least a little bit of good still in them, so she wanted to give Wyson a chance to explain himself. But then @Hestia started to question the guy with the orange cursor and Fae immediately got upset with this. "Miss Hestia! We don't need to start doubting each other here. We all need to trust each other in this team or things will just fall apart. His orange cursor is his own business, so let's just all be friends and not fight okay?" Fae protested and then went to skipping alongside the orange player. He seemed cool. A little bit later, another guy (@Blood) showed up and basically told them that Wyson would kill them easily instead of talking, and Fae shook her head when the guy offered his protection. "No mister, Fae still thinks Wyson can be a good guy! People make mistakes and bad choices, so we have to forgive them at some point. Fae just wants to be friends with him!" Fae said, crossing her arms and going back to walking instead of skipping. There were too many people here that didn't even want to give Wyson a chance.
  13. Fae

    [OP - F2][MM] Bloodhounds

    Fae had pulled her hood over head as the team walked through the forest, just in case it rained as Lessa said it would. The last thing Fae wanted to was to get wet in a storm, it would mess up her hair and everything else. But even if she would have to get wet, it would all be worth to meet Wyson. Outlander and Sharr had went with Aereth, so they had their own assignment to take care of. All Fae had to do was meet the guy. If he seemed cool enough, maybe they could be friends. Fae liked having as many friends as she could at this time. Because right now Fae wasn't exactly the most popular person with a good amount of the players. So making allies was kind of necessary. As they walked, Vigilon, Krysta, and a girl that Fae didn't recognize all seemed to be sharing the same feelings of dread. Fae ran and caught up with them, before skipping beside them. "C'mon guys! There's no need to be worried! With all of us together, we can take down Wyson! Fae believes in all of us as a team!" Fae exclaimed, trying to cheer everyone up before the storm. @Vigilon @Krysta
  14. Fae

    (PP-F10) Meetings are Trial and Error

    Fae had been watching most of this unfold for a while now from outside of McFroppy's. Somehow, Ragdoll managed to screw things up worse than Fae thought she would. It was stupid, and now she was going to die for it hopefully. How fitting. You fail your task, so you die. But Embers seemed to be taking her sweet time with killing Ragdoll, so now was the point that Fae decided to take this into her own hands. Stepping out from behind the restaurant, Fae walked up to where Embers and Ragdoll were. "Hi miss Embers! You really disappointed Fae. You have a failed assassination, so you can't even fill her last request or kill her swiftly! Fae will take care of her for you!" Fae said as she turned towards Ragdoll. "Fae will tell miss froggy all about your little favor miss Ragdoll! Just let Fae get your uniform off you and then you can perish!" Fae said in a singsong voice as she stripped Ragdoll down to her underwear and put her uniform in Fae's inventory. After that, Fae kicked her into the pond, before turning to Embers and hugging her. "There you go miss Embers! Took out the trash for you! Fae was assigned to take you out, so while miss froggy had left, Fae went in and made miss Ragdoll invite you here! If she didn't, both she and miss froggy would be cut to pieces! But she messed up so badly, she paralyzed herself instead of you! Fae was going to take you out while you were paralyzed, but maybe next time Fae will get you! It's good to see you again!" Fae explained, going over the entire situation all the while Ragdoll would begin to drown.
  15. Fae

    [OP - F1][MM] The First Meeting

    Fae smiled and nodded her head when Lessa thanked her for her eagerness to help. More people were coming to sign up though, so Fae took a few steps back to see who else was on her team. Although just a little bit later she received a message from @Vigilon, saying that he knew everything and then threatened to take action if she crossed out a name through murder. Fae wanted to send something witty back, like 'Too Late', but Fae found it easier to just walk right up to the group of players and say hi. Even though pretty much all three of them seemed to hate her, Fae walked up to them with a smile on her face. "Hi guys! Fae is so glad to see you again!" Fae greeted as she first hugged @Krysta and then hugged @Hestia. Looking up at the three with excitement, she tried to catch up on what they were talking about. "Oh wow! You're starting a guild mister Vigilon? That's great! Fae would love to join you, but Fae is already kinda stuck in a guild." Fae said, clappong her hands a few times. Noticing the cold stare from Hestia that had also went to Outlander, Fae tilted her head in confusion. "What's the matter miss Hestia? Why the mean stare? Fae just wanted to say hi." Fae said before going back to smiling.