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  1. Fae

    [OP - F2][MM] Bloodhounds

    As Fae skipped along, a dark haired player came up and said that it sounded like they would arrest Wyson on sight without even listening to him. "Far from it! Fae wants to get to know Wyson once we find him! We can't judge him so fast. A good amount of killers are nice people! So Fae wants to give him a chance!" Fae responded, looking back up at @Seul with a smile. Fae believed that everyone had at least a little bit of good still in them, so she wanted to give Wyson a chance to explain himself. But then @Hestia started to question the guy with the orange cursor and Fae immediately got upset with this. "Miss Hestia! We don't need to start doubting each other here. We all need to trust each other in this team or things will just fall apart. His orange cursor is his own business, so let's just all be friends and not fight okay?" Fae protested and then went to skipping alongside the orange player. He seemed cool. A little bit later, another guy (@Blood) showed up and basically told them that Wyson would kill them easily instead of talking, and Fae shook her head when the guy offered his protection. "No mister, Fae still thinks Wyson can be a good guy! People make mistakes and bad choices, so we have to forgive them at some point. Fae just wants to be friends with him!" Fae said, crossing her arms and going back to walking instead of skipping. There were too many people here that didn't even want to give Wyson a chance.
  2. Fae

    [OP - F2][MM] Bloodhounds

    Fae had pulled her hood over head as the team walked through the forest, just in case it rained as Lessa said it would. The last thing Fae wanted to was to get wet in a storm, it would mess up her hair and everything else. But even if she would have to get wet, it would all be worth to meet Wyson. Outlander and Sharr had went with Aereth, so they had their own assignment to take care of. All Fae had to do was meet the guy. If he seemed cool enough, maybe they could be friends. Fae liked having as many friends as she could at this time. Because right now Fae wasn't exactly the most popular person with a good amount of the players. So making allies was kind of necessary. As they walked, Vigilon, Krysta, and a girl that Fae didn't recognize all seemed to be sharing the same feelings of dread. Fae ran and caught up with them, before skipping beside them. "C'mon guys! There's no need to be worried! With all of us together, we can take down Wyson! Fae believes in all of us as a team!" Fae exclaimed, trying to cheer everyone up before the storm. @Vigilon @Krysta
  3. Fae

    (PP-F10) Meetings are Trial and Error

    Fae had been watching most of this unfold for a while now from outside of McFroppy's. Somehow, Ragdoll managed to screw things up worse than Fae thought she would. It was stupid, and now she was going to die for it hopefully. How fitting. You fail your task, so you die. But Embers seemed to be taking her sweet time with killing Ragdoll, so now was the point that Fae decided to take this into her own hands. Stepping out from behind the restaurant, Fae walked up to where Embers and Ragdoll were. "Hi miss Embers! You really disappointed Fae. You have a failed assassination, so you can't even fill her last request or kill her swiftly! Fae will take care of her for you!" Fae said as she turned towards Ragdoll. "Fae will tell miss froggy all about your little favor miss Ragdoll! Just let Fae get your uniform off you and then you can perish!" Fae said in a singsong voice as she stripped Ragdoll down to her underwear and put her uniform in Fae's inventory. After that, Fae kicked her into the pond, before turning to Embers and hugging her. "There you go miss Embers! Took out the trash for you! Fae was assigned to take you out, so while miss froggy had left, Fae went in and made miss Ragdoll invite you here! If she didn't, both she and miss froggy would be cut to pieces! But she messed up so badly, she paralyzed herself instead of you! Fae was going to take you out while you were paralyzed, but maybe next time Fae will get you! It's good to see you again!" Fae explained, going over the entire situation all the while Ragdoll would begin to drown.
  4. Fae

    [OP - F1][MM] The First Meeting

    Fae smiled and nodded her head when Lessa thanked her for her eagerness to help. More people were coming to sign up though, so Fae took a few steps back to see who else was on her team. Although just a little bit later she received a message from @Vigilon, saying that he knew everything and then threatened to take action if she crossed out a name through murder. Fae wanted to send something witty back, like 'Too Late', but Fae found it easier to just walk right up to the group of players and say hi. Even though pretty much all three of them seemed to hate her, Fae walked up to them with a smile on her face. "Hi guys! Fae is so glad to see you again!" Fae greeted as she first hugged @Krysta and then hugged @Hestia. Looking up at the three with excitement, she tried to catch up on what they were talking about. "Oh wow! You're starting a guild mister Vigilon? That's great! Fae would love to join you, but Fae is already kinda stuck in a guild." Fae said, clappong her hands a few times. Noticing the cold stare from Hestia that had also went to Outlander, Fae tilted her head in confusion. "What's the matter miss Hestia? Why the mean stare? Fae just wanted to say hi." Fae said before going back to smiling.
  5. Fae

    [OP - F1][MM] The First Meeting

    Fae had been on the run for a bit of time now, after a few bad choices in a row, she found herself in between a rock and a hard place. Fae was mostly scared of being caught, but perhaps hiding with the good guys would make things easier for Fae to get by. Plus, it could make for some good intel if things go well. Fae wasn't exactly invited to the crowd at the monument, but seeing a few familiar faces just caught her interest in what was going on. Pulling her hood over her head to conceal most of her face, Fae went into the crowd and listened to the speech from the two players. Getting a small smile on her face as she listened. This Wyson guy sounded pretty cool, not getting caught for 27 murders. Fae planned to top that someday, but for now she had to help out here. Who knows, maybe she could even pick up on some of his tricks. Fae noticed and tried to keep her distance, not wanting a repeat of what happened last time they met. Although seeing as how if Fae wanted to have the best chance of meeting Wyson, she would have to go with Lessa. Hestia had headed for Lessa's group as well, so Fae sighed as just followed behind her and weaved her way through the crowd. Before Fae could get a word in, another guy showed up (Baldur) and also signed up for Lessa's group. After listening to how Hestia and the other guy greeted Lessa, Fae stepped up and tried to go for that same tone. Tugging at her arm to get her attention, since Fae was half her height, Fae then began her greeting. "Fae is Fae, the main DPS of... Fae's friends, not really in a guild yet. Fae wants to join you so we can lock this meanie up!" Fae greeted as she raised one fost up. This could either go great or horribly wrong depending on who else showed up. -Signs up for team @Lessa, but really team Wyson- Current Stats:
  6. Fae sighed in disappointment when Outlander said that he didn't want anyone taken out, and that they had other matters to discuss. "Awww! Fae wanted to cut someone open! Are you sure you don't need anyone taken out? Not even that meanie red headed girl?" Fae asked, tugging at Outlander's pant leg to get his attention. When Sharr said that their best member who a cute kid who betrayed her past guild, Fae pulled her dagger out of her cloak and pointed at him in a split second. "Hey! What'cha trying to say about Fae!? Fae ain't no traitor! Keep it up and Fae will cut you open!" Fae protested back, just a little bit offended. Fae still had on her cutesy smile as she threatened Sharr, before putting away her dagger after a few seconds. Outlander asked if anyone had any suggestions, and Fae raised her hand immediately. "Ooh! What if we choose our first victims!? That'd be super duper fun!" Fae suggested as she climbed up onto Outlander's back, sitting on his shoulders.
  7. Fae had been skipping through floor 4 on her usual stroll when she received a notification for a message from Outlander. They were finally meeting up to discuss the guild. At least this time it was at least somewhat private, hopefully Outlander didn't message the wrong people. Fae warped down to the first floor and pulled her hood over her head to avoid getting recognized. Being half the size of everyone else, it was easy to get spotted. After making her way through the streets of the first floor for a good few minutes, she eventually found Outlander underneath a tree. "Hey mister Outlander! Fae is here! Do you need someone taken out? Fae has been so excited for this!" Fae greeted, hugging and looking up at Outlander. It was good to see someone she could actually trust again. Fae brought down her hood and revealed her hair and face once she was done hugging him, before saluting.
  8. Fae

    (PP-F1) Slice of Life

    Fae nodded her head when Hei said that they would go once he had tea. Fae watched Hei quickly make the tea, just as quickly as everything else in this game. Then he asked if Fae wanted some, and she shook her head. "No thank you mister Hei, Fae had tea yesterday." Fae answered as she started to walk towards the exit of the Hanger. "Fae doesn't really like tea that much, it just seems like a cool thing grown ups do." Fae said as she fixed up her hair a little bit. Fae took off her cloak and then held it out to show Hei. "It's funny how quick time flies mister Hei. You made this cloak for Fae two years ago, and Fae still has it. I love how we have things going here, it's so much fun living with you mister Hei!" Fae said before hugging Hei. Two years had gone by, and yet neither of them looked a day older.
  9. Fae

    (PP-F1) Slice of Life

    Fae laughed as Hei brought out the blanket monster and curled her up in the blanket before he got out of bed. After a little bit of struggling, Fae uncurled herself and climbed out of the bed after Hei. Now they would usually have breakfast, but it seemed as though they were out of rolls. Fae changed as well and ran after Hei in order to keep up with him. "We have to get rolls today? Can Fae come this time? Pretty please?" Fae asked as she followed him out of the room. Hei usually went on his own, but Fae wanted to tag along with him to see how what he did. "Fae just wants to see how you do it, it sounds fun going out shopping!" Fae exclaimed, practically bouncing up and down as she looked up at Hei, hoping for a yes. Everything about Hei, Fae just adored. It's just like he was an actual big brother, which Fae never had, so it was a good experience for both of them.
  10. Fae

    (PP-F1) Slice of Life

    Fae nuzzled up even more against Hei when he turned around, rubbing her eyes to get rid of the drowsy feeling she had. He then asked why she was awake so early, despite it being their day off. Now Fae wanted to sleep in more than ever, but she was already awake. "Fae got too much sleep last night... so Fae is already up." Fae answered before yawning. Sleepy Fae didn't have too much patience, but she was too tired to get on top of Hei and get him out of bed like she usually did. The sunlight started to come through the window and brighten up the room. Fae was in her underwear, but she couldn't see what Hei was in due to the blanket. "If it's your day off, does this mean that you and Fae can play today!? C'mon mister Hei! Wake up!" Fae begged, getting on top of Hei with her new excitement energy.
  11. It had been about two years ever since Fae moved in with Hei in the Hanger now, and a lot had happened during those two years. Even though two years had passed, they hadn't aged due to the game's mechanics. So Fae still was still as small as a nine year old. Fae had joined and left the Guardians, and may have gotten herself in a bit of trouble. But she still stayed with Hei, trusting him the most. Fae had her own bed now, and she shared a room with Hei. This morning however, Fae had gotten up a bit earlier than usual, so she crawled out of bed and climbed into Hei's bed, snuggling up against him and trying to go back to sleep. Fae couldn't sleep, so she started tugging at Hei's arm. "Mister Heiiiiii, wake up... Fae is up now." Fae said tiredly, still somewhat half asleep. @Hei
  12. Fae started to chop up the carrot on the cutting board as told by Pin, and slid the pieces into the pot each time she chopped one. Once she was done, Fae had chopped up the carrot into 15 almost even pieces. While she did so, Pin's cat Zomekko had decided to come close to Fae and she tried to pet the ghostly cat, but her hand just sort of just phased through it. Fae still didn't say anything about it, and just scooted away from Zomekko as she she watched the soup cook. The sandy winds seemed to have died down for the night, so that was nice. "Anything else you help with mister Pin? Fae can help if you want." Fae asked, scooting over closer to him. Fae then yawned again and just looked at Pin and Hestia back and forth. Fae started to nod off into sleep a little bit, but she kept herself awake, at least until they would actually eat she would stay awake. ID: 101271 CD: 9 (No Damage) @Pinball
  13. Fae nodded her head with a big grin on her face when Pin asked if she wanted to help cook. "Yes Fae does! What can Fae do to help mister Pin? Fae isn't really good at cooking, but Fae can at least try!" Fae asked as she followed Pin in and out of the tent. It was starting to get a little chilly, so Fae wrapped her cloak around herself to stay warm. Fae looked towards Zomekko with a bit of a curious look. She didn't quite get how a familiar like that worked, but asking would only confuse herself. "You know what would be fun to do since we're camping? What if we tell campfire stories? Like we talk about scary things we've been through? Wouldn't that be fun? You go first Pin!" Fae suggested, getting a little bit excited. ID: 101124 CD: 3 (No Damage) @Pinball
  14. Fae had remained quiet for a bit and just walked alongside Pin and Hestia. They had moved on to a conversation about builds and Fae sighed with relief internally. The attention was off of her, so now Fae could go back to smiling. Fae just listened to the two of them talk, and it didn't take very long for the sun to set and camp to start being set up. Fae couldn't exactly help very much, so she sat down a bit away from Pin and Hestia and yawned, already tired. Fae watched Pin get the cooking supplies out and Fae scooted closer to him curiously. "Need help with anything mister Pin? Fae is here to help if you need Fae!" Fae asked, doing a quick salute to him. She had no idea how to cook, but she would try her best to help as much as she could. ID: 101122 CD: 3 (No Damage) @Pinball
  15. Fae watched as more people started to come, including @Pinball. He went into the water immediately, so Fae couldn't really say hi to him. But now it seemed like a good time to start. Fae climbed up her referee chair and waved her hands out. "Thank you all for coming! At this time we will be starting the first of our beach activities, volleyball! That's right, there's more than just volleyball! We'll also have a swimsuit contest and a sandcastle contest! But anyway, the first team for volleyball is Arabelle and Spangie! They will be playing against Froppy and Embers! Come on over to the net girls!" Fae announced as she got out a volleyball and tossed it to Arabelle. Fae then stepped down from her chair and pulled off the tarp on a bar right next to the net. "For the guys, feel free to grab a drink at the bar! Fae will be bartender during the game. So first to 11 points wins! Have fun!"