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  1. Fae started to chop up the carrot on the cutting board as told by Pin, and slid the pieces into the pot each time she chopped one. Once she was done, Fae had chopped up the carrot into 15 almost even pieces. While she did so, Pin's cat Zomekko had decided to come close to Fae and she tried to pet the ghostly cat, but her hand just sort of just phased through it. Fae still didn't say anything about it, and just scooted away from Zomekko as she she watched the soup cook. The sandy winds seemed to have died down for the night, so that was nice. "Anything else you help with mister Pin? Fae can help if you want." Fae asked, scooting over closer to him. Fae then yawned again and just looked at Pin and Hestia back and forth. Fae started to nod off into sleep a little bit, but she kept herself awake, at least until they would actually eat she would stay awake. ID: 101271 CD: 9 (No Damage) @Pinball
  2. Fae nodded her head with a big grin on her face when Pin asked if she wanted to help cook. "Yes Fae does! What can Fae do to help mister Pin? Fae isn't really good at cooking, but Fae can at least try!" Fae asked as she followed Pin in and out of the tent. It was starting to get a little chilly, so Fae wrapped her cloak around herself to stay warm. Fae looked towards Zomekko with a bit of a curious look. She didn't quite get how a familiar like that worked, but asking would only confuse herself. "You know what would be fun to do since we're camping? What if we tell campfire stories? Like we talk about scary things we've been through? Wouldn't that be fun? You go first Pin!" Fae suggested, getting a little bit excited. ID: 101124 CD: 3 (No Damage) @Pinball
  3. Fae had remained quiet for a bit and just walked alongside Pin and Hestia. They had moved on to a conversation about builds and Fae sighed with relief internally. The attention was off of her, so now Fae could go back to smiling. Fae just listened to the two of them talk, and it didn't take very long for the sun to set and camp to start being set up. Fae couldn't exactly help very much, so she sat down a bit away from Pin and Hestia and yawned, already tired. Fae watched Pin get the cooking supplies out and Fae scooted closer to him curiously. "Need help with anything mister Pin? Fae is here to help if you need Fae!" Fae asked, doing a quick salute to him. She had no idea how to cook, but she would try her best to help as much as she could. ID: 101122 CD: 3 (No Damage) @Pinball
  4. Fae watched as more people started to come, including @Pinball. He went into the water immediately, so Fae couldn't really say hi to him. But now it seemed like a good time to start. Fae climbed up her referee chair and waved her hands out. "Thank you all for coming! At this time we will be starting the first of our beach activities, volleyball! That's right, there's more than just volleyball! We'll also have a swimsuit contest and a sandcastle contest! But anyway, the first team for volleyball is Arabelle and Spangie! They will be playing against Froppy and Embers! Come on over to the net girls!" Fae announced as she got out a volleyball and tossed it to Arabelle. Fae then stepped down from her chair and pulled off the tarp on a bar right next to the net. "For the guys, feel free to grab a drink at the bar! Fae will be bartender during the game. So first to 11 points wins! Have fun!"
  5. Fae watched as people showed up one by one. As she expected, there was way more girls than guys so far. The one guy, @Hazado, that had shown up so far asked if he was early and Fae nodded her head as she hopped down from her chair. "Yes sir, you were just a bit early." Fae answered. @Embers and @Froppy had shown up, which got Fae a bit excited. "Oi Embers! You weren't the only one, but thanks for coming! Nice tube top, shows off the right amount of skin. But Frops and @Spangie have the chest for the guys' vote. But the col isn't the important part, just have fun! The volleyball game will be starting soon, once we get enough players for a 4v4." Fae said, speaking to everyone toward the end of her little speech. It was good to see people enjoying themselves like this.
  6. Hey everyone! I set up a beach thread for everyone, including a chance to get 2,000 col! So come if you can!

  7. In almost every anime that Fae had ever seen growing up, there was a beach or hot springs episode at some point. Whether that be Rurouni Kenshin or My Hero Academia, pretty much all of them had that episode. But knowing that people wouldn't just show up to show up, Fae decided to throw in an incentive anyone would want, col. Fae had gotten a large space for a party on floor 16 with a volleyball net set up, as well as a snack table. On the sides of the volleyball net were plenty of chairs for people to watch if they wanted to not participate. Fae put up some flyers around Aincrad to advertise the event, and once Fae had gotten everything ready, she sat down in her high referee chair near the volleyball net. Flyer:
  8. Fae

    (PP-F21) Trying to Forget

    Fae was a bit startled by the rumbling in the cave, the big rock blocking the entrance just getting Fae even more nervous. Pin leapt out of the hot springs, and Fae did the same, water dripping from her towel as well, with it sinking down to her waist. Fae ran up to the rock and pounded on it as well. "Let us out you meanies!" Fae shouted, but only laughter came back from the other side. Pin said they needed to hurry and try to find another way out of the hot springs, but Fae was entirely clueless. "Umm, Fae thought that was the only way out. Fae doesn't know what we can do Pin." Fae said as she paced back and forth with her hands on her hips. Fae kinda wanted to blame Pin for wearing clothes, but now was not a good time to say that.
  9. Fae felt a little bit bad for Hestia when she said that she hadn't really been relaxing since she was putting her life in danger and risk constantly. "Well, if you want to relax, maybe the three of us could take some time off and go somewhere fun. Fae likes hanging out with you guys." Fae suggested before going through the different places and floors they could go to in her head. Her thoughts were cut off by Pin asking how the "lovely ladies" were doing. Fae knew what kind of act he was doing, so Fae decided to mess around and play along with him. "Fae is doing just fine sweetie, Fae can tell you're ready to be naughty..." Fae said in a flirtatious voice as she rubbed up against Pin a little bit. She then burst out laughing, unable to keep up the act. "Fae is sorry, it's just too funny!" ID: 99935 CD: 11 (No Damage) Fae: 130/140 @Hestia
  10. Fae still didn't get what was so funny about asking when she would get her balloons. Hestia answered by saying that she got them in her teenage years. "Fae is getting kinda close to getting her balloons then. Fae is 11 right now, so then Fae should be getting them in another two years." Fae said, guessing that 13 counted as a teenager. Pin then added that he also got his when he was a teenager, but it just left Fae confused. She didn't really want to ask, knowing how Pin could get weird like that sometimes. Fae looked up at the sky and saw that the sun was starting to go down. They had to be nearing the cargo at this point. "So, anything you guys wanna talk about? Fae loves to listen, talking is one of Fae's favorite things to do." Fae asked, unable to think of any other subject to really talk about. ID: 99926 CD: 2 (No Damage) Fae: 130/140 @Hestia
  11. Fae noticed Hestia blush and it confused her a little bit why she was blushing. Fae saw Pin's smile and could tell he thought it was funny. "What's so funny? Fae was just wondering when she was gonna get them." Fae asked as she continued to skip. Some more sand blew by, none of it hitting Fae. Hestia said she was get them as she got older and Fae nodded. "Alright! Fae can't wait to get hers! Hopefully they're big." Fae exclaimed as she got a big smile on her face. Hestia said that even if she was happy now, Fae could change into something horrendous, which Fae decided to not say anything about it for the sake of the mood. "So, when did you get your balloons miss Hestia?" Fae asked curiously. ID: 99896 CD: 2 (No Damage) Fae: 130/140
  12. Fae

    (PP-F1) Piggy Slaying

    Hei had answered Fae by saying that his favorite color used to be turquoise, but changed it to red because he didn't want to be reminded of the ocean. "That is something we can fix! We can go to the beach on floor 16 together sometime! It would be super duper fun." Fae said, slightly excited. She was too tired to be fully excited. Fae wrapped her arms around Hei as she yawned again, before slowly dozing off and closing her eyes. It had been a great day, and Fae couldn't wait to spend so much more time with Hei from now on. It would be kinda like one of those 2 person family shows, where everyone is happy together. Just thinking about it made Fae all warm inside, a really good feeling. But that would be the next episode, for next time. Summary: @Hei: 400 col + 2 SP Fae: 400 col + 2 SP
  13. Fae still tried her best to look happy, but it was no use. Fae had gotten herself upset, and now she couldn't pretend to be happy. Eatos offered Fae a place to go if she got in trouble, but Fae just shook her head and sighed. "Thank you, but Fae couldn't stay with you if she got in trouble. You and everyone else would want Fae dead, especially mister Stryder." Fae said, declining Eatos's offer. Fae took a deep breath in and then let it back out. They were heading deep in the woods now, and Fae could hardly tell where they had come from. "Fae is still glad to spend time with you miss Eatos, you're really nice. But maybe we could change the subject. Like uh... when did your chest start growing? Fae can't wait to get hers." Fae asked, squeezing one of them while trying to change the subject.
  14. Fae was a bit confused that Hestia said that she needed help, but then she asked if Fae had killed a player on floor 4. Fae looked at the ground and nodded her head, a little bit ashamed by it. Hestia then went on to say that the voices were of guilt and that it was slowly declining sanity. "It can't be the sanity thing, Fae is perfectly fine! Fae is still smiling and happy as usual." Fae said quickly, a bit shaken by the thought of it. "The voices don't guilt Fae too much either. Sometimes they ask why Fae did it, but that's about it." Fae explained, before going back to skipping happily. Fae knew Hestia would keep going with the questions about sanity stuff, so Fae tried to change the subject. "So miss Hestia, every girl Fae has seen has two big balloons in front of their chest, when does Fae get them?" Fae asked, looking up at Hestia, hoping it worked. ID: 99830 CD: 9 @Hestia
  15. Fae continued to skip through the sand between Hestia and Pin happily before Hestia questioned what Fae meant by voices. "You haven't heard the voices? Fae hears them all the time when walking through Snowfrost. Fae can't really ever tell where they come from though. But the voices are nice sometimes when Fae is happy, and they're mean when Fae isn't happy. They've been kind of mean regardless lately." Fae explained the voices, keeping a smile on her face. Hestia told Pin that if he hadn't done much, then he could message her for help, since she was such a great tank. "Yeah, you're really strong miss Hestia! Pin is super powerful too, except when he did 1 damage to the first dragon in DHA." Fae said, laughing a little bit before patting Pin on the shoulder. "Don't worry Pin, Fae is only kidding." Fae assured, hoping he didn't feel too offended or bothered. ID: 99778 CD: 11 (No Damage) Fae: 130/140 @Hestia