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  1. Fae stopped sniffing once Stryd told her that he didn't hate her, smiling as he picked her up again. It was so relieving to finally have someone who understood her. Fae hugged Stryd as he held her, now beaming happily, giving him a quick kiss on the lips. "Mwah! Thanks mister Stryder! Fae is so happy to hear that! We can all go camping together, it'll be super duper fun! You can trust Fae on that! Fae loves you so much!" Fae said, giggling before a snowball hit Stryd's chest. Fae hopped back down and started making snowballs with Stryd when he said it was payback time. "Fae's got you covered mister Stryd! Prepare to go down miss cat lady!" Fae said pointing at Jinx with a bit of a determined look now. Snowball fights were serious business for her just like any kid, so she had a pile of decent sized snowballs ready within the minute, handing a couple to Stryd while throwing a few at Jinx. Fae was still much weaker than Stryd despite throwing overhand, but she was still having loads of fun. @Stryder @Jinx
  2. Fae nodded her head in compliance when Stryd told her she didn't have to give him anything. "But Fae doesn't need it! Fae doesn't like big scary dungeons... they're too scary for Fae. The only thing in here Fae might use is that tent! Fae could go camping with you, or maybe miss Embers! Fae hasn't played with either of you for a while! But, Embers thinks that Fae wants to hurt her or somethin', it's dumb. Fae saw that these meanies were trying to start a murder guild, so Fae joined them to just infiltrate them and maybe take out their leader, but then everyone hates Fae! Do you hate Fae too mister Stryder?" Fae asked, letting all her thoughts out now. It was weird to have to say all of this now, but it was better now than risk never getting to explain at all and end up on the end of someone's blade. That made Fae shudder with fear. "That's why Fae didn't wanna talk to miss Krysta, or mister Vigilon, they hate Fae too, so does miss Hestia. Fae just wanted to help..." Fae trailed off, sniffing a few times. @Stryder
  3. Fae listened to Benny announced the results of the raffle, and much to her surprise, she won the Adventurer's Pack. It wasn't a major win, but it was still cool to win something. Fae hopped off of Stryder's shoulder's once she was called, running over to Benny to get her prize. Once she took the backpack from him, she slung it behind her, it being very heavy for her. "Thanks mister! Fae says Merry Christmas!" Fae thanked, lugging the backpack as she walked slowly, nearly losing balance a few times. It was sturdy and heavy, considering all it contained, especially the tent. Being as small as she was, Fae was barely strong enough for it. After walking back to Stryder after a minute, Fae took off her pack and held it up to him. "Hey mister Stryder! Fae won a prize! Here you go! Fae wants you to have it!" Fae said, smiling up at him. The cat lady from earlier had won a prize too, so Fae gave her a brief thumbs up before going back to holding up the pack for Stryd to take. (OOC:@Benny claimed the Adventurer's pack) @Stryder @Jinx
  4. Wow, so Vigilon and Krysta were here? They were a perfect couple, and the missiletoe just fit them perfectly as well. While Vigilon she was fine with being here, since he knew, although just him knew, another person who knew started to put Fae on edge. When Krysta greeted her, Fae let out a low growl before waving back at her. "Hi miss Krysta! Fae is glad to see you again too! You and mister Vigilon hooked up huh?" Fae greeted back, smiling from atop Stryd's shoulders still. Thankfully, not too much attention was given to Fae from her, so she sighed with relief. She was trying to fix things, and the last thing she needed was one of those two do-gooders ruining things with her and Stryd. Yinangi came up to them as well, and Fae waved down to her. "Hi! Fae remembers you from the Valentine's party! Fae is Fae, nice to meet you!" Fae introduced herself cheerfully, recalling her saying hi to Fae at that party. @Krysta @Vigilon @Dazia @Stryder
  5. Fae stopped giggling and smiling when Arabelle went up to Stryd and said something vague to him about his guild being close. Fae didn't know any of what was going, but she knew it wasn't good based on Stryd's reaction to it and Fae's comment. He was raising his voice, and telling Fae they hadn't slept together in either way. Either way? "Huh? You can sleep together in two different ways? Fae wants to try both now! Fae had just meant cuddling together and stuff, but this second one sounds fun too!" Fae said, now more curious than before about it all. Everyone seemed to be leaving mister Stryd and the other guild leader she didn't know, so Fae got ready to hop off his shoulders if she needed to. "Everyone is leaving, do you want Fae to leave too? Fae doesn't know what to do." Fae asked, looking down at him now. Then Vigilon and another girl showed up, so Fae instead got back into a comfortable position on Stryd's shoulders, waving at the both of them. "Hi mister Vigilon! Fae is happy to see you again!" Fae waved, her big smile back on her face. @Stryder @Vigilon
  6. Fae giggled more and clapped happily as Stryder told her that there was still room in the guild for her. He even called her a divine dragon, which just made Fae all giddy inside. "Yay! Thanks mister Stryder! And a candy cane with a reindeer? That'd be so cute, Fae wants to have the full outfit then!" Fae thanked, bouncing on his shoulders again excitedly. The conversation he was having with the rest of the girls started to confuse Fae however. Something about lolicons, Fae didn't know what those were. Maybe lollipops? Like a convention for them. That's how Fae pictured it. When Jinx said that she hadn't needed to wear her onesie once she slept in Stryder's bed since it was warm, Fae got a pouty face. "You're so lucky you got to sleep with mister Stryder! Fae wanted to do that too! Can Fae have a turn sometime? It sounds like lots of fun! Laying in a warm bed, just the two of you, it all sounds like a blast!" Fae said, picturing it in her head as well. It seemed so much fun. When Stryder defended himself from Arabelle's comments by saying he didn't hit on every girl he met, Fae giggled before winking at him. "He hasn't hit on me yet, no one really has, but it'd make Fae's day if he did! Mister Pin is gone, but Stryd's really great too!" @Stryder @Jinx @Arabelle
  7. Fae smiled as Stryder bit into the cookie he gave her, his words showing that he enjoyed it. The guild had been going good too according to him, so Fae nodded her head, still looking down at him. "So is there still room for Fae to join back in? Fae's been kinda lonely lately without you guys. Especially the dragon hunting stuff. That was super fun!" Fae said, giggling as she thought back on it. When Arabelle showed up and said that the FBI wished Stryder a Merry Christmas, Fae couldn't help but burst out laughing, taking into account that Stryder was with three young girls. "My daddy got in trouble with those guys for playing with too many girls! It was funny! Mommy got mad at him for it so many times. It's why Fae got this game, Fae got tired of it sometimes!" Fae said, still laughing as she hung onto Stryder, making sure not to fall off in her laughter. Fae raised a hand with Stryder as he said they hoped they win something. "Fae's gonna give you what Fae wins, so let's hope one of us wins!" @Arabelle @Stryder @Jinx
  8. Fae watched as Pin was taken away by Itzal, unable to do anything about it. She herself felt a little guilty about it, but she shook her head and walked away, heading back to the heart of the festival where she met back up with @Stryder who was with Benny, climbing onto Stryder's shoulders again and patting his head. Fae had already switched back to her cheery self, trying to forget what just happened with Pin. "Fae is back mister Stryder! So, how have you been with the guild, Fae bets that you all have been going on fun adventures together!" Fae said, giggling a little. So many new faces with the guild, and yet almost none of the old ones. It was a little sad, but at the same time it meant that Fae could make more friends! If mister Stryder let them into the guild, then they must be good people! And yet again, Pin was blindfolded and dragged away. It scared her quite a bit. Would they have done that to her if she didn't run away from the guild recruitment? Who knows. Nomming on her cookie again, Fae broke off a piece and handed it to Stryder. "Have some cookie! Miss Hestia gave it to Fae." Fae said, looking down at him.
  9. Fae was already excited to play with the kids and play tag, and just do all sorts of fun things, but something more serious rose up when she saw Hestia walking away from the festival with someone handcuffed. Combined what she heard earlier about Pin being apprehended, Fae had to make sure nothing happened to him. Turning to Emi and Eito, Fae sighed. "Sorry to go so soon, but Fae has to look after a friend real quick!" Fae said, before darting off after Hestia and who she assumed was Pin, it was a little hard to tell because of the outfit. Fae hadn't seen him for a while, and him having an orange cursor didn't make any sense. Wasn't he the one that told her to stay away from the murder guild? Regardless, Fae knew the old Pin was in there somewhere, so she ran up behind Hestia and walked behind her, tugging at her arm. "Miss Hestia? What are you guys doing with Pin? You better not hurt him!" Fae asked, looking up at Hestia with a bit of a worried look. The other player she had hugged earlier was involved with this too, it all just seemed terrible. She wanted to try and help Pin, but both Hestia and this other player seemed to strong to even try that. @Hestia @Pinball @Itzal
  10. Fae continued bouncing on Stryder's shoulders, laughing a bit more. After he introduced her though, one of the girls that was there left. Fae added that one to her count. But then Emi and Eito showed up and asked her if she wanted to play tag. "Tag? Sure! Fae wants to play!" Fae said, before hopping down from Stryder's shoulders and hugging the two kids. Her excitement now could not be contained. She tugged Stryder's arm again to get his attention. "Fae is gonna go play tag for a bit, don't go leaving this festival without Fae, because Fae will be right back!" Fae said before turning back to Emi and Eito with a smile. "So who's gonna be it first? One of you? Or is Fae gonna be a big scary dragon and chase you both? Rawr!" Fae asked, making her usual dragon roar that was never as menacing as she wanted it to be. @Hydravion @Stryder
  11. Fae finished helping the kids with putting the head on the snowman, slightly proud of finishing it. She was about to start decorating the snowman's face with the kids to give it a more festive look, but then she spotted someone she really wanted to see, @Stryder. Running up to him faster than anyone else she had run up to anyone else at this festival, Fae immediately climbed up Stryder's back, sitting down on his shoulders like she usually did when they met. "Hi mister Stryder! Fae is super duper happy to see you again! You missed Fae didn't you? Well Merry Christmas, Fae is a reindeer this year!" Fae greeted, beaming with joy as she ruffled his hair a little and looked down at the other players with him. "Ooh! Are you guys part of Stryder's guild? Fae is Fae, and Fae used to be part of it!" Fae said, introducing herself to the 4 of them, none of whom she recognized. @Dustin @Jinx @Arabelle @Penelo
  12. Once again, rejection to play from another old pal of hers. This was starting to become a trend at this point and Fae was starting to get tired of it. Walking away from Prometheus, Fae left the NPC kids alone, not wanting to start anything like a snowball fight with them. She liked them, more than the fact that they would actually play with her. It's that they were kids just like Fae. All of the actual kids had been weeded out of this game mostly, so NPCs were her go to buddies. Other than Adrian, Fae hadn't seen a single actual kid this year. Maybe that's what Fae wanted for Christmas, to see Adrian again, just a hopeful reminder that other kids still existed. Everyone already seemed to have their friend group or even just one other person to spend the festival with. "One, two, three, then Prometheus..." Fae counted the people who had turned her down to play so far, and it just made her more sad than anything. What was even the point of coming here? She already expected this result of being lonely. Maybe if someone like Hei or Pin would show up, Fae would have someone to play with, but this didn't seem to be the case. Looking over at Hidden and Mina, Fae considered for a very brief moment playing with them, but they were having a more emotional moment than anything. A few tears ran down Fae's face as she walked back over to help the child NPCs build a snowman this time. Fae made simple talk with them, just simple talk. That made the time go by painlessly and just let her enjoy the moment. Regret filled Fae, so much regret for everything she had done lately. She had everything she wanted, a fun guild, close friends, and everyone loved her. Now she had made so many enemies, almost got herself arrested and possibly killed, people like Hestia now hated her, it was all too much for Fae to think about. Shaking her head, Fae tried to forget how things were back then, not wanting to make herself suffer anymore. Wiping away her tears and putting on her usual cheerful smile, Fae giggled and continued helping the kids with their snowman. The whole time she was thinking she had rolled quite a large snowball for the body, to where two other NPC kids helped her push it. This was fine. Everything was fine. Fae needed be to happy this season, that was all, and these kids were great!
  13. Fae made a slightly pouty face as @Itzal told her she couldn't play, before giving a small salute when he said that he was taking the role of watching over others during the festival. Fae nodded her head when he told her that someone else might have fun playing with her. "Okey dokey mister! Bye bye!" Fae said before turning around and walking away, looking around and not realizing that he had looked towards someone else for her. She kept was going to join the kids again, but now she decided to join the raffle, anything to get friends really. So Fae strolled up to @Benny and tugged at his arm as she usually did to get his attention. "Hi mister! Can you enter Fae in the raffle? Fae's gonna bring you back a cool drawing in a bit too! It's gonna be all Christmasy!" Fae asked excitedly. She looked around more after entering the raffle, spotting @Prometheus and running up to him quickly. "Hi pal! Fae is happy to see you again!" Fae said, hugging him and wrapping her arms around his waist. It was nice seeing the guy again, someone who didn't hate her yet.
  14. Fae cotninued playing with the kids, now almost done with their snow fort. While it was fun, she knew that once she left them, the snow fort would disappear since they were NPCs. Looking over at how everything was going with the festival, a lot more players were showing up, none or them Fae recognized. There's a lot of strong people here, probably why I know none of 'em... Fae thought to herself as she looked into the crowd. Then she saw @Itzal staring at her. It wasn't that she could see his eyes or face or anything like that really, just his opening of his hood was right in her direction. Fae didn't know why he was staring, but she figured it was safe to talk to him at least. "Hi mister! Did you wanna play with Fae today? Whether you wanna or not, you're gonna get a big hug from Fae!" Fae said before running up to Itzal and hugging his waist, looking up at him. The bell on the collar she was wearing was jingling wildly with her movement, going along with her whole reindeer outfit.
  15. Fae sighed in slight disappointment as @Hestia talked to her in a neither happy nor upset tone. She crossed her arms as Hestia ruffled her hair a little, turning around. "If you still hate me at least let me know..." Fae muttered as she fixed up her hair from the way Hestia ruffled it. The other guy that introduced himself as @Spencer seemed weirded out by Fae, but at least he waved. "Merry Christmas to you Spencer have fun!" Fae said cheerfully as she smiled back at him, walking away quickly to keep him from getting uncomfortable. "Rats, looks like all the grown ups don't wanna play with Fae..." Fae said to herself as she walked around the festival to look for someone else to play with. Finding no one else, Fae joined the NPC kids in building a snowfort, fitting right in with them aside from her pink hair making her stand out. After what she had done, Fae should have expected this kind of result if she attended a party or festival like this. When Fae heard the announcement about the art contest and the raffle, Fae shrugged her shoulders. Any more attention being drawn to her just meant more people would remember to hate her, so Fae decided to pass for now.