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  1. Krysta

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Krysta would notice what Kanari had said. "In a relationship? Yes." The expressions on Vigilon's and Kanari's faces told Krysta something that brought a potential problem. Based on the situation...there was a chance that Kanari liked Vigilon...and he had just now realized it. Krysta's calm demeanor broke, being replaced by concern. Yinangi called out for Vigilon to kiss Krysta back, which he did. Krysta tried to focus on the positives, but other than her relationship with Vigilon, they were starting to dwindle... Vigilon would ask Krysta if she thought they should see what the merchant across the road had in stock. "Sure, I'll come along." When she passed by Yinangi and Dazia, she thought about the two. Yinangi seemed to be a much kinder person than Dazia, so why did she befriend that murderer? @Vigilon @Dazia Vigilon noticed that there was a raffle, and he decided to sign up for it. Since Krysta's pockets were probably too light for certain items, she might as well enter it too. "I would like to enter as well." -Krysta enters the raffle @Benny
  2. Krysta

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Krysta smiled when Vigilon came over to her. He complimented on her appearance, then he asked what she needed him for. To answer, she would simply kiss him. If Vigilon got confused, she would simply point above the two players' heads, where a mistletoe was hanging. "I just knew you'd come to me, whether you knew about the mistletoe or not. It's good to see you here on this wonderful time of year, Alex." She looked over to the other players, and saw two who she recognized. Kanari and Fae. The conversation seemed completely normal, so was Vigilon proven wrong, was this a facade, or did Fae have a change of heart once more? Only one way to find out. Treat the conversation as if it were a normal one. "Oh, hello Fae, you seem to be doing well." She then looked to Kanari. "You haven't been causing too much mischief, have you?" Finally, she would look over to the player she didn't know. "Hello, my name is Krysta. And you are?" @Vigilon @Stryder @Fae
  3. Krysta

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Krysta loved this wonderful time of year...but if only she had any family to spend it with... Memories of both sides of her family drifted throughout her mind, reminding her of all who she had lost, including one she had lost in this game... "I will avenge you, Leif, no matter what it takes... I will vanquish the one responsible for your death one day..." Why was it now that she must take a wistful walk down memory lane? She wondered if most of Aincrad's players had a shattered past, being trapped in this game, unable to return to their families or lives. Will the holidays ever be the same? Although the sights remained beautiful as always, there was always the pain of loss and separation to annually tear into Krysta's heart. She remembered so much, how her mother would often tell her stories, wonderful ones of adventure, chivalry, justice, and more, not to mention the Christmas stories she was told during December. Those childhood memories were precious to her, for they were among the memories she had from the years when her mother was still alive. She sat down on a bench for a minute in hopes of calming down, for tears began to run down her cheeks. The memories, and her situation, had began weighing down on her. About a few minutes later, she was able to wipe her tears away, and begin focusing on the positives of this time, hopefully for the rest of the event that might be ongoing. She might not have had any family left, but she did have friends, and, of course, a very sweet boyfriend. She soon found Vigilon, talking to some players. Kanari was present as well. She looked around her, then above her. She smiled once she spotted something in particular hanging down from an overhang of a building's roof. She looked back over to Vigilon, smiling as she did so. "Aaaalleeeex, do you mind coming over here for a quick second?" Now all she had to do was wait and see what happened. @Vigilon Krysta's Attire:
  4. Krysta

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Krysta smiled, knowing that everything was going to be just fine now...even better, thanks to the fact that the environment was being restored, light shining once again, and life returning to the grass. Vigilon would pass by and say to her before leaving that she could count on him being there if she needed him. "Same to you, Alex." She knew that her work was done here. Maybe she would visit the floor again someday, when the restoration of the floor was complete. She walked over to the two NPC priests who requested for the players' help in their time of need. "Farewell, and may The Lord shine his light, guidance, and grace upon your land." She would then take her leave, wondering what she should do next. For now, of course, she would head over to the teleport gate, and call it a day. "Teleport: Taft!" And she would teleport to the eleventh floor. -Krysta has left the thread
  5. With the Tournament fast approaching, Krysta looked throughout various shops, hoping to find something that may help her with combat against other players. Having nowhere else to turn at one point, she decided to go to her boyfriend's shop to see what he had up in stock. When she arrived, she looked throughout what was available, while Yolviinsil would take flight to find Veriost. "There must be something... Oh? What's this?" She found a shield made from white metal that was lined with silver. It was of elegant design, and Krysta began to think about whether or not she could use it. "I'm no tank...but that could sure help me out in a rough battle." After thinking it over, she brought the item up to the counter. "Hey, Alex, how much do you want for this?" @Vigilon Ordered item: Regal Retribution(1 MIT, 2 Thorns)
  6. V0rX would call Krysta "girlie", and say that he admired her guts, before giving the information that was requested. "If you received that cursor during your time in the Guild, then I will not stand idly by while this Maliox does as he pleases! So long as it is possible for me to do so, and as long as I draw breath, such murderous schemes will not prosper! I shall stand against them!" Vigilon seemed to know something about the Griffin Legion, based on how he said it. The way V0rX responded to the knowledge of his name would only confirm that Vigilon had some history with one of them, someone named Garixon. Leyran would offer a challenge to Vigilon, one that could potentially kill him, unless he conceded, from what was discussed. Krysta had a reason to believe that Leyran intended to kill Vigilon either way, and that he might just send V0rX to finish him off, no matter the result. Leyran asked V0rX to make sure that no one interfered. "This is a trap..." Krysta looked around her, then she pointed her weapon at the orange player. "Perhaps if I kept you occupied, you wouldn't be able to comply if Leyran asked you to kill Vigilon. I will stand and fight, if that is what it will take!" She wasn't going to let someone kill her boyfriend. Not today, not ever.
  7. Krysta watched and listened as The other players spoke up. Auranika was confused when the other players showed up, but Zerii explained the matter. Petastora would say, "I helped to persuade the her to let the rest of us come along." The cloaked player would take the cloak's hood off, and reveal himself and his intentions. Before Krysta could ask what the Griffin Legion was, Leyran revealed that he felt threatened, and he would call for his backup, a player named V0rX. V0rX would emerge from the trees and take off his cloak, revealing himself and his physical build. The player had an orange cursor, which caused Krysta to become wary. She would point her weapon at him, saying, "What kind of person are you? Are you a criminal mercenary, or a murderer? I'll ask for honesty, please." She kept her distance though, for despite the fact that she had many allies near her, she did not know what level V0rX was, or what he was capable of.
  8. Krysta

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Krysta smiled knowing that all would be well, and that it was only the demon who was slain. At first, she was surprised to see that Miraak was fine. When she got closer, she saw Neo pull out her new weapon and point it at Miraak. The weapon would redirect when Sunova tried to intervene. Something just wasn't right with that blade... She found herself about to act rashly, and if the blade wasn't sheathed, Krysta may have been driven to deflect it using her own weapon. She turned to the NPC. "You weren't the only one at fault. The Demon is to blame for what we all endured in there! The monstrous being has been vanquished now, so we can all be at ease. I forgive you, Miraak. You had good intentions, despite having the wrong method. You can still make this world a better place, we each have a part to play in order to do so. We all have a part to play in the Lord's plan for us all. They are plans to prosper us, and not to harm us, and he hasn't failed yet, nor will he ever fail period." Krysta smiled as she finished her words. @Miraak Krysta looked back to Neo. She should congratulate her on being the one to end the battle and vanquish the demon. She walked up to her. "Hello, I just wanted to congratulate you on finishing the fight and slaying the demon. As a rapier user myself, perhaps there are a few tricks I could learn from you." Her attention became divided after she said those words. Her eyes looked to Neo, then to the sheathed weapon, then back to Neo, and back to the weapon again. "I'm sure you may find a way to use that for the greater good...of course, I can't possibly imagine ever wielding a weapon such as that..." She failed to keep herself from cringing at the thought, which was followed by a mild shudder, with a shiver sent down her spine. "Oh...Sorry, I didn't cause any offense, did I? I never meant any." @Neopolitan (OOC: RP trait discovered! Krysta will refuse anything containing the fallen enhancement. If her significant other has an item with fallen, she will just refuse to hold/equip it.)
  9. Vigilon asked Krysta if she had any use for a set of light armor that Vigilon pulled out of his inventory. "I might. If this set of light armor is not as good as what I have currently, or the other unidentified light armor I have, I can easily keep it to stock my shelves with later when I finally complete that quest." After thinking it over, she accepted the light armor. Vigilon stopped suddenly, and then began moving slowly. A conversation was barely audible to Krysta. "Do you hear something?" She asked quietly. Soon, she saw two players conversing with one another, one of them matching the description Vigilon had given. Vigilon accidentally stepped on a stick that snapped, and then Akudo walked in to make one thing clear. The shady player, from his words, seemed suspicious to Krysta in multiple ways. When Aranika finished speaking, Krysta would step up to speak. "I agree with Auranika. You appear shady and suspicious in almost every way, not to mention your deceit has been undone. Reveal to us your intentions!" -Krysta has accepted the <<Unidentified T1 Perfect Light Armor>>
  10. Krysta listened carefully to the answer. She was a bit surprised about the material Auranika's armor was made from, and that it was complete with...apparently, flightless metal wings. "I fail to understand why she would wear armor made from gold. I mean, shouldn't gold be used in an artisan's crafts, for one? The weight of the armor would also be quite heavy, too." It wouldn't be long before Krysta received a message from one of the other parties. "Well, Alex, it seems that Auranika has not been seen in the settlement, so that's one portion of this floor searched. Laida also noted that her group is free to join up with one of the other groups if possible." She wondered what his next choice would be, or if her party would run into the other one still searching.
  11. Krysta

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    The battle was over, and the demon was vanquished. Krysta left with only a battle to remember, a valuable stone, and some col. Other than that, there wasn't much there. Domarus came up to speak to the players around. It made sense, and so far, it seemed like, in terms of her own level, she would be needing more practice. Krysta soon saw two players who she thought had been killed. She rushed over, and she thought her eyes were deceiving her. "Y-you're....alive? Wh- what happened? I- thought he...." here they were, alive and well. She saw two others talking to them. One was Hazado, the other, was someone she didn't recognize. "Oh, um, I apologize if I'm interrupting... I haven't seen you at all during the battle against Miraak... A frontliner, I presume?" Krysta was actually curious about how the frontlines were. If it wasn't too dangerous for someone of her build, she might be able to support them one day. @tricolor_mina @Sunova @Baldur
  12. After she had received an invitation, and purchased an item she'd hoped would be an acceptable gift, Krysta would make herself another dress. When she was finished, she would equip it, take the gift she'd wrapped, and head over to the floor where the wedding would take place. During her trip there, she received a message from Vigilon. She was almost there at this point, so she would just speak to him when she got there. She thought about the setting of the area. Perhaps the couple wanted to enjoy the sunset after the wedding. Seeing that it was a beautiful sight, the sun over the ocean, casting many warm colors over the waters...it was the only reason Krysta could guess at this particular moment. When she reached the event that had yet to start, she saw Vigilon speaking with Hazado. "Hello, Alex. I apologize for the delay of my response, but I was on my way to the wedding as you sent the message. I understand that you at least tried...so maybe the gift I brought can be from both of us." She then turned to speak with Hazado. "Congratulations, Hazado, I'm sure it will be a wonderful wedding ceremony." @Vigilon @Hazado Krysta's Dress(Note: I couldn't find a good image that someone wasn't modeling, so please bear with me and try to imagine Krysta wearing the dress.):
  13. Krysta

    [OP-F1] Birth Of Color

    If there was one thing Krysta liked to do, it was to see the beautiful scenery that changed throughout the seasons. The grove was often a beautiful sight, and it would be incredible to see again once winter came. She explored it for a bit, but soon she heard a splash of water. She looked to see that someone may have fallen into a pond. She rushed over to help out. "Goodness, are you alright? You're soaking wet, did you fall in?" Krysta then began to search her inventory for something that could help, then pulled out some linen cloth. "Here, you can use this to dry off." Yolviinsil hid herself behind Krysta as usual when she rushed to help out, and the small ruby red feathered dragon poked her head out from over Krysta's shoulder, looking at the player shyly. Krysta was still slightly worried about the player who was soaking wet from the pond. "I sure hope you're all right. With the weather getting colder, I'm not sure what might happen if someone was to fall into freezing cold water." She held out her hand in greeting, in case the player was willing to shake her hand. "My name is Krysta." @Ryoko
  14. Vigilon gave Krysta the col, all 810 of it, smiling as he did so. "That's very generous of you, Alex, thank you." She said as she smiled. Vigilon gave his suggestion to Kanari and Akudo, who then began doing Rock, Paper, Scissors as their solution, to which Vigilon facepalmed. "Well, not everyone has the same solution to a problem, besides, it was their choice, not ours." She thought. Vigilon spoke about what just happened, and smiled as he stopped facepalming. He then decided that it was time to return to the search. "He's right, we must press on!" Krysta had only seen this player they were searching for once, at a party, so she didn't know what she looked like out in the field. "Hey, Alex, do you know what Auranika looks like out in the field? I've only seen her at a party wearing a dress so far, so do you know anything about her appearance whenever she's outside the safe zone?"
  15. Krysta watched the battle continue, wondering what she should do. She watched as everyone rose to strike down the demon, using their most powerful Sword Arts. Every able warrior prioritized the damage they were dealing over their own lives... Thus, she would watch in horror as the terrible demon would finish off yet another player from the first party. She couldn't take it anymore. This was the final stretch, she wouldn't be healing anymore. She took out the damage crystal in her inventory, and used it to increase her damage. The time was now. She would pull out her weapon, and get into her usual justified battle stance as she would shout towards the demon, "I will not stand by a second longer watching people die!" Her eyes were ablaze, and one could see the justified anger in her eyes, blazing like blue flames in them. "I will strike you with all I have! Prepare yourself for your imminent defeat, Fiend of Hell!" She would rush in, and strike with all her might. This monster would die here. If not by her hand, then maybe a fellow party member. -Used Standard Damage Crystal(+3 DMG), Krysta's Base DMG has increased to 10 for the remainder of the thread. ID# 110329 BD: 6+1=7(Hit) Crucifixion: 10x6-25=35 DMG Player Stats: