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  1. Krysta

    Anyone need sig?

    *raises hand* I would like to have one.
  2. Krysta

    The time has come

    If you are still accepting players for this, I would like to join in. My character is only level 18, but she has some minor damage and rank 2 healing on her, so I think she can at least help with these quests.
  3. Krysta looked over to see what was going on in the water, since Vigilon looked over to it to see his friend drag someone under, followed by Arabelle dragging the other under, and when they all resurfaced, they were all dragged under by the first to be pulled under. Vigilon explained his experience being one of those who Kanari had dragged under. It explained why Vigilon wasn't surprised with Kanari dragging the guy under. Sunova said that Krysta and Vigilon were cute together, and that Vigilon had a nickname for her...? "Oh, ahaha, actually, Jewel is my real name. We decided to call each other by our real names when we got into a relationship. Although, if it wasn't my name, it would truly be a nice nickname." Sunova said that she heard that Krysta was very romantic and that she respected that. What could have brought that to her- The note. Vigilon must have told Sunova about it. It would be the only explanation for this. Krysta blushed slightly upon the realization. Sunova seemed to be hyper at this time, for she was hopping up and down a bit over seeing Krysta and Vigilon together. @Vigilon @Sunova
  4. "Volleyball...I've never done it myself, but I've watched it once or twice. Of course, If I was to do it, I'd be on your team." Shortly after she said that, Vigilon's friend rushed by, heading straight for the water. To Krysta, Kanari seemed unbelievably reckless. Kanari dove into the water, splashing the two guys she dove in front of in the process. Krysta turned to see a white haired girl coming up to her and Vigilon. She introduced herself as Sunova, then asked Krysta about her name, hoping to guess it correctly. "Why, yes. I am Krysta. It's a pleasure to meet you, Sunova." Sunova seemed acquainted with Vigilon. Chances were, the two had spoken about Krysta. She turned to Vigilon. "So, Alex, now that we're here, what should we do first?" She was curious as to what Vigilon would think of doing first. There seemed to be plenty of people to talk to, and quite a few things to do. @Vigilon @Sunova
  5. Krysta was wondering what she would do for the day, when she received a message from Vigilon. She would send the following reply, She then made sure she had the right attire for the occasion in her inventory. A modest white swimsuit, and a white dress with a floral pattern. She then traveled to the sixteenth floor(after spotting the notice on the bulletin board, of course), and she walked over to the beach where the event would be taking place after equipping the swimsuit and dress. She looked around, and saw only three players she knew, including Vigilon. Obviously, the first thing she would do would be to walk up to Vigilon and speak. "So, Alex, I read about the event on the bulletin boards. Have you figured out what competitions there will be?" Appearance:
  6. Krysta

    [OP -F1] Flashback

    Krysta's thoughts drifted to her memory of that fateful day, when the game's creator revealed that this was no longer a game. Before she had holed up, there was a short period of time, starting from the announcement, and it lasted about three days before she hid herself in the Town of Beginnings for a long while... "I...I can't believe this..." she thought. "I must be having a nightmare or something... Wake up, Jewel, wake up!" She pinched herself, she slapped herself in the face, but to no avail. She felt the pinch and the slap, but not the pain. "It...it can't be... Am...am I on my lonesome in this mysterious new world?" Nothing seemed to make sense at this moment, she wasn't taking the news too well. "Now I've lost all of my family...first the plague took Mother while she fought against it, it took Aunt Alison and Uncle Damien as well...on Father's side, my family spread out too far for frequent visits...now I've been separated from Father and Leif, and I'm trapped in this game..." She walked as she revealed this horrible truth to herself, and then she tripped over the legs of someone sitting down, for she was not paying enough attention to notice the player there. "Oof! Ahh, I'm so sorry!" @Dustin
  7. Krysta had trouble understanding the pink haired player's logic for having the least amount of players on the task that she was essentially dominating. She decided to speak up in favor of the one who had decided to begin this task in the first place. "The matter was first addressed by Vigilon. By all means, he should have a say in all of this, since he was the one who chose to act first." The woman who spoke to the pink haired player saw her hold a dagger to her neck; a false threat. It was obvious, seeing that no damage could be dealt in a safe zone, unless there was a duel. "Please." She rolled her eyes, and pulled out her own weapon, a two handed spear with a spearhead that shone like a crystal...wait, was the spearhead itself a crystalline material?? She pointed the weapon at the pink haired player. "Your false threat means nothing to me. Besides, in this game, I've been through worse, more intimidating foes than the demeanor you seem to portray. Let the other players go with you. If you don't agree, I will come along myself to assure that we work together as a group. You might learn something." @Vigilon
  8. Krysta

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Krysta smiled, and took a bow before leaving the stage once her audience finished applauding. She was happy to know that the other players enjoyed listening to her sing. As she made her way off the stage, she walked past Vigilon, saying, "Good luck, Alex." It was soon announced who would be singing next...Dazia was here. It wouldn't do to try settling the conflict here, as not only was there a ceasefire, but it would also reflect poorly on her in various ways. She wouldn't end this yet...but soon... Krysta decided to watch her sing, and was actually surprised. Dazia, as it turns out, sang pretty well, and the song she sang was not without feeling and meaning....but the question was, is Dazia truly trying to make her way into the light? Was she having doubts? Krysta might need to learn more about this Dazia, in case there was more to this than she thought... She looked up and saw that Yolviinsil had flown to the chandelier, looking down shyly towards the multitudes of players. Krysta giggled, and said, "Come on down now, Yolviinsil, I'm sure most of the players here are nice!" Yolviinsil hesitated, but she did fly down and land on Krysta's shoulder. She walked over to Tsu. "So...what did you think of the song I sang?" @Vigilon @Froppy
  9. Krysta still looked sternly at Venorim, even though he had essentially told her that he intended to play it fair from now on. Vigilon decided it was time to head out, but then the door was blocked by someone. This mysterious player took off her hood and bandanna before speaking, and what she said basically meant that she wanted to do it herself. Kanari and Azrea didn't seem to like this at all. Krysta had her own opinion on the matter. "How do we know we can trust you? Besides, I still wish to help." This was probably going to end up nowhere. From behind, a voice said, "Having trouble, are we?" Krysta turned around and saw a woman standing there. She walked over to the pink haired player. "Why do you deny their help? Do you see them only as obstacles towards your goal, or do you wish to prove how skilled and secretive you are by doing this on your lonesome?" @Vigilon Petastora:
  10. Krysta heard someone else offer to join, and Venorim said that the player who had just offered to join wouldn't be going without him. Was this player a member of the Platinum Force? The player scoffed, and asked if Venorim was supposed to be her babysitter or something else of the like., and said she could handle herself. Vigilon recognized her, noting that she had changed her appearance somewhat, but not her personality. Kanari asked Vigilon who the two players were, and Vigilon answered the question, giving some information about the black haired player, Azrea, as well as info on Venorim. Krysta herself hadn't really heard much about this Victor Falcon person, but from what Krysta could tell, there were definitely chances that she might encounter him in this game at some point. Venorim gestured to Azrea as he spoke of his failure, and it seemed that Venorim was tasked with keeping an eye on Azrea...but why? Krysta feared she might find out soon enough, but wouldn't want to know it. She did have a few stern words for Venorim, however. "I do hope that you've learned to not be a dishonorable thief." @Vigilon
  11. Krysta listened to the conversation unfold. Vigilon mentioned Auranika, the player who was at the event Nova had set up, the one with a karaoke competition. The player who's arrival was announced, said to be the leader of a Guild known as the Angelic Brigade. Kanari asked Vigilon who Auranika was, and he revealed her real world identity. It seemed that Kanari might have not exactly had the best history with this young woman. Vigilon said that he had guessed it was Akudo who was the cloaked player that spoke to Auranika, but with the proof right in front of them, it was now likely that a shady player had spoken to the young woman, probably for some ill intent. Vigilon asked if Krysta was in on the task of helping. "I wouldn't stand idly by while some shady player gets what he wants! You can count on me to assist in this task!" @Vigilon
  12. Krysta

    [OP - F2][MM] Bloodhounds

    Fae's attempt to brighten things up for Krysta were unsuccessful, for Krysta now distrusted Fae from what Vigilon had told her some time ago. It seemed that Kanari wasn't feeling any dread whatsoever. Krysta began to wonder how on earth Kanari was so spirited, no matter the situation. A player with an orange cursor came and spoke to them, saying that they were going to arrest Wyson without even asking for his side of the story. "Three things: One, we are hunting down a mass murderer who has killed twenty-seven players. Two, even if we did ask, he would probably lie to further his advantage, and I would rather not be two steps behind this fiend. Three, how could I fully trust someone I don't know who bears the mark of the murderer; the orange cursor above his head?" A buff looking male came near, assumed the three players he was looking at weren't very strong. Krysta, honestly, had already had a few...encounters with such people back in the real world. If they weren't trying to show off for her, they were trying to find other means, such as love letters, to try and draw her towards them...it happened so much that she began to avoid them as much as possible...so naturally, she'd prefer to avoid following what this one was asking. "I'd rather stay close to my boyfriend, thank you very much." She said to the buff player as she took hold of Vigilon's left hand, and would be staying close to him as long as the buff player was around. It seemed that, from what Fae was saying, Fae wanted to befriend the murderous fiend... Oh dear... @Vigilon @Fae @Seul @Blood
  13. Krysta

    [OP - F2][MM] Bloodhounds

    Krysta had set out to seek out a mass murderer and bring him to justice...but the trip had a rather somber mood, and was filled with dread. Thundering clouds hung in the air, and bone-chilling winds blew. From the conversations Kanari and Vigilon were having, it seemed that Vigilon was feeling a sense of dread as well. It was nice to know that Krysta wasn't the only one feeling dreadful anticipation, but this was the first time she had seen Vigilon seemingly worried with a sense of dread. Thunder rumbled overhead. There would be no peaceful calm before the storm came, that was certain. Lessa said that it might rain soon, so they should see if they could accomplish their mission before then. Vigilon asked Krysta an unusual question. "I'm afraid not...it all seems so dark and dreadful...this all seems so dark...but...maybe the light will break through in the end, and we will bring Wyson to justice." @Vigilon
  14. Kanari had responded to Krysta's question completely in a casual way. What she said was, "Absolutely. I'm stubborn in the face of stupid...twenty-four seven." She didn't even seem remotely concerned at all, and she was completely blunt on her answer, too. "I...I don't get how...I..." Vigilon seemed relieved to know that Krysta wasn't completely bothered by how he had handled the situation he was in. It wasn't long before another player came up to the three players. He had red hair, a red scarf, and he seemed to know Vigilon and Kanari. From what she heard, the player's name was Akudo. Akudo asked for payment on intel, so he must have been some sort of hired informant. Vigilon realized something, and then seemed worried. "Is something wrong, Alex?" What could this be? Could it be something serious, or could it be something minor? Krysta waited to hear Vigilon speak again. He might speak of the new situation. @Vigilon
  15. Krysta

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Vigilon and Krysta were approached by Arabelle and Tsu. Arabelle suggested that Vigilon and Krysta sing a duet, a cute idea, but Vigilon seemed flustered, and even asked for his opinion. "Heehee, I actually think it would be a nice idea...I actually sang once, and he decided to join in." She was about to continue when Nova came and made the announcement that the Karaoke was about to start, and she called the players involved to the stage. She then announced who would be going first...and it was Krysta. Nova came to the players and wished them luck. Krysta breathed in, and breathed out. "I'll do my best..." She made a chuckle that trailed off after saying that. She managed to come up with a song that she had once heard. She had heard it various times, as her mother had sang it during Krysta's early childhood, and Krysta occasionally sang it herself from then on. She knew what she would sing. The Voice. (OOC: This song should give away the singing style Krysta prefers. The voice singing the song is actually quite close to Krysta's.) @Novafire @Vigilon @Spangie @Epsilon @Dazia @Pinball @Sharr @Froppy @Arabelle @Grimm