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  1. Laida had a good laugh at Vigilon's reaction to the question of whether or not he needed therapy. Yolviinsil had been in flight during the latest few conflicts, and she had finally returned to Krysta's shoulder. Laida and Mitria spoke for a bit as Krysta accessed her inventory, and pulled out the pendant. "So, Mitria, you still want to see the pendant? I've got it right here." "Oh! That's right, the pendant!" Mitria studied the pendant very carefully, taking every inch of this particular one into consideration. "It's...beautiful...I...I think is kind of symbolizes a bond...between two people...intriguing..." Mitria handed the pendant back to Krysta. "It's such a lovely pendant. You should keep it as long as you can!" "Oh, um, thank you." Vigilon spoke of finding an inn for Krysta to stay for the night, and Krysta almost yawned. "Well, this day has been quite eventful...and exhausting. Maybe we should take some time off..." Summary: Krysta receives: 9 SP(7 from completing 7 pages, 2 from quest), 1716 Col, 2 T1 Mats, 2 <<Unidentified T1 Rare Consumables>>, and <<Hoya of Minos>> @Vigilon receives: 9 SP(7 from completing 7 pages, 2 from quest), 1266 Col, and 1 T1 Mat @Kasier receives: 2 SP and 266 Col
  2. Laida giggled when Vigilon spoke of the fear Kaldui struck within her enemies. "You didn't actually see that face, did you? My, you've been through more than I thought! Do you need therapy?" Krysta giggled at the question of whether or not Vigilon needed therapy. It wasn't long before the players reached the safe zone. Mitria was in sight. "Oh? Mitria! Hey, Mitria!" Mitria looked over to the arriving players. "Oh, hey, Krysta! So? Did you find it?" "You have no idea how much Vigilon and I went through to retrieve it, and return in the process..." Krysta admitted, recalling the various problems that got in the players' way again and again. Laida headed over to Mitria. "Hello, Mitria, I'm Laida. Nice to meet you!" Mitria turned to see Laida extending her hand in greeting. "It's nice to meet you, too, Laida!" Whenever they would finish introductions, Krysta would show the pendant to Mitria. @Vigilon
  3. "Those are some pretty good reasons to start a leveling guild. Aincrad needs some more justice these days, you know?" Laida remarked. When Vigilon assumed that Laida was under Kaldui, she giggled and said, "Cute guess, but no. See, I'm a sub-leader, too. As a result, we tend to work together directly. Seeing that danger runs from her, I try to keep the monsters' attention so that they don't flee in absolute terror. I guess that's just a given, since I'm a tank and all." "A Tank? I actually thought you were more of a balanced player." "That's probably just because of my weapon skill. Thorns and ailments can't do it all, you know." "Hm, a fair point... But if you and Kaldui work together often, how come you were alone before we ran into you?" Laida seemed to appear as though she was recalling something. "Well...last I remember, I was told to seek out players with potential, so I guess I'm looking for more members as well as doing what I usually do. Protect." @Vigilon
  4. Laida made a chuckle close to a giggle at Vigilon's words. "Well, at any rate, what matters is that you two live to fight another day. You also handle yourselves quite well. I'm sure you'd do well in a guild..." Krysta had something to say on that subject. "Oh, well, Vigilon was thinking about starting one, and I've chosen to be one of the founding members. We are considering naming our guild the Rising Dragons." "O-oh. Um, well, good for you! To be honest, I was actually hoping you could consider joining the Crystal Crusaders...well, you know what some people say, 'every man for his trade.'" Krysta thought about the words Laida said as she walked towards the safe zone, keeping an eye out for anything...just in case. There didn't seem to be anything around that was worth looking for. "Well, it's actually been a bit of a while since we'd wanted to start a guild, but we haven't had much success in finding potential founding members..." ID# 101332 LD: 2+3=5(Failed to find a chest) (OOC: Alright, LD, I see your point, you don't want us to get any chest loot in this thread...well, at least we're getting plenty of SP...) @Vigilon
  5. The assisting player said it was no problem, then she introduced herself as Kasier. She suggested that Krysta and Vigilon not hesitate to contact her again should they end up in another dangerous situation, and that they should rest before getting into any more fights. She then said that she had to leave, and so she did. Vigilon recalled every conflict that had happened so far, and that reminded Krysta of what needed to be done next. They had to return to the safe zone, and show the pendant to Mitria! Laida came over to the two players. "Well, judging from what Vigilon said, you've had more than enough problems for a day. Maybe you two should consider taking a day or two off. I'll go ahead and see you two to the safe zone. Sorry I wasn't able to help you during the mimic fight..." Krysta nodded her head. "It'll be getting dark soon, we should return to the safe zone before the sun goes down." @Vigilon
  6. The battle was to be won. It was only a matter of time now. Krysta watched as Vigilon got up, and the assisting player activated Sharpness, temporarily boosting Vigilon's damage. While the mimic failed to deal any damage, Vigilon managed to stop the mimic in it's tracks afterward. Only one thing left to do now... She readied her weapon, and she rushed in to leap towards the mimic and thrust her weapon down into it; a fatal blow. The mimic's HP depleted to zero, and it shattered. It was over. It was finally over. Hopefully, this would be the last of the trip's battles and conflicts... She put her rapier away, and turned to the assisting player. "Thank you so much for helping us out in our time of need. I was worried that one of us wasn't going to make it..." She almost trailed off there, for she couldn't bear the thought of losing Vigilon. "I am Krysta." @Kasier ID# 101276 BD: 6(Hit) [4] Vigilon: HP 420/420, EN 20/47 | 6 DMG | 9 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 2 Recovery | 1 Bleed | Sharpness: +1 Base DMG(1/2) [4] Krysta: HP 300/300, EN 6/30 | 7 DMG | 18 MIT [6] Kasier: HP 820/820, EN 44/82 Enemies: Mimic: HP 0/210, 63 DMG {Stunned}
  7. Laida had finished getting back up, and the battle would probably be over by the time she would get over there, so she decided to just continue watching the fight. They weren't in any danger anymore, after all. Krysta took a justified battle stance as the mimic snarled at her in annoyance. "What? Did you really think I would stand by and watch? Never! I won't leave you be as long as you're against us!" Which would basically be until the end of the fight, for it would be dead then. Krysta was going to attack it again while it's attention was turned to the assisting player, but she stopped moving towards the mimic when she realized Vigilon had the same idea. Vigilon then had a stumble, accidentally hurling the mimic into the air in the process. The mimic landed pretty close to Vigilon's head, so Krysta headed over to him, just in case the mimic got any ideas. @Kasier ID# 101252 BD: 4(Miss) [3] Vigilon: HP 420/420, EN 26/47 | 6 DMG | 9 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 2 Recovery | 1 Bleed [3] Krysta: HP 300/300, EN 6/30 | 7 DMG | 18 MIT [6] Kasier: HP 820/820, EN 52/82 Enemies: Mimic: HP 32/210, 63 DMG
  8. Krysta waited as the assisting player increased Vigilon's damage for a short time, and Vigilon attacked the mimic, bringing the monster's HP to yellow. It wouldn't be long before the creature would be defeated. Laida continued to watch the fight from a distance, waiting for the battle to end. Krysta turned her attention back to the mimic, for it was her turn to strike, and it had began to move again, showing that paralysis had worn off. She readied her weapon, and waited for the moment the Mimic would least expect her attack. She attacked using the Sword Art known as Crucifixion, dealing a critical hit hard enough to drop the monster's HP to the red. Wow, with the given situation, the mimic didn't stand a chance. This fight had gone from seemingly grim, to no risk whatsoever. It was too easy at this point, and it was only a matter of time before the players defeated the monster. @Kasier ID# 101242 BD: 10(Critical, +2 Base DMG) Crucifixion: 9x6=54 [3] Vigilon: HP 337/420, EN 27/47 | 6 DMG | 9 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 2 Recovery | 1 Bleed | Sharpness: +1 Base DMG[2/2] [3] Krysta: HP 300/300, EN 7/30 | 7 DMG | 18 MIT [6] Kasier: HP 820/820, EN 56/82 Enemies: Mimic: HP 32/210, 63 DMG
  9. Krysta saw how, with the two successful attacks Vigilon had landed, the mimic was slowly returning it's attention to him, causing her to become worried again, only to exhale a sigh of relief when the assisting player used Howl again. Laida continued to watch all of this as she climbed out. The three players would surely take it down soon enough. The assisting player recommended to Vigilon that he not use up all of his energy at this current moment, since she was going to give him a damage boost. Vigilon waited so he could recover his energy, so he must have decided to stick with the suggested plan. Krysta watched the mimic attack the player, only to get paralysis, and the damage it dealt was so minuscule, she could hardly see any change in the player's HP. Krysta decided to try another attempt to deal some damage as well, now that the creature was paralyzed. She took a justified battle stance, and rushed for the helpless mimic. "You will regret harming him!" She attacked with Crucifixion, dropping the mimic's HP close to half. @Kasier ID# 101224 BD: 8(Hit) Crucifixion: 7x6=42 [2] Vigilon: HP 337/420, EN 28/47 | 6 DMG | 9 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 2 Recovery | 1 Bleed [1] Krysta: HP 300/300, EN 12/30 | 7 DMG | 18 MIT [6] Kasier: HP 819/820, EN 67/82 Enemies: Mimic: HP 120/210, 63 DMG [Stun Immunity: 1 turn] {Paralyzed}
  10. Krysta had recently heard from an NPC that there was a garden on the first floor that was full of materials, so many, in fact, that it was bustling with materials and would be a great place to search in. She began to ask about exactly where this garden was, and once she had marked it on her map, she was able to know where it was for future reference, just in case it was always full of materials. However, she didn't want to be the only one who knew about it. Thus, she had the thought of sharing the location via bulletin board. She walked over to the bulletin board, and posted something on it, and it read thus, To all who are interested: I've heard of a garden to the northeast of the Town of Beginnings, a garden that is an ideal place to search for materials! I'm certain that you'll have better luck finding things in this bountiful garden than other areas of the first ten floors. Come to this garden, I'm sure you won't be disappointed! -Krysta And with that, she left for the garden that was said to be bustling with materials.
  11. Krysta noticed that both her and Vigilon's HP had been restored, and thus Vigilon was going to be fine. Laida had managed to get her head and arms out of the hole, and was currently trying to pull herself the rest of the way back up. She noticed the three players involved in combat with the mimic. She had originally hoped to help, but this time, she would let this new arrival in the conflict have her chance. After all, everyone deserved a chance. No longer worried about whether or not Vigilon was going to be okay, Krysta turned her attention towards the mimic. Vigilon managed to strike the creature, and now it was her turn to do so. Unfortunately, she ended up timing her strike too late, for she had missed the creature by about an inch. At least they didn't really have to worry as much anymore as they did when this started. @Kasier ID# 101177 BD: 2(Miss) [2] Vigilon: HP 337/420, EN 27/47 | 6 DMG | 9 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 2 Recovery | 1 Bleed [0] Krysta: HP 300/300, EN 17/30 | 7 DMG | 18 MIT [3] Kasier: HP 820/820, EN 66/82 Enemies: Mimic: HP 162/210, 63 DMG [Stun Immunity: 2 turns]
  12. The spiderlike monster then began to use it's hind legs to start working with it's silk, clearly hoping to immobilize Krysta. "All you need do isss to sssssstay sssssstill.... It will all be over sssssoon...." Krysta yelped and bolted to her left, managing to avoid a sudden movement made towards her. "Now, child, did you really think I would do what most arachnids would do after capturing? I have other planssss for thisssss...." Krysta drew her weapon, and held it firmly, but it was still shaking in her hand. The monster moved over to try and grab Krysta, but instead of just evading and striking, she bolted the other way and clung to the wall. "J-j-just what do you want with me?? Who- W-what are you??" "Hehehe.... Oh, I'm sssssssso glad you assssssssked.... My friends call me Arakkia, that is, if I had any friends. Nihilita was jussssst sssssso enviousssss, Anidaxta was ssssssuffering from her own sssssself, but I am of neither." (OOC: House's D20: 14[Takes Action]) ID# 101102 BD: 4(Miss), MD: 4(Miss) Krysta: HP 296/300, EP 28/30, | 7 DMG | 18 MIT Enemies: Arakkia(Inner Demon 3)[Fear, Terror]: HP 150/150, 21 DMG, 3 MIT
  13. When Krysta looked at where the mimic came from, it had apparently hidden itself within the chest. That was something you don't see every day. What a clever trick. Laida continued to try climbing back up, and though she made little progress, she would eventually get back up. She heard the shouting cry, and then she heard the mimic heading over. "Well, it seems like the rescue has arrived! Talk about Deus ex Machina!" Krysta looked over to the player that had just involved herself in the fight. The mimic attempted to attack the new arrival, but failed to do so, and was then stunned by Vigilon's attack. As long as his HP was this close to yellow, with the known damage output of the mimic, Krysta decided it would be best for her to stick to making sure he would be fine. She rushed over to him, and placed a glowing white hand on him, restoring his HP. "We can make it through this!" @Kasier -Used First Aid on @Vigilon (16 HP restored) [1] Vigilon: HP 237/420, EN 28/47 | 6 DMG | 9 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 2 Recovery | 1 Bleed [0] Krysta: HP 282/300, EN 18/30 | 7 DMG | 18 MIT [3] Kasier: HP 820/820, EN 82/82 Enemies: Mimic: HP 186/210, 63 DMG {Stunned}
  14. Laida noticed that Vigilon seemed to know Kaldui. "Ahaha, yup, that Kaldui. From what I can guess, you're the one she'd escorted through floor seventeen, right?" Both players decided to watch as Vigilon would open the chest. Well, he almost did, until he realized it was actually a mimic, and it was then that it decided to lunge at him in a way that could make you think of a jumpscare. "Aahh!!" Laida pulled out her weapon, but little did she know the ground she was standing on wasn't exactly stable. The patch of dirt gave way under the combined weight of her and her armor, and she tumbled down a few feet. Krysta ran to the edge of the hole. "Laida! Are you alright?" Laida got up, and replied with, "I'm fine. However, I won't be able to get back up very easily. Go and help Vigilon!" Krysta noticed that Vigilon's HP was now in the yellow. He was clearly in no position to take on this creature. Krysta ran over to him and activated First Aid, restoring a smidgen of his HP. However, this couldn't possibly be enough to keep him alive. Something had to be done, and fast! @Kasier -Used First Aid on @Vigilon (16 HP restored) Vigilon: HP 221/420, EN 32/47 | 6 DMG | 9 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 2 Recovery | 1 Bleed Krysta: HP 282/300, EN 18/30 | 7 DMG | 18 MIT Enemies: Mimic: HP 210/210, 63 DMG
  15. Requesting emergency assistance! Is there an active healer/tank in the house? Darn mimic probably won't leave Vig alone, and neither of us want him to perish :(

    As the creator of the thread we're in, I'll invite you via my next post if you're willing to help.

    *Sigh*, I knew we should have brought potions...

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