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  1. Krysta

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    The man told Krysta the key points of the situation, and reassured her that she was in good hands. She revealed the mitigation potion she received from Vigilon to the man. "I was given something stronger, so I'll just return what you've given me. Thanks anyway." She pulled out the mitigation item that she was given out of her inventory and gave it back to the man. When the man was finished speaking with another member of the party she was in, he gave her his cross necklace. "Y-you're sure? That's very generous of you, thanks." She accepted the necklace, and put it on. @Black She pulled out the consumables she would be needing, and she consumed them, giving her an accuracy boost, a mitigation boost, and what may be a thorns effect brought forth by the immolation potion. She then walked back to Vigilon, and she had a few things to speak of already. "I heard that we'll be fighting alongside each other, to the left of our party's leader. I believe it may help for us to know our positions in this battle. I can understand if it was for the sake of assuring a simpler fight for other players in different parties, but other than that, I don't see why you would help that murderer Dazia... I will admit, I am a bit nervous, seeing that this is my first time in a boss fight..." She heard that she was the healer, but if she needed to, she always had a damage crystal for herself at the ready, as well as some healing potions for herself, since the First Aid skill couldn't target the user. She knew she was ready for battle, but she was unsure of being fully prepared for a boss battle. @Vigilon -Krysta uses Chocolate Cupcake(1 ACC), Greater Nature's Vitality(+15 MIT), and T1 Immolation potion(non critical attacks against Krysta will now deal an unmitigated 10 DMG to the attacker) -Krysta accepts and equips the Cross Necklace
  2. Krysta

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    Krysta found herself...pretty much everywhere, and she was almost dizzy when she found herself inside the building. She was able to remember some things she had heard, primarily from the announcements the Priests made. She also tried to listen to what the players around her were saying as she tried to piece the situation together in her head. "Right, Demonic influence, a practically inevitable fight, I have no Cross Necklace...wait, what if that was some kind of protection? A ward or talisman of sorts? Oh dear..." Her thoughts were going through her head like crazy, and, whether or not she needed the necklace during or after the coming conflict, she would appreciate having one in her possession. The only comforting words she heard during the moment were from Vigilon. "There you are, I was looking for you." She turned to see Vigilon as he offered his excess consumables. "Oh, Alex! It's nice to see a face I know after so much happened so fast... I'll probably need some of these, thank you!" She looked through the items inside the bag. "Could there be a...? Nope, no extra cross necklace...such a shame, really, it would be nice to keep one, a reminder of one that is of importance..." She took out what she needed, and added them to her inventory. She thought there might have been something mentioned before she had a chance to obtain them, so she decided to speak to the one who she heard it from. Before she could, she noticed that Vigilon had tossed the bag, along with it's remaining contents, to...Dazia? She was here? ...And Vigilon helped her...? She decided that she would speak with him again, but not until after making sure she didn't miss any chances to increase her stats before the fight, since she considered herself underprepared. WAY underprepared. She walked up to the man( @Black), and asked, "Pardon me, but I think I might have missed something that you may have said. Do you mind recapping what you said back in the courtyard regarding...items, I believe? I may have received some items from Vigilon, but I still feel that I am underprepared, even with the items I originally brought with me." @Vigilon -Accepted Greater Nature's Vitality(+15 MIT), T1 Immolation potion, and Teleportation Crystal from Vigilon
  3. Krysta

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Krysta couldn't stop thinking about what she was told about by a mute player, and when she received a message from two priests, she knew the situation was dire, and she would need to take action. "Come, Yolviinsil, we must help the priests with their plight on the thirteenth floor!" The small ruby red feathered dragon reluctantly came to Krysta and climbed up to her shoulder. Krysta gathered her things, and left the Inn for the thirteenth floor. Once she arrived, she saw how dark and dreary the floor's environment seemed. "I don't like the looks of this place..." She made her way to the cathedral, and saw that many players were gathering there. If there was indeed going to be any combat involved, this might as well be Krysta's first raid. What kind of raid was still uncertain, especially since she knew little of the situation. She saw Vigilon up ahead, and rushed over to speak to him. "Hey, Alex! It's wonderful to see you again! Say, do you know what the situation is? Whatever the case, I'm sure we can do it together!" @Vigilon Stats:
  4. When the fight started, she was about to make a move when she realized something...the weapon she was holding was a staff, how was she supposed to use it? This weapon that she had never before seen in this game boggled her mind as she tried to wrap her head around it, and understand more than one way to attack a monster with it. Vigilon came and offered some help, by telling her about stick fighting, then reassuring her that she didn't need the Martial Arts skill to use it properly, followed with a demonstration of its actual usage. "Ohhh... I see that now, thank you so much, Alex!" Vigilon left to attack the Crabs, even though his attempt failed to hit any of the monsters. She looked at her weapon once more, and swung it around, trying to get a feel for the weapon, like Vigilon suggested. When she felt that she was ready, she made her way to the Crab that had avoided the most attacks, and attempted to make a focused strike against it. The attack failed to hit, but Krysta assured herself that now since she has actually joined in with the combat, she might be able to strike this one down eventually. ID# 107091 BD: 2(miss) @Dazia
  5. The scavenger hunt was coming to a close, so Krysta walked over to the table that the Hostess would soon stand on, ready to finish. She had managed to catch her breath, so she would be fine when the combat would begin. The Hostess jumped onto the table and made her announcement that the hunt was now over, and that players could send her the crystals for the sake of tallying the scores. Krysta opened up her menu, sending four blue crystals and seven green crystals, for a grand total score of twenty-five. Krysta felt proud of her achievements, reaching such a high score without finding any of the white crystals. When the Hostess said it was time to prepare for combat, she pulled the staff out of her inventory, and all she had to do was wait for Vigilon to arrive, and await further instruction. "I'm ready." She said confidently.
  6. (OOC: Well, one last roll might not change my life, so I might as well.) Whether it be combat or a simple competition, Krysta wasn't one to surrender easily, and regarding this current situation, surrender was definitely NOT an option. If she was to go down in this competition, she would be defeated trying. However, with all of the rushing, frantic searching, and having failed to find a crystal in this current moment, she found herself in a state of exhaustion. She pulled out a weapon and thrust it into the ground, just before she could fall. "Breathe...inhale...exhale..." She couldn't possibly go on like this...but she was still unwilling to just give up. She placed the weapon back in her inventory, and she walked back to the field, where she practically fell to the ground to take a breather near where the Hostess would arrive. Either she would win, or she would lose. It was up to fate now. She was tired, exhausted, and was in no condition to keep going. It was only a matter of time before the conclusion to her efforts would be revealed... ID# 105928 BD: 6, CD: 2(out of blue, result is now failure) (OOC: Thy dice hath spoken, thou hast defeated thee! [but at least I've got second place])
  7. (It's Midnight where I am, can't this three-way dice duel wait till morning? [Rolled again anyway]) The hunt was really heated now. The crystals were scarce, and the players involved were searching frantically, passionately, and quickly for whatever remained. Krysta's chances of finding a white crystal were slim, but if she could find it, she could completely turn the tide and claim victory. She decided to leave the empty field behind and search the shore, hoping there would be something there before other players could possibly find it. "You can do this, you can do this, you can make the top three at the very least...they cannot stop you, the path is right before you. You can find the remaining crystals, Jewel, you can do this!!" She focused as she gave herself some uplifting thoughts, and she managed to spot two crystals on a rock by the water. She took them both and returned to her search. "See? That's two more points. Victory is definitely possible." ID# 105926 BD: 9(Crystal found), CD: 7(Blue crystal), LD: 15(+1[2 total])
  8. (OOC: Like I'd just let this potential Victory slip by. ...aaaaaand green's gone...) Krysta looked back to see that two other players were now searching either frantically or passionately, and this meant that Krysta needed to get a move on. She looked over to one spot where a green crystal lay, but another player seized it just before she could grab it. The player there was the friend of the one she and Vigilon had talked to. She could recall his name being mentioned in that conversation...Hazado. He gave a warm smile that also showed he refused to give up. Kind of a bad choice regarding the situation, for Krysta didn't exactly take it very well, and his choice of words only made it worse. There was plenty that Krysta could have said, but she went with, "Well, I shall not be quick to surrender, either." With a light, barely audible huff, she returned to the search that was starting to draw to a close from the scarcity of crystals... @Hazado ID# 105924 BD: 4, CD: 10, LD: 12(Failed[out of green])
  9. Dazia came near Krysta and gave her opinion on her chosen weapons. "And if I said that axe was tacky and a terrible choice, how exactly would you feel? Your statement contradicted itself there. I know nothing of what that axe can do, so do realize my example statement is false." Krysta...kind of took it personal. Dazia, for the most part, seemed to know her as "Princess", which didn't exactly feel like a compliment to her. She received Vigilon's reply in the messenger, which basically said that he would team up with her. With all of that in mind, it was back to searching for crystals, and Krysta dashed off, hoping she wouldn't miss anything as she made a quick run through the field. Her foot was caught under a small, thin root that snapped and shattered when she tripped, but it seemed to be for the better, for when she got back up, there was a green crystal beside where it was. ID# 105921 BD: 10(Crystal found, +1 bonus received to CD and LD), CD: 7+1=8(Green Crystal), LD: 13+1=14(no extra...)
  10. (OOC: I'M NOT GOING DOWN THAT EASILY) As Krysta continued her search, she heard the hostess make an announcement regarding the combat competition. She understood what she heard, but she didn't know if she should have her armor equipped during the competition, or if there was some provided. She kept an eye out for crystals as she made her way to where the weapons were, and managed to find another green crystal that was concealed in more long grass. There might be more green crystals in other places than the grass, though, so she might search those areas if she had enough time. She looked at what was available, and looked at the slips of paper that described them. The first weapon she picked up was a sword, one with a gleaming white blade, and an elegant design for the hilt, a ruby in the center of it. After deciding to take it, she looked through the various staves, and found one that seemed to have a quartz cap, with a smooth gemstone on top, probably a topaz. She also liked the design of this staff, too. She held the staff for a minute or two, then placed it in her inventory, and held the sword in her hand again. She was happy with her choices. Finally, if Co-op was encouraged like she heard, she would need to message Vigilon in hopes of fighting by his side. -Krysta selects Regal Blade(Sword) and Dawn Staff(Staff) ID# 105913 BD: 5(Crystal Found), CD: 10(Green Crystal)
  11. Krysta looked to her left, then to her right. If she was going to win this, she was going to search thoroughly. She looked to Yolviinsil, who then took flight, hoping to see if anything sparkled, possibly hinting of a hidden crystal. The ruby red feathered dragon had more experience fighting than searching, but she was willing to help nevertheless. Krysta saw another patch of grass slightly taller than the rest. When she walked over to search in it, Yolviinsil came down and landed on the shorter grass, walking in a circle around her. When Krysta found and picked up one crystal, she saw Yolviinsil pick up another, apparently just a few inches away. The two crystals were green, so now Krysta had about seventeen points. Krysta smiled, she could do this, she could really do this, with all the green crystals she had already found. "I don't think Vigilon will have to worry about evening things out at this rate." She thought aloud. ID# 105754 BD: 7(Crystal Found), CD: 9(Green Crystal), LD: 18(+1 Crystal[2 total])
  12. Azrea told Krysta that she would do as she pleased, and called her a princess. The pink haired player rushed forward and threw the dagger at the woman, which was deflected, but then the woman was struck multiple times on the joints. She was about to retaliate, but then Azrea jumped in, striking both players with her sweeping attack, which seemed similar to the Sword Art known as Explode Catapult. It wasn't exact, but it was close. When the woman got back up, she struck Azrea in the torso with the other end of the spear as the pink haired player kicked her, effectively sending her to the wall. Venorim ordered Azrea to stand down. Krysta decided that she would intervene if Azrea didn't listen, otherwise she would abstain and keep herself a safe distance away from the fight. Yolviinsil watched quietly, waiting to see what would happen, and listening for anything Krysta might ask her to do.
  13. As Krysta continued searching, she felt more and more confident that she was going to succeed. She knew that she couldn't guarantee victory, but she could assure herself that it was possible. She noticed that Yolviinsil, her familiar, was looking at something. She looked in the direction that the ruby red feathered dragon was looking, and saw something sparkling in the distance. When she walked over, there were two blue crystals under one of the picnic tables. When she looked back up after picking up the two crystals, she saw Vigilon spot and collect blue crystals form under a table as well. "Great minds think alike, so the saying goes." She smiled at the thought. Two blue crystals and three green crystals...eleven points so far. She turned in the direction she would search next to see Kanari talking to a familiar white haired girl...Yinangi, was it? She didn't know much about her, but in her opinion, the girl had made at least one poor choice of who to befriend... She turned to try searching in a different direction, for she felt unwilling to be too close to the conversation, or find herself joining in when she had a task at hand. ID# 105669 BD: 4(Crystal found), CD: 3(Blue Crystal), LD: 15(+1 crystal[2 total])
  14. (OOC: Oh, NOW I get it! Why didn't I realize that before? Guess I'll have to check my LD results on previous posts...) Krysta walked throughout the field, making sure she wasn't missing any crystals. She wondered, how was her boyfriend doing in this competition? How was her enemy doing in this competition? How were the other players doing in this competition? It caused her thoughts to drift slightly, but she stopped herself, for the sake of keeping her focus, so that she could spot crystals without having to worry. Close to the picnic tables, there was another patch of grass longer than the rest, or was it the same one? When she walked over, she saw that it clearly wasn't, for when she moved her hand through the grass, she felt something hard, and picked up a green crystal. "That's three green crystals now, and that ads up to...nine points. I can win, I'm sure of it! I'll make the top three at the very least!" She also knew that this meant that if she kept this up, an enemy she knew would owe her some col... ID# 105586 BD: 4(Crystal found), CD: 10(Green Crystal) LD: 2
  15. Krysta continued her search, keeping her eyes peeled for any crystals that could be found. She had one green crystal, but she would need to find more before the other players get ahead of her. She noticed a stump over in the field, and when she walked up to it, there was a crack in it, a crack that started in the middle, and made its way to the edge. at the edge was a green crystal sticking out. Krysta pulled it out effortlessly. Once again, the position of the crystal could fool someone from a distance if they were inattentive. "Another Green Crystal... I think I can win this!" She was feeling confident now, and she was ready to search the rest of the field for all that could be concealed by the environment. She might just manage to achieve the highest score, or score higher than Dazia at the very least. ID# 105493 BD: 6(Crystal found), CD: 8(Green Crystal)