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  1. {Scarlet} would have a poor response to Keita's warning. "You are reckless and careless, saying such words. Don't think that you are invincible to your enemies, for in doing so, you actually become the most vulnerable...at least take that into consideration." Keita explained. Akudo agreed to team up with Keita, and then complimented on her appearance. Keita smirked, knowing what he was up to. "Oh, Akudo, don't think I don't know what you're up to. I pity you, not because you're making a terrible choice, but because you seem to be desperate for someone special. I know full well of your habits, chasing after attractive women, in search of your significant other... So if you want to get anywhere with me, you've got to do it right." She remarked. Vigilon agreed with what Krysta had said, and sent her a party invite, which she accepted. Krysta began to hear the players declare their team names. Kanari and Shuliik were team Typhoon, Dazlea and Morgan♥ were team Rose... the team name declarations were interrupted by {Scarlet}. "Hold on a second... Ok, what is a Princess doing here?" And here we are again. Krysta was called a Princess...and she was growing tired of it. Vigilon stepped forward, as to stand up for her, and give a positive meaning to the word used to describe her. He ended up considering an idea for their team name, and asked Krysta what she thought about it. She pondered on it for a few seconds... and was ready to make her decision. "...Why, that's...actually not a terrible idea. Right then, we shall be Team Castle!" She accessed her inventory, and equipped a vanity item that she had received some time ago. It was a silver circlet, adorned with two amethysts and two aquamarines, and a single rhodochrosite in the center, it's shape being the drop. So what if this was how they saw her? She was only being herself...and the circlet seemed to go well with her other gear, aside from her current weapon, of course. Keita decided on a name for the team she was in. "We shall be team Nightshade." She declared. "Team Autumn! We'll win this thing!" Laida called out. Well, that was all of the teams. All that was left to do now was to charge into the monster infested caverns that awaited the players. Meanwhile, a player hoping to discreetly explore the cavern was hearing this. "A competition...that's it, this is the opening we've been waiting for! Who's up for playing referee?" Before the players could rush in, Mitria would show herself, and her three allies would follow suit. "Heeeeeey! Waaaaait!!" Krysta stopped, and looked over to see the new arrivals. "Mitria?" Krysta asked. Mitria smiled. "None other!" She replied. Keita turned around as well. "Well, now, if it isn't the Aincrad Research Commission." She remarked. "Sure is!" Mitria replied. "So, we came here hoping to investigate the place, we're not exactly concerned with rewards...yet. Of course, since that place is absolutely riddled with goblins, from what we've heard...it would be ridiculously difficult to study this spot. So, since you guys are competing as you clear out the place, do you mind if we tagged along to be the referees in this? It would be terrible if a disagreement sparked at the end...besides, with all the monsters gone, we'll have a window of opportunity to study the cavern in peace! So there's a win for all of us!" She explained. Keita thought for a minute, then she spoke up. "Collecting information for the players of Aincrad is normally what we informants do. I'm not interested in a rival guild getting all the intel, but with all the col from the area itself, I guess I wouldn't mind. Besides, we'd be clearing out the place for you, so, frankly, you ought to be paying us." She explained. "It's a deal, I know we've got enough coin to spare!" Mitria responded. Knowing how most spots like this worked in terms of loot and such, she decided to explain how this was gonna go. "Ok now listen up, I want my friends and I to be able to keep track of your progress, so first I want to see what resources you have now, so that there will be no questions or misunderstandings about how much you actually looted from the cavern." Mitria explained. {Scarlet}'s ally, Shadowynd, would turn around and access his menu, drop a sum of col on the ground, amidst a small collection of stones, where it was less likely to be spotted, before making his way over to Mitria. Once all the players had revealed their starting resources, Shadowynd would wait until no one was paying attention to retrieve the col he'd purposefully dropped...and poor Mitria wouldn't notice. "Alright, that should be everyone! Now then, onto the conditions!" Mitria called out. "For every monster killed, you earn 100 points. If you find a treasure chest, you will score the col value as a bonus. for every material you find outside combat, and we will be paying attention as to notice, every material gathered outside combat is 10 points each. If some of you get any ideas to turn on each other, first strike and half loss duels only, and only against opposing teams! You achieve victory in said duels without your ally getting taken down in the process, you'll score 7000 points! Otherwise, you earn 3000 points. Losses will earn you nothing. Finally, the total amount of col you earn in this grinding session will be added to your score in full value!" Mitria decided. "Now then, without further ado, no more interruptions...it's time to begin! On my mark as we prepare to descend into the depths! Ready...set..." "Go!!!!!"
  2. "It's a pleasure to meet you too, Morgan." Krysta said with a smile. She would then be greeted by another familiar voice. "Seems to me that you're making quite a few friends, if not acquaintances, around Aincrad." It was Keita, the informant who Krysta had not heard from for at least a short while. "Ah, Keita! It's wonderful to see you again!" She noted. Not long after she said that, the chatter of the players was silenced by another voice. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Krysta turned to see the owner of the voice. She seemed like the confident sort, but truly full of herself, aware of it, too. She didn't seem to be on good terms with Vigilon, based on what the two said to one another. She would call forth her ally, who would take position by her side. This player would look upon all the players present, as if he were analyzing them. "Chaos, shade, nobility, and more...all together, it's a rather unique time bomb all on its own..." He muttered in a voice that was barely audible. The young woman who called him over then decided to propose a challenge to the players. Vigilon didn't seem too keen on it, but Kanari saw the value in the challenge. Keita looked over to her. "You must be the one they call {Scarlet}. You know, you should be careful regarding your reputation, as a bad one will get you hunted down...I've heard some things around, is all." She remarked. "Of course, that doesn't mean I'm against your little challenge. I actually see opportunities within..." She added. She would walk over to Akudo, and ask him, "Care to team up and work together, Akudo? I've heard you have decent skill, so I've been eager to see whether or not the rumors are true..." Morgan♥ would look to Laida, as if seeking her permission. Laida nodded with a smile, and Morgan♥ would walk over to Dazlea, hoping to team up with her. Laida would walk over to Vixie. "Guess we're already teamed up, based on the groups already being made. I might not deal the best damage, but you can sure guarantee I can help you with keeping the monsters' eyes on me!" Finally, Krysta would walk over to Vigilon. "Alex, we can do this. We can work together to teach this girl some manners." She stated, reassuring him, and, obviously, teaming up with him.
  3. Vigilon accepted the immolation potion from Krysta, and soon the players would be on their way to the specified location where Vigilon had intended to go. After about an hour, the players would arrive, to see that there were several players gathering, all of them familiar faces to at least one of the two...except for two. First, Krysta would let Vigilon reunite with his friends as she walked over to greet those who she knew. "Laida, it's wonderful to see you again! It seems that we are all rising above now, aren't we?" She said to the young tank. "It's great to see you too, Krysta! Peta said I could start going to the third tier floors, as she is confident in my ability to withstand incoming attacks!" Laida would respond. Krysta would then look to another familiar face. "Dazlea, it has been some time, hasn't it? It seems like it was only yesterday when...never mind, anyway, it is a pleasure to see you again." There would be a new face that she was willing to speak to, and Laida walked over to the player's side. "Krysta, I'd like you to meet Morgan! She's from my guild, the Crystal Crusaders!" Laida explained, giving the player a gentle push. The player was wearing a set of gear that appeared to be rosegold in color, and she also wore a silver diadem with a morganite on its center. "Ah, hello...Nice to meet you, Krysta. I go by Morgan, but you'll find a heart at the end of my username...as it was taken without it." She explained. As the players were having their conversations, another player was watching from a distance. "I honestly don't care how you approach them, or what exactly we end up doing. I just want a lucrative challenge." The player explained to his new ally. "The rest is up to you...so you can prove that you can actually lead, as you so claim you can do."
  4. The time has come. Krysta knew that Vigilon had some major plans, but without the funds, materials, and gear, how would it be possible? She knew those were among the reasons he needed to go on this trip...but both players knew that Vigilon could not accomplish this alone. She would make her way to the specified meeting place, where Vigilon was waiting for her. He offered her some consumables for her, assurance for pristine stats when she would enter the fray. "I appreciate your concern and generosity, Alex. Thank you." She said as she smiled. All of the consumables, including two she had with her, would prove to be a hearty feast. Surely, this would keep Krysta in the fight for quite some time. Hopefully, the amount she had consumed would not slow her down. Granted, calories and weight change were not of substance in this game, but surely a feast like this would at least take some time before the consumer would feel the optimal effects, should the game have been entirely realistic. "My, this is...a bit more filling than I anticipated." She noted. "Oh, here, this is for you, in case you didn't have it already. It should be helpful as to punish those who dare to strike you." She said, offering an immolation potion +1 to Vigilon. Stats and Equipment: Consumed: Given to Vigilon:
  5. Krysta

    [F1 - R5 Merchant] Pandora's Wares

    Krysta was willing to do her part in terms of making preparations for what she and Vigilon had planned. It would surely be a difficult road, and thus there would need to be some additional defensive measures to take. She had heard of the immolation potions, how they can be found in merchant stores. She knew that they could provide additional defensive measures, similar to thorns, and able to stack with them...but she had only recently heard that they can be more potent with different tiers. She would enter a merchant shop, and my, did Krysta pity the one who must have been so busy to have been unable to organize the place. She would eventually find the shopkeeper. "I am in need of two immolation potions...tier two, which would be the...Immolation potion +1, correct?" Krysta would place the col payment onto the counter as she spoke to her. Purchased x2 Immolation Potion +1 Payment of 1300 col sent to @Andromeda
  6. Everus was releasing the other players, so hopefully this was an honest action, rather than a sudden setup. Vigilon would continue to fight the cloaked player, before picking him up, and holding him in place in case Krysta was willing to contribute... "Certainly." She answered Vigilon. She looked to the cloaked player angrily, and she would strike with a flurry of attacks, and finish with something that would definitely cause phantom pain at the very least, an imagined pain, being perceived, but not actually there. She would swiftly kick the cloaked player in the...area. "Perhaps that will teach you some manners." Krysta huffed. "There, he's all yours to send off, Alex." She stated. Now all that would be left at this rate was to know if Everus's words were true. She would glance over to him, ready to take any further action if necessary. Even if he was to be hostile after all, he was still outnumbered.
  7. Krysta's actions were close, but it did nothing so far. The cloaked player laughed, and made some claims to "reassure" the captured players. Dazlea pulled out her weapon and stood her ground. Krysta would follow suit. "I shan't submit to the likes of you! The only way you will ever succeed is by force...and we outnumber you one to four!" She declared. This would be the moment when Vigilon would arrive, and he would immediately proceed to tackling and attacking the player who came to take the captured players away. Everus would open the door to Krysta's cell, freeing her and Dazlea...but what if this was a trick? Only one way to find out. Krysta readied herself to fight the cloaked player if need be. "Vigilon and I have our foe cornered, Dazlea. Retrieve the keys and prepare to free the other victims!" Krysta called out. Now she simply had to wait before taking action. It could go any way from here.
  8. Dazlea appeared to be out of options...this wasn't good. Another cloaked player would arrive at the scene, revealing the captor's username to be Everus. Krysta didn't like where this was going. After this other player had made his little explanation, and taken out a corridor crystal, as well as a sack of col... "That's it," She thought. "At last, another plan of action before having to simply wait for a rescue...I can possibly increase our chances at becoming free....If what Everus has been saying was true all this time, then perhaps opening up that col sack should do the trick." She would check her inventory, and then she would use the equip system to make as little noise as possible when getting out her weapon. She would slowly move her weapon trough the space between the bars, until her arm was sticking out of the cell. She would wait for an opportunity, and then swing her weapon, as to cut into the col sack for all of its contents to spill out, assuming that would actually work.
  9. "I have tried to get the captor to confess to any possible or potential crimes, but he had a decent comeback. I tried to use hair pins to manipulate the lock, but I need the picking skill for that. I tried using a vanity shield as a battering ram against the cell door, but it stood firm, and the shield was lost." Krysta answered. "I'll admit, I didn't see many options..." The cloaked player would return to the room, and take notice that Krysta had indeed tried to escape. "And why would I not, hmm? I would rather be free from this infernal cell and any potential crimes that await, than submit to the ill will of another!" She responded. The cloaked player would warn the captured players that his client had arrived, and that, if the scenario plays out correctly, that they would all be free, probably from whatever awaited...but this must be a false hope.
  10. Faith...the word lingered within Krysta's mind. When she came to, Dazlea would be trying to give her water. She was about to reject it, as it was still from the provisions from the player she distrusted, but her mouth would open and Dazlea would give her the water. Krysta considered spitting it out, but nothing seemed off about it. In the end, she accepted the water. "This...this had better not bring me to a state in which I do nothing... I refuse to be helpless..." She remarked as she started to get back up. "I refuse to simply stand around, doing nothing. There must be something we can do..." She pondered. But what could she do? She had indeed done everything she could physically attempt as to escape, so then what could possibly work now that she hadn't tried? "Are there any thoughts for a plan of escape coming to your mind, Dazlea?" She asked.
  11. Dazlea would feel somewhat reassured by the fact that there was indeed at least one person trying to help. She would then look around the area, and pull out her weapon, hoping its length would allow her to reach any keys, assuming they were around. "Well, that's one thing I haven't tried yet...because my choice of weapon is the rapier." Krysta admitted. Since the cloaked player wasn't around once again, Krysta would begin to wonder, was he out there seeking to kidnap another innocent young woman, or was he out for a different reason? She would look to where the stairs would be in the distance. "Alex...please help...I've tried everything...almost everything, actually." she thought and then realized. She would sit down, close her eyes, then have her focus upon something else. "Heavenly father, I call for your aid, that you would guide Alex over to us, so we could be free from the coming disaster that is fast approaching. I shall be content with what your plans have in store for me, not my will but yours be done..." Before her mental prayer would finish, the fatigue and weakening became too much for Krysta. She had tried so much, suffered from the early heat, and more. She fell on her side, unable to do anything else in her current state.
  12. The player would give her thoughts as she took analysis of the situation, growing worried from doing so, coming close to a panic. Krysta shuddered from the thoughts, the multiple dangers that might occur from a scenario like this one. The player would introduce herself as Dazlea. "Sounds very close to someone else I know of... I'll admit, under normal conditions, I'd say that it is a pleasure to meet you...but these are not the best of circumstances...still somewhat pleasant meeting you, however. I am Krysta." She explained. "I really do not wish to dwell on what could happen if help does not arrive in time...but knowing my boyfriend, surely there is at least one person seeking to aid us in our plight. I know him well enough to see that...but at the rate things are declining, I do hope he arrives soon...as I am running out of escape options." She admitted.
  13. Krysta could not lose hope, she just couldn't! As the hours began to pass, she waited for her chance. She felt something stirring within her...and looked to the provisions that were within the cell... No! She couldn't give in, she couldn't trust the cloaked player! She would not become helpless, she would not become hopeless, she would not dare become submissive! "I shan't give in!" She said aloud, as to keep her thoughts on track. "I shan't give in!" She repeated. She felt weakened, she felt fatigued, but she did not wish to cave like this. Soon, she heard a voice. She looked in front of her to see that her captor had returned with yet another victim. The cloaked player moved over to one of the cells in the room, then suddenly opened Krysta's cell and swiftly place the victim in the cell before closing it and locking it. Krysta's new cellmate would try to learn of her situation, looking around frantically, before making eye contact with Krysta. After some awkward staring, the player would speak to Krysta, asking her about what was going on. She then spotted her captor and demanded to know what was happening, before being told that it wasn't him who wanted this. When the captor left, Krysta slowly approached the player. "He claims that he is a mercenary, doing this because he 'has to'. I believe he would have had a choice in the matter, so there's no doubt that he must be lying." She explained.
  14. Krysta did not intend to resort to having the provisions she was given, and it seemed that the other trapped players simply returned to slumber...but why? They couldn't have been hopeless! ...But what else was there to do? No, she couldn't give in! She equipped her shield, and would attempt to break out of her cell by force. She tried to apply force and function, as well as a running start, to utilize the shield as if it were a battering ram. Klang! Nothing happened. Klang! This attempt had gone just as well as the last. Klang! She would persist, hoping that the cell door was taking damage, or that the small parts keeping the door hinge connected were failing. KRACCCKKK!!!! Krysta had tried, but to no avail. The cell door stood firm, and the vanity shield she was using had run out of durability, as was shown by large cracks all over the shield, right before it shattered. Her attempt to escape had once again done nothing.
  15. The cloaked player had a fair comeback despite that indeed, Krysta was still unwilling to listen. She was only left with the same point. "Oh well, that's your choice. it doesn't change the situation." "Fine then, so we are indeed at a stalemate, we would simply be wasting our time continuing this conversation any further." She stated. Her captor would leave the room, and Krysta would immediately start thinking of methods she could use to escape, and potentially free the other players as well. She wasn't one for hair pins, but she appreciated receiving them anyway...for they had more than one use. She would take the three she had received from others out of her inventory, and she would attempt to use one to pick the lock. The hair pin shattered. She took the second hair pin, and shattered with the attempt. When the third and last one shattered, a system message displayed in front of her: <<Picking Skill Required>> Well, why tell her now instead of when she began her attempts?