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  1. Krysta

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Vigilon would ask Krysta if she needed anything to help her get cleaned up. That's right, she still had that matter to deal with. "That's very sweet of you, Alex, I'll accept water if you have some." After receiving it, she would walk over to the tent's opening. She would find an NPC over there, and she would decide to ask for directions. "Pardon me, do you know of a place where I could change? Something kind of...happened. While I had made a spare dress in case of accidents, I do not know where I would go should it happen." The NPC would not hesitate to respond. "Of course, madam, right this way. There is a place where guests without the proper attire could borrow some from us, but surely you may use it to change in the event of an accident." He would lead Krysta over to the changing area, and she would go in to clean the punch off of herself, and swap her dress with the spare, using the equip system. Once she was finished, she left the changing room, thanked the NPC, and returned to the tent. She would walk back over to Vigilon. "Right...shall we try this again, and have a good rest of the evening?" @Vigilon
  2. Krysta

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    The woman claimed that she wasn't in the wrong, but it would seem that both she and Krysta did not intend to make the matter more personal than it already was. A ginger-haired woman would then approach, trying to make sure the escalation ceased. "We have both stated our thoughts and opinions on the matter, there was no need for us to continue." Would be her reply. @Azhoda If only this was truly how the moment ended... She turned around as she heard the sound of advancing footsteps, thinking someone wanted some peaceful conversation, or possibly another calm suggestion to not invoke others' anguish. Instead, a girl splashed a drink onto her, screaming out foul words, jabbing her finger into her chest, and spat out demeaning words...this did nothing good for Krysta's temper. She glared at the girl severely, her eyes completely ablaze. "If this was not a formal event, and I was not a sensible woman, I would beat you senseless this very moment." She stated with a slight growl in her tone. The woman Krysta had spoken with earlier came to drag the girl away. "Heed my words, foul-mouthed one. I vow on all that is right, you will pay dearly for your actions..." She warned. She would then take a deep breath, taking a minute or two to calm down. Afterwards, she would walk over to Vigilon. "Are you alright, Alex?" She asked him, hoping he was fine, despite what had just transpired, even the fact that the punch kind of ruined her dress...at least she had a spare in her inventory, for accidents do happen on occasion. Hopefully it would stop going downhill from here... [DANGER: Krysta has gained an enemy!]
  3. Krysta

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    A gloved hand went over Krysta's mouth as she saw Vigilon slip and fall. Before she had a chance to react, others were already making their responses. Some laughed and chuckled, although it didn't seem like they were mocking him, others...didn't seem to be in a good mood. Especially not the woman who came over to him, pulled him up and...threatened him. And just like that, her blue eyes were lit by the fires of anger. "How dare she..." Vigilon did nothing wrong, he never accounted for this, he was merely a victim of the unexpected... Krysta would not simply stand by and let this act go unpunished. "Yolviinsil, could you watch your friend Veriost for a moment? There is a plight that demands my attention." She asked her familiar. The small ruby red feathered dragon saw the look in Krysta's eyes, and flew over to the tent's supports to be near Veriost. Being the more cautious sort, it was fairly easy for Krysta to teach her how to be considerate and more...refined. Krysta would begin storming over to the woman who dared to threaten her boyfriend. She indeed would storm right up to her, and make a swift move in attempt to slap her in the face. "Don't you dare threaten my boyfriend like that." Krysta snapped. "He could never have accounted for what had transpired, given the small dragon's previous track records." She stated as she glared at the woman, her eyes ablaze. "I highly suggest you don't make this any more personal than it already is." She warned. She would then quickly turn around with a huff, and walk back over to Vigilon. @Jevi
  4. Krysta

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Krysta's offer would be politely declined. "I see...well then, I do hope the rest of your evening goes well." She would say to the woman. "That is still a lovely dress, though." She complimented, trying to cheer the woman up before leaving to return to the tent as the player involved in the scene would approach her. @Ceres Krysta was not surprised by what had just happened during that moment. Dazia had caused another to bear strife, as she often did. "Who does she think she is, tearing others apart like that? First she kills my cousin, then she causes other problems that are hardly noticeable, and now she's humiliated this poor young woman...when will her evil cease?" She thought. When she returned to the tent, she would notice that Vigilon was just spoken to rather harshly. Clearly, his familiar, as he believed, had indeed been up to something regrettable. She would walk over to him. "I don't think it's your fault, Alex... I have a feeling that there wasn't any way you could have accounted for this... perhaps Veriost would eventually learn from this, behaving better as to avoid this kind of trouble...whatever it was she did, that is." She reassured him. Yolviinsil would poke her head out from behind Krysta, looking at the fruits on the table. She would brush her feathered wing up against Krysta to get her attention, and Krysta would notice that her small ruby red feathered dragon wanted something from the table. Krysta giggled a bit before taking a strawberry and a dragon fruit, and giving them to her familiar. "Maybe she could simply ask for refreshments peacefully, as Yolviinsil did just now?" She suggested. @Vigilon
  5. Krysta

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Vigilon really loved the sight of Krysta in her dress. She truly appreciated his honesty. "Heehee, thank you, Alex, you're so sweet...I appreciate the honesty." But before anything else could be said, several scenes played out. First there was a woman with an orange cursor pushing away a chair with a younger female player, then there was the moment of secondhand embarrassment from the man who kicked down a door that did not exist...and the last one would prove to be the most problematic. Dazia just had to cause some trouble. It would seem that Veriost would get out of hand as well. Vigilon would say that he needed to sort out the chaos his familiar was causing. "It's all right, Alex, there is something I must do as well. I'll meet up with you near the refreshments." Krysta would follow the trail of the redhead who Dazia had brought harm to, hoping to handle the situation differently than she originally wanted to. Seeing that this was a social event, There would be an automatic ceasefire between Krysta and Dazia for its duration. It would take Krysta some time to figure out where the woman had gone, but when she finally managed to find her, she was under a tree, stricken with sorrow... "Do you need some help?" Krysta offered. "I could see if I might be able to mend your dress for you." @Ceres
  6. Krysta

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    As Krysta was sewing a dress for her to wear for her upcoming date, she received a message, one that spoke of what was probably a Valentines Day event, no doubt. She was just about done, anyway, so this was actually timed well. She finished the dress, and tried it on. Knowing that it was a successful one, she would definitely wear it to the event. She would make the short journey through the twenty-second floor, and reach the area where the event was taking place. Yolviinsil poked her head out from behind, looking over Krysta's shoulder to see all the unfamiliar faces. The small ruby red feathered dragon saw Veriost, but would not fly over to see her, due to all the unfamiliar faces that she wasn't sure she should trust. "I'm sure we'll meet some kind people, Yolviinsil, don't worry." Krysta reassured her. She would see Vigilon over at the entrance of the event, and walk over to him. "Hello there, Alex, a wonderful evening, isn't it?" Krysta's Dress:
  7. Krysta

    [Event-F22] Star Crossed Lovers [Tier 1]

    Dazia would claim that Krysta's words were biased by hatred. This would anger her even further, but she would not act upon it. Dazia saw the condition of the party, and decided to be the one to make the first strike against the party's last remaining foe. Quite soon after Dazia attacked the Rain Minion, There would be some rumbling that shook the ground she stood upon. She looked over to the source and saw a massive wave coming upon the players, herself included. "This cannot be how it ends..." The wave crashed down, and Krysta would find herself under. She would first feel around herself in search of Yolviinsil, but she was not there. When the waters receded, Krysta looked around her and saw Yolviinsil on the ground, soaked from the water, possibly harmed from the impact. She rushed over to her familiar with due haste, and saw that she was alright. The small ruby red feathered dragon opened her eyes and shook herself off. She tried taking flight, but the water that still soaked her feathers weighed her down too much for prolonged flight. Thus, she leapt onto Krysta instead, and climbed up. Krysta heard Dazia call out that the last hit was hers, and Krysta would rush over to the last Rain Minion to attack with rip ravine as Yolviinsil spat out some flames at the monster. She had yet to see if she had dealt any damage, for her vision was still a bit hazy from being underwater. Her action finished, she would sit down in a way that would make one believe that she had fallen into that position. ID# 128203 BD: 8-1=7(Hit) Rip Ravine: 9x2-10=8 Damage to Rain Minion 25 Party 2:
  8. [editing] ID# 124607 BD: 7+1=8(Hit), MD: 10(Critical!! +2 DMG)
  9. Krysta would pull out her rapier, and rush over towards the scene. Keita would call out, "Krysta, where are you going!?" Krysta would call out in reply to Keita's words. "Teleport Crystals were used, someone could be in trouble!" She would continue over to where there would be a monster in sight, closing in on a single weakened player... Krysta would attempt to attack the monster, an Antman Spearman, and the creature would notice that she was rushing in to attack. It would block her attack, then strike at her with it's spear. The creature growled, and clicked its jaw. It glared at Krysta, as if wondering why Krysta would dare to attack it at this time. The weakened player would pull out her health potion and flee. "Foul creature, I shall not let you harm your victim any further!" Krysta declared to the monster. The creature would appear confused, then realize what happened. Krysta was taking the weakened one's place. ID# 124606 BD: 4+1=5(Miss), MD: 8(hit) Krysta: HP 443/500, EN 48/50, | 10 DMG | 18 MIT | 1 ACC | PAR | T2 Bleed | 3 LD Enemies: Antman Spearman: HP 250/250, 75 DMG Morgan:
  10. Krysta would continue on to the garden. The entrance would appear to be blocked by the floor's native foliage. "...This cannot be a dead end.." She noted. Keita would pull out her dagger. "Well of course not, this is to trick players into thinking it is a dead end. But I can clear a path for a whole party that will last until tomorrow." She explained. She would cut the flora at the lowest point that she could, and there would be a clear and slightly narrow path leading into the garden. "There, anyone should be able to find it now." She declared. Krysta would head in first, and she would begin searching. She would find nothing at the current moment, so she would walk further into the garden, where she could see the whole expanse of it. She saw the flashing of teleport crystals, meaning that there was some combat over in that vicinity. ID# 124605 LD: 6+3=9(nothing found) Progress: 0/20 [ ]
  11. Along the path, Krysta would see that Keita was following the same path. "Am I to assume that you are also headed over to the garden?" She asked her. The violet haired informant would reply with, "Yes. As most tough monsters are, this one may have allies. If we were to stick around long enough, the garden would temporarily be a miniature battleground, wouldn't it? I could gather any materials you're not looking for, and fend off the weaker creatures, should the garden's guardian appear. I've already contacted Laida, who should be able to help by getting the weaker creatures' attention. She should be arriving at any given time." Quite the explanation she had given. At least it made plenty of sense. Krysta nodded her head. "I see...in that case, thank you for coming along." She said to Keita in response. No doubt, someone else would be arriving soon.
  12. Krysta had learned of a garden that was overflowing with tier two materials on the eleventh floor, thanks to Keita, her new informant. She had little to go with, but perhaps she would be able to handle the trip. Keita had warned her that if one remained in the garden for too long, the garden's guardian would spawn, and it proved to be troublesome for some players. From what Keita had heard, the guardian monster had different statistics every time, thus it always kept players guessing at every turn whenever it would spawn. Only one thing remained true: This monster's HP was fairly high. Krysta had recently trained up in her weapon skill, so she was fairly confident that she would be fine. She also had a teleport crystal, too, so she would make it out if something was to go horribly wrong. Krysta had made her preparations, so it was time for her to leave the settlement, and seek out the garden. [Objective: 20 T2 Mats.] Krysta's Stats and Equipment:
  13. Krysta

    The result of curiosity

    Vigilon had asked to meet with Krysta so that he might give her the result of the unusual material she'd given him. She wondered, what exactly would it be? She would arrive, and Vigilon would not just offer the weapon, he would also congratulate her on reaching tier two. "Thank you, Alex. I must admit, it was no easy feat for me..." She would take a look at the weapon he had offered to her...why, this was...could it be...? "Oh...could it be...?" She accepted the weapon, and she would give the weapon a few practice swings. The weapon was a wonderful fit, despite the shadowy aura that radiated from it. "I...I remember seeing this weapon...it may have been more powerful there, but...I do believe you have recreated the weapon of my inner darkness, Kytras... It shall serve as more than a memento, thank you for the weapon, and the inspiration it just provided for me. Well Alex, when the Halloween season comes around, you'll be seeing me as Kytras!" She would explain. She would wave goodbye to Vigilon. It was time she began to get the rest of her gear... -Accepted Nightshade from @Vigilon
  14. Krysta

    [SP-F6] Confrontation <<Deforestation>>

    Alanin was unwilling to accept Krysta's words. "No...NO! I refuse to admit defeat, things will change! Just...give me a chance, and let this next strike end it all!" He would rush in to attack, but Krysta would sidestep to avoid his blade. He was at the edge of the stones now, and one well placed attack would end the duel... Krysta raised her rapier to attack. "I'm sorry, Leon, but I cannot do that..." He would turn around and make eye contact with her, his expression showing shock and disbelief. "I was supposed to be your knight in shining armor...I was supposed to be your beloved...you were to be my one and only..." He would utter nervously. Krysta took a deep breath as she charged her sword art. "But that's the thing. I am a woman, not a prize to be won. Consider this the clincher of my rejection, Alanin." She would attack with the sword art known as Accel Stub. The attack wouldn't get past the armor, and thus would not do any damage. However, the failed attack had enough force to tip him over, and he would fall off the edge, and into the river made by the waterfall, about twelve feet below. Krysta would receive a notification that declared her the winner, and she would look to her cursor. Nothing wrong had happened, there were only but two broken hearts. "You left me no choice, Leon, I'm sorry..." (Alanin)ID# 124602 BD: 1(Critical Miss) (Krysta)ID# 124603 BD: 2+2-1=3(Miss) Battle Healing: Alanin recovers 20 HP Turns left: 0 TIME'S UP! Krysta has won the duel! Krysta: HP 346/510, EN 1/46, | 10 DMG | 54 MIT | 2 ACC | 18 Thorns | PAR | T1 Bleed (164/255 HP Depleted) VICTORY Opponent: Alanin: HP 276/500, EN 1/50, | 9 DMG | 26 MIT | 2 ACC | 1 EVA | 4 REC | 1 Heavy Momentum | R4 Battle Healing(+20 HP per turn)(224/250 HP Depleted) DEFEAT Summary: Krysta receives: 5 SP(2 from 2 pages completed, 3 from completing Quest), 800 Col, and <<Tiger Rage>>
  15. Krysta

    [SP-F6] Confrontation <<Deforestation>>

    "I will never surrender in this battle, I shall not fail, I shall not lot let myself be defeated in this battle!" Alanin cried out, blinded by the fact that he was clearly losing his train of thought at this moment. A rogue tear or two could be seen as he swung away, his attacks impacting Krysta, but the attacks also activated the thorns enhancement in Krysta's shield, Regal Retribution. Krysta saw that he could no longer hide the pain he felt as he attacked her. Krysta pitied him at this point, but alas, she had a point to make, and there would be no turning back, especially now, when the climax of the duel had arrived. "Try as you might...this will all be over, and nothing will change..." Krysta stated. It was only a matter of time now. Krysta looked to her energy. She would have just enough for the right sword art, and now she just needed to get the timing right... (Alanin)ID# 124601 BD: 5+2=7(Hit) [Krysta takes no action] Battle healing: Alanin recovers 20 HP Thorns Damage: Alanin takes 18 Damage Turns left: 1 Krysta: HP 346/510, EN 2/46, | 10 DMG | 54 MIT | 2 ACC | 18 Thorns | PAR | T1 Bleed (164/255 HP Depleted) Opponent: Alanin: HP 256/500, EN 2/50, | 9 DMG | 26 MIT | 2 ACC | 1 EVA | 4 REC | 1 Heavy Momentum | R4 Battle Healing(+20 HP per turn)(244/250 HP Depleted)