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  1. [OP-F1] Tresure Hunting

    The two who she had joined seemed to be having no luck whatsoever in finding materials. Krysta would need to help if she and her team were to claim victory. Gwydion suggested that the three split up, which didn't seem like the best idea in her opinion. "O-oh... Well, then we'll meet back up in a bit somewhere." She began moving from patch to patch of overgrowth and undergrowth, hoping to stumble on something. She heard some noise, then began making her way towards it. As she moved along, she spotted a cotton plant. However, she tripped and fell on the material, which shattered, showing that it couldn't be gathered, or used, as a result. "Darn..." Vigilon had told her that stuff would happen, so it wasn't like he didn't warn her. She came up to the area where a scene was unfolding. Two players were about to fight, and near the undergrowth was Gwydion and two other players. She came nearby and crouched behind the undergrowth, beside the three players. Krysta actually believed that they were hoping to intervene. "How are we going to stop this? What is going on?" @Tressa @Gwydion @H3LL0 @Ryo ID# 94088 LD: 1(Fail, no question about it)
  2. Kaya seemed absolutely normal with the weapon of choice. Then again, it was her weapon. Krysta was ready to begin searching. She would probably need quite a few at the least, if she was to start off properly. Perhaps if any were going to help contribute, there could be a combined minimum goal of ten materials? That might suffice. From what Kaya said, the three were officially in agreement as to how they would proceed with the quest. Krysta looked around within the current vicinity, but there was nothing to be found. Vigilon began naming types of materials he knew that tailors could use, wondering if there were more kinds. "Like string? Cloth?" Krysta noticed the problem with the latter thought. Cloth was a material, yes, but it was made from other materials as well, right? Guess it pays to know plenty about the different kinds of textiles tailors used... @Kaya @Vigilon ID# 94087 LD: 7(Failed)
  3. [OP-F1] Tresure Hunting

    Searching for materials, team with the most materials, and something about a deadline...? "So you and some others are competing to find materials? I would be glad to join in!" The brunette seemed like a kind person. "My name is Krysta." Ready to help out the other two, she started looking for possible materials. There seemed to be nothing in sight. Perhaps she wasn't looking hard enough, or this area was pretty much barren. "There could be more places where materials are practically hiding! But where?" She looked to her left, then she looked to her right. Surely there may be at least a few materials in this area... It wasn't like any of this would be easy... It was like there were inanimate objects playing hide and seek with her. "If I were a material trying to stay away from view, where would I be...?" She wondered and searched, hoping to spot at least one material. @Gwydion @Tressa ID# 94024 LD: 2(Failed) Materials found: 1
  4. Krysta's indecisiveness in this moment clearly caused her to blow it. Kaya was growing impatient, with a slight grimace on her face... "I...I apologize for my indecisiveness there, I just couldn't tell which was better if they both seemed to have the same outcome..." Krysta wasn't fazed at all with the sudden accent. After all, during the days back in the real world, when Leif was new to the country, his accent could always be heard. Although as the years passed, the frequency of the times he spoke in that accent diminished, but there would always be times where he spoke with the accent from the country he was born in. Probably Britain. She was told that he was born in the U.K., and, well, Britain just lined up with his accent. Long story short, she wasn't fazed by it because she was used to it. Vigilon explained his thoughts, and it just seemed to fit. It made plenty of sense. "Well then, It seems that we are going with Kaya's idea, although the visit and material search will end up swapped..." When they reached the edge, Kaya equipped her gear. When the scythe appeared, Krysta stepped back a little in shock. "Oh! Goodness!" @Kaya @Vigilon
  5. [OP-F1] Tresure Hunting

    (OOC: Nobody minds if I join either, right? I mean, this is an OP thread...) Krysta was strolling in the forest, hearing the sounds of nature, looking around at the scenery, and...hearing voices? "Probably some players or NPCs. Perhaps I could see what they are up to...I might just make a new friend!" She quickened her pace, now looking for players. Of course, she couldn't neglect the possibilities of nearby materials, either. She spotted a cotton plant, and walked over to retrieve the material from the plant. After she was done picking the cotton, she continued looking around as she walked, wondering, "Could something be going on? It could be a group fight, or a gathering trip, maybe even just social interaction...I'd be up for any of it, really..." To pass the time, she hummed a gentle tune, and was tempted to skip once or twice. Eventually, she caught sight of two players, one blonde, one brunette. She walked up until she was near, but not too close, then she asked, "Anything you two are doing today? Might I join you?" @Tressa @Gwydion ID# 94001 LD: 17(+1 T1 Mat) Materials found: 1
  6. [OP-F1] The Time To Rise Approaches

    Krysta stretched her arms open in the morning light. Even though it was within a virtual labyrinth, where players would die if killed, she still found the scenery beautiful. When she was looking straight ahead again, a message popped up in front of her. It was from Vigilon. She smiled, knowing she had a friend who made her feel included in things. She made a reply to the message and began making her way to the West Gate. As she made her way to her destination, she spotted the bulletin board. She noticed the paper Vigilon left on it. "Well, that's one way to spread the word. It's not like there were others...were there?" She continued walking and eventually reached her destination. She spotted Vigilon and walked over. "Nice to see you again Vigilon. I take it that you have hopes to find friends and/or recruit?" @Vigilon
  7. Upon hearing that the blacksmith could use more help, Krysta noticed the quest notification appear. Clearly, this was the next beginner quest. "Why, I would be glad to help!" The NPC blacksmith smiled, and said, "Thank you. My problem is, that I kind of need some rarer materials to craft weapons with, and the like, but I'm just not as good in combat as I used to be. Not only that, but who would watch this workshop while I was out? What I need are three Boar Pup tusks. Now, I mean Boar Pups, not the full-grown ones. They can be found west of town, but they are usually near their parents, so it's best to be wary..." Krysta believed she could take on a small boar or two. "Then it's best I be off! I'll do what I can to bring the materials back!" Krysta walked out, and said, "It looks like we're going boar hunting on this quest, Hestia!" @Hestia
  8. Taking this quest, and Hestia is tagging along!
  9. [PP-F3] Nighttime Encounter

    The others seemed to like the idea of fighting a miniboss. Since everyone was interested, it was time to go and face a miniboss. This fight will either be an average miniboss fight, or it will be the most difficult miniboss she ever faced so far. "So I guess that since we're all in agreement, it's time to face a miniboss. Seeing that you know the location, could you lead the way, Kaldui?" It already seemed that she had the same idea. Five players, one foe. This miniboss wouldn't stand a chance! Even if this was one of the strongest things that could spawn on this floor, they should be able to take it on. She had seen the battle skill of all but Kaldui. What was she capable of in combat? Healing? Protecting? "Say, Kaldui, was anyone with you when you faced this creature? What was it like?" Perhaps learning about the experience on Kaldui's end might give a hint as to what the miniboss was capable of. @Pinball @Mina @Vigilon
  10. SAO 2017 Holiday Raffle

    A free auto perfect material? A chance to win something? I'm in! By the way, like most materials, do you choose the appearance/description of the item it's crafted into freely, or do I have to have it at least in holiday theme? Anyway, good luck to all and happy holidays! :)
  11. It seemed that Kaya didn't want to remember the moment that Vigilon recalled. It seemed like Vigilon was defending himself judging by the manner in which he spoke. Veriost awakened, and may have been ready to blow some frost breath, and Vigilon closed the familiar's maw closed before she could. Kaya then thought that maybe her experience taking the quest was different because she was going for cook. Right now, Krysta was going for tailor, and if either way really could work, how could she decide? Vigilon then asked Krysta about what she would do for this quest. Honestly, she was hoping he wouldn't say that... "Umm...I'm not certain. Although it's true I want to get this quest completed as soon as I can so that I may start my tailor shop, but getting some practice in the process might help as well... Perhaps you both could decide in some way? Rock Paper Scissors? A number through one and ten??" (OOC: I really don't know how to proceed. Either method works for me. You don't mind your characters using the suggestions for decision that were given, do you? If you don't mind, I can try and explain in this note on how it might work. For R.P.S., what your character will go with could be hidden within a spoiler until both have posted. For the number through 1-10, I could just roll a d10 I have at home after both your characters have guessed for the result. Since you're up next, @Kaya, would you mind selecting from the two possible ways to decide, if possible?) @Vigilon
  12. [PP-F3] Nighttime Encounter

    After Krysta had asked her question, Mina and Pinball seemed to agree to what she was thinking, in their own ways, which apparently included silence. Krysta was worried that the handful of players was waiting for her to be the one to make a suggestion as to exactly what they would do. Then Vigilon spoke. He seemed to like the thought of doing something else than talking, but it seemed that the only option in this case was to leave the safe zone. Didn't she hear that outside the safe zone was twice as dangerous after dark? At the end of what he said, it seemed that he was looking at both the empty and full halves of the glass. Soon after that, Kaldui gave a suggestion, saying that there was a miniboss somewhere on this floor. If that was true, she could only hope it wasn't too powerful... "Well, It sounds alright. I guess we could try to take it on." She turned to the others. "So what do we do? Should we follow her to the miniboss she speaks of?" @Pinball @Mina @Vigilon
  13. It seemed that Krysta hit a nerve or something, whatever the term was, since Vigilon, unlike usual, seemed to be avoiding Krysta's question. Either that or he couldn't find the right words to say. Veriost looked at Vigilon and grinned, although the reason why was unknown. Kimi said that the three had reached their destination, and that they can check their equipment if they needed to. Krysta had a handful of potions, but she wasn't sure if she would be needing them. Vigilon had explained his stats once, and it was by that earlier event that she believed this wouldn't be much of a problem. At least, it shouldn't. "I have a handful of potions, but I'm not sure whether we will need them or not. Perhaps we can explain our stats to see where we are towards the likelihood of defeating this boss. I have a base damage of four, and I have eighteen mitigation." @Vigilon @Kimi
  14. [F1 Tailor Shop] "The Hanger"

    Krysta listened to the shop's owner, who offered the item free of charge, in return for a small favor of spreading the word about his shop. Although Krysta intended on becoming a tailor, she was a kindhearted soul who didn't mind there being competition. She would gladly do this favor. "Th-thank you! I'll do what I can to spread the word, even if I plan on becoming a tailor myself! It's the least I can do for your generous deed!" She said with a smile on her face. She received the item, and was on her way. It wouldn't be much longer before that quest came to her. It wouldn't be long before she found a familiar. + Cloak of the Sea(1 LD)
  15. (OOC: Sorry for the long wait...) Krysta listened to the girl, who explained a little about the quest <<Earning A Living>>, which was apparently what the thing Krysta was planning to do was called, and then introduced herself as Kaya. With the introduction, she stepped out of her thoughts and realized something. "Ah! I-I'm sorry, I was deep in my thoughts, and it was my fault for not noticing you were coming this way..." She would still have to go back to dealing with the quest, but she felt that she get this belated apology for not paying enough attention done first. After all, better late than never! Vigilon then seemed confused, claiming all he had to do to finish the quest was collect materials for the profession that was being sought out. Now Krysta was confused. By what all this seemed like, both players had completed this quest, but in two different ways. "Umm....Which way is more efficient?" @Kaya @Vigilon