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  1. "Good sir, I advise you to think about this carefully. You have a organization to run, you shouldn't go orange just yet." Redfeild said, facing Outlander, who shrugs in response and went back behind the counter. Redfeild approached the man. "You shouldn't put foolish idea's in his head. He WILL do them." Redfeild said to Prometheus. @Prometheus Immediately, the door slammed wide open, it sounded like a gun went off. Outlander and Redfeild both looked up at the door, in the door frame was young lady with red hair. Outlander and Redfeild both looked at each other then back at the girl. Outlander muttered, "I hope the door is ok..." remembering that they would have to pay for the damages. Redfeild left the two, who clearly knew eachother, and went the bar counter. "That girl..." Outlander took a swig of whatever was in the bottle next to him, in this case it might have been a cleaning solution for the counter. "...Am I having a stroke or is that who I hope it's not?" Outlander continued. "Sir?" Redfeild asked concerned.
  2. Everything was ready, officially. "Oh, Redfeild, one more thing." Redfeild swiftly stood up. "What do you need sir." Redfeild replied. "Yeah, you know those degenerate scum that keep crashing the party?" Outlander asked. "I've heard you mention them quite a bit." Redfeild held his cane horizontally at his side. "Yeah, stand watch and don't let them in case they decide they haven't had enough alright?" Outlander continued, a serious tone in his speech. "I mean seriously, they act like we are the bad guys!" "Technically sir we are th-" Outlander waved off the comment. "Go be the doorman, your a perfect fit." Redfeild shrugged, and walked over to the door and pulled up a chair. He fiddled with a coin in his hand, making a few coin tricks with no slip ups. Redfeild let out a sigh. "Sir, if I may, we should contact the rest of the guild and see if any want to join us today." Redfeild commented. "Yeah, Yeah! That's a great idea I came up with all by myself!" Outlander opened his menu and invited all his guild mates to join him. @Sharr @Fae
  3. Mr.R

    [SP-F1] A Fine Day Indeed (TFFLAF)

    Redfeild continued walking through the dense underbrush for any assortment of materials in any form they may take. He was determined to walk away with something, anything. That's when he saw a crystal, a fine, reflective object sticking out from a rock at the stump of a tree. "Ah, an excellent find." He spoke as he approached the object at hand. He held it delicately, giving it a soft tug, and it came of the rock like a ripe fruit from a tree. "Its quite, perfect." He quickly tucked the small crystal away into his pocket, vanishing into his inventory from there. He looked down at the rock, pressing his cane against it. "You wouldn't happen to have anything else you would like to give me?" He examined it, trying to pry the rock out, using his cane as a lever. It didn't even budge. "Oh what a pity." Redfeild said, giving up on trying to get anything else from the rock. ID# 111035 results: Loot: 15
  4. The man watched from the top of the stairs. His eyes focusing upon the entire event, almost laughing. He walked down the stairs and sat down next to Outlander. "Why bother with this recruitment scheme, it's not drawing the kind of attention we need." Mr.R said sounding concerned. "We are being watched." He whispered, making sure no one else heard him. With that he stood up and walked over to the bar. "Oh, it is truely a magnificent day! Isn't it good fellow? Let me fetch us some tea." He waved down the bartender and asked for since green tea. That was when Redfield decided to try to pester the man untill he left. "I was just speaking to the Duke about the serpents stone and the arrow, the resemblance is uncanny. I trust you don't speak a word of this on your way out..." Redfield continued blabbing useless nonesense, but only until he was interuptted. @Domarus
  5. Mr.R

    [SP-F1] A Fine Day Indeed (TFFLAF)

    "Oh, how unfortunate. This isn't what I was looking for at all." Redfeild stood bowing over a few flowers, which he thought should be materials. "It this rate, I won't find anything worthwhile." He straightened up. Tilting his head, and ajusting his hat. "Perhaps, I am not searching on the right areas?" Redfield thought about it and decided to try something new. It was approximately halfway through the afternoon. The sun was being covered by large clouds, making the harsh heat a little more bearable. He wandered into the middle of a sparse patch of barren ground. He walked to the center and stood there for a few moments before looking around for something. Anything worthwhile. Then he went still. He didn't move again for over thirty seconds. "Seems this whole area is at odds with me. I can't seem to find a single trinket around here." He walked deeper into the forest. He seemed undisturbed by the plants and wildlife. As if they weren't even there. ID# 111034 results: Loot: 3
  6. "Ah... What a lovely laboratory you have here. Best I've seen I must say." Redfield said to white bearded fellow. "So it seems you have something I need. A new beginning. Oh, I understand now, it's a metaphor! I feel like an cool for not understanding earlier!" The white-masked man chuckled a bit. "You must be here for the quest. Just collect 5 TIER one materials to get started." Zack commanded. "Of course sir." Redfield bowed elegantly and proceeded to the outside of the town on a search for materials. It was the perfect combination between cloudy and sunny, between hot and cold. "Ah, it's a fine day, if I don't say so myself." He said, adjusting his his suit's tie, along with his collar which he felt was a little crooked. "A fine day indeed." He walked confidently out of the town of new beginnings, determination in his movement. For this was his first quest.
  7. Mr.R

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    As the strange man was walking around floor one, his mask shimmering in the moonlight. Then he got a message from his superior. Telling him about at event being hosted nearby. “This must be worth going to, it has a buffet, and what kind of rich palace doesn’t have a buffet?” He wandered towards the destination listed on his map. After about thirty minutes of walking, he’d arrived at the front of the building, a stylish Victorian era looking building. He equipped his cane and walked inside. There were long corridors and heavily detailed rooms. He entered a ballroom of which most of the players were in. He stopped, putting his cane into the ground, adjusted his top hat, and entered. Looking around for the person he was supposed to meet. He noticed many of the individuals where female, but his superior told him he was meeting "Him", thus forth, not a girl. He assumed Outlander had told the person he was meeting how he was. So he went over to a table, sat in one of the four chairs, and proposed his cane up against the table. Then, he waited.
  8. Appearance: Username: Mr. R Name: Redfield Van Doren Age: 28 Handyness: Right Handed About: Not much is known about Redfield, not even his face is known. He's brave, eager, crafty, and power hungry. But there's more than meets the eye, not surprising for somebody with his horrifying past. He was born and grew up in a fairly rich family in a France, he lived out of trouble until he was about sixteen years old, but at that point everything changed. He lost his home was destroyed after a robbery gone wrong and was forsaken by all. He came back with trauma but ready to go on, as he says, when he was trapped in Aincrad, it only made him worst, crazy, deranged, and finally he snapped. This has turned him into the man he is today. He now travels Aincrad. He has yet to find a purpose. By finding one, he hopes to shed the memories of the past and finally find friends he has never had. White, short hair almost fully covers a fine, tense face. Hollow yellow eyes. There is a scar which he is not fond of, running across the nose and ending on his forehead leaves an aching memory of a robbery gone wrong so many years ago. This is the face of Redfield Van Doren. He stands elegantly among others, despite his darkened past. There's something strange about him, perhaps it's the way he moves or perhaps it's simply a feeling of uneasiness. But nonetheless, people tend avoid him. He wasn't an only child, but he was the only member of his family to make it out of the incident. He had a mother, father, and three siblings, unfortunately he doesn't talk about his past. He will take down anyone who stands in the way of his enmatic goals. Virtues: Determination - Sometimes when Redfield keeps on trying despite being stomped into the ground a million times, and still gets up and keeps going after his goals regardless of the constant beatings, you have to at least admire his tenacity somewhat. Since he is determined, he won’t let anything stop him in the way of his path of to attain power. Which is what he strives to achieve. Resourcefulness - This makes him exceedingly dangerous, and here is why. Inventive tactics and an ability to improvise are naturally assets in combat, anything goes in a real fight, after all. In this case, Redfield will use anything against his opponent. Physiological tricks, Valor/Courage -"It's better to burn out than to fade away!" Redfield despise weakness. So even when he knows he’s probably going to lose and the odds are in the enemies favor, he is not going down without a fight. After all, if you're trying to take over the world, you're up against pretty much everyone, and thus it helps quite a bit to be able to look at an army six billion strong, smile confidently, and say "Bring it on." Flaws: Deranged and Sadistic - Redfield is Deranged. He is viewed as crazy and or insane. He claims he is what he wants and wishes for nothing more. He may or may not have lost his mind long ago before Aincrad, he has trouble with others, always messing him up even more, not mentally, just physically. Megalomaniac - He is a Megalomaniac. But what is Megalomania? It is a delusional drive for power, wealth, and fame. Being one of these, Redfields decisions are influenced by his own self-desire, not by others in need. A quote fits this fairly well with this. “The rabbit screams, and the fox comes running, but not to help.” To sum it up, Redfeild will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to increase his power. Manipulative - He is nosey, Redfield tends to pry open the affairs of others and mess with them, this isn’t a good combination. He will get noticed for interfering one day. Though his is great at hiding his lies. He is offensively curious or inquisitive, and at the same time, he is Intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner. He loves doing this to, specifically because he wants more people like him, to spread his disease. SKILLS: Inventory: Weapons/Tools: ("DPS Package" Chosen) Color Code: Vantity is Black | Uncommon is Red | Rare is Blue | Perfect is Purple | Demonic is Green | **Means Equiped Equipped Items AKA Battle Ready: » Weapons/Armor: » Items/Consumables: » Other:
  9. Is there any way to change my name. I have a way better one. Also, obscured sounds like crap.

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