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  1. "Good sir, I advise you to think about this carefully. You have a organization to run, you shouldn't go orange just yet." Redfeild said, facing Outlander, who shrugs in response and went back behind the counter. Redfeild approached the man. "You shouldn't put foolish idea's in his head. He WILL do them." Redfeild said to Prometheus. @Prometheus Immediately, the door slammed wide open, it sounded like a gun went off. Outlander and Redfeild both looked up at the door, in the door frame was young lady with red hair. Outlander and Redfeild both looked at each other then back at the girl.
  2. Everything was ready, officially. "Oh, Redfeild, one more thing." Redfeild swiftly stood up. "What do you need sir." Redfeild replied. "Yeah, you know those degenerate scum that keep crashing the party?" Outlander asked. "I've heard you mention them quite a bit." Redfeild held his cane horizontally at his side. "Yeah, stand watch and don't let them in case they decide they haven't had enough alright?" Outlander continued, a serious tone in his speech. "I mean seriously, they act like we are the bad guys!" "Technically sir we are th-" Outlander waved off the comment. "Go be the doorman, your a
  3. As the strange man was walking around floor one, his mask shimmering in the moonlight. Then he got a message from his superior. Telling him about at event being hosted nearby. “This must be worth going to, it has a buffet, and what kind of rich palace doesn’t have a buffet?” He wandered towards the destination listed on his map. After about thirty minutes of walking, he’d arrived at the front of the building, a stylish Victorian era looking building. He equipped his cane and walked inside. There were long corridors and heavily detailed rooms. He entered a ballroom of which most of the players
  4. Appearance: Username: Mr. R Name: Redfield Van Doren Age: 28 Handyness: Right Handed About: Not much is known about Redfield, not even his face is known. He's brave, eager, crafty, and power hungry. But there's more than meets the eye, not surprising for somebody with his horrifying past. He was born and grew up in a fairly rich family in a France, he lived out of trouble until he was about sixteen years old, but at that point everything changed. He lost his home was destroyed after a robbery gone wrong and was forsaken by all. He came back with trauma but ready to g
  5. Is there any way to change my name. I have a way better one. Also, obscured sounds like crap.

    1. Vigilon


      I think that can be done in account settings, but you must be in "The World Seed" to do so. Try clicking the link to GGO, still logged in the way you are, and once you're there, go to account settings. There should be a way to change your display name.

    2. Macradon
    3. Mr.R


      I can't believe it worked, thanks.

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