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  1. Mishiro

    [PP-F2] Lost and Found

    At his expression of gratitude, she nodded and bid him goodbye with a small wave of her hand. Mishiro watched him walk away until her vision was obscured by a passing group of players and he disappeared from sight. Shifting her cup of coffee to one hand, she summoned her menus to send Roman a quick message and began the short walk back to Floor 2's teleport gate. She couldn't shake the feeling of loneliness Huginn gave off when he first explained to her his sister was missing, and again when they spoke for the second time. Drawing in a long breath, she let it back out with a quiet sigh as her mind returned to considering her plans for their next meeting. She recalled her schedule for the next few days, and she was still lost in her own thoughts when she arrived at the plaza. "Hey." Mishiro stopped walking and held her cup of coffee close to her chest. Still in his battle attire, Roman pushed off of the wall and opened his gloved hand, letting the last specks of a teleport crystal's residue be carried off by the wind. "I told you not to come if you were still out," she said quietly, even as they both knew what happened the last time she went alone. "Well, the rest of the team's still pretty close and some of them were tired and starting to complain, so I got them a break and used that as an excuse. Besides, Leah's there and she always caves in easy when I mention your name." She looked at him blankly. "Sorry, I know. That did not make you feel better." He closed the distance between them and held out his hand with a reassuring smile. "But I told you it's a slow process, and none this is your fault. We were all affected in some way by that moment, and it's just a matter of helping each other recover. So do you want to let go of my hand this time?" Mishiro considered it. She looked at the teleport gate, and back at him. She reached out and grasped his hand. ... Thread Rewards 200 Col 1 SP
  2. Mishiro

    [PP-F2] Dank Memes and Broken Dreams

    "--And you are. I know, it's fine." Mishiro accepted her takeout after a short wait at the counter. She discarded the paper bag and shifted the steaming hot paper cup back and forth in her hands. Lifting it to her lips, she took a sip. Pinball was still talking. "I want to. I already said so, didn't I?" Honest, and straight to the point. Mishiro turned to face him, gray eyes betraying a slight hint of confusion. It was a fact to her that she wanted to go on a walk - why wasn't it to him? The boy went on, offering her two options though it was evident he was leaning more on the latter. His sentences dragged, he talked too fast, and there was an effort to make the two places more interesting. And now he waited, his ears red and his foot tapping repeatedly against the floor. The girl had a rather vague sense this conversation was a bit... off. She considered his words. His repeated questions. He wasn't used to this; neither was she. But he told her he was trying. She thought she was, too. "We can pass by the market any other day, and you seemed more interested in the other, so let's go for the mountains." Perhaps a different approach was better. "A flat top mountain... you must be talking about the range in the northeast, right?" It was the nearest and located on the farther edge of one of the beginner-friendly areas. She had reason to assume he wouldn't take her straight to a high-leveled zone without asking for her stats first. Mishiro recalled the map Roman had once given her, affixed to the beta testers' guide to Floor 1. She had no need for it, but she would bring it out of her inventory and study it in her free time out of curiosity. "Then if it's alright with you, let's make a stopover in the middle. There's a hill in the middle of the grasslands, only a few minutes off the path." This was weird, different, somewhat unfamiliar. "It has a good view of the surrounding area, and... I've only been there once, but it's a nice, quiet place. Consider it my contribution." But she was trying some more and maybe that was the point. Mishiro would follow after Pinball as he made for the exit. She remained a step behind him, clutching the warm drink to her hands as they stepped out into the cold January air. "By the way, the vanilla latte?" The girl sped her pace until she was walking alongside him and held up her drink. "It's good, but I still think it's best enjoyed if you drink it slowly."
  3. Mishiro

    [PP-F1] Flights of Fancy

    February 14, 2023 Claude --interlude: philia In the stillness of the moonlit hall, the performer turned to her enamored audience of one. "What did you dream of?" An amaranth blossoming in the moonlight. "I thought of you." He awoke to the scent of flowers and a melody playing by his ear; soft, cold, and gentle, like watching snowflakes fall from the night sky. February's winter chill lingered in the air, but the fluffy blanket on his shoulders enclosed him in warmth. A sigh escaped from his lips. This was nice. Moments of peace were sparse among the chaos of the past four months, so when they came, they were greatly appreciated. He kept his eyes closed and buried his head deeper in his arms. If the Suite bergamasque was lulling him back to sleep, then the faint scraping sound from the corner of the room - like metal sliding slowly across metal - was grating against the back of his mind and pulling him back through the veil of consciousness. --And he remembered that song and a pianist's slender hands gliding over ivory keys, and it ripped through whatever sense of calm that had briefly overtaken him. Claude lifted his head. He took note of the scented candle he didn't light and the blanket at his shoulders, then of the figure by his window. With one curtain already drawn, the small girl gently pulled on the other. She had left her shoes by the door as she was accustomed to and was dressed almost entirely in white. With sharp gray eyes narrowed in concentration, the girl looked up at the curtain rod above her head. Standing on tiptoes, she carefully tugged on the curtain again and it moved with the quiet but noticeable sound from earlier. She paused when it moved with less sound than before, and he already knew she was trying to remember what she did so she could replicate that same process. He smiled despite himself. Pure, delicate, quiet. Like she would break apart at a touch - and she almost did once. Mira Gonzales reminded him of snowflakes. But more importantly, what was she doing here at four-something in the morning?! "Shiromi..?" She froze. And Claude considered that maybe calling out to her was a bad idea. He could see it in the dismay that took hold of her expression when she turned to him and resignedly loosened her hold on the cloth. "Did I wake you?" White light slipped through the gap in the curtains and spilled into the room, shining down on her as she took a small step forward. It did not look like it was four-something in the morning. "You weren't coming down for breakfast, so I went over to check," she continued. "Go back to sleep if you like. It's best to take advantage of this rest day and recover your energy. I believe that's also what Leah said yesterday." Crossing her arms, she leaned back against the window and glanced at him. "Though I think it would be more comfortable if you moved over to the bed." It was really not four-something in the morning. Sitting up straight, his gaze flicked down to the bottom-left field of his UI. 12:30 PM, and Mira probably had breakfast alone on his one rest day. He expected a scolding, or a light jab at his sleeping habits. That was what she always did whenever she went over to wake him up a year ago - before SAO, before her accident. But there was none and only a thinly-veiled expression of concern, and it felt wrong. "It's okay. Oversleeping is bad too, you know? Any longer and I would've waken up with a headache." Claude quickly assured with a smile. He turned away from her and muted the crystal. "Sorry, did you want to do something today? Or do you already have plans with someone? That's good, too. You know, I noticed you've been out more often lately." Mira moved over to sit at the edge of his bed and swung her legs in an almost childish fashion. "I don't have any plans." -- And Claude felt really bad for whichever poor guy had a crush on her this time, if there were any, 'cause she barely even paused to think. -- "And considering how you were in the middle of your yearly routine of taking out your frustrations on cleaning, you don't have any either. That makes the 25th year in the row. Congratulations, you are now at the silver anniversary of having no date on Valentine's Day." And Claude felt bad for himself 'cause that one went straight for the heart, where the hell did his cute, innocent Mira learn to say such things with a straight face - "I- I just didn't have any time, okay?!" "Mhm. You have another year. Do your best, Roman. I'm cheering on you." She encouraged. In a flat tone. As she disinterestedly picked up a dungeon map and its attached guide from the stack on the floor and began to leaf through its pages. Yeah, okay. "That aside..." Loath he was to admit, she wasn't wrong. He had gotten up early to tidy up his place... only to nod off halfway through. Even with SAO's magic unlimited inventory system, he kept most of his belongings manifested in his inn room. Some of Mira's sketches were pinned up on the wall, various vanity trinkets he hadn't disposed of yet were stored in the drawer, the guild's paperwork in cardboard boxes and his desk, and a statuette Leah had given him for Christmas along with a few others on the bedside table. In contrast, Mira left her room mostly bare with the only personal touches being a panda plush on her bed and her sketchpad and notebooks stacked neatly on her desk - and last he saw of it, she didn't even hang her clothes in the closet. "Were you doing this all morning? You didn't have to, you know..." Or she could have just woken him up. Claude had noticed how she had already finished half of the clean-up for him, leaving the mess of drafted floor guides, dungeon maps, and paperwork stacked on the floor. And he could only attribute that to her not knowing what to do with it. He went over and ruffled her hair fondly. "That's really nice of you. Thanks. But seriously, wake me up next time, alright?" He thought he saw her turn a slight shade of red, but she only nodded quietly. "How about this?" Mira held up the dungeon map in her hands. "Tell me how it should be ordered and I'll help." It was Valentine's Day. She should really be doing something else other than being cooped up inside for the rest of the afternoon. "I think we've done enough for now. How about we leave that for later and head down for some lunch?" It really didn't need much consideration. Mira nodded quietly and placed the map down on the bed. "Before we head out..." She stopped him before he could say anything else. Mira procured a small cellophane pouch wrapped in a red ribbon from her inventory. Chocolates, he quickly realized. They were bite-sized and came in different cute shapes that were typical of Mira's usual Valentine's chocolates. She stood and presented her gift to him with a sincere smile. "Leah helped me make it. Happy Valentine's Day, Roman. Please take care of me for another year, okay?" He returned her smile. "That really goes without saying already but for the sake of formalities, please take care of me for another year too, okay?" He took the chocolates from her hand, but unexpectedly, she leaned forward. Instinctively, he stiffened as she pressed against his chest and wrapped her arms around him, but quickly relaxed and held her close. It was warm and soft, and she didn't hold him tightly - it was more like she was barely there. He pulled her closer and his hand rested against the back of her head. It felt... nice. Claude pulled away. "I'm gonna take a quick shower. Head downstairs and grab me the usual, alright?" He took another few steps back to allow her some space. "Thanks for the help today, but no offense, I hope it'll be different next year." "That's what you say every year." Mira stopped by his closet to pull out one of his smaller coats and shut the door behind her quietly. Left in the silence of his own room, Claude stared vacantly at his desk. He took the recording crystal and absentmindedly turned it over in his hands. It had the appearance of the typical store-bought recording crystal, with the only difference being the engraving of a black phoenix on one of its sides. He hovered over the option to unmute it. Seconds ticked by. Then he tore his gaze from the options and dropped the crystal in his shared inventory with Mira where it would hopefully be buried underneath his candle collection, never to be seen again. The melody still lingers.
  4. Mishiro

    [PP-F24] Anything Goes

    Claude --parapraxis A rubber ball whizzed from one end of the clearing to another, disappearing into the grove of trees at the other side. Leaves rustled. A thin branch snapped and fell, disturbing the stillness of the small island. Chasing after its favorite toy was a small brown ferret. It paused as it reached the clearing, beady eyes fixated on where the ball had went, then circled around the open area. Midway through, the ferret descended to the ground but kept to the shadows of the trees, avoiding the watchful gaze of the predators circling above, and raced past a group of bushes to - Skid to a stop inches before it could sail off the sudden drop that was the island's edge. The air seemed to distort in front of it - revealing for a split second the visage of a concerned observer's red cloak fluttering in the wind. Unaffected, the small familiar sniffed the air and returned to its search. It scuttled back to the undergrowth, where it found the red ball lodged in its leaves. Triumphantly, clutching its favorite toy in its mouth, the ferret returned to its master with its tail wagging in excitement. The chase was fun, but there was one thing it looked forward to the most when playing fetch. Claude deactivated his stealth. "Good boy, Bandit!" The scout stooped down to rub his familiar's head fondly and toss it a treat. As the ferret fully focused its efforts on chomping down its well-earned snack, he raised his head and ran another check on his surroundings. Aside from the bluish hue wrapped around the familiar and the orange markers of the mobs circling overhead, nothing stood out from the muted colors of the environment. Not that he was expecting anything to; he was just about done with this area, halfway through his initial survey of the newest floor which was literally only 24 out of a f*cking 100, get back to your damn job already-- --And he still had one week to go before Leah's deadline, so all in all, he was feeling pretty proud of himself! Bandit finished its snack and chittered demandingly, snuggling up against his hand - the one that was still holding onto the rubber ball. Claude groaned inwardly. It wasn't out of plain affection. With the ferret mustering its cutest puppy dog face and only a slight hungry glint in its eyes betraying its true intention, he thought it was seriously being unfair! The scout dropped the ball into his inventory, and Bandit immediately stopped snuggling with his hand. "You used to be so nice." --But he couldn't cave in even if he wanted to. Playing fetch beside a cliff was not the best idea. Claude gently scooped up his ferret and placed it on his shoulder, where it immediately moved to nestle in his hood. Sweeping his hair to the side, he stood and reached up to absentmindedly stroke the ferret's head as it let out a yawn. His cloak slightly lifted with that gesture to reveal the black cloth armor and belt bag worn underneath. His hand dropped down to his side as he ran another check on his surroundings. Blank. Next area it is.
  5. --Accident or none, his attack wouldn't have landed anyway. Furry took to the air and was quickly moving out of striking distance when the boy had activated his Sword Art. "Tch...!" Her glare appeared to be directed to the mob. Upon witnessing yet another reckless charge with no sense of strategy, her calm demeanor was beginning to crumble. If they ever had the chance to speak, she would have a few choice words to offer him. But - breathing in, and out - she looked away from Dustin and up at the mob still in midair. Mishiro raced after the Easter bunny, holding one hand over her eyes as protection and her axe in the other. Closing in, she dropped her hand to hold her weapon in a tight grip and swung. Furry, still in midair and temporarily blinded by the spray of dust, failed to dodge. Her axe cleaved through its fur, leaving a long, deep cut at its torso. Another <<Bleed>> inflicted. The small purple bunny swayed on its feet as it landed. Furry seemed to pause and stare at the team for a few moments, though what ran through the AI's head was a mystery. It shook the dust off its fur and rocketed towards Jinx, hopping over Mishiro and Mace. Furry jumped high into the air once again, spun, and slammed down on the tank's raised shield with a kick that was strong enough to knock her a few inches backward and stun her. Jinx's Thorns activated. With a bright flash, the little rabbit's body disintegrated into intangible red data shards. It was over. Mishiro stood aimlessly still for a few moments before it settled into her. She looked at the rewards pop-up and procured a small, round object. It was a colorful Easter egg made of plastic - much like the type that would normally be found in grocery stores - and twisting it open gave another rewards window. She struck her axe against the ground and quickly read through her loot before dismissing the window. This was more than enough. Dustin, Mace, and Jinx received the same Easter Egg. Jinx was still <<Paralyzed>>, but the last hit reward had gone to her. Truly an anticlimactic end for a drawn-out battle.
  6. She smiled at her friend's words. Certainly, there was no contention. Roman was - and always will be - her closest family. "It took a while, and it was under some odd circumstances, but he did." She didn't elaborate, but under the context of their shared situation, one might guess that 'odd circumstances' referred to SAO in general. Mishiro continued to walk alongside her friend and tried to suppress the gnawing sensation of guilt that lingered in her heart. She had been largely ignoring it, but being reminded of - speaking of - their closeness only brought it back to focus. Her family; the person she loved the most. If the quiet moment they shared earlier had the brightness of a clear summer day, her lie was an encroaching raincloud in the distant horizon. She knew why she did it. She had gone through all the options and possible outcomes in her head. If she were going to involve herself, releasing information that could lead to Pinball's arrest was not the best action. It had worked so well the first time. But the sincere smile and the usual round of "take care"s Roman gave her as she left was like a knife to the gut. This was a person who trusted her. And beside her was the person she came to meet. Her expression remained unchanging as she drew a quiet breath in and counted to ten. Back to the present. Back to the right headspace. They were having a quiet walk on the 22nd floor, getting to know each other properly after the chaos that had been their first meeting. "What about you?" Mishiro slowed them at the point where the forest trail curved into an upward slope. At the ascent's peak, the greenery parted to give them a view of Floor 22's lake. Sunlight reflected off of its calm blue waters and from her perspective - framed at the sides by the trees and the undergrowth - she quickly pulled up her menu and snapped a picture. It made sense that the trail would be following along the large lake; the waterfall they wanted to see was probably connected to it. She turned away from the view to look at Jinx. "I thought Arabelle was exaggerating when she said her guild was just like a large group of friends who come to hang out and level together. More like a family, if I should say. They seem like a nice group, so if it's alright to ask, how did you come to know them?"
  7. Neither of the tanks moved. Mishiro paused to listen with her axe rested on the ground at her side. Dustin broke off from the group and rushed the mob with another frontal attack. She lifted her axe and was right behind him, searching for an opportunity to make an opening for her teammate - but her steps faltered when the small purple bunny moved back and out of Dustin's reach. She thought they had settled this already. They weren't getting anywhere with this approach. A few displaced puffs of cloud gently fell to the ground, left behind by the Easter bunny continuing its temporary retreat. It didn't take long for the team to realize why. From the thick mass of clouds covering its fur, Furry pulled out a Creme Egg and chomped down on the sweet treat. Fully energized and buffed, the rabbit bunched up its little legs and jumped, higher than it had ever gone before. For a moment, its cloudlike body appeared to be floating - flying up to join the rest of the clouds in the bright blue sky. Then it reached its peak and dropped like a stone. Mishiro left her axe behind and launched herself to the air. The ground shook, the grass blew back as the Easter bunny fell. A shockwave traveled outwards from its point of impact to the field, damaging all but the girl who was in midair. Dustin, who was closest to the attack, took the most damage. Mishiro landed on both feet and retrieved her axe.
  8. Furry broke out of its stun, leaving Mace yelling in frustration as her warhammer struck empty ground. The team's morale - which had previously been uplifted - was beginning another steady, downward descent as the bunny displayed its superior speed with a couple of quick hops. It almost seemed that with every attack they connected, they would miss three in turn. Realistically though, it wasn't as simple as a system generating numbers based on a predetermined pattern. "Don't go for the flank." But the boy had already taken off. Following Mace's orders, Mishiro followed closely after him. Furry cleanly avoided Dustin's punch and skirted around the DPS player with two quick hops. It was clear who the event mob was going for. The small purple bunny bunched up its short legs - and had to throw itself back as the head of an axe slammed against the ground in front of it. It came up too short, too early, but did at least half of its job by cutting off Furry's path. Another round of <<Bleed>>, and the little mob continued its temporary retreat. It looked cautiously at the team. Furry's HP was practically just a sliver of red now, in comparison to what it had earlier. She glanced at their main DPS's weary expression and figured - they needed to regroup. "Don't just make direct attacks; anticipate its movements," she advised simply. Dull gray eyes were fixated on Dustin as she approached the team. All she could offer, for now, were words of advice from what she'd observed. "It's clearly too fast for us. So when you're attacking, pay less attention to where it is now and more on where it will be. "
  9. With Furry's HP approaching the red zone, the team had regained their confidence. She cast a glance at the three's interaction and found the blue tank moving away from the pair. Prepping her axe, Mishiro spotted the telltale bursts of an activated Sword Art on the girl's warhammer and repositioned herself. Mace dealt a heavy blow to Furry mid-jump as the bunny, still reeling from the two DPS players' earlier attacks, attempted to make a temporary retreat. The mob's small body was smashed to the ground. She thought she heard Mace talking, but a quick look at the bunny's slowed state would have been enough of an explanation. (You can just say you stunned it.) Jinx <<Howled>>. Furry rolled away from Dustin's attack, but found itself straight in the path of Mishiro's. The shadow of <<Widower>>'s head loomed over the little event mob and the wielder's cold eyes offered no comfort as the weapon came crashing down and cut deep into its skin. Black smoke clung to the puffs of cloud the axe's blade had touched, turning the fluffy white material to a dusty gray. <<Bleed>> refreshed.
  10. --But its overconfidence led to its downfall. Furry was able to avoid the stun tank's attack as planned, but - having wrongly predicted that the lavender-haired girl would keep to her role of drawing its attention and defending - it was slightly taken aback with Jinx's unexpected lunge and only managed to evade at the last second. From there on, the team was one step ahead of their opponent. Dustin's punch connected and sent it flying with no control of its movement... to where Mishiro was waiting patiently at the other end. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and swung her axe in a diagonal-upward motion as the bunny hurtled towards her. Previous failures had given her a better idea of when to swing her weapon, taking into account her lack of - and the Easter bunny's abundance of - speed. Her blade cleaved past the puffs of cloud on its pelt and, while her attack was not strong and fast enough to slice clean through its waist as she would have liked, it sent the airborne mob flying to a different direction. A long, red cut appeared at its side. <<Bleed>> inflicted.
  11. It was difficult to ignore the shielder's words of encouragement; her voice resonated clearly across the open field. Furry was drawn to her, and though her voice shook and the girl who was unaccustomed to speaking loudly had to pause and catch her breath, Mishiro's own dampened spirits raised at her words. Jinx was addressing Dustin, but her show of confidence was a rallying call to raise morale... like a true tank. But there was something concerning about her words. Jinx encountered those player-killers again? With the <<Stunned>> status effect now gone, the troublesome Easter Bunny quickly evaded another strike from Mace. Dustin rushed in with his fists clenched, and so did Mishiro. She circled around to Furry's other side as the martial artist's gloves began to glow. When he swung at it, and it dodged his attack, she was there to catch the purple bunny at its other side with a wide swing of her axe. But - the bunny twisted in midair, landing lightly on top of her axe's blade unharmed, then pushed off of it and flipped backward. It landed on the ground between the two DPS players, but before either had the chance to swipe at it, it was off speeding towards Jinx. It hopped forward, delivering a kick to the tank's shield - though it very noticeably hurt itself more than it hurt Jinx - then quickly retreated before any of the nearby players could counterattack. Furry had regained its former speed and was now playfully flaunting it, creeping up to the team and stopping just slightly outside the striking range of all four, its legs bunched up to hop away once they took the bait. Fortunately, with Jinx on their side, speed was all it had.
  12. Mace's stun did not bring the small purple bunny to a complete standstill. Furry kept its ability to move, though it was disoriented from the strong blow to its head and its movements were slower and less fluid than before. It hovered just out of reach; the event boss refrained from attacking in favor of regaining its bearings. "Howl," Mishiro said quietly, in opposition to the stun tank's orders. She had fought at the shielder's side before and she knew - if her build hadn't changed since then - that Jinx's damage output relied on her Thorns. She spared the team's HP bars a quick glance before she continued, "We need you to maintain the highest Hate, and it's the surest way of doing so." Jinx <<Howled>>. Dustin went after the slowed, retreating mob. Mishiro pulled her axe from the ground and followed close behind. "Move away when you're done! I'll follow-up!" She didn't want to risk any friendly fire, much more with her using a heavy, unfamiliar weapon with a far reach. Dustin swung his fist at the weakened bunny and - it dodged the attack by leaping into the air and sailed over the boy's head. Mishiro's head tilted up as she followed its movements, and brought her axe in an upwards swing. In its slowed state, she was sure she could catch it in the air. But - Furry didn't even need to dodge at all - her weapon came up short, too slow, even if she swung it a second earlier than Arabelle would have. Furry landed safely on the ground, and she could practically hear its mocking laughter echoing in her head. They needed a better plan of attack. Mishiro ran through a few strategies in her head, though she found none of them desirable at the moment and her attention was quickly drawn to their main DPS speaking up. She turned to Dustin and his downcast expression, and her voice softened. "No need to apologize; we're all doing our best here. So get a hold of yourself and focus."
  13. Mace's warhammer forced the sprightly creature up into the air. It didn't matter whether her attack hit or missed; the Easter bunny was now trapped in midair and straight in Dustin's path. Mishiro frowned at his words, but watched their teamwork and his skilled movements with silent admiration. But in yet another surprising display of agility, Furry twisted in midair, to the side and away from the boy's attack. It left a tuft of clouds - displaced earlier by Dustin's fist - in the air as it angled its body and attempted to repeat the move that had stunned Jinx earlier. The bunny dropped down from above. Mishiro glanced at the <<Paralyzed>> Jinx, pulled her axe from the ground, and raced forward, past the shield's protection. She heaved the large weapon upwards in a wide swing, tracing an attack path that would cross Furry's. The bunny was forced to interrupt its assault and change course, dropping to the ground in front of them in one swift motion then distancing itself from the team with a few, quick hops as Dustin approached. Clearly, it favored avoiding every possible attack over landing its own. "Here." With Dustin between them and the mob, Mishiro risked turning away from their opponent long enough to take Jinx's hand and pull her up as the <<Paralyzed>> indicator disappeared from her status bar. She let go of the shielder's hand and nodded to Dustin. His words of concern were pointless, but touching.
  14. At her disturbance, the Easter event boss emerged from the darkness of its burrow. For a mob that could supposedly down Mishiro with two well-placed hits, its appearance was underwhelming. It was small, and puffs of white cloud clung to its purple fur and long ears. With a warning hiss, it faced the four players who had met it with their weapons drawn. Their intentions were clear; it had been found, it lost the game it had itself started, and now, it would face the challengers in accordance to its own rules. Furry proved to be as nimble as it looked. The bunny jumped up and away from the stun tank's initial swing. Her warhammer struck the ground and caused a slight tremor that the rest of the team could feel under their feet. It seemed to hover in the air, floating like the clouds around its form - and for a second, Mishiro thought it would be blown away by a gust of wind - but the illusion was broken as it dropped to the ground just as quickly as it had moved the first time, then evaded the martial artist's punch. Jinx raised her shield. Mishiro thought it wise to stay back for the first round. At Jinx's <<Howl>>, the event boss responded with a low growl, in acceptance of the shielder's challenge. It leaped to the air, moving quickly as if it was as light as a feather, angled its little body, and dropped like a stone. It knocked down the tank with a powerful kick that used both of its legs, leaving her <<Paralyzed>> for a round, and kicked off Jinx's shield. The Easter bunny gracefully landed a short distance away, ready to spring up once again at the team's next attacks.
  15. Mishiro

    [PP-F1] Allision <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Mishiro pulled her hand to her chest and though it appeared she was looking straight ahead, her focus was on the masked man at the corner of her eye. He was looking at her. He was silent. Where were his playful comments? His flamboyant gestures and boundless energy? She hadn't known him for long, but she had the feeling it was the natural thing for Ares to do. Her unease grew with every passing moment. Mishiro took a small step away from the man and briefly distracted herself with a quick, unsuccessful sweep for nearby materials. She tugged at the edges of Roman's coat, pulling it tighter around her form. Why did he have to be quiet now? Why was he staring at her? She knew she had to say something. But what was she going to say? Her mind was whirling. Perhaps she was being too self-conscious. Perhaps she guessed right the first time. Or perhaps she just didn't know Ares all that well. Mishiro knew what she would normally do: ask. Ask, like it was any other question. 'Who are you?' But she didn't know what she would do after she heard his answer. She wanted him to be Ares. She wanted him to be Pinball. She didn't want him to be Ares. She didn't want him to be Pinball. She wanted the source of this entire problem gone. But she knew, in the end, she would be asking him to stay. i̸̳̻̎̐͠ḏ̸̹͋̓͜o̶̖̓̈̎n̶̙̖̾̽̕'̷̥̀ṭ̵̪̆͑k̸̡͇̕n̶͚͆̀o̴̔͛̅ͅw̴͈̟̞̅̓̋i̵̟̫̼̓̀̄t̵͍̰̓̏͌'̸̛͔̌̇s̷͊̎͜y̶̤̘͒́̂o̶̡͛͜͝ͅų̷̛̫̌̇i̵̧͖̊k̴͖̈́̌̅n̶̤̹̊̕o̴͈̟̗̊ẉ̶̍̎i̶̹͑ẗ̸̨́̋͝'̴͎̉͝s̷̼̣̋͜y̴̧͕̌̓̄ͅo̶̺̗̾͗̈́û̷̬̰̣͛n̵͎̽̇̃ŏ̸̡̮̔ó̵̲͖͂́n̵̬̣̥̆́̕e̶̡̲͎͋̈͗ė̸͓̚l̷̘̱̃̒͋s̷̥͚̑̾̕e̸͔͝m̷͖̏̽͌a̴̛̪̓̓k̶̯͍͠è̸̥̀̓s̴̰͕̓̃̀m̶̨͚͑ͅe̴̻̺͔͝͝f̷͇͌͜e̵̤͑e̵̞̣̱̎̆̍l̴̮̠̖̏t̷̡̩͍͐̕h̸̘̦̬̆̊ḭ̶̇̓̐s̷̞̦̒ẅ̵̗́̏a̶͔̅y̵̗̏̽͛b̷̯̪̩͘ų̴̫̪͆̆͝t̷̨̼͔̃̈́́m̷͚̮̺̐͗a̸̧̤̪͆y̶̜̺͠͝b̸̢̝̞̀̍e̸͇̊̇̌i̷̘̬͂t̵̮͌̀͠i̸̡͒s̸̜̥̎̑n̷̤͔̑ͅ'̸̹̬̻̔͑̔ẗ̴̟̖͈́̐̈́y̷͎͘o̷͙̭̩̅ù̵̮̳̔ã̸͇̗̙n̴͎͓̒d̴̥̝̘͊ȧ̸̟͙͒ŕ̸̟̲͆a̵̩͒͛͛b̴͕̠̮̀̿ȅ̸̟͍̬̿͠l̸͎̤͙͊͘l̵̲̐͜ë̸̱̪́̚w̵͆͜ͅã̷̗͕s̸̨͚͋͝ͅr̶̛̯̐͌i̸̯̫͑̂g̵̨̞̉͛͋͜ḧ̷̨̚͘t̴̨̾̅͂w̶̞̋̉h̷͓̩̞͊é̶͇͈́̚n̴̬̣͝s̸̥͐h̵̻̳͂̍͌e̸͇͆ş̸͔̙̀̀a̸͓͈͠i̸̯͈̰͋d̷̑̔ͅį̴̨̈́t̵͉͌̚d̶̛̥͑̑ŗ̴̮̻͂ḯ̶̮v̴̳̹̎e̷̢͕͈͐̕͠s̶̢̻̎̊p̵̯̥͐ͅȩ̸̫̮̈́̓̇ō̶̦̝̟̈́͆p̵̱̽l̵̨̪͇̓̾é̵̫̭͑͝m̶̖̏̀̕á̵͇͎͍̋̍ḋ̸͚̀ͅả̷͙̱͍̈́͠ń̷̺̼̕d̸̙̠͇͂a̶̡̯̽ǹ̴̢̙̘̋̚į̵͓́k̴̜̫̆͝͝i̵̝͇͎͒ẁ̶͇͠ã̴̠̭́s̷͙̺͆r̶͉͎̂͛̇ī̷̢͌g̷͖̈́ḧ̶̟̻̆̎͜ț̸̋͜͝w̷̯̭͐h̴̟̥̄̊e̴͓̭͗͗n̴̼̎h̴̗̀e̸̮͇͛̀ş̷̖͗a̵̞͓̳̍͠i̵̩̬̖̓͒̕d̴̨͊̇p̸̘̎͘͜ẹ̸͒o̶̗̩͂̃̍p̵̭̜̩̆l̶̜̣̭͐̽̿e̷̲̻̎ͅc̴̝͉͖̆h̴͊͜a̴̳̾̅͊n̴̞͌̇g̸̣̓̓e̴͎̰̤͋̇̈i̸̼̓̊͑t̷̛̬̔́w̵̮̬̬͗̒a̴̬̹̅̽͘s̷̱͖̃b̷̻͚̌̉é̷̝̤̯s̷̮͈̥̎͗͝ṱ̸̄̇͐t̶͚̦̜͑̏õ̷̫̂͂l̴̝̻̎͌̊e̸̡̜͇̅̕t̵̘̟̋g̵͓̀̓̾ò̸̬̕a̶̙͍̽̀ņ̶̱͆ḑ̸̧̆̏͝m̵̲̽ō̷̦̅̈v̴̯͍̑̋͝é̶̙͍͂o̸̼͚͐͒͜n̵̗̘̒b̸̟̩͛ǘ̷̜t̶̩͋i̴̖͓̫͆d̷̙͍͑̇̀o̴̥̍̌̚n̵̜͍̚'̸̛̗t̶͚͚̋ẘ̷̜͔̕͝ȁ̸̪n̷̘̎̔t̶̝̍͋t̷̡͔͂͆̍ͅo̸̪̾̿i̴̢̞̽̓w̷̧̬̭̐̋a̶̧̰̋n̸͚̟̿͑͝t̴̪̀̅t̵̜́ǫ̵̲̞͝a̷̦̱̓s̶̠̆́k̷̝̈ǐ̷̲̕͝ẇ̶̜̲̽̕ã̴̡̡̀͆n̶̡̰͊̂͑ṫ̷͔̉͋t̵̢͈͕̉o̷͈̕a̸̠̐̇̓s̸̗̭̉k̶̼̲̂̕i̸̧͂ẃ̴̮̱ä̷̘̰ṇ̸͌͋t̷̨̗̄̿̎t̸̥̆̈́ǫ̵͕̅̾k̸̳̒̀n̶̘̠̠͐̿o̶̱̖͗w̶̡͖̫̓̈̋b̶̞̽͝ͅu̴̝͎̔̑t̸̬̥̉ĭ̸͖w̶̰͘ő̴͔ǘ̷͇l̷̺͂d̴͙͇́ǹ̷̮͝'̸̧͚̌̇ṭ̸͋k̷̭̩͆̎ň̷̳̩͕o̴͚̍̅w̵̠̪̲̓̋̃ẅ̷̨́͠ḧ̴̢̰͓́́̕a̸̫̰͔̓̒t̵̯͑̀t̴̬̥̫̿͗̏ö̸̞́̒ṡ̷̼͇̚ȁ̸̭͕̕y̴͍̅̈́w̶͙̩̓̐͝ő̴̡̱͕̈́u̷̥̞̿͌l̸͎̮̒́̊d̷̰͖̈̐y̵̜̫̹̿̅ơ̶̝̋̽͜ũ̵͚̱̹͐ḷ̷́́e̵̘͆̑ȃ̷̡̺͛ͅv̴̱̥̈́̃ë̷͚̲͖́̎͠a̵̻̒ģ̶̛͍͛̀ã̷̧̦̪̕̕ị̶̣̣́͠͠n̸̛̜̑ì̷̻͎̐̆d̷̟̟̈́o̸͕̓̾͑ṉ̷̡̨̛̔'̵͉͕̗̿t̷̗͌͐̓ŵ̵̮̏a̵͖̤̍̃n̴̼͍̠͒t̷͓̘̎ͅy̵͔̜͒̇o̴͇͙̤̍̃u̷̥͖͚̔͝t̵̛̛̻̠ō̷̳͊ĺ̵̻̮e̴̯͎̱͊̉ȁ̸͎v̵̘̆ę̶̹̞̆ẃ̶̜͂͘h̵̰͋̚y̴͍̞͈̅d̵͖̯̅i̸̠͛͒d̴͔͍̾͠ỳ̸̟̜̣ỏ̶̜͋͆u̷̮͎͑̒̊a̵̜̾s̷͙̋͝ḱ̵̦̆m̴͉͈͛͌ͅe̸͚̯̊̽̚ẗ̷̹̹́ò̸̼̉̆l̵̗͉̾̃͛e̷̦̊͘a̶͖̲͉̔͛v̷͙̪̈́̿ę̵̙̀̈̉ȉ̶̻͂ņ̴̥̙́͋̃ṫ̵̻̔̐ḩ̶̜̈́̈̈ȅ̴̻f̶̪͎̓͘͝i̴̬̒͘r̷̦̰͚̓̑̃ş̷̛͈̒t̸̮͌p̷̢͎̰̉͆ḷ̷̎̇a̶͔̥͆͘c̵̘̔ȇ̴͔͇i̵̲̱͋̒ͅf̸̖̕y̶͈̙̐̕͝o̷̼̓̈͊ȕ̸͈̊r̸̙͍̦͛e̷̪̓̐͋a̸̡̝̩̾̕͝l̸̲̯̤̿l̸̠̯̦͐̏y̵͖͛ẃ̸̞̣̠͂͌a̸̳͑̆͗ñ̶͓͍t̶͈͈͉̓e̴̠͛d̶̰̎̓̈́m̸̫̃͘e̶̲̮̕̕g̴̙͆͑̐o̷̜̩̕n̵̛̖̥̲̂̏ë̵̙̥͖́̒̓w̵̢̺͓̐͠h̵̢͍̍̌y̵̹̿̑̀a̴͖̪͈͐̀r̸̪̉è̵̡̡̖́ÿ̴̗͓͓̏o̴̦̤͛̈́̅͜u̷̧͛̏̽s̴̨̜͒́t̷̢̠͉͛͋ï̷̞͚̈́̀l̴̮̟̂̆͘l̴̜̫̟̎̔ĥ̵̢̫̀͝ë̶̺̠͔̄̚r̷̹̹̓ͅe̷̘͙̒̌w̴̥̃̄͝h̴̥̙̩̀y̶̡̲͔̓͑͐ď̶̨i̴̞̘̦͒d̴̜͚͒̇̓y̷̼͔̋o̴̡̥̺̎u̷̜͋͆ẗ̶̩́̕͝ḁ̵̘͐ͅl̴̞̑̏ḱ̷̤͝t̵̢̼̠́̀̍õ̸̫̪̚͜ṃ̴͍͇̋̊e̷̠̔y̴̠͑ò̷̧u̷͖̅̚c̴͚̍̐͝o̶̢̊̽͠ứ̴̭̦͊l̸̜̭̻̂͝d̸̟͉̤̾͝'̷̣͔̋̑v̷̱̀͐ͅe̵͖̥͗̕s̴͎̎͂ẗ̸̖̫́̈́ͅa̷͔̲̍̀̉͜y̵̤͆e̵͇̓ḍ̴̈́̍ȃ̵͔͓̐w̷̡̥̉͝ȧ̷̺̭̆͝ÿ̶̺̹́y̷̛̗̠̬̿̌o̴̡͓̿u̴̜͋'̵̢̜̅̈́r̶̟̍͠ë̵͇̺́̄̈́c̸̫̀͜͠o̵͓̥̞̾ņ̷̳͂f̶̣̲̋͌̒ŭ̶͙̫͝s̶̜͋͜͝ͅi̵̼̚͠ñ̸̠͉̓ġ̵̫͘m̷̤͓̋e̴̮̲̿i̷̼͑͒͝d̶̝̆̉o̴̠̔ñ̵͕̘̥͝'̶͕̣̓́t̷̛̘͋̏k̵͖͎̏̓ņ̶̙̹͗͘͠o̷̯̞̒w̸̧̬͂͊͜ḧ̵͙̇̀o̷̢͗̄̇w̷̗̰̒̋y̵͚̪̙̾͌̇ǒ̸̰̝̮ȕ̴̯̪'̷̜͖̱̑ḑ̴̜̍͘͠r̴̘̓͛e̴̺̞̙͊a̴̢̬͝č̵̛̯͇t̴̞͆̈́̍ͅi̸̺̯̦̎t̵̲͆̅'̶̛͙̖͓̅̎s̸̟̘̆s̵̨͇͓͛̉c̷̛̫̝͗a̵̢̠̚r̶̨̡̬̆͝ỳ̸̧͇͘i̵̦͌̇̕'̸̨̢̻͗͊m̶̻͍̲̈́̆͝s̶͕̖̙͛͘ć̴̦̝͎ȃ̸̻͖̳͠͝ŕ̵̭ê̴͚̫̹̂d̵̢̯̙͆̏̓í̸͙̥̣́'̴̟̥̕m̵̢̦̘̈́̄s̷͖͉̏c̶̯͆̈͌ȁ̸̦̺̉r̵̯̔̿͘e̸̞͉͇̊d̴̩̮̱̾̈́į̸̘̳̀͐'̸̲̑m̶̮̓̋̃s̷̨̱̒́̒c̴̻̻͚̀́a̴͖̮̘͂ȑ̴͕̾ͅe̷̙̻̅͊d̸̻͎̺̄͑ỉ̶̢̠̕d̷̘͚͛̄̈́o̴̘͛̿̈́n̷̟̓͝'̵̭̩̗̊̅ţ̸̈́́͜ͅw̴͚̗̄̈́͝a̴̘̳͗ͅn̴̥̝̩̕͘t̷̹̃̃̌y̴̡̼͂̽ͅo̶̝͗͑ṵ̴̋͑t̷̩͋̂̒o̶͓̦͛͋̽l̷̯̻̃͌e̴̪̥̟̊̎̕a̵͖͈͛͜v̶̲͔͍͒̿̈ë̵̲̏͘a̴̱̝͘ġ̴̲̆a̷̯̩̗̓̽i̸̠̍̉̎ñ̸͉̀͂ḭ̸͉͊̅d̵͓̾̕o̵̡̲͔͛̈́͘ṅ̴̢͘ͅ'̶̱̯̦͑̊t̵̮̆͗͘w̷͙͋̓a̴̜̒n̸̰͉͗͠t̴͇͇͉̂̂y̴͎̾o̶͚̖̐ṷ̷̧̀t̶̕͜ȏ̵͈̏ġ̵̤͝͝ę̷̈t̸̜͐̑͝m̷͔̈́̃̅ả̵͕̲̟d̷͎̐̀̂ȃ̵̢̭͍̑t̸̞͍̑ͅm̴̖̎̅ę̶̟̪͛̃i̵̙͈̓̆d̵̝͉͊͒͝o̶̬̩͌͠n̷͖̟̹͆'̵̠̈̒͠t̸̡̩̆w̸͖̼̘̚a̶̹͗͂͝ͅͅń̶̛̙͛t̴̮̜̓̎̓y̸̢͊͘ǫ̸̻̌̄͜ủ̷̙̤t̸̹̺͛̒͐͜o̷̺̍r̶̘̯̠̀e̴̬̺̅j̵̟̓͒͝ē̷̹̻͂̃ċ̶͍͊ţ̸͉͙̄m̵̭̿e̶͈̾̀̄ǒ̷̧̿͘ŕ̷̩m̶͖̎̑̒ͅa̷͎̒y̵̱͉͊b̸̳͈́ę̴͉̘̃̈ȉ̸̪̱ͅs̷͖̝͋̽h̸͖͖̥̒̍͝o̷̜̤̍̃ȗ̵͕̹̇l̴̺̻̉͐͗ḍ̷̻̗̏n̵͖͍̘͑͆̈́'̸̙͌̌͗ť̴̬̿̌b̶̮̗͉̓̈́ê̴̞̣c̷̨̀̃̓h̷̹̥̏ͅä̶͕́s̵̫̟̃̕i̸̦͓̗̿̀̅n̶͉͠g̸̩̿à̸͍̺͇̓͘f̶̯̋̕ẗ̸̢́͛́ę̵̛̝̪̈r̷͖̤̖͌ẏ̵̮̆͝o̸̩͕̓̒ŭ̷̥̀̋m̴̥̘̝̀ȃ̷̢̛͘y̸̰̤̞̽̆b̶͔͇̩͐͛e̴̗̺̹͛͊ẏ̵͎̖͎́̓ò̴̲͋̂u̵̡͈̚ń̵̦̱́̎e̶͙͘v̸̧̩͗ě̷̝̗͓ř̴̝͎̞̉w̶̥̤̦̔̅å̴̼̕͜͝n̴̫͙̭̎̒ť̷͉̅̂e̶̡̛͇͎̿d̸̩̈́͆̈m̶̖̦̞͌̕ẹ̶͙̾ǎ̸̱̥̹r̴̰̯̅ő̶̲̖͇̽ư̸͉̝̗͆n̸̝̔́̔͜d̴̡͕͚̍̔͝i̷̮̬͛̓n̸̙̬̒͊t̵̡̻̬͋h̸̖͒͐ȩ̴̈̂͜f̷̧̜̯̂̈́i̷̤̔r̵̤͎̈s̴͔̬̃̈́t̴͕͍̲͊p̴͕̪͋͐ḻ̶̋͆ã̵ͅc̴̺͔̻̎̈́̃e̴̛̜͋̀t̶̺̾̓̚h̸̨̭̑̌̆e̵̡̠̤̋̃̃y̴̩̝̳͋͝ẅ̷̱̤̲́́ȅ̵͔r̴̙̓̀e̸͕̍̓ͅā̴̲͈̋l̸̰͓̱̊̈́͆l̷̩̲̂̂r̵͕̬̮̀̆î̷͙͇̒̔g̸͇͙̝̀́h̶͈̱͆t̸̢̯̣͑m̵̟̻̲̓͝a̷͇̻̐̔̃y̸̜̦͘ḃ̴̜ě̷̞̫į̶̭̥͆s̶͇͉̅͝h̵̜̻̤́o̵̰̻͆͂͗ụ̸̌l̸̪̲̒́̀ď̵̼̋̈́s̶͖̠̍t̸̡͓͎͌͛̎ȯ̵͉͈̺p̸͉͓̾̀͋͜å̴̔͝ͅn̷̡͋͠d̸̪̭͕͒͛f̷̫͋i̵̫̙͐́̀n̶̰͚̝̊̅͒d̶̫͆́̂s̶̜͉͎̒͗̋ő̵̢̙m̸͗̂͜͠ė̸̡͇̓ò̷̺̠̲n̴͎̥͍̂͝ế̵͇ͅẻ̶̘̐̚l̶̡̟͉̅̇s̷̝̾͜ě̵̫t̶̨͉̗̅̒͝õ̸̫̞ľ̷̡̚͠o̴̠͎̺̐d̷̛͙̖̫̈ḧ̴̝́̓̈g̵̞͉͐͌k̵̹͓̰̀l̸̬͂͝ḧ̵̯̹̼s̴̍͑͜k̸͚̀ͅl̴̫̭̗̄ä̴̡̤̰́̌h̸̼̣̗͑̏͘g̶͇͂̃k̵̛̯̑l̵̫͎̏̈́̐͜h̴̦̄͝g̴̯͓̅̏̋k̶̡͐̊̐l̶̝̲̃̈́f̸̲̮͑̒k̸̺͍͐l̵̹̿̀͘ͅs̴̰̓̅͝à̵̙̬̰̀̕h̷̙̮͌͜l̷̪̂ "I respect people's privacy. Whether or not Ares reveals himself would be at his own volition and not at my insistence." Y̵̞͂o̷͙͋u̵͕͛'̵͉̄ŕ̴̨é̷ͅ ̴̯̚t̸̖̊ō̴̤o̸͂ͅ ̵̼̑a̴̛̗f̴̥̊r̴̗͝a̸̮͝i̶̜̊ḏ̷̄ ̵͕̋t̸́ͅọ̴̉ ̷̹́ď̷̻ẻ̶̻ç̶̓ĩ̵͇d̶̦̒e̸̻͐,̴͍̃ ̶͍̋s̸͎͝ỏ̵̟ ̴̙̍y̷̲͝o̶̰͛u̸̼̔'̵͎͌r̷͓͆é̸͓ ̸̧̂l̷̻̍e̸͖̿a̶̘͘v̵̬̊í̴̲n̸͉̈́g̶̞̊ ̴̰͑i̶͈͆ẗ̵̠ ̴̢̃a̸̞̎l̷͎̾ļ̸̉ ̴̢̈u̸̞͘p̵̳͝ ̵̤̏t̷̗͠ŏ̷͕ ̶̯́h̷̙́i̴̠̒m̴̘̚?̴̛͓ ̵̨̐P̵͓̓a̵̲͐ṯ̸̓h̷͚̃ĕ̶͚t̷͑ͅi̶͈̋c̷̞͂.̷͎̄ ̶̑ͅH̶̦̓o̷̧͛w̷͗ͅ ̵̢̉p̵̝̌a̵̞͆t̵̜̎h̸̩̀e̴̫̍t̸̗̅ĭ̷͜c̵̦͌.̷͔̽ ̸̠̀B̴̫̍ǔ̶̠t̵͓̃ ̷͈͝t̵̙̑h̵̬̋e̷̦̿n̶͚̈́ ̵̱̎ả̸̰g̷͚̎ã̵͎í̵̺n̵̛̠,̴͙͂ ̸̲̚i̴̮̾s̷͇͂ṉ̵̛'̴͔͑t̸͓͘ ̸̥̈́ṱ̴̈́h̶̡̚á̶̳t̶̺̏ ̸̤́w̷̨͐h̸̢͑a̴̛̼t̶̪͛ ̸̢̋y̶̩͘õ̷̤u̸̟̿ ̸̨̃a̴̗̕ḷ̶͌w̵̦̅ạ̶̀ỵ̷̋s̵̻̄ ̶̯́ḏ̶̓o̶̦̚?̴͇͠ Mishiro watched Huginn and the plant mob's exchange of blows - or, rather, lack of. The boy was agile enough to keep out of the flytrap's reach, but he seemed to be attempting a movement set that was too complicated for someone at his level. The system assist was always helpful, but players also needed to think of their starting point, their reach, their end point, and how they would transition to their next actions. Combat required a level of strategy and anticipation of both your and your opponent's next moves. She carefully filed that piece of advice away in her mind so she could give it to him later. When the silence between them had finally stretched too long, the girl looked back up at Ares and gave a long-delayed response. "That was sudden. I'm sorry."