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  1. A date. And revenge on whom...? Arabelle was the only one with relationship problems here. Mishiro chose to ignore that remark and inched back as the small girl leaned too far into her personal space. "A date," she repeated quietly. For some reason, Arabelle's offer caused a different sort of warmth to rise in her chest. Her best friend had called most of the times they spent one-on-one with each other "dates," so there was no reason to assume that this would be any different from the previous instances. Yes, she thought as the purple-haired girl eagerly leaned close. It wouldn't be-- She found her hands had moved to hold Arabelle back by her shoulders. --Any. Different. "The event-limited quest, right?" questioned Mishiro. She inched back, shyly holding Pochi up to function as some sort of barrier between her and the girl who was, and always would be, her best friend. She averted her gaze, finding interest in the scene outside the back room's window. A flock of birds cutting through the tranquil view of a virtual sky painted with the lingering colors of the sunset. "I don't have anything else to do for today, so I can take it with you."
  2. Two months. Listening to Arabelle bemoaning her relationship problems awarded the quiet girl a single merit: a reminder of just how much time had passed. She had been like a ghost: drifting, observing, yet leaving no particular effect on the real world aside from a small ripple that occasionally reminded humans of their existence. Her recollection of the past weeks consisted of nothing but a haze of dull, endless routine - like it had been the past two years - and Mishiro wouldn't have noticed otherwise. It was like a strong wake-up call, and for the first time in a few months, she suddenly felt that she was truly physically and mentally present in the current time. "Arabelle..." She could only sigh at the small girl's complaints. They were in the back room of Cafe Myosotis. The sun was starting to set, so the little shop was closed for the day. Mishiro sat on her bed, facing a problem she knew someone with little to no relationship experience like her couldn't solve. One half of the problem was nowhere to be found, leaving only a vague PM about 'wanting to be alone'. The other half was rolling around on her bed - with her favorite plushy. That was Roman's birthday gift to her. She felt a twinge of annoyance at seeing her best friend handle it so recklessly. Priorities, priorities. "Don't you dare smother Pochi with your tears," Mishiro admonished. She took a plain, white pillow from the head of her bed and pushed it toward her friend, while gently prying her favorite panda from the small girl's surprisingly strong grip. No - it wasn't much of a surprise anymore. Arabelle wielded a scythe Mishiro could hardly lift, and somehow made it seem easy in the process. She successfully retrieved the panda plushy and possessively hugged it close to her. She shifted closer and absentmindedly patted the girl's head, running her fingers through a few strands of silky purple hair. Headpats always made Mishiro feel better, and Arabelle seemed to like it as well. "You guys have been fighting a lot lately. And..." She recalled the past instances and thought she saw a pattern. "On special days, no less. But from what I observed, you always find a way to reconcile and move past that, somehow." What did Arabelle say when she appeared at Cafe Myosotis's doorstep after two years of no contact, again? There, complete with her grand gestures: "love always finds a way!" "But, constant arguments are still unhealthy. You know that already, right? It's stressful, gets in the way of everything you do, and most of the time you're just wondering what made you both so mad in the first place." She paused. Lifted her hand. Discarded that chain of thought. "Try to understand each other's sides, I guess? I'm sorry. Am I helping at all?"
  3. Mishiro

    [OP-F1] Legends? Maybe...

    Mishiro was never the sort of person who was satisfied with sitting around idly. She tucked a few strands of black hair behind her ear and flicked open her menu, tapping the first item stored in her inventory. In front of her, data shards blinked into existence and gathered together to form a sketchpad with a plain brown cover. She scrolled down and tapped another item then promptly dismissed her inventory with a wave of one hand while twirling a newly-manifested ink pen between the fingers of the other. The semi-transparent windows disappeared to reveal a young girl dressed in a bright orange jacket with a large... candy cane? at her back. The bunny ears attached to her drawn hood bounced as she smiled brightly and requested to tag along. If she wasn't one of those players with modified avatars, the girl couldn't be any older than twelve. "I'm Mishiro." She wrapped a hand around her sketchpad and quickly checked the vicinity. Was she alone? Even if this was a safe zone, someone as small as her shouldn't be. She was aware of these cases - Roman had spoken to her about it in passing - of players below the recommended age left to fend for themselves. But most of the time, player-made orphanages took them in. Guess they missed one. Mishiro looked back down at Runa and considered her options. It would be safest to have her tag along, so she could have a party of trustworthy players looking after her. "I put the poster up but I'm not the one who made that request, so whether you can join or not is ultimately up to their discretion." The girl bent down slightly and held a hand out to Runa. "But they didn't specify any qualifications, so I think you could come along. They should be arriving in maybe half an hour at most, so we'll have to wait for a bit." Clutching her sketchpad in one hand, she turned around and nodded to a nearby bench, situated conveniently along the side of the road. "If you don't mind waiting, that is." [ooc: tag @Runa.]
  4. "If it's to help my friend's guild, I suppose I could spare one." - trades 1 Christmas Cookie to @Stryder [notes: we'll settle how this plays out ic later. also, your payment is 20% of the col you gather. send it here when you're done. have fun~]
  5. Mishiro

    [OP-F1] Legends? Maybe...

    January 22, 2026 It was a beautiful day outside. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming. On days like these-- kids like you... should be burning in hell. --Mishiro just wanted to sleep in. She was well aware that she had been... for lack of better word: drifting, these past few days. A whole month had passed since that Christmas festival where she met Arabelle's guild and was pleasantly surprised to find that her best friend and Jinx got along well, spent time with an old friend (client?) of hers, and won an event-limited item which was quickly followed by two different promises. A gathering trip with Roman, and another - a separate one - with Arabelle. She had planned to close the level gap and fulfill the latter (the easier one; the gap between her and Arabelle's levels was significantly smaller than the one between her and Roman's) as soon as she could, and she had all the plans and quests outlined but... - 'Leave, leave, leave!' 'Come join the party.' 'He's in the police's hands now.' 'I don't deserve to be called your friend.' - "I'm feeling a bit tired today." The person pulling at her hand with a strength that one wouldn't expect from a girl with a waifish figure like hers wouldn't let her have it. "You haven't worked on your player level for a long time either," she argued weakly. Tu quoque. Mishiro didn't say anymore and avoided Arabelle's ashen gaze. She did, however, catch the rolled up poster that her friend tossed her way. Tugging her wrist free from her friend's grip, she unrolled the sheet of paper and quietly read through its contents. Or a thorough lack of. Her grey gaze sharpened. No player name and subsequently no way to contact them to ask questions, no physical description to make it easier to find them in case there was more than one player in the location they specified, and nothing on how the loot should be divided if there was any (that was just her being a nitpick at this part; players normally went with 'you keep what you get' in these types of hastily-formed parties). She rolled up the poster and held onto it as she sped up to walk beside her friend. "Just this once," she relented. They were halfway to their destination already, she couldn't just say 'no' and leave now. And... these past few days, she hadn't been spending enough time with her best friend. She was sure the girl would have noticed at some point, hence her somewhat forceful attitude this time around. Mishiro hung her head and breathed out a sigh. If even Arabelle was showing that much concern - "Next time, please inform me a day before so I can organize my schedule accordingly." Like she would ever do that. Within a few minutes of walking, they reached the last intersection before the plaza. Mishiro inhaled deeply and took a few more steps forward before she stopped. The two buildings that sat at the edge of the town square were already visible - and the blue sky she once admired turned red and blood seeped through its cracks, pooling at a point in the sky and taking the shape of a man dressed like a god - Mishiro found herself reaching out to grab her friend's hand. She took the time to calm her erratic breathing before she spoke. "This... this is close enough." Then she let go and stepped back, giving her friend a weak, reassuring smile. "You dragged me here in the first place, so don't get carried away by the cute boys. I'll stop giving you friend discounts for a month if you make me wait for more than an hour." And she waved Arabelle a temporary goodbye. Left alone to her devices, Mishiro looked down at the poster in her hand then at her immediate surroundings. She saw no sense in keeping it to herself, so she approached the nearest establishment and neatly taped the request on the outside wall. Then, quietly ducking into a nearby deserted alley, she brought up her inventory and changed out of her casual clothing to a more combat-suited attire consisted of dark, iron plates held together with cloth and mesh of the same color. For a player with a tank build, it would've been considered a bit impractical; the heavy armor she had chosen for herself only covered her upper body and her hips. But, for a DPS player who happened to favor damage output (subsequently, speed) over protection? She tossed her long, black hair over her shoulder and strapped on her combat boots. While it looked altogether indecent, this was the most optimal armor she could think of. The girl tugged one of Roman's larger coats over her form and stepped back out into the main road. [ooc: it wasn't stated, so i had to assume what bell wrote in that notice. also, for ic reasons, skip me in the post order until you guys leave the plaza. i'll join you then.]
  6. The ferret gave a bark of excitement and hopped onto the girl's arm. It took one of the treats into its paws and started to munch on it slowly. "Oh, he's taking it slower. I think Bandit can sense this is the last time he'll be fed today!" Mishiro laughed. She could tell that he wasn't being serious, but Bandit seemed to think otherwise. The small familiar squealed in complaint then promptly gobbled up the rest of its treats. It spun around and raced up Jinx's arm to curl up at her shoulder. "I think he likes you. Do you want to hold onto him until we reach the safe zone?" The rest of the walk was fairly uneventful. Roman was oddly silent. Bandit, satisfied with his afternoon snack, napped on the eyepatched girl's shoulder. Mishiro didn't have anything new to say and she could tell that the girl walking beside her had cheered up after feeding the cute familiar.
  7. Mishiro

    [PP-F2] Dank Memes and Broken Dreams

    Mishiro felt her cheeks warm up as she awkwardly avoided eye contact and mumbled something incomprehensible. Then she cleared her throat and said, loud enough for him to hear but still quiet enough to sound almost like a whisper, "He's family." It was vague, but enough to describe the nature of their relationship. Details about her real life were things she rarely talked about. This was a game. She was sure the code can be altered in a certain way to allow anyone to watch the events taking place. "Hm? Um, yeah. Some other time, if you promise not to tell him about... that thing earlier. Wait, we are...?" The somewhat socially inept girl was not used to detecting sarcasm with anyone other than her purple-haired best friend. She glanced up at him, wondering if it was a genuine question, and then back down at her cup of coffee. It was growing cold now. And the conversation was gradually turning awkward. "Say, mister." Mishiro looked up at him with a somewhat unsure smile. All this talk, and yet - "Have we told each other our names yet?"
  8. "Ah, were you taking care of him earlier? Thanks for that. It definitely saves us the trouble of having to lure him from his hiding spot!" Roman said cheerfully. At Jinx's prompting, Bandit hopped onto the scout's hand and sniffed curiously at his glove. "Yeah, I know," he responded with a chuckle. Was he seriously going to get lectured? Bandit was an LD-type familiar. It didn't do any damage and would probably die in a hit, so whenever he engaged in combat, he often left his familiar in a nearby hiding spot and came back to retrieve it later. His expression softened when the girl stammered and seemed to cut herself off, instead turning to Mishiro and thanking them both once again. He was not going to explain himself this time. "I'll be more careful." Finding no scent of treats, the ferret scuttled halfway up the scout's arm and barked disapprovingly. Then it jumped off and scampered towards Mishiro, climbing up the girl's coat until it sat at her shoulder. "Shiro..." Roman started. She tapped an item in her inventory and a few treats dropped onto her hand. Then she held her hand close to the hungry familiar. "No wonder Bandit's been so demanding lately. I just fed him an hour ago. You spoil him too much!" Bandit triumphantly gobbled his treats up and stayed on her shoulder as they started making their way back to the safe zone. "But, it's cute..." Mishiro mumbled, a slight shade of red dusting her cheeks. She gently stroked its head with a finger and followed after Roman. She walked alongside Jinx. Sensing that the timid girl was still a bit dejected, she brought her inventory up once again and manifested some treats. "Jinx, your hand." When the girl had her hand held out, she placed the treats on her palms. "Aniki won't get mad. Go on, Bandit."
  9. Mishiro

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    The familiar approached her and started bouncing up and down, moving in circles around the arm she'd extended to the wisp. Now that it had gone a bit closer, she could tell touching it wasn't a very good idea. It was... warm. Wisps were essentially phantoms that looked like bright little flames so for that reason, she'd always assumed they would be cold to the touch. "Don't worry about it. No matter what, a familiar is always most loyal to its master," Mishiro said with a soft laugh. She pulled her arm back and tucked her hands in her coat pockets. From the close-ended tone of the first response he gave, she could easily judge that he would rather stay instead of walking around. "It's fine. I was just asking." No observable change in tone and demeanor, though she had to admit that she felt a bit conflicted on whether she should excuse herself and walk around the festival - something she was likely not to encounter again in a long time - or stay and talk with someone she hadn't seen in a few months. Choices, choices... Thankfully, the boy in front of her suddenly changed his mind and decided the answer for her. "Ah, so we're going together...?" Mishiro took a step back as Huginn stood and turned to her. The next thing he said was enough of an answer to her. She smiled. "Never been to a festival... so I guess you're more of an indoor person? That's fine. I haven't been to many festivals either." She half-turned away from him, already considering which stall she wanted to visit first - she'd already seen a few that piqued her interest. "Oh, I spotted a stall selling some festive ornaments earlier..." And off they went to explore the many other things SAO's Christmas Event had to offer. She didn't get to spend time with Roman and Arabelle - both had suddenly left for the latter's shop after sending her a PM - as she had intended to, but it was still a fun experience. Somewhat. Midway through their walk, they passed the Event NPC and his stall once again. Mishiro paused. This was where it happened, right...? "I never got to wish him a Merry Christmas." Then she shook her head and went on her way. [ooc: tag @Huginn. mishiro will not make any more posts after this.]
  10. Mishiro

    [PP-F2] Lost and Found

    Mishiro drank from her paper cup, oblivious to the boy's embarrassment. The last two were his favorites...? Talking to her and hunting were his favorite things to do? The latter was somewhat understandable. By 'hunting,' she could only assume @Huginn meant fighting mobs. Some players still enjoyed that aspect of the game even after all that happened. But talking to her? She didn't see that one coming. He didn't exactly come off as a very... social person, and including today, they'd only talked twice. "That was unexpected, but thank you." There was no observable change in her tone nor her demeanor as she set her cup down and looked up to find the boy seated across her blushing. It was a new look on him, one she'd never expected to see. "It's fine," she said quickly, wondering what made him uncomfortable. "I don't talk to people outside of my usual group, so I think talking to you has been a nice change of pace, too."
  11. Mishiro

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Quite a long time had passed since they first became acquainted with each other, and throughout the years they'd seen each other and talked on occasion. She thought she was comfortable enough around him to drop most of her formalities. "Felicity," she repeated quietly. The girl recalled the scene she caught a glimpse of earlier and the rare smile on the boy's face as he spoke about his familiar. "Yes, I think it fits her." The wisp moved away from where it had been hovering over Huginn's shoulder and came to a stop in front of her. She curiously brought a gloved hand up with one finger raised but before she could touch it, it moved once again. "Ah...!" She spun, following the creature's movements with her gaze, and she didn't hold back her small, childish laugh of delight as Felicity bobbed up and down in the air - was it dancing? - and the little blue lights trailing behind the wisp traced a circle around her head that quickly fell and faded away as soon as the familiar returned to its master. Mishiro turned back to Huginn and smiled at his comment on the creature's friendliness towards her. "I'm glad she does. I can already say that I like her a lot, too," she said sincerely. She moved closer to him with her hand held out, waiting to see if Felicity would come close to her again. "I've read a lot about wisps in fantasy novels, but I never thought I'd actually get to befriend one." "Oh, right." At his question, Mishiro snapped back to reality. She briefly considered taking her reward out but ultimately decided against it. It was a rare item. She didn't want anything unexpected happening to it. "I did. I won the Christmas cookies with the prosperity and mitigation buffs. I... don't think I'll get to use those in a long time though. My level's too low for Col gathering. I don't want to sell it, so I suppose I'll try leveling up again." She finished her sentence with a somewhat guilty laugh. "So have you been to the other parts of the fair yet?" [ooc: @Huginn]
  12. Mishiro

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    She considered Arabelle's offer for a moment. Then she said, dead serious, "That's fine. I already have a workable strategy. Since you're the higher level, I'll hand you a Christmas cookie and you'll use that AoE sword art on a group of mobs, repeatedly, until they're all dead. Of course, I'll be evening out their HP bars by attacking the ones you miss. Afterward, we'll split the Col value. Half-half. And I guess I'll also humor you with some talk about boys. You'll have to give me advice, though." Beside her, Roman laughed. It was easy to tell from her words that she wasn't being very serious. For one thing, she'd just dumped all the work on her friend. "Also, I'll have to give you a list of boys we can't talk about. Inclusive are all of the boys you've ever teased me about. Any mention of it, and I'll never speak to you again." Then her small friend turned her attention to Jinx, the winner of the light armor from the raffle. Stryder was playing the role of the overjoyed guild leader and swinging her around in the air, throwing her up, and then catching her. They seemed happy. Mishiro smiled. She hardly knew Stryder, but if he made Jinx smile like that... he must be special to her. "Arabelle? Are you okay? Please don't take offense at what I said. I didn't completely reject your offer." Her friend seemed disappointed. It could either be the light armor she didn't win or... Mishiro brought her hands up, two fingers up in one and the palm completely open in the other. "Level 25. Wait for me to reach level 25, and we'll go on that trip. I promised the same to Aniki." "Yeah, you did. Don't take too long though. If I get to level 75 before that happens, you wouldn't be able to take on my level's loot minimum." Roman said with a laugh. Oh, right. She pursed her lips and thought. Then Arabelle appeared beside him, impatiently tugging at his arm. "Hahaha. That's unexpected of you. Did that raffle get you down? I'll go home with you, if you want." A new person approached the group. It was the brown-haired swordsman from the APD recruitment. Mishiro had seen him earlier but didn't get a chance to talk to him. From their conversation, he was clearly Dustin. The boy who had a love for fighting and sweets... huh. He looked very different when he wasn't angry. Well, duh. She would have wanted a chance to introduce herself to another two of Arabelle's friends but they seemed to be engaged in a conversation she couldn't relate to, so instead, she looked around and watched the groups of players scattered around the festival's main area. Stryder with the little girl named Fae and also Jinx, and another acquaintance of hers standing by himself playing with his new familiar. Mishiro considered approaching him but decided against it. Despite appearances, Huginn seemed to be a somewhat self-conscious person and he seemed to be having fun by himself, so she wasn't sure if she would be interrupting a moment if she approached. She looked around, at Arabelle and a conversation she wasn't sure she could join in. This so-called Christmas spirit sort of made her want to socialize. Might as well play catch-up. Then she tapped Arabelle's shoulder. "I'll talk to someone for a bit. Send me a PM or walk over if you need something." Having properly excused herself, she went and approached the boy with his familiar. Around four months into the game, she'd drawn him a picture of his missing sister and while she wasn't as close to him as she was with... someone else she met around that time, she saw him as an old friend. She stopped in front of Huginn. "Congratulations on winning. It's very cute, what did you name it?" [ooc: @Arabelle @Huginn]
  13. Mishiro

    [PP-F2] Lost and Found

    A troublemaker with a heart. Mishiro thought she knew a few people like that: a small girl with purple hair and an ever-present playful smile, and a nervous boy she met in this same cafe. She thought she already had a good idea of how Misako acted, and while that personality type was certainly a bit troublesome to deal with - she had the most fun while they were around and she always admired how they could express their feelings so openly. "I'm sure you'll have a better chance at finding her when this is all done," she murmured, sensing the boy's distress. It wasn't evident from his monotonous voice or his perpetually stoic expression, but it certainly was in his words. "Well, unless you don't ask around." A waitress arrived and set her order down on the table, and Mishiro took that opportunity to stall by swirling her straw around the drink and taking her first sip. What else did she want to ask about? Anything more and she would be prying into Misako's life without the girl's permission. Finding nothing, she responded, "None at the moment. I'll learn more about her when I meet her in person." ... ... Awkward silence. She had initiated this interaction with the objective of doing... something about some particularly concerning statements he made of himself, but she found that she had no idea how to without suddenly bringing it up for no reason. That wouldn't work. She really needed to work on her communication skills. But, now... how could she get a conversation going? She recalled a fun conversation she had with a complete stranger. If it worked for her, it would work for @Huginn too, right? She had no other idea. "So, uh. Question about you. What do you do for fun?"
  14. "I'm sorry," I say, even as he doesn't hear. I really am. But this is how the world works. He heard their names. He concealed himself for the prime purpose of gathering information, and once he reports back, their names would be added to the list. I can't let it happen. Not again. Not to her. I stand still, undetected. He looks around, searching, and reaches behind him: the small pouch strapped to his belt. One more round should do it. I pull my hood off and slash his throat. He turns and I catch a glimpse of his face. The status effects deal their final round of damage. And just like that, he's gone. [...] I'm... sorry. Half of this is my fault. I should have warned them earlier. [...] [...] [...] I look at my hands and all I can see is blood. It fills me with disgust. ... They continued along the path. The small brown ferret on the girl's shoulder looked at the hand Jinx was holding out to him and decided a stranger who thought he was adorable was better than a familiar person who thought he was useless. Bandit hopped onto Jinx's hand. It chittered happily before running up her arm and curling up at her shoulder. Mishiro paused from her scanning and glanced at the shielder, who was now holding onto Roman's familiar. Then she turned back and continued surveying her surroundings as they sped through the forest. Inconsequential. For whatever reason, Bandit was refusing to point out its owner's location. She heard Jinx speak and looked over at the direction the girl was pointing out to. Yelling...? She hadn't heard anything and she wasn't entirely sure if she should be listening to a girl who was wearing earmuffs. But, she'd already decided earlier that the eye-patched girl only had good intentions, so - "Let's check," she responded with a nod. She turned in the direction Jinx indicated to her and pushed past a few low-hanging branches, occasionally holding one up for Jinx to pass underneath. "This is a bit far from the clearing," Mishiro commented as they pushed forward. Her searches still yielded no sign of a nearby ally. "Tell me if you hear something else. They must have chased each other here. Are you familiar with the strategy of fighting while retreating? I believe it's mostly used with ranged weapons, but there's a certain build here that makes that possible." Her next search revealed a stronger blue outline, slightly off to the left. "You heard right. Let's hurry, Jinx!" Her fast pace turned into a sprint, leaving the silver-haired girl and the ferret behind. She glanced at the upper left field. His health had stopped dropping. But, but still - She held her arms out in front of her, shielding herself from the sharp branches she ran through. And when she neared the area, she concealed herself. There was no need to. He was alone. Blue dust from a shattered crystal between his fingers fell softly to the ground. That overwhelming sense of foreboding was quickly replaced by relief, and she calmly stepped out from where she was hiding. "Are they gone now?" The scout froze. He turned his head, green gaze connecting with hers - confirming that it was her - and his mouth dropped open slightly. "Sh- Shiro! I thought I told you to stay, so why are you - where's..." "Jinx is with me. I saw your health dropping so I thought we could come over to help." It was natural to be surprised, she reasoned out. She and Jinx were supposed to be staying in the clearing, after all. But, what was this feeling? She felt as if she was missing something important. Mishiro tucked her hands behind her back. Inconsequential. The danger had already passed. "You barely held out against that swordswoman from earlier, so what would have happened if you faced all three?" "Hey, are you calling me weak?" Her feeling of uneasiness faded as his usual, slightly awkward smile returned. "Typical of you. But don't do it again next time. As a stealth player, I know how easy it is to ambush players in the woods. You were much safer in the clearing." He paused and quickly scanned their surroundings once again. "I only engaged with one, but... I can confirm that they're gone, so we can relax and head back to the safe zone now." "Mm. Thank you." Mishiro looked over her shoulder. "Jinx? It's fine. He says they're all gone now, so let's go back. I'm sorry for causing you to worry earlier."
  15. She didn't respond to Jinx's question. No, it almost seemed as if she disregarded it. At the moment, her mind was locked onto one thing, and that was Roman's steadily dropping HP bar. Mishiro turned them around and walked briskly towards the edge of the clearing. She didn't understand. The two parties had already agreed to a ceasefire. It was unlikely he was fighting a mob. He would have dropped into stealth and moved away. Furthermore, mobs in the first ten floors rarely had traits that allowed them to inflict <<Paralyze>>. Mishiro paused at the spot where the clearing ended and the forest began. This was where he'd passed. He went into Stealth before she could clearly see where he went but she thought she'd seen the bushes in this direction rustle when he left. She looked over her shoulder and motioned for Jinx to follow. "Search." A bright, electric blue color flooded into her irises, replacing its dull grey color. She glanced back at the clearing, at Jinx, then turned around and ventured into the forest. Her vision was inferior to Roman's. She'd swapped her LD item for an ACC item before she'd entered the clearing awhile ago so currently, Mishiro didn't have any bonuses. But if she got close enough, she should be able to detect a party member's location. 300 meters. He was only checking if they were in the clear. He couldn't have gone any further than 300 meters. She stopped, around two hundred meters away from the clearing they'd left, and turned to the left. They walked, keeping to a path adjacent to the clearing's edge, with Mishiro periodically stopping both of them to scan her surroundings. Then she saw it. A faint, blue glow. An ally. Before she could think about it, she was leaving Jinx behind and running up to the ally she'd detected. Mishiro stopped in front of a tree. Perched on one of its low-hanging branches... "Bandit!" ...Was a small, brown ferret with a bad habit of stealing sweets. Roman's LD familiar. It chattered back at her but didn't move. She reached up and gently lifted it from its perch, holding it eye-level to her with both hands. "Where's your master? Bandit, lead me to him." She gently set the familiar down on the ground, but it looked up at her and chittered. She didn't understand what it was saying. "I'll give you treats when we reach him. Now, find him." Still, it refused to move. "What command am I supposed to use?!" Mishiro snapped. It blinked up at her curiously, oblivious to her predicament. She glanced at the upper-left field of her vision. His health had gone up - a potion or a crystal, how many had he used to heal them earlier? - but it suddenly dropped again. She was only growing more anxious by the minute, but... She took a deep breath and pinched the bridge of her nose. No. Panicking wasn't going to help here. It may be that he doesn't need their help at all and everything would be resolved by the time they got there. "Bandit. Find Claude. Find Roman. Find Roman." The little ferret circled around her feet and sat down. "Fine, then. I'll do it without you." She scooped up the useless familiar and placed it on her shoulder. She turned them around and they continued along the path.