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  1. Perhaps it was the sun shining brightly in the virtual sky, the small fishing village of Coral whose rustic style of its buildings and small population suggested that it was, in part, a small pocket isolated from the rest of civilization, or the light reflecting off the lake that was immediately visible from the teleport pad. Though it was never mentioned in the guides written by the higher-leveled players or Roman's descriptions, Floor 22 looked and felt like a place where fairies used to live. They had since departed, though left the floor, not in destruction like the floor above, but rather chose to leave it in peace to preserve its original beauty. "...Jinx, it's nice to see you too." There was a slight pause before Mishiro responded with a greeting of her own. The girl's voice was familiar, though her physical appearance was... not, and she briefly had to piece together the disconnects. For whatever reason, Jinx's hair was cropped shorter and dyed a pale violet. She wore glasses and replacing her signature eyepatch was her fringe, cut so that it hung longer at one side and covered her right eye. It was quite a sudden change. She returned the shielder's smile. "How have you been?" Mishiro stepped off the teleport pad's raised platform and her iron-plated boots sunk into the soft grass. Since the Sapphire Falls area was located outside the safe zone, she had opted to wear her black armor set and gauntlets today. Worn over it was a pastel blue wool coat that ended slightly past her knees. It was hers, this time, and appeared more stylish than her other outerwear, so she could come off as more casual. "Roman-kun...?" She gave a small, amused smile at that honorific. Mishiro herself addressed him without any honorifics, mostly using the fonder title of 'Aniki,' so it had been a fairly long time since she heard his name being spoken that way. It was odd and unfamiliar but, at the same time, brought back memories. Though as nice as it sounded, Roman didn't exactly go around introducing himself with that name anymore, same as how she called herself 'Mishiro' instead of ''Maria.' It seemed to be some form of unwritten in-game etiquette, and she only followed. "Oh. You can call him that if it's just the three of us. Otherwise, it's Claude. I dropped his real name by accident last time, but his player name's Claude. I want you to remember that." "Did it really look like that? I wish that was exactly the case. He's actually a busy person and I only spend most of my time with him on weekends and holidays. Well, right now, he's gotten some time off and is supposed to be resting at my cafe but..." And here, her voice took on a more concerned, unsure tone. "I saw him looking through strategy proposals before I left." Mishiro shook her head with a fond smile, then reached behind her. "He asked me to bring someone along though..." She nudged the small, brown ferret that had been curled up around the back of her neck, hidden by her long, black hair. Bandit scuttled up to her shoulder and his little pink nose twitched slightly as he stared at the shielder. He chittered at Mishiro's ear. Then gave a delighted squeak of recognition. It must have been the snacks Jinx fed him all those months ago.
  2. The sign on Cafe Myosotis's door was flipped to 'Closed.' Standing behind the only occupied chair, Mishiro threaded her fingers through soft rose-colored locks. "And it turns out that someone was there in the same place with me when it happened. I thought he would leave me alone, but he stayed and talked to me instead." It was 10 in the morning, and he was still here. He often left much earlier, but it seemed that he was taking a rare, much-deserved break from the constant grind. With her other hand, she stretched open a green scrunchie. She idly noted it was the exact same color as the accents on Arabelle's armor. "I think it helped a lot." "That's nice of him. Did you get his name?" "No." She gently pulled his hair back and fixed it into a loose ponytail. Leaning forward, Mishiro lowered her head and wrapped her arms around his neck. She had a closer view of the notebooks and the dungeon maps spread out on the table, the latter scrawled over with somewhat legible handwriting. He was working on it, at least. She rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. "It doesn't really matter." He stayed still. Then he leaned back and placed a hand on her arm. "If you say so. I'm just glad you're okay now." It was a rare, quiet moment. Mishiro eventually pulled away and opened her menu. She pressed an alert and found an invitation from Jinx. She wasn't being annoying. Rather, this was something Mishiro had wanted to do, but never really got the chance. She hadn't seen nor spoken to the timid shielder since the Christmas event, so she would take any opportunity to spend more time with her. There was just one problem with the timing. "Aniki," She looked up and hesitated. They hadn't stopped with their regular Sunday routine, but other than that, Roman's off-days were rare. The times they spend together on weekdays were often very short. "A friend of mine messaged me..." "It's fine~. We see each other every day, don't we? It's more than enough. Besides... be honest, do you really want to sit around and listen to me talk about strategy?" He didn't notice the way she smiled at what he said. "Who is it, by the way?" "It's Jinx." They both knew the girl well from that encounter with the Laughing Coffin. "Oh." He chuckled, like that name brought something pleasant to his mind. "You should bring Bandit along, then. I'll be staying here, so I don't need him for today." Mishiro looked back at him in confusion. Then she remembered the way the shielder's only visible eye lit up when the little brown ferret went to nap on her shoulder. She went and retrieved the familiar who had been playing with a little red ball at the corner of the cafe. Roman really was a nice person. --- Mishiro stepped out of Floor 22's teleport pad and looked around.
  3. Mishiro

    [PP-F1] Allision <<Nature's Treasure>>

    "Of course. You're always welcome to," Mishiro responded in her usual manner. The girl half-expected Ares to accompany the aspiring blacksmith back to the safe zone as a courtesy, so when he turned around and spoke to her, she was slightly taken aback. By that, and her lack of disappointment. She turned to where Elou had previously stood, only to find her figure in the distance, skipping away to the safe zone. She didn't like how they left the person who had gathered them together alone, but the eccentric woman seemed too eager with her new profession to care. Looking back at the masked player, she nodded. "I'm headed to the nearest <<Garden>>. I gave Elou most of my materials for her new shop, so I'm currently back to zero. Now then, shall we go? I visit it often, so I know it's only a few minutes walk." She didn't convince him otherwise. She wanted him to stay. Was it wrong for her to hold an interest in the stranger who had appeared out of nowhere to comfort her? Looking back at their last party member for the last time, she turned them around and started for the <<Garden>>. Mishiro maintained a brisk pace, though when Huginn's familiar hovered close to spin and dance around her, she slowed her gait. The little wisp eventually came to a rest on her shoulder and she could feel its warmth tickle her ear as it followed after her. She smiled to herself and gave the familiar a gentle, playful poke. It didn't take them long to reach their destination with Mishiro as their guide, and Ares immediately started it off with a clap of his hands. "There are a few plant-type mobs around this <<Garden>> and they have better drop rates than the normal loot minimum outside. Be careful though." She trusted Huginn could do without that warning... Ares, not so much. He seemed more like a child, chasing after whatever caught his interest with no bearing of the consequences, but going down that line of thought painted a completely different picture from the person who had spoken to her gently in the alleyway. It was confusing. Mishiro nudged Felli back to its master and set to work on a clump of greens her <<Detection>> had highlighted.
  4. Mishiro

    [PP-F2] Lost and Found

    The boy accepted her invitation and said nothing more. Though at this point, she didn't doubt his interest. Mishiro had already surmised that Huginn was and always would be a man of few words, and another telltale sign was his smile. A genuine smile. There was a warmth present in her chest; not necessarily demanding to be felt, but still strong enough to be worthy of note. So she reciprocated. "It's settled, then." A sincere smile tugged the corners of her lips upwards and her voice held a noticeable - almost childlike - cheer. It felt resoundingly appropriate for a girl her age. "I don't know when I'm going next, but I'm looking forward to it. Do you have any preferences?" Mishiro paused to think and drank from her (neglected in favor of this conversation) cup of cold coffee. "There's only two open so far, but I think some have their own favorite place already. You already know mine: it's the garden we came from earlier. Do you have one yourself, Huginn?"
  5. They didn't arrive at the best of times, it seems. Standing in line, Mishiro gave a small, amused smile at her friend's obvious frustration. She didn't like waiting in lines either. A small part of her wanted to convince Arabelle to leave and perhaps come back with her some other time, though remembering the small purple-haired girl's dejected expression from earlier, she couldn't bring herself to. Seeing her always playfully nonchalant friend that way felt... wrong. "Aniki said something about the end of the line almost reaching the fair's entrance last year, so perhaps the couples here are trying to avoid it by coming earlier." She reached down and squeezed the girl's gloved hand with hers. "It might take longer than expected, but I think the ride and the rewards should be enough to compensate for the wait." With Arabelle now preoccupied with counting the number of pairs ahead of them, Mishiro took the opportunity to look around and tried to commit the place to memory. Tonight, Taft's teleport plaza was a blend of vintage and romance. The photo booth nearby had a vintage camera effect over the Polaroid strips it produced. There was the <<Tunnel of Love>> quest, not so much resembling a modern Tunnel of Love attraction, but was rather made to appear like a boat ride through the canals of Venice. Strategically-placed lanterns left the place in dim lighting, and there were certain areas which the light did not touch at all. What couples did when they disappeared into one of those could only be left to the imagination. The girl shivered at a slight breeze. It was cold at night, and she was silently grateful for wearing leggings underneath her usual schoolgirl-esque ensemble. "Hm, not really. I spent most of my free time studying, but I also had a few friends who would convince me to come along. I've tried that for a few times now, and I still have the pictures in my house." Talking about them, Mishiro's expression held a reminiscent smile. It wasn't often she spoke about her old friends, or even thought about them. So much had happened in three years; she had changed and they wouldn't have remained static either. By this time, they were probably unrecognizable to her by now. But, that didn't necessarily mean that was the end. Having good memories of a person only led to wanting to create more, and when she returned to her ordinary life, Mishiro planned to speak to them once again, as she should have after that accident. She was pulled out of her thoughts by Arabelle's question. Mishiro looked at the line of couples ahead of them, then down at the girl on her arm. "We'll lose our place in the line. Besides, we came here for the quest, so we might as well prioritize it." Taking into consideration her friend's boredom, she added, "Do you want to look around? I'll stay in line for the both of us. Just bring me something to eat if you end up buying something."
  6. Mishiro

    [PP-F2] Lost and Found

    "You're correct, but it's not just the fields." She let her gaze wander momentarily, drifting past the occupied tables and their small white centerpieces, and the paintings hung along the walls. Her voice was calm and controlled, rarely ever ardent, even as it quickly became clear that they had stumbled upon a topic the girl had a vast interest in. "The houses in this settlement aren't simply complete duplicates of each other. They're made of the same material and largely observe the same theme and color scheme, but there's always some sort of personal touch that sets them apart from the rest. The roads swerve around structures at some parts and some buildings can only be accessed through side streets. It's organized chaos and it makes this place look very, deceptively real." Mishiro looked back at Huginn. "The developers emphasized the game's realism first and foremost, and I think rightly so. Just walking around one of these towns feels like an adventure, like there's always something new to discover even if you've passed the same place many times already." Much like the real world. There were many things left to learn about the world around you, even if you thought you were completely familiar with it already. She figured being thrust into a completely different world that at the same time felt like the real world only served to emphasize that. It could either be a separator or a connection. "I think it's admirable how people could make something like this. Only problem is, they made it too real." They would both know what she meant. Living here every day, the possibility of dying and never coming back... the developers had tried to imitate the real world all too well. She didn't allow them to dwell on that thought though. She remembered what he said last. Would it be appropriate to extend an invitation? Mishiro didn't know what he saw her as. But... the boy with blue eyes who had taken that same seat across her a few days ago had done the same, and somehow, they were now calling each other friends. "I don't have a set schedule for taking walks. It'd feel a bit awkward otherwise. So, if you don't mind..." Her inquisitive gaze held his. "If you want to come along, I'll send you messages, sometimes."
  7. "This should be close enough, Elou." Mishiro stopped the rest of the ragtag gathering party of four. From where they stood, the gates of the first floor's Town of Beginnings were already in plain sight and a walk back to the safe zone would take less than four minutes at most. She faced the woman with unique catlike ears and an equally eccentric personality, and gave a small, formal bow. "Thank you for inviting me. I have a few more materials left to gather, so I'll be staying out here for a few more hours. I hope that's alright with you." She straightened and then shook her head. Quickly pulling up her menu, she scrolled through a few options and sent the woman a friend request. "Please focus on your quest for the time being. We can gather materials again some other time." Turning to the two boys in the party, her dull gray gaze lingered for a moment on the elusive masked player who had refused their party request but came along to help Elou gather materials anyway. She didn't have any particular complaints. But if they had been unlucky enough to come across a hostile mob, there would have been difficulties. Mishiro turned to Huginn, halfway ready to bid goodbye to her friend and his playful little familiar should he choose to accompany Elou. "Where are the two of you headed next?"
  8. Mishiro

    [PP-F2] Lost and Found

    Wholly unaware of the true reason behind the boy's red face, Mishiro swirled her straw around her drink, feeling a little pleased with herself. She had placed him at ease, it seems, and though it didn't visibly show, the girl thought it to be a small achievement. Even more so when he returned her question to her. He was displaying more interest, and it banished her doubts about him not really wanting her to be here. What did she do for fun? There were many things she could consider to be part of that list, though if she had to narrow it down to the constants, the number would most probably be reduced to two. "I like to draw. But I think you already know that." Strands of black hair fell over soft gray eyes that held a small glint of playfulness as she tilted her head. Mishiro would not mention the second. She remembered being asked that exact same question perhaps a few days ago, and the conversation that her answer led to, while entertaining, was a pit she would rather not fall into again. If she could help it. Dinner with Roman had been awkward that night. "Other than that, I like taking walks. Sometimes, I wander around Aincrad and draw whatever catches my eye. It's a good drawing exercise for still-life types of art."
  9. Mishiro

    [F1, PP, Earning A Living] The Beginning Of Glory!

    There was a brief, but noticeable pause after her introduction. Mishiro held her extended hand steady. The unwavering smile of the kitsune looked back at her; though whatever expression Ares really wore behind the mask was impossible to tell, or if he was even looking at her in the first place. She drew her hand back and tugged on the cuffs of Roman's coat. When he spoke again, he responded in the same quiet tone he had used when they were alone earlier. It was a pretty, soft thing to listen to, and it somehow made the cheerful, higher-pitched voice sound artificial. She offered him a quiet nod and turned to her two quest companions. The first strode forward with a purpose. The small blue wisp left his side and danced in front of the cloaked player as he tried to leave. Huginn passed her, his hand coming to a rest on the masked player's shoulder, and said something she couldn't hear. Watching them left her with a small feeling of apprehension that only grew stronger as the boy looked back at her. Mishiro trailed after him and asked - Her steps quickened and she firmly placed herself between the two. She never heard what they spoke about. But even with the kitsune stepping away and happily declaring he was going to join them, Mishiro thought she picked up the slightest bit of tension. A hand covered with an iron gauntlet pressed against the wall and kept Huginn from advancing further. The loud woman, though, skipped right past her. "I saw that. What happened?" She trusted her friend. But she was never the type who was quick to judge. They would both hear a burst of almost frantic laughter as the masked player was promptly dragged out of the alley by an angry, loud catwoman. Mishiro lowered her hand and exchanged a glance with Huginn. For just a moment, their thoughts were almost completely in sync: troublesome. The girl dusted off her coat and followed after Elou and Ares. She didn't understand what the woman was angry about, so she refrained from commenting. Either way, they didn't really seem to be mad at each other, perhaps they even looked like they were having some fun. Falling into step with Huginn once he caught up, Mishiro quietly reached out for the cute, blue wisp floating around him. And the party of three became a full party of four.
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    [F1, PP, Earning A Living] The Beginning Of Glory!

    There was a stranger seated across her. Mishiro drew back, sitting straight against the wall. She pulled her legs close to her chest and regarded them, her neutral expression only betraying a slight hint of wariness. The alley was narrow. They were close. If someone were to pass by, they would have to step over their feet. She didn't realize someone else had been here with her, close enough to witness the second half of that event. It was... mortifying. Something so unsightly, that she tried her best to keep to herself, that only two people have seen so far-- She wanted to stand up and leave. They were strangers. It wouldn't take them that long to forget. "Hey." But she didn't. Morbid curiosity and the strings of fate worked in tandem to make her stay. When he spoke, his distorted voice called her attention with a simple greeting. Mishiro remained silent. Listening. Watching. Dressed in a cloak that concealed his features, the stranger almost seemed to blend into the wall behind him. The unwavering smile of his kitsune mask looked back at her equally steady gray gaze and she could only wonder who was behind it. When he continued speaking, it was almost like he knew, more than just the surface-level. "How did you know?" the girl whispered to the masked not-quite stranger. An orange cursor floated above his head, though it had little to no bearing on her perception of him. It was more curious, how he spoke to her like an old friend. He may just have been guessing. But he talked to her with the self-assuredness and the soothing gentleness of someone who knew her well. Stop running from your problems. That was the same thing Roman always said to her. Until even she could tell he didn't believe in his own words. You deserve something better. [So do you.] "You should smile some more, okay?" A bell rang in her mind. Her heart skipped a beat. The girl faced the boy in the smiling kitsune mask. Then he looked away. He rose to his feet, and she raised her head, her lips parted as if to say something, but the words didn't come to mind. The loud woman from earlier arrived, calling after her in concern. Huginn was there too, standing quietly with his wispy familiar. Mishiro rose to her feet and the stranger walked away from her, standing between her and the two. He was tall, and as he introduced himself, he waved his hands about flamboyantly. "--name's Ares, miss~! Broker, poet, outlaw philanthropist, playboy pastor." --"I'm pretty tall too." He jabbed a thumb at his chest and ran a hand through his hair, giving his best "Sexiest Man Alive" Magazine smolder. She looked at him cluelessly, but felt the strong urge to laugh at his ridiculous expression. "And it wouldn't be the first time I dyed this..." -- "--But my, look at the time, I got a meeting with..." When Ares made for the exit, Mishiro felt the strong urge to make him stay. [Stay. And listen. If you don't believe in yourself, then believe in what I have to say.] She strode forward. [You deserve to live.] And she reached out to gently tug on the edge of his-- --Ding! The sharp sound of a received message cut through the air and brought her back to her senses. The girl dropped her hand and for a few moments, looked... lost. No, it couldn't be possible. Just because she didn't know Ares's face, didn't mean she could impose whatever image she wanted on him. Mishiro summoned her interface and checked her messages. It was a reply from Roman. The corners of her lips pulled up to a small smile as she read through the contents of the message. Quickly, she typed out a response and pressed 'Send.' She would look up to see that the sudden sound had drawn the attention of all three. Now that Ares had said his piece, she was now free to speak without interrupting. Mishiro addressed Elou's question. "It's fine now, but thank you. Ares here talked to me, and the help was very much appreciated..." Mishiro turned to the masked stranger. "My name's Mishiro, written with the Japanese characters for 'white' and 'depth.' Thank you for earlier." She held her hand out and offered him a small, but sincere smile. [ooc: elou, pls grab pinball. i'll love you forever if you do. and right, let's get this thread back on track~]
  11. Mishiro

    [F1, PP, Earning A Living] The Beginning Of Glory!

    --And someone pulled her back. Mishiro caught herself before she could slip on the smooth pavement and whirled around. An unfamiliar woman held her by the wrist. Her dulled mind could only register the term 'blacksmithing' as the unusually aggressive person spoke. The loud woman from earlier...? She didn't care. The sights and sounds of the floor's central plaza flooded her senses and chasing after it, demanding to be remembered --andfromtheredskies,afigureroseanddeclaredtheirfatewithhandsstretchedoutinamockingimitationofthegestureofabenevolentruler.rejoicethisisyourdamnedsalvationfromthemediocrityofyourordinarylives.andwhereversheturnedtherewasnothingbutthefacesofstrangersandtheircriesofdespair.hewasnowheretobefoundandinthosemomentsshewasutterlycompletelyabsolutely. aloneinacruelworld. -- Blood pounded in her ears and an all-too-familiar feeling gripped her chest. She had to go. The woman holding Mishiro could feel her hand shaking uncontrollably before she twisted her wrist and wrenched herself free from the grip. A small sliver of rationality that still remained served to ground her to where she currently was, and she quickly bowed to the woman. "I'm sorry," she managed, through the tightness in her chest. Her nails dug into the white fabric of Roman's coat. "I'll - I'll help...but meet me there." She barely acknowledged the little blue flame that danced comfortingly around her, or the familiar voice that followed. Mishiro turned and fled. She reached the blacksmith shop and ducked into an alley. Her iron-covered hands grabbed at both sides of her head, dragging down long locks of black hair, as she slid down against the wall. She regulated her breathing, stared intently at the stone wall in front of her, and when her hands stopped shaking, she brought down her menu. [ooc: edgy flashback. edgy reaction. claude is my npc, but he won't be making an appearance, so don't worry about him. by the blacksmith rn, for real this time. also, why is pin only lucky with the dice when we don't need it? :c]
  12. Mishiro

    [F1, PP, Earning A Living] The Beginning Of Glory!

    Perhaps the world had already forgotten. But three years since the day the skies turned red, the central plaza had turned into a bright, beautiful place, almost devoid of that moment's reminder. People smiled and laughed, and passed by it without a single thought. Arabelle liked frequenting the area to find new friends. Roman often gathered his guild members there before heading to a dungeon or whatever excursion their guild leader had organized. ...she didn't know what was so different about her. But that moment would always resurface, in brief flashes of memory. The red figure. Their cries. Their despair. The moment that altered the course of their lives, for an indefinite amount of time. Materializing at the teleport gate, Mishiro drew in a sharp breath. With her heavy black iron armor and gauntlets, she was dressed like a warrior. But was she? The girl immediately focused on the exit and everything surrounding it: the people around her, the stone pavement and high walls of the plaza, the memories it held - the moment she took her first step, a memory she still treasured deeply - everything was reduced to a blur. It was like tunnel vision. The constant need to use the only teleport gate in the central - the only inexpensive way of getting around - demanded her to adapt. In some way. On this particular day, there was a woman standing in the center, laughing a loud, boisterous laugh that drew the attention of many. Mishiro turned her head as she passed by, only registering her words for a slight moment, and went on her way. To become...the greatest blacksmiths? [ooc: IC reasons demand me to bring Mishiro out of the central plaza. Meet her in some intersection maybe a few hundred meters away. ;3]
  13. Mishiro

    [PP-F2] Dank Memes and Broken Dreams

    ...where the skies are so blue, and Lord, I'm coming home to you...? Mishiro could vaguely recall the way a certain purple-haired girl sang those lines with a fake Southern accent right before a flustered Roman chased her out of the inn. Fortunately for both men involved, she failed to understand the implications of that reference that day and a certain pink-haired healer never explained it to her when she asked, and neither did she now. But unfortunately for the boy seated across her, Mishiro was curious. He had stopped talking and looked at her with a strained - somewhat guilty? - smile on his face, and it resembled the expression he had earlier when he teased her about p-p-porno-- She awkwardly shifted her glance to an empty table adjacent to them and twirled a finger around strands of long, black hair. "What's that supposed to mean?" The boy stammered through his response to her earlier question only to cut himself off at the end and look down at the table, his face steadily turning red. And now that their conversation had reached a lull, Mishiro couldn't help but realized that what she said was more embarrassing than she thought. It had only been a reaction out of pure confusion, but somehow, she'd placed him right on the spot. Still, the girl thought as she lifted her coffee cup to her lips and drained the remnants of her drink - hopefully, a warrant excuse for the long pause - whatever he meant when he asked if he could meet Roman, she thought it would be nice to learn more about him. "It's fine." This wasn't how she traditionally made new friends, but he was nice. And he was somehow keeping up a conversation with her even though he was in no way obligated to do so. The girl set her cup down and her face had the slightest semblance of a pout when she lifted her gaze to look back at him. "Don't get so embarrassed. You were the one who brought it up." He told her his name. Pinball, like the arcade game. Oddly enough, it fit him and his playful personality. And how the color of his hair reminded her of the metallic balls they rolled around the game board. She hesitated for a quick moment then leaned forward and extended her hand. "My name's Mishiro." The girl grasped his hand in hers in a firm, very businesslike handshake. When it was over, Mishiro drew her hand back and slid back onto her seat. "'Shiro,' written with the character for 'white,' and 'mi,' written with the character for depth. ...I, just liked how it looked when I wrote it down in kanji. It's nice to meet you too..." - darling - "Pinball. Is there any sort of meaning behind that name?"
  14. "Hey." With Jinx fixated on the sleepy little ferret, Mishiro took the opportunity to take her usual place beside the scout. The sudden informal way with which she greeted him, something that was rarely observed in her normal speech patterns even as she was conversing with her friends, and the fact that she was now gently tugging at the edge of his cloak prompted him to look at her. The shadow of the hood falling over his eyes made his neutral expression look more ominous than usual and earlier... earlier... She glanced back at their other companion: still gently stroking the familiar's head with a soft smile. Now that she had time to process. What was that odd, misplaced feeling from earlier? It unsettled her. And it had reappeared. Like there was something unfriendly present, though not necessarily the presence of another person. This was a comfortable silence... This was supposed to be comfortable silence, like many of the previous silences they had spent seated at their favorite table in her little shop. Though right now, a variable that didn't exist in the previous instances was present: the encounter from earlier. Perhaps even the first time they fought together in such a situation. "What is it?" The air was heavy, and it reeked of leftover tension. Mishiro looked up at him, dead serious. "That makes nine people who like Bandit more than you. How are you feeling, Aniki?" He looked bewildered. Disbelieving. Then he turned his head away and tugged at the edge of his hood. "Snrk." One hand reached up to roughly rub the top of her head as he tried to restrain his laugh with the other. "Where did that come from? Shiro- and here I thought you were going to talk about something important--" "Isn't that something only girls do?" She reached up and held his hand in place, briefly, then lowered it. Their pace unchanged, she took a moment to fix her ruffled hair and clasped her hands behind her back. "Has Aniki been hanging out with so many ladies lately that he's now started to act like them?" "Whaaaa-- No!! I only talk to Leah because she's my..." Guild leader. That was what he was supposed to say. "Okay, okay! I'm listening," Roman laughed and nudged her as they walked. A bit unprepared, she stumbled to the side slightly and she thought she saw his shoulders stiffen. But when she recovered and playfully nudged him back with a faint smile, he relaxed. "Who the hell are you learning that from? When I'm spacing out, you don't have to get my attention through insults that cut straight to the heart, you know?!" She never told him he was spacing out. But he may as well have picked up on why she was teasing him. They both knew that it wasn't a very Mishiro thing to do after all. "Mm? I'm learning it myself. Besides, you're the only person I can practice on." "Heartless." Roman crossed his arms and shook his head in mock disapproval. The silence resumed as he turned them around and led them into the brush, making for a quick detour to avoid a mob that had spawned along the way. Yet in some ways, the air felt a bit lighter. Someone once told her that if she wanted to cheer someone up, it was best to make them focus on the present moment. "We can talk properly now, so do you want an explanation?" Mishiro dropped back slightly to check on their other companion and kept her voice low so as not to disturb the sleeping ferret which shifted slightly and curled up tighter. "Jinx, would it be alright with you if I told him what you said earlier? Personally, I don't know what to do about your situation. I'm very sorry about that. But Claude's more experienced, so maybe he can." "I'll hear it. But I think I know what got you both into that mess already. Considering that I've never seen or heard of Jinx before, one of you tried to save the other, right?" Roman slowed so that now they were both walking closer to the shielder. "Seriously, did you guys know you were going 2v6? Shiro asked for backup but... well, anyways, if it's you, I think I can trust that you were careful enough... right?" She called out for them to leave their hiding places and asked for them to state their intentions, fully hoping it was a matter that could be solved with words. Mishiro shook her head. "...not right. I'll talk to you later." "Um, also." She reached out to gently take hold of his cloak and looked up, locking eyes with him once again. Her grey gaze appeared almost exceptionally sharp when she said, "You already told me before, so I know this isn't your first time fighting with other players. But, still. How are you feeling, Aniki?" "Don't worry so much. I'm fine." He adjusted his hood and gestured for them to speed up the pace. She let go, watching with her expression unreadable. "Almost there. Let's hurry up. Oh, and Shiro, don't run! Leah said she'd set a few plates aside, so it's fine if we come home late for dinner." There had been a hint of bitterness in what would have otherwise been his usual, reassuring smile. She looked down at her cold, iron hand and followed. Eventually, they reached the safe zone.
  15. Mishiro

    [OP-F1] Legends? Maybe...

    Runa was a nice, polite little girl, and she very much reminded Mishiro of her younger self. It was an odd thought girls of seventeen hardly ever considered, but then again, the life she was leading now was anything but normal. Much had happened since the game server's launch day, and she could only look back on most of it now as a distant memory filled with smiles and sunshine. She could only hope that such a day would come by again. "It's fine, and it's a bit of a simple reason, really." She smoothed the folds of Roman's coat and leaned back on the bench, before rolling her shoulders and assuming a more proper sitting posture. Her decision to tell Runa wouldn't really change anything either way, and she thought it was better to give a response to the girl's honest question rather than shake her head and leave an awkward, uncomfortable pause in the conversation. "The plaza still reminds me of that day. I still enter it to use the teleport pad but other than that, I try to avoid it as much as possible." Perhaps an awkward pause would have been better. "I'm trying to get over it though. Just not today. Not when we're going to be heading out into the fields right after, anyway." She turned her head to give the girl a reassuring smile, and found her attention drawn to the rather large candy cane that was "sheathed" at the little girl's back. Was that supposed to be a weapon? It didn't make much sense for a player to be carrying something that large otherwise. "Do you know how to fight?" [ooc: tag @Runa.]