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  1. Neopolitan

    Holchu's Journal - Tribal Passion

    Approved, welcome to SAO-RPG
  2. Neo nodded towards Hestia as she gave her some healing. Grateful to see her health finally be solidly out of the yellow, she was ready to be able to continue in this fight. Jut as she was going for her attack, she noticed mars going for the remaining sahagin. He seemed to connect with everything, so she decided to head towards the segment itself. Sadly, she tripped and fell into the mud as she did so. Though it was embarrassing, it did seem to put out the fire that was still burning at her from the scalding water. Hopefully she wouldn't have to deal with too much more. The leviathan was getting lower and lower in health, and it wouldn't be too long before it would hopefully be dead. Though if the rumors of secret health bars were true, she was quite nervous about it. She wasn't sure she could survive another health bar.
  3. Neo watched as the party continued to do their best against the foes that they were facing. it was hard to tell if they truly were winning at this point or not. As the scalding waters burned at her skin, Neo could feel the cold surrounding her at the moment. It was soothing to her burns, but didn't keep her in place. What did keep her rooted to her spot was the fear of this fight going south. Though at the moment her health wasn't doing terrible, she was just a moment ago nearly dead. Crushing another healing crystal between her fingers, she readied for the next onslaught that the beast would bring towards her. There was little chance that she would be able to do much against it, but it was the hope that she could that kept her in this fight. For now, she needed to recuperate some health, and the debuff for attacking the leviathan was not worth the paltry damage she could send against it.
  4. Neo saw as the group was able to start finishing things off. It was nice to see them finally moving for once. Though Calrex was still stuck in his frost, Hestia was able to take up her role and get some healing around, bringing Neo narrowly back into the green on her health bar. Once that had occurred, she quickly moved forward in an attempt to finish off the crystal Jomei had struck at. Hopefully it wouldn't get the chance to give the leviathan its healing properties. If it did, she likely wouldn't make it to the end of the fight. There was the chance that something else would come, but Neo knew that she would be able to hang in there and do as much possible damage as she could before she had to leave from the fight. Her blade connected, and the crystal shuddered from the blow. It had not even seen her coming, assuming it even had eyes in the first place. She just hoped that she could keep this up.
  5. Neo was released from the freezing effect as the boiling water of the scald effect washed over her. It was still leaving her shivering, and she shakedly reached for one of her healing crystals inside of a pouch to her side. Crushing it, she could feel the effect of it washing over her, counteracting some of the damage that the rain was doing to her. She wanted to stay until the end of this fight, but she might get forced away sooner than later if this kept up for much longer. Hopefully the segment would get destroyed so that Hestia could get more healing done to the party as a whole. It seemed everyone here was getting rather low from multiple sources. They were going to need a miracle if this were to keep up this way. Isn't this death so pleasant though? No, get out of my head, I'll deal with you some other time.
  6. Neo watched as the other party shattered their respective segment. But right as they did, a wave of frost started to creep by her. They seemed to have some pretty bad timing with getting the leviathan to become target-able once more. Though it seemed that a few people were able to get their attacks in, quite a few more were trapped like herself and unable to do what they needed to do to get their own portion of the damage in. Hopefully another chance would present itself soon for them to strike. This one seemed to be a little bit wasted by people not paying attention to the intervals between attacks from leviathan.
  7. Neo nodded towards Mars, following up behind him with an attack of her own. She saw how low the crystal's health already was, and decided to favor accuracy over power. Tuning up a weaker sword art, she went for the crystal inside of the glob of water, striking it and hopefully finishing it off with her attack. After her strike, she quickly stepped back and waited to see what else she should go for. A lot of other players were going for the segment, but she wasn't sure if it was going to be enough. On top of that, she was unsure if destroying that segment would actually help her out. They had merged while this segment wasn't theirs originally. Of course, she was able to strike it, so that meant something good at least. But it could also just be because that updated, but other parts might not update with it.
  8. Neopolitan

    [F13-PP] The Fall of The Mute <<CTC>>

    The fight was over but Neo was unable to tell that from her current state. As the energy from the seal continued to flow into her, she could feel her mind fighting a war within itself. And as it was being fought, images seemed to flash from the black energy swirling about her now. An image there of someone looking like Neo but with black and green hair yelling. A caramel haired girl teasing the viewer while the faint sound of a school bell echoed in the background. The hooded face of a killer, an orange crystal above their head. The crazed eyes of a red-haired woman, chasing after. A white haired girl, smiling, before fading into black. The world hates you, and now you have the means to go back against it. But there is still so much good to be had there. And yet you know you wish to fight it. You crave revenge, ever since you were a little girl. No I don't. Of course you do. After all, I am you. And with that, the black smoke suddenly sucked itself into her body, morphing it, recoloring it. Collapsing onto the ground, Neo would wake to find herself a changed woman. She wouldn't hold back against the pain any longer. Her rocky road would melt before her gaze until the streets ran with caramel. Neo's Appearance: Thread Summary:
  9. Neopolitan

    [F11-PP] Hunting Season <<Easter event>>

    Neo just shrugged at Mars's suggestion, she really had nothing to do at the moment. She gave a cursory glance over the area to see if there was anything worth looting in the area, but nothing caught her eye. Perhaps another time there would be something. Motioning to start making there way back towards the main town she figured the two could walk together for a bit. Even if they were going to be doing so in silence on both parts instead of just one, it would be nice to do so. They were a ways away from the main settlement and Neo didn't want to get jumped even if she could probably handle that. Or perhaps the two of them could jut bond a little bit more or get something taken out on the way back for some more experience points. One never really could tell with all of this coming through at the moment. She was a stone wall to most people, which made it hard to make friends. Especially considering most of her main audience were the kind of people used to getting yelled at through poor microphones.
  10. Neopolitan

    [F13-PP] The Fall of The Mute <<CTC>>

    Another wave of energy came out from death, whittling their health down even further. As it did, Neo once again sucked up all of the un-holy energy and stabbed her blade into the seal on the ground. As soon as she did so, the dark energy started to course through the blade and into her. She couldn't let go of it now, not that she wanted to. Good, we can settle this once and for all then. With that, she fell into a trance, unlikely to be waken up by it until all of the dark energy of the seal had finished entering into her now. Miraak tried to siphon off what he could to spare Neo, but it was little use for him to do so. The seal had already found a new host. Even though it was once bound to an entire floor of castle Aincrad, it had found itself someone much more mobile than before. It was going to try to use it to wreak havoc on Aincrad if it could.
  11. Neopolitan

    [F11-PP] Hunting Season <<Easter event>>

    With the beast dead, Neo just nodded and made her way towards the chest that there was. It seemed to have a few things in it, but nothing that particularly caught her eye. Really just more materials and col to line her wallet with. The armor and weapon wasn't that necessary to her now that she had received a bit of charity from a gathering expedition. But they might still have something nice on them worth checking out. Perhaps she'd go to the merchant that seemed to be getting so many of these unique for themselves, then she would be able to get a few of her own. At least, that was the hope that she had. She could try to sell them or give them away so that she could curtail more money or favor with people. So many possible ideas, but still going to be hard to get going if she wasn't that lucky with her findings.
  12. Neopolitan

    [F13-PP] The Fall of The Mute <<CTC>>

    A black wave of energy brushed past neo, she barely felt it though. There was no stopping the rage that was building up inside of her. But this time, it was controlled. This time, she had it directed, and knew exactly who she was going to be going against. A glint formed in her eye as the black energy coalesced around her weapon, courtesy of Miraak trying to contain it to reflect. Her weapon then glided through the air, and landed with an explosive power right at death's chest. a Singular thrust filled with all the power he had just sent against them. She sent the apparition careening back through the church hall. There was no escape from the wrath of ice cream. She would be fighting this battle to the brutal end. And then, we finish this. We will answer this question, and the victor will emerge.
  13. Neopolitan

    [F13-PP] The Fall of The Mute <<CTC>>

    Neo didn't hear the call from Hestia to switch as the figure of Death rose from its position. Sure it may be hurting, but it wasn't gone yet. You are a tenacious one to still be here. Normally the form of me alone sends people running. Yet here you are, still staring me in the eye. Just, don't spit. As nice as that metaphor is, it is disgusting. Neo gave a smile towards the being, knowing full well the power that she faced. She could feel her weapon pulsing from it as well. There was not going to be a pretty end to this battle, no matter the victor. This being was going to give her the answer she needed. If she could beat it, then she would be able to conquer her weapon. There would be nothing to stop her from winning this battle for control over her own mind.
  14. Neopolitan

    [F11-PP] Hunting Season <<Easter event>>

    With the paralysis over, Neo quickly went over to get her own attack in on the boss. She considered holding back for a little bit longer to try and get a possible last0hit reward, but decided it wasn't worth it really. If they wanted to share the last-hit reward, that would be up to them. She could figure out her own way to deal with these things and see if there was another replacement for it later. She was mostly here for the experience points anyways. Her weapon gouged through the creature, knocking it solidly into the red. It wasn't going to be long for this world. She was fairly certain one more attack from either of them would end this fight entirely. At leas,t that was what she hoped would happen. Knowing her luck, they were still in for a round of hurt.
  15. Neopolitan

    [F13-PP] The Fall of The Mute <<CTC>>

    Neo noticed Hetia slump down onto the ground as she was preparing to rest. But Neo could feel another feeling emanating from deeper within the building. Drawn towards it, she stealthed about until she found the source of it. One of the apparitions floating above what seemed to be a seal of darkness. This was it, the source of the weapon's power. Miraak was behind her, and quietly started the routine dialogue. "There it is, the guardian of the seal. Kill it and we will be able to free this land of corruption." Neo rolled her eyes at the cliche dialogue, and walked into the area. The apparition seemed to speak towards her, acknowledging her intelligence. You are not here to cleanse this seal are you. She shook her head. But you are here to cleanse something still. A nod. Then I'm afraid we are at ends, for I am the embodiment of death and all things that must end. Neo loosened the weapon within her parasol. So be it. "Hurry, I will weaken his hold on this plane so that it is easier to rid him from it. You cannot kill him, merely banish him." And then, two voices spoke in harmony inside of Neo's head. We'll see about that. And with that, a furious slash came from her sword, paralyzing death in the face. They say death is what you should fear. But the fury in your eyes suggests otherwise.