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  1. Neo heard some rather interesting exclamations coming from behind her, but didn't want to take her eyes off of her foe. She let her sword art charge up and let loose against the grounded goblin. Though this attack was weaker, it was still enough to take it out. As her blade struck for the third time, the monster shattered into several pixels. There was little in the way of rewards from it, but at least Dustin was safe now. Neo turned back towards Dustin to see him picking himself up. It seemed the yelling was just him falling over. She gave a silent sigh of relief that he was going to be alive and quickly sent a message towards him. Hopefully he wouldn't be endangering himself like this any time soon.
  2. ((Note to self: Level 29)) Neo was idling the time by in her shop on the seventh floor when she got a message from Sunova. It was nice to hear from her again, as it wasn't everyday that they were able to do something together. Ever since they had formed up their guild, they hadn't actually done something as a team yet. Part of that problem was that their was quite the disparity in levels. Neo was about 10 or so levels ahead of Hazado, who was the next highest. That meant that whatever they had was either going to put pressure on Haz to actually tank hits or be too easy for Neo take on. She made her way to the sixth floor and looked aroudn for Su and the others. It took a little bit longer to find where the white haired girl was, but she did eventually figure out that there was a table she was at. Neo walked up and gave a wave, though not smiling like she used to. She sat down and waited for the others to show up. @Hazado@Hydravion
  3. Neo glanced behind her as Dustin was able to find himself a chest while snacking on some food items. Though she didn't like that he was being so non-chalant about the fight now that his life wasn't in danger, it was understandable for someone so reckless to enjoy violence so much. Her distraction was all the goblin needed though as it quickly stabbed her with it's rather small balde. Her health dropped a little bit, but it wasn't too much. Neo quickly returned the favor, stabbing the Goblin back onto the ice and knocking it to the grond. It wasn't going to be too much longer before it was dead. She could barely see the health it had left now, so it was likley only one shot away from dying. Roman also came down to help by slowing the goblin down with its ice breath, trying to freeze the goblin in place for her next attack. She didn't want to miss, but it was entirely possible. @Dustin
  4. Hazado was doing his best to try and backpedla, and he eventually recovered his composure. She listened as he explained about how awkward he usually was in social situations. Neo did feel similarly, though her awkwardness wasn't usually because of a lack of skill. Her muteness just made it hard for most people to communicate effectively with her. Hazado seemed to understand that, and that made it so much easier to talk to him. Between him and Su, she felt as though the gap left by her few friends could finally be filled. He continued to stumble aroudn his words, and it took a little bit before Neo realized what he was saying. As soon as she did, her face turned red and she went back to fishing. After she had cooled down and caught herself a fish, she typed up a message towards Hazado. She felt as though there was something there, but it was still not able to be completely comprehended. It was possible that the feelings were mutual, but she didn't want to be so hasty with things.
  5. ((Note to self: Level 29)) Neo had made her way to the fifth floor, having heard about a possible boss. However, the caveat spoken to her was that you couldn't face this boss alone. As she didn't think any of her friends could take the beast on with her safely, she figured that she could go to a local inn and find some players that would be about the right level. She had her parasol open and behind her, wearing some simple adventuring vanity items to hid the appearance of her shield. Roman was probably flying up in the sky somewhere, wanting to keep moving as a way to cool himself down. She didn't blame him, this floor was too hot for anyone to really enjoy it. If she didn't have her parasol, the sun would be beating down hard against her bared skin. As she walked into the inn, she left a silhouette at the entrance. Though it was obviously an effeminate one, she still carried herself with confidence and didn't show the insecurities this game had pressed upon her. She walked up to the bar and sat down towarsd the edge of it. A menu popped up and she ordered a water, glancing around the place while waiting. @Kyot0
  6. Neopolitan

    Mutsu's Odds and Ends

  7. Neo felt a small tug on her line as she waited for something to reel in. It didn't take too long to reel it in, but she saw that it was small. Letting it cut itself up into materials, Neo added it to the pile like the rest of them. It seemed that their fishing trip would soon come to a close, though it wouldn't be because they were tired. It seemed as though the lake was no longer willing to give them any more materials for them to use. Cosi appeared to be getting as frustrated with it as she felt about it, so perhaps they should call it off soon. She did want to try and find one more chest of hopefully items just so she felt as though there was something of use from the trip. If they didn't get any items, she probably should've just been over at the good spot on floor 11 and get materials to help with the lower level players. @Cosi
  8. As soon as Dustin had turned around, Neo set her plan into motion. Roman leapt off of her shoulder and immediately went behind the goblin to start making a patch of ice. Once Dustin had gotten past her, she quickly lashed out with the first thrust. It landed on the foot of the goblin, knocking it off balance and letting her second thrust to the chest knock him over. Once he was down on the ground, Neo gave the third thrust with an angle to make the monster slide across the ice Roman had made. She jumped towards them and landed the fourth and final thrust downward to shatter the ice against its back. She watched as its health bar quickly dropped much further than before. The beast itself gave little to no resistance as Neo prepared for another strike. Hopefully Dustin would make sure to stay back now that the goblin was going to focus on her.
  9. Neo cast in her line and let it sit in the water. There wasn't anything coming to bite it this time around, though hopefully that meant it could get snagged on a treasure chest sooner than later. It seemed Cosi was hanging on to that notion as well. Perhaps there was still a couple of big fish, but it seemed as though it was the calm before the hopeful storm of loot. The two of them were unlikely to stick around for that long, but they had only gotten the one small chest. It would be much better if they could just find one good chunk of loot. Even if she gave some of it to Cosi in the end, she wanted to have some items that she could go get identified and start working towards refining her build for this death game. She wasn't going to be able to keep up with it if she didn't start grinding now. @Cosi
  10. Neopolitan

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    With what little strategy that could be formed on such short notice out of the way now, Neo watched as the priest tried to silence the group as if they were the sheep meant to follow him. Her blood curdled a little bit at it. Though this was just an NPC, she felt as though this was almost the game's creator himself asking for forgiveness. It was all the more worth cringing at because if that was the case she saw it as them placing themselves above others, as if the players are inferior to his god complex. Regardless, she felt no reason to forgive them. From a narrative standpoint, they were communing with demons when they were supposed to be a holy man. From an out of this game perspective, she didn't wish to give forgiveness to the person that had caused her so much trouble. There was no reason to do so, so she pressed the "Unforgivable" button without hesitation. <<Unforgivable>> Stats:
  11. Neopolitan

    [F3-PP] Hunting Opal <<DHA 3>>

    ((Note for future self: You are level 26 in this thread)) Neo walked forward with Mars. He seemed fairly confident that the two of them would be able to take out the next dragon pretty easily. Of course, by them she was thinking more of just Mars. Knowing him, he would take out the beast in a single hit. As they were walking along, they came across someone who had less than graciously face planted into the ground. As they picked themselves up, Neo recognized them as the other cook for the latest raid. She gave a slight curtsy, even if it was unnecessary, as Mars introduced her. Though it was a little unusual for her to be around multiple men without someone watching her closely, the situation actually felt rather normal. Perhaps it was the benefit of hiding behind a screen name. Or maybe it was the chance to finally break out of a shell. Either way, she would let the others speak their peace before they made their way to take out the next dragon hatchling. @Pinball
  12. Neopolitan

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    Neo was still watching as others continued to talk. Mars nodded towards her, and seemed to address others in the group. He had likely already met a few of these players before, she didn't have that luxury. Listening in on the strategy, Neo found herself interrupted. Someone quickly spoke to her and she turned to face them. She wasn't sure if she actually recognized them from somewhere or not, but she guessed her name would be known for spreading the word of the event about to happen. They were asking for a teleport crystal, as they didn't have one. Reaching into her inventory quickly as she could, she grabbed one of the crystals she had on hand and tossed it to them. Though she didn't want to be down a crystal herself, she still had one for her own use and didn't want someone to die simply because they had no crystal. Once she saw it in his hands, Neo would turn back towards her group and listen to the strategy. She was planning on just following their lead, making sure not to fall behind and do the damage that she could. She had just figured out some of the best abilities on her weapon, but didn't know how well they would actually perform against a creature. Though she probably had the power to be on a squad like this, she was still uncertain as to whether or not she should be put in the squad with the people who were mostly full on DPS players at or near the front lines. ((1x Crystal of Agile Dragon Wings (Teleport crystal) given to @Kyot0))
  13. Thankfully, it seemed that Hazado had already been able to do this a couple of times prior to them coming out to gather. It meant she didn't need to worry about showing him how to do things, not that it would be that hard. He had always seemed like the type that could learn pretty quickly. As he went out to go grab a few more materials that he had found, Neo quickly reeled herself in another fish, much faster than normal. It seemed that casting out further helped quite a bit more than she would've thought. Perhaps the deeper waters held better bounties. Once the materials were in the pile, Hazado came over and put his hand on her shoulder. She had already turned around to cast her line again, but leaned her head over to lay lightly on his hand. It was warm, just like his smile she knew he had behind her. As he spoke, she remembered the good memories of doing the traveler quest, and the times Su forced them together a little. Now that she thought about it, it certainly didn't feel as weird as she thought it should. As he stumbled his way around the end of his phrase, Neo raised her head to let him retract his hand if he chose to and smiled, still turned around. She felt a little flutter in her heart as she silently laughed at his little misstep. @Hazado
  14. Neopolitan

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    Neo continued her lingering towards the back, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. The priest had yet to show his true colors, and doubted the protection around him had faded away. Mars was right that it was best to probe the defenses now. There was no sense in waiting if they could start the attack now. Others tried to speak reason into him or give longe speeches. As flattering as it was to see an NPC respond so well, she knew that it was still ines of code. Black was taking the downtime they still had to make sure that his team was prepared. Neo looked around to see where the rest of her team may be. Though she knew few of them, it was likely they were all of the heavy hitters, or at least for this level. That meant anyone who hung back long enough for the beginner's to probe out the boss would be the ones she was working with. They were also likely going to be loose cannons, so Neo saw little reason to try and send out any sort of rallying cry. Raising hope was meant for the masses or the scared. If these players were meant to be the ones doing the damage, they would be neither. Roman seemed content to wrap partially around he neck for now. The cold scales soothed her and let her relax a little bit more. It wasn't much, but still something to help her not become so tense. Of course, her blade was still ready to be unsheathed from her parasol at any moment.
  15. Neo was waiting for her line to get a pull on it when Cosi spoke again.She nodded her head in agreement, smiling slightly at his joke. She didn't feel like being in the most humorous mood, she just wanted to get some gathering done with. As relaxing as the fishing was, it was still rather boring to do. Just as she thought that of course, she felt a rather strong tug on her line. She could tell that it was pulling so it couldn't be any sort of inanimate object. Instead it was slowly brought back to shore and revealed to be a rather large fish. Cutting it up into its material pieces, Neo set the three more materials the fish became into the pile. She counted up the materials just to see how much they had. It wasn't quite that impressive considering they had two people fishing instead of just the one the last time she was here, but it would still make for a decent amount of materials. @Cosi