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  5. Jomei was able to hit the segment, and it was so low Neo just hung back, ready to attack the boss when it opened itself for an attack. It was only a matter of time before it would become vulnerable and they needed to get whatever damage they could against it. Hopefully whatever they did would be more than enough to counteract the water crystal's healing. It was target-able so little that they basically had to out damage the thing that they couldn't seem to take out that well. Hestia seemed to be doing their best to recover energy as well, whereas Itzal was frozen and Calrex was doing nothing. Hopefully he would snap out of it soon, as they needed him to be tanking as best as he can. They would only be able to stay like this for so long if they weren't all on the ball.
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  13. Neo decided to hang back for the moment. Her health wasn't in the greatest of spots, and though her energy was being refilled, she felt as though she was teetering on the edge of being able to do nothing for quite some time now. The others were attacking the segment of the boss that was weaker than the rest, and she felt she might actually kill it if she went for the attack. Knowing it was about time for another wave of frost to swipe over the battlefield, she decided it would be best not to waste their precious time to strike the boss itself with being frozen. They should be able to finish it off. There were no other distractions at the moment, they could focus whatever wasn't frozen onto the segment in front of them. That would hopefully be enough to finish everything off. If it wasn't, Neo wasn't sure what they would do next.
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