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  1. Neopolitan

    [F7 - Shop] Tacet Cibum {Rank 7 Cook}

    Neo grabbed her new tool and began to work on more of the orders for Zandra. It was still slow going, and Neo was being very picky with what she chose to actually give to someone. Her standards were much higher when she was giving the items specifically to a person rather than just making stuff to place inside of her shop. There was good reason for it to. Good food meant better word of mouth, which meant that there would be better service for her to have. And the more customers she had, the better she would be able to make sure that she could keep the front lines as buffed up as possible. Order Progress:
  2. Neopolitan

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Neo stepped back a bit, satisfied with the answers given to her. At the very least, the NPC was being conscious of their actions now. He did also mention that the weapon was in fact bearing some of that resentment. Perhaps that was why it seemed to be blackening her view. She kept her eyes on the priest though, it was better if she didn't let him out of her sight. They were safe now, but there was still much that could be done. This floor still seemed to have corruption, and there was probably some good rewards for clearing it out. Regardless, Neo wanted to make sure that she was ready for what this game would be throwing at her. She had watched friends and party members die today. They were still safe, but that didn't mean that they weren't going to need to be more prepared in the future. She would do everything she could to make sure that when this was for real, that nobody had to die.
  3. After some more fiddling about with the items in her inventory, Neo finally managed to get everything in order. She sent the girls that were helping her out to go and enjoy the wedding, and Neo made sure to have her parasol hanging over her shoulder. She didn't want to have it while walking down the aisle, but it would be nice cover from the sun while she was walking about for the recession. She followed a path around the back, and stayed in a place that was still hidden from the rest of the crowd. Waiting for everyone to get settled, Neo felt her heart beating within her chest. She had never thought a day like this would come, but here she was. No longer was she at the bottom of the high school totem pole, she was at the top of her life with someone who made her feel happier than anyone ever had. Hoping that one of the other girls would tell Hazado to get everyone in places, Neo couldn't wait to start walking down the aisle.
  4. Neopolitan

    Housing Evaluation

  5. Neo watched as Pinball continued to whittle down the goblins. There was still no need for her intervention, but she was going to be there in the chance that pinball missed. She knew he probably had a lot of accuracy stacked up, so it was going to be a small wonder for him to miss. It would happen eventually though, which is where Neo would come from and take the advantage. Knowing how wary pinball was, he was probably a little freaked out by her sudden vanishing. She had no intention to harm him, but she would never say as much. Leaving him on his toes was a bit of fun after all. And perhaps if he did decide it was best to kill any witnesses, Neo was ready to run away if he started looking for her instead of fighting monsters. That was certainly a two way street of course. there wasn't much one could do to stop the other from getting away.
  6. Neopolitan

    [F21] The Cloak's Corner Rank 4 Merchant

    Once again, Neo found herself in the shop of another merchant. It was strange being back here, but it seemed as though the place had grown a bit since she was last here. hopefully that meant she could fetch a decent price for things. Though if this was anything like Shield, they may jack up the prices once they didn't need experience for it. Regardless, prices were good right now. Hopefully, she could make sure it stayed that way. Perhaps selling off all of the stuff she didn't need from her shop was a bad idea, but items were going stale and she didn't want to hold onto them any longer. She dropped off the items, waited to receive the Col for them, bought an item or two, and then left. Selling: Buying: Net Col for Neo: 6500 - 6090 = 410 Col
  7. It was plain by Pin's reaction that he didn't trust her, and Neo felt a little bit hurt because of it. She let him lead the way towards a group of goblins though, finally engaging her hide skill as he took the first charge. it was powerful to see so much damage done in one hit, though Neo did remind herself she had seen others hit a little bit harder. of course, it seemed as though Pinball was holding himself back for the time being. Maybe if she fought with him a bit longer, she could coax him into showing his true power. Staying on the outskirts of the fight and out of sight, Neo made sure to jump in in case things began to go south. for now, she would just watch and learn from one of the many players above her level. A number that was slowly but surely dwindling.
  8. Neopolitan

    Exellance Elexirium [F1-Alchemist rank 10]

    Neo walked into the shop, having heard that this was the home of the raid alchemist. She had been wanting to try and coordinate the buffing effort for the next boss fight, but didn't really know that many people all things considered. There was the ones she knew, who seemed to be rather influential people, but she didn't really hold a connection with anyone actively fighting at the front. Once the alchemist showed up, Neo sent a message with both an order and a request. Though she knew that coordinating would be best, Neo was also a little bit short on the middle tier of materials. Order:
  9. Neo could still see that pinball was suspicious. She would be too in his position. Most people who were wanted would probably be watching their backs constantly. She was surprised she could sneak up on him at all without using her skill. Though it was fine of him to be suspicious, Neo just rolled her eyes at his comment. She didn't mean any harm to him. Quickly composing a message, she sent it off towards him. Hopefully the two of them could work together with this and then they would be able to actually get something done rather than stand here like a pair of idiots wanting to get killed by goblins. @Pinball
  10. Neopolitan

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Neo wanted an answer from the man first, but Sunova interrupted her. The blade itself just redirected towards her friend's throat, at which point Neo was able to drag it away and sheathe it back within her parasol. The weapon seemed to have a mind of its own, and hopefully Neo would be able to control herself. She was still mad at the corrupt priest for having brought this about. Second chance or not, Neo knew he was the reason that demon risked angel's point to begin with. It seemed that, like she had anticipated, a crowd was beginning to draw near the priest. Perhaps she hsould make her quiet exit now. But the blade drew her closer to the target. The threat of harm was gone, but the glare in her gaze was not. She was going to still get the answers that she wanted. and if she had to fight that demon all by herself, so be it. She still had crystals to teleport herself out of there, and so she would use them if she had to. What she wanted was for the priest to finally spill his metaphorical guts. Tell the whole crowd why he had even thought that this power could be controlled, or even be slightly beneficial.
  11. Neopolitan

    [F7 - Shop] Tacet Cibum {Rank 7 Cook}

    Neo wanted to make sure that she could keep satisfying her customers. After Shield picked up his order, she made sure to go through and weed out any of the stuff taht she didn't want to be selling any more. There were several items that had gone stale since she had last checked. Once that had been dealt with, Neo quickly went through and did her best to try and make more of the items for Zandra. she seemed familiar, but Neo couldn't quite place her hand on it. Memories of somewhere with lots of sand were coming to mind, but maybe it was someone else. Regardless, she made no satisfactory progress on the order, so Neo had to scrap a bunch of ingredients and hope that she could reuse them.
  12. It didn't take too long before Neo was noticed. Though she had yet to find herself some suitable clothes to match the appearance of her corrupted parasol, she still seemed to be a bit darker than usual. Perhaps it was the influence of the weapon, or maybe the game was finally getting to her. Realizing that the orange player was Pinball, Neo debated about trying to drag him in for the Aincrad Police Department. SHe honestly had no clue what he did to get on their wanted posters, though rumor had it he had attacked some tier one players. He had the orange cursor to prove it, but for all she knew, the APD would try and kill him for something like that. As much as she wanted to make sure PKers couldn't thrive, she had no intention of killing any of them unless they went after her or her friends. That was the reason there was only two people in mind that she wanted dead, and Pinball was not one of them. Instead, she just gave a smile and a wave towards him. @Pinball
  13. It seemed that so far there wasn't much for the three of them to share. At the very least, they would all be getting a little bit richer. Seeing that there was only one of the creatures left, Neo rushed up to get behind it. She stabbed it in the back with her blade and the jabbed it forward with the point of her floral parasol. The result was the jewel hoarder starting to bleed out and moving directly towards shield. Though she kept her blade out in case of something disastrous happening, she had a feeling that this would be well under control. Perhaps they would want to take a break after this. But in the end Neo was still pretty fired up. She could tell there was some exhaustion tugging at her, but her damage was small enough that it didn't matter if she was using her best attack or just whittling at the enemies.
  14. Neo had made her way towards the twenty-first floor once more. It was something that she was prone to od, just wander aimlessly about and stop for some fishing. It helped to clear her mind. That was getting harder and harder to do though as she kept making memories here. There was the time she nearly watched a level 10 player die to a goblin. There was also the time that she had fallen in love with Hazado. That wedding was going to be soon, she should probably prepare. But for now, she just wanted to get some more gathering done. Walking towards the familiar cave system that she knew had some increased drop rates, Neo noticed that like many times before, she wasn't here alone.l It appeared that an orange player was here as well. Her parasol was black as she flipped it over her shoulder. Though she thought about using her sneak skill to sneak up behind them, she decided against it. She had met a few orange players, and for the most part they seemed nice. Of course, that wasn't to say that they hadn't done terrible things, but she knew that people could change. Instead what she did was simply walked up to the side of them, not speaking a word, and lean against the side of the cave's entrance. Waiting to see how long it would take for them to notice her presence, Neo looked into the cave to make sure there wasn't anything out of the ordinary. @Pinball
  15. Neopolitan

    Skill Refund Evaluation