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    [EVENT-F1] [SP] A Zombie a Minute...

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    [EVENT-F1] [SP] A Zombie a Minute...

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    [EVENT-F1] [SP] A Zombie a Minute...

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    [EVENT-F1] [SP] A Zombie a Minute...

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    [EVENT-F1] [SP] A Zombie a Minute...

    There was little else for Neo to do except look for her next target. She saw groupings of zombies again, but once again there was only minimal amounts of singular zombies. Eventually she found them, a zombie that was on their own. She didn't care where it was going, for its new destination was the sharp end of her blade. Prodding it from the back with her blade, she watched as all of her status effects were applied to them simultaneously. With that out of the way, she quickly made her way to start cleaving up the front of the creature. While Shadow did revel in the pain the attacks brought, Neo just wanted to kill this thing quickly. They had suffered one attack, but she wasn't looking to be getting a repeat bite from these things. She didn't know if it was infection based or some sort of supernatural curse, but she didn't want to find out it was the former if she could avoid it.
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    F05/PP <<Butcher of the Sands>>

    This person seemed to be preoccupied with keeping shadow occupied, which Neo was definitely wanting to continue to happen. Maybe she would still be able to make her way back towards that cage of hers, though it was unlikely that Shadow would fall for the same trick twice. The darkness inside of her was herself, and she was not a dumb girl by any measure. It was hard enough to keep her little plans from reaching that side of her thoughts. One little mistake and it all slipped apart. But perhaps she would be able to get herself to quickly defeat him and send her back to another trap. Then he offered a floor switch. Shadow naturally agreed. No one really liked the heat here, but this was where Neo's trap was. The least Neo could do was try and lead this person on a chase around Aincrad. If they were going to chase after her, Neo could make sure no one else would have to get hurt along the way. Using the console to quickly select a destination at semi-random, Shadow let the blue light envelop her once they were at the teleporter. Once the light had faded, she had found herself on the floor of steep cliffs and mountainsides, her home floor. @Oscar
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    [EVENT-F1] [SP] A Zombie a Minute...

    Finishing off with another crucifixion attack, Shadow watched as the second zombie crumbled into dust. Rolling her eyes at the poor timing of her weapon, she switched it over to her more tasteful Yakeru. With the new blade, she swiped through the dusted zombie, scattering it everywhere. Between it and the chaos, there was nothing to stop her from quickly hiding into the new shadows to the stealth that she was benefited from. Hopefully whatever she went against wouldn't be able to spot her before she was upon them. There was little that they would be able to do to stop her from landing these blows. She wouldn't let it stop her. There was no stopping the rage in her mind now. The time for her to be calm had passed, this was now a bloodbath with which she held the control over its end, and she intended to end it as quickly as she could.