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  1. Neopolitan

    [PP-F4/7] Lucky Fox <<Feeding your Enemy>>

    It seemed Haz was being his typical over-cautious self now and was handing her a scarf. She wrapped it loosely around her neck, though she really wasn't that worried. She actually quite enjoyed the cold of the fourth floor. As Haz led her forward while holding hands, she quickly jogged her step to get them to slow down a little bit. There was no reason to be in a hurry. When she had gone to get her familiar, it had taken ages to do so anyways. It wasn't like they needed to make sure that they were there immediately, they'd be making a day out of it regardless. After slowing down for a bit and letting Haz kiss her for a little ibt, Neo disengaged and flipped open her parasol to protect from the morning sun of the seventh floor. It would become quite the cold sun once they reached the fourth, but for now she had quite a bit of use from it. @Hazado
  2. Neo was already hoping to be able to take on this boss now that it had come down to mingle with the rest of the party. But as soon as it was attacking, she realized she had no vantage point from which to strike. Everyone else was already clambering onto the boss and she could see no way to get a hit in. It didn't help that a whole section of their coiled battlefield was sectioned off by the Sahagin that had crawled out of their little caves, though it seemed Calrex was taking care of that. As the rain started to fall, Neo just moved her parasol out of its defensive position and back upwards. It was meant more for sun and combat than it was for rain, but it seemed to be able to block most of the issues that came with it. Hopefully it wouldn't get too much worse.
  3. Neopolitan

    [PP-F4/7] Lucky Fox <<Feeding your Enemy>>

    As the two of them were digging into their food, Neo listened as Haz talked about getting himself a familiar. She mentally rolled her eyes at the mention of getting it on the fourth floor, as that seemed to be where everyone got their familiars, including herself. But then she nodded and quickly finished off her food so she could snag a few things back upstairs. She didn't bother to grab her dark blade for this trip, instead switching it over to her regular blade. As she did so, her parasol returned to its typical pink coloration. A burden felt like it was lifted off of her shoulders as well. She still needed to find the time to make the trek to the thirteenth floor and figure something out about this weapon. But she hadn't found the time nor the power to do so just yet. Once she was back downstairs, she waited to make sure Haz was ready as well. No point leaving without him when this was his familiar they were going to end up looking for. @Hazado
  4. Neopolitan

    [PP-F4/7] Lucky Fox <<Feeding your Enemy>>

    As Haz dished up the breakfast that they had, Neo was happy to see if he was a decent cook. Of course, the game had quite a bit of say in the quality of the food that you could make. She was a terrible cook in the real world but a half decent one in this game. She never did know though if people actually liked her food or just ate it because it was what gave them all their buffs for a big fight coming up. Digging into the food, she could tell it wasn't the best. The eggs were dry and the Bacon was a little bit overcooked. But she still smiled earnestly and gave a thumbs up to it. At the very least it was better than what she was expecting it to be. And if it meant she didn't have to be the one to be cooking, all the more power to Haz. @Hazado
  5. Neopolitan

    [PP-F1] Becoming a new.

    Neo just smiled back towards Su. it seemed she had managed to calm down at least some. Perhaps there would be more consoling later down the road, but for the moment it seemed that the two of them were able to just sit there and enjoy each other's company for the time being. Turning to sit next to Sunova, Neo wrapped her arm around the even smaller girl's shoulder. It was probably the most remarkable thing about her. Neo thought she would be one of the smallest people in this game that wasn't a child, but it seemed someone just barely managed to beat her to that one. Either way, it was nice to just sit here in her little mountain home and watch the digital sunset go behind the mountains. It was a serene sight that she was surprised could get replicated so well. And as that sun set, Neo waited to see whatever Su wanted to do next. The ball was in her court now, even they were sitting in hers. @Sunova
  6. Neo watched as Embers tried to harm the boss. It seemed though that she wasn't able to do that much damage though. It wasn't all that surprising, Neo thought that she was going to be able to take it down with a single hit. Alas, it wasn't quite enough. She began to circle around it for weak spots as the monster swung and failed to connect against Embers. There didn't seem to be any though. At the very least, she wanted to make sure that she could take it down effectively. But on the other hand, she was unsure if a weak spot was even what she should be searching for. Realistically, one more hit like that from her should be able to take it down. But what if it was only because she caught it by surprise that time. Perhaps it was shoring up its defenses even as it was wildly swinging at her party member. She continued to look for that final spot to hit.
  7. Neopolitan

    [PP-F4/7] Lucky Fox <<Feeding your Enemy>>

    Neo woke up to the smell of digital breakfast. Realizing it wasn't her falling asleep at the oven again, she went downstairs, still in some pajamas, to see Haz trying his best to get some cooking done. It was surprising for sure, seeing as she literally was the cook for the front lines, but it was nice to not have to cook for herself yet again. As she smiled through a yawn that came on, she sat down at the table and waited patiently for the food to finish. It seemed close at the very least. While there, she opened up her menu and fiddled through it as she was always seeming to do. Even though there was so little for her to do with it, she always felt like sorting it was a nice way to wake up. This time around, she decided to organize the whole thing by alphabetical. Actually harder than she thought it would be, considering that she was not used to actually having the names of her weapons. It woke her up enough though so that she would be ready for the day ahead of her. @Hazado
  8. The two didn't waste any time in departing, which was nice. And at the very least, it seemed that Mars knew where he was going. Whether it was because he had already done the quest or if he just knew the location because he lived mostly on this floor, she didn't know. But she followed him anyways, trusting in his guidance towards the location. She mentally prepared herself as best as she could for the fight to come. And though she considered going into the fight with her stealth, she realized she still didn't know how to use a combat advantage with it, and therefore it would be pointless to possibly have Mars lose track of her on the way to the fight itself. Plus, if this was a lion pack like the rumors had told her, than it would be quite likely that she would get spotted anyways. Her parasol blocked the afternoon sun, though it would be shining down on her once she had to be using it for combat. The weapon within was trembling from excitement and was just begging to get used. It was growing quieter recently, but it was probably just waiting for some moment to try to wrest control once more. @Mars
  9. Neopolitan

    [PP-F1] Becoming a new.

    Neo just rolled her eyes at the comment about being with a demon child, even if it may have been a little bit insensitive. Cupping her hand by Su's cheek, she just looked with earnest into her eyes as her form of assurance. There was no need for more words in this moment. The only thing that mattered was that Su should know she was safe. She could take her time getting her own form of power in this game and she would be safe doing so. Neo had no intentions of losing more people than she already had in this death game. But she also didn't wish to see people just cower in other's shadows. That meant that when those shadows eventually departed, they would be unable to defend themselves from the horrors they must then face. It was a time for Sunova to spread her wings. She needed to learn now, before the teachers were gone. @Sunova
  10. Neopolitan

    [F5-PP] Raging storm

    Neo looked over towards mars, who seemed to be deep in his own thoughts. Suited him well, but did make for a rather boring trip back towards the main settlement. It seemed they were both pre-occupied with things other than this quest line. Of course, that was bound to happen when they were breezing through the quests themselves. Perhaps they'd be able to continue to do so, or perhaps the quest-line would throw a curve-ball at them. It was uncertain which it would be, but she knew she'd have to be ready. If the next drake wasn't hard enough, she would have a hard time keeping herself distracted from the horrors that that floor brought. It seemed every time she went there it wanted to dig into her head and her past. But hopefully not this time. This time she would try to not let it get inside her own mind. Enough things do that to her on the daily now, she didn't have room for another person wanting controlling interest of her actions. @Mars
  11. The group descended onto the beach, and Neo brought her parasol over her shoulder. This was a trap, but then again, it wasn't like they weren't getting ready for a boss fight. As soon as they were all there though, the boss came into view. It was a lot bigger than she thought it would be, but based on others reactions, it also was bigger than a normal boss was. As soon as it had issued its little threat, Neo sprung into action. She leaped right behind Pinball and towards the segment that still had a green health bar for her. There was no mercy from her as her blade drove deep through the scales and she landed on the creature's serpentine body. lunging off of it, she made sure that she was behind and a bit to the side of Hestia. She could already tell this was not going to be a short fight by any means. Than let us enjoy in the revelry that this fighting brings. For once I am inclined to agree with you, as morbid as you always are. It seems we have finally reached an arrangement. Her weapon was speaking with her mentally again. Hopefully it wouldn't try to take control of her like it seemed to try on her lasty trip to this floor. Then again, there was something off about it, was it really the weapon, or was it herself?
  12. ((Shop is still open,but please mention me to ensure I catch the order)) Neo was glad to see that people were taking her consumables. There was a reason she gave them out for free after all. There was always going to be those people who hadn't prepared entirely for this fight. Though she could probably try to get some last minute selling in here, she figured it was better if she gave them out. For smaller events she might consider selling rather than giveaways, but she didn't want to see front-liners die. As it seemed most people were here and had taken what they wanted, Neo quickly began to pack things up. Once she was done with that, she grabbed the consumables from Zandra with a nod of thanks and quickly used them before waiting for the group to head down to the beach.Unless there was a last minute show-up, she was pretty sure everyone was here. She was surprised Mars hadn't invited his friend, or perhaps he had come and it turned out he was just trying to sneak about. She was mostly just worried about enemies at this point and she was fairly certain that Pin wasn't going to try to kill her any time soon. ((Stats will be updated into first post here shortly))
  13. Neopolitan

    Neo's Items

    T3 Perfect Meals: ((post links at bottom)) Name: A boiled potato Your Profession: Cook Your Rank: 9 Roll ID: [114507] [114512A] [114512B] [114512C] [114517] [114518A] [114518B] [114518C] [114519Z] [114519B] [114519C] [114521A] [114521B] [114521C] Roll Result: 5, 6(16), 6, 6(18), 5(16), 6(20) Item Type: Meal Tier: 3 Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: +45 over-health Description: A potato boiled and ready to eat. Not much flavor but helps that little bit more Name: Tofu burger Your Profession: Cook Your Rank: 9 Roll ID: [114505A] [114505B] [114509A] [114509B] [114511] [114516A] [114516B] [114516C] [114524] Roll Result: 9(10), 10(15), 9, 10(19), 8 Item Type: Meal Tier: 1 (scaled from 3) Quality: Rare Enhancements: Protein 2 Description: A small tofu burger meant to work as an excellent vegetarian protein substitute. Name: Iron-Infused Steak Your Profession: Cook Your Rank: 9 Roll ID: [114506A] [114506B] [114510] [114515] Roll Result: 12(15), 11, 11 Item Type: Meal Tier: 3 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +45 MIT Description: A delicious steak fortified with extra iron. Name: Baked potato with green onions Your Profession: Cook Your Rank: 9 Roll ID: [114520] [114522] [114525A] [114525B] Roll Result: 13, 13, 11(15) Item Type: Meal Tier: 3 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Over-Health 3 (+135 Max HP for one thread) Description: A steaming potato topped with green onions. Sure to rejuvenate you to go the extra mile. Name: Golden Toast Your Profession: Cook Your Rank: 9 Roll ID: [114399] [114400A] [114400B] [114401A] [114401B] [114402A] [114402B] Roll Result: 5, 5(10), 5(14), 5(12) Item Type: Snack Tier: 1 Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: +1 LD Description: A well toasted piece of bread to remind one of a cozy and quick breakfast. Tastes good with a fair crunch to it. Name: Spinach-Artichoke Dip Your Profession: Cook Your Rank: 9 Roll ID: [114398] Roll Result: 10 Item Type: Snack Tier: 1 Quality: rare Enhancements: +2 eva Description: A well made spinach and artichoke dip, great for use with all manner of chips. Name: Hummus Dip Your Profession: Cook Your Rank: 9 Roll ID: [114403A] [114403B] [114403C] Roll Result: 10(19) Item Type: Snack Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: +2 acc Description: A hummus dip, made from garbanzo beans. Goes great with just about anything. Name: Golden Garlic Bread Your Profession: Cook Your Rank: 9 Roll ID: [114396] [114397A] [114397B] [114397C] [114405A] [114405B] [114406A] [114406B] [114406C] Roll Result: 13, 11(16), 12(10), 12(19) Item Type: Snack Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +3 LD Description: A perfectly toasted piece of garlic bread. Tastes delicious and has just the right amount of crunch to it.
  14. Neopolitan

    [F7 - Shop] Tacet Cibum {Rank 9 Cook}

    Neo continued to scramble about and get things ready for the raid. There was little else for her to be able to do in this little amount of time, but it was the best she could offer. Hopefully there wouldn't be too many people who were going to have to get their own buffs from her. But that was the cost of providing things for free. Hopefully some people would learn their lesson and actually reserve items come the next raid. Either way, she would get as much done as she could to make sure things went as smoothly as they could. She was thinking in loops again, wasn't she? ((crafter's respite used))