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  1. Neo just gave a nod towards Shield to let him know that she was ready to move further into the dungeon. Though she was probably going to be tiring the quickest, she was also the one who didn't do much of anything. Sure she had some decent single target numbers, but there was little that couldn't slow her down. They were lucky so far and nothing was mitigating her attacks, but they probably would soon enough and her damage would become nearly useless at that point. Regardless, that didn't mean she couldn't be useless now. Driving her rapier into one of the humanoids as best as she could, she noticed that the bar moved a little ways. At least it was something, even if Morgenstern was going to do that and more to all of them at once soon enough. Well, not completely dead weight at least. And I can get better, at least I hope I can. @Morgenstern
  2. Neo just went along with the flow of events as best as she could. That attack had felt so real, but at the same time she knew that this had to just be a game. There was no way that a weapon could be controlling her mind. But perhaps it really was. She had experienced the game messing with her in ways she couldn't have imagined just by going to the sixth floor, but this was on a whole different level than before. It seemed like there was no inhibition of that feeling, like it was almost an alter ego begging to be free. Neo just nodded as Hestia mentioned that they should go turn in the quest and then talk a bit more in an inn of some sort. Neo wanted to get out of this area as quickly as possible. Even if the location wasn't the reason for her breakdown, she still knew that it would be best not to have osmething to relate to the breakdown nearby while trying to process everything that has been happening. @Hazado
  3. Neopolitan

    [F13-PP] Horseman vs Imbalance

    ((Please just increment the number of the loot minimum mob so we know how many we're at. And a reminder you can only spawn for per combat, but we are in separate combats)) Neo didn't even really care about what was going on with the other three. They were going to be going at it for who knew how long and she just wanted to work on this quest that they came here for. If Haz needed her to come save him, then that would be a different issue. But he could handle his own just fine, at least that's what she thought. Seeing one of the enemies that she would need to face to keep moving forward, Neo popped out of stealth and quickly sent her blade through it. It seemed to do quite a bit of damage, but was definitely of a higher level than she was anticipating. Probably because of either the larger group size or just that there was someone higher level than her in this group. Likely the latter, considering the game seemed to lie to respond to volume of players with volume of mobs. Not surprising she wasn't the highest level here though. Not surprising in the slightest. Party Neo: @Hazado
  4. Listening to everything that was going on, Neo could definitely tell they had the inside scoop. This wasn’t some random mob that they were fighting. Hestia had told her it was the labyrinth boss, but Neo figured it couldn’t have been that bad if they were bringing her along. After all, she was still pretty low of a level. There also seemed to be some feelings of resentment going around the group, probably something to do with the people who were left there. Deciding not to question it too far, Neo just went ahead and made her way towards the front of the group to make sure she wasn’t surprised in case an enemy showed up for some odd reason. Who knew what was on this floor. Well, the other three probably had a good idea, Neo didn’t though. And hopefully that knowledge meant they would be getting back to the fight as quickly as possible. @Zandra
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    Log Book

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  6. Neopolitan

    [PP-22] Alchemy and Cooking

    It seemed that Zandra had no hesitation to start going into sme chit chat, which suited Neo just fine. There was little reason to stop her anyways, not like she was going to respond verbally. Shrugging at the comment of her shop being busy, Neo listened to her little proposal. It would be a nice idea to have someone to work with. And knowing that Zandra was an alchemist meant that they would be able to make sure that there was plenty of consumables for everyone in the raid. Just as a by-product though of one of her larger orders, Neo had most of the preparations for the next raid already complete. But still, a good proposal. So Neo nodded. No harm in hearing more and she always did enjoy cooperating with other people stuck in this game as well. Let's seee where this train of thought goes. Should be an interesting adventure at the very least. @Zandra
  7. It seemed that the other three were much more frazzled from their fight than Neo thought they were. Still, it seemed like she was going to be needed. It was surprising they didn’t take another T3 player, though perhaps they knew most of them were busy. Or maybe it had something to do with the tensions she had spotted at the last event she had been to. Either way, they were here and they were making their way towards the boss. Her own familiar spiraled down towards Neo in a lazy circle, pausing a bit to rub cheeks with Ruby. She had been the one to help Neo find him, so it only made sense there was a bit of a connection there as well. Neo wasn’t sure how much of use Ice would be against this much water, but she had been surprised before. Now to find out what was going on before they got into the fight. @Zandra
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    What up my friends

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  9. Neo was feeling a little chastised for trying to help, but she supposed it was with good intentions. Sending a message to Ruby to let them know they could talk about compensation after the fight if they really wanted to, she waited for the instructions from Hestia to move out. It seemed that she was going to be the leader, so no point getting ahead of them. That and this was Neo’s first time fighting a proper front line fight. Though yes this wouldn’t be her first boss, that had honestly been quite the mess that she didn’t really enjoy dwelling on. Shaking her head clear, she realized her rapier had been silent so far. Perhaps it was just waiting for the calm before the storm. Though it was certainly going to be itching in its parasol sheathe while they made their way towards the boss itself. Hopefully that wouldn’t interrupt them getting there. @Zandra
  10. Neo just rolled her eyes as Ruby took the items. She didn’t have to say it, but these items were being put to good use. These were the front lines, and she would rather be able to take things on at full force than have someone fall because they couldn’t afford to pay for something. Besides, not only were these people front liners, they were going to be in her party. It was better safe than sorry because if they fell, she would fall even faster. They had brought her along because they trusted her, so she wasn’t going to let them down any time soon. Looking around, Neo motioned to see if everyone was ready to go. Though it seemed like they were going to be picking up one more person before making their way to the boss. If they wanted to get back quickly enough though, it seemed as though they would need to hurry up. Stats: @Zandra
  11. Neo had received the message and was frantically running around her shop to try and make sure she had everything prepared. Though surprised she was being specifically asked to come help out on the front lines, she supposed it would be a good way to get herself a bit more known. Not that she didn’t have enough fame already from taking down the corrupt priest and getting her rapier. Hopefully the two of them could get along for the time being at least. With her inventory full of items, she dashed to the next town over to get to the teleporter. Practically punching the menu to get to the highest floor available, Neo felt the light engulfing her. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, she was at that top floor, floor 24. Thankfully, it seemed like the group wasn’t too far off. Rushing over, Neo did her best to let them know that she was ready. Handing them some items to eat up, Neo ate her own. All hopes were pointing towards getting to the labyrinth as quickly as possible. consumables offered/taken: @Zandra
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    Dekunut's Journel

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  13. Neopolitan

    [F13-PP] Horseman vs Imbalance

    Neo was already long gone by the time the fight had started to break out. Though they may have thought she would stick around to see the results of what happened, she was pretty sure it was just everyone having high tensions. All she wanted to do was get this quest done and move forward. She didn't pull Miraak off with her though, leaving that to heal some bruised egos later. Boys will be boys I guess. They really should know better than to fight when we're in an area with tougher mobs. Regardless of level, this place is not for random challenging. If Pin really wanted to come after her, she would make sure to be leaving a trail of undead to weaken him. Good, feed off of that anger. Let it show you the true meaning to greatness. The only reason I'm agreeing to be cautious right now is because he is actually a threat. Isn't everyone? No. Are you sure? Yes, now stop bothering me. Oh, you're the one bothering me. At least, if you really wanted me to be quiet, why bring me to the place I am strongest. Neo didn't think a response. @Hazado
  14. Neo couldn't believe her ears as Dustin just talked about making a great story out of killing this beast. But that wasn't the matter. She just wanted to take out this beast to help an acquaintance and get out of this floor. SHe had hoped not to come here again, but it seemed like she was going to be out of luck for that. As he mentioned about the floor messing with player's minds, Neo's face just went pale. Even through the game's makeup filters, you could tell the blood had drained from her face. She wouldn't be surprised if the nurses likely tending to her just went into emergency alert from her worry. Neo regained her composure as soon as she saw the creature burning through the forest. Ironically, it seemed to have burned through even less than when Neo had come around to face it last time. You could barely see her pull her sword out of the black parasol before she was already moving towards the beast in an energized charge. A black cloud formed around her, and the fight was disguised from view by her weapon. As soon as it had started though, it was over. The boss creature was now just a shriveled husk left with the tiniest slivers of life. Laying on the ground completely paralyzed, Neo just looked down at it with a solemn face. This is what you get for reminding me about her. The beast's breathing stopped as it was stabbed through the heart and shattered to bits.
  15. Neopolitan

    Macradon: The Blazing Typhoon