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  1. Dustin

    [PP-F4] Reopening old wounds

    Dustin watched the rock fall down into the middle of town, it having gone surprisingly far. Huh... I guess I’ve just gotten stronger. He looks down at the ground, before all of a sudden he hears a familiar voice behind him. His eyes fill with dread before a hand pushes him off the building and he comes falling down along with some snow that falls with him. The landing wasn’t nearly as painful as it looked, but the chill of the snow bit his side in an aching manner like that of his father’s home town. Her feet fall next to him, and he just lays there, motionless in the snow. She’s got a point. It’s not something I’m proud of, or wanted to do. It’s something I had to do. If I told you all what I planned to do, you all would’ve hated me. Hell... Eatos called me a child. He listened as she explained further, before waiting for a bit. Damnit... why’d you have to follow me here? Why’d you have to come and get me? Why’d you have to tell me everything? I could’ve just disappeared, and never looked back. But no. You had to come and take away my closure. She helps him up, and he stands the rest of the way to his feet. How was he supposed to disappear if she was right next to him. “I’ve been where he is before.” He grips the necklace around his neck. “Ironically, Kadin would’ve loved it.” He chuckles before letting go of the necklace and turning towards the girl. She had already asked another question? “Simple... I’m gonna kill him.” He looked her dead in the eyes. His words were filled with a tone not one of the people he had ever spoken to had heard before. The usually happy go lucky boy was in his revenge state of mind, and his voice had lost all the life it had in it. His eyes only filled with sorrow and despair, his voice only carrying a hint of anger. He was the spitting image of a washed up has been. His mind was replaying the sins he had committed, with commentary from his favorite person in the game. A few phrases catch his attention. “I felt like some desperate girlfriend!“ “I honestly would've felt much better if you just cheated on me or something." He took a sharp breath in, like a silent gasp, and he turned to her. Are we official now? Like... and actual couple? He takes a gulp, steeling himself and walking up to her before placing a gentle kiss on her soft lips. It wasn’t a way to make up for what he did, but more of a way to say... ”Sorry...”
  2. Dustin

    F06/PP <<Deforestation>>

    The man returned with his own story, and Dustin smiled. Opening his menu and clicking on pending requests, he accepts the friend request and starts towards the wall of smoke he had to cross to help the player. “You said you want to kill a few mobs. I doubt the mobs will be sticking around here.” He smiles and starts walking again. Once the grass turns green beneath their feet and Dustin keeps walking. They had accomplished their goal and were gonna continue to fight together for a bit longer. A few monsters would be nice, and while this guy was cool, Dustin had stuff he had to do. Those things he’d need to do, he’ll need col to do them. His hands move up and he pulls hood up and starts walking through the field. Looking back at his new friend, he smiles and starts walking backwards. “So, what do you do for fun?”
  3. Dustin

    [pp/05] 'To stand united'

    Dustin lays in his bed looking up at the ceiling. A common practice as of late, as he had nothing better to do. Most of his guildmates just straight up avoided him, and Dustin couldn’t think of what to say to Arabelle. “Do you wanna come over?” Was too weird and “wanna go kill another dragon.” Was probably weirder. He was stuck in the same rut and couldn’t find a way out. No one would pull him out, he had to get himself out. Or so he thought. A message dings, pulling him out of his trance he had been so painstakingly locked in. Probably sent to the wrong pers- Across the top of the message it says “Jinx” and Dustin stands up. It had been a while since he had spoken to the lady. It was weird considering she used to be his favorite, but now she had just been classified under guildmate. It’s what happens when you disappear for a while. Opening his menu and sending a quick return message, Dustin gets dressed before quickly walking out towards town. Before he leaves his property he walks over to his slimes’ fence and grabs a half bale of hay, throwing it over to the large horde of slimes. Walking the other half to Mr. Fluffy’s little enclosure. Walking into town and teleporting up to the fifth floor, he looks around and notices his quest companion and starts over towards her. “Hey, been a while. What’s up?” He asks, walking up to her with a smile.
  4. She had taken his confession rather calmly. Apparently she had known, and Dustin was trying to think of how she could know. Am I that easy to read? Or is she just over confident? He thinks for a moment. I must be that easy to read. He looks at her, and her rant about how usually when boys confess their attraction, there’s also a date being requested. “I just assumed you didn’t want to date me. I thought you had someone else.” He couldn’t think of an excuse so he just dropped the truth. Not long after her speech, she walks over and pulls him down to her eye level. His face turns a bright red, what is it about her? Every time she does something you get flustered... maybe it’s something wrong with you. "I like you too. Go out with me." Those wonderful words graced his ears and he thought for a moment he was dreaming. He couldn’t help but flash a big goofy grin at her before he wraps her in a hug and picks her up, spinning a bit and setting her down. He had to do something though... something he couldn’t exactly decide on. Should he just leave it at that? No. This wasn’t his first time confessing attraction. He was a teenage boy after all, he knew what he was doing. There was a lull, and after that brief moment, Dustin shoots in... he had to go for it or it just would’ve been awkward. A short but passionate kiss would calm Dustin’s nerves if she would let him have it. It wouldn’t be his first kiss, but would be his favorite, by far.
  5. Dustin and Arabelle make it to the refreshments and she instantly grabs a sweet for Dustin to try. He looks at the treat then at her as his face turns a faint red and he takes the food to eat it. She was kind of cute, the way she was running around trying all the foods, must have been torture in the real world. Dustin never had that problem, trying to keep under a certain amount of calories and making it seem like he was never hungry. He would eat everything in sight, don’t burn this hot without fuel right? He smiles before he even realizes Ryoko had completely missed the hint and followed them there. Soon after she appeared, however, she disappears again and Dustin takes the opportunity to move over to Arabelle. “Nah, nothing like that. I had just heard about it, decided it’d be nice to check out this party.” He looks around to confirm that Ryoko had actually disappeared and looks at Arabelle. “Follow behind me, stay low.” He crouches down and walks across the main area of the party, sort of moving as fast as he can, but quietly as he can. No skills activated, and not using the mechanics of the game, because he doesn’t exactly trust his incredibly low stealth stat he just tries to stay out of Ryoko’s sight. As the pair draw near Kityuisa’s mansion, Dustin keeps moving, so he’s on the opposite side of the party, taking a leap and climbing up to the roof of the building. Planting himself at the highest point on the building, Dustin looks over at the girl and smiles. “Figured it’d be a beautiful view from up here.” He says, his gaze remaining locked on her. ”So... now that we’re alone... I’ve got something to tell you.” Dustin says, his face a bright vibrant red, and his gaze having pushed itself down towards the roof they were on. “I’ve kinda... had a major crush on you since the dragon quest we did together. Not the first one but the second one.” He says. Now that he had said this there was no going back... (unless he were to jump off the roof and run away, but he was sure that would be a bad idea...) His gaze remains locked on the building beneath him, and his face growing even more Blushed. Oh god? Why would you say that Dustin? That’s super awkward... what if she doesn’t like you back? ...then who cares? It’s not like I have to go out with her. I’d just like to... god I’m such an idiot.
  6. Dustin

    F06/PP <<Deforestation>>

    He just wanted to get stronger. Reminded Dustin of himself when he was just starting out, but this guy could probably get further than Dustin could ever hope to. “I’ll help you, just make sure you don’t get hurt, these monsters can be strong around here.” He smiles, knowing that for him to be able to help, the enemy will have to be almost twice as strong as the Byakko. “So why are you so low leveled? Honestly, that’s a personal question, if you don’t want to answer I understand.” Dustin asks, “I started late because I lost my brother in this game. I spent a lot of time in sunset tavern back on floor 2. The owner and I became best buds and one day he told me about the beginner quests. I met a girl and she treated me like dirt, but I made it here, and she’s disappeared.” He smiles, before dropping the smile and looking at the ground. “Sorry, that was a lot of info to drop on you.” Standing up, Dustin stretches for a moment and looks down at his companion. “Remember this, if you ever need help on a quest, just ask. I’ll be there.” He smiles with a wink.
  7. Dustin

    {PP-F22} Guardians of the New Dawn

    After Dustin sent the message, Pinball had changed, like he knew someone was coming. “You remember that time you helped me get this skill?” Dustin asks. He was genuinely curious. Can a monster like him really have such good memories? He looks down and away, hearing footsteps approach. “What about that night on the lake? Wasn’t too dissimilar to this.” Is he really so bad that won’t matter to him? I wanna know if he can still remember a time when he wasn’t so bad. “You won’t that race.” He smiles fondly on the memory. Suddenly, Stryder rockets in and a comet trail behind his fist slams into Pinball, and Stryder looks back at the two. Dustin can practically feel the anger pouring out of Stryder. He had no idea who it was directed towards, was it Pinball for disappearing and becoming this? Was it Dustin for letting Jinx get entangled in this mess? Dustin felt like it would be a bit of both, and he felt like he deserved it. “I’m sorry Stryder, I couldn’t beat him.” Dustin says, dejected as he more or less waits for his energy to get back up. It’s my fault, Jinx had to suffer through that because of me. Dustin’s vision drops to the ground. He’s right, I don’t matter.
  8. Dustin

    [Event-F22] Star Crossed Lovers [Tier 1]

  9. As Arabelle wraps herself around Dustin’s arm and scolds him for leaving Mishiro alone, he turns a faint red, and a small smile forms on his face. “Ah, but you see, I’m not very good at talking to people who don’t talk to me.” He says, looking back at Ryoko who was saying Dustin did a bad job of babysitting. “It’s really bothersome to watch over someone my age.” He scoffs and says to himself. With Arabelle wrapped around his arm and Ryoko in front of him, Dustin can’t help but blush, especially as Arabelle tightens her grip. Turning away and looking over to the water, Dustin manages to pry himself out of his state if Hysteria. “So Belle, wanna go get some food at the refreshment table?” He asks, starting to walk towards the main party. Dustin makes his way up to the largest groups and through to the front, signing up for the swimsuit contest and then heading back over to the refreshments table. Various snacks lay out on the flat surface, yet none of them catch Dustin’s eye. Maybe it’s because he is so used to eating his own food, so he grabs a glass of lemonade and walks away from the table. [Dustin enters the swimsuit contest]
  10. Dustin

    F06/PP <<Deforestation>>

    Oscar’s words firmly plant a smile on Dustin’s face. As the wall of smoke around them begins to dissipate, Dustin turns and starts heading towards the town. “Been a while since I had fun on this floor. No point in wasting it.” He laughs, sitting on the ashen ground and pulling out a cake, a whole cake... and just grabbing a fork and going at it. The sweet soft fluff makes Dustin childish happiness so much more apparent. “So mister Oscar... two things... you want some? oh, and also, wanna also do something else?” He asks gleefully. “It’s so boring when people just do a quest and go their separate ways.” He takes a mouthful and keeps talking through. “In the real world, you ask for help and make a friend.” He smiles, “I just wish it was like that here.” He lies back in the dark gray grass. He glances up at the smoke disappearing into the sky and just stares in awe.
  11. Dustin

    [Event-F22] Star Crossed Lovers [Tier 1]

    Dustin’s hand started glowing, his eyes locked on the enemies and his fist tightened to the point it almost hurt. Why are they still alive? Why were there so many and they just disappeared? How did we clear them so fast? He couldn’t help but wonder as he charged forward, pushing himself to the limit before he throws everything he has into a punch, but missed the monster entirely and spins around, jumping back to the area he was just standing. He had been at this combat thing for a while, but he couldn’t ever just land a hit. Why were they here in the first place? What did they want? He looks around at the festival and thinks for a moment. “Maybe one day we’ll understand some of the things we want to know, but I know damn well we won’t answer all of our questions.” He says to himself, smiling before he turns back to the thin horde.
  12. The woman turned down the boy’s offer of a snack and for a moment it was like something broke inside of him. Not many people turned down Dustin’s snacks like that. Dejected and almost a little heartbroken, he walks away towards the shore, but stopping about half way. Dustin’s new favorite guildmate showed up and made her way over to the boy, saying hi and introducing the girl he had fought the bunny with again. “Hello Mishiro, nice to meet you... again.” He smiles politely before suddenly Arabelle compliments the boy. His face turns bright red and his head instinctively turns to face the water. “You look beautiful Belle.” He still can’t bring himself to look at Arabelle. After some time, he looks back and Arabelle had disappeared, so Dustin politely waves to Mishiro, turning towards the water and walking in that direction. Hazado quickly greets Dustin and Dustin returns with a quick wave. When Dustin finally makes it out towards the water he stops and sits down, and it’s not long before he hears a fall and sand hits his leg. Turning around he sees that familiar head of hair with sand on her face and red on her cheeks. “Hey Ryo,” He smiles brightly, “Yeah, I have missed you.” He sits next to her in the sand looking out towards the water. It had been a long time since Dustin sat with anyone like this. “So... what’ve you been up to recently?” He asks, pulling out a pair of cookies, handing one to @Ryoko and taking a bite out of the one he kept for himself.
  13. Dustin walks down the beach, footprints in the sand reveal he had been doing this for a while. Why was he here? A party he had heard about was happening right up the shore, and he was planning to make the party as lively as he possibly can. It’s gonna be a par-tay. He smiles and sings as he treks through the mush of the wet muddy sand under his feet. Up between his toes shot some of the beach as he continues forth, his brown hair blowing in the wind and his brown eyes squinting. “Bright and shiny day, could’ve taken a swim, but this party’s gonna be awesome.” His smile only grows more as he pushes himself up the hill towards the area everyone talked about and suddenly, it came into view. A party was clearly going down, and Dustin was ready to get his laid back on. His inventory opens up as he flips through and removes his clothes and in an instant equips his swimming attire. It had been too long since Dustin took a break, and he was gonna get the full experience. Pulling out a popsicle, he approaches the apparent host of the party, as she was the only person he could see, and extends one of his snacks towards her. An ice cream sandwich, the only one Dustin had, was his offering and he was kinda mad at himself for trying to give it away. “The name’s Dustin. Need any help setting up?” ————————————————————— Dustin’s appearance
  14. Dustin

    F06/PP <<Deforestation>>

    This guy was right, Dustin finally agreed with someone on how to fight as a group. After all this time he was finally strong enough for people to let him do his thing, and Dustin did the same thing everyone else did. He’s here to fight? Oh damn, I think I might wanna be friends with this guy. He smiles as his hand starts to glow green, something that sticks out in the black, gray and fiery orange they’re trapped in. “Alright then. I’ll just make sure he doesn’t have the chance to hit you.” His feet push ash behind him, creating a little cloud right behind where he once stood. A trail of ash flies up in his wake as he rockets towards the giant tiger. Under each step air rushes the cinders and they glow a pretty orange footsteps behind him as well. When he jumps, the ashes under his feet shoot out in a circle and Dustin’s fist draws back. A childish laugh had escaped wall of ‘chill’ on his way up, and now that it had, he was done acting like he wasn’t loving this fight. The green trail finishes on the Byakko’s head and Dustin lands on it’s head as its HP rockets down towards the bottom. Before the monster can shift and try to take a bite out of Dustin, he jumps off, landing next to Oscar with a stumble. “Guess you were right.” He smiles like a child.
  15. Dustin

    [PP-F4] Reopening old wounds

    Dustin was sure the stares he could feel on him had something to do with his temporary orange cursor. He didn’t care. He felt no guilt or regret for what he had done, and would gladly do it again. Only reason it’s temporary was for a momentary lapse in his vendetta, one where he realized Kadin wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to die and especially not at his big brother’s hand. You always cared about everybody... didn’t matter what they did. His hand rests on the glass in front of him, as he stares through the liquid and the ice sitting in said liquid. On the table sat a necklace he often wore under his shirt. A small golden sword with a black blade, just like Kadin’s. The warmth of welling eyes and the chill of a cool tear rolling down his cheek kept him distracted from the thought of how much Kadin would hate him for what he’s about to do. But it was something that needed to be done. He couldn’t just let more and more people die. He couldn’t let anyone else feel what he’s feeling right now. Rage festered in his chest as he kept staring at the necklace. What used to be fond memories only brought him pain. He was ready to throw all of what he had found away, and was willing to if it meant getting rid of this horrible person. The guild, his friends, his teacher. They were all supposed to hate me... why don’t they? Why are they still keeping me from doing this? Why am I stuck feeling like I’d rather have them around than do this? If they’d just leave me alone forever I could have done this a while ago. Just then a familiar face walks up and sits a drink in front of the boy. “It’s on the house.” He explains, his long red hair falling just into view under Dustin’s hood. ”Can’t get anything past the all knowing Roger can I?” Dustin asks sarcastically, smiling up at his old friend. “I always forget how many taverns you own. It’s gotta be ridiculously expensive, you should really see someone about your problem.” He chuckles for a moment before the moment passes and Roger heads back to the bar to tend it. “Maybe I should see someone.” He laughs at his pain for a moment more, then he grabs his necklace and stands up. As he steps out onto the street, he looks around. Crowds had formed on either end of the alley the entrance to the tavern was tucked into. It was pretty early so most people would be looking for quests, and the NPCs filled the streets to keep up appearances. Quickly and quietly Dustin jumps up to the roof of a building in front of him, slipping in the snow and stumbling a bit, but he sticks the landing. Walking over to the edge over looking the main street, he sits and dangles his feet over the wall. The people here are so naive to think we can settle down in here. They have no idea what’s truly out there. Sorrow and death. Hatred and suffering. Fighting and killing. But it’s not all bad, we can have lives here, but we can’t just fall into the status quo and hope that the people who don’t will save us. Everyone’s contribution matters. He grabs a pebble he had kept from the first quest he ever did and looks at it, before he draws it back and throws it out into the town. “Your time’s coming.”