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  1. Dustin had been sitting in the cold for hours. He felt like a lost boy in a town of people trying to push him through the floor. Nothing kept him company but the biting chill of a wintery floor he had stayed on every night for the past few weeks. He would wake up, go home and feed his slimes and then come back up to floor four and waste away on a bench until it was time to go to sleep. It was his prison. This floor felt like hell and he felt like he deserved it. Anymore he had trouble looking at his guild list. They all must hate him after what he did, and he understood. That’s why he had let himself go over the past few weeks. He hadn’t bought a single snack since that final strike. He would eat nothing but bread for the next few days and then crackers after that. The only thing he would drink was water from the field and that was only because his mouth was so dry from the crackers. You put yourself here, you deserve all of this. He berated himself in his mind as he stared off into space. One day the chill that ran down his spine felt different. He felt like there were eyes on him, and not the ones he saw. He could feel someone staring a hole through his back, and not a drop of kindness in the daggers from their eyes. It was a new feeling. He had to move, away from that bench. He opens his menu and it moves to the last viewed page... a message he had planned to send to his guild leader. He changed the whole thing, before sending it and standing up from the bench and turning around to see if he could spot someone familiar. Nothing out of the ordinary spoke to him, but he still felt uneasy so he walked to the teleport gate to see if his guild leader had gotten his message. [message]
  2. Dustin

    [PP-F4] Reopening old wounds

    Arabelle already had her scythe out and attacked before Dustin had the chance to step around Jinx. Anger filled his body like he was burning from the core, he wanted to push her out of the way and then beat these two down and be done with it, but the enemies had to go and start attacking his friends. His heart starts pounding, practically beating through his chest, the world around the enemy had gone dark, all he could see was the player and Jinx’s hair. His blade drew back and his shield raised up, Dustin saw an opportunity. Two steps in the snow was all it took, one to the side and back towards the man with the shield. His glowing hand smashed straight into the player’s shield, sending tumbling back onto the makeshift sled and sliding across the snow. Dustin still couldn’t see anything but the enemy as he started backing towards Jinx. Before Dustin could get back to Jinx, he heard the sound of a sword art behind him and turned quickly to see what happened. The knife user had gotten behind Jinx and slashed at her, but couldn’t make it past her armor. Even though he hadn’t done any real damage to her, the man had made a fatal mistake. For the criminal charge of hurting Dustin’s friend, he would be sentenced to a savage beating hither to undreamt of. “You will pay.” He utters, clenching his fist and watching the players regroup. kill them.
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    [PP-F4] Reopening old wounds

    Dustin stands in disbelief, what was she not getting? What was he not getting? He knew this had to be done, but even still Greil doesn’t deserve it. A life is a life, no matter how corrupted or soiled, it is a life and Dustin is taking one away. Cutting it short. There’s so many experiences he won’t have, so many things he won’t see, so many words he won’t say and professions he won’t make. Who was Dustin to take all of that away? Kadin wouldn’t want this, but the dead don’t want anything. It’s the only benefit of being dead. ”What about Arabelle, a-and....me and the everyone else?! Do you not care about ANY of us?! Do we matter, so little to you, that you don't care how you impact us...?” He watches her, appalled at what she just asked. “You’re not Kadin.” He says, before turning around and walking along the pathway to the enemy. They could sort the rest out among themselves, maybe she could decide it’d be better not to see him fall down this hole. This path he’s following is doing nothing but damning his soul. His feet fall deep into the snow, the cold piercing his shoes and nipping at his toes. It wasn’t ideal, the cold weather and the even colder aura around the boy. He wanted to do this with no hinderance, but he had to be sure. If your ideas aren’t challenged then they’ll never be right or wrong. They’ll always be a mystery, no closure means no satisfaction or disdain. He was risking everything for this, including his sanity, but it would all be worth it to the boy. He could feel himself crying, calling out for help and kneeling in the snow screaming at his weakness. Neither voice had been enough so he pushed them out. It had done nothing but made matters worse. He could feel both pain and emptiness but nothing else, no sympathy for the man he’s about to kill, no empathy for the people who know him. It was dark and cloudy and he was alone, but he had to keep going. A few tears stream down his face, this time though it wasn’t his mental image of himself tearing up. He stayed ahead of the girls to try to keep his wavering constitution a secret, but if they looked closely enough they could see the snow melt from sporadic tears falling onto it. Crunching, rhythmic but chaotic. Three people out of sync crushing the snow beneath their feet, trekking a distance hither to undreamt of. Creaking and cracking, another set of feet, rushing in close behind them. Closer... closer... closer... Dustin stops suddenly and jumps back behind the girls using his torso to knock the enemy down. Two orange cursors floated above two players who looked ready to make sure they have a reason to be orange. Dustin had forgotten they weren’t far. “You have no tact what so ever.” Dustin had clocked another enemy not far from them, watching them. He didn’t want to point him out so as to avoid putting the girls in danger without good reason. The player that had charged so carelessly pulls the shield off of his back and rears his sword up, resting the tip of the blade on the top edge of his shield. Dustin used to used that stance too, considering it was a common stance though, it made sense. Even in the commotion, there was still a pitter patter on the snow underneath Dustin. Tears seemed to melt snow faster than fire. ((feel free to engage enemy 2, I just didn’t want to write too much without you all getting a say in anything)) Enemy 1: 300/300 HP | 35 MIT | 25 DMG (30 and 45 on small crit and big crit respectively) Enemy 2: 300/300 HP | 35 MIT | 25 DMG (30 and 45 on small crit and big crit respectively) Dustin: 580/580 HP | 58/58 EN | 15 DMG | 8 MIT | 2 ACC | 4 EVA | BH: 5
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    [PP-F4] Reopening old wounds

    Dustin can’t help but feel horrible for what he had done to Jinx. He knew she had a tendency to panic, and yelling at her was almost as bad as attacking her out here in the field. She sat there with her ears covered as Arabelle points out what Dustin did wasn’t nice. “I know.” He says quietly. He couldn’t bring himself to turn around and face them again, because maybe if he didn’t he could go on and kill this man. Maybe if he didn’t have to see the people he was hurting then he wouldn’t hurt so bad too. Maybe he can run. The tank uncovers her ears and starts asking more questions, Dustin’s least favorite kind. What ifs, they make Dustin’s head spin, and he’s already in a bad enough way. Making him lose it can only make things worse. Then the last question grabs his attention and sets his focus back on the main path he had formed for himself. Arabelle had taken his side but he wasn’t sure anymore. He knew where this was headed couldn’t be good, but he wanted Greil to know what taking a life costs. Dustin hadn’t earned his way into the guild he was in, he barely knew anyone in the guild but these two here. And they felt distant. Dustin’s mind was cloudy, and it was like he was walking through a blizzard alone in the dark. Arabelle was basically saying he was right and to keep going, and her voice felt close. Really close. Cold and empty, but close, making Dustin feel less alone in the dark, but Jinx’s voice offered warmth, familiarity. She called out from great distance with her muffled voice and weak words, but they felt comforting. Differing opinions both offered the same benefits, but in different ways. The worst part was, he didn’t know which to follow. He opens his mouth, stopping dead in his tracks and thinking. Her question had broken his train of thought, his autopilot ride to vengeance and managed to put him back in control, even for a little. But he was sure she wasn’t going to get the answer she wanted. Neither of them were. If someone hunts me down, I can’t kill them for doing the same thing I did. I know the price I have to pay for this, and it’s the same price Kadin paid, And the one Greil is about to pay. Violence begets violence, I know. I can’t kill anyone but Greil. I can’t just throw away lives because I feel wronged. Greil has to pay though. For Kadin, for Shino, and for Amara. Even if it costs me my life. ”Taking a life is a big deal, and it should never simply be glossed over like a bug on a windshield.” He says, turning towards Arabelle and scowling. “There’s a price to pay for every body someone drops. But Greil has taken too many lives and yet to pay the price. No one else is doing anything, they all just turn a blind eye to the killing in this world and if I have to die to let someone know it needs to stop, anyone, then...” He stops himself. He doesn’t know what to say next. Part of him wants to stop, to wrap Arabelle in his arms and ask her to take him back to his place. But instead he turns to Jinx, looking her in the eyes and then to the snow between them. ”Then I die.” He says, answering her question and finishing his sentence in one fell swoop. ”Like I said, I know the price, a life for a life. Greil has taken three at least. Kadin, Shino, Amara, they all died to that piece of garbage, and he has yet to pay the toll.”
  5. Happy new years y’all

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    [PP-F4] Reopening old wounds

    As Dustin cuts through the snow, trudging along with his two favorite people in the world in tow, he gets assaulted by the barrage of questions (mostly from Jinx) and he gets fed up. But instead of exploding and shouting at her, Dustin just bottles it up. His anger would soon be released anyways, so why not just hold on a little longer? He feels a tug on the back of his shirt. His fists tighten, his jaw clenches and he turns slowly. He listens to her speak, her voice soft and broken, and while he watches he can’t help but want to yell, scream, throw something. But no, she was making her case, he would have to ignore her or tell her the truth. ”I know... I know this won’t fix anything. I know what I’m doing won’t change that my brother is dead. I never said this man deserves to die.” He says, watching the two women, before turning back around. “I’m not the only one who’s lost a brother, and I know if I kill him I won’t be any better a person but I don’t care. I don’t care if you all hate me, I don’t care that I’ll become the very thing I hate the most. If I can stop him from killing even one more person I can die a happy man. I can avenge my brother and save a life.” He turns around, walking towards Jinx speaking in his angry voice. “I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING IS WRONG. I KNOW EVERYTHING IT WILL COST ME, I NEED TO DO THIS.” His voice lowers, his eyelids fall along with his gaze as he turns around looking like he was just rejected by the girl of his dreams and she killed his dog. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell.”
  7. Dustin

    [PP-F4] Reopening old wounds

    Dustin turns to Jinx with no expression at all, he still didn’t know how to tell her what he planned to do today. She knew to an extent what he was willing to do. She knew he wanted to confront the guy, but he was sure she hadn’t realized he was ready to throw everything away just to get revenge for his little brother. “Yes, I’m sure I could kill him with no issue. I kill monsters all the time.” He says, before turning back to Arabelle. “And it’s not been a while, we just started ‘talking’ a few days.” He turns around and starts to walk, the snow crunching under his feet as he goes. ”I know where he is. I know exactly where he is.” His voice which is usually filled with life felt dead even to him. He must sound alien to them, they’d never seen him like this. It didn’t bode well either, he was sure if he was already this broken before even getting to the man, a fight wouldn’t go well either. “It’s a decent walk though, get out now if you don’t wanna deal with the cold.” He says in an attempt to rid himself of the worry of the two girls behind him. One of them had been through a lot with the boy recently, the other knew what he wanted to do for a while. Neither of them know how long he has waited to take the life of this man, and neither will even know the toll it would take on his mind. ”I’m sure you two would like to know the name of the man I’m hunting down...” He utters quietly, looking at the white ground before each step. No confidence, no bravado, just an empty husk that looks like the boy they both knew so well. “But it doesn’t matter, as it will be a name soon forgotten. One that has no meaning, no bearing on the world we live in.” He stops and turns around. “Soon it will be nothing more than a word and a memory, it will call to no one and bring nothing. No point in committing it to memory.” He had to make sure they understood there wouldn’t be anything to stop him. He was telling them he knows what he’s doing is wrong, he knows it will alienate him from the rest of the guild. “The name of the man, is Greil. Remember it only for today as you will never hear of it again.” He says, before turning to the woman he so desperately wanted to see past this, “And he killed my brother, that’s why he has to be put down like the rabid dog he is.”
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    A Test of Growth

    Dustin stood there in the courtyard, looking through his gear and stats. They were way higher than the last time he was here. He couldn’t exactly remember when though, as it was a long time ago. He squints as his mind begins to wander, maybe it was christmas. Or was it just the other day? Hmm. His hand rubs his chin as he thinks back. He knows he had his sword, because he remembers fighting... ”OH YEAH!” He smiles brightly, like a fool. Chuckling he moves from his inventory to his friends list. I was fighting Jinx, and I lost. Maybe this time I can beat her in a duel. His hand selects the “send message” option and he begins to type. [message:] His smile stays affixed to his face, but his legs push into the ground as he moves to the side and sits down. His gear was all set, but he couldn’t decide on what armor he should use. Hei made this shirt for me, but This Trench Coat has been very helpful for a long while. He thinks back to the last fight and remembers bleed and thorns seemed to be her biggest weapons. Now his health would help protect against that, but he would rather deal with just one of them rather than both sapping his health away. His finger glides over to the Trench coat and his regular blue sweatshirt is replaced by a long blue coat with a little flourish of the coat tails to add to the cool factor a little bit. [stats and crap]
  9. Dustin wakes up, pulling the covers off of himself and looking over to see a woman next to him. He barely remembered last night after going to the hill on floor 1. Her brown hair strewn across the pillow hides her identity, but he remembers her being sweet and yet promiscuous. She was a paradox to the boy and he had to know what it was like. Surprisingly vanilla. He gets out of bed and throws on a plain black shirt before walking out of the inn altogether. She was on his friends list now so he’d probably shoot her a message later apologizing about it, but he had to get home and check on his slimes. I hope mr. fluffy is okay. It’s been a few days. He frowns as he steps onto the main streets of the town. Wait... what floor is this? He had just followed her up to here, and she led him to her room. Now he had to find the teleport plaza, just so he could get home and eat some cheerios. ”This calls for a...” His inventory was devoid of snacks... he had put them in his storage place at home because he didn’t plan on going out for a while. Looking for the nearest snack shop he spots a familiar head of purple hair. Sh*t... His leg pushes into the ground as he launches himself up onto the inn he had just left. Did she see me?
  10. Dustin smiles at the question and turns back to tilt his head and think for a moment, walking backwards all the while. “You can’t make new friends unless you’re willing to be bored every so often.” He looks back at her and continues. “Besides, this is fun, and I have a really weak guild member who I go on tons of quests with, so this is nothing.” He spins back around and continues walking through the woods. She needed the garden area for the abundance of materials, but not so close that they get the bonus. Her answer to his question made him think. Yeah he missed the majority of things in the town, but he was sure she didn’t know about the stuff outside of the walls. “Yeah, I agree with you there. But you won’t get the full experience unless you venture outside the walls. Hell, I rarely go into towns anymore, except to teleport to a different floor.” He says, spinning around again to walk backwards, but this time a childish light fills his eyes. “Like on this floor, there’s a small hill where you can sit to see a beautiful sunset. I used to go there everyday, but now I only go once or twice a week. But on every floor the twilight looks different. On floor four, aka the worst floor, the snow glistens in the sun, but the blue night sky is reflected in the snow, so it becomes a wonderful dance of cool blues and yellow glints of light, like the night sky.” He laughs a little, before pulling out a cookie and taking a bite.
  11. A dagger? Dustin would’ve preferred a sword at that age, short, ornate but durable. He always loved blades and weapons, his pops taught him to make small knives too. He wasn’t very good at it but he could make one if he needed to. As they continued it was taking longer than Dustin had previously thought it would. It was weird, Dustin completed this quest no problem, (or so he thought despite it taking forever) why was she having so much trouble? Soon An had started getting fed up. Of course it was taking forever, they hadn’t even reached the prime spot yet? Dustin never went there either, in fact he went the exact opposite direction and slept a few times. “There’s a spot by the garden not far from here, someone I know says it’s the best spot for this quest.” He smiles as he takes point through the brush and sticks. ”So An... you go on any adventures before this one?” He asks, like this isn’t literally called the beginner quest line. It was the first adventure Dustin took too, and he hated it. So much in fact that he never did the second one. That [censored] threw him for a loop after he was trapped in game, and now he knows better than to trust a girl who treats him like crap... sort of.
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    [ET-F1] A Midsummer Bite's Dream... TIER 2 BOSS

    Rolling ID: 130678 LD: 3
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    [ET-F1] A Midsummer Bite's Dream... TIER 2 BOSS

    Dustin watched as the red pixels falling from everyone else’s wounds moved towards the witch across from them. Her health bar moved up into the green once more as Dustin took a step back. Is she healing? I didn’t know that was a thing. He looked around at the entire party’s HP bars and they all dropped except for Dustin’s. Why isn’t she taking my health? I’m not tainted products, am I? He looks down and notices his slash mark had no red pixels falling to the ground. Surely that had something to do with it. ”Hey hoss, gotta refuel. Outta gas.” Dustin says to Stryder, pulling out a canned energy drink. Popping the tab Dustin smiles as he opens it the rest of the way and chugs it. “Down the hatch.” He stands and watches the group get ready for another attack. The fight would have to go on after Dustin refilled his Energy. But for now, he drinks.
  14. Dustin

    [ET-F1] A Midsummer Bite's Dream... TIER 2 BOSS

    Dustin watched again as her speed was made abundantly clear. She was fast, and she hit hard. His knuckles would be in her cheek right now if she wasn’t moving so fast. He watched as she ran across the field hitting players, but he hadn’t decided when to strike. His arms tensed up in excitement, his leg bounced in anticipation. That twitch was enough to send him into overdrive. His back foot pushed back and he shot off like a rocket sled on rails. He pushed through the sensation of terror mixed with joy as his arm swung around and his knuckles connected with the woman’s face. A burst of laughter exploded from the boy as he ran across following the fluid motion of the attack and doing a handspring off of one hand landing facing the queen of sanguine herself. “You see that Bossman? That’s how you follow up an attack.” The words carried outwards so everyone could hear, but Stryder was the only one Dustin was talking to. It was apparent the kid was having fun, despite being against a literal monster. “Not even she could pull that off. Not in those heels at least.” Dustin smiles and throws up a peace sign at the lady. He was having too much fun with this.
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    [ET-F1] A Midsummer Bite's Dream... TIER 2 BOSS

    She dashed towards Dustin like a bat out of hell, a bullet of estrogen and sanguine intent, her claws just barely graze his body thanks to his natural instincts. She was fast and he didn’t like that. Although, to be fair, he did like other aspects of her. Hot damn. He looks over to his guild leader and laughs for a moment. “Not those kinda chills man.” Shaking his head and staying back for a moment. Dustin watched as his guild leader ran into the lady, hitting her square in the face again. Dustin chuckles as he pulls his hands up and runs back in. So far they had done a lot of damage to the boss, and now it was Dustin’s turn to take this gal on. His legs push him towards the monster of a lady and he fist collides with her face once more. As he sits there for a moment, he chuckles looking her up and down with a sly smirk on his face. “Maybe under different circumstances.” He chuckles.