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  1. “Where should I drink today?” He asks with a smile on his face. On floor 8 Dustin walked through the town and looked for a tavern. He wasn’t just in it for drinking, he wanted to have a place to hang out. “Florenthia’s taverns suck.” He says. The boy spends a lot of time on this floor. It’s his second favorite and he likes to explore the woods. He walks into the first tavern he sees and smiles. He looks around and sees a player at a table by themselves. He walks over and sits up on the table. “You alone? Good, tables are crappy seats.” He moves to a seat. He calls over a waiter and smiles. “Strongest drink you have.” He says. He pulls his hood down and looks at the player. “So you drinking sorrows away or drinking because you’re thirsty?” He asks, with a look of curiosity in his eyes. @Hakai
  2. Dustin smiles at the girl. She’s seemed to be cool, aside from the no talking thing. “That wasn’t one hundred percent bravado, just like eighty.” He chuckles. He enjoyed her presence. It was definitely better than gathering materials alone. “If you want, I can be quiet too. Nowhere near as successful as you, but I can try.” He remarks, trying not to bring up why she is mute, in case it was a sore subject. He looks around for materials and sighs. This is what it’s usually like. Nothing good for me to get. Just a stupid lake and a stupid field. There’s not even monsters. I’ll just have to gather like Pick always did. The player turns to the girl and tilts his head. Fishing looks so much more fun than gathering, I hate this it’s always against me. The system is dumb and I hate it. He puts his hands in his pockets and leans on a rock. (2 total) @Neopolitan
  3. Dustin

    [PP-F4] Foot prints in the snow

    “My brother told me about the game when we were home alone. He was going to log in with my mom, but my mom decided to let me play that day. I’m a better at swordplay then my mom was, so I guess it was for the better, but she still let Kadin in.” The boys voice began to shake. “Kadin was the best lancer I had ever seen. His skills with a sword were unmatched. But then we got ambushed in the forest. The player we were helping that day was a PKer. He killed my brother with the help of his friends and ran off.” His eyes let out a few tears. “I should’ve known. I wasn’t strong enough to even hurt the player who killed him. I fought off the other players, and say next to Kadin as he died.” He clenches his fist and slams it into the table. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bum such a pretty lady out.” His voice still shaking a bit. Dustin usually told no one about what he was going through, but once one person got the truth, he couldn’t help it. The boy blushed after realizing he called her pretty and turns to his coffee, this player seemed to distract him from his sorrows, so he wanted to be as nice to her as possible. @Midnight_Lace
  4. Dustin’s blood boiled. “My brother tried every day to be a hero. And by every definition he was. He inspired hope, he helped no matter what he might lose. No matter who the person asking was.” He clenches his fist. Dustin had no longer wanted this girl to agree with him. He only wanted her to know why. “We don’t have to agree, but my brother died inspiring hope. It took me two years to see that when he died he let people down, but also he died in my place. Now I have to prove that his sacrifice wasn’t in vain.” The boy releases the pressure in his fist, as tears begin to form on his face. “I have two missions. To kill my brother’s killers, and to continue my brother’s mission. He wanted nothing more than to inspire hope. Even if that hope died out, even if that hope was in the wrong place, he wanted to be a hero. His killer deprived him of that. So I will succeed. Even if I die, my blade will go on, my legacy will go on, and he will go on. Maybe one day we won’t be trapped in this world anymore.” He stops himself, realizing that he almost told her what he was never supposed to say to anyone. But the he opened his mouth. “You have both in this game and in the real world. I can see by the way you carry yourself. Me, I was an average student with an introverted personality. I’m useless in the real world. Only my brother inspired me to be the way I am now. A 12 year old kid taught a 17 year old how to live.” He pulls his hood down. “That’s why I say hope is important. And I’m sure you’ve had your share of tragedy, we all have. But I’ve had my limit. I need hope or I’ll break.” He looks at a broken sword, he had just pulled out of his inventory. @Katagawa
  5. Dustin

    [PP-F4] Foot prints in the snow

    Dustin orders a hot coco and a coffee. “I actually hate this floor. My least favorite of the 22 floors I’ve been to. But, it was my brother’s favorite floor, so I visit this floor quite often.” The boy pulls up his cloak and offers it to her. “It’s not the best when it comes to warmth, but I’m assuming it’s better than what you have in now.” He holds the cloak out and smiles. He was freezing in the tavern, he was just hoping the girl didn’t realize he was cold and decline the offer. The boy was trying to be like a knight, so he’s always a gentleman, unless the situation demands otherwise. “Your hair is beautiful.” His face turns to the coffee as he takes his first drink. The coffee was black, because he didn’t drink it for the taste. He liked it that way anyways, weird, but tasty. He hands her the coco, and laughs. “Careful not to burn yourself.” He warns her, so she didn’t drop the expensive cup. His eyes pan to the blindfold and he can’t help but stare. His mind begins to race, thinking of all the possibilities. His mind stops, and moves back to Kadin. “Did you have siblings in the real world?” He asks, his voice in a more serious tone. It was almost an entirely new person. His outgoing and open nature replaced by a recluse. He pulls his hood up and keeps drinking. @Midnight_Lace
  6. Dustin

    [OP-F1] The Hunt Is On

    Dustin was in the tavern and heard a player laugh. He turns to see what’s funny and sees a player talking down to another. This bugged Dustin, he hates people who mistreat weaker players, just because they aren’t as strong as them. He walks over to the girl and looks at the player who had insulted her. “I bet you couldn’t kill a giant ice monster up on floor four. Or an elf in the woods, or even a shark in the sand on floor 5. But you aren’t ashamed of that, so why should she be ashamed of not wanting to fight by herself.” A smile crosses his face, as he knows this player is below his level. He pulls of his cloak and draws his sword holding it to his neck in a blur. The lightning swirling the golden blade almost touching his neck. “I bet you haven’t seen the face of something that truly wants you dead. I have. I’ve made that face before.” He quickiy sheathes his blade and turns to the girl. “I’d be delighted to help you in your fight, I love hunting boats.” He smiles at her, acting like he wasn’t just angry. “The name’s Dustin and you’ve seen my sword DawnBringer.” He extends his hand for a hand shake, also sending a party invite. @Acid
  7. Dustin

    [PP-F4] Foot prints in the snow

    “Lace huh? It’s pretty name, is it Spanish?” He asks, chuckling as he finishes his question. He was used to screen names, but none as elegant yet boring as Lace. His name was just his own, but hers was a fabric, not even a cool one. “You must be pretty skilled with a blade to purposefully put yourself at a disadvantage like that, blindfolding yourself.” He stands up and bows. “What brings you here, m’lady?” He asks, trying to sound knightly. It was obviously a joke, but Dustin did want to seem like a knight before she saw him for real. Even though he’s a defined average sized 6’ man, he doesn’t look like a knight, he looks more like a teen boy who played sports. Which he never did, his body was toned through hunting with a sword in the real world, where the rules were pretty much the same, but it was just his skill. The boy’s cloak comes off revealing a blue sweatshirt and tan pants. His sword on his back, he puts the broken sword in his inventory. “Want a drink?” He asks sitting back down. He waves to the waiter and smiles at the girl, “anything you want, it’s on me.” He says. He begins to realize how flirty he sounds in saying this and begins to blush. He didn’t want her getting the wrong idea from him. @Midnight_Lace
  8. Dustin

    [PP-F4] Foot prints in the snow

    Dustin drinks alone in the tavern. It had other people there and normally Dustin wouldn’t mind talking to a complete stranger for no reason. But today was different. Today Dustin was sitting in the tavern by his lonesome, drinking with a broken sword in his hand. It was his brother’s sword. The sword he had carried with him since he watched his brother get murdered all those nights ago. The player had visited the monument of life today, and wept there. He then payed a visit to a tavern on the fourth floor, his brother’s favorite floor. Dustin had cheered up when he set his cup down, having finished his last drink. Right after he set his drink down, a player sits next to him and he says. “I have no idea why you picked that chair, but you have my attention.” He turns to her, makes eye contact then instantly blushes. I wasn’t expecting a girl. His mind begins to race, thinking of all the stupid things he could possibly say, when he utters, “The name’s DawnBringer, and this is my sword, Dustin... wait.” He says, obviously flustered. He was normally so composed around women, but she had caught him off guard, so he had no idea what to say or do. But that’s never stopped him from talking before. “Let’s try that again, I’m Dustin, and this is my sword, DawnBringer.” He corrects himself. The player’s mind had finally settled, so he seems a lot more calm than a few minutes before. @Midnight_Lace
  9. Dustin stands up and lazily looks around, as he was never any good at finding stuff. But he does find a material and walks over to it. "Hey, I wasn’t expecting to find one so soon. This is weird, usually I go a whole day without finding anything.” He says, His voice was still empty and dead, like he was sad or even missed someone. He begins to wonder what will happen if he finds a mimic. I hate stupid mimics, they frickin suck. His mind plans out every attack he could think of if there was a mimic. I could activate a sword art, but I don't feel like equipping my sword right now. I'll do it if there is a mimic. He spins around and laughs. "I was worried about finding mimics. I have no idea why I'm so worried, I still could kill a mimic on this floor." He says, smiling towards the girl. The boy was obviously faking a smile and his statement was pure bravado, to try to distract himself from his thoughts of his brother. None of which were good and all we're him blaming Dustin for his death. Action: Search for treasure chest ID: 105915 LD: 17 + 2 = 19 (Materials found) +2 T2 materials (2 total) @Neopolitan
  10. The player began to walk away, nodding his head towards the girl. "I'll see you on the frontlines then." He says, holding his fist out in front of him. He stabs his blade into the ground and smiles, "This blade is my oath, I'll make it to the top." He pick up his sword and turns to continue walking away, after all, the quest was over. "Thanks for the help, and in the highly unlikely case that you need help from the weakest player in Aincrad, it would give my life some extra meaning." He shouts to her and begins to hum as he walks toward the town. His favorite song, the one his father taught him, and the one he plans to teach his son. "Kadin would've liked her. Heck, at this point, I'd have to hold him back." He turns and waves to the girl who was now in the distance. "Guess I'm not done with the lectures Kadin, but you have to know, I will kill the last player. I will avenge you." His hand forms into a fist and he tilts his head forward. The boy walks into the tavern where the merchant told him of the Wargs and he smiled, "I told you I'd get it done, now, about my reward." He sends a message to the girl a short time later. Summary: Dustin: +2 SP +700 col +4 T1 Materials +<<Venom Vial>> Hestia: +1 SP +200 col
  11. Dustin pulls out his ice cream and takes the first bite. His face appears to fill with joy, as this is the first time he ever tried ice cream. Real ice cream, not that stupid frozen yogurt, which he liked but it wasn't the same. "This is the best thing I've ever eaten. It's absolutely amazing." His eyes begin to water and he keeps eating, but the smile had disappeared. I was supposed to try ice cream with Kadin, but he died, so I was never gonna eat it. He continues to eat it and finishes it, setting the bowl down gently. "No one ever told me it was this good, I can't believe I had never tried that before." He continues, his face still blank as he talks. It almost seems like he doesn't have the energy for emotions on this adventure. He slides up to a rock near the girl, who looks like his ice cream and smiles, closing his eyes and his face turns upwards. "I wasn't supposed to eat that, but I couldn't help myself, it just seemed so delicious and it was." He looks at her and thinks, looking at the lake. "I'll let you get back to your quiet time. Sorry for bothering you." -<<Cream of Ice>> +2 LD @Neopolitan
  12. "You did save me after all. Nice." He says, tilting his head. The boy had never had to really be saved before, he just always let the enemies attack him. It was nice to have someone watching his back, other than his brother. "I guess I owe you one, whatever you want, I'll pay up." His face turns to a smile as he shifts his focus over to the bush and laughs. The silence had consumed him again, and for the first time in a long time, he had no idea what to say. He turns to the trees and begins to walk forward, making his way out of the little clearing they had found themselves on and back to the trail that had taken them there. He begins to hum his favorite song but quickly stops in fear of annoying her. She appeared to be like Dustin used to be, before Kadin died. "Can I tell you why Hope is so important to me?" He asks, with a newly serious tone. He hadn't told more than two people about what made him lose hope and why he thinks it's important, but he was ready to tell her. "It's not like I don't see where you're coming from, saying false hope can destroy someone's spirits, but no hope at all is worse." He says, avoiding turning to her to talk. He pulls his hood up and puts his hands in his pockets, walking forward, back towards town. @Katagawa
  13. “She’s a cutie pie isn’t she?” He says, petting the raptor and standing up. He turns to the girl sitting on the fountain, and smiles at her. “So, you know Hei, I know Hei, Hei knows us both. But we don’t know each other. You never told me your name.” The boy says, pulling the hood on his sweatshirt up and equipping sunglasses. He turns the man and walks towards the exit of town. “Y’all comin or what?” He asks. The boy had no idea where he was going, but it was not that fountain the girl was sitting on with her Husky. “I need some materials, and I’m no good at it, I’d like some help. If that’s not too much to ask.” He adds, motioning his hand towards the edge of town and laughs. His hair down in front of his forehead as he walks towards the gate with a hum of his favorite song and a dance in his walk. His hood covering the back half of his head and his mouth opens and he starts to sing the words to his favorite song very quietly. @Hei
  14. "I don't... have... the energy." He says, trying to catch his breath. The boy falls to his knees and keeps trying to recuperate from the previous fight. "Next time... I'll get that drop." He says, trying to push himself back to his feet. His arms appeared to be weak from the continued use of sword arts and his stamina was depleted. As he begins to stand up he looks to Enna, "Don't worry... about me. If..." He gets cut off by a vine whip, launching him across the battle field, next to the other player. His health bar inches down, but it looks a lot worse than it was. He manages to get back to his feet and look at the player. "Like I said, don't worry about me." He mutters, looking at the nepent in front of him. "I'll take care of this one, you stay focused on your own fight." He reaches down to Enna, offering to help him up. "Or we could fight together." An innocent smile crosses his face and he tilts his head. @Ennakai
  15. Dustin pulls up a material and smiles, hammering at it to try to make a cool sword. The first material breaks so he keeps trying. He makes a sword, silver and super sharp. The sharpest blade he has ever made. The cross guard looks like it is two bars, swirling together. "3 Damage. That'd put me at a pretty high Damage out put." He says, naming the blade Harbinger's Wrath. He keeps failing until he makes another dagger, with one paralyze. The blade is black and looks like a crows feather, and the pommel is a crows head. "Scarecrow" He says, putting the Dagger on display. +21 EXP +<<Harbinger's Wrath>> +<<Scarcrow>> -4 Materials