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  1. Dustin

    [PP|F4] Knock on wood

    Dustin looks at where the bear had died, and then over towards Jinx. One day I might have to leave the guild behind, but the problem is, if I get kicked out, I might have to fight her. His eyes move down towards his hands. I couldn’t fight any of them. Let alone her. He looks back up towards her and just falls backwards onto the ground with his arms out. Looking up at the sky he sighs and starts talking, “One day the rest of the guild might hate me. Hell, I’m probably gonna hate me.” He talks in a different tone than before the fight ended, and his words were obviously from the bottom of his heart. “My brother was murdered as you know, and for a while, I couldn’t do anything about that.” He sits up and looks her in the eye, “I’ve found him, and I’m scared of what I might do.” Pain in his voice, like Jinx never would’ve heard in his voice before. His eyes begin to well up. “I’m scared I might try to kill him. I wanted to, for so long. You don’t come back from that. And I don’t want to lose the family I have left.” Of course she might not know he means the guild, but he didn’t know how else to explain it. They are the most important people to him, but he knew he wanted to tear the man’s head off. @Jinx
  2. Dustin stands and looks towards Hei and Jinx, finishing his cookie and slipping his hands into his pockets. The boy was still pretty unsure of what was going on, but he figured eventually he’ll understand. “So, should we get this show on the road?” His smile much more lively now that he had eaten. His blue hoodie and brown pants were showing now that he had abandoned the cloak he used to always wear, nothing else apparent on him except for the shoulder hei made him all that time ago, and the chain from the bottom of his jacket into his pocket. His brown hair gently danced in the wind as he began to walk down towards the area. “Come on slow pokes, it’s not like we have all day.” The usually smug comment sounded more sarcastic from the boy than most uses, and yet, he still sounded like a prick. “If there’s more to explain, then you can tell us on the way.” His back turns towards the pair as he continues on. He stops abruptly and turns towards Hei, giving him puppy dog eyes for no apparent reason. “Can we get ice cream after? Please? I’ve never had real ice cream.” his begging made it seem like he was gonna throw a tantrum if Hei says no, and who knows what’ll happen that’s how this turns out? @Hei
  3. Dustin had arrived and the girl with gray hair looked at him and questioned why he was there. To be entirely honest, Dustin doesn’t know the answer to that himself. “I’m here to see my friends.” He says, like Jinx is weird for not assuming that’s why he was here. He looked back at her and smirked for a moment, then getting a bit more serious. “I’m only here because Hei invited me.” The boy sits down outside the door and looks outwards. “Just grab me when you need me, I don’t need the details, just tell me what to kill and I will.” He smiles, pulling out a cookie and chewwing on it, holding one up towards Jinx. “Sorry, I only brought one extra and Jinx is a lady.” He apologizes to Hei, hoping he won’t ask for any of the other snacks Dustin has on him. Dustin would give Hei a snack if he asked but he was already eating and would have to stop to grab another snack. @Hei
  4. Mina shouted towards the boy as he was playing around. She’s right. I need to start focusing on working with other players if I want to get to killing bosses. His hand begins to glow again, as he charges in. “You’re right I guess. It’s time I pulled my own weight.” He jumps up, hitting the monster in the most vital points on the way up, finishing with a hit to the temple as he falls back next to the girls. “Sorry gals, I was a bit distracted.” His face unusually serious as the monster’s health drops more than before. So that’s the amount of damage I can do with these old things. His eyes shift down to the wraps on his hands. “Don’t worry about me, you ladies should keep up the good work.” He stands in a more orthodox fighting stance, his legs shoulder width and one foot forward, his hands up to protect his face. Like a professional boxer, even a look on his face completely different from before, like a whole new person had taken charge and he took a back seat as this person tried to make things better. “I’ll make it up to you guys, I swear.” A smile rises behind the hands guarding his face. [H: 1] Dustin: 400/400 HP | 28/40 EN | 10 DMG | 14 MIT | 1 ACC | 2 EVA | 4 BH [H: 2] Tricolor_mina: 280/280 HP | 21/28 EN | 3 DMG | 23 MIT | 1 EVA | 1 KEEN | BLD 12 | BH 2 [H: 3] @Katagawa: 280/280 HP | 15/28 EN | 7 DMG | 8 MIT | 3 EVA | 9-10 PLZ | 2 BH | 5 VMP(D) Snow Beast: 54/250 HP | 160 DMG [Stunned: 0/1][BLD: 1/2]
  5. Dustin noticed the beast’s size first, and he knew it wouldn’t be an easy fight from the get go, but he didn’t plan to miss twice before the monster could even hit them. His hand had barely missed the monster’s knees, and Dustin’s eyes shot open as widely as they could. I missed again. But... before he could continue to think he was running around the monster to the other side. “So...” he pulls at the side of the hood on his blue sweatshirt. “I kind of missed again.” He looks up at the monster’s HP bar and sees how little damage they had done. I need to get stronger so I can do it. How can I avenge my brother if I can’t beat the guy who killed him? He rotates his hips, moving in such a way that he would be hard to hit even if he were walking into you, and stopping next to the girls with a dramatic spin and childish smirk. “I’m sure as hell not getting into Valhalla if I die without hitting the monster.” His whisper made to keep the others from hearing, but he was never good at that. A hand comes up and grips a necklace tightly, releasing it after a few seconds, revealing a hammer shape. “To Valhalla.” His smirk morphs into a smile. Dustin: 400/400 HP | 37/40 EN | 10 DMG | 14 MIT | 1 ACC | 2 EVA | 4 BH Tricolor_Mina: 280/280 HP | 26/28 EN | 3 DMG | 23 MIT | 1 EVA | 1 KEEN | BLD 12 | BH 2 @Katagawa: 280/280 HP | 21/28 EN | 7 DMG | 8 MIT | 3 EVA | 9-10 PLZ | 2 BH | 5 VMP(D) Snow Beast: 214/250 HP | 160 DMG
  6. Dustin’s eyes scan the area, a few bones and a skull litter the arena like pepper on mashed potatoes. His eyes fixate on a bone that seems to be out of place, something about it called to Dustin, and he remembered how to summon the monster. They said something about striking the skull with a bone. His hands grab the bone as he heaves it above his head. He expertly locks one leg, his hips launching back as he folds bringing his arms down with the force of a truck. His feet even come up off the ground a little. “Hopefully it won’t last long enough to need a tank.” Footsteps echo from a nearby cave, as a monster emerges and looks down on the party. Dustin’s hands start glowing as he smirks and looks at the other two, running in and swinging at the monster which twists out of the way. Shoot, I thought that was gonna hit, I guess I need to think about this for a second. His smile fades as he takes the view in, replaced by a look of pure awe. He was infatuated. The beast was a true monster, and it showed. “Oh I am so killing this thing.” A huge smile forms on his face like he is having fun, life radiating from the expression on his face. He looked like a child on the playground, not a teenager in iminent danger. Dustin: 400/400 HP | 38/40 EN | 10 DMG | 14 MIT | 2 EVA | 1 ACC Tricolor_Mina: ? @Katagawa: ? Snow Beast: 250/250 HP | 160 DMG
  7. Dustin was in his shop, taking inventory for no reason. Might as well keep this place running while I get stronger... maybe one day I’ll craft again. Dustin looks down at the hammer Pinball gave him and over to his right arm. Memories of the incident flood his mind, his heart filling with sorrow as the face of a friend morphs into the face of an enemy, though none of the features change. Why does the world have to be so cruel. His mind zones back in the moment a ding demands his attention. He examines the message from a guild member and tilts his head, looking up towards the sword mounted above the door of his shop. A smile crosses his face as he opens the door and steps out into town, pulling his hood up, attaching the shoulder piece Hei had made for him and heading out. The only thing I remember about Stryder’s place is it being on floor 22... I’ll just have to check everywhere. His face looking like he wanted to die as he cuts through town on the 22nd floor, keeping himself occupied by chewing on a cinnamon stick. Aftera short while the boy sees a stone house, and in front a man he knew in an instant. His eyes light up as he examins the building, so this is the place I have to beat when finding a place of my own? Easy peasy lemon squeezy. He smiles as he gets closer, noticing a familiar face despite it being covered in part by a bowl. “Woah, my two favorite guildmates in the same place... is Hei cool now? Uh oh... paradime shift.” A hand placed on either side of the head, connected to the other by a huge smile. @Hei @Jinx
  8. Dustin

    [PP|F4] Knock on wood

    Dustin’s eyes scan the absolute unit before him. It stood tall, but it was clear it wasn’t gonna be standing much longer. He had done what he said he was gonna do and wanted to make it quick. “I’d say see you in Valhalla, but I’m sure the all father has a better place for you.” His sword art making his hands glow as he walks up to the beast, nothing but respect in his eyes. “That’s too bad, you would’ve loved it.” He slams his first hit into the inside of the giant’s knee, then his other into the other. His next hit would be an elbow into the lower left abdomen, where the kidney would be. This went on for a while until he jumped and hit the monster right behind the jaw. The Bear explodes and Dustin doesn’t know how he should feel. He knew the bear had to die, and it was only code, but why did it have to be such a beautiful creature? “Not the first bear I’ve killed. But definitely the strongest.” The ground in front of him held his attention with such intensity he forgot the world around him until a message saying “recieved: 1000 col” pops up in front of him and draws him back. ”I say we fight another.” The first words after the fight she could hear. “You used the potion, I wanted a specific item. That potion would be a waste if you just took it and we stopped after one short fight. Besides, spending time with my favorite guildmate.” And one of my best friends. One of my only friends, but one of my best. A friendly smile takes over his face, the kind that’s contagious. What else could he do? It’s not like he could just say “I want to kill nore animals to get a weapon.” He had to not sound like a sociopath, so he didn’t. @Jinx
  9. Dustin

    [PP/Floor1] The First of the Dragons

    Dustin’s sword begins to glow green, but his eyes move down towards Arabelle. I know she’s right, but what’s the fun if it ends so quickly? I can’t control how this works, but I can keep the monster in front of us from surviving this fight. All my messing around is over. “Okay, I guess it’s time to get serious.” He squared his shoulders, taking on a more orthodox form, waiting for the perfect time. Which just so happened to be right as Jinx activated her howl again, the monster turned, looking at the girl who had called its attention. “You guys are no fun.” A smirk crosses his face as he runs in, making the statement an obvious lie. His sword moves up, following the pattern he had used every time before hand as the monster’s health dropped the same as before he hit the tree. His uppercut being when he launched himself back, he strikes a pose. What’s the harm in having fun when I’m pulling my own weight? As long as no one gets hurt because of it, I should be fine. Besides, puts and extra little sparkle in the monster’s death. “It’s such a shame. A beautiful creature being executed by a bunch of players for loot or experience. Rhaegal, I wish you a good death, and I want to be the one to give it to you!” His sword points towards the monster. Why are we wasting such a beautiful moment? This monster is fighting its best and all we are doing is talking like it’s just a bunch of numbers on a screen. This is as close to real as you can get yet we just see it as an obstacle to cross. “It’s still a game. We’re here to have fun in a beautiful world. Sure, there’s some flaws, but no more flaws than the real world.” His words carry no further than the grass at his feet.
  10. Dustin

    Trading bling

    @Clyde ~trading Kadin’s Luck~ Have fun with my necklace.
  11. The flickering light in Dustin’s eyes fizzle out as he drops his attention to the ground. “So much for an awesome story.” He frowns as his voice escapes his lips quietly. His attention is grabbed when the monster explodes into blue pixels. His eyes move up to the girl as he puts on a fake smile. I’ll have to do this myself when I’m strong enough. I can’t just let this be the whole story. “I watched as a girl killed the monster before I did.” Raise glass, shout with a smile, and drink. He walks towards her, a straight face and urgency in his step. “Now what?” He questions. What can we do to kill the time? Why couldn’t I just kill the damned thing? Dustin spins and starts to walk away from the combat zone, trying to keep his true thoughts hidden. I was expecting to get there and fight, not get there and watch an umbrella for a time. He sits on a log and looks at the girl. “I was planning on taking my time with that fight, but I guess getting off of this god forsaken floor would be better.” He pulls out a cake and cuts out two pieces, holding one up towards Neo. “Just cause the floor is horrible doesn’t mean the whole experience has to be.” He eats his cake slowly, savoring the sweet flavor of the cloud of goodness on his plate. “Second best cake I’ve ever had.” He smiles, frosting still on his teeth as he washes it down with a juice. @Neopolitan
  12. Dustin

    A test of might <<Dustin vs Jinx>>

    Dustin’s eyes move to hers as she asks to go to speak to his brother with him. Is it okay? Is that okay? I always thought that was a one person thing, maybe two if it’s with family. But I guess his memory can only live longer if more than I remember him. He smiles politely at her if only for a moment. “I’m betting he’d like that. Be nice to hear more than just my stupid stories.” His eyes fall to his hands fidgeting with eachother as he speaks. “It’ll tell you about him Along the way. I reckon he would’ve liked you. He was that type of person.” He pulls his hood up and starts walking towards the palace which holds the monument. He had lost the battle, the crowd had dispersed, and yet, he still felt like he was having fun. Maybe talking was something that he enjoyed, not something he dreaded, had he been wrong all those years? Was this where he was truly at home? Damn I wish Kadin was here, he would’ve been smiling so brightly now that I’ve found my calling in life with this guild. A smile crosses Dustin’s face. Summary: Dustin: 1 SP 200 Col Jinx: 1 SP 200 Col
  13. Dustin didn’t like the way she was acting, but the boy couldn’t make her tell him anything or even maybe make her feel better. All he could do was hope she was telling the truth and try not to die if she isn’t. “Well, I reckon we should head out. This is dangerous for me, so I want it done quickly. It’s gonna make for a great story.” A huge stupid grin crosses his face as he turns to walk out of the bar. “Do you have any idea where this thing is, we can’t fight what we can’t find.” He makes his way out of the bar and into the town. This is the only way I know how to get stronger, but to be fair I’m not sure I’d like it any other way. He pulls out a small cookie and pops it in his mouth as he walks towards the edge of town. As he takes his first step out into the Forrest, he smiles back towards the girl. “I heard stories about this floor. What it does to their minds. How it hurts the players.” His face twists to a more serious look. “It makes me sick. No game should treat their players so poorly. Let alone in a game where death is real.” His fists tighten in their gloves as he looks up at her once more. “This game is supposed to be fun, yet all it does is play with their heads on this floor.” He stops for a moment, looking over and seeing flames as he grins. “There she is. Let’s do this quickly. The longer I’m here the more likely I am to die.” He walks towards it just enough for it’s health bar to appear and the quest log to update. Byakko Spawned Byakko: 150/150 HP | 60 DMG | 40 MIT (On MD rolls of 9 or 10, half the damage dealt is instead dealt as burn damage, which ignores mitigation as a status. This has no DoT.) Dustin: 400/400 HP | 40/40 EN | 10 DMG | 14 MIT | 1 ACC | 2 EVA | BH 4 @Neopolitan: ?
  14. Dustin sits at the bar on a stool watching the entrance. He couldn’t help but be excited to finally be able to pull his own weight around the one who killed Miraak. His eyes land on a parasol as she walks in, and he tilts his head, she looked like she was struggling to be here in this bar. But you can message me when you’re at the bar if it bothers you. Or even better, tell me we can’t meet there. So it’s gotta be something else. He stands up and walks across the room towards the woman. “Is there something wrong?” He asks the woman, looking worriedly, “I don’t expect you to tell me what’s wrong but you’re the strongest one here, if you’re distracted, we both get hurt.” He says, trying to make it less weird and gooey for him to ask that stuff. “Actually, more likely I would get hurt. You’d just be hurt a little.” He says to himself. “Either way, I need to know if you’re okay to help me in this fight, cause I kind of need you there.” He closes his mouth and turns to walk beside her as he motions for her to follow. I’m at risk of dying either way. @Neopolitan