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  1. Dustin walked through the forest on the third floor, the area in which he first heard about the familiars of this game. It was his favorite floor, so being up here was never off his mind. This floor reminds me of those books about knights, and dragons and elves. They were the reason I joined this game. I always wanted to be a knight, and combat skills wise, I’m pretty damn close. I guess I could be a little nicer though. He makes his way through a little patch of trees and sees a girl he had met before. Shoot, maybe she hasn’t noticed me yet. He stands perfectly still, his blue jacket sticking out in contrast to the vibrant greens of this forest. His eyes meet hers and widen as he darts past her at incredible speeds. “I’m not in the mood to argue, but, I am in the mood to help someone out, and I guess me being here may be worse than you being alone, so I’ll get going.” He turns and begins to walk away, taking a bite out of his new cookie. @Kirbs
  2. Dustin

    [PP-F01/F04] Fair Maiden Dustin, Mutsu

    “I’ll put on the damn dress, just never call me stupid again.” He snarls. “I’ll even wear the bunny ears and the bell.” He slides his hands into his pockets and pulls out some more snacks. Brownies this time, because he was almost out of cookies and he likes cookies. “Anyone want a brownie? I’ll got get dressed.” He stands up, leaving the brownies on the table. He stands up and moves back into a back room, and pulls up his inventory. He unequips all of his clothes and looks around. He peeks back around, only revealing his neck and blushing really hard. “I seem to have forgotten the dress. Could you hand it to me dear?” He looks at Ennakai, fear in his voice. The embarrassment was already getting to him. After he got the dress, he snuck back into the back of the shop once more. He puts the dress over his head and slips his arms through. Then he walks out into the shop. Dustin was an athletic kid in the real world, so his body was incredibly defined, which looked weird underneath a dress, but it was Dustin’s fault he was wearing it and he had come to accept that. He even put on the bunny ears while back there. The embarrassment really shows when he walks over to Mutsu, blushing the whole time and looks down at her. “I just need the Bell.” He says, avoiding eye contact with the girl. @Ennakai
  3. Dustin looks over at the British girl. “You know I’m both Japanese and American right?” He raises an eyebrow. “I went to America a few times and I’ve been to England, and I’ll tell you, American tea is better.” He smiles. “That’s why they dumped yours into the ocean.” He pulls his hood up. He looks at his shorter friend. “The short thing was a joke. I’m sorry if that got to you my British friend.” He smiles at the girl with brown hair. “Now you, my purple haired beauty, are gonna tell me where we’re going.” He commands. He throws his arm around his friend, pulling out a scotch on the rocks. Taking a drink he hands a beer to Ennakai. “No strings attached, you want one? I’ve got Guinness.” He makes a joke in reference to the beer commonly drank in the UK. His hand moves down and grabs a cigar. He lights it with the lightning on his sword and takes a sip of his scotch. “This is the life. I would kill to be like this all the time.” He nods, pulling out the cigar and releases some smoke. @Kirbs
  4. Dustin

    [PP-F01/F04] Fair Maiden Dustin, Mutsu

    “Excuse me? Hey listen here Frodo. This is my best friend’s shop.” He walks towards Mutsu and pushes her. “The only reason I don’t lay you out right now is because you’re a girl.” He looks her dead in the eyes with intensity behind his voice. “I care here to take my friend out for drinks, and give her a present. But now that you’ve ruined it I guess I won’t be doing that.” He shouts. I tried to be civilized, I appologized and everything, why won’t she stop being a b*tch? “I’m out of here because I have enough respect for that woman that I won’t destroy her shop.” He points to Ennakai and walks away trying to open the door. “Hey sweetie! Why the hell is the door locked?” He asks Ennakai across the shop. “Are you that serious about putting the dress on me?” He looks at Ennakai with a puzzled look in his eyes. “You could’ve just asked.” He says looking at the short girl. Kadin would never have let me get away with calling her short, even though Kadin was taller than her when he was 12. “Listen, I’m sorry I called you short. It was rude and I’m sorry.” He looks at her with a blush on his face. “Ennakai, give it to me. I’m gonna prove how sorry I am.” His face gets incredibly red. @Ennakai @Mutsu
  5. Dustin looks at Ennakai as he draws a dagger. “Oh, we’re getting ready now?” Dustin draws his golden sword as a storm of lightning swirled around the blade. He reaches back grabbing a black metal kite shape only slightly longer and wider than his forearm. “It’s high time I beat up some bullies.” He looks at Kirbs and Ennakai. The boy had forgotten the two of them used much less flashy weapons. “You know, it’d be best if you both stayed behind me, I’m the most experienced with combat.” He grins in an almost maniacal manner. “Besides, I need a good pick me up.” He looks at his sword and the symbol by the base of the blade. It was the same symbol that appears right above his health bar. It’s his guild’s symbol. I fight for a reason, that reason pushes me forward every day. I will come back to you safely Ryoko. He looks at Kirbs, “You be careful out there tiny.” He pats her on the head. @Kirbs
  6. Dustin smiles at Ennakai. “You know I’m teasing, how does it feel?” He boops the other player on the nose. “In any case, of course I’m helping.” He leans in and whispers in Enna’s ear. “Plus you know I like older guys.” He smiles, turning to kirbs. “So, where is this merry band of warriors going?” He looks around for tracks in the grass, but remembers this is just a game, his years of hunting experience weren’t important. He began to felt useless. “Hey Enna, I don’t think I’m gonna be very helpful on this adventure.” He frowns and looks at the ground. His anger would make keeping the orange players alive a bit of a hassle. “If they try to hurt you again I don’t know what I’ll do.” He slips his hands in his pockets, looking all depressed like, and pulls up his hood. “Kirbs, make sure Enna doesn’t get into too much trouble.” He pats his friend on the head. “She can be a real hassle sometimes.” He smiles innocently and begins to walk away. @Kirbs
  7. Dustin watched as the other players harassed the monster the hostess had released on them. He smiles as he noticed none of them had taken his joining to heart. Time to kill and be forgotten. That’s the ultimate goal is it not? He launches in, slashing at the monster and smiling as he turns on heel and rockets back next to the other players. He looks over to @Vigilon. “Hello there, I’m Dustin.” He smiles with a thumbs up and his sword reversed in his hand. He spins it up and rests it on his shoulder, the weapon on his back stuck out against the very casual outfit he had on. The boy looks around at the other players, and looks at the players watching on in excitement. “I wonder, anyone around here had the lemonade? ‘Cause it looks good as hell.” He asks the other players fighting beside him. @Neopolitan @Hazado ID: 108952 BD: 5 + 3 = 8 Sword attack 1 on Karka Queen 10 DMG
  8. “No.” That’s all Dustin says. He glares at Cosi, trying to get him to back off. “It’s not how I do things.” He continues, stopping himself from speaking anymore. Ennakai is gonna use that against me I just know it, but I don’t care. I have no reason to take the mats, I’m not a good blacksmith. “I’m a blacksmith, but I’ll never be the best. Macradon is just too good at it.” He looks at Ennakai. “You can’t tell me other wise and Cosi knows it too.” He slips his hands into his pockets. “You May be my friends, but that makes matters worse. I’m not stealing from my friends.” He says pushing Ennakai into the water. “That’s for guy punching me prick.” He dives into the water and grabs Enna. “Next time I’ll have to hit back.” He pulls Enna onto shore. @Ennakai
  9. Dustin stands up. “Hey Kirbs, you wanna try to not get hit.” He snickers a little. The boy reaches up and takes another bite from his crepe and smiles. “Kidding, but seriously, focus on the way the boar moves before it attacks. In every game, the enemy has a specific set of animations. It’s easy to forget that in a world as real as this one, but it’s an important fact to remember.” His voice dances along as it passes over to her. I’ve been playing videogames since I was young, but I barely played. I never began to recognize patterns until dad died and I played all the time. They aren’t always super easy to spot, but Kayaba made the first floor boring as hell. “I’ve got any kind of snack you want when you’re finished.” He smirks trying to get her to hurry up. @Kirbs
  10. Dustin looks down at Ennakai. “I saw you get hurt too, are you okay?” He asks. “And don’t worry my dearest, I’m fine. I’ll always show up when you need me.” He leans down and boops Enna on the nose. “Hey Kirbs. Thanks for helping. Why don’t we all go get some food, I can reward you for saving my sweetheart.” Dustin looks up at his health bar, that was pretty stupid of me, but it worked. And I’d do anything to save Ennakai. “Idiot’s lucky I didn’t chase, cause I would’ve killed him.” He spins back to Ennakai and pulls him real close as if they were about to kiss. “Where does it hurt?” He asks. Ennakai usually employed the ‘flirt until you get your way’ tactic and Dustin was tryin it out against his friend. Mostly because of all those times Ennakai had tried to embarrass Dustin, succeeding a time or two. “And about this message... What the hell were you thinking? Did you think I was gonna see that and be okay with it?” He opens a message and reveals it to be Ennakai’s message from earlier. “You know me better than anyone else in this game, so why the hell did you expect me to sit back relax and let you die?” He looks into Ennakai’s eyes as he hadn’t released his favorite weasel just yet. @Kirbs @Ennakai
  11. "So, I've been on gathering missions enough times to know what everyone plans to do. No. I'm not taking anything except some col." He says, adamantly, looking at the purple haired player next to him. "As sweet and savory you are Enna, I don't want to take any thing you guys could need. Besides, that's not why I do this." He says with a smile on his face. "I do this so I can help out ya know? Not for personal gain, that's selfish." He continues, sliding his hands into his dirty pockets. His body also covered in dirt and a white tight shirt. "There's nothing you can say or do to change my mind. It's how it's going down and that's that." He nods, equipping his much baggier hoody in hopes of leaving here soon. I hope Enna doesn't try to convince me otherwise, lord knows he's especially good at convincing me to do stuff, however begrudgingly. He sighs, looking at the player he had a crush on a few months ago. @Ennakai
  12. The question reached Dustin's ears as he began to think about the well being of his guild. "They're decent, since Eatos died we haven't spoken much." He answers truthfully. Dustin did kind of separate from the guild after Eatos killed herself, but not intentionally, and he was still part of the guild. "Hestia, we're friends right?" He asks, in hopes she would say yes. But after the words escapes his mouth he instantly regrets the question. What if she says no? She's not the type to leave just anyone for dead, but does that mean you're friends? He looks at the ground before she can answer, "Nevermind." He says, listening to the footsteps echo throughout the halls as the massive monster closed in on the two players sitting lazily in the halls. "Want any snacks? I brought quite a few. I've got crepes, cake, pie, cookies, candy, ice cream, sherbert, froyo, onigiri, sushi, eggs, rice, and mashed potatoes." His inventory moves as he looks through, listing off the snacks he had brought from his favorite store. "I've even got chicken." He says with a cocky smile. @Hestia
  13. Dustin rockets in and slams the flat of his blade into the hammer user’s face. “You know dear, for a trickster, you’re not very good at lying.” He backs up. “What the hell did you think was gonna happen, I was just gonna sit back and let my best friend die?” He looks at Ennakai with anger in his eyes. “You and Ryoko are the only two people I care about in this world. Why would I just let you die?” The disappointment in his voice was apparent. He pulled his blade up and pointed it at the other two players. “You two better get the hell outta here before I take your lives. You f*cked with the wrong person.” He draws his arms back and looks the war hammer used in the eyes. “I don’t kill without a good reason. You’ve given me more than a few with what you’ve done.” He says, not even noticing his orange cursor. “What do you think my sweet, want me to break their will or their bodies?” He looks back at Ennakai with a smile on his face. Come on Enna, just go along with the act, or will I have to fight you too? He stands up straight, “It won’t even be a real challenge. I’m way higher level than you.” He says, as the hammer user slams his hammer into Dustin’s face. Dustin barely moves from the hammer in the face, as he stares at the orange player with a blank stare as he towers over the attacker. “Back up before I break your legs. I’ve killed before, I’ll do it again.” He looks down at the man. @Kirbs @Ennakai
  14. “You prick.” The boy says, launching forward at incredible speeds and slashing into the Scorpion. “You’re gonna die.” He kicks off of the ginormous arthropod and lands back next to Haz and friends. His eyes shift back to the lemonade. Damn. If we kill this thing, I’m asking where to get that sweet lemonade. Though I don’t see any guys with lemonade. And I can’t ask the girls. Oh man, this is getting to be a dreadful day. He watches a bead of condensation roll down the hostess’s glass with eagle eyes. He sees it roll to the bottom and drop off. He swallows to keep his body from running and stealing the cup from her hands. She’d kill me anyways. I’ll ask Hazado to get me some lemonade. Though I don’t think he will. “Hey, Hazado, after this, hows about you grab some Lemonade for us? I’ll pay for it if it costs anything.” His voice carries across the arena. He slips out a cookie and takes a bite, waiting for the Scorpion’s next action, patient as a turtle. ID: 108882 BD: 5 + 3 = 8 hit Sword attack 1 on Giant Scorpion 1 10 + 2 = 12 DMG @Hazado