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  1. Dustin

    [PP-F4] Reopening old wounds

    Greil stood, as the short fiery girl launched attacks at him. He barely moved, letting his health drop. He’d taken more damage than he thought he would, and in a moment of pure shock his hammer had lifted off of Dustin’s chest. The fourth slice barely missed his limb, as he feared he would lose it had he kept it there. Dustin saw opportunity. His legs pushed down as he rolled back onto his knees and stood to his feet. It was time he showed this man what he was made of. Two spinning kicks placed themselves on the shaft of Greils mighty hammer, before the man stepped back and recuperated. He smiled for a moment, spinning the hammer in his hand and drawing his gaze between the two. All he had to do was be smart, they weren’t ahead of him stats wise but they weren’t far behind either. Greil’s hammer placed itself on Dustin’s shoulder, with the hooked spike down behind Dustin’s back. Dustin’s arm locked it in place, as Greil had thought he would, before pulling it as hard as he could kicking Dustin in the lower gut. As Dustin hits the ground, he quickly stands back up just enough to start running towards the old man. He had to think for a moment, but now all he could do was fight. Fight and not look back. He’d cross the room in a moment, wrapping his arms around the waist of the murderer and tackling him to the ground. Dustin plants himself in the ground, straddling the murderer of his brother and two best friends. “You took my brother from me.” He would say, drawing his fist back and dropping his hand. Greil had managed to catch it with his forearm, but it still did a small amount of damage. He was beginning to panic as Dustin drew his hand back again. “You took Kadin from this world.” Tears slithered down the boys cheeks, his voice and expression remained the same. Punch after punch, the boy pushed the man further into the ground. “You took her from me.” He would say quietly, leaning down over the man. The boy loses it, punching the man as fast as he can, repeatedly. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Dustin stares blankly as he beats the face of a human being beyond recognition. Greil began glowing and Dustin started screaming. He hadn’t suffered enough. He needed to lose more. He needed to feel what Kadin felt. “NO!” Dustin would shout, punching the ground beneath the dense snow. Greil was gone, all that was left was the imprint of what was once a man.
  2. Dustin

    [PP-F4] Reopening old wounds

    The chill breeze picked up for a moment, Dustin took that as a signal to keep pressing on. His energy had refilled and he’d be fine with however much HP he had left. She spoke, her tone as cold and sharp as the air around them, and Dustin couldn’t help but feel like he was annoying her in his descent into madness. He pushed his feet into the ground and stood up, wiped off his pants and stood for a moment, listening to her final question. He didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of being right, but he also didn’t want to try and lie to himself. Instead he silently walked away, heading to their destination. They’d come to the Destination, and Dustin had let that question sit long enough. He needed to let her know that he wasn’t trying to be an asshole. “I was in the wrong.” He says, walking towards the small wooded area and stopping short. This was it. This was everything he fought for. It was all leading to this. It would be the end for some one either way. Two cautious steps was all he could handle, as the second that crunch had finished, he’d started running and throw a punch blindly in towards the hideout. -CRACK- Dustin’s arm flies towards the ground as a sting of pain ran up his arm. The hammer crashes into the snow beneath his eyes. That hammer. It filled Dustin with an unholy rage that boiled up as the boy tried to recover. Before he could think the hammer flipped and floated back up towards his face, knocking his head back. Dustin falls flat into the snow, sprawled out staring at the sky. The man looked down on him once more and sneered. “So you’ve come back? Or are you here to avenge someone you once knew?” He smiled and pulled his hammer onto his shoulder. “Or are you here to pad my numbers?” @Arabelle
  3. Dustin

    [PP-F4] Reopening old wounds

    Dustin couldn’t stand the thought. She’d stay with him until the end, she’d see this through. Once upon a time he would’ve admired that. Part of him still does, but his selfish nature was the better part of him right now. “You shouldn’t see what’s going to happen. Either way at least a part of me dies.” He says looking down at the snow. ”It won’t be the same as that person I just killed. I’m not defending anyone. I’m not doing this for a righteous reason, I’m doing this for revenge. I- he...” The young boy stumbles over his words as he struggles to find the right ones. “Did I ever tell you about the time Ennakai, Kirbs and I went up into the mountains?” He asked. He didn’t think he had, but he was gonna talk through it anyways. “Enna had a way with people you know? They always found a way to either become their friend or annoy the daylights out of them. That along with Kirbs, the joyful little bugger she was, and me, the brash hotheaded child with a knack for getting in over my head, made up for what could only be described as a rag-tag group of hellraisers.” His words were almost nostalgic, like it was a past he’d missed dearly. ”Enna had brought me along to meet an informant. I knew it was gonna be trouble because it was Ennakai. They liked causing a ruckus as much as I do. It wasn’t that far from here if I’m not mistaken. The informants were orange players.” His eyes remained locked on the snow as his infinite well of conviction became paradoxically empty. “I took a beating worse than ever before. Dropped near to death.” He chuckles, with tears in his eyes. His hand comes up and quickly strokes his chin. “Ennakai killed him. They saved my life but I was so pissed. I called them a killer.” He smiles and looks around, laughing at the irony. ”If they killed saving my life and I was mad... then how should I deal with this?” He couldn’t think. All he wanted to do was fade away, they wouldn’t even let him do that. “I’m going to become a murderer tonight.” His head drops, his hands pushing his long brown hair back and letting it fall forward. ”It’s so cold.” His voice leveled out, his eyes still brimming with pain and sorrow, practically seeping out into the snow. His face had lost all expression and his mind... completely blank...
  4. Dustin

    E3 trades

    trading to @Arabelle -1 Easter Bunny's Favor (Here)
  5. Dustin made his way to the Event shop he had heard about. He'd hoped he would have missed most of the people, because if no one's there then no one he knows is there and there are a few people he would rather not see for a while at the very least. He would cut through the people on this floor to find the shop and make his way towards the proprietor of the establishment. "I'd like one of those Easter Bunny's Favors." He would say quietly before walking away from the shop and spotting a few people he recognized all too well. Quickly, Dustin would swipe his hand before searching through his items and equipping his old cloak he used to always wear before the guild. He watched them for a moment before turning his back on them and walking away from the event area altogether. He had some sulking to get back to anyways, and they weren't doing anything but reminding him of what he had traded away for revenge and a sound mind. He hated what he had done but knew there was no point regretting something you can't change. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Purchased: (1) Easter Bunny's Favor Spent: 50 Eggs (Received Here)
  6. Dustin

    E3 trades

    abracadoodle, these items are mine, you noodle --------------------- Received: -50 Eggs -Arabelle's Favor -- Flash this shiny voucher in Magnolia or Pandora's Wares for special benefits! (or you don't have to really, both shop owners are well aware). Magnolia: 100% off for 50 purchases (of any rarity or tier, either custom order or stock purchase). Pandora's Wares: 100% off for 25 identification requests (of any item type, rarity, or tier).
  7. Dustin

    [PP-F4] Reopening old wounds

    He walked, like he was on autopilot. The footsteps beneath him had cut out the chilling sensation of the snow, his face ignored the sharp breeze, he trapped himself in thought. The tank had screamed and cried for people she barely knew, monsters she had no reason to care for. Dustin couldn’t bring himself to do anything, not even turn to look at her. She walked away thinking he hated her. Good. That’s what he wants. Dustin could probably explain this away, tell them that he had to watch as Greil murdered his friends and family, they might even understand. But he didn’t want that. He didn’t want them to be okay with what he’s doing... so why was she? Did she just care about him enough to not care about everything he’s done so far? She hasn’t spared him too much attention, so she’s no yandere. ”Of course your friend is dead. He let his brother die, how could he save himself?” His quiet words carried a ghastly smog with them. His breath was a thin smoke, barreling out of an empty volcano. The pink haired girl asked him to stop, and Dustin’s eyes widened. A scout? He stood and looked at the ground for a moment, before sitting down and looking at the girl who refused to abandon him. ”Have I changed?” He asked, unsure if he was asking the right person. “I’d told Eatos this is exactly what I want to do and she called me childish. I told Hestia and she tried to change my mind. I told Jinx and she supported me. Has the world changed or have I?” Dustin asked. He was tired, couldn’t stand to think about what Jinx, yet it was all he could do. I care Jinx. I really do, but what kind of Monster changes like this and is okay with his friends treating him the same? I don’t want your forgiveness, I don’t need it. It’s not like it means anything if you can just forgive me for what I’ve done. Hate me forever, please. It feels good to know you cared too. Dustin looks to Arabelle. “Why haven’t you left me here?” He asked, unable to draw any coherent conclusion that would make sense. “It’s not like what I expect your support. I fully expected you to call me a bastard and run away.” He wanted her to. He didn’t want her to see either outcome, he wanted to kill Greil and fade away. Either that or die without continuing the cycle. “There’s nothing I can do but keep going. If I stopped now, all I’d be is a murderer.” ————— Energy regen 1/3 Dustin: 580/580 HP | 40/58 EN | 15 DMG | 8 MIT | 2 ACC | 4 EVA | BH: 5
  8. Dustin

    [PP-F4] Reopening old wounds

    What was the kid supposed to do? Run in and save someone complacent in the murder of his brother? He had known the cost, but it was getting to him. He watched the two players die. They didn’t mean much, or at least not to Dustin. Of course Arabelle’s tone didn’t help the matter. She spoke as if she wasn’t affected by the death of a person. It wasn’t an issue per se, but it certainly made him wonder if she had done this before, or just didn’t care. It was a human life though. Dustin didn’t want to see them like trash to be cut down and thrown aside. That’s all he could see though. He was getting worse and worse by the minute. Breaking further and further. He had to make them pay... pay with their lives... pay with their souls. He could feel himself slipping. He had no idea what to do. He wanted to ask them for help, but did he deserve it? It wasn’t the first time someone had died for hurting him, but it certainly was the first time he had taken a life. The mountains with Kirbs and Ennakai. They had been ambushed. Enna killed one, and Dustin had to watch. He had forgotten all about that, and now he was regretting that too. That was different though. It was protecting Kirbs and Enna, not childish revenge. Now he was a murderer, and would probably have to appeal to Stryder to stay in the guild. Or he’d have to leave. As Dustin started walking, he’d been too lost in thought to realize they weren’t the only ones around here. There had been another, one that never goes in to attack, but only watches to see how they fight. He had so much information to give the head of the spear. ”He shouldn’t be too far.”
  9. Not long after Dustin had sat down, a man approached the board. Turn, come on, just do it. He could be the one to help you... But alas he could not turn. Something held his eyes on the bar. Perhaps what he had done was heavier than he thought. Still, he had to do something or he was going to die of guilt. The other player spoke and pulled Dustin’s eyes up to him. He seemed interesting and Dustin thought it might be cool to do this with him. ”I’m not lost at all, thanks. But I do need a little help.” He says, turning around and facing the player entirely. “Have you ever heard of the quest ‘Wail of the Banshee’?” He asked as he looked the other player in the eyes. “Name’s Dustin by the way, who are you?” The tall boy would ask as he reached out for a handshake for the introduction.
  10. Dustin sat on floor 4, staring at the spot where it all went down. It felt like an eternity since that night, but it also felt like it just happened. Everything inside hurt, the bags under his eyes were full, his stomach was grumbling. He looked like hell. He felt just the same. Still though, he needed to do something. Anything. He decided to go see the tenth floor, he had heard about a quest on that floor he had to try out one day. Now was the best time since he was cutting all ties. He teleported up to the Tenth floor and made his way to the nearest quest board, making sure to hide his face, avoiding eye contact with all players before realizing he might need someone to help him on this little adventure of his. Crap. His hand wraps around his necklace as he stands outside a tavern before making up his mind and finally walking in. He sets down his drink, but sits at the bar by the bulletin board. If someone were to approach it, he could ask them for help. Problem solved. No need to make a big ruckus, or make too much noise. All he’d need is to wait. @Xion
  11. Dustin

    [PP-F4] Reopening old wounds

    Anger sat in Dustin’s core as he watched the enemy player slide back across the snow. Arabelle was doing great in this fight but in Dustin’s eyes it wasn’t her fight. He didn’t want her to get hurt, and the same went for Jinx. They were both there, which was more than he could say for anyone else he knew. He couldn’t really blame all the people not there, it’s not like he told anybody but Jinx. Arabelle was smart enough to find Dustin on her own. It was more than he could’ve asked for. Unfortunately for the players attacking them, Jinx decided she wanted to come along. Dustin’s hand grips tightly into a fist, and his eyes examine the player with the shield once again. His body was open, as he was planning to attack Jinx once again, and Dustin took this opportunity to dash in and focus his strongest attack right on the enemy’s face. His legs push deep into the snow, his body moves before the opponent has the time to react. Dustin had closed the distance in almost an instant, but the enemy had brought his shield up. Dustin’s left hand grabs the shield and pushes it down as he brings in his other hand to connect to the enemy’s face. After his attack connected, the player stumbled back and fell down, exploding into a million blue shards. “That would make no sense. Why would I let them live after what they’d done?” He asks, turning to the other player that Arabelle was beating senseless, and Dustin looked down for a moment. “I’m never letting anyone take my friends away from me again.”
  12. Dustin watched as his guild leader materialized right in front of him, but he didn’t really see it. His eyes were practically staring through him when he asked his question. Dustin looked up at Stryder, right in the eyes and yet, all he saw was Greil. “I’m good, how are you?” Dustin looks back at the ground and turns around. His body had felt heavy ever since that day despite eating the bare minimum to survive. He had thought he knew the cost, and for the most part, he had... but he thought he could afford it. His mind kept playing that night on repeat. It was fuzzy for the most part, but he knew what he did. He would watch the final moments on repeat everywhere he looked. As his guild leader stepped down, Dustin felt the eyes on him again. He felt uneasy, and he was hoping that his guild leader would feel it too. The boy used to be filled with such life, and youthful vigor. Now he was empty.
  13. Dustin had been sitting in the cold for hours. He felt like a lost boy in a town of people trying to push him through the floor. Nothing kept him company but the biting chill of a wintery floor he had stayed on every night for the past few weeks. He would wake up, go home and feed his slimes and then come back up to floor four and waste away on a bench until it was time to go to sleep. It was his prison. This floor felt like hell and he felt like he deserved it. Anymore he had trouble looking at his guild list. They all must hate him after what he did, and he understood. That’s why he had let himself go over the past few weeks. He hadn’t bought a single snack since that final strike. He would eat nothing but bread for the next few days and then crackers after that. The only thing he would drink was water from the field and that was only because his mouth was so dry from the crackers. You put yourself here, you deserve all of this. He berated himself in his mind as he stared off into space. One day the chill that ran down his spine felt different. He felt like there were eyes on him, and not the ones he saw. He could feel someone staring a hole through his back, and not a drop of kindness in the daggers from their eyes. It was a new feeling. He had to move, away from that bench. He opens his menu and it moves to the last viewed page... a message he had planned to send to his guild leader. He changed the whole thing, before sending it and standing up from the bench and turning around to see if he could spot someone familiar. Nothing out of the ordinary spoke to him, but he still felt uneasy so he walked to the teleport gate to see if his guild leader had gotten his message. [message]
  14. Dustin

    [PP-F4] Reopening old wounds

    Arabelle already had her scythe out and attacked before Dustin had the chance to step around Jinx. Anger filled his body like he was burning from the core, he wanted to push her out of the way and then beat these two down and be done with it, but the enemies had to go and start attacking his friends. His heart starts pounding, practically beating through his chest, the world around the enemy had gone dark, all he could see was the player and Jinx’s hair. His blade drew back and his shield raised up, Dustin saw an opportunity. Two steps in the snow was all it took, one to the side and back towards the man with the shield. His glowing hand smashed straight into the player’s shield, sending tumbling back onto the makeshift sled and sliding across the snow. Dustin still couldn’t see anything but the enemy as he started backing towards Jinx. Before Dustin could get back to Jinx, he heard the sound of a sword art behind him and turned quickly to see what happened. The knife user had gotten behind Jinx and slashed at her, but couldn’t make it past her armor. Even though he hadn’t done any real damage to her, the man had made a fatal mistake. For the criminal charge of hurting Dustin’s friend, he would be sentenced to a savage beating hither to undreamt of. “You will pay.” He utters, clenching his fist and watching the players regroup. kill them.
  15. Dustin

    [PP-F4] Reopening old wounds

    Dustin stands in disbelief, what was she not getting? What was he not getting? He knew this had to be done, but even still Greil doesn’t deserve it. A life is a life, no matter how corrupted or soiled, it is a life and Dustin is taking one away. Cutting it short. There’s so many experiences he won’t have, so many things he won’t see, so many words he won’t say and professions he won’t make. Who was Dustin to take all of that away? Kadin wouldn’t want this, but the dead don’t want anything. It’s the only benefit of being dead. ”What about Arabelle, a-and....me and the everyone else?! Do you not care about ANY of us?! Do we matter, so little to you, that you don't care how you impact us...?” He watches her, appalled at what she just asked. “You’re not Kadin.” He says, before turning around and walking along the pathway to the enemy. They could sort the rest out among themselves, maybe she could decide it’d be better not to see him fall down this hole. This path he’s following is doing nothing but damning his soul. His feet fall deep into the snow, the cold piercing his shoes and nipping at his toes. It wasn’t ideal, the cold weather and the even colder aura around the boy. He wanted to do this with no hinderance, but he had to be sure. If your ideas aren’t challenged then they’ll never be right or wrong. They’ll always be a mystery, no closure means no satisfaction or disdain. He was risking everything for this, including his sanity, but it would all be worth it to the boy. He could feel himself crying, calling out for help and kneeling in the snow screaming at his weakness. Neither voice had been enough so he pushed them out. It had done nothing but made matters worse. He could feel both pain and emptiness but nothing else, no sympathy for the man he’s about to kill, no empathy for the people who know him. It was dark and cloudy and he was alone, but he had to keep going. A few tears stream down his face, this time though it wasn’t his mental image of himself tearing up. He stayed ahead of the girls to try to keep his wavering constitution a secret, but if they looked closely enough they could see the snow melt from sporadic tears falling onto it. Crunching, rhythmic but chaotic. Three people out of sync crushing the snow beneath their feet, trekking a distance hither to undreamt of. Creaking and cracking, another set of feet, rushing in close behind them. Closer... closer... closer... Dustin stops suddenly and jumps back behind the girls using his torso to knock the enemy down. Two orange cursors floated above two players who looked ready to make sure they have a reason to be orange. Dustin had forgotten they weren’t far. “You have no tact what so ever.” Dustin had clocked another enemy not far from them, watching them. He didn’t want to point him out so as to avoid putting the girls in danger without good reason. The player that had charged so carelessly pulls the shield off of his back and rears his sword up, resting the tip of the blade on the top edge of his shield. Dustin used to used that stance too, considering it was a common stance though, it made sense. Even in the commotion, there was still a pitter patter on the snow underneath Dustin. Tears seemed to melt snow faster than fire. ((feel free to engage enemy 2, I just didn’t want to write too much without you all getting a say in anything)) Enemy 1: 300/300 HP | 35 MIT | 25 DMG (30 and 45 on small crit and big crit respectively) Enemy 2: 300/300 HP | 35 MIT | 25 DMG (30 and 45 on small crit and big crit respectively) Dustin: 580/580 HP | 58/58 EN | 15 DMG | 8 MIT | 2 ACC | 4 EVA | BH: 5