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  1. Dustin

    [PP|F4] Knock on wood

    Dustin’s hands start to glow red as he looks up at the bear. Well, let’s get this done and over with. Might as well, considering the fight could very well be dangerous for Jinx. He runs in and punches the bear in the side of the knee, then up in the side of the torso, then under the bicep and finally right in the neck. The bear being hit so many times in the most important parts misses it’s scratch at Jinx. Okay, so it needs to focus on her while I deal the damage. So it’s a regular situation, tank and DPS, and I’m gonna have to take the reins and keep us moving. He jumps up and back, landing next to Jinx as he smiles and looks at her. “Don’t worry about me, just don’t get yourself killed, I can handle a few hits.” He says, pulling his hands up into a faighting stance that was common in the real world, only a few minor differences. “So, what have you been up to? If you don’t mind my asking.” He asks, trying to keep her mind off of the bear in front of them, but not calling so much attention that she would forget about it. Talking will keep her relaxed, from what I’ve seen she’s always too worried about messing up. She’s gotta learn to loosen up or she will get hurt. The boy traces the areas he just punched in his mind and tries to map out the best course of action from here on out. So I can keep doing that, or I can stun it and have her attack it too. His eyebrows tilt as he thinks. ID: 111715 BD: 6 + 2 = 8 (Hit) Dustin used Acupuncture on Mama Bear 8 * 9 = 72 DMG 200 - 72 = 128 HP MD: 5 - 2 = 3 (Miss) Mama Bear: 128/200 HP | 60 DMG  [1]Dustin: 400/400 HP | 30/40 EN | 8 DMG | 14 MIT | 2 ACC | 2 EVA [2] @Jinx: HP/EN: 340/34 | 74 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Regen <5HP> | 2 Para <8-10, -EVA and turn> | 1 Bleed <9-10, 12DMG>
  2. Dustin smiles as Arabelle asks them to attack the enemy without killing it. I get it, We can’t kill it. All that does to me is make me want to kill it even more. “Got it.” He says, throwing himself towards the Fishboy as his blade charges blue. The blue glow shines on Dustin’s face as he steps through the field the battle takes place on, and his hand guides the blade towards the beast as the sword art releases. A V is cut into the monsters chest and Dustin waits there to make sure the monster doesn’t die. If it dies I’ll have to leave. He watches as the HP of the monster drops down towards the bottom, stopping just a few red pixels short. What a relief. His mind reads sarcastically. Now Arabelle has to kill it and I get to save up my energy. He slips his hands into his pockets, pulls out a cup of pudding with a spoon and starts to eat it, his sword resting in the ground as he chows down on his chocolate snack. Man, I’m so glad I found that shop. I never have any col, but I do have snacks, so i guess it’s okay. He sits on the ground, with his back resting against the sword he had used to help drop these enemies into the red.
  3. Dustin

    A test of might <<Dustin vs Jinx>>

    Dustin’s HP drops just shy of half and he smiles. His legs crawl under him as he pushes himself up to a standing position. Figures I’d Lose a fight to a tank. He pulls up his sword and slashes a regular attack, but the blade falls short. Well, I’ll be damned, I guess I’m gonna lose by a landslide. He keeps the smile on his face as he waits for an attack from his opponent. Nothing I can do but lose right? No matter how this goes down I lose, so why not keep fighting? But then again, most people would ask why I keep fighting, to which I would say, what’s the point if you’re just gonna lay down and lose, it’s not about who wins or loses, it’s about the fight, the thrill of the hunt. “So, I guess that means I can read your mind now, everyone knows that’s how that works.” He makes a “you know I’m right” face at the girl as he nods. “Nothing you can do that I won’t see.” Even if I could, wouldn’t Make much of a difference anyhow. I guess she wins and should be congratulated. “So by now I’m sure you know what this fight was for. But what you don’t know is what else it was used for. See, now I know you’re strong, and that you can use a rapier. You know I can take a beating, and that I’m what some would call reckless. The thing about fighting though, is that it’s a dance. And in order to have the best flow during a dance, each must know the other. Our fighting won’t be perfect by any means, but it’ll be better than before.” His words start to fall out. This unorthodox approach to better teamwork was used by Dustin’s father when teaching him how to fight alongside his much younger brother. Dustin rarely lost these bouts so this was new to him. “Think if it as a team building exercise.” He smiles, awaiting the inevitable. ID: 111645 BD: 2 basic attack misses 156 - 12 = 144 HP @Dustin: HP- 144/280 | EN- 21/28 | DMG- 6 | MIT- 23 | ACC- 1 | EVA- 1 | THRN- 9 | BH- 1% <Bleed> @Jinx: HP 287/300 | EN 30/30 | 47 MIT | 2 THRNS <18dmg> | 1 RGN <5Hp> | 2 Para <8-10> | 1 BLD <9-10, 12DMG>
  4. Dustin

    [PP|F4] Knock on wood

    Dustin smiles as the girl shows up, his hands land on her shoulder so as he points her towards the beat out in the field. “Don’t worry about being late, I’m not losing that any time soon.” Out in the distance there is a massive bear, stuff from legend really. So big that if you hadn’t seen it you wouldn’t have believed it. “I reckon it’s upwards of 1000 pounds.” He says, pulling out a potion from his inventory. He slides it over Jinx’s shoulder as he walks out into the field, he equips his handwraps and runs towards the MOAB, (Mother Of All Bears) and laughs as he runs. “Drink the potion now, I’m guessing her swipes are gonna sting a bit if you don’t!” He shouts back to her as the bear turns and notices the boy. She stands up on her hind legs and waves her arms to try and scare off the player, roaring as she does this. She’s probably got cubs around here somewhere. Of course she’s trying to protect them, and I can’t hurt them. “It’s okay, I’m not here to hurt your cubs. I’m here to make sure you don’t hurt any players. Me and my friend here are just gonna fight you, your cubs are safe.” He looks around and noticed a severe lack of cubs. Right, so I was wrong. “Hey Jinx, I don’t think she has cubs and I think I know why.” He says, looking at her and back towards the bear. “I think she’s the aggressive type, Bears aren’t into that.” He says, not knowing what to do now that talking it down wasn’t an option. Mama Bear: 200/200 HP | 60 DMG [0] Dustin: 400/400 HP | 40/40 EN | 8 DMG | 14 MIT | 2 ACC | 2 EVA [0] @Jinx: -Give sand armor potion (+27 MIT) to Jinx
  5. Dustin’s legs push him back to his feet. I know it’s his quest, I know he should get the last hit, but I have places to be, and people to see. I have important things to do. He walks towards the Boulder and says to the person standing there. “I know what it’s like to want to take the last hit, but I got a hot date after this so I can’t wait for you to break this thing.” He pulls his arm back, ignoring the obvious lie that just came from his own mouth and he launches it forward, crashing right through the huge rock in their way. “Go tell the old man it’s done, then just mozey on through, it’s done.” He turns and walks away, making sure to take note of how much easier it was than when he challenged the stupid rock with Stryder and the gang. I guess I really am getting stronger, who knows, maybe I’ll catch up to Hei soon. He shakes his head and puts his hands in his pockets, walking out on the little break he just took. Now it was back to the lonely life of finding a monster to kill. ID: 111638 BD: 4 + 4 = 8 3 - 8 = 0 HP Boulder: 0 HP | -2 EVA @Mortambo
  6. Dustin

    [PP/Floor1] The First of the Dragons

    Dustin struggles to his feet, wavering a little as he stands. “Jinx, don’t worry about me, I can take this.” He says with a weak smile as he starts towards the dragon. He felt different, but the same. The ringing in his ears had yet to fade, so he heard nothing beyond his thoughts. Am I really that reckless? Am I really that dangerous to be around? Am I a plague on this game’s players? He picks up his sword as it begins to glow, usually this would be followed with a smile, but this time a blank face walks up to the dragon as he once again stabs the monster five times in the shape of a star. His blade drops, his wrist spinning followed by his waist, as he pulls his arm up lightning fast it gets caught and sliced right up the monster as it travels through the air. Am I just a burden on everyone I fight alongside. This guild is my family, but do I belong? Am I really helping to make a difference in this game? The ringing begins to fade, as Dustin’s senses finally return to him. Everyone seems so quiet though. They’re in battle, why don’t they speak? He looks at their mouths and frowns, or is it that I can’t hear? He pushes off of the dragon and rolls back next to the girl in his party. “Are you okay? You seem to be overwhelmed. If you are, then run, I can handle this prick by myself.” He says, looking back towards the dragon as he speaks and points his sword at it. Just an annoyance. Just a means to an end. The monsters in this game are nothing to me. That’s why they all must Die. He stands proud on the batlefield, his stomach red from the attack, but the monster does not move. That is, until its tail comes flying at Dustin as he manages to narrowly Dodge it. “Come on slitherin, you’re better than that.” He rests the blade on his shoulder, waiting for the next moment for him to strike.
  7. Dustin sits and watches the other player try again and fail, as Dustin just sits and eats his pie. Remembering back when he was learning this skill, he smiles as he takes a bite and looks over to the player. His hand opens the menu and navigates to the friends section. There he selects add friend as he types in “Mortambo” and it shows the player. Wonder how he got the name. It’s not my business, but it is just so intriguing. Mine’s obvious. But his isn’t obvious at all. He selects send request, and a tone rings out from the other player. Dustin waits for him to respond and then he turns back to his pie, not knowing what else to do. “If the next hit fails, I could break it for you, it’s up to you.” He looks up in the corner to the time and sits back looking up at the sky. @Mortambo
  8. Dustin nods as the player remarks about not hitting hard enough, as he stands he chuckles, “Yeah, you have to commit to the attack, but don’t over do it, it’s a waste of time at that point.” He says. “Also, when doing basic attacks, the system pretty much keeps you up to par with how the damage works, so make it your own. I focus on speed attacks with a side of power. Flips and spins are my style, they keep my enemy guessing what I’m gonna do, without giving too much away.” He adds, pointing out that every style has its advantages and disadvantages. The strongest attacks are generally slower and more “I can hit harder” type moves, Dustin was made for “I can hit you more than you can hit me.” Though the system keeps you in the driver seat, just takes the wheel from time to time, Dustin was able to carry that into the game with him. Of course, it wasn’t as practical here, the difference being not matter how little damage a level 10 character is, blow for blow a level 1 will lose every time. Real life was different. Me hitting someone mattered, what ever the case. Now, in some instances they didn’t do what I wanted them to do, but they did something. In this, if you hit, they lose a little bit of health, if you miss they don’t. It’s too black and white. He frowns, looking at the rock, standing at about a tenth of the HP it started with, and he just shakes his head. In the real world, it would be broken by now. Because in the real world, a hit matters. In this one, every hit can be followed by another. He looks up at his energy bar and back towards the other player. “How about I send you a friend request?” He asks, opening his menu. @Mortambo
  9. The boy was getting excited. The game was letting him have fun, when usually it took a good hit or two from a monster that did enough damage to scare the boy for him to feel a rush. This was different. This was him taking control, he was doing what he was doing, not the system. His legs straighten as he takes a decisive step towards the rock, rotates his hip and pushes his fist into the rock directly where he had before. Looking up he sees the health bar drop a little as he then turns back to the other player and grins, “It was about here that the help I had stopped and had me finish it off. It shouldn’t take much longer, so you have fun, I’ll just sit here and answer any questions you have.” He says, sitting down and pulling out a whole pie. Of course he had snacks, he always did, it’s why despite all the hunting he did, he never had any col. That and the monsters he killed rarely had a lot of col on them, but that’s not important to the fact. ID: 111434 BD: 5 + 4 = 7 13 - 8 = 5 HP Boulder: 5/50 HP | -2 EVA @Mortambo
  10. Dustin’s hand pulls up and he smiles. He was never told what martial arts was when he was learning. He was just told that it was about perseverance, and that as long as you don’t break, the rock will. He was never told the best part about it. The creativity. Dustin’s attacks weren’t limited to just slashing stabbing and flatting. Now he could use anything on his body to force more weight behind his punches. He jumps, doing a spinning backflip and lands, using the momentum to push his hand into the rock much harder than he can when he was just hitting it. It’s all about hitting on this quest, it doesn’t teach you the dangers of being a brawler. Every attack must mean something. Every punch and kick needs weight to inflict damage. But the punchline is, whether you’re small or big, weak or strong, tall or short, you’ll always do the same damage. He walks back towards the player who was copying him as he nodded. If he tries that, the damage won’t be the same, but he’ll look just as cool. ID: 111395 BD: 10 8 + 2 = 10 DMG 25 - 10 = 15 HP Boulder: 15/50 HP | -2 EVA @Mortambo
  11. Dustin looks at the rocks health and notices how it barely dropped from the other player’s hit, so he stands up and walks over, drawing his fist back and launching it forward at incredible speeds, pushing his hand into the rock with a lot of weight and power behind it. The fighting in the real world meant he knew how to throw a punch, but in this game it was different. In the real world Dustin would just push his hand forward and hope for the best, in the game, Dustin’s attacks made a difference, so he always made sure he was doing it right. After that event boss I need to be less reckless, I need to focus on being more useful as a teammate and I need to know my place. The rocks health drops to a little over half as Dustin backs up and sits on his step again looking down at the player. “Your turn, make sure to put your weight behind it, and turn your hips, it’s where the power comes from.” He says. “For your back hand, bounce on your back leg and push yourself forward, but don’t forget the turn.” He explains the basics of a powerful punch. It’s common knowledge, but it’s always helpful if you didn’t know before, so Dustin was making sure. ID: 111307 BD: 5 + 4 = 9 35 - 8 = 27 HP Boulder: 27/50 HP | -2 EVA @Mortambo
  12. Dustin

    A test of might <<Dustin vs Jinx>>

    Dustin lies on the ground as his health bar drains. He couldn’t move so this was pretty much a guaranteed loss, and he knew it was coming. He closed his eyes. When suddenly he felt another attack land and the paralysis repleted itself. Oh well that’s just great. Now I’m pretty much done. “That was unfortunate.” He struggles to say through the paralysis, making the words come out like someone who had just Woken up and was already too tired to move. What could he do? He can’t heal, that would be a waste of health potions, plus, he wasn’t sure if he could. Also that would be rude. This wasn’t like any anime, where someone could just will themselves out of a paralysis. This was real life. Well, not really but why split hairs? Hewas watching the sky, waiting for the end of the duel and just smiling. He closes his eyes, and says to the girl. “From here, the sky looks beautiful. And also, I can see up your nose.” He chuckles and looks back to the blue between the clouds. The world was just moving on as he was there in that stupid courtyard, the battle healing fighting as hard as it can to keep him in the fight. 166 - 12 = 154 HP @Dustin: HP- 154/280 | EN- 22/28 | DMG- 6 | MIT- 23 | ACC- 1 | EVA- 1 | THRN- 9 | BH- 1% <Bleed> @Jinx: HP 287/300 | EN 30/30 | 47 MIT | 2 THRNS <18dmg> | 1 RGN <5Hp> | 2 Para <8-10> | 1 BLD <9-10, 12DMG>
  13. Dustin stands up, less energy than before, and walks over to the Boulder. “Looks like you did my share as well.” He pulls his arm back and sort of lobs it at the rock, looking back to the player and nodding, the health staying the same. “You look like you’re still feeling the bite one every hit, there’s a remedy but you’ll have to find it on your own.” He says, looking down at his hands and then back at the rock, “Sometimes all it takes is a little extra umph to make that pain go away, sometimes it’s a whole bottle of pain relievers. Whatever it is, it’s your remedy and that’s your business.” He says, walking back to the spot and sitting down, pulling out a bottle of a liquid and looking at it, swirling it in the glass and taking a sip. I love apple juice, makes these hot days go by just a little bit faster. He looks at the health bar in the corner of his screen and thinks for a moment. “Hey pal, you ever want to go hunting after this just shoot me a message and you got yourself a deal.” He shouts to the person. ID: 111271 BD: 1 Boulder: 37/50 HP | -2 EVA @Mortambo
  14. Dustin

    [PP/Floor1] The First of the Dragons

    Dustin spins his blade up, resting it on his shield and looking at the dragon as Jinx walks in and gathers its attention. Dustin knew what that meant. It meant he could do whatever he wanted and the dragon would focus on her. Which was helpful, considering Dustin couldn’t Handle too many hits from scales McCrybaby. Then again, he always had way more fun when his life was in more danger. “Thanks Jinx.” He runs in, his blade glowing red as he stabs his blade into the monster 5 times in the shape of a Star and then jumps back, following it up with and uppercut slash. Unfortunately, the monster didn’t like that more than it didn’t like Jinx’s racket making skills, and it’s claw came crashing into Dustin. So howl has its limits. Of course. That’s why it’s always dangerous, even with a tank. He leaps back next to Jinx and looks down at the scratch across his stomach. “Okay, that was the best I could manage, I’ll be doing that.” His hands move up as his eyes move down to meet them. Did I overdo it? I surpassed the howl and ended up paying for it. Whatever, I guess sometimes you make mistakes. “Now we wait for the other part-“ He gets cut off by a loud screech, cutting through the air and tearing the very soul behind Dustin’s eyes. Dustin’s hands go up and cup his ears, as he drops down into a ball, the pain making him unable to force himself back up. [2] Jinx: HP 340/340 | EN: 24/34 | 47 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Regen <5HP> | 2 Para <8-10, -EVA and turn> | 1 Bleed <9-10, 12DMG> [2] Dustin: 361/380 HP | 32/38 EN | 7 DMG | 31 MIT | 1 EVA | 1 Thorns <9 DMG>| BH: 3 [Paralyzed] [0] @Gryas: [0] Arabelle: [0] Mace:
  15. So he’s not very used to getting into fights, good, he’ll learn from the ground up. Dustin smiles, pushing off of his back leg, spinning and slamming hit hand into the rock as hard as he can. The rocks health drops to about 80% and Dustin smiles. The had already done so much to this thing and there wasn’t much left to go, now of course, Dustin was more experienced than the player, but he had no idea how this player was going to act on a miss. True character isn’t revealed in victory, but rather in defeat. He steps back and motions for the other player to go again, and Dustin just smiles, walking back to the old NPC and sitting down next to him. “So, you got some tea around here? This isn’t gonna take long, but it’d be nice to catch up with an old pal over some tea.” He says, as the NPC responds with the same lines he gave to everyone, and Dustin just shakes his head. Considering I rarely miss anymore, and this guy is already doing good, we should be done in no time. He sits on the step and watches, if only for a moment. ID: 111267 BD: 7 + 2 + 2 = 11 1(base) + 2(two handed bonus) + 4(rank 4 MA) + 1 (HandWraps) = 8 DMG 48 - 8 = 40 Boulder: 40/50 HP | -2 EVA @Mortambo