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  1. Dustin

    [PP|F9] Iron Stomach <<Iron Guardian>>

    Dustin watches as Hestia effortlessly chops down the iron knight that had spawned for her. Well dang, I can’t believe she’s so strong. We’ve all been in here the same time, and while I was grieving my brother, there are numerous others who have fallen behind and she helps them as best she can. He thinks for a moment and looks across the ninth floor, seeing a faint silhouette of a castle in the distance. “Kadin used to love when I brought snacks on adventures, when he died I just never stopped. It also helps in making new friends.” He smiles like a child, making his way down the pathway. As his legs carry him across the field and he thinks, his hands instinctively move down towards his pockets pulling out another snack. A beautiful cookie, made expertly and smells delicious, the cookie looks like a grandma’s recipe. As he takes a few bites, the sweetness of the cookie reminds him of the times he had spent in the real world with what was left of his family. “Here, I got another one pf these, you want it?” The cookie had sat in his inventory since a few days before his brother had passed. “I was saving it for Kadin, but ya know. I figure he wouldn’t like it to go to waste and he’d like you the most out of all the people I know. So here.” The absolutely beautiful cookie held out towards her as he smiles. Kadin would love Hestia, they’re pretty similar. She’s nice enough that he would’ve wanted me to keep up with her level wise just so they could talk more. Though he’d always be embarrassing me with real life stories. Dustin chuckles to himself and doesn’t explain it to the girl. @Hestia
  2. Dustin

    [PP|F9] Iron Stomach <<Iron Guardian>>

    Dustin coughs once or twice, the wasabi was really getting to him. “Hes... tia, you want some?” His coughing even managing to chop her name in half. In between coughs, a slight clank is heard in the distance, Dustin’s coughing stops and his attention is pulled away from the girl next to him. “What’s that?” He shifts his hips, turning and facing what was now a creature in a tin can towering over the two. Dustin’s instincts kick in, his legs push him up and his hand glows green. ”I got this one.” The green glow leaves a comet-esque trail in it’s wake, colliding with the metal jaw and a green light flashing brightly as the red crystal is pulled with the metal tower of power being thrown across the field. Dustin then kicks off of the things chest, flipping backwards in the air and landing next to Hestia. “Told ya.” The monster explodes into blue shards and completely disappears. Dustin turns towards Hestia as he notices another standing up. Dustin’s eyes fill with horror as he realizes he doesn’t have enough energy to keep this up for long. @Hestia
  3. Jinx’s words grab Dustin’s attention, pulling him back to reality as he tightens his grip. His hand starts to tingle, as if he was taking damage, and he narrows his eyes. She’s right. He smiles a little, giving Jinx a thumbs up. “Alrighty then, Heimdal guide my hand.” He runs in, swinging precisely once again, the bunny jumping to the side at blinding speeds. When Dustin’s hand refuses to feel the sweet kiss of the bunny’s cheek, a frown forms on his face. I’m doing it all wrong, now I’m just getting in the way. Damnit Kadin wouldn’t be proud of me, he’d just call me an idiot and kill this thing himself. Thanks for the Help Jinx, but it wasn’t much help at all. The boy’s confidence had been drained significantly, his heart felt heavy and he wanted to run away, but he had to stay in this fight. It wouldn’t be fair to leave them on their own, and Dustin swore to Kadin that he would help everyone who needed it, even if it meant he died. Staying in reality though, Dustin realized he needed to move. The group, while so far well coordinated, would fall apart if Dustin got too emotional and decided to stop moving. While I hate to admit it, it’s not time to be worrying about what Kadin would want, right now I have to make sure everyone gets through this quickly. He rotates his foot and launches back across the field from Jinx. While it was tactically planned, Dustin also felt the need to keep his distance from her. Every time they had fought together something happened, whether it be Dustin handing her his burden or her losing it, he always felt like he caused it. While I thank you for that wonderful duel, I can’t help but think I’m bad for you. His frown grows just a little more. While this bunny had shaken his confidence, it was he who defeated himself. @Mishiro
  4. Mace’s shouts begin to annoy Dustin a little, and his eyes narrow on the beast. My god, shut up. His eyes follow the cloudy bunny and the girl with dark hair. Jinx was helped up by the quieter girl and Dustin smiles. Good. I know I should’ve done that, but the problem is I gotta fight this. He looks down at his hands, glimpses of the fight with the man and his shadow cat flood his mind. His hands close and begin to glow green, he looks over to the beast and back to Jinx. I couldn’t protect her then, and I can’t protect her now. He runs in and swings, the monster, even in its slowed state, manages to leap over Dustin and his attack, landing on the other side of him. Dustin turns to the other players and frowns. “I’m sorry you all, I’m not helping much.” He looks genuinely sad, his eyes locked on the grass and dirt, he Draws his hands up and clenches them, ready to attack once more.
  5. Dustin watched as the enemies before them disintegrate and a smile forms on his face as the others loot them. And with that, we’re done. Dustin pushes off the ground and walks over to the team. “So is that it? Nice.” He pulls out his favorite snacks and hands them out to everyone, giving the largest portions to Jinx and Arabelle. “Sorry, those two were supposed to be mine.” He apologizes to the people he had shorted. After he took a bite of his own cookie rather than a slice of cake like the rest had he turns around and starts walking away. They don’t need me anymore, I gotta go visit Kadin anyways. He smiles, pulling his hood up and walking away towards town and snacks on his cookie. It’s been a week, I can’t believe I almost forgot. Whatever, I can just do it now. He reaches town and teleports down to the first floor. Once he reaches the monument of life, he equips and old brown cloak, sitting down next to the huge block staring off into the distance. “Hey old pal, sorry it’s been so long. I’ve found new friends today, you’d love them. They’re all nice.” He looks down at the broken sword in his hand and smiles. “I’ll introduce you to them someday.” He says, his eyes widening and he begins to freak out. Holy crap, that sounds like I’m gonna murder them. He calms down and looks around the dark room, noticing how there are few groups placed sporadically around the area, but none bigger than 4 people. A smile claws its way back onto his face. Nice to know everyone on this wall has someone, even if they don’t know. -Dustin leaves the thread-
  6. As the monster collides with Jinx, Dustin’s eyes look to the girl filled with worry. Is she okay? He legs give out and he begins to get more worried. His becomes more aware of the beat in his chest and his eyes narrow on the beast. “You’ll be rotting in hel soon enough you rat.” He clenches his fists with a death grip, his hand glowing green as Mace swings at the monster and misses by a hair. Dustin’s legs push him forward and he jumps off the ground, hoping to meet the monster in the air, but the monster twists and Dustin’s hand only pushes a chunk of cloud out of the way. Upon landing, he turns to the beast who was obviously too fast for any of them, and he smiles. “Heh, such a cheap trick. Loki would be proud.” He walks over to Jinx and looks down at her. “You’re not hurt, are you?” He can’t help but ask. She had helped him with so much, and was always so nice to him even though he hadn’t always done that much in return. “You better not get too hurt by this thing, I can’t be losing my best friend.” He smiles at her nicely and turns back towards the creature, putting his fists up and preparing for the next strike. [H:0] Mace: 260/260 HP | 23/26 EN | 4 DMG | 47 MIT | 1 Taunt [H:2] Jinx: 360/360 HP | 27/36 EN | 53 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 REGEN <5HP> | 2 PARA <8-10> | 1 BLEED <9/10, 12 DMG> | [PARALYZED] [H:0] Dustin: 440/440 HP | 42/44 EN | 11 DMG | 14 MIT | 1 ACC | 2 EVA | 4 BH [H:0] Mishiro: 100/100 HP | 10/10 EN | 1 DMG | 27 MIT | 2 Bleed <<Furry, Fluffy Avenger>>: 232/250 HP | 50 DMG | 25 MIT | 2 ACC | 2 EVA @Mishiro
  7. Jinx had already activated her howl ability and Dustin’s smile grew. Something about fighting without having to worry about getting hit made him wanna see just how strong he could get, but this wasn’t like fighting alongside any other tank. He actually trusted her, and that trust was obvious the way he was already right up next to the enemy and drawing his fist back to charge the sword art. The green glow leaves a trail in the air as the sword art activates and the green glow pulses and dissipates, his fist doing nothing but pushing the cloudy tufts around the rabbit. “Son of a- I can’t believe I already missed. Sorry guys.” Dustin’s leg pushed into the ground and he moves back next to the team. “This is gonna be a lot more work than I thought, but we should be able to kill it no problemo.” He smiles with a thumbs up towards the group, his mind trying to figure out a way to get the beast and kill it in an instant.
  8. Dustin ignored the girl with purple hair’s joking and then turned to Jinx with a smile on his face. “Hey, we ever gonna kill the next dragon? I need some money, and quests are boring on your own.” He says. Not long after, the two most talkative people leave Dustin with his best friend, his rival, and a complete stranger. “So, Mace, what have you been up to as of late. It’s been a while since we’ve checked on each other, and proper rivals should keep tabs on their rivals.” He says, pulling his hands up and holding one fist out towards her. Not expecting a fist bump (but let’s be honest, a fist bump would be awesome) Dustin smiles at her. He could play it off as something he used to do with Kadin before a fight as a way to keep their eyes on the prize. His eyes scan the field and yet a burrow seems to hide itself from his gaze. Something about this situation made him nervous. Mishiro can’t die, but Jinx can... oh no, if the thing hurts Jinx at all it’s dead. He slams his fist into his palm and smiles. His hand reaches back as he pulls his hood up and slides his hands into his pockets. “Jinx, you good? Don’t wanna get too far from my best friend in the event of an emergency.” He shouts to make sure the girl is within earshot. ————————————— ID: 116453 LD: 12(fail)
  9. Dustin

    [PP|F9] Iron Stomach <<Iron Guardian>>

    Dustin’s mind broke after every image he saw, part of him wanted to just run away, find the man and kill him, the other part would rather he died in this fight. No! Damnit Dustin, you have to get your head in the game. His hand comes up and slaps him in the face. Dustin had frozen in his spot thinking for a moment and then looking at Hestia with a smile. “Sorry about that. I lost focus for a bit.” He holds put a thumbs up, his hand moving down and moving into his pocket. His eyes look at Hestia and he tilts his head. “You certainly look nice today. Nothing like I’d expect you to look like on this floor, but then again you’re crazy strong.” He puts one leg in front of the other and passes her up, pulling out a cookie and offering it to her, pulling out a platter of sushi and eating it as he walks. He pulls his hood up as he eats and dips his sushi roll in his wasabi, taking a bite and his face turning red. “HOLY [CENSORED]! FORGOT HOW HOT THAT WAS!” His torso drops down before he realizes he got half of the wasabi, and he breathes for a moment. After a few minutes of taking a breather he stands up his face still a little pink as he starts walking again. @Hestia
  10. Dustin

    {PP-F22} Guardians of the New Dawn

    Pin’s blade slashes through the air, leaving trails to shoot out and Dustin charged Pin. One of the slashes hit Jinx and made her stumble, so Dustin activated his sword art. He’s dead. I’m killing him here and now. His hand draws back as he rushes towards the child. A red arc comes flying at him and hits him, knocking him back at least twice as far as Jinx stumbled. Landing behind his original spot, Dustin kicks up off the ground like a ninja from the movies. Then Jinx places herself in front of Dustin and starts shouting at Jinx. “He’s a naive child, but a strong one. Get Stryder here so we have a chance of surviving.” He says, reaching out and grabbing her shoulder. “Besides, I’m a higher level than you, you worry about surviving, I’ll worry about taking this kid out.” He moves in front of her, pushing her out of the way a little bit. Please run Jinx. I don’t want you to get hurt. He drops back into his stance and looks Pinball in the eyes. “Don’t hurt her damnit. She hasn’t done anything against you.” Dustin thinks for a moment and stands up straight, looking like he had already won, but without the bravado. He almost looked sorry. “If you let her go you can kill me. Not that you couldn’t if you didn’t let her go, but it would be more work than it’s worth.” He says, looking back towards the girl and mouthing “sorry.” ———————————————————— action taken: All Might on Pinball ID: 116273 BD: 5 - 4 = 1 (fail) Dustin: 281/420 HP | 24/42 EN | 11 DMG | 2 EVA | 4 BH | 14 MIT | 1 ACC Jinx: 278/360 HP | 36/36 EN | 53 MIT | 18 THRN | 5 RGN | 8-10 Para | 9-10 Bleed Pinball: 887/1040 HP | 85/104 EN | 15 DMG | 3 EVA | 4 ACC | {Vanish CD: 3/3}
  11. Dustin

    [PP|F9] Iron Stomach <<Iron Guardian>>

    If Dustin was being honest with himself, the broker’s question hurt like a knife. There is a task at hand, so I should focus on that. The only other option being severe danger or even death. Though I’m sure Hestia can protect me, I still don’t want these two days of walking to be boring then on the two days back we just avoid talking about how I can barely do anything. Dustin had heard a few stories about players being attacked by info brokers while doing the quest and his hands clenched up out of habit, though his hands almost immediately slip into his pockets. Dustin’s steps come with thoughts. Every step an image of his fist slamming into the face of the man who murdered his brother. Every now and then he imagines Hestia’s hand stopping him from breaking, sometimes Jinx’s hand does. Once though, his biggest fear, his hand moves back and hits Hestia in her face before killing the monster. Upon seeing this he obviously looks scared, not fear of death, fear of his thoughts. His face turns blank as he walks staring straight at the ground and not saying a word. @Hestia
  12. Dustin and Hestia had made it up to the ninth floor in no time, the boy stepping off of the teleporter and turning towards the lady. “And that’s why I think Mario is a monster.” He turns towards back around and starts walking out towards the gate. “Maybe we should stop at a bar first, the food we had earlier didn’t really fill me up.” He walks right into an info broker that starts freaking out. He stands up and all excited like starts explaining the quest with the boss and starts explaining how the boss is incredibly far away. “It’s a two day walk, so you and your friend should stock up on food before you head out.” He says, pointing up to Hestia and then tilting his head. “YOU’RE HESTIA! THE TANK ON THE FRONTLINES! What are you doing with this kid?” He asks, beginning to wonder if the boss is even worth it to Hestia and Dustin. Dustin turns back to Hestia and smiles innocently. “Whadya say? I’m sure we could take it out rather quickly.” He turns back to the info broker and holds his hand out, shaking hands with him. “I think we should head out soon, I’ve got enough snacks to last for at least a month.” He says, starting to walk past the info broker and towards the edge of town. “Though I’d like to ration it as I’m getting low on col and Neo’s shop isn’t exactly cheap to buy things in bulk from.” He says, looking through his snack reserves. @Hestia
  13. Dustin smiles as Hestia lets him lead the way, his mind begins to think of the quests he had heard about bar hopping after his brother was murdered. “It’s the one with that huge knight about two days away from town on the 9th floor. I’ve forgotten what it’s called.” His hands move into his pockets as they get into the town and Dustin starts heading towards the teleporter. “I think we should get some food first, It’s been a while since I ate anything.” He smiles, looking around for a restaurant when he decides it’s probably better to eat something he had brought himself. “I got just the meal for celebrating killing a monkey.” He pulls out two banana splits and hands one to Hestia. So I should be investing in Battle Healing a little more, maybe even Light Armor. I need to get stronger so I can fight alongside those frontliners. He smiles taking a bite of his ice cream. —————— SUMMARY Dustin: - Monkey Agility - 4 SP - 200 col Hestia: - Monkey Agility - 1 SP - 200 Col
  14. Dustin

    [PP|F1] Been a while...

    Dustin’s crush had fallen back on the ground and put her hand on his shoulder talking about her brothers. Dustin begins to think about the real world and how his brother used to love playing kick the can with Dustin in the backyard. They used to run around and play games all day until Dustin had to go to school, or towards the end when Dustin had to go to work. A tear begins to run down his cheek as he thinks back to his brother and his mom. “Heh... you know, this was Kadin’s favorite spot because we used to come here and talk about the real world. Every single day, he’d bring you and up and ask me why I never asked you out.” He chuckles. “I always said my mom wouldn’t let me, and I didn’t have time. But to be honest, I was scared.” He falls back, laying next to the girl. “I’d have to say, you were worth the wait.” He pulls her really close, looking into her eyes, and kissing her. @Ryoko
  15. Claude had returned Dustin’s fist bump and Dustin smiled at him. “It’s been good man, and I think Belle should throw some more parties like this, you seem like a cool guy.” He responds. Dustin’s eyes followed the conversation as it happened, and was completely and utterly confused until the small purple haired girl said something about Dustin directly, and if he were in an anime a chibi version of himself would be hit by an arrow saying “forever alone.” He gets lost in the conversation yet again before she pulls out the axe that someone other than Arabelle picked up from the store, and Dustin’s mind began to wander. Wait, that wasn’t Belle that bought that. He shrugs it off as some people like to keep their purchases a secret, or maybe The lady owed her money, his guess was as good as anyone’s. Besides, not like he cared, he still made money off of the exchange. ”Five rounds? I didn’t think this thing was that strong. Or wait, you don’t know how much damage I do.” A severe lack of a sword should be throwing everyone but Jinx off, but no one even bats an eye. “Okay fine, I guess the only person who has been keeping tabs on me is the only one who gets a snack.” He pulls out a small piece of cake and hands it over to Jinx. Another piece comes out and Dustin starts breaking pieces off and eating them by himself. He looks over at the dark haired girl and hands her a cookie, offering one to Belle as well. “Nah, I bring snacks for everyone, especially my two favorite guild members.” He smiles politely, and finishing his cake. @Mace@Jinx@Mishiro