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  1. I looked as James broke the crystal as a bear moved up to attack, hmm Interesting still as strong as the boar but really no big deal, I thought to turn my back to the fight and started fishing. But with the fight on the background, it seemed like the rod was having some trouble getting anything to pull it under. "Well Hell, Okay back to spectating," I said low turning to the fight between James and the Bear. "James keep remembering your stance is a great part of the guiding system, Think of the sword art and let the rest be done by the system, you seemed to push a bit back when you get guided into an attack," I said to him as I went crouching down looking at his feet as he was fighting this fluff of a bear that if not hostile I would probably hug. ID: 130764 CD 1 NOTHING @James_Hawke
  2. James said I was an interesting one and I smiled with pride, "Yep, and I try my best to stand out. Shows for everyone," I said making a small bow to him. Listening to his request about hunting I Nodded, "If I kill your mobs nothing will be gained, So how about this. You stay close to me right here at the lake, while I give you these things" I said getting out something in my hand. Blue crystals, ten of them, with pink like mist in them, "These are lures, Break them and a leveled monster will come you out of nowhere, but make sure not to break too many at a time, it can and will spawn a boss monster if not careful with the item. While you do that and use the lures, I want you to use them safely, DON'T use them on a player, a monster will attack that player then Second, Don't lure the monster to other players." I said to him with a stern look on my face of the one I had a second ago when I was holding out my dagger at him. @James_Hawke
  3. Standing proud as James turned around I could not help but start laughing about his reaction. It was the best in so long, everybody has seen me either as a girl or I never told anyone. It was good to get a laugh again but still Now that this was out of the way I turned to James as I stopped laughing. "I may be a snake, but I'm not a cold heart murderer. Sure I killed someone and I don't regret it, but I had to if I wanted to make sure my friend stayed alive. But I'm not going to murder you, James, U have laid your trust fast is someone you just met, so I believe you that you just are who you are," I said walking up to him standing before him still not wearing any shirt. then I smiled and hugged him, "I did say not yet, So Now you can hug me," I said before letting go of the hug and putting back on my shirt and jacket. Making a spin, as my battle skirt moved around, "I just got this little bug on my avatar so I can wear both female and male clothing, but I like to trick people and will just stay the ennakai you first met, Alright," I said to him with a smile before bowing a bit, "This is the body people will remember the Snake with, My other side is just for friends and family. Here am I Ennakai and for you, if you want I can be Ena-Kun, or Aoki-San, Up to you, but you are not from Japan so if you want to leave the san and Kun out just say En." I said giving him a hand meaning for him to stand up again and get going with gathering materials. @James_Hawke
  4. I looked at him as he seemed to keep his promise and walked to the water without a weapon, "Alright, now that we got that clear, I want to know really why you get so aggressive when you fight and do you get so aggressive when fighting another player," I wanted to know this for reason to make sure he was not easily turned into a player killer as there where people out there that did stuff like that. "It's just information for your and my own safety, I run a business about info and I know things. You look unstable for sure and I want to know as long as you are the nervous guy you become quite an easy target to be tricked for sure." I said to him putting away the dagger and jumped down to him. I looked into his eyes and smiled, "You have been tricked for at least the first moment we met, I have lied to you about things and you seem to believe me. Your face says what you thinking, you look worried and in a small panic from what you doing here now. And at this moment you still don't know what is going on," I said to him as I walked behind him "Don't turn until I say so, I'll tell you the lie if you keep a promise to not turn corrupted and let me meet your sister too," I said to him now standing behind him with a smile on my face. With A Sigh I opened my menu and removed my jacket and shirt as I stoot there in my chest, while still wearing the battle skirt and heels. If he turned around not he would see that I was NOT a girl but a boy who just sounds and looks a bit like a girl. "U may turn now and don't go into a panic," I said to him from behind. @James_Hawke
  5. I looked down from the trees at James moving around while I did so. I called out to him making sure he didn't know where my voice came from, "James, Now please Drop the weapon, Or you force me to make you drop it," Lucky thanks to my speed and weight I could move around in the trees very easy plus If James was lying He would be outnumbered. "You think I still trust you even if you say something Like that. I'm a trickster, A snake, A already know more about you then you think." I said sounding angry and harsh. Stood still right above James, I was sure he didn't see me and I smiled down at him. "If you wish to speak in peace walk back to the water and drop your spear, I don't trust you and I'm ready to kill you in cold blood if you do the wrong thing," I said with a thread, And as soon as James would look up I would move and run stealthily to the water standing on a rock as I bent my knees a bit. "I'LL BE WAITING OR ITS DEATH FOR YOU, AND I DONT WANT TO BE THE ONE TO TELL YOUR SISTER YOUR DEAD!" I shouted at him pointing my dagger at him as soon as he got out. Action Going into stealth | ID 129821 | LD16+2=18 Stealth @James_Hawke
  6. As soon as the boar charged it seemed James had noticed me making sounds and turned with a quite aggressive look over to me pointing the weapon at my face. My eyes did open quite a bit but my fast reaction had my dagger in one hand holding it against the blade of his spear. "I can explain," I said to him as he picked me out of the tree I wanted to hit him on the face now but that would not end well now knowing what he really was. Once on the ground, I held my dagger pointed at him a bit, the fang-like blade was looking sharp. ready to cut even the hardest of bones. "Yes I'm more than fine," I said to him pouting a bit as well. I walked around him and nodded. "One Pick up that weapon you idiot, your enemy is not dead, Two. THAT IS NOT HOW YOU HANDLE ME!!!" I said tapping him on the back of the head with the back of the dagger. "Three, I now interested you got my attention. Who are you really did you speak the truth or did you all lie to me. I'm an Info broker so I kind of want to know who or what I'm dealing with, It seems now that my new found friend is more aggressive then he lets off," Holding my Dagger pointed at James I moved around him looking out for the boar as well. My face and eyes turned quite serious and you could say I turned into someone else. Giving a small Smile I moved around faster then James did and jumped into the trees without any problem at all, "Deal with that boar and then I'll deal with you myself." I said cold and emotionless. I was for sure he did not see me go up or could follow my movement. Action Going into stealth | ID 129795 | LD16+2=18 Stealth @James_Hawke
  7. Looking at the battle as James looked a bit different during a fight, more forceful for sure. I looked down to get a better look at the battle that was happening below me. Looked like Mister James was getting his fighting spirit up and seemed much more dangerous than I first let off. No wonder, A timid nature hides a strong wielding fighter, I thought looking at him. But then my hood fell over my head completely and my vision got blocked by my own hood. it was dark and I lost my momentum as I made a lot of sounds in the tree before I lost my balance. with a swing and grab, I fell down a few branches. Before my legs caught on a branch close to the leaf bed at the bottom of the tree. Hanging upside down from the tree now a bit behind James. My hair stuck out of my hood and my stomach revealed a bit as my shirt fell down my body a bit. I held up my skirt with one hand to make sure not to reveal too much, While my battle skirt's padding hanged down as well. As well that you could see my dagger in my mouth. I kept quiet with my voice but for sure he would have heard me no matter what I tried to do now. @James_Hawke Action Stealth | ID 129706: LD 4+2=6 | Failed Passive perception.
  8. Yeah Yeah, I'll stay here I have nothing better to so now anyway." I said throwing my rod out again looking over my shoulder for a second to keep an eye out for him. I saw him leave into the woods not far from me and I got out of the water. Drying my hair a bit slowly, And putting on my black and red markings hood and white shirt, as well as my battle skirt and a purple band around my middle. Pulling over the hood I made my way over to where James when and tried to find out something about this guy, Don't believe anyone until you know the Hard truth, I thought as I started sneaking my way over him. Following him right behind he didn't even notice me. Following James for a bit I jumped up a tree and stayed above him, He didn't even notice me going up. With my hood up and following him from above, I made sure he did not do something he would regret. However, on seeing what he saw I smiled a bit and thought it looked cute, The noob found a weak mob to fight that got his attention. Well don't make me save your ass James, No need to mess up now do you, I thought taking my position above the boar to make sure if things did go bad I could jump out and attack @James_Hawke Action Sneaking | ID 129689 | LD 20+2= 22 Stealth | Pass Passive perception Switching Golden Cape for Snakes Fang [T1 Dagger | DMG 1][Bleed 2]
  9. "um Nope Don't need a hug, I'm alright," I said, I really didn't like when people showed empathy to me. For some reason, I have never felt good when people did this to me. But still, it would be nice to tease him more but not when I got my guard down like this. "And that doesn't mean I'm giving you permission to hug me just yet, Maybe later but not now," I said to him Turning to him for a second to watch what he was doing. If he hugs me he would probably be shocked from my body, So better not go and hug me, mister, I thought to turn my back to him and Threw my fishing rod into the water keeping my hips below the water. With a good throw, I got my line far in and not many seconds later it pulled and I took a full-on pull on the line and got myself a small chest with some gems inside them. "Bingo!!!" I said taking the materials @James_Hawke 129503: CD 12 | LD 11+3=14 | 4 Materials 6 T1 Materials
  10. Ooh this poor guy, what am I doing to him. I kind of want to meet his sister now too see if she is just as flustered as him, I thought as he came over to check out on me. "Naah, I'm alright. Pain is not a thing here so I risk a lot of things I did not do in the real world like climbing trees... Nope wait, I did that." I said turning to James as he stood quite concerned. Making sure my hips were under the water just to keep the fun going for me at least. "Your a nice man, Very gentleman like. Not many like you walk around these days. Asking is a person is alright and all. Probably something in the family I guess." I said looking him good up and down again. Then it struck me, He looked kind of like my friend, minus the glasses and his height. I felt a bit quiet as my mind went back to those memories. "James... If I may say something..."Why am I doing this!!!!! "Um... you kind of look like my best friend you know, except he was much smaller and did not wear glasses." My voice sounded completely different from before thinking back at my friend. Clapping on my cheeks a bit I smiled again "Well don't go dying on me as well!" I said sounding like the Ennakai from before. @James_Hawke
  11. Heck, I was really surprised by the guy that he took the bait like that, It was not like I had a plan on going into the water. That would ruin the surprise for sure. But I just kept fishing. He asked me what I did before all of this, well I could not lie so I said what I did, "Helped my parents in their restaurant as a waiter. All the while I went to school, yeez, I still remember how of a magnet I was back at school for the guys. Can't blame them who don't like me," I said with a smile to him. I felt something heavy pull on my rod and it was not getting any closer for me at all. What the hell, why you bloody thing. Please don't tell me it is a boss monster, I thought to pull against my rod as it seemed to almost bend and snap. Then it began to pull harder and harder, what was this thing at the end of my rod. Sadly if one pull of my rod I lost balance and the strength to pull my rod back and flew into the water itself. I fell into the water, clothing all wet and hair dripping as it was hanging on the water. My white blouse became a bit see-through and I just stared at James getting a bit of a reaction would not hurt. "Well... Guess I am going swimming now," I said with no shame on my voice at all. I opened my inventory and the skirt I was wearing disappeared and became some swimming trousers, as my white blouse, became a tight black sleeveless shirt. @James_Hawke ID Roll: 129468 | CD 1 | Nothing 2 T1 Materials
  12. Looking over to James I could not help but giggle a bit as I turned around walking over to the small lake, Taking out the fishing rod I had I looked one more time to James and winked. Taking off both my Armor and battle skirt to fit a more relaxing outfit. still on my heels and wearing A normal Purple and red marking Skirt, And as top a white blouse with short sleeves "One two and THREE!" I said before throwing out my rod. With one good throw of my rod, And not long before I got something, Taking the rod up again something seemed to be stuck to it. Seeing what is was being a clamp that got hold of my rod. Taking the Clamp from my rod and looking at it I placed it into my inventory. "Hey James, you sure not want to join me in a swim, the water feels nice. Ooh, who am I kidding Just get over here so we can talk a bit more I would love to know you more," I said smirking a bit. @James_Hawke Roll ID: 129406 | CD 8 | 2 Materials Fished Up 2 T1 Materials
  13. Turning my look to him I smiled "We are all a bit dark I guess, But look," I said pointing up to my cursor, " Its green, meaning I have not killed anyone, As Info Broker I do risk my neck a bit but killing is not what I do," I said to him just to make him calm again, True being an info broker is risky but I did kill someone, but he tried to kill me and my friend so I just killed him instead. But no need to tell James that. I turned my attention to the ground again and nodded, "Well time to see what this place has for me this time," I said happily looking around for items to gain for my shop. Even with my luck, I had, being nothing I seemed to look for nothing at all getting no materials that I could use at all, maybe start and go fishing would help as well. "Hey James, Come over here. There is a lake nearby and I got myself something I can use over there. I'll promise I won't go skinny dipping or something, at least not yet," I said with a tease waving him over with a smile to come and get with me to the lake that was in the garden. @James_Hawke Roll ID: 129404 | LD 2+5=5 | Nothing
  14. Getting to the gate slowly I took down my speed to walk next to the guy, James Hawke, from scotland, YEH He from Scotland Mate, I thought jokingly in my head as I walked next to him. Getting outside of the place I looked over to him again as he said what he was doing, "Sooooo... you got a sister being alcamist, and you being a merchant, Lovely. I have my own shop on floor four being a Artisan, best there is If I must say," I said proud. "And yes it is a fun job, Killed a guy who killed my client, then nearly got killed myself, Died almost again. Kept quiet, then after that nearly got killed again, then murdered someone in cold blood," I said to him with a innocent smile almost like I was joking, Well I was about the last part, I only killed one guy. walking outside My dagger on my hip disapeared and a gold like cape moved over my shoulder, It did not really fit my purple theme but with some small works it seemed to fit with my armor still a bit. I was kind of still laughing inside my head about his name and his land being from SCOTLAND! but give the guy some respect he dared to come with me. Turning to him I pointed at the small flower field and fance, "Right over there is the garden, It has the best spot in the floor to gain materials." I said to him before taking the lead again. Equipt Perfect Cape Of Gold [T1 Jewel | LD 3 @James_Hawke
  15. Well great, he seemed nervous already, guess he is not good around people this is going to be fun! I thought as he seemed okay with my request. Seemed I was not the only person getting ready to gain some materials. "Would you to lead the way?" He asked me and I nodded as I turned around on one foot very elegant, Yeez, need to get used to these heels, I thought, looking at them. "Just follow me, I know where the garden is, Its really not that far from here, Just outside the walls of this place," I said to him looking behind me as he followed me. I leaned a bit over my own shoulder to get a look at him as he "Guess a Name is fun, I'm Enna, You may know me from my books or shop but under a different name, The Snake. Info Broker," I said with a tone full of pride. "And what is mister Handsome's name If I may ask, Plus what your profession as well, you look like someone taking up a profession in my eyes," Most people would not notice but All I can say, I know how to read people for things they want and things they don't want. @James_Hawke