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  1. Ennakai

    [OP-F2] Farewell World

    Enna hears Jade say something, ANd that something Enna completely ignores and slowly lets out the tears, "I'm just... Happy you are alright. I would never Hate something Cute like you," Enna said not even realizing his own word as he said them but it did not really matter at this point. All that did was that Jade was save and Enna kept it that way as long as he was still standing. Pulling back from the hug again Enna cleared his tears a bit and smiles weak, "Lets make a promise, I stay out of danger, If you keep away from the edge," Enna said holding out his hand and hoping Jade would pinky swear with him as he did really not have any other option left, "AND, I will supply you on More books to read And get you to explore the world with me if you want," he said to Jade locking eyes with her and placing the other hand on her again just like then then. @Ghost
  2. Ennakai

    [PP-F1] Being Normal

    Enna gave a big smile to Jade as she was trying to get on the right words, Somehow as Enna placed his hand on hers he kind of felt warm glow, something he never really felt in most of his life. It was weird but still good to feel and no matter what is going to happen after this Enna won't forget this soon as it felt nice to just be themselves without any lies. As then Jade got to the word Enna nodded, "Well, your welcome Jade... U... U mind if I sit next to you?" Enna askes Jade as he kind of still was sitting across her on his knees. Somehow Enna felt a bit uncomfortable to ask this but got himself into the mood to ask anyway, It was something he "If you don't mind of course," He said fast looking down to the ground trying to hide his face a bit as he did so the wind blew his hair to the side a bit. Grabbing it and putting it into a ponytail hanging over his shoulder. @Ghost
  3. Ennakai

    [OP-F2] Farewell World

    Enna looked as this unfolded and it seems that stuck by shock everything went down, Snapping back Enna rushed over to Jade and gave her a Hug, "Don't U do that again, and sorry I broke our promise, Ghost..." He said embracing Jade into a hug and crying a bit. Enna really never had something like this in her eyes before it was something He was lacking most of the time and Enna was still hugging Jade all he could. "I will get you more books too read, better... I let you join in on off the adventures with me," Enna said to Jade pulling back from the hug to Look Jade right in her eyes as he gave a smile to her. Enna was surprisingly different from last time a bit more caring than before "U did not waste my time, I plan my time with interesting things and you are my interest for quite a while Now, And nothing will change that no matter how hard u push me away. Just like the time at the tree, U hit me with a book that day," Enna said getting a small laugh out remembering the day still if it was yesterday. Enna could remember that day quite good as it was really something special and Enna may have written it down in one off his notebooks.
  4. Crafting for a bit Enna was busy getting things ready for some order, some of those orders seemed to have fallen out and did not get anything response from them anymore, Still some people came and moved out again yet It was clear the things needed to be done soon or else business has to be closed and Enna needed to focus on getting some more Materials at all cost here, it was really something to do for sure but still it was needed at some point again. lost 7 items
  5. Ennakai

    [OP-F2] Farewell World

    Ennakai was being busy in her shop making some crafts, Until getting a message from someone. It was Jade, reading into the message a bit his face turned from his normal look to a quite shocked one. Everything in his hands dropped and with that, he stormed out his workshop and into his store and right out of his store as well, He did not even bother to change into some normal clothing as he was still wearing his crafting clothing, being a white shirt black pants and a half glass with zoom function in it. Running as fast to the teleporter of Floor 4 he went and looked up the coordination of Jade finding that she was on Floor 2. He did not want to believe it and teleported to floor 2. Once tracking the combinations Enna took a full-on sprint to them "Don't do this Jade, Please Don't I will get inside that thick head of yours," He said low as he was running with full speed. Once getting to the coordination he saw the scene, It seems people already got there and Enna started to get tears in his eyes, "JADE!" He yelled out to Ghost walking up to the front a bit, Enna looked tired out of breath and his long hair was really blowing up by all the running he just did. "Please, Don't... whatever you do don't, I made a promise to myself to follow you everywhere, All you had to do was ask, and..." He paused wiping away the tears of his face, "If you jump, I WILL FOLLOW YOU!" He yelled out to her. Enna looked really upset and tears kept running down, "U showed me the trust of the person I really am... U ... off all people I would be friends with, YOU Made me look past something, U are the one I care about No amount of Col or Information can change that, I will even give up my job as Info Broker just to be with you," He said as tears fell down his cheek. @Ghost
  6. Ennakai

    [PP-F1] Being Normal

    Enna smiled, it was something, for the first time he felt good being Enna and not being the one that was tricking people and stuff, "If you want, I can cook for you Jade, I promise to you I will cook something for you, someday, and don't look so down, U made a friend, you always have something u good at but sometimes its not right there in the hand, The only thing I can do In this game is getting information from people, I'm not that good at Crafting at all." Enna said putting his hand on Jade's hand, "Just look up at things, I will support you in every way I can, U showed me something special today for sure, It's not about who we are from the outside, But also who we are from the inside," Enna said with a smile on his face trying to cheer up the face Jade was pulling off, "I promise, I will follow you everywhere, all you have to do is just ask, we are here for each other, two miss fits," Enna said smiling to Jade. @Ghost
  7. Good thing Enna stuck around a bit and still, in the end, did not get the see the full use, yet still have the power to show something that would normally not been seen like green players having killed a player. Hestia walked over to the orange player now taking them, "I could do that, yes, but first Lets both get out here together, I have no more questions at this point just some basic thoughts and how it will work out for the most part and most things around here, Knowing of this place is nice yet I could say someone would be using this anytime soon at all." Ennakai said a bit sounding depressed as this place was not as great as it sounded by the NPC's but sure many more things would come and many more would need to be explored and Hestia made a great traveling partner so far so why not get them onto some of these things more and even get out a bit off more Information out of it as well.
  8. Ennakai listens to what Hestia is saying looking back at the orange player, "well he is not talking, All this information comes from myself and my old ally he killed, But for most I kind of agree to find this girl with her sword, as far as I know, she is not a killer and not even in the best to do something," Ennakai says to Hestia pointing out that it was highly likely that this sword user was forced to help them and act as bait. Listening to what Hestia said about the Metal Hand nodded her hand, "I was there, And I think you are right, I did try to follow her but she teleported away. You could say she is one of those who baits people into following her before they get killed as she still is a green player. However things can change as I did hear her say she was not scared of death at all so maybe she got tricked a bit," Ennakai said thinking about it for a bit looking to the orange player and nodding, "I think its better to find a place that keeps them from teleporting out and get them into some jail or something, I can start testing some areas in safe zones to see if you can Teleport out of them," Ennakai said with a smile.
  9. It was clear that the APD was getting a thing going now And with Hestia as its leader seems like it will lift off quite well no matter what. It was also quite nice to hear that Enna could stay somewhere for sure. It meant it was secure no matter what if it was the base of APD altho in real life, Enna was not really keen on the Police as they where caught quite a few times by them. "Okay I will promise to get a good word in for APD tho I can't keep it from overgrowing so don't blame me if the guild gets full. Tho speaking of Policing now, I would say you can count on me if you ever need information, I like to get into danger that's why Laughing Coffin was one of my targets, It seemed like they are not really a guild but just a group very well organized." Enna said giving a small paper with all information on Laughing Coffin peeps and other things, Handing the paper with things Enna knew about Laughing Coffin and smiled, "Sorry have been busy with them already tho most of this information does not come from our friend here, its from my old helper who seemed to be in the best place but took this to real and ended up joining them as he got forced to do so acting as bait. He got killed by him and his friend," Enna said pointing at the Orange player.
  10. Enna listens to what Hestia is saying and thinks of a name that comes to mind, Who packs a PUNCH really and is frontliner as well. A few names came up to Enna some seemed to be a bit weird and not fitting at all, "WAIT, you mean Teachers her Girlfriend, Ruby was her name right, Ooh yeah she seems like an interesting person, but really, you want me to be part of a guild, Its something hard for me to say, sure I may need a bit of protection from Laughing Coffin but I think they would not care for their little lacky here, after all, I killed his friend and back then he was already part of laughing coffin." Enna started thinking a bit, it was really something to try and think about it now maybe can be pulled off easy as hell, "Lets say I get you someone with a same few as you, someone I can say would like to help you for sure, I'm not the person to join a guild but I keep you as one of my main info fountains for sure," Enna said to Hestia thinking about it a bit really as it was not something to say yes to but Enna was sure Hestia could be easy getting members to join her. "Let me think about, after we are back we can talk about it again,"
  11. Enna lets out a sigh out of release and looks over to Hestia as she seemed to be determined with knowing why he killed. It was very easy to know at least for Ennakai as his name was Cilparx and he had a few player names under his kills. "To be sure I got anything Just gonna ask the NPC, I know my ways to get them into a deeper conversation, so just gonna use that trick. But our friend here is called Cilparx, He has 8 player names under his name under them one being my old info seeker, I would just say he is doing it for fun, " Enna said walking up to him and taking down his hood revealing his face, it was a blond guy with a trib looking tattoos on his face. "Okay Not here well let's test this then," Enna said pulling his sleeve up revealing a laughing coffin symbol, "Found it!!" Enna said dragging Hestia to the symbol and almost pushing Hestia's face into the symbol. Cilparx just grunts a bit to Hestia and Enna as they get closer, It seemed like he didn't need to explain himself for his actions and kept quiet.
  12. Enna looked at Hestia and nodded a bit It was sure a bit scary to see Hestia go like this, "He can hear it, And I want to talk about it because I think I owe you an explanation," Enna sat down leaning against the tree. "Well let's see, Do you know Kirbs and Dustin?" Enna asked Hestia "They where with me that day, I was going on a small mission to get information from a person I knew that helped me gather information about red players like the laughing coffin members, But once I got to him he was killed by this man and his friend. I, Dustin and Kirbs followed them, Well I did they just followed me." Enna looked at the guy again, "Once caught up, they attacked us and we took charge, They got both me and Dustin to red health. after some combat after that I killed his friend without any remorse and emotions, I did not care I killed him... Still, don't... but One thing I know was, It was them or me so I killed him, lucky for me he was an orange player like his friend here." Enna walked over to the orange player and leaned over him a bit, "This boy was shitting his pants at that moment so I made a deal with him that he would gather information for me or I would kill him too right there and then," Enna fell quiet and his face was just cold with no emotion on it at all.
  13. This time as the orange player gets hit with a sword art of Hestia he flies back as the effect seemed to be in use right away and Enna nods to "We talk about it later no worry, Just remember if you want to keep your outstanding policy," Enna said with a joking sound in his voice before rushing to the player and knocking him completely to the ground now as he lays paralyzed on the ground now. "You... Arg... You can't be... Trusted you dirty... Monster," the Orange player said to Ennakai as he was leaning over him. "Think your best chance is to get him now Hestia, No worry I won't kill him," Enna said to Hestia but before anything else the Orange player was trying to get past the paralyze from Hestia. He seemed to be trying to grab something out of his inventory slowly.
  14. Enna turns to see Hestia rush out and Enna got a smile on his face, "Well, Friends It seems we have a standoff here, Chief and bandit How about we do a little ... Oh, wait" Enna went quiet at a rock was thrown at them from the orange player. "Shut it, You always talk too much even on the brink of death you still kept talking, But why not walk into the water yourself and show our little officer here what you truly are," He said to Ennakai as Enna took out the gemstone and walked passed the Orange player and to the water, "Well if you ask so why not," Enna said walking into the water as the flowers this time did not move away more like Enna pushed them away and once in the middle the gemstone started to change color to an orange color and the water gave away orange light, Yet again the NPC started talking, "Ooh... this seems interesting, you are not a bad person but you have killed someone, but yet nobody feels bad for you, Your actions speak of good but some things are in darker light," The NPC said before Enna stepped out again. Enna took out his dagger now and aimed it at the Orange Player and stared at Hestia, "Sorry you would get to know that I have killed someone," Enna said to Hestia before all three of them stood in a circle like a real standoff. "Yeah how does it feel to have killed someone, I know you killed someone I knew, you killed my friend and NOW I'm going to kill you and your friend here," The orange player said.
  15. Looking around a bit walking more into the cavern and looking left and right Enna sees the NPC standing there. looking around a bit to see If Hestia did her best to stay hidden while still being a Tank Hestia seemed to be more skilled then she was thinking. Looking at things a bit it was very calm for sure, Enna just wanted to know the event and not care about anything else. Walking up to the NPC Enna started Dialog with it, " Hello there, may I ask you a few questions," Enna aksed the NPC. The man turned around facing Enna with a friendly smile, almost looking like a priest and a gardener in one. "Sure young man, What is it that you would like to know," The man asked Enna. Enna took out their notebook and started talking, "What is this place and what is going to happen here as I heard it was really a nice place here and I just want to know if anything special can happen here," Enna asked the NPC. The NPC smiled and took a bow to Enna, "This is the Sky garden, here only the right heart can see what is truly special. It is said that walking into the pound with the Gemstone will make the gem glow and I can tell what it says if it changes, " THe NPC said, Enna noted it down and nodded. "So a truth detector but then with the logs of the players, Seems handy" Enna mumbled. Then at the entrance slow clapping could be heard "Well Well Well, you did come in the end," was being said as a player in gray robes and an orange cursor stepped out into the view, "Seems like faith have us meet again, well not really I just asked you to come here, Now its time to see your true self." The Orange player got out his dagger and moved up to the NPC taking a Gemstone from him and walked into the water. "Let's see how it will be." He said standing with the Gemstone in hand and as he did the flowers moved away from him as to get away from him. standing now in the middle the Gemstone started to go dark and black losing its color completely. the water shot small red lights up and it really looked evil for sure. "Ooh... Ooh, this is no good, you sir have some ill past and surely ill future, people hate you for what you have done. You are a murderer of quite a few Its sad to say you killed those to get here," The NPC said turning to the Orange player as he walked out again and the pound looked normal again. "Well How you like it, this will be also the last time I kill, you ain't getting out of here," THe orange player took out his dagger aiming it at Enna as he just stood there almost looking like accepting it.