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    Name: Gamer’s Anklet Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 5 ID: 109183 Roll: 11 Item Type: Jewelry Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: 1 ACC, 1 EVA Description: A bright red anklet. Literally it. Post Link: [Link]
  2. Enna got out a laugh at what Kirbs said, and started walking next to her, "Come on Brit, I just teasing him, And when someone shows weakness I tease, So don't try to show weakness... TO LATE you already did," Enna said with a smile getting closer to Kirbs touching her shoulder with her own. Maybe it was to close for Kirbs but Enna did really not mind in getting so close to Kirbs. then the question came about Europa and Enna smiled getting even closer to Kirbs now, "Well I have been to The Netherlands, I could drink them without being illegal, Been to Scotland and well not to America. But I know a bit more after being stuck here as I know now 3 British people 2 Americans and let's see, some other parts as well. But yeah Most Americans have coffee in their veins, JUST... LIKE ... ME, well mostly Beer fits in there as well," Enna said with a smile now putting their arm around Kirbs arm and smiling as she was almost so close that Enna could Kiss Kirbs on the face. Looking over to Dustin with a disappointed look as in saying Stay focused No Alcohol now cuz someone is going to die. @Dustin @Kirbs
  3. Ennakai

    [PP-F1] The First One is Free? (Ennakai)

    Enna sat on the ground as Sonya got close to see if they were alright, "No worry, pain is not a thing here, and If you going to be like that you will be worrying about me a lot, I seek danger. And I think I can say sorry for making you worried then and also that I reacted like that when you called me younger than my real age, So... Well I'm more then sorry for everything up until now so, How about you get back to looking for the materials," Enna said with a smile before making a small bow to Sonya to show them they were really sorry to them. Enna went and sat down on a rock looking on how Sonya was looking for materials. Sitting there Enna opened their player stats, their level, HP, Energy, Most used weapon and some other things like age height and even gender. If Sonya would look Enna's way they could see the menu but in reverse. Looking a bit into her stats tapping open somethings and as then Enna's hair started to a braid a dagger into their hand. The dagger blade has gold markings and the handle looked like a snake wrapping around the lower part forming the guard and the handle of the dagger. Enna removed the menu and started to spin the dagger up into the air before it was getting to the hand of Enna again they caught it right before it was hitting their open palm of their hand. They did this a few time before speaking out again, "Sorry, But you don't mind fighting, as I know there are people who are really not keen on fighting Teach is one, but apart from that, What weapon do you use, As I'm using a dagger my info man uses a spear in the form of a trident or glaive and his wife a rapier, And my best friend a shield and sword, So what weapon do you use?" Enna asked with a smile. @Sonya
  4. Ennakai

    [PP-F1] The First One is Free? (Ennakai)

    Once Enna heard how old Sonya thought they were, Enna just huffed at her, "I'm Older! A Full on 18 Years, Would be 20 Now!" Enna said huffing still and getting a bit of a jump in the air just to get their point. Enna did not like to be treated like a kid and was far from being young as they had a small habit of drinking alcohol a little bit too much. "I'm not a kid, okay, I may be small in body and act childish but I can turn that around quite quickly as it is just an act," Enna said a bit frustrated but noticed what they said covering their mouth before saying, "Ignore the last part, and Sorry, but don't call me young," Enna said with haste and took a small sprint up a tree hiding in the tree without trouble. For Enna it was quite easy to get into a tree and look down at Sonya, it maybe was a bit rude to disappear in the trees so fast but they did not want to hear it from Sonya, "Sorry!" Enna yelled down from the tree moving above Sonya following them. Enna looked at how Sonya was getting materials "Yep Yep, that is a good one Madame Song, Just keep looking, I will stay here for a bit," Enna said looking into the tree leaves around them as they sat in a tree looking down at the other player as they got materials. It was something Enna did quite a lot sitting in a tree and watching over other players and all. It was probably the main reason for them getting quite a lot of intel and more. Enna then swung upside down from a branch looking at Sonya handing there. Enna was trying hard not to let their clothing fall down as well and was keeping the battle skirt and their hoodie so that they could not fall, but the only part of their body that was falling down was their dark purple hair. "So... Looks like you are getting the hang of it," They paused a bit, "Get it HANG of it," Enna said with a giggle still hanging upside down from the branch. Then with a quick turn, they landed on their feed before losing balance and falling on their knees with a smile, "Dam, Still, need to get that one trick fixed, No worry about me, I can take it," Enna said looking at Sonya as they started looking for materials. @Sonya
  5. Enna turned to Kirbs and tilted their head a bit as Kirbs seemed to be a bit offended by what Enna said, "Ooh, OOH, we are a team here, no fighting among the team, And I did not mean that as a bad thing Brit, I more like them as they are quite a bit off fighters and Waterboy is a Brit as well, he is quite strong with that spear of his well Trident more but okay," Enna said with a smile and turned back to the objective tracking down the two orange players, "Dust bunny, Not staying behind your big bottom, I just leap past you," Enna said leaping Past Dustin again and slapping him on his butt before turning to him again giving him a winking eye, "Sorry, Big target could not miss it, ANd you should probably stop calling people short, or hang out with Waterboy and let him show you how to treat small people like the White fox girl," Enna said refering to Hazado and Sunova were you properly could see a mayor hight diffrents between then as Hazado was almost 2 feet talller then Sunova. @Dustin @Kirbs
  6. Ennakai

    [PP-F1] The First One is Free? (Ennakai)

    Enna did not really react the patting on their head, they actually quite liked it but not many knew that only maybe their best friend in the game and a few guys they knew in real life, especially one once knowing Enna's secret. Enna nodded and smiled to Sonya, "Madame Song it is then, And don't be sorry, I did not say I did not like it or that you should stop," Enna said with a grin looking from under their hoodie. It was going to be Madame Song now on and maybe the thing we're going to change if they were going to act out a bit maybe it was going to change. But for now, sticking with Madame Song was going to be it. Listening to what Sonya said about making Male and also Female armor, "I can wear both," Enna said very low as a small joke for themselves hoping Sonya did not hear it. But they looked up again to Sonya, "Well It would be logical, I have jewels both for male and female, and All of them like some nice crystals," Enna said getting out a small pocket watch in their hand and a ring, "Look two Items I made," Enna said showing them to Sonya. Before putting them back Enna got the question how things worked around here and then there came quite a big smile on tier face, "Well Let me see that thing," Enna said looking at leaves Sonya showed her, "Well These won't sadly, But finding Materials would be very simple if you got the right items," They said looking around a bit stopping and standing on a rock to become a bit taller to explain the basic, "Well looking for materials is very simple, Leaves like that won't help, But everything around here can be used as a material." Ennakai explained moving their arms around a bit, "Like even if they don't look like something from an alchemy table you could still try to pick it up and see if it is a crafting Item, Some skills like Fishing can give you materials, Like getting a big fish will get you at least a few crafting materials, And I could use them for my Jewels. Not that my Jewels will be made from fish or so, but once you place them into your inventory you will be getting a T1 mat, Or Tier 1 Material," They paused a bit before going one explaining again this time making small hops on the rock, "there are many times of tier items 1 to 3, they change per floor and so. Here you can find everything you need and with a bit of luck you find the right materials and get a better item. But in the end every item you find changes into a Crafting Material, Crafting Materials are a bit magic as they can change forms a bit, to every item you need for the item you need to craft." Enna said sitting down on the rock and letting out a sigh @Sonya
  7. Enna was getting ready to craft and craft all day and sure thing were going to be getting har but who knew that today would be the second day that they get an extra boost in their skills, for sure it was going to be great. Getting down Enna started to craft and craft and craft until they lost the must to keep going for sure it was something today after a daring adventure and all Enna knew this was going to be a good day but first they needed to get ready and start crafting the next day as for today Enna was out and went on a quite a big break to get more materials and stuff. lost 5 T1 Mats
  8. Ennakai

    [PP-F01/F04] Fair Maiden Dustin, Mutsu

    Enna looks on how this gets out and Enna just smiled, "Skippy Bell, Stop, Dustin, Stop," Enna said looking at both of them, "I may be older than you Dustin, AND I may be younger than you Mutsu, but this is not how I want people to be in my shop. AND NOW, nobody goes outside here until you two become friends," Enna said walking up to a sofa behind the counter and laying on it putting over the hood from the hoodie and looking up at some of the flags there. "Skippy Bell gets up here, Dust Bunny, stay there. you ain't getting away so easy now. Skippy Bell say sorry as well, or you going to have to spend a Night here with Him and Me, And If you want that please don't say sorry," Ennakai said from behind the counter and on the sofa. This was a way to tease both of them and get some more off a show and they wanted to see that, "And Skippy Bell, you are Smol, so accept that and Dust dear, you are just you being a big risk to everything," Enna said to both of them to get them started a bit more and for the teas of course. @Mutsu @Dustin
  9. Ennakai

    [PP-F1] The First One is Free? (Ennakai)

    Enna started thinking of a nickname for a bit while they walked, they were thinking of doing something with the last name Song. It took a bit for Enna to think until they were under broken by the question form Sonya about getting a business together. Enna started thinking a bit as they knew that if they helped them they would be wearing the players clothing, Not that Enna had a problem with that at all, maybe when they were little but now it was just common for them to do something like that, then it came to light a nickname but first Answering the question. "I would like to, but just know, I'm a bit different from a model, are you sure. I can help you with maybe some jewels and all, but being a model is a bit different for me. But I would do it, nothing better then new experience I would say MS," They said with a smile giving them a thumb up. "Ooh I probably need to explain that one, MS stands for Madame Song, Because making clothing and fashion sound a bit that France people would do, Like teach, she is a model with a France father," Enna said. Now thinking about it the person Enna calls Teach has highlights in the France flag and they are a model and teacher. Maybe the too should meet once with Sonya as well. "But yeah you like it MS, Or just keep is Madame Song, I will surely change something like a lot of people I know has quite a few Nicknames I gave them," they say pulling up their warm hood from their hoodie as the dark purple hair comes out from the front a bit. @Sonya
  10. Ennakai

    [PP-F1] The First One is Free? (Ennakai)

    Enna looked how things went after Enna told about the NPC being a bit more advanced than others and smiled, after that, it seemed the player accepted the hand and well nice mattered for sure. Enna smiled and listens to what the other player said, They did not, however, say their name but Enna did not really care as that was a lesser thing to know about players. As the player was a bit surprised Enna just nodded, "I'm Just level 11 so no worry, I did this quest already and I got my own small business well two but, yeah, One is an Artisan shop on floor four and the other is why I was here, to get intel on the more advanced NPC's, Yep I'm an Info Broker as well." They said making a V of their fingers. It was quite true Enna got a side job and it was not just something as the side jo could become quite dangerous at a time, Just like last time. "So Miss, If you don't mind me coming I can help for sure, but I would not have to do the quest, Just accompany you for this part, but after this quest, I can join you, Cuz well... I did not do the rest yet, So I kind of failed my job a bit but okay, I get to do it with you now I think well I hope," Enna said with a smile opening the door and getting out the workshop right into the nice air, They turned to the player again, "Ooh By the way, What is your name Miss, Or should I give you a nickname on your appearance?" Enna giggled a bit wanting to do that, but it was not getting a tradition to nickname everyone they met to one make sure they did not lose important information by telling names and they are getting hunted by orange players of even captured by them. And the other reason for the nicknames was that they just liked it. @Sonya
  11. "Ugh, I don't need a babysitter, I'm Older than you both, and Yes what is wrong with a bit of danger," Enna said with a smile before giving Dustin a small punch in the arm, "OLDER!" They yelled at them swinging their arms in the air. before turning to Kirbs, as they heard the Accent, "You are Brith, hope you like Waterboy, He is quite Strong and my main guy for information," Enna said starting to inspect Kirbs a bit as they really liked how many different people came to Japan to play this game. Both Kirbs and Dustin seemed to be ready and Enna was also ready poking Dustin in the side before taking the lead, "Come Come Dust bunny, You are coming or do I have to make you come," Enna said looking back at them and smiling with a not so innocent smile on their face. "So where to where too, Well not hard just follow their footsteps and we can get my intel, Don't care if they die or not, Most likely they won't but they will escape, so LETS BEAT THEM UP!" Enna cheered out slowly following the footsteps of the two players. It was surely quite dangerous to go chasing after two orange players and how things would be needed to be done before they got the information. "So any Ideas what we will find once we find them too, Surly the Brit over here can fight, But I make sure to stay behind me and Dust boy here, as we are both above level 10," Enna said getting out a black blade and quite sharp looking Dagger throwing it in the air and catching it every time. @Dustin
  12. Ennakai

    [F1 Tailor Shop] "The Hanger"

    Enna walked into the second shop today and was getting ready to really get some items for real this time, Enna was mostly not wearing armor now and they wanted at least something to protect themselves with. Opening the door Enna greeted the shop owner, "Good day Hei, Sorry you don't know you but I do know you, I know every shop owner, But that is not why I'm here for I'm here to get some armor ready so I can get more into a fight without taking to much damage and all." Enna said showing the Design to Hei on a paper and they smiled, It looked quite a bit feminine but it was okay for them cuz they did not really care. Name: Battle Hoodie of a Trickster - 12 T1 Materials Name: Snakes Hoodie Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: leave blank Roll: leave blank Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: MIT 2 | Savvy 1 Description: A Purple Girls hoodie with metal shoulder plates and a chest plate and on the back a back plate. On the back the plate is drawing of a snake from left to right and on the and under the shoulder plates sits a brown wolf fur. Post Link: leave blank
  13. Enna walked around floor 1 again and was getting ready to get a new dagger the old once was good but they wanted something that could be quite hard for the enemy, Soo they made their way back to the blacksmith opening the door, "Hello best Blacksmith in Aincrad, Macradon, How is it holding up here, I was wondering if you could make an item for me," Ennakai said showing him the design from the dagger and the nake, it looked okay if you just was it, "Do something fun with it," Enna said handing the man a Giant snake fang over to the shopkeeper. Name: Snakes Fang Dagger Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 10 ID: [Leave Blank] Roll: [Leave Blank] Item Type: Dagger Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Bleed 2, Damage 1 Description: A giant Snakes Fang made to be a weapon, It is sharp at the highest tip of the fang and has a red leather strip at the and for easy grabbing Post Link: [Leave Blank]
  14. Ennakai

    [PP-F1] The First One is Free? (Ennakai)

    Enna walked around to pick an item up from an NPC Alchemist, they already had been there before by doing a quest but never really went on the rest of the quests they needed to do, as they went right away back to get some other things done. It was going to be quite good and Even if Zackariah was more a bit of an advanced NPC then the rest he still had his normal dialog if you just ask, but going off the road would activate his Advance dialog. Enna was right at the door of the workshop and took a deep breath ready to go on and explode on the NPC to get as much Special dialog out of him. "Hello Zackariah!" Enna said smalling open the door with a lot of power. Now standing in the door was this long Dark purple haired player with a Purple hoodie with some plating and a black battle skirt also with some plating on it. The old NPC would look past the other player waving at Ennakai, "Hello there Ennakai, You are back here, Sorry I can't help you anymore," he said as his normal dialog, But this was not what Enna wanted. "Hello Old man how are you doing, Have you got the item I wanted from you," Enna said with a grin walking into the workshop past the other player to get the Dialog better. the NPC got a surprised look on his face and paused, "Aah, you came for the item you wanted right, I have it right here Dear," The NPC said as he voice seemed to change a bit. "Thank you, mister, But How if your wife," Enna said still smiling a bit, "ooh she is doing fine, Have you made some friends," The NPC returned while handing over a small bottle, "I made friends yes, quite nice maybe you would know them but I'm not sure, But what are you up to," Enna said. "Ooh Just helping the new adventurer here, they were just getting ready to leave," the Old NPC said, and now it also got interesting as the NPC took in that there still was another player. Enna turned to them and back to the NPC, "Well maybe I can help them as well, how about I follow them to make sure they stay safe," Enna said to the NPC, as the NPS then responded, "That would be a gift of charity you should do that as I can't come with them as my age is getting a toll on me," Zackariah said before his face turned to a normal expression and ended the special dialog. Ennakai turned to face the other player giving them a smile, "Hello there, Sorry you had to see that, I just needed to know how many dialogs the NPC had, just ask them something and if they don't respond like our pall Zackariah here, they ain't Advanced NPC's, THinking about it all the NPC's in this quest line are like him..." Enna paused, "Name is Ennakai, but keep it Enna," They said extending their hand to the other player with a smile waiting for them to accept it. @Sonya