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  1. Enna starts to take out a book and write it down for a bit, it seems whatever Hestia was telling it was sounding good to Enna. going on a bit in the book Enna looked up and gives a smile, as they close the book and look to Hestia. "Well time for mine then, A deal is a deal, but just remember Next time It will be the full price," Enna said before going into their inventory and opening it, as they get out a small box from wood and metal. Pressing the smaller button on the front the box opens and inside was a purple gem, it seems to be shining quite a bit. "Event item right here, First one to be found on this floor know to... maybe everyone. It is said that if this gem is taken to a waterfall on this floor something nice will happen, its also said by NPC's that in the wild there is this tallest waterfall great for fishing and not only that... its also said that this Gem and the waterfall are connected, SO I was about to find out." Enna says with pride a bit before showing Hestia a screenshot of a paper with condensation on them. "Here it is, so yeah that was my plan, just needed to get the Gem and my not so friendly friend got it for me, but I think he will be waiting for me there. I would love to invite you, but he was very clear not to bring anyone at all... and you being the police and all makes it even harder for him to even show up." Enna said with a joking face. "But now past that first, I have time for some food," Enna said with a smile. @Hestia
  2. Enna goes and sits down with Hestia and as they put down the Col Enna starts to grin, "Okay, that is Col yes, and... Being polite, Well if you don't go around telling then I can share I think. But you would have to give me some things about this floor like who cleared the field boss in the arena first, who cleared some quest first. who hunted the labyrinth boss and what is going to be your plan with the floor boss," Enna held out their hand to shake on the deal as to Ennakai a handshake means you closing the deal and keeping your side o the contract. THo hearing at the moment that stepping on people toes may be in effect already. "I can't promise I piss anyone off... Cuz I think I already did, tho keep it on a short leash and It will do anything for some information and col." Enna said jokingly waiting to get a handshake from Hestia to start talking about things and what they were doing. @Hestia
  3. Enna looks a bit confused but nods to them, "You know the pay, Hestia, Infomation is not free, Everything has its price," Enna said with a smile, it was really not the time to go and waste great information on someone they just ran into because they asked. Then as they asked about if they wanted to eat something Enna was caught of guard, but got back to their joking and teasing self again, "Well, I can say If you trying to bribe me, That would be lovely as food does sound good, Say what, a friendly discount on the thing I'm doing, how does 20% off sound like?" Enna said jokingly before following Hestia to a nice table to sit at. "So ... Yeh you know, I have been following the events with you and your little police force, Getting members or volunteers, capturing Pinball, AND somehow him escaping again, Mph Really great plan, Want that info to be outside or do you want me to hear the full story?" forgetting about the event Enna was about to do and was more focused on getting the info of this story.
  4. with a good smile Enna placed the box into their inventory and with that, all done Enna was looking up for the last second before walking back. it was a bit stupid to even do this but it was the best option for their small little friend, well Friend is a soft term, more like a forced partner. to get them the info they needed. Once looking again Enna made it out of the ally and looked right before looking left and staring someone in the eye dead right, "GAH, POLICE... I MEAN HESTIA!" Enna said loud, as they from the shock their hood fell of revealing Ennakai's face with a bit of a redhead now. This is quite a turn of events for sure, let's see how will I not look suspicious, wait I can't I walked into an ally in a cloak they thought before giving Hestia a weak smile. "S...soo I know what it looks like, an Ally is not really helping me here and me yelling like that does prove I'm up to something, but ain't I always," Enna said jokingly still thinking of the best way to even get out under Hestia as she was the one person hoping not to meet right now. "So what brought you here, wait don't answer, its the new floor sorry, Oh um... Also sorry... I know you maybe have to think why I said that but you will know for sure," Enna said thinking of one of the people they send up here to see if they could find something interesting in the field boss who seemed to get a run in with Hestia and the frontline cook. @Hestia
  5. Ennakai teleported to this floor for the first time, hearing about the arena and its Rhino fight sounded quite fun to watch but this time it was not for fur to go out and watch the Rhino get destroyed. Most of the floor was still filled with NPC's and really not many players yet. Walking around the main settlement a bit Ennakai took her hood and placed it over her head. their black clock this stand out quite a bit and with their long purple hair it was even clearer to spot the info broker. With their purple jacket and battle skirt, Enna looked around like they were about to do something a bit risky. Looking behind them and around to keep an eye out if anyone was following them. Looking a few times back to see so Enna made their way for the ally across the arena. "If my little traitor was right he must have left here a small box with a gemstone and coordinates for a nice looking event that would be happening in this floor," they said as they walked more into the ally. looking around once more before turning the corner Enna walked up into a small box. Opening the box Enna saw the purple gem with a small letter. "Here is the gem as promised, the coordinates can be found on the back side of the paper and make sure not to be followed I want my payment and not get killed or attacked again," It was clear Enna's little friend was just as trustworthy as Ennakai themselves, Being a little snake that they are Enna takes a screenshot of the paper and destroys it before closing the box and smiling with a great smile. Whatever was going to happen in this small event Enna would be the first to get to know and then if others wanted to get to know this event they needed to go to Ennakai for info and pay them to even get the info, Easy col if anyone must have said it. @Hestia
  6. Ennakai

    Ennakai's Items

    Name: Stick Of Gold Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 6 ID: 112814 Roll: 11 Item Type: Jewelry Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +2 Prosperity Description: A golden Y shaped stick that seems to get more active when near gold. Post Link: [Like Not Blank]
  7. Ennakai

    [PP-F1] Being Normal

    Listening to what Ghost was saying Enna smiled a bit, "well Some people are not cut for somethings, But all pieces fit somewhere, so no worry you find your place." As Enna said that he looked as Jade got out a thing she was not really fun of herself it seemed like, Listening to the words Enna smiled a bit, it was really quite funny and as Jade said the last sentence Enna did not hold back and laughed a bit as Jade asked him what she thought about the poem. Thinking a bit Enna smiled at Jade, "Well let's see. Roses are red, Violets are blue, You have quite the nice attribute, But that poem it also really Cute. It is quite a special one for sure, But it is cute." Enna said without any regrets to what he said knowing jade would react to the word Cute Enna used there. "If you really don't like Chilli Maybe I can cook you up some nice Curry, Trust me I'm quite good at making it, lived in a doom and peeps always ask me to cook for them," Enna said joyful taking out a small bag and out of the bag they got a lollypop and giving it to Jade, "Here, talking about food made me hungry now, maybe I should have accepted that sandwich you had just a moment ago," Enna said with a laugh waiting for Jade to accept the Lollipop. @Ghost
  8. Ennakai

    Ennakai's Items

    Name: Briar Rose Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 6 ID: 112811 Roll: 12 Item Type: Jewelry Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +3 Prosperity Description: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/38/f3/60/38f3609d0456bf5481425fbef8ea7652.jpg Post Link: [Like Not Blank] Name: Pair of two Glass Circles Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 6 ID: 112814 Roll: 11 Item Type: Jewelry Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +2 Prosperity Description: It is not but yet are glasses you can wear. Just two glass circles with a string between Post Link: [Like Not Blank]
  9. Enna was busy crafting again today was good hope and it seemed it was getting good a few new items and then something even better. Thinking about it for a bit he was getting ready on things to be done. Slowly he started to get things done and then a Perfect item got out meaning the last item he needed to craft. "Darn it took a time and now I get to relex, wait NOT i have more thing to do," he said before sending a message to @tricolor_mina Lost 7 T1 Materials Items Crafted
  10. Ennakai

    Ennakai's Items

    Name: Mask of Rose Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 6 ID: 112735 Roll: 12 Item Type: Jewelry Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +3 Accuracy Description: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/60/2c/a1/602ca1dfa71fe9ee2611cfa1b8428e1c.jpg Post Link: [not Blank] Name: Clutching rose Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 6 ID: 112738 Roll: 7 Item Type: Jewelry Tier: 1 Quality: Good Enhancements: None Description: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/09/b5/85/09b585e7b748d341660a52023d8607e4.jpg Post Link: [not Blank] Name: Recovering Flowers Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 6 ID: 112734 Roll: 7 Item Type: Jewelry Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: Recovery 2 Description: Small red decaying flower who seemed to have fast death multiple times but still shows the energy of a young plant Post Link: [not Blank] Name: Evasion Jewel of Speed Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 6 ID: 112737 Roll: 7 Item Type: Jewelry Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: Evasion 2 Description: It seems to be a small Anker that every time you move seems to go around like nothing, tho when holding you can feel the real weight every time. So it almost weightless when you move Post Link: [not Blank]
  11. Getting thing again Enna started crafting, it took not long but before anything, Enna was getting into a mood of crafting. One good item after the other it was clear the crafted items got somewhere. After a bit, it was sadly going back to Uncommon items as Ennakai threw them away Like really they did not have a need for it at all so why holding on to them did not really help at all. Looking a bit Ennakai noticed that they got themselves a new good item for a order making it so that Enna got just one item to go and then Mina's thing would be done. Lost 6 Materials Items Crafted
  12. Days went by and days come Enna has not left their shop for a long time and was just busy crafting quite a lot, Every time. The door to the shop was closed and Enna was not in the mood to get more orders from people as they seem to have a lot of orders already and Enna was not really keen on doing more. Sure it would be good but really the luck Enna was getting now seems to be quite low and Enna burned their Mats into items quite a bit and was not getting much from this as every time they got a weak item and was not good for the shop at the moment. Lost 7 Mats
  13. Ennakai smiled a bit as it seems the time has come to leave again, It was clear to themselves that they should get a move on, "So Lets split the bill, As Dustin said He just wanted 100 Col, Well Sure can be done, Cosi you can have The items No worry about it If I can have the Mats so I can start Crafting even more that would be alright for me." They said to the two guys and took the split of the items they got. It was splitting fast and at the end, Enna got themselves some free materials and at least the rest of the Col that Dustin and Cosi did not want. Placing all the stuff into his inventory Ennakai smiled to both and nodded their head walking up to Dustin, "See you later Dusty, Hope we meet again," Enna said before walking to Cosi, "And Blondy, Don't worry I will be seeing you a lot we are on the same floor anyways for so come by if you need a thing," They said before taking their leave and moving out of the garden and leaving the party. Thread Summary, @Cosi: 4 Rare Consumables, 1 perfect armor/shield, 1 SP @Dustin: 100 Col, 1 SP @Ennakai: 550 Col, 46 T1 Materials, 1 SP
  14. Ennakai was having a hard time with the orders and crafting itself, really what was going on here with the things. the Order after Order was still pilling and Ennakai was really trying to get the items. 5 perfect items with the luck Enna was keep on getting with this and for sure something was going to change tomorrow but for now everything was a mess and Enna knew this that the day was clear as morning and Enna stormed outside off the shop closing it before walking to the back and planting their face into the snow before screaming very very loud, The he walked back and opened the shop again -Lost 6 mats