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  1. Hydra nods her head as the man introduces himself as Clyde, It was a bit weird to see a cowboy like an avatar in a game without even guns. Following the man out of the safe zone, a bit Hydra looks at the sky as the man lights up a cigar. She coughs a bit before the man starts speaking a bit. "Well I think, the Quest won't allow you to gather materials from combat at all... Not that I do care much about fighting anyway, it is just also, that I don't Like it," she said with a warm smile. As then the next question comes out and asking her if the smoking was bothering her, "Well in all truth, It kind of is but I'm not one to tell you to stop, I just walk where the wind does not blow the smoke to me," She says warmly like some sort of mother speaking to her kid with the tone, I'm not mad just Disappointed. "I'm happy you asked anyway, A walk around the wilds can't harm anyone at all for sure. And about other plans, well I was going to cook for someone, but they can wait they are probely fighting some boss in the labyrinth of Floor 24," she said like it was just normal to be in the frontlines. Her mind then drifted off a bit and she started thinking, what never was a good thing, "Well yeah, maybe they are, or maybe they are waiting now, I wonder does Ruby like some stew. Wait maybe I can get her some nice cake or so. Yeah but one problem then she would like to kick off the energy then and ask me to spar or something," She said low to herself. @Clyde
  2. Hydra was shopping for some ingredients for some food she was planning to make for Ruby, It was quite nice to get things and having at least ranks in Cooking kind of pulled off now. Walking from stall to stall Hydra was buying quite a few things She even stopped at a small Weapon shop looking at some weapons thinking about it maybe was time to get a weapon to at least defend herself. It was clear to Hydra she was quite under armored for her level and she needed something for sure, At least some leather armor with maybe some handy enchantments as well. She then heard a voice behind her, a bit off a funny accent was heard and she turned around fast and her body moved a bit. She smiled at the man behind her and took a look at him before speaking, "bonjour bonjour Sir. Asking a random player on the street if kind of brave, Well I would love too, You are of need of a healer than," She said with a smile, " Ravi de vous rencontrer," That meant Nice to meet you IN France, " I'm Hydravion, But please call me Aris Like everyone does," She said with another smile. @Clyde
  3. Hydravion

    [OP-F1] Protector of the Kids

    Hydra smiles to Sonya as she speaks about starting her own runway, Sure Hyrda has been in the job for a time and sure she would be a bit rusty for sure but she always enjoyed showing herself off even is she spoke not so high about herself at all. "A Runway would sound lovely, But it would be a bit hard on me to do more than one job around here, Like our little spoiler friend here said," Hydra said patting Akito on the head a bit, "I'm a healer and also a member of a lovely guild, on the side I also take care of a lot of people, Un dur travail, Hard work, But I'm used to it as a teacher," She says with a smile before as Sonya seems to show something she wanted to do and well Hydra being Hydra did not stop herself from a free hug and gave the woman a hug. "Ooh, No date needed, Charmante!" as Charmante meant Lovely in France. Letting go of the hug you could see that Hydra did quite like it and smiled, "for a first date I would love to know more about the person I'm dating, Though I do like a younger lady, like yourself," Hydra said with a smile as she was saying that she was at least a bit older then Sonya maybe around 4 years or so as Hydra was 24 years old when the game started. "But back to what we were speaking about, You said a future, well yeah I could say building a future in here won't be bad but not Un bel avenir, A beautiful future," She said putting in some France as well as she spoke. "But sometimes you need something to build on and you can start anywhere I would say, from the bottom to the top, as a gamer I can say this is just like any other MMO game but a bit more real, just make a group to do the hard things, sure I would love to do some Roleplay, but this time the roleplay would be just your day to day life, Like I'm helping out the kids here from the very start," Hydra said with a smile @Sonya
  4. Hydravion

    [OP-F1] Protector of the Kids

    Hydra looked up from the kids as a woman walked up, even she was a new person around here or She was just looking around. Either way, it was good to see people came around to see the children. Hearing how she was talking to the kids a bit Hydra started thinking a bit and got to the point she was just new helper around here. As she greeted Hydra, she would smile and give the woman a hand to greet as well, "Bonjour, Nice to meet you, Sonya, nom est Aris Yasmine Toshiko, But please call me Aris like everyone else," she said to Sonya thinking a bit about the second name Sonya said. "I have heard about you, I hear things around here. I have been helping the kids here from almost the start. That has been my job almost all my life. Being a teacher and maybe some modeling on the side," She said to Sonya as Akito looked up at Hydra, "Teacher, Caretaker, Model, Healer, Guild moderator, Dragonslayer. What are you not miss Aris-san" He said fast counting on his hand how many things Hydra did. Hydra laughs a bit "C'est vrai," She said what meant That is True in France. Akito then looked up to Sonya and smiled, "I won't Miss Sonya-san, I just like cookies and Miss Aris-san asked me to help carry them out, She can cook really good," He said smiling giving the trade of cookies to Hydra again and stayed close to Hydra, like he would do normally if Hydra was around as he only really talked to Hydra. "I have to say pardon, I have been busy trying to help my other students that are in the game. It is kinda sad as the gaming club, the one I helped quite a bit in my years as teacher passed on. And one other well, He lost everything, So I feel a bit guilty so I try to help them as much as I can," She said now holding the plate with cookies. @Sonya
  5. Hydravion

    [OP-F1] Protector of the Kids

    Hydra was around in the Orphanage a bit she knew quite a few kids there and she was happy to be here One of the kids she mostly liked was Akito the boy with long green hair and very shy around people except Hydra herself. He was sitting behind her watching what Hydra was making for a snake, It looked quite nice to see it made and Akito was happy to see that Hydra was making snakes in the kitchen here. "Miss Aris-san, What are you making there?" He asked her and Hydra turned around looking at Akito. "You will have to wait and see Akito, I know it smells nice now, but wait until I'm done. Can you give me those two cans if you could," Hydra said pointing at the two cans next to Him and Akito took them and gave them to Hydra, "Here you go Miss Aris-san, can I now know what you are making," He asked again. As he asked this Hydra laughed a bit and smiled at him, "Cookies Akito, Cookies," She said smiling to him with a happy clap in her hands. Akito smiled back and looked back to the things Hydra was making. It took not long now and the Cookies where done being made, Hydra took the trade of Cookies and placed them next to Akito. "Come on dear, you can carry them if you want maybe then you get an extra one if you want as well," Akito's eyes started to glow and he jumped down from the table and took the cookies and walked with Hydra to the middle of the Orphanage. "Kids I got some snakes if you want, Come and get some right now, Or I will eat them," Hydra said jokingly and Akito looked up smiling. At that point, a few kids walked up to her and Akito and Akito jumped a bit but Hydra held her hand on his shoulder. One by One the kids took a cookie and went back to playing and Akito seemed to be happy again. (If you want to join be happy to do so, I'm just going to tag a few people who seemed interested for sure to join this thread @Kit @Sonya )
  6. Hydravion

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Hydra smiled as they got a kiss from Ruby and it was quite nice to see that She herself were quite good with each other, "Blah!" Akito said from on top of Hydra's shoulder. As he did so Hydra smiled and laughed a bit, "Does Akito want a kiss too, Or does my Green haired friend want a big hug?" Hydra said patting Akito on his head before looking even more disgusting by what Hydra just said as Hydra got out another laugh. As Ruby then came close whispering into her ear and if she was ready to go and find her, "Ooh Sure will do Dear, Just hold up a few minutes," She said low as the Akito tapped on Hydra's head, "I could hear that you know," he said as Hydra got out a giggle to Akito. He looked at Ruby walked away, "I like her, She is beautiful," Akito said while Ruby left to talk to others. And Now it was just Akito and Hydra alone again and it was quite nice to see the kids have their fun. Hydra looked around to see with who she could speak of the people she knew, Looking around she had a few options and she tapped Akito on the head, "who do you want to talk to Akito? She asked the kid on her shoulders. He looked up and watched as smaller groups and bigger groups where around "Your Son, Brown hair boy," He said to Hydra and Hydra laughed a bit, "Well I know who you mean but he is not my son Akito Just a student," She said patting the kid on the head before walking to the person he was meant. Walking up to @Dustin From behind Akito gave away by yelling too Emi who was still standing here with Eito, "Hiy Hiy Emi!" He said cheerfully. The Red-haired girl looked up at Akito with a smile, "It Christmas Akito-kun, so what do you say?" Emi said to Akito, "Mawy Chwistmas," Eito said before Akito could even answer it. Hydra got a bit a laugh before introducing herself, "Hello all, I'm Hydravion Or Hydra, but to this kids AND also for Dustin here I'm Miss Aris, Yep Dustin was one of my students just like some other kid around here," She said with a smile, "Nice to meet you all and Hallo again dear," Hydra said before giving @Ruby a kiss on the cheek as then all the three kids standing here said, "Blah!" at the same time. Before Hydra laughed again. @Stryder @Arabelle @Mishiro @Jinx@Fae Eito Turned to Dustin tug him at the arm, "U miss Aris-san Student, My friend Maro too," He said pointing at a Kid that was standing with Hazado and Neo. Akito sat upright and gave a smile to everyone here, "I'm Akito, and Merry Christmas is what you meant to say Eito-kun, SO Merry Christmas you all," Before the green long hair leaned again on Hydra's head. "Me said that Akito, Mewy Chwistmas!" Eito said before looking back at Dustin waiting for his response. "He likes Christmas so they I got him to the place today, Seems you already know a few of the children here, But just for safety that is Emi with red hair and the boy is Eito, They are not really brothers but Emi took it upon herself to take care of Eito as a big sister," She then points to two kids talking with a few others, "Those two are Kimiko the girl with the scarf and the blond guy is Maro, He is the oldest and also a Student of my," Hydra said before smiling again. ________________ Kimiko took the cookie from Neo and she smiled, "Thank you Miss Neo-san. Um... Miss Neo-san if you don't mind can you tell me, can't you really not talk if so, I will get you medicine to make sure you can talk again because it must be hard to not talk." Kimiko said eating the cookie Neo gave her. But Maro looked at the cookie and placed it into his inventory, "Sorry I'm Not so hungry but thank you Miss Neo-san, So Mister Hazado-san, You say you truly love Neo because you think it would real feelings and not just what you feel for the game avatar?" He said before getting kicked again by Kimiko, "We are all ourself Maro, That is what happened so our Avatars are all just our real-life faces and bodies." Kimiko said to Maro before smiling again, "Ooh Yeah sorry forgot again, Sorry, Just it was always wondering me when people fall in love and all. Miss Aris-san did teach me outside of the real world so it gives it away a bit as she was my teacher before and of my older sister as well Makuri." He said speaking of his sister as he looked a bit sad now thinking about it. @Hazado @Neopolitan
  7. Hydravion

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Toshiko was already known with the event on Floor 4 and she was making her way up to leave, It seemed tho as she was not alone at all. As things were calming down at the orphanage Toshiko was making her way around getting up kids that she thought needed a bit of exploring in the world, she walked into the open garden and smiled at two kids she knew quite well, a girl with red hair and a smaller boy with brown hair. Toshiko walked up to them, "Emi-chan, Eito-kun, come here for a second, I want to take you two show where, If you could be nice to get me, Maro and Kimiko They will be coming too," Toshiko said to the two, Emi Nodded "Will do Miss, Aris-san," As she took her little brother in her hand dragging the brown hair boy with her. Toshiko stood up again only to look at her left seeing a small boy with long hair staring at her, this was Akito. She walked up to the kid and kneeled down, "Come Come, Akito-kun, You can come too it be fun," She said handing him a hand, "C...Can I be on your n...neck Miss Aris-san?" He asked quietly to her, and Hydra did not say a thing and just picked him up placing him on her neck, "Of course you can Akito, you are one of the only kids to ask," She said going back to the middle and waiting for the rest as she then got a message from Neo. She read it and was happy to see that Neo was enjoying herself to there. Then Emi and Eito came back with a blond older kid and a smaller Girl with brown hair. "Come on, follow me all if you would," Toshiko said. It took not long before Toshiko and the kids got to floor 4 and the event Emi and Eito's eyes just started glowing with joy while Kimiko was still holding Toshiko's hand and it seemed Maro was just looking left and right. With Akito on her neck, she turned to the children, "Make sure to come to me when I ask, I don't want to lose you here, got it," She asked the group and all at the same time said they got it and started running around. Hydra herself with Okito still on her shoulders made way to @Ruby, who seemed to be talking to a few people, "Hello dear, How are you holding, Oh and Merry Christmas to you Dear, and you too as well @Hestia, Nice to see people can enjoy a thing like this," She said with a smile. Then Akito looked up at Hestia His hair a bit messed up by the wind, "M...Merry Christmas miss," Akito said slowly to her before going back and leaning on Hydra's head. Hydra looked up at Akito and Smiled, "Well As you Know, I'm Hydravion but keep it Hydra or Any other name Like Aris or Toshiko, and this guy over here is Akito," She said patting the boy on his head. @Spencer ________________ Emi and Eito ran up to a group of people where another child was standing and talking, They seemed happy so Emi took her little brother by his arm up to the group standing Next to @Fae. "Hello there, I'm Emi and this is my brother Eito, What are you all talking about, You seemed to be having quite a bit of fun," Emi asked the group as she was standing there. "I'm Eito, Hi nice to meet you all," The boy said as well with a smile to the people here before turning to Fae and smiling, "Wanna play tag?" Eito asked her. Emi was more into finding out what they were to either other, "Mister, can I ask are you all in a guild, And what kind of guild, if I may ask because Miss Aris-san our caretaker is in a leveling guild," Emi said with a smile tugging on to @Stryder his arm and pointing to the woman with blond hair and highlights in it that was talking to Ruby @Dustin@Jinx @Arabelle @Penelo ________________ While all this was happening Maro was being followed by Kimiko to a few other people, Maro spoke up to a guy and girl clearly in love, "Hello there, I'm Maro and this is my companion Kimiko, By any chance, are you Neo and Haz? Because if so I would like to talk to you about something?" Maro asked @Hazado And @Neopolitan Before Kimiko took a few steps up to Neo, "Lovely hair you got there miss, Miss Aris-san told a lot about you and Haz, how you two are love birds and all," She said with a smile of joy clearly loving the look of people in love, "Yea Yea Kimiko, I know you like seeing this but I want to know, Why,?" Maro asked the two but it seemed as he did this he got a kick from Kimiko, "Don't be rude Maro, Aris-san told us Miss Neo-sama does not speak," Kimiko said to Maro as Maro's face became red, and bowed to Neo, "Sorry Miss, I forgot!" He said quite before standing up again with a smile now on his face. Childeren Look Like
  8. Hydra Smiled as she was talking to Hazado until her smile got even bigger as her sweet walked up greeting Ruby with a smile and walked up to Ruby giving her a kiss on the lips, "Hello there dear, and Yes I kept out of trouble maybe went on a little bit of a dragon hunt but let's not talk about how I took part in murdering such kind creature," She said to Ruby "It's not my day now sweety, I think It is Hazado's time now, he is the special boy here at the moment so why not greet the guy," She said with a warm smile. She then looked over to the person who greeted Ruby and Hydravion walked up to the girl, "Hello Miss, I'm Hydravion, Um... Ruby's girlfriend, Nice to meet you, and I'm happy to see that you know my friend Hazado here as well," She said smiling to her giving her a hand to shake. @Hazado @Hestia Then Hydravion looked as at the next person walking up A girl with purple hair who seemed to know quite a few people here, She spoke quite fast and she smiled hearing the name she only knew one way a person from her class she was teaching But sadly she could not stop the girl and she was off finding Dustin, "Ooh so Dustin is here too, How nice how a person as shy as him can make so many friends in this game," She said with a smile. Then Haz asked if she wanted to check on Neo and she nodded, "Come on Sweety Let's look for Neopolitan Maybe she needs a bit of help." She said making her way to the house. @Ruby Once at the house, she moved into the house and walking into the room where she could hear a bit of movement. opening the door she saw Neo standing there with Sunova as well, "Well Well Well, Look here are my two friends, Sunova, Neopolitan, I'm happy to see you both, you both look great for sure, but I think you need a bit of help for sure looking at how you holding up," SHe said moving to Neo and giving her a few kisses on the cheek, before taking a few steps back and looking at Neo's dress. "Dear I can help you a bit, and I think Ruby as well If they followed me." She said starting to help Neo with her dress. @Neopolitan @Sunova
  9. ,Hydra moved and looked at the invitation it was quite cute looking from how two of her friends in-game were going to get married, It was really something to see. Even if Neo and Haz were both still quite close to people, they were open to each other. She had got herself a recording crystal to make a few photos and even a small flag with the logo of the Garnet Rangers on it, It was quite fun to see a wedding and Hyrda was getting herself ready, it said she was allowed to take a plus one and she knew right away who to take with her. She pressed send and also send her the coordinates and walked to the location of the wedding. It was quite nice here and Toshiko was in quite a looking dress, For sure it was something to see as good looking. Her hair was loose and she got herself a small bag in the same colors as her highlights in her hair -Red, White, Blue- And she was getting around to see if she was really ready for this. While walking Toshiko already saw the man of horner standing there, Hazado himself sure he looked quite good in a suit maybe he could do it more as it was exactly good looking. walking up she smiled and gave Hazado a hand, "félicitation cher ami, congratulation dear friend. I'm Happy for you and also the Misses, Neo. I really look onto seeing you two in real life, then you know things would be looking good." Toshiko said to Hazado with a smile. "Ooh, And is it alright that I took a plus one, she will be coming here soon, In the meantime, I will keep you company with the priest, Pas de problème Right?" She said to Him hoping he knew a small bit what she was saying. @Hazado Hydravion Wedding outfit,
  10. Hydravion

    [PP - F8] The Morning After

    Hydra heard a few noises but keeps her eyes shut as she is quite warm at the moment. Last night was all just hard to remember but one thing was sure it was fun. Hydra remembers what happened last time as she met a quite nice woman and being around here felt quite interesting, It was one of the thins as she got into a relationship with the person she met yesterday. Opening her eyes she looked down only to see that she was still in bed while the woman Ruby already left maybe to do something, but Hydra could not wait and opened her inventory and puts on a short jogging pants and a long shirt saying, Claimed By this one with an arrow pointing right that covered her pants almost. Walking down Hydra heard and smelled something and she got a smile on her face. Walking into the kitchen she saw Ruby being busy in the kitchen. "I was wondering where the beauty that stole my heart was, It seems they are here," Hydra said leaning over Ruby's shoulder and looking what they were making as they gave a kiss on Ruby's cheek, "Bonjour Bel ange, Morning Cecilia, What are you making?" She asked with a smile looking at the pan that Ruby was using. @Ruby
  11. Hydra walks into the shop on this floor hearing about it a bit from someone, as she walks in she just can believe her own eyes and spotting the tall boy with brown hair, "Dustin Dear, Child I did not know you were running this shop, even better than How about you do something for your teacher, I wanted to get something that just shows that I'm not kidding but I probably don't gonna use it much just use it to scare off people, But Yeah I wanted you to make a weapon, two-handed weapon, that would not be a problem right?" Hydra asked Dustin with a warm smile like she always did and walking up to the boy standing next to them giving a paper with a design and the Enhancements on it, "Not hard right?" Hydra asked before giving another smile. @Dustin Name: Ladies Twin Blade Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 5 ID: [Leave Blank] Roll:[Leave Blank] Item Type: 2 Handed Straight Sword Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Bleed 2, Damage 1 Description: A Copper handle going down on one side with a red gemstone in the middle of the handle. Two blades go up in the middle blue with runes in them. [Looks] Post Link: [leave blank] - Giving 500 Col
  12. Hydra smiled as she looked on how the conversation went Zackariah was a nice man really easy to talk to even if you did not get much out of him if you did not ask more, but it seemed Theo was going alright asking the right things and all. then when Theo turned back to Hydra she smiled and that went away fast after hearing what she asked and if they needed to be on boars, "Well no... Not really, You have to go to a location in the forest where you will need to find for random items, those items are materials. It is just like how I did it so no killing boar at all." Hydra said with a smile to the girl as she patted her on the head. "Come, Theo, we are getting those materials for you," Hydra said taking Theo's hand again and taking a walk to the gate of the settlement. Once there Hydra lets go off Theo as it was calm here and Theo could not get lost around here in the open. "Welcome to the wilderness Theo, It is here where great adventures start, and friends are made as well," Hydra said pointing out to the fast open area where you could see here and there a player and walking around a bit. The winds here were open and quite big for a place like this, no matter where you looked it was a forest close, waters to the left and a mountain at the end of the view. "See Theo, Just like I told you, all open and big here. Just make sure to stay close to me, I don't want to run into any monsters yet, okay," Hydra said patting the girl on the head again giving her a warm smile. @Theodosia
  13. Hydra stood up as Theo said thank you and helped her up from the ground, "Come on Theo, your next objective is to find the NPC to get the quest from, They are very nice and for sure can be nice to talk too," Hydra said taking Theo's hand and starting to walk out of the orphanage giving the person who was keeping an eye out for the kids a smile as they were leaving the orphanage. "So you're ready to get out there," Hydra said with a warm smile as they walked out the door and into the settlement on beginners city. In the city are quite a lot of people NPC's and players walked around. some were wearing Heavy armor and others were wearing light, there were even people wearing normal clothing as well. Walking with Theo in her hand they started to make their way to the place where you could start the quest, it took a bit and Hydra showed around a bit, "This here is a nice restaurant, I have been here many times before," She said pointing at a building on the left. "Over there is a blacksmith, owned by a player, he is quite good at his job," Hydra said pointing at a building on the right called the Blazing Typhoon. Then they stopped at an alchemy shop as Hydra let the door open for Theo to walk in, there was a man sitting there with a quest marker above his head waiting for players to be talked to, "Just say hello to him, Theo, he does not bite or anything," Hydra said as the NPC turned around to face the two giving a friendly wave to Hydra @Theodosia
  14. As Theo looked at the things Hydra explained to the girl it seemed like she was more of amazed by it than just looking, then another girl by the name of Amara walked up giving Hydra a hug and Hydra returned one patting the girl also on the head, "Hi Amara," she said quick as the girl asked for her teddy that Theo seemed to have. Amara went just as fast as she came going back to whatever she was doing as Hydra looked her off she noticed the Name and HP bar from Theo appeared in her few. As that was done Hydra patted the girl on the head again, "You did great Theo, your first steps of becoming an adventurer have now started," she said with a smile. As then Theo came with a question asking about if she needed to be a ranger to join and if Hydra had time to join her, Hydra giggled a bit holding her hand in front off her mouth. "Ah No no, you don't need to be a ranger, It is just something we came up with because we did not want to sound like a well-oiled machine, We are just a group of friends that act as a family. And It seemed like two of them are going to be a family soon," Hydra said referring to two of them getting married. "And Well yes, I have time to join you, for sure, I would love to be your guardian," Hydra said getting a warm smile on her face and giving the girl an ever greater smile than before.
  15. Hydravion

    [F1-PP] Woman talks Beauty

    Ruby kind of did the same as Hydra did moving her chest a bit, "Ooh Ooh~ Sure going to be interested," he said with a giggle following Ruby to were ever she was staying. It took surely not long for them to get to the place Ruby was staying, "Nice little place here," she said following Ruby to their room and with a playful and joyful hop Hydra jumped on the bed, "Oh how nice, Did not know it was so nice looking in here," Hydra said getting a bit more joyful over time. Hydra swiped open her menu and she took off the small jacket she still was wearing as she was not sitting in a sleeveless shirt on the bed still wearing her black skinny jeans. "So... What now Cecilia," She asked Ruby tapping with the other hand to come and sit next to her, "I see there is only one bed, so we can share, I don't take up much space," she said with a giggle before waiting until Ruby was sitting next to her on the bed. @Ruby