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  1. Kirbs wrapped the bundle around her neck and fidgetted with her fingers unconsciously. She was just having one of those days where she just had to get out of her cramped little shop. It was cosy in there and all, but the stuffy air and sore limbs practically begged her to get some outside time. Scarfy had decided to tag along with her as well, much to her demise. He had wrapped himself around her arm, which didn't help the soreness at all. She peeked through countless shop windows and sighed. She was barely five minutes into this floor and she already started giving up. She had a whole free day in front of her, she didn't even know why she would spend it in the Town of Beginnings. Heck, she could be relaxing on the beaches of floor sixteen right now if she felt like her. She internally ground and looked up at the sky. But the teleport pad is so far away. She emphasized in her head. Rolling her eyes, she turned another corner in the endless maze of shops and crowds. @Matoyasu
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    [PP-F01] Sweet Home w/ Matoyasu

    (OOC: I’ll color in the text later as well as grammar mistakes since I’m on my phone) “Interesting is right,” she muttered, crossing her arms. Scarfy, by the means of not being in combat, has hardly been anything but kind to her. It was a mutual relationship. He would help her fight, she would give him food. Kirbs ran a hand up her face and gripped her bangs as she internally groaned. Good God, I made it sound like a bloody business deal. Isn’t he supposed to be my friend? Is this what I get for naming him after a giant, bipolar monster? She sighed, shrugging her shoulders with a small smile. “Don’t worry though, I’m pretty sure not every Nguruvilu is like Scarfy,” Kirbs giggles nervously, really hoping that what she said was true. Her familiar looked up from his place on her shoulder and stared at the other player for a few seconds before taking his place near her collarbone once again. Is that a good sign..? She shook his hand cautiously, still not sure if he could be trusted enough to actually relax around him. “Ah, the pleasure is all mine. My name is Kirbs,” the player gave a somewhat smile and retracted her hand. “So, do you live around here or something, Matoyasu?” She asked, raising one of her eyebrows in question. @Matoyasu
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    [PP-F4] Brits

    (OOC: text color and grammar mistakes will be added later cause I can’t write on anything but on my phone atm, soz) Every step she took, another blast of what felt like tiny knives hit her. Kirbs tightened the thin, pale scarf around her neck, though it barely helped at all. She never liked the cold. In fact, the cold had practically been her enemy since day one. The redhead grumbled under her breath as she took another step into the endless field of white snow. While the cold bit her and the snow slowly numbed her, she was silently cursing herself for being an idiot. All I wanted to do was gather. Gather! Is that too bloody hard to ask for me? God damn it, there goes my control over my toes, she let out a huff of hot air as she attempted to feel her toes. Scarfy didn’t seem bothered by the stinging cold at all. In fact, he seemed amused as he watched his owner grumble under breath and curse the weather. Kirbs should feel betrayed or even offended, but at this point in their relationship, she was even surprised anymore. Kirbs looked up in surprise as she heard multiple voices echo through the barren field. She honestly didn’t expect anyone to be out on this floor. But then again, she didn’t expect to be on this floor either. She quickly made out two shapes of players- or at least that what she hoped they were. @Sey
  4. Kirbs huffed in an annoyed manner as she threw a rock at the ground. Whatever, I can do this quest by myself. I don't need anyone helping me! I've gotten stronger. I can practically one shot them! One thing Kirbs hated the most were quitters. If they were quitting over something stupid, then yeah, she was fine with that. But when someone quits for the most stupidest reason, she has the right to be angry. He could've just waited for me! She told herself, throwing another rock at the ground, but he had to leave. Could've given me five more bloody minutes and I would've been done! She sat on a rock, Scarfy snaking around her neck with an amused glint in his eye as he watched his owner have a breakdown because of a simple boy. She looked at her obviously satisfied familiar and scoffed, tugging on her hair with frustration. "We don't need him, though. We can do this quest by ourself. We don't need anyone! Ain't that right, Scarfy?"
  5. Kirbs quickly picked up the small gemstone and examined it. The gem was opaque and was a red-orange colour with splashes of white. She tilted the gem and brung it up to her sparkling eyes. Topaz, perhaps? She thought to herself as she stuffed the gem in her inventory. At least she had found something -to be continued Gathering:
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    [PP-F01] Sweet Home w/ Matoyasu

    Averting her head towards an unfamiliar voice, she tilted her head. She looked at him from head to toe and raised one of her eyebrows. Well, this is certainly the first, she admitted to herself silently. Snapping out of her thoughts, she gave a small and nervous and laugh before nodding her head. “Yes,” she stole a glance at her stoic familiar, “he’s certainly... a unique one.” Scratching her chin, she blinked a few times as the memories flooded back to her. “Ah, right,” she mumbled numbly. “I got ol’ Scarfy here from floor nine. If you’re looking for one, I advise you to go with someone.” She joked, patting Scarfy in between his ears cautiously. “He almost strangled me the first time I met him,” Kirbs exclaimed, casting her familiar a small glare. Scarfy just took a small glance at her before turning his snout in another direction. The red-haired player gave a sigh before shrugging her shoulders. “They’re arrogant brings but they’re pretty good in the battlefield. He’s been helpful in quests, whether I really like it or not.” @Matoyasu
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    [F1-PP] Getting the Gang Together

    Kirbs pushed a strand of red hair behind her ear and gave a light shrug while still holding her genuine smile. "Not that part, silly," she said, rolling her eyes jokingly. "I meant the part where you actually put a post on the board thing-a-majig." The player shrugged once again, glancing over at the various documents strewn across the table. "No offence, mate, but you honestly don't give off that social vibe. Although, you're not really the type to be hiding in a dark corner so I'll give you that." She let out a small laugh and placed her barely touched glass of water back on the table. "It really is nice to see you again. God, it feels like it's been ages. I have to fill you in on a lot of things since the last time I saw you!" The girl beamed excitedly, a small sparkle lighting up in her eyes. Just as she was about to reply to Kat, she quickly realized that someone else was at the table with them. Whirling to face the unique player, she put on a quick grin. "Nice to meet you, by the way. My name is Kirbs." The idea of meeting new people both thrilled and worried her. She didn't know if she could trust these people. They could just be murderers in disguise for all she knew. She brushed off the ridiculous thoughts with a sigh just as another person entered the room. She whipped her head to see yet another player she didn't know. She flashed him a grin and clapped her hands together excitedly. "Well, this is going to be exciting." @Kataware
  8. Moi is finally back! If you're interested in rp'ing with me again (or for the first time ever), just message me in discord or on site.

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      Hello. If you'd like, I'd be willing to rp with you and stuff. I just got my character approved, so it would be my first time actually rping on the site. My discord name is cremisius052 if you'd prefer to talk through there.

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    Face Claim Thread

    SCREW IT, I"M DOING ANOTHER FC: Anna from Fire Emblem <3
  10. Kirbs helped as she hit something solid with her foot. Sighing to herself, she crouched down and poked at the material with a nearby stick. Rolling her eyes at herself, she placed the material in her inventory and stood back up. The day was getting later and her mood is slowly degenerating. She hated this. She hated this a lot. Collapsing back on the grass, she let out an inaudible groan. Putting her arm over her eyes, she let out another lacy sigh. Kirbs kicked her legs impatiently and rolled into her stomach, slapping her face into the grass. The day wasn’t so hopeless, at least. She would have enough materials for her shop for a bit with the share she was going to get from this quest, at least, she told herself. But at this point, she just wanted to pass out on her bed and dream her little worried away. @Mortambo
  11. She gave a thumbs up to Mortambo just as he sped away. She watched as he missed... again. As the Nepent Variant strutted over to Ptolemy, she backed up a bit and shrugged her shoulders. It's not gonna be that much damage anyway, he'll be fine, she thought, bringing out her dagger once again. As she watched Ptolemy's thorns activate against the Nepent, she cracked a small smile. Taking the time to strike, she rushed forward and unleashed her weakest sword art. This should be able to finish it. Piercing through the nepent, she let out a brief sigh before jumping back. She clapped her hands together when she watched it vaporize into the air. "Alright, that should be taken care of!" She grinned, picking up the Nepent's Ovule and tossing it back to Mortambo. "That's what we're looking for," she smiled, "and what wasn't too hard of a quest, right?" Combat:
  12. Kirbs rubbed her chin and groaned, I need to do a quest, specifically the medicine one. She sighed and sent out a message to someone random in her friends list. Her finger landing on Mortambo, she gave a shrug. It could be worse. After sending the message, she fell back down on to her bum. Kirbs sat on a brisk rock with a pointed look. I can't wait for Kat right now. I really need to finish this quest, sorry Kat! She let her familiar curl around her arm and sat up, only to hit something and fall back on to the floor once again. "Ow, the hell, mate?" She rubbed the back and looked up. An unfamiliar player was standing there, and she had absolutely no idea who he was. "Oh, banana cheese balls." She looked up at him with a nervous smile. "Sorry about that pal, I guess I wasn't looking where I was... standing?" @Ptolemy @Mortambo
  13. DREAM LAND Dream Land is located on the outskirts of Delilah on Floor 3. The whole building is comprised of bright colors and decorative signs. The outside of the shop brings out a cozy feeling and several plants can be seen growing just outside of the windows. The lower half of the building is where the shop actually exists. Having no doors, shoppers can simply just peer through the entrance of the shop without a hassle. The interior of the shop is as colorful and decorative as the exterior. Inside, there lay shelves and shelves harboring trinkets and jewelry alike. Posters and pictures alike decorate the walls of the brightly lit shop. Several chairs and couches are placed throughout the shop, giving it a warm and homey feel to it. A small counter located in the corner of the shop is where the magic happens. PRICES: STOCK: CUSTOM ORDER FORM / PICK-UP READY LOG:
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    [OP-F1] Legends? Maybe...

    Kirbs blinked as a bunch more people started crowding around the trio. Shrinking back, she gave a small wave to Neo and sighed. Darn it, I thought only a few people would be coming here. She sighed and pushed a few strands of hair out of her face. Well, this blows, a lot. She let out a loose smile as she watched them interact with each other. She quickly sent a message back to Ptolemy, explaining to him that she changed her mind. Closing her menu, Kirbs looked up and sighed. I suppose there is no backing out... for now. I’ll see where this goes. “Alright, you tiny bread crumbs. Don't forget about me, got it?” She joked, eyeing a few people she didn’t recognize a whole lot. Steering her vision to Huginn, she raised her brow a bit. Isn’t that the guy from the Christmas party and whatnot? Oh yeah, he was the one all giddy about that... fire thingie mabob. She then looked over to another person she had never seen before. By the way he talked about the implacability if getting drunk, she assumed he was a heavy drinker. What a weird world. Chuckling to herself, she turned back to Arabelle and Bell— what a strange name for someone who chugs beer like a maniac. “Aight, are you guys done with getting ‘drunk’ yet?” @Bell @Arabelle
  15. Kirbs bit her lip to hold back a sigh as she trudged through the endless fields of grass. Her head was aching and going back to the town would only worsen it. She figured she would stay in the wild for just a bit longer, the day was still young after all. She felt Scarfy tighten around her arm and she let out a low hiss. Her familiar seemed oblivious to his master's pain, which only infuriated her more. Bloody familiar is so damn clueless, she said moodily in her head. She huffed and turned to look the other way. At least he gets the work done, that's all I care about. Kirbs internally scoffed at the statement but she didn't take it back. Scarfy really did sometimes help her out in battle whether she liked it or not. Her crimson gaze scattered across the field, finding nothing but endless supplies of long grass and wildflowers and weeds. Gathering:
  16. Kirbs scribbled down on a random piece of paper that sat on her counter. She had just managed to finish the order someone had asked of her. She was beyond relief, but it was just one out of a lot more high-quality trinkets. As she examined the trinket, she sighed and placed it back on her counter. "That guy wanted me to place it in that crate a few buildings down from here, right?" She looked towards Scarfy for some answers. "You weren't even there, gosh dammit." Huffing to herself, she picked up the trinket and marched out of the shop. It wasn't too hard to find the crate, but she much preferred people to pick it up instead of her delivering it. She returned to her shop after dropping it off. She tapped her nails impatiently against her hardwood counter as she debated whether to message him or not. Hell, I've been putting this order off for so long, I should probably message him just in case he forgot. She typed up a quick message and returned back to her working station. Day 21:
  17. Kirbs propped herself against a base of a small tree as she poked through the grass and dirt with a stick. I'm starting to remember why I hate gathering so much, she thought, a loud exasperated sigh escaping her. As she continued to poke through the dry dirt, her stick hit something solid. Raising an eyebrow, she continued to mess with a dirt a little bit. The more the pushed the earth away, the more she could make out a few tiny gems. Smiling to herself, she picked the gems up. She briefly examined them before throwing them in her inventory. As a bit of time passed, she just sat there with a blank expression on her face. Abruptly, she threw the stick on the ground and stretched her stiff limbs. "Well, I'm bored again!" Just as she was about to complain some more, she received a message from the girl she was introduced to earlier. "I guess I can do that instead." @Mortambo
  18. Kirbs let out a small clap along with a chuckle as she watched him finish off the few Nepents left. "Alright! That's how you do it!" She cheered, a small grin spreading across her face. "The Variant should come up any second now," she mumbled, her hands tapping against her dagger impatiently. She let out a loose sigh just as another Nepent spawned it. Nodding her head towards the both of her party members, she dashed off towards the mob. As she got ready to activate her sword art, her feet gave way from under her. Well, that's not good, was her last thought before she fell face first into the ground. She gave a muffled reply as she slowly pushed herself up. "I'm okay, I think." Kirbs let out a low laugh as she joined back with them. "I mean, first miss? That isn't too bad," she chuckled, giving a short and dejected sigh. Combat:
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    [OP-F1] Legends? Maybe...

    Kirbs tilted her head but gave the white-haired boy a small smile. "Yeah, actually. Yeah, my name is Kirbs." She scratched the back of her neck nervously. "Ah, I see. Well, I'm here now! No need to worry anymore." She cracked a small grin and looked around for anyone else who had managed to find the notice. Turning back to the other player, she gave a shrug. "I'm not that experienced but I can deal a bit of damage to a couple of mobs," she finished. This situation honestly is freaking her out a bit, so she did the most rational thing she could think of at the moment-- calla friend over so she wouldn't have to do any of the talking. She glanced at Bell from the corner of her eye before opening her menu and scrolling own her friend list. Let's see... How about that Ptolemy dude. He seems social enough to distract people. She sent him a quick message before releasing a sigh of relief. @Ptolemy Hearing a familiar voice, she spun around and was greeted by a familiar mop of purple hair. "Oh, hello Arabelle." She gave the girl a small smile. "How have you been since the Christmas party? Good, hopefully?" She asked, feeling just a tad bit better since someone she knew was finally here. Facepalming herself, she let out an inaudible groan. I guess messaging Ptolemy is useless now. Bah, it's too late to take it back now. She sighed to herself but shrugged it off. @Arabelle
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    [OP-F1] Legends? Maybe...

    Kirbs shoved her hands into her pockets as she inspected the papers that lined up the board. She never really fancied going to taverns but it seemed to be her lucky day. Hunting, huh? Shouldn't be too bad. She looked over at her familiar and sighed as she saw the same unattentive face that Scarfy always had. Rolling her eyes, she decided to try this group hunting thing out. What was the worst thing that could happen? She was more than ready for any battle at the moment, especially one on the first floor. Going through this should be a complete breeze for her. She pushed her way out of the tavern with a ball of ice in her stomach. What if I screw up like I always do? She pressed her lips together and shut her head. Do it for the benefits, goddammit! She looked up and scanned the supposed area where the notice said to go. Oi, where is this guy anyway? @Bell
  21. Kirbs grinned as she watched Ptolemy take down the second one. "All right!" She cheered, watching him finish it off. She had expected him to be inexperienced at fighting, he didn't seem like the type to get his own hands dirty for stuff like this, much less be the type to play video games in general. Turning her attention back to Mortambo, she nodded her head. "I'll take down the third one," she gestured her free hand towards the closest one. "Take the fourth!" She dashed away and activated another one of her sword arts. Propelling herself up, she landed two splitting jabs onto the third nepent, making it explode into a flurry of blue. Turning her head back to Ptolemy and Mortambo, she pointed to the farthest nepent who was currently standing there like a bamboozled cat. "Take down that one and then we'll have one more wave to take care of before the variant." Combat:
  22. Kirbs sighed as she picked at a couple vibrant red and yellow flowers that sprouted from a small patch of grass. Man, I'm pretty sure I've put off all of my shop's orders for... basically forever. Damn, I feel kind of bad now. Maybe I should send each of them a hundred col for compensation or something? Perhaps, that'll make my guilt go away, at least. She let out another heavy sigh and fell back on to the grass with a frown. I should probably close down my shop for a little bit after I finish all of these bloody orders. Maybe when I have enough materials to last me a while or something. She groaned into her arm. This is the most responsible thing I've done since forever. Kirbs chuckled to herself and pressed her palms together. The gathering had barely even started and she already wanted to go take a nap. @Mortambo
  23. She looked between both of the men and shrugged, "Aight, let us go my fellow peasants." Just as she was about to take a step into the shrubbery, she heard a meow. Immediately, a smile graced her features as she spun around at lightning speed. "Oh my goodness, you have a cat. Bloody hell, Mortambo! You should've told me the moment I saw you!" She cooed, watching the cat that was perched on his shoulders with so-called hearts in her eyes. Whipping her head towards Mortambo, she blinked at him. "How much for that cat? I'll trade you my bloody familiar for it!" She felt a sharp pain in her arm and turned her head to a seemingly fuming Scarfy. "What? It's not my fault you're always a jerk to me! Why can't be you like innocent, little Sunetra over here!" She poked an accusing finger in Scarfy's face, which he stared at for a few seconds before looking away. Facepalming herself, she turned to the people in her party, "Do you see what I have to work with every day?" Just about when she was about to go on a full out rant, she heard a familiar sound of a certain mob. Yuk, time to go through this again. Pressing a finger against her lips, she made a bunch of wild hand motions at the nepents who haven't noticed them. Ah, hell, I can't even understand myself anymore. She sighed and rolled her eyes at her stupidity. Unsheathing her dagger, she pointed to the nepent closest to them. If she had just the right amount of luck, she'd be able to finish it in one go. Without waiting, she burst out behind the undergrowth and activated her sword art. The nepent barely having enough time to react, didn't have enough time to recoil before her dagger plunged into its sickly green skin. "Alright, you guys go after the second one!" Combat: @Ptolemy