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  5. TITAN'S STRENGTH CONSUMED (+3 DMG) FOCUSED DOG CONSUMED (+2 ACC) WITCH'S BREW CONSUMED (+1 CD) It wasn't that Bahr wanted the mines to fall to the Drakelings. It was just that he didn't particularly care. The quest had been out for almost two years, and Bahr knew for a fact that there weren't people out there every day hunting the things, and the mines were still there. If the Drakelings were going to wreak the havoc that the quest promised, then the mines would have been long gone by now due to player neglect. But the promise of Skill Points and col were enough to draw Bahr to their lair. "Not as many of them as I thought," Bahr noted nonchalantly toward his companion as he unsheathed Dawn's Demise. "Shouldn't take long to collect what we need." As though to illustrate his point, he ripped the blade through the nearest Drakeling. It burst into pixels, leaving only its hide behind. Bahr picked it up, then nodded toward Oscar. "Easy. Let's get it done."
  6. "That's a part of the problem," Bahr responded, tracing a line with the tip of his blade across another collection of Drakelings. As they dissolved into clouds of oceanic dust, Bahr craned his head toward his companion. "You get comfortable in that mindset. That self assurance that you're so strong that it doesn't matter. Then, sooner than you expect, something catches you off guard. If you've let your focus and skill slip then, well, what are you going to do in a situation like that?" He cocked his head to the side a bit, as though to illustrate that it was an earnest question. "When the system can no longer save you and only you can do it, it's not going to matter what consumables you brought along. And if you stay in that chronically buffed comfort zone, there's a chance you won't have honed the skills necessary from what previously would have been surprises." "I'm not saying not to ever use buffs. I still use them here and there - I'm no purist. But there's utility in recognizing your intrinsic strengths and weaknesses outside the cocoon of safety buffs provide."
  7. Seemed nobody was particularly keen to see Bahr's vision. With a sigh, he brought Dawn's Demise through another pack of Drakelings and watched idly as the disintegrated, leaving not so much as a single Drakeling Dkin behind. It wasn't that Oscar was particularly wrong, he just wasn't understanding what it was that Bahr was trying to say. Was it a matter of pride? Or was Bahr simply not articulating it well enough to be on the receiving end of so much opposition by everyone he expressed his views to? In the end, it didn't matter. Bahr's abstinence from buffs - though not static - had forced him to think outside the box and become more fluid to whatever situation he found himself in. That was the core of the contention. If nobody could be convinced through words alone, then he'd just have to illustrate his point through his actions. Though, not against mobs so pitiful as these. Even without buffs, or with basic weaponry, they wouldn't provide a real challenge. "Maybe you'll see what I mean someday. Until then, just do you."
  8. "Yeah, NIGHT," Bahr affirmed before dislodging Dawn's Demise from the stony floor, resting its flat edge against his shoulder as he waited for the mobs Oscar had knocked down to scramble to their feet. Er... Talons? "Solid foundation, for sure. But I've watched her struggle in situations where more outside the box thinking was necessary. My approach so far has been to ween her off of the buffs and use better discernment for when they're actually necessary, and to what degree. Forcing her to rely more on her intuition has produced some... interesting results." Another swipe, and three of the Drakelings were felled. In the wake of their polygonal combustion, a skin was left behind. "She's a little rough around the edges," he admitted as he bent over to scoop up their ninth Drakeling Skin. "But she's got enough raw potential to outpace both of us if she learns to hone in and focus a bit more."
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    Shay's Songs(Eval)

  10. "Yeah, I can see what you mean," Bahr mused as he brought the wedge of steel through a pair of Drakelings Oscar had weakened, dispatching then both and earning another skin for their rapidly rising meat pile. "There certainly is anelement of skill that can be employed in Sword Art. It's actually something I've been trying to convey to a-" pupil? "... friend of mine. She's relying so heavily on the system that she isn't cultivating her natural talent into full fledged skill. Which is a shame, because she's god assloads of potential." Ignoring a new pair of Drakelings that approached, Bahr leaned against Dawn's Demise once more. "I think it's our responsibility to do so," Bahr continued, circling back to Oscae's point about having the backs of the lower leveled players. "Teach them things like that, I mean. Scarcely will you need to, but there may be times when relying on the system isn't enough, and you've got to fall back on your skill and wit to make it out alive."
  11. As Oscar delivered a straggler straight toward Bahr, he readied another Calamity Disaster and struck it before it even made contact with the ground. He then arced the blade in a manner that allowed it to connect with another pair that was fast approaching, knocking them both back before they closed enough distance to pose any meaningful threat. Despite only one of the Drakelings having survived the attack, no skins were left behind to show for it. "Meesa think yousa're right," he exhaled in his best Jar-Jar impression. "I've got a pure perfect set of gear that that still puts me leagues beyond most anything in the castle - that we have access to, anyway. No Unique Enhancements or anything, either. I just... don't really need to try anymore." He glanced down toward Dawn's Demise, which was catching specks of gold light from Oscar's weapon. "I'm really only using this thing right now because it's optimal over my other weapon at dispatching these things efficiently. Since we're going for volume, it made sense."
  12. "Gross," Bahr remarked as he peeled the moist scaly pelt from his visage with a slow splick, quickly stashing the item away in his inventory. Despite the remarkable grotesqueness of the meat towel he'd just been assaulted with, Bahr couldn't help but notice how much progress they'd made in such a short amount of time. "That's four skins already," he noted. Then frowned. "A bit below average. Doesn't seem like the potion I took is helping as much as I'd hoped." He stepped forward, poured golden light into his blade, and let it rip. Four Drakelings fell and burst into azure dust, leaving behind a pair of skins that brought a smile back to his face. "That's more like it," he chirped as he scooped up the clammy pelts and whisked them away in a ribbon of light. "I've been fucking around with a new set too," he admitted, planting the tip of Dawn's Demise into the rocky floor and leaning against its firm frame. "It's fun, but sometimes it pays to use this bad boy instead. I think I'd be struggling a bit more against these goons without it."
  13. As Oscar stepped forward and slaughtered one of the hapless mobs, Bahr was once again struck by the glint of his weapon. It wouldn't have been particularly jarring in a better lit environment; but down here in the mines, where it was dark and muted, Oscar's makeshift golf club was out of place. Perhaps, with time, Bahr could grow accustomed to it. Luckily he didn't have any proclivity toward epileptic seizures or any other such light-induced debilitations, lest Oscar's weapon render him inert before the oh so terrifying lizards that were progressively accosting them. "Absolute Accuracy, eh?" Bahr inquired idly as he tore Dawn's Demise through another pack of their shared adversaries. "That's like, what, an instant ten percent DPS boost, right? Provided they don't dodge." Expression souring at seeing no Drakeling Skin result in the loot panel following his kill, he dismissed the window and barreled ahead. "Think it's worth it over Fury?"
  14. "Jesus Christ," Bahr mused as he witnessed the obnoxiously glamorous display of Oscar's new toy. For a moment, Bahr felt as though his own new weapon - Blinkstrike - was horribly inaccurate in comparison. It had no special animations or vanity effects; just a simple red blade that had some moderate damage potential. But the doubt only lasted a moment, and ended right around the time a glint from the proverbial golden goose flashed into his line of vision and temporarily blinded him. "Yeah," he muttered as he rose a hand to shield his optics from the object's heavenly glow. "That's, uh, nifty. Does it do anything cool aside from being a makeshift Glowstone?" Though the comment was made in jest, Bahr's tone probably made it seem like a statement offered from annoyance more than anything. But correcting it now would seem desperate - especially given their recent spat - so he shifted his attention to the increasing volume of mobs that were rapidly descending upon them.
  15. With a stiff nod, Bahr made his way a bit further into the cavern. It wasn't long before a pair of the mobs noticed them and began to approach, clicking their tongues and raking their grotesque claws against the hard floor; completely unaware that their threatening advance would be one of the final tasks their polygons would perform. Bahr, amused, threw both of his arms to the side as though to challenge the cretins, exposing his torso to any would be attacks in a display of confidence and dominance. Why he was openly taunting mobs? Not even he knew. It wasn't like he had Taunt enhancements, or the Howl skill. At this point, it was more a force of habit than anything. And then, before they could fully close the distance, Bahr obliterated one of the two. A slow start, but he had a feeling that things would ramp up soon.
  16. Bahr marveled at Zandra's power as her axe ripped through their shared adversaries, finally shuffling both loose from the virtual mortal coil right before their eyes. Their health bars fully depleted, they animations stopped, and both exploded into showers of glimmering azure fractals that slowly dissipated into a oblivion. Zandra joined Bahr's side and, together, they witnessed the fruits of their labor. "So, that is it I guess," she remarked as the final shimmering pixels dissolved into the air. "Yeah, guess it is," Bahr replied absently, still trying to come to grips with the endeavor they'd just accomplished. Had it not been for Zandra's help, he certainly would have stood a chance. She was simply so powerful that she was able to carry him through the quest. He hardly even did anything himself. "Looks like I've got a long way to go before I'm ready for the Frontlines," he finally admitted after a period of silence, casting his mismatched gaze toward his shorter companion. "Think I have an idea of the sorts of things I'll need to make it happen, though. Namely, weapon type. Thanks for that." He turned on his heel and began walking the other direction, offering a lackadaisical backward wave to signal his departure. "I'll see you up there soon enough," he remarked, eyes still pointed forward. "Hopefully I can keep up a little better by then." _________________________________________ Quest Completed Thread net gains: Bahr 7 SP 5200 col (25) T2 Materials Zandra 7 SP 5200 col (25) T2 Materials (1) T2 Uncommon Light Armor - "Bloodclot" (Bloodclot) A cape made out of the Nemean lion's hide, said to be impervious to the elements and all but the most powerful weapons.
  17. Floor Seventeen, where everything reminded you of the Hercules movie by Disney Studios. Not that that was a bad thing. Bahr had once considered getting himself some property on this floor, but had decided against it when a particularly cozy home on Floor Ten caught his eye. Now he woke up in a cold sweat once every couple weeks due to that infernal screeching Banshee. Live and learn, he supposed. But that wasn't what today was about. Today Bahr was waiting around the town square, hoping that Goat Doofus, the satyr that had accosted him before, would show up again. For some reason, he found himself really wanting to go to Olympia again. Not because of Aphrodite, of course, as that would just be infantile. No, there was just a part of him that desperately wanted to get off of Aincrad for awhile. Things hadn't exactly been going to plan as of late, and he wanted some time away. So there he sat, idly kicking the heels of his boots against the brick ledge he had planted himself upon, nonchalantly watching the people shambling around as though they had nowhere to be or any purpose-driven movement to be heard of. It had been a few hours, but still no siting of the satyr. Had everyone in Aincrad gotten their professions already?
  18. Hello Aincrad! I am pleased to reveal to you the new and improved Player Request Board. It's been a while since we updated this section of of the website, and given recent changes to other sections of the website and some activity we've been made aware of, it's long overdue. I don't want you to worry - though these changes may seem a bit stiff at first, we believe that they will provide an extra layer of immersion to interactions between players, as well as close off some loopholes that have developed. Without further adieu, let's get into the meat of it. The new conventions for the Player Request Board (referred to as PRB herein) are fairly straightforward, and return the sub-forum to its roots. This space will now be regarded as a simple bulletin board, with some basic rules to ensure that transactions here can be carried out in an orderly and fashionable manner. When using the PRB, please keep the following things in mind. The PRB is essentially a bulletin board, and should be treated as such. Please keep this in mind during your interactions, and conduct communication and verbiage as such. Your thread should read as though it is an actual listing on a bulletin board. Despite being considered an "in-character" section of the website, the PRB is not subject to any word count minimum. There are no SP or col rewards available for page completion within the PRB. The PRB is accessible on any floor, but only within their main settlements. Accessing the PRB on Floor 1 will produce the same results as accessing the PRB on Floor 20, or any other floor. Each thread should pertain to the subject of the thread. One thread should not be used for multiple transactions. All transactions involving standard items (read: items that can be crafted) are forbidden within the PRB. For transactions involving standard items, please refer to the Merchants and Shops sub-forum. Non-standard items, such as quest drops, boss drops, event-specific items, Demonics, and equipment with Unique Enhancements may still be sold, bartered, or traded here. In addition to item transactions, feel free to use this as a space to request or offer help or services. Postings such as "DPS for Hire" or "Tank Needed for Lich King Raid" are perfectly fine. Feel free to get creative with it - not all endeavors must be strictly combat or quest related. When creating a posting, there is a basic format for how to title your thread. If you are requesting a good or service, please include [Request] at the beginning of the thread title (much like you would declare a floor number and the type of party at the beginning of a standard in-character thread). If you are putting up an offer, please include [Offering] at the beginning of the thread title. And that's it! How you structure your posting in terms of verbiage, aesthetic, or anything else is completely within your creative control as the individual listing it. Below I have included a few basic examples of how one might structure one of these listings. Thread Title: [Offering] T3 Rapier (ACC/ACC/Fallen) Thread Body: I no longer need this rapier, so make me an offer. Here are the item details. Thread Title: [Request] Need a Scout for Dungeon Crawling Thread Body: Our party is composed of a T3 tank, a T2 DPS, and a T2 medic. We need a scout to help us find sub-dungeons and explore them. Experience with picking chest locks is a plus. Thread Title: [Request] T3 2HSS With an Envenom Enhancement Thread Body: I've looked everywhere, but can't find what I'm looking for. Willing to pay handsomely for a T3 2HSS with at least one slot of Envenom. ACC Enhancements are a plus. If you have something, reach out to me and we can discuss payment. Thread Title: [Offering] Let Me Tank For You Thread Body: Just got some new equipment and skills, but my usual party is busy. Looking for someone who can deal some damage that wouldn't mind pairing up so I can test out my new kit. No payment necessary - I just want to practice. Hopefully this has given you a bit of insight as to what we would like to see happening in this sub-forum. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to a member of staff. We will be more than happy to assist you with whatever quandaries you happen upon. Thank you all in advance for helping us usher in this new system!
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    Bahrbaric Evaluations

    THIS EVALUATION IS FOR AN ITEM SUBMITTED TO DAGGER'S SHOP, THE IDENTIFICATION COST OF WHICH WAS SENT TO DAGGER. THE ROLLS FOR THE IDENTIFICATION WERE COMPLETED SEPTEMBER 21ST, 2019. THROUGH DELIBERATION WITH THE PST GM, IT HAS BEEN DECIDED THAT, AS THE OPERATOR OF DAGGER IS NO LONGER ACTIVE ON-SITE, THAT I MAY INSTEAD SUBMIT THIS AS A PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION. IN ADDITION TO THE FEE PAID TO DAGGER FOR THIS IDENTIFICATION, I HAVE ALSO PAID THE FLAT IDENTIFICATION RATE DIRECTLY TO THE BANKER, AS IT IS YET UNCLEAR WHETHER THE BANKER ACCOUNT HAS RECEIVED SUCH FUNDS FOR THIS TRANSACTION FROM DAGGER HIMSELF. Name: Dusk's Demise Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 5 IDs/Rolls: #124471 BD:10 CD:10+1=11 LD14 #124472 LD:15 #124473 LD;1 Item Type: 2HSS Tier: 3 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Vampiric Offense | ACC | Taunt Description: “Every night and every morn | Some to misery are born | Every morn and every night | Some are born to sweet delight | Some are born to endless night." Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17196-f21-the-cloaks-corner-rank-5-merchant/?do=findComment&comment=582461
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    [F22 - PP] Stars and Galaxies

    Bahr listened to the stunning accuracy with which Lessa described her ordeal within Calming the Soul, taken aback also by how accurate its iteration of him had been. Aside from the tiniest of details, it sounded as though the quest had generated a near perfect replica of him. It was equally as strangely unnerving as it was a relief. While it was odd to think of another entity that looked like Bahr, but wasn't Bahr hugging her, kissing her, he knew that it was ultimately a manifestation of how she saw him. It was as true a representation that could possibly be imagined aside from the real deal. And the fact that she held him in high enough regard to visualize him like that? Well, that was something special. “I figured out what the quest wanted me to learn, what it was you had taught me. Honestly, it didn’t come as too much of a shock, because I think I’ve known for a long time. I just... I didn’t know what I was supposed to do about it. But I think I know now. I’m supposed to tell you.” Having seemingly reached the end of her story, she turned and propped herself up on her elbow. Bahr mimicked the motion, propping himself up so that they could look another in the eyes as her slender fingers slid across his cheeks and cradled his head. Everything about them was bathed in the mystical light of night. The moon, the stars, and the lightning bugs had worked together in tandem to create a dull glow that perfectly highlighted every wonderful facet of her features. Her stained-black eyes, the flecks of white that filled them, the softness of the curves in her visage, and the slightly dreamy expression they had molded into. He heard and felt his heart in his ears as it pounded away, waves of excited nervousness pulsing from his core and through his extremities as he patiently awaited her ultimate revelation. “I love you, Apollo.” And then those waves turned to tsunamis, rippling through his body with such unrelenting force that he almost became nervous that it would be visible from the outside. It was his first time ever having someone - anyone outside of family - say it to him. So the heartbeats drummed away in his ears until it was all that he could hear. All he could do for a moment was stare at her, wide eyed, doing his best to process the information. He probably looked petrified. Somehow, it was so much easier for him to come to grips with the fact that he was in love with her than it was to hear that she returned the feeling. Now it wasn't just something that he felt; it was something that was shared between them, and that made it infinitely more powerful. Doing what he could to soften his expression, he closed his eyes and leaned forward to rest his forehead against hers. As though trying to read her thoughts, or convey his to her. But he knew it wasn't enough. He needed to say it. He wanted to say it. "I love you too, Alyssa. I have for a long time," he admitted, voice quiet and soft. Then, before either of them could say anything else, he leaned forward a little more and took her lips with his. He scooted a bit closer as his hand cradled her head in a similar fashion to how hers held his, fingers interlacing with her golden mane as he held her near to him. He took his time and, when he'd had his fill, slowly parted their lips from one another and opened his eyes to see her again. There she was, the same as she'd always been. Yet, somehow different. They'd crossed a boundary from which there was no coming back, but that didn't scare Bahr one bit. More than anything, he was absolutely exhilarated by it. Because he didn't want to go back. He wanted to keep moving forward, with her. In that moment, it was the only thing that mattered to him.
  21. This was beginning to get a little hectic, but Bahr was confident that, with a couple more good hits, they could fell the beasts accosting them. Filling Scarecrow's Sickle with the energy of a Galaxy Destroyer, he abandoned the area of effect tactic and focused on a single target. The Nemean Lion had left itself wide open, and Bahr had every intention of taking advantage of its neglect. He barreled forward, charging straight for the creature before swinging the blade with all the power he could muster. It was a glancing blow, but enough to deplete its remaining health pool to near empty. His turn complete, he turned to Zandra and yelled, "This is it! One more hit and they're both finished!" Their health pools were low enough at this point that another swing from Zandra's powerful axe would do the trick. He just hoped that she could hit her mark.