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  1. Kumatetsu Statue Activated [+1 DMG] Queen's Honey Consumed [+3 DMG] Imagine if Azrael Was a Hot Dog Consumed [+2 DMG, -30 MIT] Evasion Dog Consumed [+2 EVA] Diamond-Infused Hot Dog Consumed [+45 MIT] Golden Dog Consumed [+3 Prosperity] Crazy Lucky Hot Dog Consumed [+3 LD]
  2. "Hey Oscar. Let's take this questline a little slower, okay? I mean, what's the rush?" After their Scents of the Wild blitz, Oscar couldn't have possibly agreed more. Time was something they had in abundance when you considered their current predicament. There was't any sense in breaking their backs trying to get a quest chain done as quickly as possible. Oscar nodded in agreement, returning her grin with a smile of his own. "I'm cool with that up until we get to the ones on Floor Five and Floor Nine. Then, I wanna get those done as quickly as we can. I hate the heat." Of course, so did Cordelia. That would most likely be an acceptable compromise. Though they were almost the where the dragon hatchling awaited them, Oscar veered off to take the long way around. If they're going to take their time, they should go out of their way to see just what Floor Three had to offer.
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  4. Fear. The most inconsistent of emotions. For Oscar's part, fear was the enemy not the motivator. People driven by fear are unpredictable - more wont to bring down a meticulously-laid plan than they were to go along with it. Fear led to panic, which led to poor decisions. Oscar understood her fear, but he refused to let himself be swallowed by it. And he for damn sure wasn't going to let it be his main drive. And yet, what didn't work for him might be exactly what was necessary for someone else. He didn't need years of education and work experience to understand that people were multi-faceted individuals and no two were exactly alike. He couldn't very well cast aspersions on what got her out of bed every day. He might have had some comment about the dubious healthiness of it all, but he would keep those to himself. It was a pot-meet-kettle situation. Somehow, he doubted that blindly clinging to hope despite all that suggested the contrary was any better. So he merely nodded in agreement and returned to his work. They finished their tasks in relative silence. The heaviness of their conversation sapping life away from any desire Oscar had to probe further. With the final platter cleaned and the entire kitchen basically glistening in the artificial light, Oscar let out a sigh of relief. "There," he said with finality. "Next person who comes in here should be good to go." A slight grin stretched over his features as he donned his coat once more. He checked his watch. It was half-past this-doesn't-work-o'-clock. More out of muscle memory than any real function, Oscar's eyes flicked from the non-functioning accessory on his wrist to the digital clock that displayed the time in the upper left corner of his field of vision. That was definitely something he'd miss. This overlay had crazy real-world functionality. Much to his pleasure, they still had plenty of time left to romp around on a quest. "Alright, you indulged me. Let's go knock this quest out. Remind me, did I ask what quest it was?"
  5. He breathed a sigh of relief as he cross the threshold back into town. Grinding mobs was nice and all, but there was just something about being out in the wilds that kept one on their guard constantly. Being inside of a safe zone was about the only time one was able to breathe easily. He made his way back to the Teleportation Platform and headed back down to Floor Seven. A short jaunt later and he was stepping into the foyer of his home. He placed his axe down in the corner next to the door and removed his coat. The sun was setting and it was about time for dinner. Oscar wondered what Cordelia was up to. Ever since she'd opened her shop, they'd just not had the same schedules. Oscar let out a yawn and headed for the kitchen. He took one look at the room and shook his head. He really just wanted to get some sleep. Food would be there in the morning. Thread Summary 7 SP [3 Quest, 1 Page, 1 Bonus, 2 Mega Slime Farm] 87,685 Col [75,510 + 5% Loot + Col Stash, 400 Page, 8000 Quest] 37 T3 Materials [22 Loot, 15 Quest] <<Ki'Raion's Tail>> T2 2HSS - ACC ACC PARA T3 Perfect Weapon - ID: 154754A T3 Perfect Weapon - ID: 156089B T3 Perfect Armor/Shield - ID: 154754B T3 Perfect Consumable - ID: 154759A T3 Perfect Trinket - ID: 154759B T3 Perfect Trinket - ID: 156089A T3 Perfect Trinket - ID: 156096 T3 Rare Weapon - ID: 156075 T3 Rare Weapon- ID: 156076 T3 Rare Weapon- ID: 156097
  6. A final Explode Catapult thundered down from on high. The blade of his axe carved through the spiders like a hot knife through butter. Simultaneously, the arachnids shattered. In their wake were three glimmering spots dancing upon the ground. Upon interacting with them, Oscar collected the last of his loot and was ready to head on home. He took his time meandering through the tunnels. This whole outing had made him realize just how much stronger he'd become. In game and mentally. There was a time, after all, where he couldn't go off on his own and grind for fear of where his head would go when faced with such sheer boredom. Thankfully, that didn't seem to be the case. He could cleave his way through vast swaths of monsters that once gave him pause and interpret it as the catharsis that it was. It was definitive progress that even Oscar couldn't deny.
  7. He struck again, cleaving through the lot of them. Two consecutive Fallen procs resulted in the death of one of the spiders in an explosion of dark energy. Oscar quickly collected his loot. That wound up being a very basic mistake - one that he had thought he'd long since trained himself out of. As he was collecting his Col, Materials, and other items, one of the spiders sank its fangs into his should. He growled at the sudden pressure and grabbed the spider's head with his bare hand. Tearing the arachnid away from his body, Oscar then slammed it into the dirt where it collapsed prone. The other two spiders made token gestures to attack him but those fell flat. Dodge first, then loot, Oscar reminded himself as he stepped back and readied his axe again. Not like it really mattered. His health was still almost full. Even still, good habits shouldn't be broken simply because one can deal with the consequences. Certain consequences were best avoided altogether.
  8. Another group appeared before him. These were around the same level of strength as the ones he'd previously fought. Oscar dashed into their midst, hoping that by suddenly establishing himself as a threat that they would have trouble hitting him. He launched an Explode Catapult, cleaving through the spiders and leaving them in a world of hurt. They lashed out with their spindly legs, gnashed their fangs together in vain attempts to bite him. Oscar danced and wove between their blows with ease. He managed to emerge from the throng of spiders completely unscathed. He was still slightly injured from the last group, so he was glad that he didn't add any further hurts to it. Not that it would have mattered, really. All of them could hit him all at once from now until they died and they wouldn't even come close to killing him. This was all way too easy.