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  1. "Hey you. . ! With the green cloak!" Cordelia called out, stumbling her way across the sand to catch up with the person she totally hadn't been eavesdropping on. . . and it was pretty damn hard when you have freaking heels on the ends of your boots, if you hadn't guessed. She let out a sligh huff as she finally caught up with the player, all thanks to that stupid sun that was constantly blasting hot rays of light in her face. Thanks for that, sun. Thanks. "I heard you talking to some info-broker about another quest that belongs on this floor." She was going to add another part about how incompetent her own info broker had been but she decided that it probably wasn't the best idea. Bad first impressions were the last thing she wanted when meeting new players. "Do you need an extra pair of hands? I don't think the quest you were talking about is on my completed list. . . plus, I really need the experience," she chuckled sheepishly, rubbing the back of her neck with her palm.
  2. Cordelia

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Cordelia gave Shinji a thumbs up before turning her attention back to her now chocolates coated marshmallows. Ah, sweet heaven. She was just halfway through eating the dessert when she saw a familiar mop of ginger hair pass by her. Did she know anyone with hair that orange. . ? Her memory was failing her more than usual today, it appeared. Still chewing, sudden realization hit her. Oh, right! Jomei— She was just about offer him a wave when her eyes locked on to the cup lodged in his hand. Punch? Strawberries? A violent cough hacked though her body as she felt the half eaten marshmallow lodge its way into her throat. The girl let out a wheeze as she dropped her plate, a hand reaching up to her constricted throat before she used her other to start pounding the table. What the [no-no word]. She just wanted a good night. She just wanted marshmallows and now it was going to be her downfall. She swore her face turned purple for a second before she immediately spit out the chewed up marshmallow. How something so pure and soft can be so deadly was beyond her. How she was even alive was also beyond her. Her form let out a ragged exhale before she looked up. Oh right. She had someone to save. The girl marched over to the redhead, and in the most dramatic way possible, she swung her hand at his cup, watching as it flew out of his hand and onto the now-not-so-polished floor. ”Don’t drink that.” @Jomei
  3. Cordelia

    [PP-22] <<King of Lakes>> w/ Xion

    She chuckled, shaking her head. "It's been fighting non-stop for me. I think I need a break," she yawned, her hand hovering over her mouth before she gave him a somewhat tired smile. "Frontlines aren't getting any closer, though, so I got to give it my all." She stuck out her head before grasping his, laughing softly at his introduction. "It's a pleasure, I'm Cordelia. . . and I suppose I'm the exact opposite of you. I just deal damage. . . almost a glass cannon, really," she continued sheepishly before gesturing her head to her familiar perched on her other arm. "And this here is Pacco. Don't worry about him too much. He's all bark and no bite," Cordelia snickered. Cordelia lifted her hand to accept both of the requests and gave him a smile. "I'm sure I'll need one someday, so I'll keep that in mind." She looked at the sky and briefly pursed her lips. "We should get going," she uttered as she looked back down at the player. "There's a couple of things we have to do before we have to fight the initial mob, and I have some crappy luck when it comes to these kinds of things. I wouldn't want to drag this anymore than I have," the girl sighed before gesturing over to the open exit. "Let's head out."
  4. Cordelia

    [PP-22] <<King of Lakes>> w/ Xion

    Cordelia cringed. Her peaceful thoughts were abruptly interrupted by the sound of a cat scratching against a blackboard. . . or at least, that's what it sounded like. Her sensitive ears. . ! "A-ah, I see," Cordelia sputtered, scratching the back of her head before shaking her thoughts away. "Quests. . ? Er--" She trailed off, suddenly becoming aware on how much shorter this player actually was compared to her. Okay, not that much shorter, but hey, it was rare for her to be shorter than a guy nowadays. Somehow they all took steroids as kids or something, or whatever. Though, she didn't expect someone shorter than her to be wearing such. . . intimidating armor? Was it supposed to be intimidating? "A-ah, right! Quests!" She exclaimed, nearly scaring the feathers off of her familiar before she composed herself. "There actually quite a couple of good ones on this floor," she remarked, surprised at the fact herself. "There was one involving a witch I did not too long ago. . . that one offered some good rewards, there's another one I can't quite remember, but that one is much less combat related. The one I'm about to do involves a giant. . . fish," she said with slight distaste. "You're free to join us if you want, though," she added, shooting him a warm smile. "It's a tedious quest to begin with, but the mob we're supposed to kill isn't that hard," she shrugged.
  5. Ah, Floor Five. Isn't it just the loveliest of floors? The blistering heat, the neverending sight of sand, the constant pain of that damn sun in your eyes. All of the floors discovered certainly don't compare to the beauty of this floor. . ! Not. No, this floor can die in the fiery pits of hell for all she cared. Who even made this floor? Did they hate trees? Did they hate grass? Did they hate green in general? Possibly, possibly. She honestly wouldn't doubt. After all, they probably hated children. . . and young adults? But seriously. She wanted a major talk with those damn developers. At least make the floor look pretty. . . or add something. Seriously, it's just desert! They literally had so much cool stuff they could've added. Pyramids! A damn Sphinx! Literally anything! Cordelia sighed. Why did they have to put the quests with the good rewards on this floor of all places? She shook her head. Bull[doo-doo]. "Ya'know, telling players about the location of the boss will just make me lose business. . ." "Oop?" She stopped abruptly, rewinding her steps before peering a duo of players nearby. "Do tell," she muttered under her breath as she peered at the two from a corner. "I'm not gonna tell the masses. . . just players I catch wandering out in the sands who aren't ready to take it on." Her eyes narrowed slightly. Was this quest boss they were talking about that hard? She pursed her lips. Ketchup better have a lot of explaining to do. . . seriously, how is he even an info-broker when he couldn't even give out info? God knows how he's staying afloat. "Fine. Just head North out of the settlement. I don't know exactly where it is, but my sources tell me its taken over some long abandoned village. Pretty much nothing left of it, but there's not many like that out there. You find that village, you find your monster." Their conversation seemed to have faded a little bit after that, but she had already gotten most of the information she needed. The back of her head pressed against the building as she turned her attention away. Should she try to solo this thing? Would it be worth soloing? Could she even solo it at all?
  6. The girl stretched her hands in front of her as she jumped off of the teleport pad. She loved this floor. It was small and cozy, not to mention how cute the little houses looked and it felt like a fresh breath of air to her. Too bad she was going to have to fight another freaking fish. Seriously, the developers never get bored of adding giant fish in this world, huh? Three. Three. There are three quests that involve slaying a giant fish, but no, no, no. . . this time, the fish can walk. Now, you must be thinking of how the hell a fish is going to walk, and frankly, she was wondering the same thing. Does it just magically grow a pair of limbs? Cordelia sighed. How the hell would she know? She had only gotten info on this quests like, two hours ago, courtesy to her beloved info-broker, ketchup. Screw you, Hynes. "Alright, Pacco!" The platinum-haired player chimed, raising her arm as her crow familiar flapped carelessly on to it. "Are you ready to kill yet another fish?" She asked, her voice teasing. He didn't look impressed, and honestly, she wouldn't be either. Poor bird barely does anything in battle and she's pretty sure he was tired of watching her fish for. . . well, a fish, and watching it flop around helplessly before she killed it. Or maybe he just wanted fish? Do crows eat fish? What do crows even eat in the wild? She had literally only been feeding him crackers. . . which is probably something they don't eat in the wild, she guessed? He seemed to like them? Though, it was hard to tell when he literally had the facial features of a bird. @Xion
  7. Getting buffs was something that Cordelia never seemed to do that much. There were some occasions, yes, but she was pretty sure she used a lot less buffs than the average player nowadays. Was it because she was too lazy to get them, or was it because she just prefered brute strength? Could be both, could be neither. It didn't matter now because she actually needed them, unless she was looking to get squashed by a giant walking fish. That really wasn't on her plan of things to do, so she decided to pay a visit to her favorite little hotdog shop. . ! Well, little was an understatement. She was pretty sure Oscar held the monopoly in the economy of cooks at this point. "Hey, I'm just picking a few hotdogs, 'bout to fight another giant fish. . !" She exclaimed as she shot a smile to Oscar. 1x Focused Chili Dog [1 ACC, 2 Protein] - 1000 Col 1x Crazy Lucky Hot Dog [3 LD] - 1000 Col 1x Combat Dog [2 ACC, 1 EVA] - 500 Col 1x Chili Dog with Chili Fries [2 Protein] - 500 Col
  8. Cordelia

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    “Well, I usually eat them with strawberries. . . but yeah,” she said, just barely above a whisper before shaking her head. ”Why don’t we just have marshmallows instead?” She asked, forcing a smile on her face. “You should go socialize. . !” She exclaimed, grabbing a small plate before plopping a few marshmallows on it before she turned to him. “There’s plenty of people here. I’m sure most of them are single,” she sang, nudging him with her shoulder before laughing to herself. “I’m joking, but seriously don’t let me be the person who has to make you socialize,” she deadpanned. “Get out of your shell,” She drawled stabbing her marshmallow with a fork. “Trust me, I’ve been there and t’was not a pretty time,” Cordelia chuckled, dipping the marshmallow under the liquid chocolate. She let out a childlike giggle before plopping the now chocolate covered marshmallow on her plate. “I don’t want you looking at my ugly face when I start pigging out on all of this, too.” @Shinji
  9. Cordelia

    [PP-16] <<Fighting Fish>>

    Cordelia listened to his words carefully. How he seemed to always choose the right words was beyond her, even if it was his former job. "I feel like being me isn't good enough sometimes," she muttered childishly. "It's not like I haven't thought about it, though," she emphasized, letting out a tired sigh. "I don't know. . . it's- it's just after being a bum my whole life, I just want to be something more, I guess? I love helping out people and a part of me knows that I impacted their lives, but it just doesn't seem enough." The girl shook her head and fiddled with her fingers. "I don't know. Human emotions can be a bitch sometimes." She booped her head against his arm before letting out a small laugh. "You know I like you, right? Like, a lot," she asked abruptly, peering at his face with a silly smile.
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    Oscar-Meyer Evaluations

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    Oscar-Meyer Evaluations

  12. "People confuse me greatly," she muttered, shaking her head as her lips pursed into a thin line. "You can only help so many people before you have to start fending for yourself." That was her mindset, anyway. Of course, she would always encourage helping others around you but that can only go so far before you have to start worrying about your own numbers. "No matter. Let's just hurry up and get these things killed so I can kill the wasp," Cordelia said blandly, ripping her katana out of the earthy ground just before she strolled over to the incapacitated wasp. It was just about to regain movement in its limbs before she swung her katana down on it. The larva released a high pitched sound that seemed to make her ears sting before succumbing to its fate. "Level tens should be able to kill these things easily," she fussed, yanking her katana away before she let out a soft exhale. "What a pain," she whined, leaning her head back as she glared at the sky. She was always one for helping people, of course. . . but was this really a danger to people? If they were smart, these things wouldn't have been such a grand problem. ID: 136081 BD: 4+3=7, Hit CD: 6, +4 EN (0) Raidou: LVL: 27 | HP: 540/540 | EN: 41/54 | 2+2=4 DMG | 27 MIT | Taunt | 3 EVA | 1 PARA (9-10) | 1 V.O. +10%HP (9-10) (0) Cordelia: LVL: 40 | HP: 820/820 | EN: 69/80 | 14+2=16 DMG | 12 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF] | 2 REC | 4 HLY Wind Wasp Larva: LVL: ?? | HP: 0/100 | 30 DMG
  13. "Cordelia," she said plainly. She looked over to the now paralyzed bee and sighed in relief. Maybe she could take a break. She didn't realize how completely exhausting it would be to kill things over and over and over again. The tip of her blade dug into the ground. "You confuse me," she said bluntly, her hands resting on the hilt of her katana as she gave the now named stranger an odd stare. "I'm going to assume that you aren't a tank judging by your lack of a shield, and part of me knows you aren't some kind of healer. You look experienced enough to be at a decent level, hell, maybe you're tier two, but what confuses me is your damage-- or lack thereof." She let out another sigh before shrugging her shoulders. "I don't know if you're just dumb or purposely making this harder on yourself," the girl uttered, her hands leaving her katana before stretching behind her back. ID: 136079 BD: 2+3=5, Miss (1) Raidou: LVL: 27 | HP: 540/540 | EN: 46/54 | 2+2=4 DMG | 27 MIT | Taunt | 3 EVA | 1 PARA (9-10) | 1 V.O. +10%HP (9-10) (0) Cordelia: LVL: 40 | HP: 820/820 | EN: 70/80 | 14+2=16 DMG | 12 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF] | 2 REC | 4 HLY Wind Wasp Larva: LVL: ?? | HP: 85/100 | 30 DMG [Paralyzed]
  14. Cordelia

    [PP-16] <<Fighting Fish>>

    Cordelia shuddered. "It does sound terrifying. I've never learned how to swim. . . so I'm pretty sure I would just drown anyway if it ever grabbed me," she chuckled, realizing that it was a lot darker than she intended it to be. "I don't know," she murmured, rubbing the back of her nape. "At first, I thought I would be doing it help you, but after hearing that you might not be on the frontlines, I still wanted to be there," she said with a humorless laugh. "But now that I think about it, I think it's because I just wanted to do something. Anything." She looked up at Oscar and gave a wry smile. "I'm not you Oscar, I don't have a profession where I could help others. I can't take hits for others, I can't heal others, I can't teach others. I can't do any of those things," she mumbled, rubbing her shoulders with an awkward sigh. "I just feel so useless unless I'm fighting something. Without a sword in my hand, what exactly am I? What am I contributing to this world? To others?" She said quietly, looking down at her palms. "I guess that's why I want to be on the frontlines so much. . . so I can finally do something. . ." she trailed off, averting her gaze. "And I hate it."
  15. Cordelia

    [SP-04] <<The Night's King>>

    Summary: > 400 Col > 4 SP