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  1. Another Birthday Party?

  2. "No, you said nothing wrong. Friends it is." Veusvyan kept to hos stoic nature, seeming as friendly as he could for this man. Afterall, they were in a deal, and it appeared he had interest to be. That, and it was never bad to make a new connection in the infinitely spinning web of social activity that went on this game. More than likely it did anyway. "That sounds rough." The Adventurer that Vesuvyan was began to wonder how it was someone in that kind of financial position could have afforded something as exclusive as the Nervegear and this whole game. Come to think of it, many of the less fortunate were somehow in here. Maybe that's just the kind of people that turned to gaming as an outlet? He didn't fit in at all. "Other than painting what else are your favourites? Ceramics, Sculpting? Give me the whole lost." He egged Scarab on, wanting to know more, while Materials were being found. In the meanwhile, he answered the question. "I was a salesman, to put it simply. My job was to get as many people to smile and trade me money for the services my company provided." That was the easiest way of putting it. 122794 LD 11 +1 T2 MAT Loot: Vesuyvan - 4 T2 Materials Scarabaeus - 4 T2 Materials
  3. Tense was an accurate way to describe it, and this strange girl's wording of it in that way made him more than a little acutely aware of that fact. The way his muscles down his back and along his shoulders were bunched up, poised. His short and quiet breaths, along with still eyes that watched her. And to add to his feelings of stress and 'winding up', it appeared as though she was completely calm, a sort of confidence in her own skills that off put his own mood. His hand retracted from the spear, followed by a large exhale of air, the feeling of that extra matter leaving his digital lungs allowed the straightening of his spine, clearing some of the stale air. Though not all emotion was gone, a concealed frown being fought off at her goofy gesture. "Lucky?" The following statement did absolutely nothing to ease his suspicions. "Does she choose people often?" He asked, inspecting the bag once more. Upon opening it, a white dialogue box appeared, appraising the item on its own, and adding it to his inventory. Now it made more sense; the game must have taken note of his actions and determined he was on the hunt for a Familiar. Before he could even ask what she meant next, instantly a slew of items were piled into his hands, the white boxes explaining their purposes. It wasn't complete darkness in his mind; he had known that performers were good at charming various monsters, and could make items to do so, but why she was being so generous with such items was a mystery to him. "What is it that you want?" He asked, looking up to her. --- In the meantime, during her answer, Vesuvyan took a few steps into the Cathedral like building, and almost as if on cue, a triad of spike tailed, black lizards jumped out of the underbrush. This was a moment the dark haired man was waiting for, as he drew his beautiful spear, intending to dice one up with a Sword Art. 10 DMG (11x15) = 150 DAMAGE Vesuvyan HP:530/650 EN: 49/66 Macetail HP:337/550 EN(48 Bleed for 2 Turns) Macetail HP: 550/550 ID122791 BD: 8 HIT MD: 8 HIT ID 122792 MD: 2 MISS
  4. Ozzy smiled as the two exchanged shakes of their palms. "New Friendship?" He asked stunned for a moment. Was it that easy in this game? This sure was different than in the business world, where it could take sometimes years to get close enough to another party in order to gain their trust. Now the scouring had begun, Vesuvyan climbing up the side of a flag pole quickly, using it as a vantage point. Upon seeing a small break in a brick wall, he slid down, akin to that of a fireman and went to check it out. "So Scarab." He called out loudly so that the other man could hear him. "How long have you been trying to create art? What are your favourite styles and forms?" Now he was creating casual conversation, trying to learn more about this new found 'friend', hands searching for more of those sweet sweet MATS. ID 122789 LD 13 t2 MAT FOUND Loot: Vesuyvan - 3 T2 Materials Scarabaeus - 2 T2 Materials
  5. "Mild interest would be an understatement!" Exclaimed the dark haired man to this stranger. Airy heart beats pounded in his chest at the mention of modelling for the man's painting. "Uh.. yea sure. If you don't mind doing an artwork of me?" He liked the idea for sure, but wasn't sure if this person would like to paint a totally new acquaintance. He shook his head and waved his hand dismissively. "I have no plans to shorthand you. This seems like a pretty beneficial deal for both of us." And that much was true, along with the idea of making a connection as this one. Together they walked away from the location of current to the Courtyard area Scarab mentioned, when he revealed his name. "Well, nice to meet you, Scarabaeus." He extended a rather hairy hand out to shake with his new found acquaintance. "I am Vesuvyan in this game. Vesu for short, though some people have a hard time sticking with that." Meanwhile, Vesu searched around for such materials as they were after. With that luck, he found two of such pieces, much to his delight. (+2 T2 Materials) ID 122784 LD: 15
  6. Vesuvyan was in deep though, brows creased as pupils scanned, flicking from corner to corner. All of it, an attempt to spot any unusual movements, or god forbid, an orange marker. Neither of which were found, mostly because of the sudden appearance and words of a rather creepy old lady. "JESUS CHRIST!" Came the words, sharp and loud from his lips, spinning around and taking a few steps back before drawing the spear on his back, the silver, diamond shaped blade on the end directed at the Gypsy before she began to fade away. Lowering the spear head, Vesuvyan took the bag from her hand, and inspected it for a moment before looking back up at where the old lady was. Was being the valid word there; because her presence was all but erased as the her final words uttered about meeting her behind some bell somewhere. In an almost comically cartoonish fashion, as soon as the spear was withdrawn and back on his back, the dark haired man reached it for once more at the sound of another voice. "Is every woman on this floor coming to jump scare me?" Half joking, half annoyed the words came, his blue eyes now evaluating the source of the new voice. The Green Cursor and assortment of strange gear indicated more of a Player than that of an NPC. Unless this was some kind of strange monster. Very well could be. "Hey," he said back. Vesuvyan intended to leave it at that in a passive aggressive way, but decided instead to push the conversation forward. "Are you here to grind? Kill me? Kill that Weird Old woman?" The last two could have very well been jokes, but the dead-pan way they were delivered would suggest otherwise.
  7. The smile was returned, Vesuvyan's own lips tugging up at the sight of a rather friendly face. "I do mean the crafting ones," Began his sentence, though a scan of the man and the usage of context clues based on his own words lead the midlevel player to put together an idea. "Though art ones sound like they could be interesting." Rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly, Veusvyan continued. "Can't say I am much of a creative type myself, unfortunately. I do have a good taste for it, just no talent." He pointed and inched closer to the man. "Tell you what, I am a decently strong person. If you can help me find some of these elusive collections of Data used to make items, then you and I can venture out to somewhere nice and scenic, and I can clear the way, so that you can do your thing in peace." A fair deal, one that got both what they wanted, along with some extra col and EXP, if need be.
  8. Treasure, every adventurer's dream. Treasures, in the sunlight, they gleam. TREASURE, a pocket full makes a man beam. All these things were true, sometimes, and to some extent, at least a little, for a handful of treasures. It was all a technicality. No different than any other game or epic mythological tale, the players of SAO relied heavily on the wealth of the world, and the treasures they held. Anything from a few pieces of money, to legendary weapons dropped by monstrous beasts, to just rare metals dropped as the feces of a Dragon. All of it was valuable. This shadow bore even over the mind of Vesuvyan, who was currently on the lookout for such wealth to fall into his hands, and be used for his own gains. Today's wealth of specific, the various drops by monsters that crafter's of this world could turn into materials. A fairly low complexity system, but he supposed with all the other complexities and bizaareness in the game, having something like that in a simplified form was probably better for the mental health of many players, frontline and crafters alike. Along the winding, wind washed flat stones of Floor 11, with the brick formed houses and towering structures, gated by slews of colored flowers, Vesuvyan was now searching every nook and cranie. Though how exactly to find the pieces he so desired, was not exactly clear. So naturally, upon rounding the corner and seeing another player, the man summoned up the courage to talk to a stranger, much like one does when they're lost in a store and has to approach an employee, and asked in his smooth, Northern American accent. "Ey, you uh, seen any raw materials around?" @Scarabaeus
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    [Party Sign Up] Kityuisa's Beach Party

  10. The title of such an adventure is and will continue to be, nothing but an abstract joke; a meme, if you will. There is no mystery about such a creature, only the fire of desire burning within the eyes of a rather new actor on the stage of Aincrad. Far from the spot light, he enters what one would call 'far left.' The usual entry point for any prop movers. Fitting, Vesuvyan felt like little more than a prop in some grand story, but to that end, he had no issues with such a placement in life. Every tale needed scenery,, and if it had to be someone, might as well someone who looks and plays the part. Today though, the play of Sword Art Online would be focused on him, and that aforementioned passion. In particular, his eyes were set on finding a companion, both to stave off an ever growing loneliness filling his heart, and to substitute for the lack of Damage in his current item set. Leagues beyond the desolate borders of a small settlement known only as <<Angel's Point>>, the newly-begun Adventurer and not so avid games-player found himself searching up and down the various way-points left behind by various other players who had passed through these grounds. There were few pockets of life throughout the Floor, and those bastions were often densely packed with a wide range of diversity. One such Bastion was where the Spear-swinger was now; a deteriorated mess of colored glass, ivory walls, and broken pew chairs, reaching up to kiss the sky in an abundance of trees, fauna and flora. The perfect place to scout out and pick a Familiar, as well as pick off various types of enemies for their monetary and Experience values. A sharp whistle bounced off the walls of such a grand, but ultimately dilapidated building, Having emanated from the mouth of Vesuvyan himself, a check for other players or stronger monsters, keeping the entrance right to his back in the event that fleeing was a necessary action to take. @Kityuisa
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    Profile (Rebirth Zelrius) Username: Vesuvyan Real name: Ozzy Aiodus Age: 27 Gender: Male Height: 6'3" About: Men are forged in the aftermath of their childhood. Some tragic, some ordinary, even fewer blessed. Ozzy fit into the second catergory, though teetered into the latter. Born American, as a boy he went on to Study abroad in several South East Asian countries, the most prominent of which being China. As Irrelevant as that information may seem, Ozzy would cast the iron of his personality in these foreign lands. He talked with many, had professors, mentors, friends and loved ones through his Early and Mid adult life. These people instilled with him a feeling of belonging in a place which he did not initially know the language, as well as their own ideas of Fairness and Happiness. From that, burned the embers of empathy and compassion for all people; an ideal of Confident Justice that Aiodus believed everyone had the right to. From that Justice lead to a skill innate in many of History's figures; that of Stability, both Emotional and Physical. Many years of Marketing experience around the world, developing many connections and creating many friendships has led the man to a well developed set of social skills, as well as a farce of optimistism and fearlessness, two attributes many found far more agreeable than the usual doom and gloom of the world. A familiarity of Gaming was developed through countless hours of restless nights in hundreds of hotels, motels and townhouses. The Beta for a game called SAO was all the rage, and upon official release, Aiodus found himself with the property ownership of a Nervegear, and the aforementioned game. And the rest, has yet to be told. Virtues: Steadfast - Grounded in his own ideas and opinions, Vesuvyan will likely not change his mind on much, barring any major incidents. This is also true for his dauntlessness in the face of a bleak future, long or short term. An outlook on life that leads him to a sense of strong will. Heroic Theatrics - Every story needs a hero, and Vesuvyan loves being that type of person. The kind that puts on a brave face, gives long monologues and inspires those around him, even if it is all just for show. A sort of piece of his ego, where he play pretend of being something greater than he is. Multi-faceted - A good grasp between when to be serious, or light hearted. To be imposing, or Easy going, is essential for as many social interactions going as smoothly as possible. This man is no stranger to shifts in personality in order to appropiately fit the mood and tone. Flaws: Two-Faced: Compliment them to their face, insult them to their enemies. Able to do whatever it takes to get on the good side of whoever he talks to, rarely holding someone to such a high regard that they are more important than that of his own reputation or agenda. Regardless of their thoughts or feelings. Theatrical - Sometimes to an extreme, Vesuvyan loves to play out the fantasies in his head and be something he is not. He will often overplay the importance of certain things, and downplay the others, all in some delusion that life is like a book, and only the flashy parts should be talked about and remembered. The need to show off and be the center of attention. Superiority Complex - While often compassionate and understanding of those he meets, Vesuvyan is often of the belief that while people are complex, none are as complex as him. While people are trustworthy, none are as trustworthy as he. Some possess signifigant intelligence and strength, but none possess them in quite the right way; none except himself, that is. Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.) Skills: Level 33 Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Light Armour - 23 SP - Rank 3 »Athletics (Mod) - 12 SP Weapon skills: »2H Assault Spear - 50 SP - Rank 5 »Ferocity (Mod) - 12 SP Inventory Weapons/Tools: (Rebirth DPS Package) »Hand of the Mountain (2H Spear, Perfect) - 2 Bleed, 1 Paralysis - T2 »Messanger of Earth (Boots, Rare) - 2 EVA Consumables: 10 T2 Standard Healing Potions (*HEALING 50 A PIECE) MONEY LOG: REBIRTH DPS PACKAGE - 4,000 Col 5 T2 Materials Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships (optional) Story Thus Far (optional)