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  1. She hummed at his reply. Not many other players would be so bold about their odds, but perhaps there was a human element in social interactions rather than a roll of the random number generator. Mayhaps, this was the tether that kept Kyoto from shying away from the potential pursuit of danger. "I see," NIGHT returned, finally dropping her arms to her side. Her white cloak fluttered as it followed her movements, and the woman tucked her hands into the pockets of her tracksuit once more. "Then, you're the leader here." She nodded towards the exit of town, the blustering sandstorm still sweeping through the alleyways between their position and the gates of Fortaleza. "Lead the way." It wasn't until they'd begun moving that NIGHT began to ruminate about the missing pieces of information her companion had started to drip about the past. Lost, ancient intel. "This guild of yours," she mentioned, picking her words carefully, "if it's run by someone at the head of the pack, why hasn't anyone heard of it before? Some kind of secret cult, you think?"
  2. NIGHT

    [PP-EV-F10] Dungeon of Eschaton

    Not even the second tick of her DoTs had persisted and the giant fiend was already down for the count. Bummer. Just as NIGHT was entertaining the thought that, with any luck, there would be some tougher boss awaiting them in a future event, the tides that carried their pronged and sharpened vessel started to pick up in strength and rage. Maybe Cardinal had heard her words, and was dead set on showing up the player of its power. But then, the player wondered, wouldn't it have also dropped her figure out of the shadows that she so desperately craved? One look over the edge of their boat -- sure enough, they were heading somewhere, but the vast majority of swarming ghosts that flooded her view gave her no heads up about where to. So only after a good minute did she start to freak out. They were heading into a whirlpool.
  3. NIGHT

    [PP|F22] Want a Sub?

    She'd almost forgotten about tactics. Almost. When her mind was too busy entertaining the idea of restricted use for Teleport Crystals, there was only a fear that pervaded her every step. The treants soon came into view; NIGHT wondered for a quick second, watching them enter her vision, where there might've been a grotto on the twenty-second. If only she recalled the way towards it. Such was the life with exploring Dungeon Maps. Music blocks down. Her footsteps shuffled hesitantly just as ChaseR approached the group of enemies, hoping that even with the adrenaline already persisting in her digital veins she would be able to step into the realm of shadows. Thankfully, Cardinal was a lenient system, already partway through ripping her figure from the ether just as she'd managed to push forth towards her quarry. Everything else from there was on instinct. The air rippled at her fingertips just as Jack's Executioner returned to her side.
  4. NIGHT

    [Shop-F10] The Night's Watch [OPEN]

    It would've been one thing if she'd only seen the jacket once. But for some reason, it appeared once more, right before her eyes and draped across the counter in absolute, pristine value. She'd have to take it for modifications later, of course. But it was eerie how it kept finding its way to her. Or perhaps, under a less-suspicious MMO player's guess, it was merely a standard drop of the incredibly funk-ridden bunny. "I... uh." A swallow, then a furrowing of brows. Even as her sights darted around its outline, there was no mistaking the jacket to be true. One more final check -- the tag on its collar -- and it said the very same thing as the equipment she was wearing right now. NIGHT looked to Crow with a puzzled look and a tilt of her head. "I'll take it. Just-- give me some time to repay you for this, alright?"
  5. -- Because the rest of the crafts were important, and they were reserved for her. The quiet squeaks down the worn steps of the Cintamani were only accompanied by the opening and closing of the front door, just as NIGHT shuffled into the room with nary a word to utter to her business partner. Standard practice would often beckon a greeting; it was polite to do so, after all. But both the client and their broker knew very much of the stakes that were to be laid out in front of them. Anything that was to be said could be said in silence with well wishes and a focused mind towards their respective duties. A collection of the orbs. NIGHT only raised her gaze to check if Bistro had time to spare a nod or a glance. But she didn't, and so with hurried steps, the player took her leave bounding elsewhere for the day's preparations.
  6. NIGHT

    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Skill(s) Being Dropped: Parry | when did i take this? Mod(s) Being Dropped: Reveal SP Refunded: 12 + 9 = 21 Cost: 21,000 col
  7. If there had been orders, NIGHT would not have been aware of her instructions. Still queasy, she swung her blade against the blurred wraith's form -- for some reason, her paralysis seemed to have taken effect on the boss in front of her. Curious, since that was rarely to be expected. Not that her Executioner decided it was necessary, however. Another chip of her opponent's health bar, the player's gaze re-sharpening (ah, so it was a figure of importance) and-- The woman teetered backwards, eyes searching the face of her quarry. What she hadn't expected was half a corpse to be gazing back upon her. An added bonus for the sudden awakened soul. She was the only one ripping into its skin at the moment. What manner of malicious clawing at the spots where she was once at were deftly avoided when NIGHT finally registered the danger she soon found herself in. A weave past one blow; a skid, dodge and leap from another, she'd barely have time to give her surroundings a good analysis before having to distract her target from her party members. Speaking of, what were they up to, anyway?
  8. "I'll take a handful of them," NIGHT mentioned, picking a bottle of Dragon's Breath off the shelf. There were so many these days; surely that peace wouldn't last for long. "You know the drill by now." A handful of col dropped onto the counter. Still, the system registered it as a pouch rather than a tossing of coins. Bistro retrieved the package with her palm outstretched, watching her wallet numbers rise as her client began picking bottles off their display. Then she tilted her head. "Since when have you been crafting that much these days?" "Who said anything about crafting?" The player gave the alchemist a coy look, shaking a glass of cool air before heading out on her way.
  9. NIGHT

    [F1 - R5 Merchant] Pandora's Wares

    Call it a desperate maneuver, or perhaps a moment of motivation. For whatever reason, NIGHT had decided she'd sat at peace with her lot of unidentified items for long enough, taking the important bulk of her stored haul over to the cosmic fortune that was Pandora's Wares. Fingers crossed. She had an important request to be made today. "Identifications," the player started. It had to be a mix of hope, concern and folly trapped within her violet gaze, the singular give away that her request was not-at-all of deep-rooted confidence. A trade of the equipment via a window, alongside a number of stored consumables. "I hope these would help. Let me know if you find anything of interest. And..." Her eyes fell to the demonic weapon. "... Do be careful with how you handle that one." @Andromeda
  10. NIGHT

    [F09-PP] <<Guardian of Fire>> Red Sun

    If he'd been uncomfortable, NIGHT hadn't noticed it, too busy fidgeting with her hair being tucked behind her ears and verifying her fears. (They were warm. Shoot. Why was she so bad at hiding these things?) "You know the old adage by now," she continued, eyes resting on no solid point on the horizon. How far they'd still have to travel, the player was still just as uncertain of knowing. A wave of her hand in a lackadaisical manner, as she brought her sights up to meet her taller friend's. "'Safety in numbers' and all that. If it's not for the guild benefits, then it has to be for the gathering of players that'll stick by you and help you out. --Vice versa, of course." Did it sound like she was pitching for her companion to join some random guild she only knew in passing (and was very certain could own its very own island city if Cardinal gave it the chance)? Perhaps. But as she awaited Koga's response, she knew that for what reputation Firm Anima held for itself stood true because of the inner machinations of its operations. That, and their leaders were absolutely serious about their regiment and the game's completion. Nothing could be further from the truth after watching their heads enter action and walk out as a group alive.
  11. Who in the world would be talking to themselves in the middle of the forest? She'd tilted her head when she spotted the stray figure in the distance. Amidst the lush greens and the streaks of sun tearing away at the lovely view, there happened to be another player aimlessly pacing about -- not that NIGHT could capture what they were speaking about. Too far away. Had there been another mark nearby that the woman was familiar with, she might've been certain that he was headed to its location to run its meek form through. But the dragons were the trouble with these odd, out-of-the-way spots across the various floors. It only stood reason that the man was headed the same way she was, the player figured, taking multiple steps behind them after slipping into the dark. There was something fun about tailing people now. Or perhaps her double's influence had rubbed off a little too much on her. A curse inwardly, the woman fighting against an urge to close the distance between them, as though tempting fate to see how quickly she'd be able to be caught. Nonetheless, even through the thicket she'd keep the figure in her sights. After all, if the dragon did appear, she'd have to get in her kill too.
  12. She could tell, at the very least, that there was an enemy present -- if it had to be that tall figure in the distance, then it was her duty to maneuver her blade as its vessel, delivering the sentence of her Executioner that was due for the system entity. And yet, the spiraling crystals of her party members were off fidgeting about elsewhere. Why? NIGHT carried herself over, an arm clutching her stomach-- still hidden? No danger to her, then. Whilst her groupies were off on some misadventure, it was the very least that the player could whittle down the main threat. To her addled mind, it made all the sense that was necessary to her at the time; any action was better than inaction, and if it was a hindrance to their tactics... ... Whoops. A lazy slash cut away at the boss' green to little effect. One by one, detriments began to blink into existence under Hel's jurisdiction, and it was only when she'd finally taken a moment's breather that NIGHT came to savor her luck and guess work in the middle of a battle half-known.
  13. Beached. She wasn't too sure where, but as the last of her party to have scrambled to her feet, the player was much more pleasantly surprised by the fact that her shadowy instincts had held steadfast to the dizzying elements of the water -- and that Cardinal hadn't docked any of them of health points for that shocking display of diving head-first into the depths of a disaster. It was with confusion in her steps and the unfiltered glaring light of the land around them that NIGHT stumbled about as she rose. Somehow, her companions were already fit to take action. Good for them. All NIGHT had wanted to do was hurl, but this was not the circumstance she would ideally take nausea kindly in. Was that blurry image in the distance a woman? At least her interface hadn't blended together in a mirage of colours; and yet, their striking detail was nigh unlikable to the player.
  14. "And not necessarily everyone believes that front-liners have all the time in the world." Two arms to her side in another shrug, a vapid smile and a shake of her head were all NIGHT afforded the other player. "So that makes you lucky, in that sense. Computes well, doesn't it? No singular player would often run into one front liner on their own, let alone two. There's so many of us out there." The woman lowered her arms. "It'd be miraculous of an encounter -- even if you sought them out to find them." “So does that mean you’re going to help me?” She only hummed in response. "I remember your invitation being issued to no one in particular. And it was for a fool's show, rather than some guidance, I believe." A curled finger set to the bottom of her lip, the 'front-liner' sizing up her quarry with a bored skim over Kyoto's form. "If you're looking for someone of high import, and you think that to be me-- well." The smile NIGHT gave him was only tempered. "Then I guess you have to ask yourself -- do you feel lucky today?"
  15. Itzal? Jomei? "Never heard of them," she returned, just as she'd started shuffling out the inn door. Her sights were pointed back at Kyoto -- a look of indifference and blank honesty awaited him, the woman walking backwards for but a spell. "Nice to know you're chosen by the lucky few, though." With a sly grin, she shoved her hands into her tracksuit's pockets. "Must be why you're so confident, huh?" On the outside, there was always a foul sandstorm brewing one way or another; a snap of her fingers was enough for the woman to don a large hooded tarp in snow white. With a hand, NIGHT brought the hood of her cloak over her visage, eyeing her companion for the journey and gesturing towards the exit of town with a nod. "Noble," she added to his reply, "I'd buy it too if you said you were training to become an entertainer. Hunters don't need an audience, now do they?"