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  1. NIGHT

    NIGHT's Appraisals

    Item Name: Mauve Kanzashi Profession: Artisan Rank: 7 Roll ID: 134862 Roll Result: 12 (11, +1) Item Type: Jewelry Tier: 2 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 1 EVA, 2 REC Description: A hair ornament adorned with a pale violet ribbon that keeps the user's hair up. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18303-f01-r7-artisan-the-evening-star-open/?do=findComment&comment=595276
  2. [25/1/20] A tinkling of bells, and a hop and a skip over came Cordelia, presenting herself as the artisan's next client. NIGHT gave her a wave as she entered, barely able to set down her tea before she was ribbed, almost chuckling and losing her grip on the cup at the contact. "H-hey!" The woman protested, more out of friendliness than retaliation. One glance at the order form. "I barely remembered that," she confessed, "But I'll get on your request shortly." Disappearing into the back room, it was a snap to produce the item as requested, bagged up in a paper sleeve once again. Though, NIGHT looked a little worse for wear when she came through the doorway. Setting the equipment down on the counter surface, she added, "I was clumsier this time... But this one should do. Hope it finds you well!" @Cordelia
  3. "Yeah, I'm waiting around for him. Said he needed me for a quest. Guess you're coming along, too?" She barely managed to squeeze out an "Ah, I think so--" before familiar voices piped up from behind them. A glance to the back was only customary; she knew it'd be Cordelia and Oscar, though she too didn't manage to pick up on the teleportation noises. "Are you guys excited to do this quest?" "As excited as I can be," NIGHT replied courteously with a smile, though a lack of emotion in her voice betrayed her words and behaviour. "Though I can't imagine the environment where we'd find it lurking about on this floor. In the warm, humid dark?" A grunt of dissatisfaction. "I'd rather not, but if that's what the system asks from us..." Then Oscar seemed to clear up the situation for her. That Bahr was additional help with Bane of Blood's difficulty in question. She ran through the stats of the enemies in her mind once again, understanding the necessity for concern. It wouldn't hurt to have another party member no matter the situation, and Bahr looked like he could take care of himself. As the chef went through his items, she took another glance up the red marauder. Not as tall as Oscar, NIGHT compared, yet more... spiky. Formal? Maybe they were what lent his intimidation a hand. "It's fine," she added, giving the two a nod before directing her gaze towards the feasts that've appeared. "Alright, eat up everyone. We should all be fully buffed going into this." Right. Wait, what is this...? The woman knew it was hot dogs for sure; it was Oscar's specialty, after all. But put together on a tray like this, it was easy to mistake it as a splay of something more refined. Once the taste hit her palate, though, it was unmistakably not as classy as it looked at first glance. NIGHT struggled to hold the food down with the mess of flavours involved, but once she was done, she gave the man a bow. "Thank you for the food." @Cordelia
  4. NIGHT

    [F11-NYL-PP] Warm Spirits

    Wonky snowmen? NIGHT tried to hold back another giggle, watching Wuotan motion with his hands. Like magic, the food manifested itself from thin air, and with a swift motion the man handed it over to her friend, a smile on his face, and prose for well wishes on his lips. Then, he gave the adventurer a wink, to which NIGHT returned a questioning grin to, before announcing his leave. One quick turn around, and he slipped back into the icy fog, to which the woman in dark sighed, letting go of a breath she was holding onto, and sliding around her seat to face her friend once again. Well, that was somewhat terrifying... She looked over to her friend's new food item, tilting her head. "Accuracy and Evasion's always good. Especially if you're looking to make friends with combat-motivated players, I guess." A chuckle and a nod, as she watched Ceres lean backwards carefully. "I'm glad we got to spend time together, too! But-- you're right." NIGHT picked up the last bit of cake from the countertop and stuffing it in her mouth. The crumbs and paper base began to scatter in a myriad of lights, and the woman slid herself off her stool. "We should get going." "I wouldn't want you to miss curfew or anything," she added, jesting with a smirk. "C'mon, let's walk back together." A scatter of mishandled col onto the shop's counter, and NIGHT followed along behind Ceres, a warm smile on her face. Tonight, she thought, was a good night, and it made all the difference to her. - - - Thread Summary
  5. NIGHT

    NIGHT's Appraisals

    Item Name: ≪Ryukyu Furin#133890≫ Profession: Artisan Rank: 7 Roll ID: 133890 Roll Result: 12 (11, +1) Item Type: Trinket Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Ambition Description: A small ryukyu glass wind chime with the word "Ambition" written in japanese on the hanging paper (pic.) Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18303-f01-r7-artisan-the-evening-star-open/?do=findComment&comment=593840 Item Name: ≪Setoyaki Furin#134693≫ Profession: Artisan Rank: 7 Roll ID: 134693 Roll Result: 12 (11, +1) Item Type: Trinket Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Ambition Description: A Seto ware style ceramic wind chime with the word "Ambition" written in japanese on the hanging paper. (pic.) Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18303-f01-r7-artisan-the-evening-star-open/?do=findComment&comment=595052 Item Name: ≪Memory Fragment#134700≫ Profession: Artisan Rank: 7 Roll ID: 134700 Roll Result: 13 (12, +1) Item Type: Trinket Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Recovery | Recovery | Taunt Description: A thin bracelet with a blue crystal as its centerpiece. It lightly glows when any of its enchantments proc. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18303-f01-r7-artisan-the-evening-star-open/?do=findComment&comment=595052 Item Name: ≪Memory Fragments# 133578≫ Profession: Artisan Rank: 7 Roll ID: 133578 Roll Result: 13 (12, + 1) Item Type: Trinket Tier: 2 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Recovery | Recovery | Taunt Description: A thin bracelet with a pair of blue and yellow crystals as its centerpiece. They blue one glows when Recovery procs. and the other when Taunt procs. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18303-f01-r7-artisan-the-evening-star-open/?do=findComment&comment=593569 Item Name: ≪Firm Resolve# 134697≫ Profession: Artisan Rank: 7 Roll ID: 134697 Roll Result: 13 (12, + 1) Item Type: Trinket Tier: 3 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Recovery | Recovery | Accuracy Description: A pair of crimson red earrings that slightly glow when the recovery enchantment procs. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18303-f01-r7-artisan-the-evening-star-open/?do=findComment&comment=595052
  6. [22/1/20] It was funny how quickly she and her kitten perked up at the entrance of her newest client. Ariel, right? The lady set down a number of items on the counter as NIGHT scurried over to look over them, placing down her tea somewhat carelessly in the mini-lounge. She mouthed the words as she read the scrawlings, before picking up the pouch of materials, giving Ariel a gesture to wait for a moment, then setting herself in her workshop. Then, it became... scary, how quickly the items were churned out. Two were crafted with all-purpose kits, sure, but the three she'd been tasked to construct on the fly came as second nature to her. With wide eyes, she stepped out from the back room, setting down the five trinkets onto the wooden surface, a ragged but brilliant smile on her face. "Too fast for my tastes," she joked, pulling in the col pouch to her side. @Ariel - The Crowned Lion
  7. NIGHT

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    late but w/ev's hi
  8. NIGHT

    [PP-F02] A different kind of return «Return of the Queen»

    NIGHT scoffed at her words, giving Mari a wry smile. "You talk like you're so certain no one out there would miss you. None of us should be falling whenever possible." She watched as her party began to split up, Cordelia heading on her own way (as per usual) and Ariel scanning their locale in case there was additional information to be gained from the quest. With the PK-er taking her time to approach the veteran, she gave the two a holler, likely gone unnoticed, and a wave. "Thanks for the run!" What was more important than leaving was getting her familiar back. She watched Nyanko scurry over to her through the grass from Kimba's grasp, wondering how well her kitten had fared in the other cat's care. A quick scoop of the black baby and she slunk him into her bag once again, giving him a few strokes down his back. A squeaky mew. That was enough to tell her that he'd be okay. Right. Now, NIGHT sighed, turning her back on the duo as she headed towards town, fingers pulling up her mail interface. Back to business... @Mari @Ariel - The Crowned Lion
  9. NIGHT

    [F11-NYL-PP] Warm Spirits

    NIGHT had to admit -- she wasn't expecting the NPC to show up all of a sudden. She hesitated to turn, taking another bite from what was left of their cake (it could only be described as a dark purple mess, by now), before giving Wuotan a glance when the man addressed her, returning to him a curt nod. The woman returned to her quiet stupor, only to have Ceres meet her gaze halfway. How... should I put this? She put a finger to her lips and gave her a wink, before picking up another bit of cake from the pile, popping it right into her mouth again. Delicious. "What...do I want?" It took the red head a good bit to decide -- fumbling and fidgeting with her hands, muttering, before she looked up back at Father Wuotan, with a request for something that can aid others, spreading joy and unity to the others. NIGHT found herself nodding, humming thoughtfully as she chewed on the chopsticks in her mouth. She couldn't help but admit that it was pretty noble. Then her friend barked out for food, and the player let out a snort and a hiss of laughter. "Sorry-- t-that just caught me off guard-- I didn't expect you to yell that out loud." Also, it's Wuotan, but I think the man can correct that himself. @Father Wuotan
  10. Silence. All but the tiniest mews of delight from her kitten, as NIGHT continued scratching her familiar's head. After a minute or two of waiting for a reply, she sighed, kicking off the rope barrier behind her and making her way off the bridge. The moment gave her time to contemplate on her enemies' stats, and after further review, she really wondered if she could take them on by herself. Probably not for the best. A grumble of annoyance. Maybe a listing on the request boards would help. Or she could just throw the quest back at her informant. Yeah, that'll probably go well. Maybe Fleur's testing my risk-management capabilities. In any case, she headed right for the teleportation gate. Being her first time here, the moment she stepped off the platform, she'd ended up running about the sprawling town, taking in the atmosphere, architecture and flora rather than getting down to business straight away. It's not like anyone would've known, anyway. I'm not getting paid hourly for this. When her eyes met a bright hue of red as she got closer to her destination, NIGHT raised a brow. Another player? It seemed to be. Upon closer inspection, she matched his face with the tailor's from the first floor; her neighbour, to be more precise. What was his name again? Uh-- he fell once... Oh, I remember now. "Hey," the woman called out to him, stopping a good few feet away from the man. "Bahr, was it? Nice... day out." She was a little uncertain about the his overwhelmingly tall stature, coupled with his outfit's intimidating barrage of colours. Sure, she'd seen incredibly tall players before, but they never screamed danger quite like Bahr did right now. Oh, right. He might know Oscar too. NIGHT placed a hand behind her neck as she queried, "Uh, weird question -- you wouldn't have happened to see our next-door chef out and about on your way here, would you? I'd sent him a message earlier, but... Maybe you would've caught him being busy somewhere else, or something..." @Cordelia
  11. She'd expected him to hightail it out of there and run, the moment he turned his back and yelled. The artisan raised a brow instead, though, when he glanced back and whispered something. Did he just say...? No, I must be imagining things now... "The glasses? 550col," NIGHT folded her arms, picking up the spectacles she'd crafted on a whim the other day. The visitor was practically a shaking, nervous wreck, now that she'd seen him up close. Narrowing her eyes, she picked it off the shelf and held it towards him by its temple tip, tilting her head. "It's standard rate here, but, why don't you put them on first and see if they fit?" Seriously, with how much he's shaking-- who is this again? @Raidou
  12. Another visitor? NIGHT looked upwards, silent. There was a worry in his voice as he stammered. The tinkling of her tea set gave away her presence, but the shopkeeper didn't move just yet. One long sip of her tea, wondering if there was more for the player to say, before she set her cup down, hollering with a "Yo!". "Where're you looking to go?" And for the record, who walks into a shop looking for directions? The woman shuffled out from her sofa seat, hands tucked into her pockets, a curious look on her face. She eyed the man's red garb up and down, standing at the base of her shop's stairs, arms folded. @Raidou
  13. NIGHT

    [PP-03] <<Search for Hoya>>

    To say NIGHT hadn't expected the flustered reactions from the party would be a lie -- she chuckled slightly, relishing the signs of their tender affection for the ones they loved. What she hadn't planned for, though, was a name drop from Cordelia. Oscar, like her store's neighbour? She'd chalked it up to another player with the same name, but as Lessa continued describing the man, her description matched up pretty well with the chef she was barely familiar with. Or maybe her memory was failing her. "If it's the cook we're thinking of," the adventurer spoke up, eyes cast to the canopies, "Then I guess I know of him too. Small world indeed -- my shop's right next door to his." "And it doesn't matter what their labels are," she hummed, thinking back to Lessa's words. "As long as you two mean something to each other, I bet that's enough. And I'm sure they'll appreciate the gift." NIGHT also extended a hand, gesturing with a wave at the suggestion to hang out. "Sure. I'm free. Lunch sounds alright?" @Cordelia
  14. NIGHT

    NIGHT's Appraisals

    Name: Mythril Spectacles Profession: Artisan Rank: 7 Roll ID: 133886 Roll Result: 12 (11, +1) Item Type: Trinket Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Ambition Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18303-f01-r7-artisan-the-evening-star-open/?do=findComment&comment=593840 Description: A pair of glasses used to magnify one's vision for taking more precise measurements. Also aids in careful tinkering when concocting potions. Large, round lenses are framed with silver-ish blue metal, covering the wearer's eyes.
  15. NIGHT

    [PP-F02] A different kind of return «Return of the Queen»

    With the last of The Queen's health taken out, NIGHT felt the system's grip on her loosen, and she stumbled as her equipment found weight on her form again. Careful not to hit her defendant, she returned her sword to its sheathe with a brandish, heaving a sigh. "I'm fine," she called out, running her hand through her hair in irritation. "You guys did great. Good job." I'm sorry I couldn't help out more. The woman glanced over to Mari, brows furrowed. She couldn't help but feel touched at the player's offers of defense, but the encouraging talk and comforting touch just felt mismatched with NIGHT's pre-existing perception of her. What was she now -- A killer with a moral code? Did she mean anything by her words? What was her game? All she felt was right to do was nod to her, folding her arms, releasing any exasperations about being defended. “Thanks for protecting me. You really didn’t have to do that, though.” @Mari