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  1. Why? Just a hunch. She'd been suspicious of a friend's sources a long time ago; now she just wanted to know if Yuki would drop any names, better if they belonged to anyone she knew. If there were more players with information on hand up in Coral, perhaps NIGHT could rest easy in knowing their world was bigger than she'd first thought. Maybe she could finally drop her nagging curiosity on the subject. "No reason. I get mine from an alchemist's down on Floor 1. She's..." A handful. "... accommodating. And the other broker's a mystery." With the edamame served, NIGHT said her thanks, before unequipped her gloves and picking up a bean between her fingers. Immediately, she'd let the snack go, and it fell back into the bowl as NIGHT hissed and shook her hand. Her tips stung. Gotta let it cool. "Frontlines," she repeated with a scowl, eyeing the small pile of legumes before turning to her friend. "I'm not keen on the term. And I certainly don't know any of the front liners. Whatever they're up to, it's their business." Another test of the beans, NIGHT picking up the same string she'd withdrawn from earlier. "But if you want to join them... You're already in contact with a couple of players there, right? I'll be rooting for you if you go for it. Need anything I could provide?" @Zajcica
  2. "Uh, no, I don't have information on them yet. I figured you did. The info on the bear wasn't difficult to come by." [♬] NIGHT stopped at the door. Her sights had been set to the ground, but with a lift of her head, she met her friend's face. "Yuki," came the player's desperate whisper, a half-smile beginning to form on NIGHT's face. And here she had imagined she'd finally gotten a conversation piece going. Whoops. [/curbyourenthusiasm end] "I'll have anything you want to offer," she clarified, taking a seat at the kotatsu. How did this work again? She just put her feet underneath the blankets, right? "Green tea, perhaps? Oh-- if you had some edamame, that would work too." Within a moment, NIGHT brought up her mail interface, fingers hammering aggressively upon the light screen keyboard. One message to Bistro, and she'd received an immediate confirmation, though there were warnings of a delay in gathering the intel. Fair enough, she couldn't expect her informant to have all knowledge on hand. After the message was sent, she rested her elbow on the kotatsu's table, propping her cheek up with a hand. "So Yuki, who'd you get your information from?" @Zajcica
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    @Crozeph "Got your message. Here, take this."
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    Item Name: Mark of a Rook Profession: Artisan Rank: 9 Roll ID: 151567 Roll Result: 12+1 Item Type: Sculpture Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Ambition Description: A sculpture of a Raven with its wings spread wide and blood-red eyes. A reminder of how some ravens are scavengers and some messengers. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18303-f01-r9-artisan-the-evening-star-open/?do=findComment&comment=610055
  5. For some reason NIGHT had figured Yuki's home was much larger the last time she was here. The refresher of an introduction was still welcome however. She followed her host around while taking in the sights, trying to commit it to memory -- she could definitely recall the fishing pond, at the very least. "You just relax in your bed room, I take it?" NIGHT could relate. She stepped into the home once her shoes had been returned to her inventory. Muffled steps upon wooden paneling when she'd walked in. "I-- wouldn't want to pry. But if you'd prefer hanging out there, then lead the way." The main reason for the player's preference in visiting her friend's place was for any possible new dishes she might've been cooking up -- but wasn't that a rude motivator behind making herself the paladin's guest? She covered up her tracks with a quick interjection. "So, about the other field bosses. Do you have the information on hand about them already?" @Zajcica
  6. "Oh no Yuki. Nothing's wrong. I just miss Jack's Executioner is all." Like hell NIGHT would ever say something like that aloud. But the more Dracbane bore down its weight upon her back, the more she really was preferring her soul-bound greatsword more than anything in the moment. Yuki might've let her shield disperse, but the damage dealer was less keen to let down her guard just as easily as her tank did. After all, NIGHT didn't have much in the way of defensive capabilities. And besides, who else would be better suited to taking down any possible threats? A break sounded grand though. Mostly because the humidity of the forest air was starting to get to her, and the noises of the bugs in the woods? Awful. Not even choosing to turn around to follow her tank along, NIGHT proceeded to pace backwards, setting her arms behind her head as she humored Yuki's questioning for a beat. "Your place. I'd barely gotten to look around last time I was there." Snoop opportunity get. @Zajcica
  7. "Might've," came a low rumble from NIGHT, the woman's eyes absolutely flooded with a seething discontentment with adjusting to her heavier blade's use now. Her sword came to rest by the woman's side, her stance low as she swerved to avoid the wide frenzied strike by their target against them. "Maybe if it didn't have such a thick hide to begin with, I might've torn it to pieces by now." Another strike from the warrior, her edge coming around NIGHT's side with a spin, digging into Kumatetsu's hind quarters with a circular slash. With that, the boss let out a beastly howl signifying its demise before collapsing to the floor, scattering its form into pieces. The bear was no more. Great. NIGHT went to relief her blade of her duties, before feeling Dracbane topple out of her fingers. She'd barely managed to catch the sword in time, only to tiredly return it to her sheathe with a tired look and a sigh. Goddammit. At least their mark was slain early in their adventure. "So, what do we do now...?" @Zajcica
  8. Guess which annoyed her more: the bear, or NIGHT having had the wrong sword equipped for the job? It was the latter. Jack's Executioner desperately needed the work out, and out of all the days, she'd missed this opportunity. That's what NIGHT got for taking slack upon such an ordinary mission, one could suppose, to which they would be right. So she drew a breath, let out a sigh, and pulled Dracbane from her back with absolute grievance. Maybe this would teach her to be more careful next time, NIGHT hoped inwardly to herself, her spare fingers activating a crystal within her jacket's pockets. But truth be told, it was most likely going to see a re occurrence again in the future. Making mistakes like these sucked. Her blade's tip hit the floor and subsequently disrupted the dirt beneath it, a straight line pulled through the ground of fallen leaves. With one upward slice as NIGHT got close, a flash of light uppercut the boar as it stood up to intimidate Yuki and ride out its pain from having gotten stung by her thorns. This time, instead of tasting a pinprick of damage, it would have a whole feast to gorge itself with, Galaxy Destroyer decimating its health bar, pushing its gauge into the orange. @Zajcica
  9. "Oh look," NIGHT pointed out almost comically. "There it is." In the middle of their lazy forest stroll, underneath the thinning sunlight canopy, right smack down the leaf-littered road was one large brown bear. Super fuzzy, very cuddly. Kumatetsu must've been halfway through the brush on its way to cross to the other side when NIGHT had pointed it out, disrupting its own casual routine with sharp cat eyes and an indifference in mannerism to the creature weaker than the players themselves. She watched as the ursine boss whip its head around, eyes locking with its spotter, the dark-clad woman giving it a carefree wave as it began to snarl and turn to charge towards the party. Suffice to say, it wasn't going to get very far with its advances. With a shrug, NIGHT let Yuki take the lead with the fight, barely forgetting to unsheathe her own blade in the conflict. Blazes of pink and brown would soon clash in a minute. And... NIGHT just wanted to take her time for the moment. Wait, did she equip Dracbane by accident-- @Zajcica
  10. <<Scents of the Wild: Ferocious Foe>> Wouldn't it be wonderful if NIGHT had looked over the information and was able to go, "Oh hey, I'd did that already"? Exactly. It would be. So that's what she did. "But only that one," the knight clarified, taking a bite out of her super fancy Asian Cheetos. She had no idea what Cheetos were, let alone Asian ones, and the food was explicitly nasty tasting in the fast-food kind of way. But it was made by a friend for her, and it also lended the warrior a well-needed buff. So, sure. NIGHT would endure. As the last of the cheetos vanished away (willed to be, the player couldn't finish them all), the woman dusted off her hands clean of the sticky dust before re-equipping her gloves once again. "That's why we're in this forest to begin with, huh? I should've known." Or not, she mused, fidgeting with the clasp of the leather gloves for a moment more. There were various other quests that could've been done on this floor, anyway. It's not like she knew them all by heart. NIGHT | HP: 1010/1010 | EN: 98/98 | ACC: 5 | DMG: 18* | EVA: 2 | MIT: 26* | LD: 3 | VAMP(OFF): 1 | BLEED: 24 | TAUNT: 1 | RECOVERY: 2 | Paralytic Immunity | Stealth Detection: 3 * [Filling] used to provide +1 Protein.