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  1. "So..you kidnapped him? Weren't you warned about that before brother?" "Well someone should've warned Yuki to not deny someone's hospitality. I was just teaching him an important life lesson," Koga replied defensively. What? It's true! You shouldn't reject someone's hospitality like that...it's rude. In other cultures, you could be killed for doing so. The way Koga saw it, Yuki had gotten off easy. "Hope he didn't do too much damage Yukiro," Tala said, turning to Yukiro. "Geez. what'd ya think I did to the guy? Waterboard him with soup?" Although, now that Koga thought about it that was kind of amusing...what, the guy has a bit of a sick sense of humor sometimes. Unfortunately for Koga, there still weren't any materials around...which ultimately meant he'd have to suffer Tala's reprimands and general desire to torture him that much longer. Oh boy, was Koga excited for that. He really wished his luck was better sometimes. @Yukiro
  2. A soft grin spread over Koga's face as he felt Noctua lean her head on his shoulder. She started to whisper something in his ear, "You know, you still have whiskers. Does this mean you're actually a wolf?" Koga's eyes went wide as he realized he had never rubbed the paint off his face. And it wasn't exactly like he could do that now. Looks like Koga was gonna walk into town with whiskers on his face... And then everyone was asking about what he'd done to Yukiro. Koga was going to just leave it a mystery, but Yukiro beat him to the punch saying, "It was nothing worth sharing." Well...not quite...but that was fine. "Hot pot it is then. And fine Yuki, be a stick in the mud and leave early, but for now, onwards to meat!" The four would make it into town soon enough, and that was when Koga had a bit of a realization. He had no clue if any places around here even had hot pots. "Uh, NIGHT? You wouldn't happen to know where to get a hot pot around here, would you?" @Noctua
  3. Koga

    [F01 - PP] Sunder the Hearth

    "Trying what Koga? I'm not doing anything. I don't know who he was, never even seen him before in my life. Haven't even seen him him in our own shop. But wait, let me guess. You'd rather believe some stranger than your girlfriend. You will just listen to any random guy who just walks up over me. This, this right here, is why I don't trust people. Why I haven't had a relationship before now. Why I don't talk to others. Because never is the new person to be trusted or believed." "Well, he certainly seemed to know you!" Koga fired back in disbelief. How could she possibly say that given everything that had just happened? What other explanations were there? "I'm sorry Noct, but what the hell else am I supposed to believe? That some random stranger just happened to know everything about you, and knew who I am? Please, explain that one to me, because I can't figure out an alternative." @Noctua
  4. Koga was so focused on his rowing, he hadn't noticed Noctua's face turning beet red. I mean, he was just shirtless, it wasn't that weird anyways. No reason it should elicit that kind of reaction from her, right? It wasn't until she started speaking to him that he looked up at her and saw her flushed face. "So...um...f-feel b-better?" Koga raised an eyebrow in slight confusion at the woman. "Yeah, I'm good...but are you feeling okay? Your face is really red. You're not getting sick are you?" Koga stopped rowing for a moment to press the back of his hand against his girlfriend's forehead. Well, she didn't have a fever. Actually, could you even get sick in game? Koga wasn't really sure about that one. The trio made landfall a few minutes later, and Koga began to haul the oversized Sword-Fish out of the boat, heaving the heavy corpse over the edge and onto the dock with a heavy thud. Christ, that thing was heavy. @Noctua
  5. The pair were almost to the teleporter as Tala pinched the bridge of her nose and said, "Have I mentioned I haven't left this floor, like ever?" Queue the biggest facepalm ever from her older sibling. "But! I have one now!" Koga let out a loud groan as he listened to his sister. Sometimes she amazed him. "I feel like there is a story to tell!" Tala responded, which earned only a chuckle from Koga. "Oh, don't worry about it. I wanna see if it happens to you first," the man snickered. Tala was first onto the teleporter, and soon enough she disappeared into a column of bright blue light. Koga was next, and he too disappeared from Floor One, only to reappear in the third floor's Snowfrost. The man drew his coat tighter around his body as he walked over to Tala. "Alright, you ready?" he asked, eager to get moving and warm his already chilled body. @Tala
  6. Koga could tell Tala was annoyed with him. Well, what else was new? Her lips curled back in a snarl just before she charged forward. The burst of speed caught Koga off guard, and he felt her blade bite into his leg, but the man was unfazed. A quick downward strike, and Koga's katana drove itself into Tala's shoulder, the Burn and Blight symbols reappearing after having just disappeared. Well, this fight was over. Koga knew Tala wouldn't be able to sustain more than a few ticks of the combined damage. "Game over sis," the man said backing off from his opponent and sheathing his weapon. It had technically been an unfair fight, but a fair fight hadn't exactly been the goal either. Hopefully Koga's lesson had been taught and Tala had learned the Katana skill. If not...well, in that case they'd have to do this all over again. Not that Koga would mind. @Tala
  7. A fire shown in Shior's eyes at the prospect of burning through another floor's field boss. "Alright! Let's do this before we lose our adrenaline completely," the woman, once again, started dragging Koga by the arm back to the settlement and teleporter. Eventually realizing what she was doing, she let go of him and apologized. "No worries, but you're right, let's go. We're losing daylight," the man said with an eager smile, not wasting time in stopping. The pair made it back to town in good time, and Koga finally stopped for a short breather. "Alright, next floor, right? Where do we find the field boss?" the man asked as they approached the teleport pad. Koga had been to the third floor before for a quest, but he hadn't gone anywhere but the Forest of Wavering Mists. Most of the third floor was a mystery to the man. Not that that would remain true for very long. @Azhoda
  8. Koga

    [F01 - PP] Sunder the Hearth

    "Woah woah woah. What do you mean your girlfriend? Noctua, you cheatin' on me." "I...I don't even know you." "Hey man, I didn't know that she was two timing me. Sucks that you had to figure it out this way too. Guess I gotta go find myself a new blacksmith, artisan, and girlfriend." The man turned to Noctua, shaking his head, "That's just low." Noctua looked at Koga now. His face was a mixture of both anger and sadness. "I don't know who he is..." "Why are you still trying this Noct? What's the point?" Koga said, voice low. What was going on at this point? This wasn't what Koga had ever expected from Noctua. Not her. Was this what Tala had been talking about? It had to be right? It couldn't be anything else. Damn her for being right. Well, served Koga right, to rely on someone who wasn't blood. @Noctua
  9. Based on the look that Tala was giving Koga, she didn't believe neither him nor Yukiro. "Ya know, you both suck at lying and distracting," she told the two men, "Yes, that is a pond. So, which one of you wants to tell me the truth, hm?" Koga's eyes flicked between Tala and Yukiro. He was practically sweating buckets at this point. Finally the man let out a sigh. Five bucks said Tala was going to kill him after hearing this. "So, after we got the sword, I may or may not have kidnapped Yuki, tied him to a chair, and force fed him a meal in thanks..." The man put on another very unconvincing smile. But hey, he was trying at least. And he wasn't the one who had ignored a gesture of hospitality. Not that that would save him from his sister's wrath. Yeah, Koga was gonna have to sleep with one eye open tonight. @Yukiro
  10. Koga could hear Noct stifling a laugh behind him, and the man slowly turned around to look at her with a deadpan face as she kissed him on the cheek. "Aww don't hate your life hun, it's just a little water." "Fine..." the man grumbled. Kerthunk! Koga almost jumped in surprise as he looked over at the source of the sound. Wait a second...how did the Sword-Fish get in the boat? Koga looked over at Ol' Pete. The NPCs in this game really were terrifying sometimes. "Well, it's time to go back to shore. I can make you guys a treat with this fish if you want to wait." "Well, let's get back to shore and we can get you dried off dear." "Yes please..." Koga muttered sitting down to start rowing again. The man opened up his inventory and removed his sodden gear, well, everything besides his pants. At least now he would be dry by the time they made landfall. @Noctua
  11. "I also hadn't planned on going to the fourth floor brother dearest. It was a spur of the moment invitation to fight the Avalanche. And well.... I was in a damn skirt that day... and no I didn't know the fourth floor was an ice box." "Tala, you have infinite inventory space. You could have equipped a coat!" "Well, you know what they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Koga gave Tala a blank stare. "You realize in this case, I too am an apple..." When the two stepped out of the store to find the Gypsy, as usual, it didn't take too long. "Looks like you need a fam-" "We went through this maybe an hour ago, can I just have the stuff please." Tala said, cutting off the Gypsy. As the lady walked off, Koga couldn't help but start laughing. "Serves that crazy woman right." @Tala
  12. "Well, if my dear brother would help me out, I wouldn't have to worry now would I." Koga responded with a noncommittal shrug. "Git gud scrub." Ha. Got her. Tala gave Koga a bit of a glare as her health drained from his damage over time effects. He knew she was looking to get back at him now. Perfect, that would make this all the more fun. Tala began to run forward towards Koga, her blade looking to strike. But she stumbled. The man dragged his blade across the girl's chest in an effortless motion. Welp, when in Rome. The man half caught, half pushed his sister away, and waited for her to steady herself. "So, wanna try that again?" Koga said with an amused chuckle. Koga supposed his sister had lost her touch. It had been quite a long time since they'd dueled. At least he'd had the opportunity to kill mobs and had a few duels of his own recently to keep his skills up. @Tala
  13. Koga

    [F01 - PP] Sunder the Hearth

    "It's okay Koga. I'd probably be the same if I had any siblings. Though, one day, I do hope you'll tell me what she meant when talking about your friends." A nod. That was about all Koga could give Noctua right now. He felt guilty about doubting her still. He probably would for a few days, knowing him. And there was no question that one day he would indeed have to tell her about Hikaru and Tsukiko. But today wasn't that day. And then the guilt all washed away. "Hey there baby. Been looking all over for you." A man walked up besides Noctua and touched her, "Hey Koga. Thanks for keeping Noctua safe for me." "Excuse me, but who the hell are you. And why did you just call my girlfriend 'baby'." Koga was instantly filled with both hostility and anger. Just who the hell did this guy think he was? @Noctua
  14. Combat Ends As soon as Koga had made the call, Shior had swept in with a sword art and struck. Her glaive struck and the Wasp Queen exploded into a cloud of digitized blue fragments. The man sheathed his weapon and dusted his hands off. Easy enough job. The woman turned to look at Koga, her red hair ablaze in the afternoon sun. "Congratulations, Koga...and its not even late yet, we can move on to the next floor and get that boss done as well, I heard it is a minotaur." "Minotaur, ey?" the man replied with a cocksure grin, "Sounds like an easy mark. Let's go get it." If the pair were quick, they could make it back to town in no time, and already be up onto the third floor. If they kept this up, they could level up faster than anyone could believe. Maybe it was just the lingering adrenaline, but Koga was starting to really enjoy travelling with Shior, even with her rough edges. Call it character. If it weren't for the fact that everyone was stuck in Aincrad with the looming threat of death, Koga might've actually said it was a good game. @Azhoda
  15. Noctua wasted no time in charging up her sword art and unleashing a volley of strikes at the Sword-Fish. The sea colossal sea creature stood no chance against the pair of players, its health dropping down into the yellow almost immediately. But just because the health bar wasn't red, didn't mean Koga couldn't finish the Sword-Fish off. As the Swordsman drew his katana, the blade began to glow crimson as he focused a Han'ei attack. With two swift slashes the Sword-Fish's health bar disappeared as did the creature itself. Koga dusted his hands with a smile, "And that's what I call a job well done." There was something unusual about this though. The Sword-Fish didn't disappear into a cloud of digital pixels as the mobs of Aincrad usually did. Instead, the body flopped back into the water, splashing Koga and dowsing him in water, replacing his previous grin with an annoyed frown. "I hate my life..." @Noctua