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  1. Noctua moved as fast lightning, lashing out at the first Antman with frightening speed, and Antman recoiled from her blows as a significant chunk of its health bar disappeared. Koga was right behind the woman, his crimson glowing blade suddenly being engulfed in black flames as span on his heels. The blade arced through the air in a deadly spiral, missing the first the Antman but catching the second right beneath one of it's many arms. The Antman chittered angrily as was propelled to the side, the damage over time icons appearing next to its health bar, slowly beginning to eat away at the insect's health. That sufficiently pissed off both of the creatures. The first went towards Noctua, it's jaws snapping at her as it charged, easy enough to dodge. The second, however, leapt at Koga, arms flailing. The man tried to side step the large insectoid's attack but was a moment of two too late. The sharp pincer of the Antman's maw bit into Koga's arm and a brief struggle to throw off the beast ensued, ending when Koga finally extracted his arm from Antman's maw. @Noctua
  2. It should no longer surprise Koga when Az would unceremoniously grab him by the arm and start yanking him in some direction or another. And yet, it somehow did. The woman practically dragged the poor man along as she guided them back out of the maze, and out of the near claustrophobia inducing walls of the maze. Koga had to admit he was kind of impressed with the woman. He wasn't entirely sure that he'd have been able to guide them out on the first shot with as few errors as she had. The woman let out a cheer as they exited the maze. "Hell yeah!" Koga exclaimed in turn, "Minotaurs and mazes ain't no match for us, huh?" Anyways, time to get back to the settlement. And to food. "Yeah, let's hurry up and get back to town. I could use some food. Anyways, what's the next boss we're hunting down then? Or have you met your quota of plebs to help now?" @Azhoda
  3. It was good to see that Brianne was nothing if not excited by the task at hand. As the pair entered the blacksmith's shop, Koga was met with the familiar heat of a furnace, and the rhythmic tempo of hammer against steal followed by the quiet shuffling sound as metal was buried beneath a mound of coal, eager to heat the steel once more. Brianne spoke with the blacksmith Griswold, and only a few moments later, she had the quest. "Alrighty then, let's get goin'," Koga said, already out the door and holding the wooden portal open for the heavily armored girl. If Koga remembered correctly the quest marker for him had been somewhere...off in that direction, deep within the Forest of Wavering Mists. But the man didn't wanna jump the gun yet and waited for Brianne to take the lead. Who knew, it might be a radiant quest that took them to a completely different part of the floor. "So, where to?" he asked, a hand resting on the pommel of his sword as he waited expectantly for the woman. @Silver Star
  4. Koga wasn't about to argue with his sister about the numerous flops that they'd pulled. Some pranks sound amazing on paper and are just underwhelming in person. It happens to the best. But the important part was learning from these mistakes! And clearly, these two learned, given their reputation. The food was out now, and Koga willed the Wolf to just take the damn stuff. It had been a long journey just to find this Wolf, if it ran away now. Well, Koga didn't even want to entertain that idea. He just hoped this went the way they needed it to. The Wolf growled, and Koga gripped the saya of his sword. 'Careful Aki...' the man willed his sister. He really did not want to ruin his sister's chances, but he was not about to let her get mauled by some big feral dog either. So don't screw up Tala. Your brother might kill your Familiar before you get the chance to train it. @Tala
  5. "Five more minutes..." Koga mumbled as he rolled onto his side and pulled the pillow closer to him. There was the sound of rustling and clattering briefly, and Koga rolled over again. "Okami, a little help please?" 'Wait, what?' Okami leapt up onto the bed, shocking Koga awake in an instant, only for him to be attacked by a slobbering tongue. "Ah! Okami, down, get off man, Christ!" The huffing sound of Okami laughing could be heard through the room as Okami padded off the bed and sat back down in his little corner of the room near Athena's perch. Koga sat up and wiped his face clean of slobber with a hand, shaking off the dribble as he did so. Gross. Looking up, he saw Noct, fully equipped and ready for battle. "What'd I miss?" the man asked, rubbing his eyes as he did so. "Do we need to kill someone?" @Noctua
  6. Azhoda? Honestly, Koga had completely forgotten about the fiery-haired woman. Noct on the other hand, clearly had not. "I didn't know you knew her," Koga said, unaware of Noctua's jealous tone. "We did a couple boss raids together. Got some Exp, ya know, the usual stuff," he went on, nonchalantly. This poor was going to be in the doghouse tonight, wasn't he? Thankfully for the oblivious Koga, a couple of overgrown ants appeared in the pair's path. "Those are some ugly mobs..." the man said as he switched out his bracelet for the White Owl Necklace. "Alright, I'm good to go when you are hun," the man said, hands gripping the hilt of his sword. The creatures scuttled along towards them, chittering as they did so, with a disturbing timbre. Okay yeah, Koga wanted to kill these guys now, and quickly. Whatever got these creepy bug guys outta here the fastest. @Noctua
  7. Azhoda had been looking something up when the Minotaur had first appeared. Now that a dusting of blue fragments snowed down around him, she finally looked up at the man. Blank faced, head slightly tilted, it was as if Shion was still processing what had just happened. In fact, what did just happen? Was that it? Was that all the 'field boss' had to offer? Apparently so. Azhoda grabbed Koga's arm and started dragging him into the temple with a surprised shout from him. In the temple, a small pedestal stood in the center, a beam of sunlight illuminating it perfectly. Only in video games. Shion, without hesitation, walked up to the plinth, accepted the gift, and already they were on their way out again. "I don't wanna jinx us yet, since we're not out of the woo-...the maze yet, but...that was pretty damn easy," Koga said as he followed the woman out again. Back to the Maze. Hopefully without getting lost. Because, damn, Koga was starting to get hungry... @Azhoda
  8. Okami, the snow-white Wolf that tended to fight alongside Koga, turned towards a not too distance corner, and began to growl, his ears flattened against his skull, teeth bared. Koga looked at the Wolf, a flash of confusion before he heard what had set Okami off. The sound of a voice and footsteps came from the direction that Okami indicated, and Koga's hand went to his sword, partially drawing it as the footsteps grew closer. A woman nearly ran into Koga, and stumbled backwards with an apology. The sound of Koga's katana settling back into it's saya clicked in the man's ear as he relaxed. "No worries, amiga," the Swordsman said with a lopsided grin. "Just doing some hunting. I'll be out of your hair in a second." Okami, noticing that Koga was relaxed, and having decided the new player and her companion weren't a threat, let his hackles fall and padded over to the other Wolf, tentatively sniffing him. "Well, looks like they're getting along just fine," Koga said with a chuckle. "The name's Koga. Yours?" he introduced himself, offering the blonde haired woman a hand. @Lessa
  9. Koga stared at Noct in partial disbelief as she quietly laughed. Well, it finally happened. Koga finally broke his wife. "...What could go wrong?" Koga looked at the woman in surprise. Well...technically, a lot of things could go wrong. I mean they were essentially looking to raid a dungeon. Which meant a pretty high chance of dying if they were under prepared. Which wasn't exactly out of the realm of possibility. But Koga chose not to mention it. "Yeah, we'll be fine!" the man said in agreement. On the other point though...who would they bring with them? Koga hadn't thought about that part yet. "Well...Yuki and NIGHT way out level us. Although, if Yuki goes and I go, my sister would kill us before the boss even got a shot to try if we left her behind. I dunno, besides those three I can't think of anyone, but I'm not sure if there's a party limit on sub-dungeons or not." @Noctua
  10. If Koga's jaw could've reached the floor, it would have. "You what?" Was all the man managed before he slammed his hand into his face out of disbelief. "And they call me the problem child...was it glorious?" Koga chuckled at Tala's comment. She was right. But, that woudn't save him from whatever torture that Noct could think of. And Koga had the dreadful feeling that Noctua could get very creative if she wanted to be. Koga wasn't exactly going to find out. The back and forth snow-filling of shirts was momentarily forgotten as a Wolf stared at the pair. The siblings froze for a moment and stared back at the wild creature. Well, at least until Tala began to move towards the Wolf. Koga watched carefully. Yes, she had to tame the creature, but if it went badly? Well, in Koga's experience they just walked away, but he wasn't about to risk his sister getting hurt. Although he didn't move his hands towards his sword, he was ready to spring into action at a moments notice. @Tala
  11. Koga felt a hand on his shoulder, and the man was greeted by the sight of a kindly old face of Father Wuotan. "Oh, hello Father," Koga said to him. "Don't worry. We won't ruin the surprise." That was about the only distraction afforded to Yuki as he sputtered along, trying to figure out what he should and shouldn't say. Tala on the other hand. Well, she had some interesting news. If Koga could burst into flames, he probably would've. The protective older brother in him kicked in for all of about a quarter of a second before he remembered the Father Wuotan was standing right there. And the fact that Yukiro was a pretty good guy. But that was besides the point. Koga took a deep breath, exhaled. "Yuki...you better take good care of my little sister." As everyone else began to make their requests of Father Wuotan, Koga leaned into his bowl of ramen, trying to figure out how to reconcile the desire to kill Yuki and actually being happy for them both. Man, Tala really loved making life hard for him. @Father Wuotan // @Yukiro
  12. Koga snickered at Noct's comment about her sanity. "Well babe," Koga said, "that would imply that you were sane to begin with." Koga, you better start running now, a 5'5" flesh missile named Christelle Bouhier was aimed right at your face. Or, ya know, she'd take it like the joke it was. Either one was a pretty equal chance. Take your bets folks. To Koga's surprise his slime-hug attack was met only with laughter, at least, until she reminded him of the fact they still had an NPC to save. "Eh, who cares. They'll respawn in like two days." Queue Noct giving him a chastising look. "Alright, alright, fine, let's go get this over with," Koga grumbled as he released his lover and began to walk his sodden ass back towards the village. "I'm gonna need a bath after this one..." he complained. This slime was never gonna get out of his hair. @Noctua
  13. Noct began to laugh as Koga pulled her into his embrace. She leaned into him as she swore that she wasn't angry. And that he didn't have to let go. The man chuckled in return and gently squeezed the woman in his arms before planting a kiss on her head. "Youre too sweet, ya know that, right?" Apparently the next choice of Skill became a point of what's going to best remedy Koga's stupidity, something that made both the player's laugh. "That's a fair choice," Koga said as Noct appeared to have made her choice. Light armor meant she'd live longer by the very least. The woman teased him. She teased him endlessly. Even as she stuck out her tongue though, Koga was still finding himself amused. "Burritos this time," Koga said with a mirthful grin, "French next time. About time I tried some of your culture's food. But you're right, let's head back." @Noctua
  14. Koga walked into the shop with an energetic wave, greeting the owner as he approached, "Hey, man! Thanks for making tho- woahhhh, you okay dude?" The shopowner looked like he hadn't slept in a week. Or was having a real bad hangover, which shouldn't be possible in the game. "Uh, you get any sleep lately dude? You might wanna take a few minutes shut eye..." Koga advised before seeing his items lying in wait for him on the counter. "Uh, thanks for these by the way. I'll catch you later. Get some sleep, and take some damn care of yourself. I don't wanna find a new tailor!"
  15. The black clad Swordsman procured a roll of parchment from his inventory, the item glowing into existence in the man's hand. "This, my dear Christelle," Koga said, unrolling the parchment to reveal that it was entirely blank, "is a blank dungeon map. Now, what I was thinking is we might just find a sub-dungeon no one else has. And that would mean a boss that others haven't killed yet." The dungeon map disappeared into a rain of blue shards as the man paused in his speech. "A boss that isn't dead yet means loot." The man started to walk through the courtyard and look for materials as they talked. "Technically we don't really need new gear I guess. But they'll be worth something. Plus the Col drop. And the Exp too. I think between us and whoever else we can sucker into it, we could handle whatever gets thrown at us." That was awfully optimistic from the self-proclaimed realist, but that was the plan so far. @Noctua