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  1. How strange; for all the times she'd walked into the other building at Firm Anima, Bistro hadn't actually wandered around the guild's confines before. If she had to venture a guess, the territory was likely to hold more crafters. Her assumption was only slightly incorrect. Another merchant's shop meant another player to bother when she was wanting to offload her items. That was enough for the eager alchemist. Plus, it seemed as though she had help! --Twin assistants otherwise. The notice at the door informed Bistro of the other player within the store's confines, and she strode up to them with as pleasing a smile as she could muster. Because the sight of the items she would drop on them was surely going to be something to behold. "Junk-sale, please!"
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    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    "O-oi...!" NIGHT couldn't help but hold back a chuckle just as Bistro began to panic, glancing towards the birdkeeper for further prompting and answers. Alas, they only shot her a shrug and a smile. "The little fletching has spoken, apparently." "And it says that it's hungry?" The frantic alchemist gave the magpie another glance, leaning on one foot as the bird continued to enjoy its makeshift meal. "Unfortunately. Some of the flock are spoiled. Or gluttonous." "Really, though. Is there a difference between the two...?" Bistro escorted herself out the tent, leaving the NPC to trail after her to their table, pulling out a small sack from a box nearby. It was brown in colour, a small lopsided satchel, but the broker still took it, curious about its contents. Bird seeds. "A little birdie told me you might've been hungry too." From behind the alchemist, her client finally let out another snort, as Bistro began to resign herself to her rather unusual fate.
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    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    "Have you taken a walk around the faire yet?" It was in complete earnest that Bistro posed the question to her client. All NIGHT did was shrug and roll her eyes. "You're a bit late to the party on that." "Ah?" The alchemist cocked her head to the side, shooting her companion a snide smile. Her hands were stuffed in her pants' pockets, as they took down the streets of the festival. "Am I now? The stalls are still all here, with respect to your experience. I'd say I'd made it just in time." Her conversationalist shook her head as she remained quiet, glancing from store to store just as Bistro had done. "Oh, look," the woman suddenly spoke up, eying a fairly empty enclosure. "Wonder what that's all about." "Birds," NIGHT replied dryly. "You can give it a shot if you want." "A shot?" What was once eagerness to investigate fell away to the thought of animal abuse. "I'm-- I'm shooting birds?" "No--"
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    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    "So? What about your share; I'm assuming you'd pitched in your own?" The woman shot a glare over to the broker, who waved it off in response. "I've handed it into them already. Couldn't keep the children waiting, could I?" Bistro's smile was self-assured as usual, the informant nodding over towards the table set in the middle of the square. What was gathered at their base of operations were slowly being assembled, the main frame of their craft already laid out alongside a number of tracks, stars and -- wait was that a pile of ash? NIGHT blinked, confused, before glancing over to her alchemist friend. "They're not planning to play with fire, are they?" "No,'' she replied. "But they are planning to make the railway fly." It was in stunned silence that the dark-garbed player looked on, watching the boys start to unpack and distribute the paper cranes around the group. They were slowly integrated into the static display for the time being, Bistro listening to their cheery cries with a light smile. Then, with absolute sincerity, NIGHT cut into their quiet. "My head hurts." [Delivering items to the Milky Way Rail: Gravity Dust (137).]
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    [F01-PP] BOX-15

    It was with hope that Bistro lifted her cup, that some last sliver of coffee had remained to satisfy her taste buds. But her tongue was only met with air, the woman at least indulging the possibility of her associate's suggestion. "Most players don't like talking about it," the broker offered, setting down the ceramic on the bar. "So I can't say for sure. If I understand it, however, she has undergone that quest, if my memory serves me right..." Her scrolls were idle to make their way over to NIGHT's name on her contacts list. Then, her flicks turned rapid, flipping through multiple months of discussion and quest information, up to one of their earliest conversations. She paired it with the notes she'd collected about the Gemini, running her chat through a short examination in comparison. Within a few seconds, she dismissed the two of them, leaving only her inbox open in a blank state. "Seems like it. But -- why?" Her fingers tapped the table top, Bistro humming over the intel as she quickly tapped out their guesses. "It's not like players catch sight of doppelgangers running around and ruining their reputations for themselves. Either that, or most players ended up completing the quest the same way you have?"