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  1. You're all lookin' pretty darn cute today, I gotta say. Keep up your awesome work.

  2. Entering the boss room, the hairs on Yuki's arm rose covering her skin with goosebumps. Would be hard to admit that she was nervous, but that didn't mean that she wasn't. This wasn't the place to be having doubts though. She had been training for months to make it to this boss fight before it happened. No matter what happened, she would protect everyone that she could. The paladin kept her place in front of her group alongside Morgenstern, who seemed to have no words for her on the way in. That made her a little nervous, but she wouldn't let that bug her either. Time to get this all started. Orgoth made himself present, as did the shadow who was likely controlling the actions of the beastly minotaur. Yuki would take a deep breath, her auras shining brighter than anything in this space of existence. As she spoke, that light seemed to burn towards Orgoth like a ray of sunlight peaking through the clouds after a storm. "I am you're foe! Just see if you can even scratch me!" The paladin screamed, then turned back to her group. "Attack, I will protect you all!" As Bahr made his attack, Yuki would step in closer to make sure she could deflect any oncoming attack towards him, likewise for any other members of her party. Uses Focused Howl -5 energy(Rested activated) | Gains 5 Hate
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    [F1 - R5 Merchant] Pandora's Wares

    Another familiar shop, just before the boss fight. Night had found an amazing piece of armor that she had gifted to Yuki, telling her that she would be able to find it here in Andromeda's shop. She could only assume it was the aura that she's been looking for for awhile now and if it was, she might just have to actually kiss Andromeda this time for her insane luck with getting unique equipment. "Hey An, I'm picking up and item that Night said you identified. I'm guess it has an aura on it." She said, letting Andromeda grab said Light Armor for her. "Light Armor? I haven't worn that ever. Well, and Aura is an Aura Light or Heavy. Thanks An, have a nice day."
  4. Everything was in order. As the paladin awoke this morning, she knew the date: It was time to clear this floor. Looking at her new gear along with the armor she had proudly donned for awhile now set upon it's rack, she couldn't help but contemplate how well she would do. She might be one of the toughest people in Aincrad, but that didn't make her invincible. She wasn't quite at the level she hoped she could reach before this all began, but time was ever so limited. Level 68 would have to do for this fight. She wasted no time getting ready and heading to floor twenty-five. This would be her first time on the floor, which was pretty much just a massive maze of nothing. She couldn't see herself spending to much time on this floor later down the line. Soon, she would meet up with everyone else, ready to face the horrors that the scouting party had endured beyond the boss room doors. Morgenstern would be her partner tank. Every other tank she knew, she was put with the one that she knew the least. That made her nervous to say the least. She had no idea how he tanked or if they would even get along at all. Before she could find him though, Baldur came to greet her and Crozeph. Wishing the both of them luck, then imparting them both two extremely rare and impossible to get Safeguard potions. Yuki immediately got defensive. "B-Baldur-dono, I can't take this! This is so extremely rare." His insistence made it difficult for her to deny however. "Alright.. I'll keep it. If I don't use it, you're getting it back, if I do use it, I'll pay you for it." She wouldn't allow herself to take so much for free. Now, Yuki would turn to Crozeph and give him a long, solemn look with a soft smile. "Do what you can to keep yourself safe, okay? I know were in the same party, but I still can't guarantee that I can block everything. We aren't the only ones that need to make it out of here. If things go south, use your safeguard and teleportation as soon as possible. I'll have to stay behind and make sure that everyone else can make it out alive. Once everyone has made it out, I will join." Her words were harsh, but true. If the need to stay behind arises to give someone and opportunity to flee, then Yuki would be there until they could make it. Finally, the paladin could find herself standing next to Morgenstern, her tanking partner. Through a bit of argument, she had been pushed into the spot of main-tank over him. From what she knew, he was a lot more experienced in the floor boss raids than her. It was nerve wracking to think that he might be upset that she was placed ahead of him for the tanking position, but she didn't even know his build. Waving the man down, she would smile as she approached. "Oi~" The paladin started and stopping next to him. "I am your main tank then? I hope that I don't cause any trouble with my inexperience. Please go easy on me." Zajčica | HP:1630/1630 | EN:136/136 | DMG:1 | MIT:335 | ACC:2 | TAUNT | Thorns: 30 | FR. AURA:30 | HLY BLS:24 | LD:3 | FL. AURA:30 | BH:81 | DoT -25% | Antidote:3/3 | Probiotics:27 | Antioxidant
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    Zajcica's Meals(Eval Thread)

    Name: The Big Conker Profession: Cook/10 IDs: 176189; 176190; 176191 Type: Feast Quality: Demonic(3) Enhancements: Overhealth IV Description: A chonker worthy of rivaling the legendary big peep himself. An exact replica of the dungeon boss, this peep is much more friendly and entirely edible!! Post Link: [Here]
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    [GM Cook]Yuki Izakaya - PK Accessible

    As the several groups of people came through the door to offer her the foods, Yuki couldn't help but smile. Everyone was preparing for this boss fight the best they could. She happily accepted and of the unique foods brought to her and decided now was the time to start making something with them. This boss fight would be an absolute breeze with her cooking. Right away she worked on turning this sugar candy into something that could rot a person's tooth straight out of their skull with a single bite. What came next was unbelievable. A replica of the Giant Peep from the Easter dungeon. Yuki would dub thee, The Big Chonker.
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