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  1. Yuki went into the kitchen momentarily, her second personal one where her room could be seen from. Before long, nice could start to smell Edamame and Tea. "I usually get my information off of players in Coral. Ones who have already completed the boss. Why? Where do you normally get your information from?" She asked, focused on the cooking. It didn't take her long to make such trivial dishes considering she was bordering grandmaster cook at this point. She may have already reached if it hadn't been for the fact that she's been working insanely hard to grind her way up to tier three so she could start working on getting the armor she would want for that level. "We're both getting closer and closer to Tier 3 hunh? Soon we'll be closer to the front lines. I never asked you, but are you wanting to join them there? I want to." @NIGHT
  2. Zajcica

    [F22 - PP] <<Witch of the West>>

    Another stab from the witch's poison dagger sent Shield into his paralytic state again. Yuki's expression strained instantly. No matter how safe Shield was from the witch's attacks even when he can't move, she wasn't going to allow her to have her way. She stood over Shield, ready to make her next attack with her dagger before getting completely shoulder checked. The force of the paladin's shoulder knocked her to the ground. Following up her attack, she stabbed her spear into the witch's stomach. The bleed effect reappearing as she twisted the weapon into her body. "That's enough of that you little [censored]!" She said knocking the dagger out of the hag's hand with her boot. The witch's tone groaned under the pain her dagger was causing her. Yuki would have to distract the witch for a moment while Shield worked his paralysis effect off. "You're done here! Give up!" [H:4/4/4/23] Shield: HP: 1850/1850 | EN: 156/176 | DMG: 2 | EVA: -1 | MIT: 181 | BH:92 | HB: 48 | THN: 99 | ENV: 18/4 [PAR/1] [H: 0/0/0/22] Yuki: 720/720 | 60/66 | DMG: 5 | MIT 81 | EVA: -1 | ACC: 3| THN: 18 | BLD: 24 Elite Flying Monkey 1: 0/220 | 90(45) | MIT: 35 Elite Flying Monkey 2: 0/220 | 90(45) | MIT: 35 Elite Flying Monkey 3: 0/220 | 90(45) | MIT: 35 The Witch: 91/700 (-1)| DMG: 100 | MIT: 70 | EVA: 1 | [ENV - 18/4] | [BLEED: 24/2]
  3. Yuki led the duo into her bedroom, walking through the tiny living room that wasn't much bigger than 16x16 in feet. From the front door, this was the only way to reach her room without having to go all the way around the back. Once they were in her room, the paladin opened the sliding glass door where there wasn't much to see in her backyard, but one could see the beautiful nature over the stone wall and the light breeze could come through, bringing the smell of food. "Would you like anything to eat or drink? I have NPCs run the shop while I'm gone, but I can have something made in minutes." She offered gesturing to her personal kotatsu. It was warm out this season, but that didn't mean she couldn't enjoy the comfort of the table even when the heater underneath was turned off. "Uh, no, I don't have information on them yet. I figured you did. The info on the bear wasn't difficult to come by." She admitted. @NIGHT
  4. Working her eyes around the new weapon, Yuki thought at first that Mari may have brought her a gift since it was a pretty new looking spear. However, she then realized that Mari's dagger was missing. Had she respected to a new weapon? Well, good on her. She knew that Mari had trouble fighting since there was no area of effect damage in the dagger class. Mari looked like more of a sword girl though, not spear. Same thing could probably be said about the paladin. The girl cleared her throat before continuing. It was good to see Mari in a decent mood, but combat was on the forefront of her mind. They could talk about anything bothering her or Mari after there was no threat. No matter how safe or dangerous, she wanted to show Mari that she had matured at least a little since their last meeting. "The plan is pretty simple since the boss doesn't have much of tactic other than 'punch the person I hate the most' which will be me. I dare him to try and break through my guard. You get behind him and do your thing, I'm sure you'll make quick work of this boss." The paladin walked into the spawning point. The white, golden-trimmed spear willed itself into existence in Yuki's free hand along with her beautiful shield. Comparing the length of both of the lances in her mind, Yuki wagered that her's probably weighed more, but she was sure Mari could output more damage than her regardless. When the boss spawned, Yuki took her usual battle stance and readied her attack. No mitigation on this boss, so maybe she could actually get some damage done for once. "I'm taking point. Flank behind it and make it regret spawning in our presence." With that, the girl rushed ahead of Mari and stopped in front of the boss. The pink hue of her lance hummed softly with power as she activated Maiming Blows. The lance she wields maybe be a new tier, but even still, she had to hit to actually get anything done. The spear pinged off it's hard ice armor uselessly. Oh well, she wasn't the primary damager of the group. When the Frost Beast collected some momentum to ready itself for battle, it raised both of it's bone-y ice hands. The paladin stopped the attack with her shield. Being pushed back only a meter or two from the force and knocked to her ass wrestling the force of the attack above her. "W-Weak! Y-You can hit harder than that!" [1]Yuki: 731/780 -(160-104+7) | 68/72 -(4) | DMG: 5 | EVA: -1 | MIT: 104 | BH: 7 | HM: 1(1) | Thorns: 36 [0]Mari: 1430/1430 | 140/140 | DMG: 19+3 | MIT: 43 | EVA:3+1 | ACC: 4+2 | BH: 67 |BLEED: 24 | FLAME AURA: 15 Frost Beast: 250/250 | DMG: 160 | Partial Phase - 24 damage minimum
  5. She avoided the question. There was something wrong with her, and Yuki could tell, but she wouldn't bug her too much about it. If she wanted to talk about it, she wouldn't have skipped over the subject. Several minutes of walking back to floor 8's teleportation terminal, Yuki stepped on the pad with her partner and called out to whatever force willed the instantaneous movement that was the teleporter. "Floor 22: Coral!" Suddenly, the duo was in Coral, a place that Yuki herself was coming to love as a home the longer she stayed. The walk to her home was short since it was literally close enough to reach out and put your hand into the safe zone barrier. Instead of entering the home from the side entrance connected to the shop, Yuki used the front door. A massive red gate breaking in the stone, she pushed out the opening and welcomed Night in. Her armor flashed into a kimono instantly and she slipped on a pair of geta. "There's the pond. You can actually fish for materials in it since we're outside the safe zone, but be careful cause monsters can spawn from bad luck in fishing, even here. The door there leads into the main room. It's got a kotatsu and a pleasing aesthetic, but its kind of small. I don't spend too much time in there. Then there's just my bedroom and my kitchen."
  6. When the beast was confirmed dead, the woman moved her lance back into her special pocket dimension along with the shield. No need for her to have that heavy [censored] on when they weren't in combat. The paladin stretched out her arms and looked over to her friend, whose expression wasn't matching hers at all. "Um, Night? Are you okay? What's wrong?" She asked, moving closer to her friend who was barely able to keep her sword in her hand. The paladin gestured her to come along back towards the safe zone with her. Night wasn't looking that enthused to be done with the quest when they got it complete in two fatal swoops of attacks. "You wanna go back to my place and relax, or to your place or something? You look like you could take a break." Working her way through the branches, she could see the safe zone incoming. @NIGHT
  7. With another heavy heave, the paladin raised her lance and tried to smash the bear into the ground. The thing was much more nimble than she gave it credit for though, slipping cleanly through her attack without much of a problem. It retaliated with an attack of it's own while she was open to attack. The claw raked it's way across her body with ease. Again, it only succeeded in doing more harm to itself than anything else. Yuki grinned. It was nice to do a quest that wouldn't end with her being flung into freezing cold water or be swallowed whole by a snake. The last week had been rough for her with the problems that she's had to come to terms with. She was glad that her knight was there to help her through all that. She let out a low whistle as she noticed just how much damage Night could do. "Damn, I forget how strong you are some times. You nearly killed it off in a single hit." Kumatetsu | HP: 80/300 (-36) | ACC: 1 | DMG: 75 | EVA: 1 (2, -1) | MIT: 50 [2] NIGHT | HP: 990/990 | EN: 87/96 (-9) | ACC: 5 | DMG: 18 | EVA: 2 | MIT: 26 | LD: 3 | RECOVERY: 2 | VAMP-O: 1 | BLEED: 24 | PARA IMMUNE | TAUNT [2] Zajcica | HP: 820/820 | EN: 76/76 | DMG: 5 | EVA: -1 | MIT: 112 | THORNS: 36 | BH: 8
  8. Yuki jumped on it the moment Night pointed it out. She was ready to bash into this thing and watch it do absolutely nothing to her at all. It would be fun even thought she herself couldn't do anything effectively to it. The pink-haired tank jumped on the Kuma who had barely gotten a moment to process what was happening before it had an incessantly annoying woman jumping on it. "Oi, oi! I'm you're enemy stupid, look at me!" The paladin's lance grazed the hair off the back of the bear, missing it's body by nothing more than an inch. In the same moment, its claw reached out and scrapped against the paladin's chest. Shallow red marks left behind. Her battle healing instantly closed the wounds and she was back up to full HP. Meanwhile, the bear was regretting it's choice, taking the full damage from her thorns. Yuki: 820/820 (-1+8) | 76/76 | MIT: 112 | Thorns: 36| EVA: -1 | BH: 8 | BLD: 9-10[24/2] | REC: 2 NIGHT: Kumatetsu: 264/300 (-36) | DMG: 75 | MIT: 50 | EVA: 2 | ACC: 1
  9. Yuki nodded to her ally, giving her that big smile that she basically painted on her face 24/7. Doing this stuff was so much more fun when you had a friend like Night to help you through it. "Yeah, it's just a big bear. He'll be a mean one, but nothing that me and you can't handle as a team. His damage is completely irrelevant to me and he won't be able to even hurt me without my Battle Healing bringing back to completely full anyway. So, technically I could do this by myself, but it's much more fun if I bring you along! He can paralyze the both of us though, so be careful." The paladin led the way through to forest lackadaisically with her arms thrown behind her head relaxed and eased. This would be an extremely easy boss, and she was ready to stand around do almost nothing again after all the pressuring quests that she has done lately. @NIGHT
  10. Bringing Night along for another outing was great. These two had basically become inseparable after having quested as much as they have together. Yuki would do anything for Night. Even fight that stupid snake boss over and over again for her special quest item that she needed. "Thanks for coming along as usual Night, I wasn't sure if you had already done these quests, but I hadn't known about them originally. Aparantly doing them all will give you another buff like a house buff and you can use it to increase your mitigation even further if you're a tank player. You can't gain the benefit from any of the rewards unless you collect all of them though, so we're going to have to kill six bosses for each one of the totems that they drop. Do you want to do them all? This one is the easiest one if I recall the quest information." @NIGHT
  11. Yuki smiled back, looking up to the beak on her head. A squawk of approval from the tiny legendary creature signified that it was alright. "This is Aki, she is a special kind of gryphon known as a hippogriff. She helps make sure I'm aware of my surroundings at all times and helps me protect myself from damage." As Lessa agreed to help her, she was more than gleeful. That item was important for anyone looking to get special gear, though, she wouldn't be able to do much to aid her new friend other than trying to inflict bleed on her enemies. "I have to warn you that my ability to keep up with you is limited. I'll follow your orders since you likely have twice as many levels on me. I just hit Tier two, so they buff that I get from new gear is nice, but even still, this quest will be difficult." @Lessa
  12. Zajcica

    [F22 - PP] <<Witch of the West>>

    Yuki face palmed at the witch's pitiful attempts to sound threatening. This was probably one of the most annoying bosses that she had met to date. The Hebi was pretty bad because it ate her sure, but at least it didn't needlessly lecture her on how it was going to kill her and all this other dumb [censored]. With that, the paladin notice Shield was back to his feet. "Good, I was beginning to get worried that the effect might be a special one. I've been afflicted with every status effect in this game, but paralysis is one that terrifies me especially." She explained. Now that she knew Shield was alright, she could focus more on the fight. Her grip on her giant lance tightened as she reared it back for the attack. Lance pushed forward and in an amazing feat of dexterity, the witch somehow used her tiny dagger to deflect her attack. She cackled crazily. "I told you I wont be hit that eas-" The witches voice was cut off by a fist to the face. Yuki's gauntleted hand pounded the bosses nose in. "Will you shut up already and die! I didn't come here to listen to your rambling all night!" [H:4/4/4/22] Shield: HP: 1850/1850 | EN: 156/176 | DMG: 2 | EVA: -1 | MIT: 181 | BH:92 | HB: 48 | THN: 99 | ENV: 18/4 [H: 0/0/0/19] Yuki: 720/720 | 60/66 | DMG: 5 | MIT 81 | EVA: -1 | ACC: 3| THN: 18 | BLD: 24 Elite Flying Monkey 1: 0/220 | 90(45) | MIT: 35 Elite Flying Monkey 2: 0/220 | 90(45) | MIT: 35 Elite Flying Monkey 3: 0/220 | 90(45) | MIT: 35 The Witch: 110/700 | DMG: 100 | MIT: 70 | EVA: 1 | [ENV - 18/2]
  13. Zajcica

    [F22 - PP] <<Witch of the West>>

    Shield was unable to respond correctly, but judging from the sounds he was trying to give her, she suspected that he was alright. After all, the wall of thorns and armor didn't need to move to be effective at killing an enemy like the witch. Hopefully the effect would wear off soon, or she might start getting scared. "Oi! You best not forget that there's more than a single person here! Forget about me an you'll regret it, stupid!" The paladin quickly moved onto the witch raised the blade like a sword and swiped her from the side. The bladed edge cut through her skin and the weight of the massive lance knocked her to the ground with ease. Following up with another attack, Yuki attempts to impale the witch with the tip of the weapon. Her adversary is just fast enough to roll out of the way. If she kept up the pressure on the witch, Shield would be able to recover from the status condition. [H:4/4/4/21] Shield: HP: 1850/1850 | EN: 156/176 | DMG: 2 | EVA: -1 | MIT: 181 | BH:92 | HB: 48 | THN: 99 | ENV: 18/4 [PAR/0] [H: 0/0/0/17] Yuki: 720/720 | 60/66 | DMG: 5 | MIT 81 | EVA: -1 | ACC: 3| THN: 18 | BLD: 24 Elite Flying Monkey 1: 0/220 | 90(45) | MIT: 35 Elite Flying Monkey 2: 0/220 | 90(45) | MIT: 35 Elite Flying Monkey 3: 0/220 | 90(45) | MIT: 35 The Witch: 228/700 | DMG: 100 | MIT: 70 | [BLD: 24/0] [ENV - 18/3]
  14. Getting up from her seat, Yuki started walking towards the quest area. Having been to this floor many times for several different quests, the layout of the floor had basically been embedded into her mind. Essence of Steel was just an easier version of Absolute Zero, kinda, so this wouldn't be difficult at all. Especially with Mari's help. Approaching the edge of the forest, through the white blanket of falling snow, Yuki could see her old friend. The orange beacon of hair and clothing was difficult to miss. Perhaps she was fretting a little too much since she became worried with every step closer. The two of them left off on a tense foot and she wasn't entirely sure if she was ready to get scolded like the last time they had met. Nevertheless, her feet sooner or later carried her into earshot of Mari. "O-Oi." The paladin choked out with a wave to her friend. She was afraid to really say much about the past right now, at least until she figured out where Mari's mood was today, and how she felt about her. "The enemy we're fighting can't do any more than 50 damage to me, barely. I could use potions and junk, but it would just be easier for me to bring a friend and share the reward right? Then I don't waste valuable consumables, and you get the reward in case you ever need it." The paladin gave Mari a weak smile. As hard as she tried, she couldn't get their last meetings out of her mind. @Mari
  15. Seeing the thing that nearly swallowed her for the second time was not pleasant at all. The paladin recoiled nearly instantly. A sound of distress uttered from her lips. As Night jumped into combat, Yuki couldn't help but follow her in. She could stay here and just not do anything. The onlt reason that Yuki was here was to be an extra collection of the quest item. No. There was no way she was going to take the chance that her friend get swallowed. If Night was to get eaten by this thing, she would have no way to help her. Yuki would gladly put herself in danger again to ensure her safety. "Screw you you dumb snake! I'm back for revenge!" Her tone was no where near believable, and she was so scared that she actually lost track of the Hebi as she swung her lance in its direction. Something about snakes now made it impossible for her to take the fight as seriously as possible. She hid behind her shield like a scared little girl.