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  1. Yuki seemed unbothered by Shield's decision to decline her offer to join the guild. She expected him to say no anyway, being much higher level than her. He was probably busy with many other things than that. Her smile continued as she spoke. "No worries, I'll do my best to prove that I can lead a guild and help lower players!" The sound of Shield standing up and reeling the rod back to pull in the chest startled her a bit. The treasure chest seemed to glow when it came out of the water, she hadn't actually seen one yet. "Oh! This is the first treasure chest I've ever seen! They're supposed to have really good stuff in them right? Are you going to open it now?" She asked a little more excitedly than she probably meant to. In the corner of her eye, she notice the spawn of eggs that had suddenly appeared next to her and put them into her inventory. LD: 15+3=18 Materials found: 2 Eggs Found: 3 Total Materials: 12 Total Eggs: 28
  2. The paladin was quiet for a moment while he explained his experience with his old guild. She was starting to believe that Shield was the same as Life. They started playing the game but something or another made them stray away from the fight and went into seclusion. She didn't really know what to say, but something did come to mind to try and soothe him. "Well, if you want, you can always join my guild when I make it! We could have the same goal as you're old guild, because if I was your guild existed when I started my leveling in Aincrad last month." Her smile grew even brighter in an attempt to console him. "I also love meeting new friends so if you wanna add me to your friends list..." The menu opened up in front of her, she scrolled down to her friends list and soon the message appeared in front of Shield. -Zajcica wants to add you to their friends list- LD: 13+3=16 Materials found: 2 Eggs Found: 3 Total Materials: 10 Total Eggs: 25
  3. Yuki looked at the ground embarrassed. It really did seem like a foolish thing to think about it like that. If she did end up making a guild, there was only two out comes: The first one being that it fails and everyone involved goes their separate ways on the matter; or, the second on being that it became a strong guild that Yuki enjoyed being the leader of. She smiled again and looked back at Shield. "Thanks Shield, that really cleared the clouded judgement I had about starting a guild. I will do my best to make a guild that can do something for other players, even if we don't make it to the top of the top." The girl shifted quietly in her position to make herself more comfortable. It was unexpected to meet others up this high, but she was glad to meet a new friend. "What about you, do you have a guild that you're apart of? Friends whom you care for here in Aincrad?" It felt awkward to ask that, but he had asked the same thing to her, so hopefully it was okay. LD: 2+3=5 Nothing Found Total Materials: 8 Total Eggs: 22
  4. The paladin pulled in the next bunch of eggs up and into her inventory as they spawned right next to her seat. It was kind of boring to farm this way, but at least she had a friend to speak to while she did this though. Shield brought up what her current guild was. If he had asked her last week, she would have said none. "Well, I just recently joined Aincrad Trading Post because they have amazing benefits for a crafter. However, I had a bit of cute dream of becoming strong enough to lead my own guild. Though I don't really know anyone who would want to join and I can't just make a guild with myself. Maybe I'll just end up joining a higher up guild and be content there. I hope I can be stronger and maybe lead people later in my Aincrad career. I wanted to be an icon for lower level players to grow strong and do something about this stupid virtual prison in their own way. The girl sighed quietly. "I'm such a air-head sometimes I guess.." LD: 12+3=15 Materials Found: 2 Eggs Found: 5 Total Materials: 8 Total Eggs: 22
  5. Yuki looked at the fish that seemed to be modified to look like those American candies! That was adorable! What were those candies called again? Polish Fish? Something like that. She clasped her hands together when she saw the fish and smiled. "That's adorable! I didn't know they changed the design on the fish to compliment Easter!" After she got that out, she got a look from Shield like he wanted an answer for his previous comment. "R-Right, don't worry I will. I guess it would be safe for me to stay here while I do my searching then so I don't worry anyone. I have couple high level friends, so if I got into a dungeon I'll have friends who can help." She smiled at Shield happily. The eggs that she had scooped up earlier finally respawned in a different batch. She quickly scooped them up and moved them to her inventory and sat where she was until they would respawn again. LD: 20+3=23 Materials Found: 0 Eggs Found: 3 Total Materials: 6 Total Eggs: 17
  6. Zajcica

    [F7|PP]Ew, Wyrms; ft Mac

    She stopped as the smithy came to escort her back to the safe zone. Really she want to tell him not to worry about it and that she would be fine to make it on her own, even with only 6 hp remaining. It would start regenerating soon. She couldn't really bring herself to tell him that she was fine with taking her walk of shame back to Nimbus alone. "I'm alright, really. The poison effect finally wore off and I have... uh, less than 1% of my total HP." It sounded so much worse when she said it out loud. "Thank you for helping me back then. I still feel like I don't deserve this kind of treatment." Yuki was quiet the entire way back after that. She knew that she needed to think on what was happening during her last few weeks of leveling. She kept trying to get ahead of herself too quickly. It was time to slow down and learn how to do things the proper way. @Macradon
  7. Zajcica

    [F7|PP]Ew, Wyrms; ft Mac

    As her health bar ticked down the last time to a solid 6/330 health points, the girl collapsed back in the sand breathing heavily. Her body felt insanely heavy. "Oh my god..." Perhaps she was overselling it, but how else does someone react when they're this close to death. It didn't really help that the health bar visualized just how close she was to becoming nothing but data and a corpse in the real world. She would be much more careful from now on. "I...I won't do anything that stupid again. I promise. I'll take the time to practice and stop leaning on people to help me." Her words didn't really seem directed at Mac, but more to herself. After a moment, she finally sat back up and got to her feet, leaning on the lance she carried. "Th-Thanks again, Kajiya-san. I've been in too many of these situations and I feel unrightfully bailed out of them way too many times. I'm going to train has hard as possible, so people stop having to help me so much. I-I'll head home and think about what you and Mari have told me.." With that last comment, the girl start limping away towards the nearest safe zone. @Macradon
  8. Zajcica

    [F7|PP]Ew, Wyrms; ft Mac

    Yuki sighed as Mac mentioned her unskilled combat experience. While most of that was surely just bad luck almost completely, she knew that she was still one of the worst offensive fighters on the face of Aincrad. Probably best she stick with a defensive style. "So I should just practice fighting mobs until I get stronger? Well, I guess there's no get strong quick schemes even in a video game. I'll have to take someone with me to farm mobs then, not sure I can deal enough damage to things to practice by myself." Her thoughts came out loud. She winced heavily as her health fell into the 20s the poison hadn't worn off yet, but she knew by the tick times that she wouldn't have to waste a potion. "The game really does a good job emulating this near death experience, jeez." The paladin groaned as she tried to stand back up. @Macradon
  9. The girl collected a batch of eggs off to the side before Shield introduced himself, then sat back on her knees next to him watching the lure bob in the water. He mentioned a teleportation crystal, and Yuki got a bit nervous. She hadn't gotten the chance to buy one yet, though it was a good point that now was probably a good time to get one. "Eh-hem, well, I haven't quite taken the time to collect a teleportation crystal just yet. Though, being a tank, I understand how the aggro-mechanics of SAO work. As long as I keep my distance from mobs and don't accept any dangerous quests, I won't be attacked by anything. I actually live just up a floor and also run my shop up there. While I'm leveling to reach the front lines, I also want to supply them with food." The little snake slithered out of Shield's sleeve, and it would have freaked her out if they were in the real world, but it thankfully it wasn't as scary as somethings were here in Aincrad. She smiled at Shield and watched lure bob around again. "I need to invest in the fishing skill. My dad taught me a little about fishing, seems reasonable that I should use that knowledge to my advantage here." @Shield LD: 20+3=23 Materials Found: 2 Eggs Found: 6 Total Materials: 6 Total Eggs: 14
  10. Zajcica

    [F1-OP-E3] A big ol' Easter egg hunt

    Yuki looked down at her dress then adjusted the cute little bunny ears atop her head before responding to Life, she thought he might actually like her outfit, too.. Her pushed past her to grab some of the eggs she had nearly crushed under shoes. Well, at least she hadn't in that case. "You don't like my outfit? It's Easter so I was getting in the spirit of the holiday. I thought it was kinda cute..." She said with a slight pout in her cheeks. When Life moved out of the way, she noticed a few eggs behind where he was standing just like her. It wasn't as much as he saw but still some for her to take. She scooped them up and into her inventory they went. "Do you wanna party up and look for some eggs then? I've never liked gathering on my own, but I do like hanging out with you." A smile finally crossed her lips with that sentence. It was big, bright and genuine to one of her best friends. @Life Materials: 1 Eggs: 3 Total Materials: 1 Total Eggs: 6
  11. Zajcica

    [PP-F5] Coliseum of Sands <BotS>

    The pink haired girl took a seat in the coarse sand below her. The shock was still containing her of just how easily she could have died here. Why was she always finding herself in deathly situations like this and being saved by others? Was she not meant to be on the front lines after all? Her clumsiness would only get others killed. Hidden approached her and started as if she was going to give her a good old Mari-talk, but it shifted to praise and she didn't know if she really deserved it. She had yet to effectively kill any field boss without nearly dying or needing help. Yuki's expression didn't really change when Hidden offered her some praise. "I don't deserve anyone's praise until I accomplish something." The paladin said plainly. "I can't keep using the stupid excuse that I'm inexperienced. I fought dragons, giant snakes countless mobs and now whatever that thing was by leaning on the backs of other players, and I'm still nothing but a burden." @Hidden
  12. Yuki was easily embarrassed by most things, but it didn't really help that she could be an air-headed klutz as well. The girl picked herself up off the ground and dusted herself off. The man had a much deeper voice than she had expected. His reel countered the silence off the cavern, kind of the same way Hippogriff does with his annoying squawking. "I-I'm fine," The girl started, "I was about to start looking for eggs and materials, yes. I thought it would be a good idea to do some material gathering on this high of a floor so I can be ready to craft tier three items." Shield's eyes seemed like they were sizing her up. It was easy to tell he was probably wondering what level she was. With a slight bow and a smile, Yuki spoke again. "My name is Yuki, aspiring front line tank and nearly grandmaster cook. I am currently level 16, yoroshikune!" The griffin flying with her squawked in offense being forgot. "Oh, right! This is my new partner Hippogriff. He's happy to meet you too." @Shield LD: 16+3=19 Materials Found: 2 Eggs Found: 5 Total Materials: 4 Total Eggs: 8
  13. Yuki walked though the dirty caverns of floor twenty-one inspecting her hud as she usually does, not paying attention to most of her surroundings. Hippogriff floated around her since it was finally getting used to it's wings after hatching just recently. It squawked as it flew around her, she had learned how to drown it out at this point. This was definitely the floor for Tier three materials where she could take on the Nature's Treasure quest. No reason to wait until she was tier three to collect the materials. She could use them in trades likely too. Drowned out in doings, she didn't hear the incessant squawking of Hippogriff until she was on the ground. She had tripped on some fishing equipment laid out by another person who currently was fishing. She scrambled up to sit up and fix it the best she could. "Ah! S-Sumimasen! G-Gomen, Gomen! I didn't mean to I wasn't looking where I was going! I didn't mean to ruin your fishing." Much to his surprise, Yuki seemed to quickly replace the equipment for him without any help. She must be familiar with fishing. Hippogriff landed and relaxed on the girls head. @Shield Materials Found: 2 Eggs Found: 3 Total Materials: 2 Total Eggs: 3
  14. Zajcica

    [F7|PP]Ew, Wyrms; ft Mac

    As Macradon talked she realized that he sounded almost like Mari would say at this point if she jumped out of no where and saved her. That made sense, after all, they were good friends. She'd probably be more pissed than him though, so in a way she was glad that it was him and not her. She winced as she took the poison damage. "Y-You saw my fight? I... think that was my worst fight on Aincrad yet..." The Paladin admitted. Tears still welled in her eyes, but she had stopped crying. She replied sheepishly. "The armor you made me kept me alive for that long. I guess that's two things to thank you for. I-I was trying to get stronger, so I wouldn't have to rely on someone stronger than me to baby sit my ass... I want to be someone strong... But I only keep ending up in situations like this. I'll only be a burden to the front lines like this..." Yuki's under-spirited at this point. It seemed like she was considering whether she should give up her want to join the front line. @Macradon
  15. Yuki found herself on floor eleven to take on the nature's treasure quest here. She needed to collect materials for for her next tier since she was starting to close in on it. Floor eleven had a similar quest to floor one, where you collect materials in greater heaps than regular gathering. She could do that and search for eggs at the same time. When she approached the outside of the safe zone, she noticed a familiar face. It was the woman who had been knocked out clean during the even to help the Aincrad Training Post. After all of that went down, Yuki ended up joining ATP. Now would probably be a good time to introduce herself to the guild leader. "O-Oi. She said as she approached the girl, a little sheepishly. She had no idea how she was, since she didn't have time to speak to her. "You're the leader of Aincrad Trading Post right? My name is Yuki. After I helped in fending off the field bosses, I joined ATP. Yoroshikune!" @Zandra