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  1. Titan

    [PP/F2] Razor's Edge

    There was something about NIGHT that felt unassuming and genuneinly kind but the type where they had layers protecting themselves from their true feelings and the rest of the world got the manufactured version of who they were. Titan would break though, she seemed like the type of person that he wouldn't have bothered with back in the real world but something about her reminded him that it took an entire village sometimes to find progress. " Trying my best. I can't help it, it's pretty badass and to think, you made this with your own two hands. " He wasn't sure if she had been a lot stronger than he was but it seemed that way, her calm and casual demeanor probably held the physical prowess to crush these wargs with a single finger. It was still quite the idea that his own powers could grow to incredible amounts if he kept grinding the expereince. " I'm lucky I spotted them in the window. They're probably my most valuable equipment. " As they walked through the bustling city of Urbus, Titan couldn't help but slow down a bit to keep her from such rapid steps. " Oh, I don't think i've been to the hot dog place yet. " He wouldn't be able to laugh yet, he wasn't sure what a Warg was either. Titan spotted the merchant and quickly discussed with him that they were both here to help and as he was handed ANTIDOTE potions, he made sure to give one to NIGHT as well. " You probably don't need it but, it's what was given. " Shrugging as they continued to walk, now outside of the city to where the Warg's were said to be. " It happens, I won't tease you if you miss. " Which was a lie, Titan would absolutely do that. " I've made a few friends here and there, I guess. I don't know, friends a loose term. I've met people I should say. The most notable is probably Shield? A Frontline Tank. He gave me some advice on tanking and let me know he's making a guild to bridge the gap between newbies and the front lines. I'll probably join the guild, it seems perfect for me. " He wouldn't only leave this about him. " What about you, NIGHT? What's the last thing you achieved in game that made you really proud of how far you've come? " @NIGHT
  2. Titan

    [ PP/F1 ] Last of the Chain

    The fisherman seemed incredibly patient for Titan as the man opened up his inventory and began to shuffle things around for the sake of organization. He wasn't one who liked clutter and would sell or give things away if he hadn't considered them helpful to his current mission. That's why being an Alchemist brought him such joy and pain, the ability to concoct so many helpful buffs and boons but with the different levels and strengths, Titan would rather donate the weakest damage potions over to the first floor, simply so he hadn't had to deal with any of it. Lost in his own cleanliness, he hadn't noticed Mari at first until she had gotten close enough for her to place her hand on her hips. The curves on her body had been insane too and for such a short person, it seemed like there was something not to scale here. Titan shook his head with a scoff at her response. " You said to invite you because you're bored, I thought it meant you wanted a second date. " The fisherman watched the two of them, shaking his head before gesturing the two of them onto his boat. " C'mon young lovebirds, get in here. " Ol' Pete tried to hurry the both of them up as Titan quickly got into the boat at offered Mari a hand to assist, not that she would take it. " You know, Mari. You can say that you enjoy me a teensy bit. My ego wouldn't be mad or too inflated. " A goad of a response, he knew Mari enjoyed him regardless if she'd say so or not. @Mari
  3. " Yeah, they're all big trees, but if you take a bit of a closer look you can tell that they have a bit of a distinction from one another. " He chimed in to her frustration, calming her resolve to seeing and understanding that there could always be an answer if you looked at something with enough intention. Titan decided to shut up and let the other lead, trusting in her own abilities and knowing that they hadn't too much they needed to do or go for the remainder of the day. If Shay wanted to take a bit, not by her own accord, then that's what would happen. His eyes watched Shay as she lunged, Titan was close to pull out his weapon but the man trusted Shay and saw that she had just been marking a tree but it was enough to get his heart racing. " See, steps. " He continued forward, letting her lead but noticed that the mark trees would help them backtrack if they ever needed to. @Shay
  4. As Titan had finished the quest already, he hadn’t wanted to take too much of the glory in attacks from Galilea. “ Let me know if you want me to attack one, too, but you’re killing it. Literally. ” The man let out a small snort at his pun, she seemed mighty capable and it surprised him that she needed a mentor to help her out and had found one in an orange-cursor, but then again, if Mari offered, Titan wasn’t sure if he would decline. Slightly caught off-guard by Oikawa’s question, Titan mulled over the question for a moment before stringing together the right words for a response. “ Long story short, I met Shield during the Easter event and Mari helped me with both of my last introduction quests. ” Her cursor had Titan not too worried or concerned about the man in front of his. “ They offered and showcased how talented they are in this game and when the time came, I thought it made sense to join. Is that how this guy got you in, Galilea? ” He chimed in, always a member of inclusion as he pulled the other rookie into the conversation as well. “ For goals, I’m working on becoming a tank eventually once I hit tier 3. Hopefully I can tank for the front line when the time comes. ” Shifting his gaze between the two of them before landing it on the higher-level man, his own motives piqued Titan’s curiosity as well. “ What made you want to take on a protégé and help out rookies? ” He figured he knew pieces of the reasoning but to hear it straight would be illuminating. @Galilea
  5. Titan

    [ SP/F6/E3 ] A Shadow of Oneself

    THE QUEST IS COMPLETE ! LOOT N/A SP ( 1 ) Skill Point for COVID-19 Bonus ( 1 ) Skill Point for Finished Page Bonus ( Solo Party ) TOTAL: 2 SP COL ( 400 ) Col for Finished Page Bonus ( Solo Party ) TOTAL: 400 COL
  6. Titan

    [ SP/F6/E3 ] A Shadow of Oneself

    Pushing himself up one foot after the other, Titan's body had been drained of desire and all he wanted to do was jump in the shower for a couple of seconds and hit his bed for the best sleep of his life. He hadn't ever experienced such an intense battle and it messed with his mind to see his own health pool deep beneath orange. He was a planner, Titan made sure he trained and overleveled himself so that the quests he still had to do wouldn't be a challenge at all. But perhaps, that's exactly what the Gemini had been for. To show and prove that ambition and courage could make up for planning and those who simply stayed in the cerebral thoughts, could never get anywhere if all they did was theorize. The teleporter finally brought itself into view as Titan let out an exhasuted sigh. Sending himself back to the first floor, he'd take the most relaxing nap as soon as he could get himself out of this armor and into something a little bit more comfortable.
  7. Titan

    [ SP/F6/E3 ] A Shadow of Oneself

    He could either jump down into the waterfall or climb down the face of the mountain once again. Titan hadn't the energy to do the latter and so he pushed off with a mighty leap against the rocks and began to fall until seconds later he met the chilling embrace of fresh spring water. He hadn't dared take a sip but he could feel a difference in the water quality from even his own showers back in his home in the Tower of Beginnings. Someone could have quite the lucrative business bottling this and offering it to various players. After idly threading water for a few minutes, Titan made his way to the rocky shores that connected the falls with the earthy roots of the sixith floor, creating a brown muck in the water but enough of a rocky shoreline to not have swimmers stuck trying to escape the mud's grasp.
  8. Titan

    [ SP/F6/E3 ] A Shadow of Oneself

    As the cave’s mouth made itself clear to Titan, the tiny drums of the waterfall seemed to grow exponentially in sound while the man found his way to the clearing with a face of delusion and exhaustion that most adventurers had to face at one point or another. A free hand gripping towards his assault spear holder as he put the SOUL PIERCER away for now, letting the cylinder hang loosely against his back before making it to where the hidden cave met the waterfall’s roar as gallons of water pounded against the rocky cliffs into the lake below snaking through the sixth floor in various rivers and streams. It still felt like he’d been challenged over a week ago, finding the Easter eggs in the event and meeting the Amazonian woman with the grudge. Perhaps, she too, had felt the daunting fear of facing oneself at what seemed to be the ultimate self. Some people hated mirrors, doing everything they could to avoid their own reflection.
  9. Titan

    [ SP/F6/E3 ] A Shadow of Oneself

    With nothing but a humbling experience and his breathing finally settling into his normal rhythm, Titan decided it would be time to leave the cave that would surely haunt his dreams moving forward with the very idea that there had and would always be a better version of himself simply hiding, waiting for an opportune moment to strike. It would be waiting in the silence, seething on every little mistake and misstep to push closer and closer to the forefront. A huffed sigh escaped Titan’s lips with the rise and fall of the player’s shoulders in a steady breath. As every day felt and had been surreal, this quest would latch itself on to the man with a bit more bite than he was used to. Usually, Titan had the tendency to let things go and not let them bother him too much but this would be the one he’d have to do his best to shake off.
  10. Titan

    [ SP/F6/E3 ] A Shadow of Oneself

    Soul Piercer had never felt heavier in his hands then it did in this moment where he had been slain by the GEMINI illusion as the monster escaped deeper into its cave while his own health bar shone in a crimson hue with a simple sliver of life energy with a debuff on that had been still ticking health away from him. With hasty movements, Titan opened up and chugged his very last starter health potion to make sure no accidents would be had in this damn cave where he fought for his live and ultimately survived the carnage. Embarassed hadn’t been the right word to describe how the man was feeling weak throughout every square inch of Titan’s pixelated form. The warnings were clear, that the Gemini wouldn’t be such an easy quest to deal with and every single person who told him were absolutely right. But he would return for his own vengeance. TITUS DRINKS ( 1 ) STARTER HEALTH POTION.
  11. Titan

    [ SP/F6/E3 ] A Shadow of Oneself

    Well, Titan had never expected this battle to be this close as his health dropped dangerously low from the bleed damage the Gemini had been able to get onto Titan. " Shoot, shoot, shoot. " The player usually wasn't someone to freak out or panic but this felt like something where he needed to since he wasn't sure what exactly he could do. His assault spear began to glow its scarlet hue once again as Titan began to activate a MAIM attack before feeling stunned in paralysis once again, knowing fully that the other's assault had paralyzed him and that with the Gemini's last blow, it brought Titan to 1 HP and ended the quest in a failure. " Never return to me, weakling. You don't deserve to be out there when you're simply not at your greatest potential. " A strong kick to the chest as it sent Titan flying into the cave wall, a single health point is what kept him from the land of the dead. GEMINI STATS: TITAN'S STATS: ATTACK ROLL ( +3 ACC )
  12. Titan

    [ SP/F6/E3 ] A Shadow of Oneself

    Luckily for Titan, the strategy he knew that had the best change of winning was to grab as much accuracy as he could and swing his weapon to hope it proc'd the bleed on the Gemini. It had been working so far, but with the gulp of his second consumable, Titan had no idea that the shade would also take on some of that as well. Both Titan's had suffered from a bit of BLEED damage as they groaned in unison from the pain. " How does the payback taste for keeping me bleeding this whole time? " The Gemini attempted to goad Titan, his features twisting into something darker and sinister as he leaped forward with a scarlet weapon, the critical hit seemed to slam Titan right in the chest causing the man to fall to the floor in some sort of paralysis causing Titan to give up attacking for this round. GEMINI STATS: TITAN'S STATS: ATTACK ROLL ( +3 ACC )
  13. Titan

    [ SP/F6/E3 ] A Shadow of Oneself

    " Just shut up already, your health is dipping every second. You will not get out of this. " Titan spoke candidly and from experience, he was with the best and with that, he could and would also become the best in his own ways. His spear had come in handy with everything they had to do so far and this would be no exception. With a single hand, Titan held a very loose grip on his spear as he always liked to find tiny exposed spots on the Gemini's body for bleed damage to tick. He spotted an opening as the Gemini moved, he sliced his sword against the man's exposed mid-section before feeling another brutish attack from the Gemini that sent him flying back but luckily still on his feet. Titan drinks a health potion to keep his health up. Titan looked over at the Gemini's health and he had only needed to do a third more of the damage, he could win this and Titan was sure of himself for that. " Come at me, Gemini! I'm going to finish you once and for all. " Words of courage and wisdom, Titan pushed himself up and knew that the other had much more stamina and energy to go before they found thesmelves a winner. TITAN DRINKS ( 1 ) STARTER HEALTH POTION. GEMINI STATS: TITAN'S STATS: ATTACK ROLL ( +3 ACC )
  14. Titan

    [ SP/F6/E3 ] A Shadow of Oneself

    The stun freaked him out a bunch, Titan couldn't lie to himself as he watched the bleed damage continue to tick against The Gemini as he seemed to come around for a little bit more. Opening up his inventory for the second time, Titan pulled out a health potion and chugged it with haste to return some of the missing health that critial hit seemed to deliver. Titan hadn't had time to focus on the pain or worry about what had been happening, he needed to focus on the task that had been right ahead of him. Pushing himself off the floor, Titan readied himself for another attack and use the angles to slice at the Gemini's elbow before feeling another attack against him, it seemed as though the Gemini had hit as well. " The faster you accept your fate, Titan. The quicker we can all move on with ourselves. You will lose and in the process, I will become you ! " TITAN IS STUNNED. GEMINI STATS: TITAN'S STATS: ATTACK ROLL ( +3 ACC )
  15. Titan

    [ SP/F6/E3 ] A Shadow of Oneself

    His health pool seemed a little low at this point in the battle, it would have to be now or never because with another crit the lowbie aventurer would be absolutely over. Titan opened up his inventory and with an agility he had never known to exist within him before, he yanked out a STARTER HEALTH POTION and chugged it to regain 50 HP before reaching in to slice at his opponent., not able to do much as his bleed hadn't proc'd. " Game over, Ti. " Why in the world was the Gemini grimacing over to Titan and why did he have that smug look on his face? The Gemini yanked his spear from behind him and he saw the sinister red glow once again known to be a critical and Titan did his very best to embrace it. The man jumped into the air, Titan attempted to block and defend himself but the land hit him square in the chest as Titan collaposed to the floor for the first time. A brilliant yellow shock seemed to wrap the man in electric chains, showcasing the Titan's very first ability for those who wanted to bring potions or food into the mix of battle. TITAN DRINKS ( 1 ) STARTER HEALTH POTION. GEMINI STATS: TITAN'S STATS: ATTACK ROLL ( +3 ACC )