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  1. Alathazal

    Contacting PST

    Hi all is there a preferred way to contact or notify the PST?
  2. Could a PST member please approve / provide feedback my journal?  Thank you.

    1. ChaseR


      They'd notice best through the discord. I'll submit it in their approvals channel for now but I highly advise you join for yourself too. Welcome to the site regardless. ^^

    2. Zajcica


      Hi Alathazal, Welcome to SAO! I am a staff member and I will look over your journal for you. As ChaseR mentioned, I as well highly recommend that you join us in Discord. If you don't know what Discord is, it is a free to use social platform for people to connect. We use it to keep in contact with all the players on the site. We also use the Discord to get the fastest responses from staff members.

      To get to the Discord, simply mouse to the top of the page, find the social tab and click on Discord! Thank you for your patience!

  3. Alathazal

    Alathazal's Journal

    HP: 20 / 20 Profile EN: 2 / 2 Username Alathazal 21, Male Real Name Kyo Kiryu 5' 11", 172lbs LV: 1 / DMG: 1 / MIT: 0 / ACC: 0 / EVA: 0 The Story So Far... Kyo still couldn't believe he'd managed to win a NerveGear, it was from a radio competition that his uncle had entered him into without even telling him and as a last suprise it couldn't have been more appropriate. He thought of his uncle as he unpacked the box and setup the equipment, Kyo wished he could've been there to experience it with him, they had talked about almost nothing other than SAO since it's announcement. It had felt like he could've been a veteran of the game he had never even played, but he knew he had to be careful, being cocky could get him killed quickly in game and that would never do. With a equal sense of anxiousness and excitement, without a moments trepidation he placed the NerveGear on and lay on his bed. "In your memory uncle" , Kyo paused for just a moment, reflecting one what he uncle may have done had he been there, "Alathazal, shall live on! Link start!" Profession None until «Earning a Living» has been completed. SP: 0 / 5 Skills [Rank 1] 1H Straight Swords +1 DMG Equipped Gear [T1 / Uncommon] Kaminoikari 1H Straight Sword Quillion-less claymore style long sword. +1 DMG [T1 / Uncommon] Light Armour Crimson and black ninja-yoroi, with Hannya styled elbow and knee pads. +1 EVA Inventory (Starter - Set A "Basic Package") Col: 2,500 5x Starter Potions Heals 50 HP 10x T1 Materials History For as long as he could remember Kyo idolised his uncle, was a kind man who Kyo related to on every level. He had introduced him to the world or comics, fantasy and to the world of roleplaying games. Throughout school Kyo had always been the target of school bullies for being the runt of the class, which had led him to enjoy his own company, more than those of the other children. The exeption to the exception to the rule was him uncle, who would help him escape into fantasy worlds of monsters and heroes. Even after he started high school and stopped being the runt of the class, he was still ostracized for being the tall skinny nerd and geek. By the end of school Kyo, had few friends, but those he had he put his faith in completely and would do anything for them. It was just three months before SAO was released that him uncle was diagnosed with cancer and give just siz months to live. Kyo, took the news hard retreating even further into the online world of the MMORPG he and his uncle had loved playing together. Just two days before the SAO release his uncle passed away. Kyo refused to see or talk to anyone, or even leave his room. That was until his mom brought a box up to his room, she placed it on his bed. "This is from your uncle Kyo", she said smiling softly. Kyo didn't response or show any interest in the box till after his mum had left shutting the door behind her. Jumping to his feet he examined the large brown cardboard box, it particularily non-descript, but then he spotted it, a small logo in the top corner on one side of the box - Argus. Kyo let out a gasp digging his fingers into the side of the box, he ripped the top of the box clean of in a single motion. He was shaking with excitement as he saw what was inside, "A NerveGear". Vitues / Flaws // Loyalty :: While few and far between, for those that Kyo considered his friends, he would do anything they asked of him and would defend both actually and in terms of principle. Be it a role in a battle they could not fill themselves, or bartering with merchants for a better deal. // Charitable :: Kyo had never really found a want for physical things outside the games he played, he neither enjoyed or desired things in the real world and as such was far happier seeing those he cared for having everything they wanted. This extended in game, where as long as he had what he needed to continue progressing, he wouldn't think twice about donating to a lower level player, especially if they were just starting out. // Selfless :: In game as in real life, Kyo, always put others first, sometimes to his own detriment. He felt a sense of responsibilty to those around him and who played with him, which while endearing to them cause a lot of anxiety in Kyo, which made him always keep people at arms length, leading to making friends very difficult. // Loner :: Kyo would've always played RPGs with his uncle keeping to small groups of just them and sometimes Kyo's friends from school. But as a whole, if he could continue on his own he would, avoiding the idea of parties and guilds, he felt others would just get in his way or slow him down, being a burden as he would have to look after them. // Obsessive Compulsive (Completionist) :: Once started Kyo could never leave something half-done, in game that meant that if he died during a quest, he'd be straight back to it as soon as he'd respawned, sometimes only to die again. If he had heard of a particular set of gear, whether it would benefit him or not he had to have a complete set of it. This sometime grated on his friend he played with, like the time he sent six months trying to get the last piece of a Blue set of gear in their last MMORPG, when they were all easily 20 levels above it's effective use. Relationships None Roleplays None
  4. Hi all, really can’t wait to get started here, but had a couple of questions to do with the starting gear packs. Is there a specific list somewhere that describes what types / styles of weapon and armour are classed as uncommon, rare, etc... or is this more the quality of gear itself rather than the aesthetic? Secondly does armour provide no benefit until you have your first rank in your chosen armour class skill? see you all soon out in the field...