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  1. Could a PST member please approve / provide feedback my journal?  Thank you.

    1. ChaseR


      They'd notice best through the discord. I'll submit it in their approvals channel for now but I highly advise you join for yourself too. Welcome to the site regardless. ^^

    2. Zajcica


      Hi Alathazal, Welcome to SAO! I am a staff member and I will look over your journal for you. As ChaseR mentioned, I as well highly recommend that you join us in Discord. If you don't know what Discord is, it is a free to use social platform for people to connect. We use it to keep in contact with all the players on the site. We also use the Discord to get the fastest responses from staff members.

      To get to the Discord, simply mouse to the top of the page, find the social tab and click on Discord! Thank you for your patience!