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  1. Aquan

    Aquan's Evaluation Thread

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  2. "LD Trinket, got it." He smiled again, looking over at the wolf. His attention faded from the conversation as he focused on the wolf, watching it move as it was injured. The bleed effect wore off, almost killing the creature in the process. It was just barely holding on, but definitely not for long. "Okay." He says and runs forward. The wolf in a desperate attempt in survival lashes out at Aquan. He jumps over the wolf and lands behind it, spinning around and stabbing three times into its torso. The wolf let out a soft howl before shattering into crystals. Aquan took a breath in and let it out slowly, looking over at Freyd. "Well that took a while." He chuckled and smiled at his comrade. "I am looking at getting more skills dedicated around gathering instead of combat, at least right now. I seem to be surviving easily by just dedicating myself to gathering and support skills. I will probably go back and forth from gathering and combat skills to try and balance myself out the best I can. Also, shall we head back?" He paused before looking at Freyd again. "What threats of the guild are you tracking? I know Chase.." He trails off, not sure how to continue that comment.
  3. "Thank you Freyd, I appreciate it." He smiles a nods, his smile looking more confident than it looked before. "What kind of gear does Firm Anima usually have to offer to newer players? I have no looked into the guild armory much to fully know what I could grab in order to quest easier. Mostly what I do is tag along for higher level quests with others in order for me to get levels without having to fight much." He nods and smiles. Freyd mentioned taking the wolf out of its misery and he nods, moving towards the Wolf. "Okay, I'm sorry for thi-" He fell backwards as the wolf try to chew on his arm. Aquan quickly rolled out of the way and stood up again, wiping dirt off of his body. "Okay... Okay that was rough. I will take him out of his misery next attack. And yes I'm in Provisions. I'm hoping to gather as many materials as I possibly can. I've already asked a few people to adventure with me, so things seem to be going better. Any other tips that you have?"
  4. Aquan

    Aquan's Evaluation Thread

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  5. "I love the name Persistence. I have not run into many pets that have names that are primarily words, outside of the common food items, swear words, and dainty items like: Cloud, Bubbles, etc. Also, I never did the Lessons Quest. I will probably do them with Grimm soon. I know there is a level cap for them, but I enjoy companionship with those quests, and unfortunately I haven't had much access to a lot of people to assist me with them. As for a familiar I was thinking something like an Otter, Weasel, or a Pine Marten. They can move fast and I think they are adorable." He smiles brightly. He turns to focus back on the fight at hand, gripping his sword and analyzing the battle field as much as possible. He stood still for a moment then randomly lashed out. His analytical mind was running as fast as possible to under the fighting mechanics. He side stepped the wolf's lunge and he plunged his sword into the wolf's side. The wolf fell limp for a moment, and gained two effects. "Well that, oh." He moved back fast just in case. "That was a lot easier than I expected." He laughed softly and looked at Freyd.
  6. Aquarian nodded along to what everyone said and made a note to connect the names with faces. He was about to open his mouth to say something, but his eyes fell upon Noodle, Kimi's familiar. Aquarian squatted down and started to give the Shark-Dog some pets. "His name is noodle?!" He looks up at Kimi, his eyes practically full of stars. "I love him, he seems to be a shark-dog hybrid? What floor did you get him on? I do not know much about aquatic floors, but maybe a floor that has an ocean on it's coast? Floor 24 has something similar, but I do not know much about that floor unfortunately." All these words are coming immediately one after another. He paused, his eyes darting over the creature while he continued to give it all of his attention. "What do you feed him? I know dogs and sharks are both carnivorous, but their diets are very different with only a bit of overlap. Can he breathe under water?" He ended his rambling by looking up at Kimi for a moment, cocking his head at her. Before she could say much he stood up and looked around the area. "It is starting to get dark, Probably 10 minutes before it's dusk. I'm not sure how easily it will be to get to town. Kimi seems to be strong, but covering four individuals with minimal combat training down what seems to be a 30-60 minute walk in the dark is not advantageous....." He trailed off again, his eyes darting across the landscape.
  7. Aquan

    [EV-F07] Storm of Shadows

    Aquan waved to Lessa again. "N-No. No injuries. How many people do you all have? There's four of us-" He stopped and looked over to see Grimm's Silhouette lift up someone else. "Okay make that 5." He looked over at Jevi, seeing the woman getting helped up, "Okay make that 6 of us." He placed a hand on Valentine's shoulder and smiled as best as he could. "We're getting to higher ground, We will be okay. We have to be." He was not letting himself think of the other options. With others falling around him, he didn't want to see anyone else go down. He wrapped an arm around the man's waist and hoisted him up, slowly pulling him the man upward as he started to climb upwards. "High ground means longer for the rain to catch us. More players means an easier way for us to survive. We will survive, we have this long in the game, it is a statistical probability that we will live. Besides, the game getting rid of us means there is no game to play."
  8. Aquan scrunched his face up slightly at the mention of curried snake. He had tried many different types of cuisine in his life, but reptilian food was definitely not one of his favorites. "Oh Snake... That's definitely a unique choice." He shook his head and laughed softly. His face then turned to a light red with the praise that Freyd starts to give him about being a cook. "I guess it's not super difficult. I just treat it like the real world. I used to cook a lot of different foods so I got used to matching flavors. I commend anyone that can work with metals or clothing. No matter how hard I've tried, I can never sew." He smiled a bit and shrugged. Freyd began to talk battle strategy, then immediately killed the boss, leaving the other creatures hanging around. "Well that was effecti- YOU HAVE A FAMILIAR?!" Aquan's face lit up and he ran up to look at the man's familiar. "I've never seen one like you! I love the name Persi, and she is beautiful! What floor did you get-" Chomp one of the wolves lashed out at Aquan, biting his leg. "Do. You. MIND." He pulled his leg free from the wolf's mouth. A second one lashed out at Freyd, but barely doing any damage.
  9. Aquan

    Aquan's Evaluation Thread

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  10. Aquan

    Aquan's Evaluation Thread

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  11. Aquan began listening to what Calcifer was saying about guilds and wanting to help people. He smiled a little bit during her conversation. She seemed to be fully committed to this life of servitude to her fellow man. "You do sound like a knight. I know there are guilds that focus on leveling other players, or clearing the floors. I know the floor boss battle is happening soon. I could see you on the front lines there eventually. The frontliners are primarily focused on saving us and getting us out of this game. While it is not fighting major quest lines and fending off liches, it is the main savior roll a person can choose in this game." He smiled and nodded, continuing to look around the area. "What would you say your fighting style is? I'm not very accustom to fighting so it is strike, run away, repeat for me." ID: 178650 LD: 6 + 1 = 7 [No Material] 2/5 Mats