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  1. He nodded a long while Dracul talked. His face dropped ever so slightly when it came back around to talking about the dramatics of the storm. "Yeah... The storm was not so kind to me and others who tried to fend it off on the 7th Floor..." His voice trailed off as he continued to listen to him. He did not know the high end pieces of the Crafting system, but it would be interesting to have multiple people working together on projects. "The work would definitely go faster if multiple people were working together." He thought more on what he would want to be added. "I suppose I would want Gu
  2. Aquarian paused for a moment. He realized he never really looked at what they could do already as magic. "I suppose you are right, what we can do with our skills and accessories does seem to be magic." He was really enjoying this conversation. He liked the way Dracul's brain worked and it only furthered his happiness with questing with Dracul. Thinking of technology and advancement as technology. "I know if I lived during the Salem Witch Trials and saw a phone, I would immediately call it witchcraft." He mused to himself with a little smirk. "So, you would fit the archetype of Wizard quit
  3. Aquarian was not exactly sure what to say or do when Dracul told him to stop holding back his personality. The man was right, Aquarian was holding back and talking less than normal so he did not worry the man, but it has been a while for him since someone was accurately able to call that out on him. "Thank you Dracul." He says quietly, returning the grin he was given. "What would you do when it comes to magic? In the real world I traveled a lot and helped my parents take photographs of nature, so I think I would go something more natural, like druid craft. The idea of conjuration and divi
  4. Aquarian was very, very happy at that moment. "Really?! I can keep them?! Thank you so much!" He gladly took the books and looked at both of their covers. He was tempted to start reading it now, but he put it away into his inventory before he was TOO tempted. "The book primarily gives stories and history, however there may be some info that I did not find in there about materials and hunting! It would be interesting if monsters gave unique materials than just a standard base array of them." He paused, taking a breath and realizing that he was talking a mile a minute. "I'll make sure to let you
  5. His eyes lit up when Dracul mentioned letting him borrow some of the Alchemy books that he was reading. "I'd love to! There is not a lot of reading material so it's a bit difficult at times in order to pass the time without grinding levels or going gathering. I really appreciate the offer to read that." He was full smiles again. The last time he read the book, it was from his friend Grimm and it was about the monster lore. "I have a book on Monster lore if you would like to borrow it? I've already read it, I would just need it back eventually." He smiled and opened up his inventory. "It talks
  6. Aquarian's face lit up a little bit when Dracul mentioned that he was connected with Firm Anima. Even though he would rather have someone to hang out with that was not connected to the guild, he still was making a friend with similar ties as to his own. "Oh wow! I've only been to the Guild Hall a handful of times so I'm not entirely sure all the buildings around it, but that is really interesting. I did not realize how close some of the player-owned buildings were to each other." He smiled and nodded after he finished his statement. Dracul's statement about becoming used to people talking
  7. Aquan had never heard of Ariel before, but they sounded like a pretty interesting individual, at least to him. "I do not think I've heard of Ariel before. However I only interact with a small group of people right now. I am apart of a Guild, Firm Anima, however I do not speak to a lot of them much. I tend to keep to myself more often than not." He smiled and continued to walk with Dracul. It was nice to meet someone new, someone who was not immediately connected to Firm Anima. "Are you a part of a Guild? It sounds like you already have a grouping with three other people... Also, I had no idea
  8. Aquarian did not expect such a long and well thought-out answer from Dracul, but he appreciated his partner's ability to speak and the amount that he did speak. He nodded and smiled when he related to Aquan's ability to make things with precision. He looked a bit confused at the man's hand movements to his chest but he ignored it for the moment. "I think I can relate to how you operate in this game. Recently I've become more accustomed to fighting but that is not something I rapidly seek out. I primarily just have my gatherer skills and my skills with my sword and armor. I haven't built myself
  9. He shrugged when he commented on the special abilities of the material. "Who knows. This game can be quite unique when it comes to what things can or can't do." He pocked both the item and his compass. He was not going to abandon his new companion to do the quest alone, and it was nice to explore the surrounding area in order to get a feel for what the storm and changed and kept the same. He placed his hands in his pockets and continued to walk, thinking of things to talk about. "Do you see yourself possibly becoming a front liner in the future? I like the idea of going to the fight and assist
  10. He listened to what the man had to say with an interested look on his face. He frowned a bit when he mentioned that he did not have much of a memory of what happened. Aquan's thoughts immediately went back to what happened on floor 7 and the danger he was thrusted in with another handful of players. He thought at the time that everyone was dying, and plummeting from that mountain after saving Jevi was something he did not expect to live from. He tried his best to push those thoughts away and continue to focus on Dracul's speech about the newest content they are able to access and the way the g
  11. Aquarian doesn't really react much to the name comment. "Thank you. I decided that shortening my name to around 1 syllable would be the best for some people. Also, some people did call me that in the real world so I assume it should be a good nickname." He nods and smiles, starting to walk when the other individual suggests that the two of them start walking. He pulls out the magical compass that the two of them have and studies it for a moment. "It is rather strange that we use items in quests that have magical properties, but we as players can't use magic outside of just these items."
  12. Aquan was elated to have already received someone who wanted to complete the quest with him. He started messaging him back and forth a couple times before the two of them finally agreed to meet in the central square of the first floor. Aquan got up from the bench he was sitting at and made his way to the meeting location. Aquan looked over and saw Dracul approaching the meeting point and he waved to the man. "Hello, are you Dracul? I'm Aquarian, but you can call me Aquan if you want. Do you know much about this quest? I don't remember it every existing, but all of the sudden it became ava
  13. "Wait. What?!" Aquan stood outside the campsite he found on the first floor, looking incredibly confused. It had been about a day since he woke up after the Storm washed through the floors, but yet... He was still alive? He checked multiple times to make sure he was still living, but all the tests came out to be positive. "I'm not dreaming, what is going on." He had mused to himself when he finally awoke. He shook his head and looked around the area, it looking a bit different than it had in the past. "The storm basically updated the game... That makes sense I suppose. The ability to add
  14. Current Level: 20 Current SP: 53 Link to SP Tracking: [link] Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Red Omamori Item ID: 17798 Item Tier: Tier 1 Item Type: Trinket Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: 3 Slots of Loot Die Description: Small Red Trinket Item Name: Red Omamori Item Tier: Tier 2 Item Type: Trinket Item Enhancements: 3 Slots of Loot Die Description: Small Red Trinket
  15. Character Name: Aquan Character Description: Aquarian. Nature nerd by heart, but now hopeful Gatherer. He tends to talk way too much, over analyze everything, but he tries his best to be 'normal'. He has been called Indiana Jones by others, but he just wants to find whatever he can, and help out the best he can... whatever that means. He enjoys cooking and exploring, and will always be happy to hear about nature. Character Journal: [link]
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