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  1. Nice PK rules! :D Designed perfectly to protect previous offenders.

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    2. Nikodemus_Blackwood


      As Takao said, Rain started a Jail/Prison thread in the ticket forum and I, Baldur, and more have discussed it and it comes down to the main issue of how do you implement it? In SAO the jail was a your there til the game ends mechanic


      I suggested a revamp of the color marker system, making orange a color only used for offenders who harm but do not kill other NPC/Players, and introducing a red icon for true Player Killers. Then making it so that if anyone earns an orange cursor, they have to RP in SP only for a couple days, then lose the marker, where red players only had redemption as the way out, or else both players could go to a prison an either wait out a sentence there (RP a thread in the prison thread detailing their stay there, it needing to be a certain post count requirement to be accepted) and then get out and be fine (Orange players go back to green, red goes to orange), or they can do a jail break quest to escape and keep their icon for a longer time frame/permanently or until Redemption is taken by either cursor.


      The issue with that though is inherint. As I said, how do we enforce it, and how to do we keep it within the rules of Cannon when Cannon never delved into the prison.

      Sadly, you cannot, and the whole thing still leaves PKing as a problem. Like Takao said, aside from adjusting HP and Sword Art mechanics (Which many players have been trying to get ideas and proposals ready for that such as Opal, Rain, Myself, and many others) these new PK rules are the best option we have. Just stay out of KE threads as much as possible like the rest of us.

    3. Baldur


      A) They're temporary PvP/PK rules. They were basically thrown into place to keep situations like we've had recently from happening until the loopholes could be addressed alongside all of the other rules. The first thing the player Council pushed for was a HUGE undertaking for the GMs, and that's a complete rule revision of the entire site, because we had a lot of loopholes that were opened through the various changes that have been made. So for now, I can only say "be patient" (and no, since we're not on staff, the player council has no idea what the specifics are, but they are hard at work).

      B) While I like the idea of the prison conceptually, I have yet to see an idea that meets the requirements of being 1) fun, 2) fitting lore 3) being mechanically feasible. I'm open to any ideas people can come up with that would work.

      C) I crunched some numbers and sent it to staff as to what a potential HP fix would be, but it (obviously) has huge ramifications across all the mechanics of SAO, and touches every single system, so it's like you can just say "hey everyone, 20 HP per level now! go!)

      For now, we can only wait and see what the Staff team comes up with based on our feedback. But please, if you have any ideas, feel free to let your player reps know (that's what we're here for after all).

    4. Avilon


      I mean we have an escape mission.

  2. To whomever I owe a reply to, I'm sorry. My computer broke. Also, I come back all excited only to find myself disgusted with the recent events of the site. Frankly, I don't really feel like RPing with anyone but @Shira anymore. But... I will finish whatever thread I started.

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    2. Takao


      right. if you say so.

    3. Hunie


      Personally, I don't believe Oikawa or Opal would come after me, I'm scared this has given an opening to all the others on the site to try and PK. Its just something that might make the community more scary to RP in, I think I've raised these concerns with Oikawa and Ariel personally, but I'm just putting it out there one more time. That being said, I suppose the past is in the past... And... That's that. 

    4. Takao


      Before the changes to PK rules, it was required for players to give consent before they could be attacked in threads. Essentially that means that most of the PKers tended to be such because they killed low level players made specifically to be killed; this isn't inherently bad, it spared the site a lot of unnecessary drama(and let it come from other sources). In fact I'd have preferred it remained that way, because it promoted storytelling over mechanical ganking.

      I'll admit that I personally don't abide player killing, either in its past or present forms. I think the only thing its doing currently is breeding a lot of mistrust within the community and producing undesirable results, and a large part of that I imagine is due to the repercussions of losing a character you've invested a lot of time in. I hesitate to speak at length about what we've discussed so far, but we are trying to work out what would be adequate reimbursement for users who have lost their characters, in hopes that it does take some of the edge off of player killing. But if the issue persists, I'll personally work on bringing up some suggested changes to the PK rules.

  3. «Raun» The Spectre » Username: Raun » Real name: Raun Haytham Hunter » Age: 22 » Gender: Male » Height: 5' 10" » About: Raun was the first child in the Hunter family. He was born on the last Wednesday afternoon of the second month in the year 2001. Having born in one of the wealthiest families of the region, he was treated like the prince he is, everywhere. If not nothing, he had experienced very little disappointment in his life. He had always got what he wanted right when he wanted it. Five years later, another child was born in the Hunter family. It was a princess
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