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  1. Current Level: 20 Current SP: 56 Link to SP Tracking: [link] Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Snowfall Item ID: [link] Item Tier: 1 Item Type: 2HAS Item Rarity: Demonic Item Enhancements: DMG III | CURSED Description: A pure white conservative looking spear that has a single sky blue snowflake charm on it. Item Name: Snowfall Item Tier: 2 Item Type: 2HAS Item Enhancements: DMG III | CURS
  2. She looked at him, honestly surprised as all heck that he seemed to truly be worried about her. She knew that they had agreed to do some quests together, but this level of worry was new to her. She nodded though, a soft smile on her face, "Yeah, nothing that won't end on its own. Are you good?" She didn't want to be the reason that someone else was hurt too badly, though, looking at his health bar, he was better off than she was. "It's okay, I'm just glad that I had help with this one. I might not have faired this well solo." That was the honest truth there. She knew that if she had gone solo,
  3. This dual headed snake was starting to really get on her damned nerves. She was happy to stay out of Chase's way to make sure that he had the room to be able to attack the thing. But of course, the shifting sands was not helping either of them at all. She watched as Chase's attack missed the snake, and she even heard the curse that he growled at the snake. She waited, and watched, waiting for the perfect moment. There. She charged for the snake, and quickly hit the snake. She was expecting it to miss, but instead, she managed to keep her footing and she hit the snake. The true sign that i
  4. She just shrugged, there was no point in feeling sorry about a two face snake who wanted to call someone a friend. No point at all. He accepted the offer of food though, and she started to guide him to a little shop of sorts. "I found a place that gives a variety of food. You should be able to find something that you like there." She didn't know what he liked, so taking him to this shop would be the best idea really. Less chances of angering someone and making a new enemy today. At least, she hoped that was going to be the advantage to this place, she didn't know, nor really understand other p
  5. Having some kind of confidence thrown her way for her craft was kind of nice. Now, she just needed to believe it herself really. "Thanks." She smiled as she thanked him for that small boost of confidence, only for it to vanish in time. She was glad that Chase had hit the dual-headed snake, but at the same time, it apparently felt like hitting them both in the same attack. It actually caught her by surprise, so she hadn't been prepared to defend herself in any way, shape, or form. She looked at Chase and gave a quick nod, "Probably as alright as ever when getting that surprise attack." Man
  6. Okay, so she wasn't going crazy, yet at least, so that was nice to know. She nodded lightly as she moved her spear so that it was in a better position to attack. She doubted that she'd have a good counterattack rate like Chase, but she could still at least just hit the darned thing. While they both had a different stance, it still showed that both were ready for anything. There was another rumble, this time closer to her feet, and her grip tightened on the spear. "Oh? Feel free to stop by at any time, then. If I don't have it in stock at the time, I'm certain that I could get it made." Sh
  7. She looked at him finally, he had pulled his hat down, and it made her wonder if she said something wrong. "Sorry, I didn't mean to offend.... I just came here with a friend, and it went poorly." She wasn't in the mood to divulge more. This was supposed to be a happy time right? Possibly, but they were also stuck in this game, unable to log out and go home. She didn't even know how long they have been trapped anymore. She felt like it had been forever, but what if it was just the game making it feel like that? She couldn't really nail that mystery on the head, and she would be lying if sh
  8. Boy, when he wanted to talk, he could do just that, and it didn't bother her in the slightest. Instead, she just intently listened to everything, and smiled. "It's okay. I think it's cool that you can make trinkets. I'm an alchemist, so I just make potions and stuff." She chuckled lightly before looking around. It wasn't until she felt some kind of rumbling on her feet that she felt like they were getting close. "Did you feel that?" Of course, that could just be her nerves getting to her about fighting a snake. It was a little too close to home as a reminder after all. But, the rumbling u
  9. She had honestly gotten so used to just walking silently, so that had transferred into her walk right now, even though she was guiding someone to the teleporter through the maze of a town right now. She looked back at him when he said something, and she shook her head, "No, not at all." She knew that more of an explanation was going to be needed, she just didn't know how to exactly say it or anything like that. "I just don't talk to others that much anymore, or ever." She didn't know if that was going to help explain much of anything either, but she didn't know this guy well enough to div
  10. "I've seen the girl that hangs with Koga use purple sword arts." She mused the thought out loud as she walked, her gaze was more looking around, still trying to see if she could find this snake, but there was nothing just yet. "I honestly think mine might go a mixture of black and brown, or white and brown, it all really just depends I think. I've been trying to decide a certain look, but just haven't really had the mindset to do so." She had turned away, so she didn't notice that Chase had looked over her and her gear. But when he asked about it, she looked back at him, "Actually, I had
  11. He was murmuring something, and she didn't know if that was something for her to reply to, so she didn't. Instead, she focused on attempting to see if she could find where this snake was. Would it be bad if she imagined that this two-headed snake was her ex-best friend? Because honestly, that was how she might look at it. Neph knew that she wouldn't be able to actually harm Lethia in any kind of way, so perhaps this truly was the best form of therapy for her right now. She looked at him when he talked about his old sword, "I don't know, I think this one works well with your colors too. Th
  12. She had been about ready to explain what she meant, but Chase was already trying to remember what it was that would show them where the boss was. She waved off his apology though with a smile, "It's alright. I honestly don't expect you to remember everything right away." She wanted to help him feel better on that front, it wasn't entirely his fault. Who knows how long it has been since he had last done this quest. She looked at her spear and thought on the best way to explain what her inspiration had been. "When I got the game, I had been in the process of studying Egyptian Mythology. Nep
  13. It was starting to feel like she might be able to just do most of these quests alone at this point. But, she wasn't going to point that out right now. It was probably already known after all. She was getting stronger as they went on doing these quests. She nodded though, "Must have been that easy if you don't remember it." There was no doubt now that she might be able to finish this quest pretty fast. She didn't mind that really, easy quests to kill were good, because that meant that she didn't need to worry about it taking forever. His worry about keeping her unharmed though was sweet in
  14. She couldn't blame him for wanting to attempt the festival. It seemed fun, but she wasn't fully into it either. Then again, it involved people, and she wasn't much of a people person anymore. "Getting lost is easy when an event is going on. A lot less space to walk." She just kept guiding him through the different tents and things that had been placed up for the event, while Bast walked closer to Entropy than to Nephthys. Protection and all that. She shook her head though, possibly faster than she had originally intended, "That would involve me actually feeling comfortable around people."
  15. It hadn't taken long for them to get to the seventh floor. She took a quick moment to see if she might be able to learn anything else. Nephthys looked at Chase once she was done making sure that she was one hundred percent ready, and she smiled lightly. "I'm all set if you are, and truly, thank you for the company." She felt like she needed to say that more, perhaps it was because she didn't truly know too much more about social interactions anymore. "So, a two-headed snake?" There was a bit of disdain in her voice, but that was something that she could easily just get past. Killing the s
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