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  1. PH -------------------------------------------------------- ID: 187622 CD: 7 LD: 12 (fail)
  2. As yet another empty hook seemed to crush the boy's spirits, Lucas only sat in wait. The weather was cool and the wind kissed the boy's cheeks gently. How could he be upset on a day like this. Mama used to say, "Why frown while the Earth is smiling so bright?" And if Lucas was being honest, just the thought often managed to cheer him up so quickly. "Guess it's time to try again." He would mumble to himself as he wound back for yet another wonderful cast. Hopefully this time such a wonderful cast would bring something in. Slowly though, his high spirits would be eaten away slowly as the em
  3. Putting another tiny bit of bait on the line and pulling it back, Lucas thought about his older sister, how she used to always cheer him up when life was getting a bit rough. One time after Lucas had broken up a fight, getting hurt pretty badly in the process, he came home to a table full of his favorite foods. His sister stood smiling over the mess of junk food without asking him anything about what happened. She knew if he was going to tell her what happened he would, but for now celebrating such a good deed would suffice. He did eventually tell her and she hugged him for being a brave
  4. Lucas's line sat dormant for a moment, floating in the water like a log, so the boy gave it a light flick. Maybe he could get a bite if he was a bit more patient. As of right now though, it might be better to just recast and hope for the best. His brother's tricks might not help a lot in this world, but the boy was hoping they could. Might be nice to keep a bit of home with him as he goes. He always said, "take a bit of smelly bait, a nice comfortable pole and a wonderful day, and you'll catch a lake's worth of fish in no time." He knew so much about the world it's hard to believe I can ever s
  5. And the first bit was cast, Lucas couldn't help but feel antsy, wondering if he was going to catch anything scary. It was almost as if he wanted something crazy to happen. Monsters were great fun to fight, if he could handle them. He didn't like hurting things though, so most of the time he found some lower level players to help him. This time though he was by himself and his friend he had just made was sitting in his shack. As Lucas slowly reeled in the line he felt a snag, but nothing really bit so he would have to reset his cast. "I wonder if I'll be allowed to keep the fish I catch."
  6. Lucas had finally made his way as far out as he could fathom, considering his current level. Maybe his recent interactions emboldened him, or maybe he was just now working up the courage to go out in the field now that he had worked his way up a few levels. It's not like he had been in trouble where he was, but he was definitely not fond of being in danger. "Maybe I'll actually go out and get a job, might be easier to make money that way." The boy would remark as he walked up to the janky shack overhanging a lake. The man walks up and speaks to Lucas, making a remark about what most people wou
  7. Current Level: 4 Current SP: 9 Link to SP Tracking: [Link] 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Wrath of the Heavens Item ID: 177422 Item Tier: 1 Item Type: Weapon, OHAS Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: 2x DMG 1x ACC Description: Ivory pole grip with gold accents on either end of the grip. An ornate spear head placed upon a gilded end with silver engravings tracing the point, and a rose inset on the spear head. Item Na
  8. The boy's eyes wandered, but his focus remained on the woman. That path out of town was really grabbing at his attention but he hadn't missed a word she had said. "I will admit it was kind of cool what you did." He would say, his spear disappearing off of his back once again. Carrying it around, even on walks through the field felt off to him. Like he was saying "look what my strengths are" He felt like it was baring too much. Besides, a spear is long and annoying, always bumping into things when you're walking through the forest. When she'd finally admitted the merits of both their ways Lucas
  9. A plate gliding through the air, a player narrowly missed and an argument Celeste knew she was starting. Lucas would sit and smile, hoping the player was a follower of his ideology. The moment the other player said a word in return, Lucas's spear would materialize on his back. It was wrapped in a gray rag from tip to base, and it would remain on his back until he would absolutely need to use it. Yet his smile would never disappear. He was ready to stand and fight beside this girl who had obviously started the whole thing. "Bravo, miss. What a wonderful play. You've shown me your weap
  10. Lucas was definitely getting antsy, his plan was to walk the field today which was obvious the way he would glance down the path to get out of town every so often. It wasn't that he wasn't enjoying this time, he just wishes they could walk and talk. "Like I said, I'm not a pushover. I don't expect anyone to bend to my whim, why should I bend to theirs? Someone wants to be angry then let them, I'm not going to get angry too." Lucas tilted his head. "Although I do get angry sometimes." The boy couldn't remember last time he got angry, other than when he learned the truth of why he never met his
  11. Her pointed words only made the kid nod, a pretty sight to imagine but never getting much more to satisfy the thought. As for her next words Lucas looked up at the sky and pondered for a moment. "Because pointed words are nothing more than that. That's not to say they never lead to scuffles in the streets, but as far as I'm concerned there's no reason to be mean to someone over words." Lucas looked down at the cake. "Bitter foods aren't quite as popular as sweet ones, right? The same goes for people." His fork pick up the last bite of the cake and be placed sweetly in his mouth. "But more
  12. Lucas had, in all appearances, made a new friend and shared some of the wealth the game had given him at the start of it all. She seemed a bit angrier at any given moment than the boy ever was in his life time. "Lucas means 'bright' and upon realizing this, people generally laugh. I always hear that it fits me so well. As for Celeste, it has a beautiful elegance I approve of. Like a fine sword flowing through the wind. Graceful as a river yet just as strong." His praise seemed like a bit much, even for his liking, but once words were said they cannot be undone. "Although, it does seem like a P
  13. Lucas was having trouble figuring this lady out, he stood up to her a little bit and she backed down completely. Even still though, He didn't want to be rude, so he would look up at the server and smile. "Two red velvet cakes please." It had been quite a while since the boy was able to enjoy a quiet meal, and in that time he has been building up the courage to dine with others... weird how both issues settled on the same day. "So, you out hunting or are you just walking the floor like I am?" He smiles back at the woman beckoning him from fountain. "Celeste is a pretty name. I got stuck wi
  14. Lucas had no idea what this woman was on about, no reason for her to be mean to him seeing as how he hasn’t done anything to set her off. ”Hey ma’am, I’m sorry but I don’t think I caught your name yet.” He would tilt his head, lookin go at her with a look of pure innocence. ”My name is Lucas. And as for better clothes, I have some more that you might like better, but I don’t know how much you’ll like it.” As far as her blatant threat, Lucas barely blinked in response, the appalling statement to most was just another question to the angel of Aincrad. ”It would be rude to take my cake, and
  15. Lucas was already nervous around this woman, but her words still cut like a knife, despite his unusually thick skin for such a mild tempered boy. He wouldn't even react to the venom in her tone, only to the words she said. "What do you mean? Would...?" Before he could continue, the woman would begin speaking over his quiet queries. When she had finished her assault on the boy, the young player would look at her with a soft smile, almost making eye contact, aside from the fact that his eyes were closed. "OH! Well, I was sixteen when I joined, but I lost track of how long we've been in here. I'd
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